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Politics / Re: Chuba, Ezekwesili's Son Replies Omojuwa Over Alpha Reach by Shawnnn01: 8:21pm On Apr 14
So you do not know his Twitter handle wry u come de form online gangster 4 NL.


... Although na Onoja Vs Sowore fight dey sweet me pass for body....

Omojuwa is a tactless bald headed fowl with weak spines like that of a tilapia. If I were him, I'll be on my way to Karachi in Pakistan, Acalpulco in Mexico, Yemen, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Bogota, Panama or Venezuela by now.

Omojuwa was tactless....

... While I read through the tedious obfuscations he put out there to white wash clear evidence any rational thinking person would easily see.

... The obvious is noticeable

1. Was madam Ezekwesili a member of your board of directors.. Yes or No.. Yes

2. Did you obtain her consent in the deal with the Venezuelan people inspite of using the company information to secure a deal and receive payment. Yes or No.. No

Then how then are you trying to paint yourself as innocent..

Infact the logical and rational question should be how did you divert financial inflows of a company with group. Of directors in a way that only you are aware of it.... This is the first question to answer to..

And then the legality of using their identities as part of a deal without consent

.. Then having information that proves they were your trustees which paints you as a culprit

Omojuwa is a fowl, educated derelict, product of a failed educational system that adopts sycophancy as their normal who doesn't understand norms and protocols of civilised systems

He will get what Karma has in store for him. He will get it

I love this generation. I apply the same tactics too. Mess me up, answer to petition straight up. No time for theatrics.
Politics / Re: Nigerian Youths Arise And Save Your Country From A Tinubu Presidency by Shawnnn01: 4:38pm On Apr 14
Your dead brain Igbo father can preach against a Tinubu presidency but we did not see him preach against common criminal in person of Atiku, Peter Obi, Theodore Orji Kalu Orji Ikpeazu Umahi Ugwuayi Ekweremadu n Co ?

Sir, head de pain your Igbo papa for house. Tinubu as proven from 1999 till date that he is a beta manager than any human alive in Nigeria political spere. Your father can take that to hell.


Politics / Re: ESN Releases Photo Of Fulani Herdsman Killed In Ebonyi by Shawnnn01: 4:28pm On Apr 14
This is hilarious like any Yoruba gave a fucq if your entire trjve is wiped out or not.

ESN doing the what police and military could not do. this news go choke yorubas die! las las amotekun are na scam.

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Politics / Re: Ikpeazu: Some Of Ipob’s Grievances Are Valid — They Should Be Addressed Squarely by Shawnnn01: 12:18pm On Apr 14
If that was how foolish Igbos on NL kept their advice n concern of buhari Tinu Osinbajo Fashola Aregbe n Co I might have considered your request but fools like you want to have opinions over those I listed but you do not want other Nigerians right to have opinion on the failure ruling igbo land. You see say your papa head no correct.


Is abaraibe the minister for works or your president? ,the people he is representing are happy with him and all of igbo land is PROUD of him, we know that if we have two like him, we will not be where we are now, keep your advice and fake concern to yourself
Politics / Re: What Is Tinubu Really After? By Tunde Asaju by Shawnnn01: 11:26am On Apr 14
Beta than Azikwe n Peter Obi slaving under your aboki lord n savior.

Tinubu the idiot making a speech in Ahmadu Bello hall, the same man that vowed Southerners won't control their own destinies,

When I say the negro doesn't want to think, it's an understatement

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Politics / Re: What Is Tinubu Really After? By Tunde Asaju by Shawnnn01: 11:24am On Apr 14
While igbo armed robbers like ikpease umahi Kalu orhi, Theodore Orji Ekweremadu Ugwuayi Abaribe n other lunatics governing Igbo land can keep living ba ?!

Death, he wants death and God will grant him soon.
Politics / Re: What Is Tinubu Really After? By Tunde Asaju by Shawnnn01: 11:22am On Apr 14
And you think those who supported buhari before are not triple more proud than you 5%ter ?

Your papa go learn come 2023.

yes I am proud 5%ter, every reasons we gave for not supporting or vote that lifeless , scammer, imposter, dementia dullard in Asa Rock has come to past...
Isn't that wonderful

Afonja you can't Impose another lifeless dullard on Nigerians...

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Politics / Re: What Is Tinubu Really After? By Tunde Asaju by Shawnnn01: 11:13am On Apr 14
4 foolish Igbos 2 deride their bigoted souls ba ? Your father go wail beyond redemption in 2023.

Any conscientious Yoruba or Hausa/Fulani should steer clear of the 2023 presidential contest.

Spot on!!
Politics / Re: See What A Northern Wrote About NNAMDI KANU by Shawnnn01: 9:49am On Apr 14
We knoqbwvweybody hate the Igbos but who do the Igbos themselves love ?

he's under Israeli Mossad protection. Left for the British, they would extradited or killed him. The Brits hates the Igbos.

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Politics / Re: See What A Northern Wrote About NNAMDI KANU by Shawnnn01: 9:48am On Apr 14
This is the most foolish comment on the thread. They way none Igbo hate de learn work from how foolish Igbos like your hate buhari Tinubu Osinbajo Fashola Sanwo n Co.

As foolish Igbos own the right to hate anyone they desire so does any n every Nigerian deserve the right to hate your bigoted Igbo father.
The way a lot of people hate Mazi Nnamdi Kanu ( especially non Igbos ) make me believe that he is genuine.

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Politics / Re: See What A Northern Wrote About NNAMDI KANU by Shawnnn01: 9:44am On Apr 14
Is your igbo father among those blockhead ?
yea one of the qualities of a good revolutionary

Even me I get hot tempered trying to explain to zombies with leaky brain fluid how Britain is eating away their future

Try teaching a class of 20 block heads talk more of 200million and see if you won't run maaad

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Politics / Re: See What A Northern Wrote About NNAMDI KANU by Shawnnn01: 9:42am On Apr 14
Are we talking about Kani that said any igbo man attending a church Pastore by Yoruba is a fool.

Can you please tell us what is wise about that so we can grade your foolishness along with Kanu's miscreant on NL.

Anybody that says the man is not intelligent has not listened to him speak.

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Politics / Re: Ikpeazu: Some Of Ipob’s Grievances Are Valid — They Should Be Addressed Squarely by Shawnnn01: 9:38am On Apr 14
Upon how he is a collosal failure.
This is how Abaribw finance Ipob but for 16 years he keeps fooling your father's to return him to the senate without initiating a single project.

Oga don dey get sense
Politics / Re: TINUBU 2023: A New Hope For Nigeria (projecttinubu) by Shawnnn01: 9:22am On Apr 14
Igbo no get BMC bvos I know your father n mother are the biggest charlatan on the face of the earth.

Shameless charlatans
Politics / Re: Osinbajo Attends MSME Clinic In Delta State. Pictures. by Shawnnn01: 10:21pm On Nov 07, 2019
When you compare himto the lunatic your aboki lord n savior locked up for the looting Shagari orchestrated them you might have an idea how no one in your entire tribe will ever be fit to occupy the position Osinbajo is at the moment, not even anyone from your unborn generation till the 7th generation.

Sorry Genevive, Osibanjo should win best actor not LionHeart
Audio VP Should Win Grammy and Oscars
for his acting roles as a Vice President for over 5 years
Actors like him deserve all the accolades
To pretend you are a VP when camera is on
The Real Directors are in London on Private Visit

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Politics / Re: Osinbajo Attends MSME Clinic In Delta State. Pictures. by Shawnnn01: 10:17pm On Nov 07, 2019
He should not take it easy, his death is of no significance to his household talk more of Nigeria.
Personally, some of us can't wait to see his lifeless body 6 feet under.


Always on duty, even in opposition states.

Best VP in the history of Nigeria.

He's your VP till 2023, a long long time to be sad, bitter, in pain and sorrow.

Take it easy, life is too short.. grin grin
MelesZenawi post=83830726:
Always on errand.....lolzzzz

What a world.

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Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu Adress US Senate by Shawnnn01: 10:02pm On Nov 07, 2019
Why not left n notleave since 1888 n let Huasa Fulani overrun the Yorubas.
We all know you hate them n can't wait to have them dead so your pathetic tribe can take over Lagos, your father n forefather heaven on Earth.

hahahaha slave to the caliphate of sokoto, can we know who is begging foe others not to leave Nigeria, because if Biafra should leave i know fulani will over run SW within a week with the help of your like yoruba Muslims,
Politics / Re: How Happy My Southeast Brother Because Of What Osinbajo Going Through by Shawnnn01: 9:56pm On Nov 07, 2019
This is surprising so your lazy father sat at home hopeless while a Tinubu you love to hate chose a VP for your unborn generation ?!
Brotherly I will face the lagoon or get a rope n do the needful instead of wailing like a lunatic on NL over that.
That is my 50 cent, just mine n mine alone.

He was chosen by man,Tinubu choose him.

As cowardly as they are none ever fled in female attire to Ivory COast on whatever occassion after wasting 2 million fools from his tribbe over ego tripping. What a sad pathetic tribe you must be from. I weep for your unborn generation. They must surely be domed.
I don't feel sorry for Osinbanjo, he is a typical Yoruba man, either they are cowards or betrayals. in Osinbanjo's case he is both

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Politics / Re: Kano 2020 Budget: Education Sector Gets 25.2% of 197 Billion by Shawnnn01: 9:33pm On Nov 07, 2019
The same % all the foolish PDP foolish governors from the East steals in their annul budget as well.

It would have been impressive if it was a trust Worthy Governor.

How much of that 25% is actually going to education and not to gandollar and his cronies.?

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Politics / Re: Names Of Osinbajo’s Aides Fired By Buhari by Shawnnn01: 7:49pm On Nov 07, 2019
Can we have the list of aides from Pius Anyim, Okadigbo, Ewerem plus all previous governors from Igbo states.
Igbos remains the bigggest bigots in the histroy of mankind.


The list is there for you to see.

No long story.

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Crime / Re: Bobo: Gay South African Man Beaten To A Pulp For Being Gay (Photos) by Shawnnn01: 12:07am On Nov 07, 2019
You for dress like gay go give the people wey beat up your sermon.

This is cruel. Homosexuality is wrong in God's sight so is fornication, drunkenness, greediness and many other thing (1 Cor 6:9-11) Why then pick on only on gays? Is it because they are a vulnerable minority? The Christian Greek scriptures which some calls the New Testament does not promote homophobia (Matthew 7:12) as some people want us to believe.

2 Timothy 2:24-25 reads "For a slave of the Lord does not need to fight, but needs to be gentle toward all, qualified to teach, showing restraint when wronged, instructing with mildness those not favorably disposed. Perhaps God may give them repentance"

Nowhere in the new Testament promotes homophobia.

Car Talk / Re: Importance Of Having A Car Tracker In You Vehicle by Shawnnn01: 5:46pm On Nov 06, 2019
At what cost bro ?

With the high rate of insecurity, car theft and kidnapping. It's best you try to buy peace of mind.
Buying and installing a car tracking device with auto stop/restart features is the way to go, it comes with a lot of benefit which I would list below.

You can always know where your can is at every point by just sending a simple command. It doesn't end there, You can also know if the car is in motion or its just parked somewhere.

You can also listen to conversations being held in the car with a simple monitor command. You will hear what the are saying but they can never hear you.

You can send a stop command to your car at what ever location the car is and it would stop immediately. To start the car once again you just have to send a simple resume engine command.

It also comes with geofencing that way you get email and text notification if you car is leaving a particular location and also exceeding a certain speed limit set
Politics / Re: Hypocrisy Of Attack On Osibanjo by Shawnnn01: 5:43pm On Nov 06, 2019
Bro the hypocrisy of those people is indeed divine from nowhere but straight out of hellfire.

Who are the illiterates that can see the hypocrisy of those abusing Osibanjo

Calling him errand boy
Osibanjo has been the most important vp

The same noise makers that called Yorubas slaves for go presented themselves for the same position 2019 and failed. They are doing the same in 2023 as they don’t want to present themselves

The same noise makers saying Osibanjo should resign as he has been relegated said emeifele of cbn should stay during his own trials

The same noise makers delivered 100% to their own son for vp to atiku but don’t want Yorubas to do the same

Better shine your eyes
Osibanjo isn’t going anywhere and Yoruba is not remaining in opposition for a long time


If you don’t like it kill your self
Politics / Re: New Crime Index Is Out, Check Nigeria's Position by Shawnnn01: 5:38pm On Nov 06, 2019
Any reason why Syria is not ahead of Nigeria then since ISIS reign supreme over there.
Yemen still as a civil war raging none stop.
We all know ISIS controlled the entirety of Syria & the Levant a while ago. That is about 3 countries if not more.

With that being said , you should agree that you are indeed a very foolish pathetic PDP apologist just like you castigated the other fellow.

with boko haram and killer fulani herdsmen? You must be one delusional apc supporter.


Politics / Re: Osibanjo Is Shady And Unreliable Thats Why Buhari Is Skeptical About Him. by Shawnnn01: 5:30pm On Nov 06, 2019
A tale told by a foolish Igbo that claimed Awolowo poisoned himself. I'll be dammed if there is any inch of truth in the jargon his delusion arose from.

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Politics / Re: Osinbajo Presiding Over FEC Meeting Today (video) by Shawnnn01: 2:21pm On Nov 06, 2019
and i was here thinking your father the might Igo of Biafra will be the one to save democracy in Nigeria ?! Sad , he is not capable, to senile to even know how to become the president talkless of presiding over the country.

Politics / Re: Why Is The Second Naija Bridge Taking Forever? by Shawnnn01: 9:28pm On Nov 05, 2019
You are funny...lol
I presume you must be tired from the foolish of the fools PDP forced unto NL to perpetuate grand foolishness on a daily.
Me too n only God can save one for this madness they have turned NL to.


Here we go again
vanunu post=83772758:

The first bridge was built by the eastern Nigerian government, not the federal government, and it took three years to complete.

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Politics / Re: Why Is The Second Naija Bridge Taking Forever? by Shawnnn01: 9:19pm On Nov 05, 2019
My bigoted senseless brother please ask Jonathan Ebele Cursed Peter Obi n Pius Anyim why they could not accomplish the project in the over 5 years he spent.

Completed in December 1965, the first Niger bridge was built between 1964 and 1965 by French construction giant, Dumez, to link Onitsha and Asaba at an estimated cost of 6.75M euros.

Presently, its taking eternity and colossal budgets to build thee second Niger Bridge at same location.

Share your thoughts, why is it traking forever to fully construct the second Niger Bridge?


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