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Education / Clarity... by seiyefajohn(m): 11:27pm On May 30
There is nothing as precious as 'Clarity.'

Business / The Demonic, Diabolic And Devilish Staff by seiyefajohn(m): 6:14am On May 24
Some staff are just demonic, diabolic and devilish

This is for entrepreneurs and other forms of business managers, I urge you this day, when recruiting staff for employment, employ staff with problem solving abilities and not staff with problem causing capabilities.

The presence of a 'good' staff will complement and prosper your establishment. But the 'evil' ones will only initiate detrimental options to paralyze it. If you have a bad staff, your establishment or enterprise shall never run smoothly without itches.

Some staff when employed will solve problems for your firm, organization, association or business, while others when employed; they will cause you problems that will not only upset and frustrate you, they will further orchestrate actions and manipulate happenings that will even cost you money to settle damages as you transact business through them.

May God help save business owners from such staff I pray this day in Jesus name. Amen. Some staff are just wicked and terrible. Instead of them to help your business grow, their efforts will be focused on uprooting your business from the roots and ultimately bringing it down to nothing. If you have good staff, his/her relentlessness to see things work smoothly will not only motivate you; you will also be inspired to reach for more heights.

God please bless all problem solving staff, then withhold peace from the dwelling from the crooked and manipulative ones. Ok, that's harsh. Let me rephrase, Lord forgive them and turn their minds towards change for that's the only way to make better servants out of them.

Seiyefa John✍️🎬

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Family / If Marriage Na Exam, You Go Enjoy Am More If by seiyefajohn(m): 8:26am On May 22
If marriage na exam, you go enjoy am more if you study well before you approach the exam hall. Burn candle all night reading/learning about marriage like someone that wants to write an exam, because that is what marriage truly is.

Seiyefa John✍️🎬

Religion / Re: When God is on it, he is like a fiction writer by seiyefajohn(m): 9:21am On May 21
A fiction writer has total control over all the characters in his writings, he dictates every and all of their thoughts and actions, characters inside a fictional book doesn’t have free will.
How can a fictional writer be jealous of his own created characters and writings?

Thanks. A thought to ponder on.
Religion / When God is on it, he is like a fiction writer by seiyefajohn(m): 7:45am On May 21
God is always on duty, he is more active than BiggBrother Uti, he does not sleep nor slumber like a plumber. Hence his works are without blunder. Many times I ponder and say, 'this God is full over wonders.'

When God is on it, I mean on a task, he likes to approach his task like a fiction writer, he will play around the main plot of the story with so many subplots to create suspense in between. But at the peak of it all, only HIS name gets glorified.

He is very jealous, but he is not proud. I know him to be meek; with sane temperament. But you shouldn't take his ages long calm(ness) and temperance for granted. If you do, he will activate his mightiness, and if your case is beyond mercy or redemption like Pharaoh and his men, you will be crushed into oblivion.

My na Seiyefa John. I have shared with you; what i know about God. Please share with me what you know about him, to enable me learn more and add to my wealth of knowledge. I love you. Thank you for reading. To my Muslim followers, we are together, we all serve same God but through different methods and mediums. So na awa God I just describe so. I mean all of us God. Thank you. Now rest.

Seiyefa John✍️🎬
Career / The Substance Called Practical Passion by seiyefajohn(m): 10:44pm On May 18
If you don't have passion for it, you can't stand it. A thing that you have no interest or passion for; is near impossible to keep at.

Work wey money no de come out, na passion de keep person there. Business wey no de boom, na hope for a better day na im dey encourage the owner.

Relationship wey love de shake, na passion for oneness de make the other partner wait for things to change.

Go and ask Jesus, if he had not (the) passion for our redemption, he won't have offered or be sent by his father to come die for us.

Let passion lead, for it is the leading of passion that brought about love and other forms of emotions into manifestation.

Seiyefa John✍️🎬
Events / 4things Everyone Should Know Before They Turn 30years by seiyefajohn(m): 6:22pm On May 18
I have learnt these few things in my 30+ years in life. Rejoice when you have reason to, enjoy when you can, and sorrow when it happens.

* Life is not fair
* Life is a misery
* Life can be tough
* Life can be blissful

Politics / judiciary dom use style take get level pass the legislature and the executive. by seiyefajohn(m): 10:18am On May 16
This world is one big and beautiful place; full of events. Activities after activities, trends after trends and happenings after happenings. Now, in this part of the world, all we are looking forward to is May 29th swearing in, while others await the outcome of the election tribunal. No be say we no know wetin sup for the election o, but all of us de watch as them they play their mumu games before our very eyes.

As e be now Emirs, Amayanabos, Obas, Olu's, Bishop Oyedepo, Pst Adeboye, Apostle Johnson Suleman, Dangote, Dantata, Femi Otedola, General Babangida, General Olusegun Obasanjo, Mike Adenuga, Seiyefa John (if he pain you add your name) etc are all waiting to hear from the Judges of Nigeria. See as lawyers and judges level dom high, judiciary dom use style take get level pass the legislature and the executive.

Seiyefa John✍️🎬

Romance / The Length Of Marriage Counseling by seiyefajohn(m): 3:08pm On May 09

Somethings are better left unsaid. But I will say this one. It is my opinion that, few weeks of marriage counselling is not enough for couples anymore. Marriage counseling should be a matter of years now, similar to the numbers required to acquire a degree from a reputable institution. If there isn't before now, I employ government and religious organisations to constitute institutions of marriage, where from the basics to the brimbricks of marriage will be taught. Where model examples of marriages both present and centuries long past, can be sited as examples for better understanding of the union. Many venture into marriage unqualified, unaware, ignorant and sometimes deluded with a different notion of what the union is or should be.

Hear me, if you give an inexperience person a task, it is expected that the person will carry out that task base(d) on his/her level of experience and competence. Similarly, if you have an experience person handle same task, he go clear for your eyes say na person wey sabi the matter na im handle am. Sabi no de hide, I believe say na so marriage sef be. People should be well taught about what they are going into, not just told about it. Telling is one thing, teaching is another. If you tell me that 1+1 =2, I will appreciate you for telling me. But if you show me how 1+1 arrived there as two, I will reverence you.

It is my opinion that, marriage counseling units in our churches only tell couples what they are going into, they don't really teach the two involved the whole concept of marriage. This must be because there isn't enough time. Couples are in a hurry to marry, so they quickly jump into a 2weeks or 3weeks marriage counseling programs and end up married. It is when issues begins to emanate in their marriages that they will start learning practically what they ought to have learnt theoretically during counselling/courtship.

I chose to write about this because of the increasing number(s) of divorce cases in society now adays. In many cases; members of the counseling committees in our churches are people with failed marriages or those in turbulent ones. Come to think of it, wetin person with failed marriage get to teach; 'to be husband and wife' about a successful marriage? I am yet to see a failed footballer who later turned up with a successful coaching career. I am yet to see a terrible lawyer make it to become a senior advocate.

If marriage na exam, you go enjoy am more if you study well before you approach the exam all. Read all night learning about marriage like someone that wants to write an exam. Because that is what it truly is.
Religion / Re: The Antichrist Is Preparing his System. by seiyefajohn(m): 11:39am On May 08
Why capital "H" on your title?
The anti Christ has been there all along.

For the "H" na Nairaland case auto correction...Na im do am.

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Religion / Re: The Antichrist Is Preparing his System. by seiyefajohn(m): 11:38am On May 08
Be ready and repent genuinely

Genuinely. Yeah that's right.
Religion / Re: The Antichrist Is Preparing his System. by seiyefajohn(m): 11:36am On May 08
Why capital "H" on your title?
The anti Christ has been there all along.

Ok. Maybe just making self more revealing. Coming out to public domain more. ...the goal is to be more glaring to the world.

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Romance / Re: When A Woman Is by seiyefajohn(m): 11:35am On May 08
Family and friends will say;she hypnotized him.

...Yes, because their home will be so peaceful and flourishing.
Romance / Re: When A Woman Is by seiyefajohn(m): 11:34am On May 08

Kindly go back and copy the one that starts with: When a man is... and attach it here for maximum understanding.

Thank you

Laughs. Pls just read and convert. You can relate.
Romance / Re: When A Woman Is by seiyefajohn(m): 11:34am On May 08

The same applies to men. What is good for the goose is also good for the gander.

True. I concur.
Romance / When A Woman Is by seiyefajohn(m): 9:24am On May 08
20 When a woman is
1. When a woman is humble, she becomes a natural charm to her husband
2. When a woman is submissive, she gets what she desires from her husband
3. When a woman is trustworthy, she can control her husband's finances
4. When a woman is hospitable, she can host her husband's meeting
5. When a woman is friendly, she becomes her husband's best friend
6. When a woman is jovial and playful, she can unlock her husband's sad mood
7. When a woman is appreciative, she receives unexpected gifts from her husband
8. When a woman is respectful, she can attend her husband's cultural meetings with him
9. When a woman is understandable, her husband feels free to tell her even the ugly
10. When a woman is peaceful, her husband comes rushing home each time
11. When a woman is tender hearted, she makes a great mother for her kids
12. When a woman is slow tempered, she knows when to approach her husband in times of misunderstandings and arguments
13. When a woman is not vulnerable, she is loved by her husband
14. When a woman does not keep secrets from her husband, her husband tells her all of his every moves
15. When a woman is prayerful, she becomes a powerful support system to her husband
16. When a woman is God fearing, she sets her home on the principles of God the Almighty
17. When a woman is selfless, her husband relies completely on her
18. When a woman is creative, she and the husband can figure out the future together
19. When a woman can contain the strength and weaknesses of the husband even at the worst situation his phone become public with no passwords .
20. When the woman can forgive the worst errors of the husband they are sure to have an impactful and blissful marriage that even Satan cannot destroy..
Husband ooo..How far?
If all these are for the woman what about u. That is na 4 another day..
Religion / The Antichrist Is Preparing his System. by seiyefajohn(m): 9:06am On May 08
The Antichrist is preparing his system.

Recently, the devil through his agents have set up a baphomet book club for children in America. This is a satanic club designed to catch little children and train them in the way of the devil.

Whilst the Church is fast asleep the kingdom of darkness is busy preparing for the reign of the Antichrist.

Whilst the Church is busy debating on doctrines the devil is busy setting up his own religion.

Whilst the Church is busy compromising on holiness without which no one can see GOD, the devil is busy taking the world into the church and setting up his false religion.

Whilst the Church is busy admiring the world and longing to be like the world, the devil and his agents are busy preparing the stage for the antichrist.

Whilst your Prophets and Pastors are busy preparing you for the best life now on earth, receive your miracle money, receive your expensive car, receive your multi-million dollars mansions, etc the devil and his agents are busy preparing the world for the great tribulation period.

The devil is not called deceiver for nothing, he knows pretty well to keep people distracted by the worldly things, the pleasures of this world, the vain fashions, the secular entertainment, the worldly celebrities, etc.

One of the devil's strategy is "to catch them young" he knows pretty well that if he catches your children at their tender ages then he'll have better chances of winning them when they are grown ups.

The word of GOD says in Proverbs 22:6
[6]Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

So the devil is busy training your children in his ways through the cartoons network, games, vain fashions trends, etc. If you love your children watch whatever they watch and train them up in the way of the LORD.

The world is heading towards terrible times, prepare to meet your GOD in holiness, Righteousness and Repentance.

Instead of focusing on earthly corruptible things, focus your eyes and thoughts on JESUS CHRIST, this is the time to prepare and fill your lamps with oil. Purify your garments by living a Holy life and repenting of all your sins.

JESUS CHRIST is coming back anytime from now, prepare for his coming.

Prepare for the imminent return of JESUS CHRIST.

Prepare for the Rapture of the Saints.

We don't have much time left here on earth.

Prepare!! Prepare!! Prepare!!

GOD bless You richly.

John 3:16 & Mark 8:36

It's All about JESUS CHRIST.🙏

By Brother Malven Philipo
Politics / Re: Peter Obi Visits Prof Wole Soyinka by seiyefajohn(m): 12:19am On May 08
UK immigrations are waiting for him

Waiting for who? If it's P.O. that you are referring to, then you are wrong. Did you not read the classification/apology issued by the British high commission?
Politics / Peter Obi Visits Prof Wole Soyinka by seiyefajohn(m): 11:40pm On May 07
*Peter Obi visits Prof Wole Soyinka*

Today, I visited one of Nigeria’s most revered figures and an international literary icon, Prof Wole Soyinka. Prof Soyinka has been a father whom I hold in very high esteem for what he has achieved and stands for in the struggle for a better Nigeria.

His reputation as a fighter for justice and equity in our society has been legendary and we will NEVER ignore them. I had a very useful and enriching discussion about his aspirations for a better and greater Nigeria, and he shared a lot with me about his dream for a greater and more inclusive Nigeria. I reminded the Nobel laureate of the huge price he paid just before the outbreak of the civil war, fighting for the cause of the Igbos.

I cherished this Sunday's visit which was intended to erase the needless misconceptions about the relationship between the great icon and the OBIdient family. -PO
Crime / Ekweremadu As A Metaphor For The Multi-dimensional Disaster Of Governance By The by seiyefajohn(m): 5:20pm On May 07

During the trial of Senator Ike Ekweremadu, the Justice at the Central Criminal Court (Old Bailey), was shocked to hear that Ekweremadu has over 40 houses across the world.

40 houses! And I think that was a modest estimate. Go to New Haven in Enugu, Ikeoha owns probably half of the properties there.

The Justice also found out that in less than half a year about 400,000 British Pounds went through Ikeoha's bank account; that's over 233 Million Naira at Buhari's Exchange Rate. Wouldn't that money build a good hospital in his home state of Enugu?

Do you know how Ikeoha acquired such a stupendous wealth? Politics. Yes, politics. He made all that money participating in the resource-allocating tasks that fall within the roles of those saddled with the responsibility of looking after our collective interests, and pilfering from our commonwealth!

Before becoming a politician, Ekweremadu was a poor and struggling classroom teacher. I read that much from Prof Okey Ndibe - just like the Rt. Hon M.A. Nanga, in Chinụa Achebe's A Man of The People!

A man entrusted with power by his people went to the seat of power and forgot those who sent him.

By the way, Achebe wrote 'A Man of The People' in 1966 as his reflection of the caliber of politicians Nigeria had in the First Republic.

57 years after in the Fourth Republic, M. A. Nanga still lives with us.

What a sad tale!

Crime / Re: Another Angle To The Ike Ikweremadu Crime by seiyefajohn(m): 11:37pm On May 06
Sycophants who impatiently judged the case immediately Ekweremmadu was arrested concluded Ekweremmadu is a saint in the case. They said political enemies are the ones setting Ekweremmadu up. They claimed the boy's age is the only case, that Ekweremmadu will be set free once the age is confirmed. Where are those sycophants now?

I sympathize with Ekweremmadu family. But I appreciate the prevalence of justice. Ekweremmadu was not decent in the contract. He deliberately started the shady deal and tried to cover it up. Do not just criticize the greedy Obeta, also criticize Ekweremmadu who knew the illegality of the deal but funded the deal.

Aptly said.
Crime / Re: Another Angle To The Ike Ikweremadu Crime by seiyefajohn(m): 11:35pm On May 06
The judgement was fair to the innocent boy,who is already on his way to becoming a citizen.

If he has the mind to commit this kind of crime,he should also have the guts to be sentenced.

You have said it all.

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Crime / Re: Another Angle To The Ike Ikweremadu Crime by seiyefajohn(m): 11:35pm On May 06
I love the analysis... My own is; if he is truly guilty, let him dance to the tune

He has been determined guilty. He is to dance to the tune for 9yrs and 8months.
Crime / Another Angle To The Ike Ikweremadu Crime by seiyefajohn(m): 10:46am On May 06


David Ukpo Nwamini is the 21-year old Lagos street hawker who was to give his kidney to Ekweremadu’s daughter IN London. When he was interviewed at the hospital in London, they asked him if he knew he was to donate his kidney to Sonia Ekweremadu. He first told them that he had no money to donate. They explained to him that it was his kidney that he was to donate. He asked them what was kidney. Initially, the doctors thought it was a question of language, since David’s English was not good enough. However, they eventually understood that David did not know which human organ was called kidney. In other words, he did not know what organ he was to give Sonia. That led the doctors to conclude that the procedure was not well-explained to David and that is the number one requirement by law. According to the law, you must explain to the organ donor the procedure and all the health risks associated with the procedure. It is only then that the donor is taken to have informedly consented. When the doctors found that David did not understand what he was about to get involved in, they declared him a mismatch.

The term “mismatch” is a technical generic language to indicate that the proposed organ harvesting has not met all the requirements. Many in Nigeria have misunderstood the term “mismatch” in this case to meant that David’s kidney was not suitable for Sonia. No! There was nothing wrong with David’s Kidney. To donate an organ, the facts must match both the law and the science governing the procedure. While the kidney matched the scientific requirement, the facts did not match the legal requirement. So, it was declared a mismatch. To help you understand it better, the term “mismatch” means there is a discrepancy.

The doctors who interviewed David did not and could not have determined that a crime was committed. The doctors did not have sufficient information to reach such conclusion then. They felt uncomfortable with the discrepancies in the information they had about the donor and his decisions and whether he had made up his mind. For instance, the doctors did not get involved in how David was brought to them or whether he was paid. It was not their duty to deal with that. It was actually when Ekweremadu and Dr. Obinna attempted to return David to Nigeria that the problem started. David expected that he would be given a job in London as he was told before he left Nigeria. They did not give him job and they did not send him to school. Instead of all he was promised, he was asked to prepare to return to Nigeria and David ran away from the house where he was kept. As hunger wired him, he reported himself to the police. To win the immediate protection of the police, he lied about his age by telling them he was 15. It was when he was interviewed by the police that the information came out which established that a crime was committed. For instance, it was at the police station that they asked him if he was paid money and he said yes he was paid N270,000. When the police checked the WhatsApp chats between Ekweremadu and Dr. Obeta they realized that Ekweremadu actually paid 4.5 million for Obeta to pay to David. But Obeta only paid David N270,000 and pocketed the rest.

In fact, Ekweremadu tried to keep himself away from certain details of the deal. That was why Ekweremadu never discussed money with David. In fact, he did not deal directly with David. That was what made it possible for Obeta to cheat him. Ekweremadu believed that the 4.5 million went to David. But since he was not dealing with David directly, he never knew that Obeta pocketed most of the money. However, the law viewed Ekweremadu’s decision not to deal directly with David as a typical behavior of a big man who knew that he is getting involved in a crime. He would usually try to create some distance between him and the crime, yet he will be funding the crime from afar. Otherwise, how come you never wanted to meet the boy that is giving his kidney to your daughter and whom you called cousin to your daughter (which actually makes him your nephew)? Rather than see the non-direct dealing as evidence of his innocence, it was seen as deliberate or willful ignorance aimed at evading legal responsibility.

One of the key factors that worked against Ekweremadu was that he lied. On three official documents he signed, he stated that David was Sonia’s cousin. But in all the WhatsApp chats he had with the doctor and his own brother over the matter, he referred to David as “that guy”. Hence the question: “You knew he was not Sonia’s cousin. While you signed that he was her cousin, when you wanted to say the truth, you referred to him as “that guy”, meaning you didn’t know him or even remember his name”. Ekweremadu admitted in court that he lied and apologized.

NOTE: I decided to provide these details because I have read somewhere it was being said that David misled Ekweremadu and took advantage of him. No, David is a real victim. He did not manipulate them. He was manipulated by Dr. Obinna Obeta, who was working for the Ekweremadu.

Emeka Ugwuonye Esq

copied from Chino Obasi wall.
Crime / Re: Ike Ikweremadu Otilo by seiyefajohn(m): 10:06am On May 06
Why I don't really blame the elites, the masses support them during elections, help them rig themselves in and even defend them in court. We deserve whatever they are doing to us. I forgot to add that we prefer voting along ethnic and religious lines

The problem or cause of problems in any society or system are the people. We are the problem I know. You have a valid point there. But how do we change this?

How do we get everyone on the same page in the change agenda? Who will sacrifice or spairhead the move/movement.

Who will sensitize the people enough to give them faith in a common goal, a goal that is beyond religion, region or political party differences.

Finally, pls note that, the law enforcement agents and agencies (the men with guns who should stand against their unspeakable acts and actions signed never to ask them a question. It is against the law for law enforcement agents/agencies to stand up against the government.

Correct me if i am wrong, is this not a master and puppet situation? I mean government and the law enforcement agents. A Police officer told me that they are waiting for the masses (us- you and i) to change things. And I screamed, so the authority's go send una come teargas us and possibly kill us?

If the men with guns are Yes Daddy boys to our elites and public office holders, how can change be effected? No one is willing to die. Not even you or I.

The bill to make protest a crime in Nigeria just had its first reading. Bros, who knows, a day might come in this country when protest will be a crime. It will then be illegal to say what is wrong is wrong. You will be arrested, indicted and jailed.

Our elites are daily devicing means to clamp down the masses so their dubious enterprises can flourish. They know their strategy, they know that we are divided, and divided we fall. If we keep doing I am Ibo, am not Yoruba, I am Ijaw, and not Izon we go remain like this for Naija for a long time. Make we help yourself when we still get time.

These people go abroad to enjoy working, flourishing systems, why can't they initiate, institute or erect such here? Ghana used mobile phones years before we did. Don't take my words for it. Go and do your findings. If no be Obasanjo wey introduce telecommunication in modern terms (not like Nitel o)....na so we take use GSM.

Abeg make I stop Here b4 I digress.

My name na Seiyefa John.
Crime / Re: Ike Ikweremadu Otilo by seiyefajohn(m): 9:39am On May 06
But God really gave ike ekweremadu the opportunity not to fall for this frackas,He was beaten blue black in Germany,that alone should give him a glimpse foreign soli does not favour him.

Wow, really? The Germany part is what i have no idea about, can you pls intimate me andnothers here. I will really like to hear and know what happened out there.

Regards. Thanks
Crime / Re: Ike Ikweremadu Otilo by seiyefajohn(m): 8:52pm On May 05
I have no pity to give to these animals in human forms.

I pray the UK government grant David asylum cause they might do the unthinkable to him on Nigeria soil.

When you hear a sound mind speak; it is easy to identify. I shared same post on my Facebook page and one Ekene won't let me be. He has rained insults on me because of this piece.

Some minds are just too unclean to accept truth.
Crime / Ike Ikweremadu Otilo by seiyefajohn(m): 7:38pm On May 05
Why was Reps, Gen. Olusegun Obasanjo, Ecowas etc pleading for linency unbehalf of the Ike Ikweremadu's? Why? They should allow the UK' legal system to do their job. If our legislators are so burdened with fear and favouritism that it can't function well, let's permit the United Kingdom court to do her job thoroughly without interference.

Let the criminal court (Old Bailey) teach him a lesson, he should learn through this medium that the rule of law actually work in London and many other developed nations. Maybe he thought the UK is just another African country where anything and everything go(es). Sir, wake up from your slumber; not in the UK. You should know better. "You can't eat your Cake and have it."

Is it not a shame that, we promote a common organ thief to the position of a lawmaker in our nation? Can you imagine the unspeakable crimes he may have perpetrated back home? Doubt me not, most of our past and present government officials have had and still have running court cases abroad for offenses commited by them while over there. Majority of them are offenders in multiple nations. Don't take my word for it, do your findings.

Our character sick elites, yes, if you do not know, the character of over 90% of our officials is sick. They travel abroad and start messing up expecting their status and ill gotten wealth to cover up for them as it usually does back home. Una try well well. If them bin currupt those nations the wey una currupt African nations, una go feel the need to travel over there to chill?

Developed nations uphold their laws and make it work for their common good. They made it so, so that their nations will be more attractive for people (tourists) to visit. Over here we bend all the rules and twert our laws and expect forigners to come visit in their numbers, no na. Do you want them kidnapped? Do you want them harrased and molested by our law enforcement agents and agencies?

The few foreigners we have in this country are expertrates who are heavily guarded and well paid to come carry out essential duties in one company or organization. Kudos to Yahoo boys who now attract foreigners in the country. Make Nigeria great! Make Africa great! Empower and enable the law, institutions, organizations, parastalas, sectors etc and we will all smile until God will calls us. Una say no.

It is my opinion that the man called Ike Ikweremadu is a lawmaker who has commited an offense knowingly, therefore, as an offender, he should be punished accordingly. Not leaving the wife, apportion her own part of the punishment to her. This is my simple take on the matter, may God's will be done. I hear say na 10years in imprisonment the matter come end as.

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Business / Sometime Ago Aliko Dangote, Femi Otedola, Jimoh Ibrahim, Mike Adenuga... Were by seiyefajohn(m): 8:20am On May 05

Sometime ago Aliko Dangote, Femi Otedola, Jimoh Ibrahim, Mike Adenuga... were looking at Abiola, Iwuanyawu, Igbinedion, Dantata, Nzeribe as YOU are doing now.

Sometime ago Messi, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho were looking at Maradonna, Roberto Baggio, Romario, Jeep Stam, Luther Mathaius as YOU are doing now.

Sometime ago Bill Gate, Warren Buffett, Carlos Helu... were looking at Rosthschild, Rockefeller, Henry Ford as YOU are doing now.

Sometime ago GEJ, Late President Yaradua were looking at Tafawa Balewa, Muritala M, IBB as YOU are doing now

Sometime ago Adeboye, Oyedepo, Areogun, Kumuyi... were looking at Ayo Babalola, Obadare, Idahosa, Kc Price... as YOU are doing now.

ago, Emeifile, Sanusi Lamido, Soludo were looking at Clement Isong, Vincent, O.Ahmed, M.Borno as YOU are doing now.

The only thing that speaks in the lives of these people and the only difference among them is TIME called TOMORROW. Your tomorrow is only in the hands of God. Get ready to fill the vacuum of the Legend you are looking at as you read this message. Grace of God will eventually take you there.

Don't stop when the road is closed. Continue even if it will take you to create another. We will all get there by the special grace of God.

Every king was once a crying baby, every Principal was once a Pupil and every building was once a picture. The person you admire so much was once a nobody. The person you attended his or her wedding was once a chief bachelor or spinster. So why worry in life?

It's not about where you are today but where you will reach tomorrow.
Alphabet *"O''* which stands for Opportunity, is absent in *''yesterday''* but one in *''tOday'*' And three times in *"tOmOrrOw''* So Stay Positive Always and have hope. Your tomorrow will surely be better than today. Believe in yourself and never give up.

*The future is Bright!


I am EYA Oliver Uchenna

Politics / Re: Why Africa, Why??? by seiyefajohn(m): 2:02pm On May 03
what you think is the reason behind the struggles?

Thank you for your question. But na where my mind reach na im I write reach. I no go fit answer that your question. I do not want to be thrown into jail. Africa is a place where young people are thrown into jail for saying (the) truth.

SSS and DSS sef de for Nairaland as Nairalanders.
Romance / As Refreshing As Euphoria by seiyefajohn(m): 1:59pm On May 03
There is no feeling as refreshing as euphoria, not even sex can be compared to it. Sex is satisfying no doubt, but euphoria is refreshing.

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