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Sports / Re: Super Eagles' Customized Russian 2018 Locker Room by SeniorArchitect: 10:08am On Jun 15, 2018

I thought you were an architect? I thought you design houses?

Yes. I am an architect with a masters degree in architecture, and I have valuable building design and construction experience. A number of my designs have come out as competiton winners too.

But then furniture and circulation planning/design is part of architecture. It is called anthropometrics. Architecture is wholly about management of space for effective usage and that includes furniture. The only thing is that a lot of us ignore it because private clients rarely pay for them.
Sports / Re: Super Eagles' Customized Russian 2018 Locker Room by SeniorArchitect: 10:45pm On Jun 13, 2018

Reach out to where/who? No phone contact, no address, no website!!!.

Where is your gallery?
Boss apologies. We don't have a website. I represent a Lebanese company that is based in Port Harcourt and has serviced a lot of oil companies, churches, hotels, schools and homes, including the NLNG Bonny facility.
Your location doesn't matter though. We get you whatever it is you desire, anywhere.

Were you in port Harcourt I would have invited you to our office for a tour.

I am not allowed to mention names here. You can reach me on zega2unit@yahoo.com. No pun. No fraud.
Sports / Re: Super Eagles' Customized Russian 2018 Locker Room by SeniorArchitect: 3:24pm On Jun 13, 2018
Have your space customized, arranged and/or partitioned in the most awesome ways you never expected, even beyond what you see in that locker room.

Just reach out. zega2unit@yahoo.com.
Politics / Re: Army Denies Rumour That ‘Soldiers Force Injections On Pupils’ by SeniorArchitect: 7:50am On Oct 12, 2017

Igbos are going nowhere. One Nigeria we shall remain

Boss let's be real. Aside sentiment, selfishness and tribalism, can you honestly give us, or to make it easier, give yourself in the comfort of your room 2 humane reasons why Biafra should not be allowed to leave Nigeria?

You may also wish to list what the average Biafran, and yourself maybe, benefits and stands to benefit from this Unity you flaunt.
Politics / Re: Does This Newswatch Magazine Cover Contradict What PMB Said About Ojukwu? by SeniorArchitect: 11:55am On Aug 22, 2017
See the full text from that Newswatch interview.

The Ikemba Nnewi and leader of the defunct Biafra Republic, Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu has declared support for the Movement for the Actualisation of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB), though he believes the group is not likely to achieve its aims at the moment.

Ojukwu, in an interview with Newswatch magazine published in its current edition, also made a strong case for a national conference and called for reintroduction of capital punishment as a way of checking corruption in the Nigerian society.

In the interview, the defunct Biafra leader said he supports MASSOB "very much," explaining that members of the movement were frustrated seeing that the reason their people went to war was still there. According to him, MASSOB members seem not to see any way out and believe Biafra might be better, adding that it was up to Nigeria to decide whether Biafra could exist or not.

Ojukwu, the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), said he was a patron of MASSOB as with almost all existing Igbo organisations, adding that members of the movement have a right to wish for Biafra and that it is "nonsense" to say they do not.

He said he was glad that the people of Akwa Ibom and Cross River states feel differently about Biafra than they did then, adding "if a proper discussion were held today, I believe a lot of people from those areas will opt for the Biafra solution."

Making a strong case for a national conference, Ojukwu observed that "no constitution so far in Nigeria can be called the people’s constitution," adding that there should even be a constitutional review every four or five years. "[b]If people are grumbling, then something is wrong. You should listen to them, they are wearing the shoe. [/b]They know where it pinches. This is the problem with Nigeria. If a people want a national conference, why shouldn’t they have it?"

On the issue of representation at such a national conference, Ojukwu said it would be good to base it on ethnic nationalities, adding that he personally has a list of 305 such nationalities. According to him, if the government is pressurised enough, he would succumb and help in organising it. "But if it doesn’t, we the proponents will organise, meet and present our reports to the world at large," he added.

On corruption, Ojukwu said "I think we must bring back capital punishment because this going to jail for so-called long period doesn’t do it." He said Nigerians must ensure that people in high positions are punished for any offence committed, while every effort must be made to ensure that no individual profits from ill-gotten wealth, which should be forfeited to government coffers.

On the Igbo presidency issue, Ojukwu said if the Constitution is right and the structure less oppressive, he could see the possibility of Igbos not waiting to be president. "A lot of people talk about Igbo presidency and all that. I have never believed in Igbo presidency. [/b]What Nigeria needs is perhaps a president of Igbo extraction. What we want is the best man to rule Nigeria. What I would expect of that better man is to rule a country where everybody has a sense of belonging in it," he said.

Ojukwu also spoke on General Ibrahim Babangida and his perceived ambition to return to power in 2007, saying the former military president "seems a nice personae." [b]However, he said one investigation he would like to make was to ask "my friend" IBB the question "Oga, how come you made so much money?"

He said he declared Ohaneze dead because of its "half and half posture," arguing that an organisation that wants to lead a political struggle of the people should be courageous enough to become and be known as a political organisation.

He declared both the Independent Corrupt Practices Commission (ICPC) and the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) as unserious, recalling that a lawmaker while speaking on the floor said, "we were given N10 million," noting that nothing has been done about these by the two bodies. Asked who will bell the cat, Ojukwu said "if they give me the job, I’ll do it."


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Politics / Re: Does This Newswatch Magazine Cover Contradict What PMB Said About Ojukwu? by SeniorArchitect: 11:37am On Aug 22, 2017
General Buhari did not write that speech. He probably did not even know what was written till he began his coup speech-styled pronouncements

By the way, if these people truly believe in Nigeria as the "united nation" that majority love and would die for, there will be no need for the "my people, your people" referrals.

Aside arrogating decision making powers as at a time as recent as 2003 to himself and Ojukwu on behalf of Nigerians, proclaiming himself the saviour who was to come (reason why Ojukwu had to visit and intercede for his people) and thereby insulting over 180million so-called Nigerians as having no right nor brains to decide for themselves via a referendum, even when he'd not been elected, that speech reeked of strong belief in and subtle support of the obvious divisions in the contraption they call a united country.

Why would a country's president insinuate stuff as stupid as " Ojukwu's people should calm down because Ojukwu has represented HIS PEOPLE as I represented Nigerians.

Is this speech not divisive enough? Why are we trying so hard to keep this country One?


Politics / Re: Arewa Youths Advise Buhari On What To Do To Nnamdi Kanu, Cabals In Aso Rock by SeniorArchitect: 7:21pm On Aug 20, 2017
Properties / Re: Why Nigerian Architects Should Start Appreciating Organic Houses by SeniorArchitect: 7:51am On Aug 18, 2017
We have no problem achieving Organic. We actually love the feel and thrills.

Client demand on the other hand is an issue. Personally I've become tired of clients who either invite you down the street or send you a picture and insist that you give them exactly what a friend down there'd built. They are so many.

The issue is that many Nigerians are not exposed to these things. I doubt if there is any architect who does not desire the freewill to showcase his training, skill set, level of exposure and imagination.

Architects are supposed to interprete your brief the best they can and as it suits your purpose. They are properly trained for that.

Why will you give a brief then dictate to the architect what to do in almost everything? Why limit his freewill?

By the way, organic architecture is not architecture that has the features you mentioned. Organic architecture is one that practically 'grows from the environment', retains topography and vegetation and all. Example is Frank Lloyd Wright's Falling waters.

Of all the images you posted, only the first one, and maybe the second are organic. The one you said you designed, I don't understand. I also think you should research more on the meaning of organic architecture.

Glass panels, flat roofs, landscaping (introduced), shed (lean-to) roofs are not what make buildings organic.
When you put this up as the definition and characteristics of organic architecture, you appear as someone who's not travelled within Nigeria. There are so many buildings that meet this your specification in Nigeria. See below link also.

What you have in mind sha, OP, is Green architecture.

See www.archfiler.com for really great works by Nigerian architects. You can also just click on this nairaland link https://www.nairaland.com/3901119/nigerian-architects-nigerian-architecture-ingenuity

By the way, you need to work on your Revit skills.
Religion / Re: Pope Francis Reacts To Ozubulu Anambra Catholic Church Killings, Offers Prayers by SeniorArchitect: 9:04pm On Aug 07, 2017
I hope you know you've derailed this thread with your stupidity?

You will not amount to anything by attempting to tarnish another man's image and just demands. Ask Timaya what happened to the guy that released diss tracks for him.
You may end up like that guy. Forget that the fake IPOB news you peddle is giving you small kobo at the moment.

I've told you before. Kanu does not even knoe you exist.

I don't know why nairaland mods have left you to wonder unclad around here. Get a life!


kanu cause am o

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Politics / Re: APC Committee On Restructuring Holds First Meeting (PHOTOS) by SeniorArchitect: 3:23pm On Aug 04, 2017
Committee of pinsures

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Webmasters / Re: How Do I Monetize My Site Aside Google Adsense? by SeniorArchitect: 7:50am On Aug 01, 2017
Are these the most beautiful buildings in Nigeria? Are they really the best of Nigerian architecture?

Advise: Do not build until you've seen this link. You must change your mind.
See at www.archfiler.com
shocked shocked shocked shocked shocked shocked

Thank me later.
Properties / Re: The State Of A Compound In Isolo After A Heavy Rainfall - Pics by SeniorArchitect: 2:14pm On Jul 23, 2017

Have you asked or checked the amount of rain that fell in Lagos yesterday before posting like a Primary 1 dropout?
Again, you have a problem with comprehension. I won't reply you again though.
No Igbo man does 'unproductive'.
Properties / Re: The State Of A Compound In Isolo After A Heavy Rainfall - Pics by SeniorArchitect: 12:13pm On Jul 23, 2017

And you are an architect. If the kind of rain that fell yesterday morning in Lagos fell in some other places, we would probably be counting bodies.

Your education should have prevented you from posting like this but hey, here we are.

You have a problem with comprehension.

By the way, did your Geography teacher teach you that it doesn't rain in the east? Or you just believe it rains in Yorubaland more than it rains in Igbo land?

Your education is obviously "impressive". Now shift!
Properties / Re: The State Of A Compound In Isolo After A Heavy Rainfall - Pics by SeniorArchitect: 9:55am On Jul 23, 2017
You wonder why Yorubaland is ravaged by flood year after year and yet Yorubas keep drinking panadol on the sectional erosion in Igbo land.

Some perpetual life of self denial these people are 'blessed' with.
You will never hear them complain about these floods or even demand that something be done, yet they are always quick to jump over and label Igboland erosion prone, red mud and all non-factual bullcrap.

Sense fall on all of you!

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Properties / Re: The State Of A Compound In Isolo After A Heavy Rainfall - Pics by SeniorArchitect: 9:52am On Jul 23, 2017
Properties / Re: Nigerian Architects, Nigerian Architecture, The Ingenuity. by SeniorArchitect: 1:37am On Jul 05, 2017
13. Picture Collage From the Archiler facebook page

14. Odo Peter Ejike. GTBank Building.

15. J Designs. University Students Hostel

Properties / Re: Nigerian Architects, Nigerian Architecture, The Ingenuity. by SeniorArchitect: 1:16am On Jul 05, 2017
Uche Okolie of Cleek designs is kn my LinkedIn network. That dude has lots of breathtaking designs.

The Uche guy is too good. He may not know it but he has inspired a lot of us towards pushing the limits.
Properties / Re: Nigerian Architects, Nigerian Architecture, The Ingenuity. by SeniorArchitect: 1:14am On Jul 05, 2017
See more images on www.archfiler.com. Meet more Nigerian architects. Send them your drawings via the archfiler facebook page if you are an architect or builder who believes in what you can offer.

Nigerian architects are no longer smiling.
Properties / Re: Nigerian Architects, Nigerian Architecture, The Ingenuity. by SeniorArchitect: 12:25am On Jul 05, 2017

Properties / Re: Nigerian Architects, Nigerian Architecture, The Ingenuity. by SeniorArchitect: 12:24am On Jul 05, 2017
8. Nigeria's Achifula is known for his success in always appealing to the subconscious. His is an 'extra-awesome' and inspiring architecture.
Talk of the effect of having two or more iconic elements in one place.

5. Nigeria's STOA Architects has redefined whatever image you had of a Club house.

Their proposed Greenpark Club House is a clear and very interesting shift from the 'usual', and its design is as inspiring, homely, genuis, and innovative as it is aesthetically pleasing. See link for more images.

6. Female architects are a rare breed of professionals.
Their lives show the perfect combination of sweet dreams, attention to detail, beauty (aesthetics), and function. This however, is for those who take the profession seriously.

7. The power of the imagination and the ability to transform fiction into both object and subject is domiciled in every architect. Show us how you've been able to translate yours..

Properties / Nigerian Architects, Nigerian Architecture, The Ingenuity. by SeniorArchitect: 12:23am On Jul 05, 2017
We believe that your perception about Nigerian architects will change for the better after going through this post.
This post should make you see reasons why you should engage, appreciate and encourage a good Nigerian architect.

Our local architecture has progressed beyond what we knew; the demand, the output, and the cost, and the introduction or use of CAD in designs has helped bring forth the needed flexibility and full use of our potentials.

Maybe after this, the encounter I'd had as a fresh graduate where a Lawyer stated that Nigerian Architects, represented by myself at that point, print pictures from the internet for presentation will not happen to any other Nigerian architect.

Feed your eyes! Stay awed!

NB: You are not allowed to use any part of these drawings without the permission of the owners. To contact them please follow the link below each name and you will be redirected or advised on how to access their profiles.

Source: www.archfiler.com | https://www.facebook.com/archfiler/

Review is from source and are in no particular order.

1. Another great one from a Nigerian. You should look it up. Nigerian architects are great professionals who love to take up challenges. The aura of ingenuity you feel when around creative Nigerians is herein personified.

Olaoluwa Isreal is an architect to watch. See more of his works here.

2. Nothing beats the African pride, the attitude and the ingenuity. Farook Adenugba is an outstanding dreamer who has found a way to breathe life into fantasies. He has shown us with this design, that there is potential in African colors, African art, culture, patterns, designs and persona. He has shown us a whole new horizon.

See full image and more


3. Here is an architect who is out to inspire, challenge, solve problems and leave people in awe. To Olaoluwa, there has to be a justifiable reason for every line, pattern, shade and thought.


4. With this project, Olajide Ibrahim joins the list of corinthian architecture enthusiasts in Nigeria. This Elitist Bungalow design perfectly features elements of the corinthian order; the corinthian capital, the entabulature, pediments, columns, tympanum, etc, and if actualized as designed, has the ability to rank in future Nigeria, as classici.


Family / Re: Why Do People Change After Getting Married? by SeniorArchitect: 1:59pm On Jul 01, 2017

That your male friend have not baff. He thinks it's all about living in the moment with a brand new live in gf?

Btw, architects in the house should check out www.archfiler.com
Career / The Architects Registration Council Of Nigeria (ARCON) Refuses To Back Down. by SeniorArchitect: 8:00am On Jun 30, 2017
…Releases Guidelines, Schedule And Requirements For ‘Architects Competence Programme.

See documents here http://www.archfiler.com/the-architects-registration-council-of-nigeria-arcon-refuses-to-back-down-releases-guidelines-schedule-and-requirements-for-architects-competence-programme/

This follows the rift between The Architects Registration Council of Nigeria and The Nigerian Institute of Architects that has left Nigerian architects confused, and candidates who have written the NIA's Professional Practice Examinations unrecognized.
Politics / Edited by SeniorArchitect: 7:06pm On Jun 26, 2017
grin grin


Religion / Re: 22 Things Christ Followers Should Totally Quit by SeniorArchitect: 10:19am On Jun 25, 2017


Politics / Also Edited by SeniorArchitect: 7:05pm On Jun 11, 2017
grin angry

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Politics / Re: MKO Abiola: Oyo, Ogun Declare June 12 Public Holiday by SeniorArchitect: 3:46pm On Jun 10, 2017
Go and ask your father at home.
Ok sir. I will.
Politics / Re: Ango Abdullahi Is On His Own – Northern Elders Forum by SeniorArchitect: 9:49pm On Jun 09, 2017
...and this is 'the nation you built for your children'? This man no get shame..
Politics / Re: MKO Abiola: Oyo, Ogun Declare June 12 Public Holiday by SeniorArchitect: 6:30pm On Jun 09, 2017
Oyo and Ogun State Governments have declared Monday, June 12, 2017 as work-free day in the state.

Secretary to the Ogun State Government, Mr. Olalekan Alli in a statement made available to journalists on Friday said Governor Abiola Ajimobi approved Monday as work-free day to commemorate the annulment of the anniversary of the June 12, 1993 elections, generally believed to have been won by late Chief MKO Abiola.

He said the government will use the anniversary to honour the martyrdom of Chief Abiola, who laid down his life for Nigerians to enjoy the democratic dividends of today.

Similarly, the Ogun State Governor, Senator Ibikunle Amosun, has declared Monday, June 12, 2017 as work-free day.

A statement issued on Friday in Abeokuta, signed by the Secretary to the State Government, Taiwo Adeoluwa, said the annual holiday is in honour of the late illustrious son of the state, Chief Moshood Kashimawo Olawale Abiola, widely believed to have won the annulled June 12, 1993 Presidential election, which marked a unique watershed in Nigeria’s democracy.

The statement reads in part, “This year’s celebration will feature the annual ‘Democracy Walk’, which will be led by the governor, starting from the June 12 Cultural Centre, Kuto, Abeokuta at 7am.

“The walk is expected to take participants through major roads in the state capital to the Abiola family homestead at Oke-Ido, Gbagura, Abeokuta North Local Government Area, where special prayers and speeches will be made.

“Later in the day, an inspirational stage play, ‘Oju Kelekun’ (farewell to reproach), directed by Prof. Bakare Ojo Rasaki, will be performed at the June 12 Cultural Centre, between 3:45 and 6:00pm.”

SOURCE: http://www.fullgist.com.ng/2017/06/mko-abiola-oyo-ogun-declare-june-12.html

Who is Abiola?

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Politics / Re: Nigeria’s Unity Not Negotiable – Senate by SeniorArchitect: 6:27pm On Jun 09, 2017
The truth is that you people never wore clothes until the British clothed you. That you lived in small villages while we the Yoruba are the first metropolitan people in west Africa. You were busy sacrificing your twins while we were creating one of west Africa's largest empires.
Your insults to afonja is a slight to your own race as he was not only the supreme generalissimo of oyos army but he won 28 battles in his entire career. Using the name afonja to insult any Yoruba person is an insult to your nameless forefathers
The majority of Igbo in Lagos are not only petty traders and hawkers but also import fake products that endanger the nation. You people should stop deceiving yourselves we the Yoruba pray day by day for Biafra At least it will stop the influx of fake products, Cocaine smuggling, baby factory amongst others



Politics / Re: "The Goals They Want To Achieve With New Biafra" - Tanko Yaksai by SeniorArchitect: 9:46am On Jun 04, 2017
This interview cant stop us it cant stop southern unity it is desinged to weaken us in our struggle so far on biafra now that opc is asking for thier own freedom igbos read between the lie in this lines. They target of this right up is to make us start fighting and destroy the little support from sw and ss and by the time we are done they will continue stealling oil money. He listed 5 things they need from nigeria, so where are the things they will contributed to nigeria? Nothing now they have call yoruba the trouble makers lol. Its no longer the igbo?

Wait o! Do you really believe the OPC?
Politics / Re: South East Governors Caution Over Biafra by SeniorArchitect: 6:40pm On May 27, 2017

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