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Education / How To Skyrocket Your Customers Base And Get High Referrals by Shine4eva(m): 2:37pm On Mar 21, 2016
Dealing with Disappointed Customers: 6 Ways to Win Them Back

No matter how well you run your company, at some point in time someone will become unhappy. It's just the cost of doing business. It's important that you recognize when a customer is dissatisfied, but it’s even more important that you handle the situation in an effective and timely manner. Your process for assisting in and resolving customer issues will form the basis for public perception of your company and this is why it is vital to handle it correctly.
After years of advising our clients on dealing with disappointed customers, we’ve found that there are several excellent steps you can take to resolve almost any issue and start winning customers back before they even considering leaving.

1. Compassion trumps procedure.
Many companies are so wrapped up in procedure; they forget to simply be a human when dealing with disappointed customers. Compassion is crucial, and we’d argue that sincere empathy wins out over company policy nearly every time.
Put yourself in your customer's shoes. Listen. Try to understand what has made them angry or unhappy. The customer will be measuring your level of sincerity in settling their complaint. And don't think they won't be able to tell right away if your efforts are half-hearted. They can. If customers perceive they are being maneuvered in some way - or worse, that they are dealing with a company robot - then you've already lost them and the chance of winning them back is pretty small.

2. Transparency goes a long way.
Hiding your head in the sand is simply not an option when dealing with disappointed customers or a company mistake. Be honest and open about as many details as possible.
Let your customers know the pertinent facts:
• What has happened?
• What steps you're taking to correct it?
• When they can expect the issue to be resolved?
• Where they can go for help?
• Who they can contact for additional information?

3. Set an example from the top down.
Any corporate policy created will never be successful unless it begins at the top. When executives, managers and associates see that top brass believe in their policies and personally deal with customers in the same way in which they are asking associates to do, confidence is instilled in corporate leadership and positively affects the morale of the entire organization. Customers can feel it. And they will want to continue to do business with you, even if you goof.

4. Empower associates to resolve conflict.
Often, associates do not know what they are allowed to do to help the customer. Must they strictly adhere to company policy, or do they have the freedom to handle a situation how they perceive is best? Do they pass the complaint on to their supervisor? What if the supervisor is not available? This leaves the associate with no recourse when dealing with disappointed customers. It means that customer may walk away from your office, perhaps forever. Worse yet, they might tell everyone they know about their experience.
When planning your customer satisfaction policies, leave some wiggle room for frontline associates to soothe ruffled feathers before having to call in the higher-ups. This provides empowerment for the front line associates and prevents your customers from needing to make multiple contacts to correct his/her issue.

5. Address the full scope of a problem, not just isolated incidents.
If your best customers are distraught, they are likely waiting for you to acknowledge the problem and explain what you'll be doing to remedy it. They'll also want some evidence from you that you've taken steps to ensure they remain loyal to your brand. Whether this is an in-store incident, an online problem or something even bigger, be sure to acknowledge all customers who have been affected.
Even more important - examine why the issue occurred in the first place and take every step necessary to ensure the same problem does not happen twice. The only thing worse than a public mistake, is the same mistake occurring again.

Business / Pitfalls To Avoid In Your Customer Service by Shine4eva(m): 2:23pm On Mar 21, 2016
Pitfalls to Avoid in your Customer Service
Customer service is crucial especially given the sheer amount of choice consumers have today. Any customer who has a bad experience with a brand has plenty of others to choose from. With that in mind, here's a look at five things that you or your employees should not do when dealing with your customers.
• Don't give the hard sell: it is fine to softly peddle the up sell, but when a customer says no thanks, note it and move on. Pressing hard can make you look like a bully, or even worse, desperate. Taking "no" for an answer could actually lead to increased trust from your customers.

• Arguing with customers: Even if you're right, somehow, you'll end up being wrong. This doesn't mean you should give the customer carte blanche if they complain. What it does mean is that if you can't easily rectify the complaint, or the customer's demands are unreasonable, is that you should calmly and politely control the conversation. Letting your emotions take over--or allowing the situation to devolve into yelling or shouting--does you no good and can make you look unprofessional in front of other customers. Most problems can be headed off with the right words and the right tone of voice.
• Don't over promise: Don't make promises you can't keep--all you'll do is make customers angry when you can't deliver. Better to tell customers up front that a service might take a while or might be hard to arrange, and then look like a hero when the job takes less time than promised or when the service can be provided after all. A customer would rather be pleasantly surprised than hit with a negative surprise. Happy customers are repeat customers.
• Don't be afraid to say "no": This fits in with the previous two items on the list. By being willing to say "no" on occasion, you'll avoid overloading yourself. Service personnel who always say "yes" end up juggling too much, which often leads to customer service disaster. Much better to be honest with the customer than to try too hard to please.

• Don't stonewall: Keeping consumers in the loop on sales and service processes will help keep them happy. They worry about it, and they want to be kept in the loop, should problems arise. Keeping them in the dark serves no purpose, save perhaps chasing your customer to your competitor.
There are many things you can do to keep your customer relations successful. Not doing any of the five things listed above can help as well.

Business / Re: Howb To Get Customers Fast And High Referrals by Shine4eva(m): 1:49pm On Mar 21, 2016
Business / Howb To Get Customers Fast And High Referrals by Shine4eva(m): 1:43pm On Mar 21, 2016
How far can you go to Wow a customer?

A large part of customer service success is creating a seamless experience. Customer needs are anticipated; systems are in place; employees are trained. The company runs like a well-oiled machine. But what happens when the unexpected happens? Customers have an “unusual” request or they simply don’t know the rules of the system? The unexpected, I suggest, provides the opportunity to stretch the system, improve the system, or even forget the system and Wow a customer.
For companies with excellent systems in place, the next frontier in customer service is Wow, handling the unexpected creatively. Big companies and professionals practicing creative customer service successfully have two things in common.
The first commonality is that they care; Management cares. Employees care. Everyone cares a great deal about people. They like to help people solve problems. In fact, not helping people would be like kicking a puppy. How much does your company care? How much do you care?
The second commonality is that employees have authority; Even when people care, if their hands are tied they can’t help. In addition, employees who aren’t especially “caring” might be motivated to be creative for customers simply because it feels good to exercise their authority. Do you have enough authority to be creative?
With all of the advances in technology, doing a good job isn’t good enough to separate from the pack. The prize will go to the one creating new frontiers. How far will you go to Wow a customer?

Discover more at our Customer service Training on A march 24 and 25 of march 2016
at 51/52 ijaiye road, Ogba ikeja

Fee 30k

Certificate and electronic materials
Free e-books
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Business / Delivering Exceptional Customer Value Training by Shine4eva(m): 4:38pm On Mar 18, 2016
Overtime it has been observed that training and retraining of employees can help to bring about the expected efficiency and effectiveness and enhanced performance in any organization.
Therefore, for any organization to compete favourably with the ever challenging and competitive global business environment it is expected to train and retrain its workforce while having in mind THE TRAINING NEEDS of each staff. We offer special training programs for staff in various organization and assisting team members in their continuing personal growth and career development, from pre-employment preparatory job training to executive development programs to retirement training having in mind the organizational goals and objectives, productivity and performance target.

1. Professionals as well as organizational image;
2. Communication basics ( good telephone skills);
3. Managing difficult customers.
4. Projecting Organizational self Image
5. Managing High and low context customer

Administrative Staff
Call Center Officers,
Customer Service Agents
Personal Assistant
Marketing and Sales Personnel,
Executive Secretaries

Other benefits:


Pay to:
JV Consults, 1014476645 - Zenith Bank Plc
JV Consults, 0065169248 - Diamond Bank Plc

08023458919, 08147380053
51/52, Ijaye Road, Beside UBA Plc, Ogba Bus Stop, Lagos.

Jobs/Vacancies / How To Secure Your Dream Job In 2016 by Shine4eva(m): 6:28pm On Jan 08, 2016
I Congratulate you for being alive to see the New year and for the success that awaits you as you get empowered this information.

You welcome and lucky to find this site because you have about to discover the secrets to find and secure your dream job in the labour market among millions of graduates seeking for white collar jobs. It is only the well informed and well prepared individual who have a competitive edge over others will find it easy to secure their dream job in quick time through the step by step guide you would have access to.
Are You a Fresh graduate looking for that dream Job you have always imagined to secure after NYSC.
Are you a graduate that being unemployed for many years without a lucrative job to called your own, You have been submitting countless CV to various companies to no avail yet you desire a good paying job.
Nevertheless there is still hope of securing that dream job of yours when you apply the strategies you will encounter in the guide below
Further more, in order for you to secure you dream job, there are certain things you must do, know and apply in order for you to have an edge over million of applicants searching for a better job.

Discover Job hunting strategies in finding your dream Job in the Labour market
Productive Skills Acquisition and Professional Certifications For Your Dream Job
In this E-book you will Discover the productive skills you you need in securing your dream job such as;
Relational skills
Networking skills
Communication Skills
Enquiry Skills
Packaging and Personal Branding skills
Self Management skills
Leadership skills
Computer and technology Skills
See at the top of your career
NYSC / Hot Job Secrets In Landing Your Dream Job In 2016 by Shine4eva(m): 10:32am On Jan 08, 2016
Do you know Discover great tips in securing your dream job in 2016

A Productive Knowledge:

There is a particular specialized knowledge you need in order for you to get the dream job. let shock you a little, did you know that a good resume is not a visa nor a ticket or final decision maker in getting the best job in town. Why because that is just part of the requirement you have to get in finding your dream job. After you have been short listed what next, you are to know six prerequisites before landing your dream job.

Know Your Self:

It is very important to know your strengths, passion, natural skills and natural potentials. A career expert said, Until you find a job in your place you will be replaced. What can you do with excitement in a cooperate environment. I will define PLACE with each letter for better understanding

P- Personality; Temperament, traits, character

L- Love; What do you love to do and what you can do for free

A- Anger; What are you angry about to change is a signal to know your place

C- Calling; A place where you are naturally gifted. Your ''callinfication'' is greater than your qualification.

E- Energy: Where your energy comes alive reveal a clue to your Place. Your place of Energy is your place of celebration.

Know about the Company ;

It is very crucial to know the Company's mission statement, vision, core values, philosophy and cooperate culture. Most companies employ people who aligned with their vision and goals work flow culture and relationship culture. that is their way of life.

Know about their Competitors ;

It is also important to know about their competitors in order to help them beat their competitors in the same industry. Have an Information arsenal about top companies and and upcoming companies within the same industry through various channels such as the internet, newspaper, magazines and industry reports. Know the strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats of their competitors.
you can also get more information about job preparation, cv writing, interview secrets and many more at my signature below.
See you at the top.
Business / The Making Of A Mobile Millionare Through The Telecoms Sectors by Shine4eva(m): 5:15pm On Nov 30, 2015
Do you wonder while many of us are complaining about the economy of Nigeria, but many young billionaires are spring up every day?

Do you know what?
They Have Certain Secret Information That Separate Them From The Rest of Us.
If nobody gives you Job, the information here is going to show you how you can create job for yourself.
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If you are unemployed Graduates that are still looking for an 8 am - 5 pm kind of Job quit your search for jobs now and get these manuals. Create JOB for yourselves and also be an employer of labour. Who says you can be a boss of your own.
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Are you retrenched, retired but not tired or you are simply looking for a way to earn a sizeable income every month without worrying about the state of the economy or a boss breathing down your neck, these Important Business
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Build a new house?
Buy yourself a new car?
Diversify your dream business?
Marry your dream wife in the next 6 months?
Take a vacation on your favorite country ?
Do You Want to Remain in the Same Position? I Assure You, There are Businesses You Can Do to Earn
Steady Income, If You have a Business Already or Not, Don't Worry. No Rich Man has One Income Stream......
Neither Should You! You may say "how can this be", this is one of those internet scam stuff. Take it seriously.
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A Big Life Question!
Who controls your time and how much you earn in a day, week, month or a whole year?
If somebody else is controlling this aspect of your life, you need time and financial freedom.
What happens....?
When you are retired from your present job? When being sacked or retrenched?
When you are no longer employable due to age or other unforeseen circumstances?
What is you alternative source of income?
It is not too late for you to have that dreamed life now.
I am committed to helping you succeed financially. I want you to look back at the end of this year with satisfaction for what you have accomplished.
You Are About Discovering Exactly "The Secret Information That Makes Me Wealthy Mentally And Financially Free With Little or No Money”.
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Do you know money will not come to you because you are good either morally or ethically? No matter your good intentions, money cannot come to you until you start to have some things you exchange for money.
What do I exchange for money? "You must render services or sell products to get money"
How do I render these services and sell products to get money? Do worry. These are the main opportunities I am presenting to you in this report.
Do you know also that educational qualifications do not attract money to you? There are so many graduates roaming the street in poverty and many professors in want. Money does not come to church goers or the most religious; other wise everyone in church will be wealthy indeed. Money does not have respect for business people. Not many business people are rich. Until you are rich in your mind, you will still have romance with poverty. Those who are chasing money instead of wealth are only chasing the wind. Get the right information and money will come to you.
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Business / Mobile Marketing Secrets For Boosting Your Business by Shine4eva(m): 6:15pm On Nov 27, 2015
Bulk sms
Mobile apps
Instead of paying 100,000naira for the below items. Get them for all
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We appreciate the pressure to make the right strategic decisions and invest resources effectively is considerable on those charged with driving marketing, communications, PR, development and sales growth.
To do so without proper understanding of digital marketing, possibly relying on third party agencies and consultancies, is at best risky and short-sighted. So..

Hurry up, the price paradise won't last forever!
Business / Linda Ikeji Mansion, Another Hard Time For Pro Bloggers In Nigeria by Shine4eva(m): 12:42pm On Nov 05, 2015
The Linda Ikeji mansion as expected did not go down well with some people. Congratulation messages as well as hatred messages have been pouring in since then. To earn money as a blogger in nigeria really takes a lot of commitment and sacrifice. Take for instance when there is no constant electricity, poor internet services and the ability to provide fresh content for views everyday, that is not easy to come by.
But there are ways to go about it if you desire to earn millions from blogging and other online business at the comfort of your bedroom. All you have to do is to undergo a trainings and lectures, invest time and money in getting prl articles watching tutorials online and paying for high internet facilities. Infact there is a special kind of internet service i used that just cost mw 1000 naira for unlimited package per month. that by the way. there are easy ways to earn up to 500k per month with the right skills, information and softwares to start an online business that cost little capital such as online online mini importation business this is importing laptops and tablets which are the gadjets nigerians crave by sign up to secrets wholesale site where you can buy and have shipped to your doorstep
Secondly is information Marketing whereby you sell info products in form of ebooks, videos and audio content reach me tru my no to help you set it up with less than 30k to start it
thirdly is affiliate marketing that is marketing other peoples product
you can check my signature for more of free details to start your own and start earning like Linda ikeji
See you at the top.
Business / How To Make 500k Month From Online Business With Ease by Shine4eva(m): 7:17am On Nov 05, 2015
Is Linda Ikeji Really Making Enough Money online To Buy A ₦500M house,discover how to start yours wilth ease through different ways like online mini importation, blogging, info marketing affiliate marketing holla me for a free info at my signature.
Properties / Hepzibah Garden City Dream Home by Shine4eva(m): 9:55am On Sep 10, 2015
Build ur dream home at Hepzibah garden city@ 700,000 per plot mowe ofada promotional discount ends september.
Elight properties Network
Investment / Tech Is The New Oil So Get Your Own Oil Block Now In 2015 by Shine4eva(m): 12:02pm On Aug 10, 2015
discover how to create income in the tech and telecoms industry
and making 500,000k per month from reseller hosting services with just 8k capital
2. telecom biz like bulk sms, short code and printing of recharge cards with just 15k capital
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4 online mini importation for just 10k capital
5. how to design a website with ease video and book tutorial
6 how to host multiple domains for low prices
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required resources to start up in seven days
a laptop or computer
internet connection
little capital
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Agriculture / Cheap Farmland For Lease Around Nigeria by Shine4eva(m): 6:53pm On Aug 03, 2015
Do you know that u can get cheap farmlands around ogun and osun for 2000 per hectare
To get a free report send a request to webimportsecret@gmail.com
Business / Help And Let Make Millions Together With My Million Dollar Biz Plan by Shine4eva(m): 12:15pm On Jul 31, 2015
Looking business partners
Creative thinkers
Web masters to create a big start up covering accomadation tourism construction transport and bookings
Interested to partner with me
Whatapps me 0n 07046344836
And to discuss at the dream center in lagos by next week in august.
Investment / How To Earn 850.000 Per Month In Business by Shine4eva(m): 9:50am On Jul 31, 2015
Discover how a young guy earns 850k to 1m in less than a year by venturing into online mini importation and information marketing by buying cheap gadjets abroad and reselling them
Get free info at www.netbiznaija.com/jeremy
Properties / Land For Sale At Ofada Mowe At Olive Estate by Shine4eva(m): 9:22am On Jul 31, 2015
100k per plot at Olive Estate in Ofada Mowe 20 minutes drive from redemption camp urgent today is d deadline.
Agriculture / Re: Watermelon Business Secret(The fruit can make you rich within 75-80days) by Shine4eva(m): 9:16pm On Jul 24, 2015
Hello shelyman am here to defend u and ur analysis is tru and 100 percent correct
Nigeria are so skeptical and stingy in paying for knowlege and information
What he is telling us can't be found on google or anywhere else except u can hack into his laptop where d materials and he has undergone a training and practicalised it with d analysis he gave cos I know of a farmer in edo state who even said one can do it for 31k and teaching tru a seminar of which I attended virtually and paid for
So pls believe it cos I have a farm at odeda ogun state and can show pictures to provee it
Information is power when u have it so
I think there is limit to share all d secrets on nairaland
So that means an author cannot sell a book on nairaland
If u need the materials I send it to u and u pay later after reading it
There is mony in farming and u don't need millions or big thousands to start


Agriculture / Maize Farm Up For Sale by Shine4eva(m): 7:33pm On Jul 24, 2015
Hello nairalanders
There is a maize farm of 2 acres ready for harvest at odeda farm institute Eweje. Ogun state
Going for 5k per plot

Business / Re: Wealth Creation Info Hub by Shine4eva(m): 6:14pm On Jul 24, 2015
It is well

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