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Politics / Re: Why Endsars Protest Is Not Ending Anytime Soon.. by SilverNorrGold: 4:57pm On Oct 18
I don't agree with you. bad governance is the issue.

Hehehe, my sister cheesy
Politics / Re: Why Endsars Protest Is Not Ending Anytime Soon.. by SilverNorrGold: 3:46pm On Oct 18
you mean all these firms and businesses chocking up are as results of bad management? see when you provide enabling environment, businesses flourish. not with these anti economic policies we currently have, it's not yielding good results.

My sister, please read the post again. There are lots of factors that can affect businesses, not only government decisions.. You will agree with me that there are loads of businesses still thriving in Nigeria..

That a business fold doesn't necessarily mean the government caused it. Businesses fold everywhere.
Politics / Re: Why Endsars Protest Is Not Ending Anytime Soon.. by SilverNorrGold: 11:03am On Oct 18
Sometimes I wonder if people think before coming on here to make a post and comment...

As this country they you like am?.

People can barely feed themselves 3 times aday
People can barely pay for their rents
Corruption everywhere!!
Police killing it's citizens
The people in the north are dying everyday

And you come up here to type this rubbish, that people are protesting cause of food??..
The mods should have deleted this thread..

What has the Government Done about the #Endsar protest . It's been a week plus now and all the Government and IGP has done is announce the end of sars ..

How about the bad eggs among them how are you fishing them out?
How about giving justice to the lives lost?
We got prove of police men that killed people , stole their properties , collected money from them .. what has been done?.

Listen let me tell you and who ever pays you to post this rubbish, The protest won't end till the Government starts working ..
The people don Taya for them!.
Were tired of been lied to
Were tired of been treated like fools.

My brother, please follow the thread. I have replied to everything. And no one is paying me.
Politics / Re: Why Endsars Protest Is Not Ending Anytime Soon.. by SilverNorrGold: 11:01am On Oct 18

You can demand his resignation and expect him to resign. Even he, if he has any atom of shame should do with the massive failures starring him in the face.
Majority of the population in the north is a fallacy. There's no evidence to back that.
Moreso when it's the most diseased and poverty ravaged region.
Self-determination is recognised by UN charter to which Nigeria is a signatory.
The evidence of fraud is starring you in the face.
Stop putting words in his mouth. He never said "govt officials are perpetrating fraud in the name of subsidy". What he said is"subsidy is a fraud". "There's nothing like subsidy". Check the archives.
We are still at that point. Jonathan's adminstration was accused of fraudulent subsidy. He attempted to remove the fraud. Buhari protested its removal. He then came in and paid that same fraud and continued it for another five years. Looks like he enjoys fraud to me.
Saudi Arabia pays higher minimum wage. Nigeria pays a tenth of Saudis minimum wage yet wants to sell fuel higher than Saudi. Does that make sense to you?
Did Saudi revenue not also crash with the oil glut? As a matter of fact, they were one of the major harbingers of that glut while it y own govt was on a praying mat waiting for manna to fall from heaven. No ideas out of the box. Just excuses for failures.
Funds to fight book haram. So Jonathan did not fight book haram in his time abi. So all our savings for 2018 were used to fight book haram. What a failure!!
Show us where the savings are. The ECA is empty. The TSA is empty. SWF has not grown an inch since the Baba failure came on. Show us where the savings are kept. It's a public purse. It's not meant to be hidden. Or they used it to fight book haram too?
A profligate govt will always have excuses not to save. The sun dried up the money. We bought oxygen. etc etc.
Fact is, with all the so-called efforts, things are getting worse cause he's just not good enough.
The fraud is right there in your eyes. Spending our savings to fight boko haram without appropriation is fraud. Depleting the ECA is fraud. Multiple exchange rates and roundtrip of dollars is fraud. Subsidy removal three times in five years is fraud. Even the govt itself is a fraud.

1. My brother, you can demand for his resignation while most of us demand he continues.. Simple as that..

2. Majority of the North a fallacy? Evidence please. You say there's no evidence? Maybe you should visit the census portal. But of course, you are going to call it fake, since you don't want to believe it.

3. Lol, he's attacking the North.

4. You should tell that to Spain, whose court suspended all efforts of the Catalonia to organize a referendum, due to its violation of Article 2 of Spain's constitution. Even though the secessionists often cite the right of the to self-determination under international law. It doesn't mean anything as the constitution is superior to international laws.

Similarly, in Nigeria, the constitution is supreme, and any other law - international or local - that goes contrary to its provisions is null and void.. This means the UN charter cannot be used to coerce Nigeria to grant such. Unless it's amended.

5. I have checked the Archive, right from 2012, and that's his stand. I am not putting words in his mouth. We should try to consider the context, not just headlines.

6. Saudi Arabia minimum wage is relative. You cannot relate it to Nigeria. How much do they pay in tax? By the way, taxes just tripled in same Saudi Arabia. How many people pay tax in Nigeria? How much do we make from oil? Yet we are borrowing to subsidize oil, isn't that ridiculous? That's the context the President is coming from.

After the oil crash, Saudi Arabia imposed 15% value added tax(VAT) on nearly every good and service provided in the kingdom like gasoline, food, housing sales and even private healthcare. Recently as 2018, there was 5% increment in VAT.. . VAT had to be created to complement oil revenue.

But Buhari simply removed subsidy and added tiny something to VAT, everybody begin complain.

7. Yes, Saudi Arabia also suffered from the crash, that's why they massively increased tax rates. But, Saudi has a diversified economy, unlike Nigeria. Let me tell you, 68% of Saudi Arabia as of 2019 comes from oil, while 32% comes from non-oil, and tax, which we hate, is one important one.. natural resources, dates, pilgrims, agriculture, etc.. See how well they are diversifying.. Nigeria also needs to source for more complementary sources of income.

8. We all know Nigeria needs money to run, so not only for military equipment, obviously. Meanwhile, Jonathan depletion $18 billion+, out of the $20+ he inherited. And this was at a time the oil price was at its peak. No savings, nothing. How much did he leave? Just $2b+. Meaning, no single profit at a time of boom - bull run - but a disastrous loss! My brother, this is disastrously shameful, and painful at the same time. You should be ashamed bringing this up.. It doesn't speak well of that government at all..

9. I have replied to ECA already, and it's getting stale already.

10. Again, ECA already settled. No point regurgitating it.
Politics / Re: Why Endsars Protest Is Not Ending Anytime Soon.. by SilverNorrGold: 9:52am On Oct 18

Yet. You have so much time to defend a failed govt.
Since you're a trader. Can you tell me if your trade has had a boom or burst since this govt came?
Since you design websites, I'll like to see one you designed recently and for whom.
I also challenge you. Since this govt has turned rice to gold, why don't you quickly go and get yourself some gold or don't you just love it?

1. My brother, I have already proven why the government is a success and not a failure. No point rehashing it.

2. The government has nothing to do with my trade. So far, I enjoy more improved power supply, improved security while I run my business.

3. Lol, I owe you no such proof, my brother. I am not asking you to believe me.

4. I have someone in charge of my farm. I don't buy most crops and vegetables.
Politics / Re: Why Endsars Protest Is Not Ending Anytime Soon.. by SilverNorrGold: 9:42am On Oct 18

1. Border has created artificial scarcity of rice and exploitation of the masses by the rice cabal.

2. Job opportunities have always existed in rice farming. I've been farming rice since 2015. I never needed border closure to make a profit.

3. There's no evidence of 9million tonnes. It's all audio. Most planting methods are still crude and low yielding. That's why you've had to borrow rice at the first sign of trouble. Besides 9million tonnes for a 200million population who eat rice as stable will still be nothing to rejoice about if it were true.

4. Local rice is getting out of the reach of the common man.

5. We can't achieve food security by borrowing rice.

6. Bandits are still well armed. Drug abuse is still prevalent. Rice is now scarce. He couldn't even pay subsidy because revenues plummeted not to mention ports congestion. Not to mention biting inflation and rise in cost of living. Border closure has largely failed like everything this govt does.

7. Increased VAT is as a result of an inefficient and profligate govt who can't manage what it has and is forcefully taking from its citizens.

8. Borrowing what you can't pay back is indeed a crime. ECA has plummeted. Inflation has risen. Naira has fallen out of view all because of indiscriminate borrowing.

9. You should do the research instead. Audio infrastructure it is.

Lastly. There are always excuses for failure. It's my grandma. It's village people. It's Jonathan. Failures always have excuses. It doesn't change the fact they are failures.

0. Lol, my brother.. Looks like you have fallen in love with this numbering style.. cheesy

1. Baseless allegation, as usual. Unless you can provide evidence. The only proven rice cabal are the rice importers and their collaborators who used various ungodly mechanisms to keep Nigeria perpetually dependent on foreign rice, killing the chances of our local rice to strive and improve.

2. Rice farming is not as lucrative as it is now. If you farm rice, like you claimed, you probably are a millionaire now.

3. The 9 million tonnes was for last year. This year's production was frustrated by the Coronavirus epidemic, reason for the exploration of the Ecowas program.

The US Department of Agriculture, World Markets and Trade also testified to the improvement.

Farmers have also testified and the international community has also testified for the remarkable improvement.

However, this year has not been really great for the rice industry due to several factors like the Covid-19 and natural hazards, like the flood that wiped out 2 million tons of rice in Northern Nigeria. It was really a bad year.. But thank God for the Ecowas Regional Food Security Reserve (RFSR) Programme.

4. Demand is currently higher than supply, which is also a sign of business opportunity. You make more money when business is less saturated and have the opportunity of becoming a key player in the industry. If not for the disaster that befell the world, and Nigeria, rice would have become cheaper by now.

5. This has been replied to..

6. Another rehashed allegations which have been replied to. There's no point repeating something that has been replied to. It makes the conversation extremely boring and unnecessarily lengthy. If you don't accept the reply given to you for whatever reason, you move on to the next.

7. Wrong. VAT was increased to boost revenue, deal with the minimum wage increase, develop infrastructure, etc..

In case you don't know, taxes are one of the major outlets of a government to make money. The OECD average ratio is 34% while the African ratio is 17%.. However, Nigeria is still struggling with a meager 6%..

8. Again, you have no evidence Nigeria cannot pay back. Just another wild speculation. Meanwhile, the US still owes China an unpaid debt of $1 trillion.

No society can survive without debts. It's important. Nigeria's debt is even a child's play compared to the world average debt.

9. I cannot force you to accept the truth. Whether you accept or not doesn't change anything.
Politics / Re: Why Endsars Protest Is Not Ending Anytime Soon.. by SilverNorrGold: 9:02am On Oct 18

Stop writing nonsense. It's the examination body that determines what a pass is in their exams not any average. Just as 160 is not average score but is a pass as far as jamb is concerned so is five credits not an average score in a seven subject exam like waec but it's still a pass. Heck. I hope you realise 2nd class lower is the average in Nigerian university rankings but it's not the score for a pass. A pass is between 1.5-2.0. But nobody will get a 3.0 and be happy that he passed because everyone knows most reputable companies require at least a 2_1 which is 3.5-4.49 range. That's far above the average and even farther than the pass range.
Like I said, you're really confused. You can see now that even a pass or a 2_2 is a fail in real terms in university rankings while to "pass" starts from 2_1. Though officially, a pass is far lower than that.
It's the same for jamb and waec so save that nonsense bullshit of average means pass. That's your assumption and it's wrong.
Go to the North and you'll see people being admitted with far lower score than the 160 self.

As for the poverty being a sociological condition, you shouldn't just read things at face value. It gets you confused. Electrons and protons are studied in physics but it doesn't make them a physical quantity. They are chemical in nature though their interactions are physical. Same with poverty. Poverty is an economic condition. Go back and check some of your screenshots it's there. It has a sociological effect does not make it a sociological condition.
Besides that, I still don't see how all these absolves the president of blame on his mismanagement of the economy and plunging people into biting and harsh poverty and it doesn't prove that the protesters are hungry and motivated by food. All these your postulates are purely academic and of no effect.

1. My brother, if you read my post, you'll clearly see I compared it with the average "200".. which is credit. I am not comparing it to the educational grade system, which has "40" as a Pass Class.. The aim was to relate it with the poverty line, which is also below average.

Let me explain that analogy further, according to NBS, living on 378 naira daily is the POVERTY LINE.. Meaning, living on 380 naira daily automatically places you above that line. While this is "pass", according to NBS, it is still regarded as EXTREMELY POOR, in EVERY STANDARD, including the international standard. It is FAR below reasonable. Likewise 160 being a "pass" because it's the cutoff, but EXTREMELY poor, in every sense. In summary, the standard is extremely poor. That's the meaning.

2. Poverty cannot be taken away from Sociology, I have explained this already(with screenshots). And your electron and potrons being studied in Physics bla bla bla is laughable. Maybe I should remind you that a subject can be a subject in multiple fields, as long as there's a relationship.. Anyway, electrons and protons are serving us well in Quantum Mechanics.. cheesy

Physics concerns itself with both the properties and nature of nonliving matter, matter, energy, and laws of the material universe. Physics is very broad, so I don't see what you are saying.
Maybe I should inform you that there's chemical physics as well, lol.

3. I have talked about Buhari's economy in my previous post already. No need repeating it here..
Politics / Re: Why Endsars Protest Is Not Ending Anytime Soon.. by SilverNorrGold: 8:27am On Oct 18

Keep quiet there!!
Which US plays politics of fraud like you here? The coronavirus as bad as it is for them, they didn't hide it. I wonder what Buhari would have done if it was him who was going close to re-election and such a terrible data was being bandied around.

Why did NBS stop releasing unemployment statistics until recently? Was it not because your Buhari was livid when it was released in 2018 and showed how poor he was performing on the employment front?

They ended up releasing it recently and it even showed worse returns but nobody cares anymore because the lazy man has got what he wanted: a second term to ruin the country.

1. My brother, calm down.. In case you don't know, the US is the master of lies, fraud and propaganda. Nigeria dey learn work.. The US has been criticized so much that a dedicated page was created for it on Wikipedia, titled "Criticism of the United States Government".

2. As for NBS and politics, it's normal. ALL COUNTRIES PLAY POLITICS..
Politics / Re: Why Endsars Protest Is Not Ending Anytime Soon.. by SilverNorrGold: 8:15am On Oct 18

Where's your own farm? Preacher.
People are feeling too big to farm including those being hacked down by herdsmen.
30k is below minimum wage and lasts for just two years after which they become jobless again. What manner of feeding-bottle plan is that?

1. My brother, this Fulani Herdsman thingy is stale already. Herdsman and farmers have been clashing even before Nigeria became a country. The clash, however, is being exaggerated in this administration, simply because Buhari is Fulani. Thousands of farmers are going about their lawful activities without being harrassed.

Even the Fulani Herdsmen are also killed. It's not only the farmers. It's an age-long clash and has nothing absolutely to do with Buhari. And the clash is being exaggerated, which is wrong.

2. N-power is NOT a stomach infrastructural program. It's a component of the social Investment program. In other words, it is designed to empower people, helping them to acquire necessary skills and development, which should be used to find or create a job.. It helps build entrepreneurial skills and help the people improve.

So, the 2-year scheme is so, so as to provide opportunities for more people. It's not a stomach infrastructural program, my brother.
Politics / Re: Why Endsars Protest Is Not Ending Anytime Soon.. by SilverNorrGold: 8:02am On Oct 18

You don't see the big deal in borrowing rice for a while country like Nigeria? shocked

Is that how you go about borrowing rice from your neighbors.
So because Ghana did it, Nigeria too should. Ok. Ghana's currency exchange is 1 to 5cedis. When is Nigeria going to change from 1 to 420 to 1 to 5 abi una no like to copy better thing?

1. My brother, I don't see any big deal. The purpose of the program is to help countries in times of emergency. Now, with the border locked, and Buhari's zero tolerance for rice importation, Nigeria had to harness this option. This was to support the most vulnerable people to help mitigate the effect of Covid-19. This is exactly why the programme was set up in the first place and it would be foolish of Nigeria to contribute without also taking advantage of it.

2. No, not because "because Ghana did it".. Just saying, it's not only Nigeria that is making good use of the programme. All the ECOWAS States are too...

3. Ghana cedi is more valuable than naira, in the nominal price. It, however, doesn't prove Ghanaians earn more than Nigeria. Also, you don't ALWAYS rate a country's economy by their currency value.

Similarly, Japan has an exchange rate of $1 to 105 Yen, but with an average capital of around 3000$ per month.. This is a tale of strong economy..

Yet the Cedi has more nominal value than the Yen too. Does it make it stronger than the Yen economically? The answer is obvious. Both Nigeria and Japan are bigger than Ghana. The currency, which can be influenced(Ghana did in 2007) means nothing.
Politics / Re: Why Endsars Protest Is Not Ending Anytime Soon.. by SilverNorrGold: 12:43am On Oct 18

At bolded.
You must be joking.
What of fulani people destroying farmers farm?

My brother, I didn't know Fulani has killed all the farmers o grin

You guys are just exaggerating this Fulani thing.
Politics / Re: Why Endsars Protest Is Not Ending Anytime Soon.. by SilverNorrGold: 12:19am On Oct 18

Borrowed rice?!! shocked cry
SilvernorrGold. Your god is borrowing rice? He can't even save common rice?

My brother, the Regional Food Security Reserve (RFSR) Programme was created by the member states for a reason. One of the objectives is to create a substantial quantity of food reserve which will be used for emergency to boost food security.

I think this is a noble idea and will help countries in the time of emergency. Even Ghana benefited from it.. I don't see the big deal.
Politics / Re: Why Endsars Protest Is Not Ending Anytime Soon.. by SilverNorrGold: 12:07am On Oct 18
who is depending on this govt for a living? private firms and individual businesses folding up as a result of bad economic conditions you are talking of govt jobs. who govt give job? the economy is too harsh! so many businesses closed because of bad economic policies. too much taxes with nothing to show for it and inflation. in fact,, whent did you shop from the market to know how costly things are now? this govt must be paying you really well to not feel what's on ground.

My sister, lol, businesses folding up has nothing to do with any policy specifically. Most times, poor management, wrong investment choices, fierce competition and other factors can result in a company folding up. It happens in every administration.

Which bad policy affected them that hasn't affected others? Not saying government decisions don't affect businesses or the stock market, they do. However, they're not the only reason companies fold up.
Politics / Re: Why Endsars Protest Is Not Ending Anytime Soon.. by SilverNorrGold: 12:01am On Oct 18

He promised to create 10m jobs per year.
Where are the jobs?
This govt is the worst when it comes to job creation. It destroys jobs instead of creating.
Even common public works of a paltry 20k and n-power of 30k they couldn't handle successfully

My brother, there are lots of job opportunities in the agricultural sector. We are talking about diversification, and agriculture is our only hope. Why are people feeling too big to go to farm? Why everyone after white collar jobs? This has also affected transportation positively.

But people want government work..

At least, it's still better than nothing. The 30k will go a long way.. Also, 774,000 for 774 local government areas is on the way...
Politics / Re: Why Endsars Protest Is Not Ending Anytime Soon.. by SilverNorrGold: 11:50pm On Oct 17

So NBS resorted to politics to mask Buhari's failure. You see how your god is bastardising our institutions?
Since 2004-2010, no one messed with NBS standards until the lazy man came along. Even you his supporter agree and accept that he has instituted fraud in NBS!! Na wa o.
Anyway, as you can see now, you're defending a fraud and a failure who is trying everything possible to bring all our institutions down to his level!!

My brother, "politics" doesn't mean "fraud", it's not only Africa that plays it. Unless you want to tell me the US and other "sane" countries don't play it..

But really, I don't see it as a big deal. NBS was criticized when they released that "absolute poverty" thing. Even the current one, it was still criticized for it. Not all truths should be shown to be world, as they won't show you all theirs. Do you know some unpatriotic Nigerians were criticizing NBS for releasing less figure, with some claiming the real figure should be 70%? On social media.

That's how bad some Nigerians are.
Politics / Re: Why Endsars Protest Is Not Ending Anytime Soon.. by SilverNorrGold: 11:40pm On Oct 17

That cutoff was a testament to your tomfoolery and the alternate universe you represent. Jamb says if you get above 160 you have passed and you sit in your kitchen and start saying another round of nonsense.
Are you sure you wrote WAEC? Cause everyone knows, even a JSS3 student that you must have a c6 in English and Maths as part of your five credits to pass WAEC. Did I really need to spell that out for you? Come who exactly are you self and where did you emanate from.
As a matter of fact, you can get less than five credits and still get admission if your university decides to give you a waiver. But everyone knows the WAEC standard except you obviously. Just as you don't know that of Jamb too.
If you get above five credits and you are not admitted, it will be because the university determines that others who performed better than you should take the available space not because you failed. It's called a merit system. Best in first. It does not automatically mean you have failed. You can write Jamb the following year and still get an admission with that same WAEC.
I hope I have educated you now.
On the subject of absolute poverty and relative poverty. First of all, poverty is an economic term not sociology. Next the term relative poverty itself connotes something subjective while that of absolute poverty sounds more standardized. So I don't agree with your usual poor analysis.
Relative poverty is qualitative while poverty itself is a quantitative term.
Either way, the subject of this discourse as concerns poverty is that you can't use that statistics to determine that the protesters are poor. I'm glad you have accepted that. If you don't, you know what to do.

My brother, like I said, you'll get tired of the attack. You're really frustrated, I can notice it. Lol.

1. Get the point.. I will repeat it again.. "cutoff" doesn't automatically eradicate "merit".. cutoff simply means the "minimum requirement" you must meet to be eligible. It doesn't necessarily mean passing an exam.

For instance, if you score 160 in Jamb, you have passed THE CUTOFF.. But failed the exam. There's NO other explanation to this, sorry.. And it varies.. Some universities have qualifying standards before admission is given. Hardly any Nigerian public universities will admit you with that score.

2. Assumption doesn't work here.. Otherwise I would have taken your initial 200 jamb cutoff claim..

3. Even with the 5 Credits, it's still not comparable as we are NOT dealing with average here, but below average.. That's why I accepted your JAMB analogy, but corrected it from 200 average to 160 failure range.. That's because the subject matter is about POVERTY range, not AVERAGE, so it's wrong and counterproductive to compare it with any average analogy, like 200 cutoff and 5 Credits..

For instance, people living below $1.89, according to the international standard, are considered as extremely poor. 1.89 itself is within the poverty range. So why compare it with another system that's based on average?

4. You CAN'T separate poverty from sociology because it's a sociological condition. If you don't know, Sociology is a broad field. You also need poverty, wealth to discuss social stratification. Including the economy.

5. Relative Poverty has been discussed in great details by me. There's absolutely no point over-flogging it.

6. The statistics can be used. I have proven it already. 86 million lives below $0.8, which is far lower than the international standard of $1.89 for extreme poverty. Meaning, the Nigerian case is EXTREMELY EXTREME. Now compare it with the relative poor and the average person.

Politics / Re: Why Endsars Protest Is Not Ending Anytime Soon.. by SilverNorrGold: 10:54pm On Oct 17

The ECA has plummeted to $70m. We don't need to wait till he leaves office. His failures are starring us in the face.
The agriculture reform has yielded rice at 30k. Deal with that reality.
Since our economy will grow with local rice consumption, it's over a year now since the border closure. Can you show us the metric that shows our economy has grown since then? The only thing that has grown is the price of the commodity. Every other thing is back to back failure since then. Border closure was supposed to stop fuel smuggling. Result: fuel price hike.
Border closure was supposed to encourage local rice production. Result: Rise in price of rice
Border closure was supposed to help customs increase revenue. Result: Increase in VAT and more borrowings
Where is the anchor borrowers scheme that started five years ago? When is it going to start yielding results? Is it when Jesus comes? Fraud everywhere!!
The audio infrastructure you mean. I'm a critic and i'm telling you he has failed woefully in that regard as well.

My brother, this is not a a surprise.. Depletion in the face of pressure.. It all boils down to lack of revenue. We have to wait until all his efforts begin to yield fruit.

1. Border has boosted local production of rice.

2. Job opportunities in the rice/agricultural industry has drastically increased. This will help in Buhari's economy diversification plan. Thousands of farmers are raking in millions..

3. Rice production of over 9 million tonnes.. (pandemic affected this year's)..

4. Local rice are now getting better, as more people are encouraged.

5 .Thank God for Buhari, we are gradually achieving food security.

6. Border closure was to prevent smuggling of drugs, small arms and agricultural products especially rice.

7. Increased VAT is as a result of our massive debt and low revenues.

8. Borrowing is not a crime. All countries, including America, borrow.

9. Audio infrastructure? I think you should go do some research.
Politics / Re: Why Endsars Protest Is Not Ending Anytime Soon.. by SilverNorrGold: 10:35pm On Oct 17

You what are you doing in govt work?
Why don't you go and survive and make it big and leave govt work for those who need it.
See pot calling kettle black.

I am an entrepreneur, my brother. I design and develop websites.

I am also a trader, an investor, not working for anyone.
Politics / Re: Why Endsars Protest Is Not Ending Anytime Soon.. by SilverNorrGold: 10:33pm On Oct 17

Where is it written in our laws that you can't demand for the resignation of the president. There is freedom of expression and we can damn well demand for it and those demanding for it are on their rights.
15million people voted for him out of a voting population of over 89million. I think that's a minority vote and some of those who voted for him just last year are already exhibiting buyer's remorse with prime examples on this forum. If you need names i'll give you. So yes. If people want his resignation, so be it. It is lawful and it will be aired.
The secessionists are also protesting. Tell your DSS and army to stop shooting them. It is their right as guaranteed by the constitution under the freedom of thoughts and expression.
I have asked you why he kept on perpetrating the fraud after he resumed office. Why did he pay some of the subsidies owed from the Jonathan era if it was fraud. That makes him an accessory to crime.
Since you said there's no more fraud since he took over, I ask you now. Where is the savings from those fraud he eliminated.
You only listen to yourself and not the man you support so gallantly.
The reason he gave for the removal of subsidy on independence day is that Nigerians can't be buying fuel cheaper than Saudis. Now let me ask you. Where Nigerians buying fuel more expensive than Saudis when he opposed subsidy removal?
You have still not answered why the ECA did not rise in 2018 when the govt was getting a surplus from oil price.
At least since he is not fraudulent, and with the oil price above budget benchmark, our ECA should have exploded by then. Again. Where is the savings from the 2018 budget and from March this year when subsidy was removed?
Try and think of something more intelligent to say instead of regurgitating your previous trash!!

1. My brother, no one is stopping you from demanding his resignation, but the issue is, expecting him to resign, which is ridiculous. There are many Americans asking Trump to resign. That doesn't mean anything.

2. You forget that majority of the population comes from the North, a region where the President enjoys extreme popularity. Including some sections of the south. So, your majority against him is absolute fallacy.

3. Any DSS official who shoots at anyone, even a harmless criminal, is guilty, and should be punished. I am not in support of that. Extrajudicial killings didn't start with this administration, anyway.

4. Secession is not recognized by the constitution. However, it can be amended.

5. If you have any proof of fraud, present it, rather than pulling out baseless accusations from the thin air.

6. Again, he didn't say SUBSIDY itself is a fraud. He said the government officials were siphoning money through subsidy. In other words, perpetrating fraud, in the name of subsidy.

7. I never said there's no fraud. What I said is that no indictment on his administration, yet. Unlike Jonathan's administration that was indicted by the House of Representatives.

8. You still don't get the point, do you? Saudi Arabia produces more oil yet sells higher. Nigeria is struggling after the crash of our revenue, yet still borrowing to subsidize fuel, selling cheaper than Saudi Arabia, does it make sense to you? It doesn't to me.

9. Lol, 2018 surplus? Average price of oil was $65. Anyway, it was at $480 million.. Funds were needed to fight Boko Haram and equip the military, etc..

10. No, it can't explode, not with all the governmental expenses. Explode because of a year $65 average? If you have proof of fraud, let us know.

11. The savings are where they should be, unless you have contrary opinion, which I would like to know.
Politics / Re: Why Endsars Protest Is Not Ending Anytime Soon.. by SilverNorrGold: 9:32pm On Oct 17
op you stated the facts why the protest will not end soon. you see, if the youths were gainfully employed or engaged with their businessess, they would hardly aboundon their works and businesses to catch up with free food on the streets. that is the monsters this govt has created. unemployment, poverty, high cost of living, and resultant crimes. you came into power and strip the masses their means of livelihood and you respect them to move on.

My sister, poverty has been dealing with Nigerians before President Mohammadu Buhari came to power. The crash of our main source of revenue also contributed, but must we always depend on the government? So if you don't have government work, you can't survive? What about those surviving and making it big?
Politics / Re: Why Endsars Protest Is Not Ending Anytime Soon.. by SilverNorrGold: 9:16pm On Oct 17

Your problem is a lack of understanding as I have said before. If someone decides to measure relative poverty and defines the term as you have it on those sites. Another decides to give a benchmark to poverty as NBS has done, does it mean NBS is wrong? Absolutely not. NBS is measuring poverty using a baseline not as a comparison between two or more quantities. You keep confusing yourself and that's your problem. NBS never said relative poverty or extreme poverty. NBS said people earning below 137k per annum are poor and came back with a figure of 82million. You then sit down in your kitchen without having any data or methodology and say what NBS measured is absolute poverty and they should go and measure relative poverty. I can see why it's so hard for you to understand issues. Your ability to see issues from the researcher's perspective is impaired. That's it.
NBS never said relative poverty or extreme poverty. Oxfam used extreme poverty while NBS used poverty. Until you can look at the simple words and spot the difference, you are on a long thing.
Funny thing is the first sentence on your second screenshot defines poverty. But you conveniently left it out since it does not suit your agenda. You're on a long thing dude

Lmao, my brother, you are talking completely OUT OF CONTEXT! grin

You defined "relative poverty" in a shallow manner, which I corrected. Instead of saying "thank you", you resorted to cheap attack, lol..

I will say it again, RELATIVE POVERTY doesn't only mean comparing living in one city/state/country with another, to establish it..

I think you should take your time to go through the posts to see how funny it sounds.

NBS never said? I already told you they were omitted due to politics, which they said "due to structural changes in the survey instrument"..

But getting those data is easy once the threshold is determined. You don't need any data to know that relative poverty exists. By the way, these data are available in the 2010 NBS survey results, and the pattern and that of 2004 can be studied to analyze that of 2019..

That's the international standard. So saying that the NBS doesn't use them at all is false. And no, I didn't sit down to write it. It's a fact. The international standard amount for extreme poverty level is $1.90.. Nigeria is around $0.8, which is far below the "extreme poverty" standard, and had to be replaced with just "poverty" in the 2018/2019 edition. That "poverty" is actually "absolute poverty" if you compare the threshold with that of 2010..

But that not withstanding, over 86 million Nigerians, according to the international standard, are far below the extreme poverty threshold of $1.90..

And not only Oxfam, that's the international standard. That's how it should be. The NBS omitted it this time, claiming "changes in survey instrument", which everyone knows it had to do with politics. That's the reason I uploaded the 2010 screenshot, which you missed.

Again, there are millions living in relative poverty in Nigeria. You don't need survey to know this when you have the benchmark and surveys of previous years.

Politics / Re: Group Calls Out Babagana Adams Of DOAS, Insists On Investigation Of Directors by SilverNorrGold: 7:10pm On Oct 17
grin.. God bless Nigeria...

1 Like

Politics / Re: Why Endsars Protest Is Not Ending Anytime Soon.. by SilverNorrGold: 6:07pm On Oct 17

Don't be confused o. CNN, world Bank and co used the data supplied by Oxfam whose report on poverty came out around 2017-18.
NBS data was released 2019-20.
You're the one who in your self-delusion mumbled both together and is using one to validate the other which has led to your pitiful and disgraceful struggle with English.
Both NBS and Oxfam have never claimed to carry out same research or within same period.
God really needs to bless you with a functioning brain.
See how you're disgracing yourself with common jamb cut-off.

Oya apply your ridiculous analysis to waec standard of 5credits too. Anyone reading this should really be having a good laugh. I'm enjoying it tbh.
FYI the poverty index is to measure poverty not to stratify it. Stratification is found in inequality and sociology.
For measuring poverty, you're either poor or you're not. All this your nonsense of your averagely rich is your own delusions. Get off that pipe!!

Once you live below $1 a day, you're regarded as poor. Once you live above it. You're not poor. It's very simple but I understand how hard it can be for simpletons

My brother, you just ended up saying nothing.. I would like to see screenshots to back up your allegations.. You are just posting whatever you like.

Regarding jamb, you brought the cutoff, but it backfired, right? grin

Using 5 minimum credits, you know you can still be denied admission if you have 5 Credits excluding English and Mathematics, right? Even if you have all A1 but fail just English and Mathematics, you'll still be denied admission, right?

So, this too has failed. It means the comprism doesn't fit..

By the way, the emboldened is wrong.. You are not either poor or not..

The purpose of poverty threshold is to indicate the LEAST amount of income a person needs to meet their basic.

There are also types of measurements: relative poverty and absolute poverty. These two poverty measures are essential in the measurement of poverty.

What this means is that you can be extremely poor, poor, relative poor or above relative poverty. For instance, in the US, you need to earn certain amounts annually to be above the relative measurement scale..

It has nothing to do with social stratification, which is a different thing entirely. Even though poverty itself has to do with society.. And still part of sociology and even social stratification. But the topic on ground has nothing to do with sociology, but poverty threshold.. (which is still part of sociology)
Politics / Re: Why Endsars Protest Is Not Ending Anytime Soon.. by SilverNorrGold: 5:10pm On Oct 17

You mean Buhari spent $2.5bn to pay salaries and bail out states? Wonderful man!!
I agree Jonathan was profligate. But you have still not shown us Buhari's savings from 2018. Instead of crying about the bread Jonathan stole from Buhari, why don't you tell Buhari to take a cue from Obasanjo who met less than 20bn foreign reserves and zero ECA yet left a foreign reserve of over $45bn and an ECA of more than $8bn. Why must he complain about the circumstances of his birth instead of writing his own story.
There's always an excuse for failure. A million excuses rather.
He has done marvellous work in agriculture such that a bag of rice is now 30k among other farm produce prices skyrocketing. FYI, he met CPI at 9% and it's now 14%
He did marvelously well in infrastructure the Niger state gov had to close a state road due to the dilapidated state of federal roads.
SMEs are bubbling so much that private school teachers have not been paid for almost ten months. Sai Baba undecided

My brother, you should say the above when Buhari leaves office. Then we'll discuss. We already saw how Jonathan reduced it to 2bn.

The agricultural reform is already yielding results. As for the price of rice, this was due to the closure of border, thereby boosting our our own product, which is an excellently idea. Currently, more and more people are venturing into the lucrative rice farming, which will soon lead to positive results, as supply becomes surplus.

Once supply becomes higher than demand, Nigeria will begin exporting rice, rather than importing.

This is a great development, unless you don't want our economy to grow.

What we need now is large scale production. Once these farmers make more money, they'll purchase machines that will foster large scale production.

Government is also helping them with grants and low-interest loans, which has been helpful. But Rome was not built a day.

Regarding infrastructure, even the worst critic of Buhari knows he's doing absolutely well.

God bless you. cheesy
Politics / Re: Why Endsars Protest Is Not Ending Anytime Soon.. by SilverNorrGold: 4:55pm On Oct 17

Those who are asking for his resignation after being under his presidency for five years do so cause they see how incompetent and inefficient he is. If you mean only those who voted him have the right to ask for his removal, then it means those who do not have no business regarding him as their president. He called them 5% anyway.. Besides , how do you know it's out of hatred they are calling for his resignation and not out of patriotism? The secessionists see Nigeria as a fraud under Buhari. That's why they want out. The revolutionaries think the government is a fraud and a waste. They are all correct to an extent. He's a fraud because all his promises have failed to the last one. He needs to go away.

All your long alaye. I asked you a simple question. What manner of human being says something is a fraud and then protests its removal? Where's the sense in that? What manner of person protests the removal of a fraud only to remove it after running it for five years?
Your are just doing turnioiniown with your brain. Struggling to make sense of nonsense.
Ok. Since subsidy has been removed since March, where's the savings from the subsidy removal o?

Oh it's now that he's facing reality when he has pillaged debt on the nation and depleted the ECA. What a fantastic reality?

My brother, it doesn't work that way. You cannot just wake up and demand the resignation of the president, simply because you don't like him. Millions of people who voted him are okay, so the minority can do nothing but wait for his tenure to elapse.

As for the secessionists, let them follow the right channel if they want to secede. As far as the world knows, the people are protesting against police brutality.

Regarding fraud, I have replied to that already, even corrected you that Buhari wasn't saying there wasn't subsidy, but complaining about the fraud. I don't know if you missed that post.

Savings of the subsidy savings? LOL.. Is the money missing? grin

Regarding the Excess Crude Account, let me repost

My brother, due to the biting economy, President Mohammadu Buhari had to bailout states government, due to their inability to pay salaries.

President Mohammadu Buhari, being the masses president, will never sit and watch people go hungry due to their governors inability to pay salaries. So, he had to. The bailout was necessary. Note that this happened in the time of scarcity.

Meanwhile, Goodluck Jonathan met $20 billion, and in a period the country witnessed her most prosperous seasons.. Yet, they squandered $18bn, depleted the treasury pulse and left a meager $2.1bn for President Mohammadu Buhari.

And now, you guys want President Buhari to turn Nigeria to Dubai overnight?

My brother, make we fear God..

President Mohammadu Buhari has done a lot in agriculture, infrastructure, see the quality work going on across the federation, support of micro, small and medium enterprises, and others.. It shows he's there to work. It shows he's committed. How I wish President Buhari was the president when oil was trading around 90 to 100 USD..

I ready for you, my brother grin
Politics / Re: Why Endsars Protest Is Not Ending Anytime Soon.. by SilverNorrGold: 4:34pm On Oct 17

See how English is doing you strong thing again. You are very poor in comprehension. Why didn't you take an extra second to read the next paragraph to see that relative poverty they are talking about is when measured against standard of living of other countries which has led them to grouping countries before giving them benchmarks? Chai!! English eee.
I'm not the one making the arguement. It's the researcher who decided that living above 380 naira a day means you're not poor. If you don't agree with the research. You're free to conduct yours.

FYI cost of living differs from country to country and even regions within a country can have different cost of living. Someone living on 300naira a day may be poor in Nigeria but not considered poor in Benin Republic. That's what the report means. Same arguement can hold for Lagos and jigawa.
Pls read and understand. Stop disgracing urself!!

My brother, your explanation is "one of the meanings" of relative POVERTY..

There are other meanings to it...

Relative Poverty also means, receiving, for instance, 50% less than average, which means, though can afford the basics, but not having enough money to afford things ABOVE THE BASICS..

In other words, IT'S NOT A MUST you leave your country or state or town to be relatively poor.

As long as majority of the people around you live better than you do, even if you can afford the basics, you are relatively poor, compared to those people.

You can be born in Lagos, raised in Lagos and still be relatively poor. You can be living in Jigawa all your life and still be relatively poor, as long as more people earn higher than you do. You don't have to go to Lagos to be relative poor.

But once you are unable to afford the basics, you are extremely poor. And all of them are poor. The only difference being that a relatively poor person can afford the basics, which is the minimum.

Politics / Re: Why Endsars Protest Is Not Ending Anytime Soon.. by SilverNorrGold: 3:53pm On Oct 17

You mean if your employer asks for your resignation he's an opportunist? This dude self.
Do you know Buhari paid some outstanding subsidies from the Jonathan administration?
Now why would he pay a fraud he's been exposing since 2012.
Since subsidy is corruption, what is the efcc and icpc waiting for to clamp down on the perpetrators.
Buhari just removed the same endemic corruption five years after practising it. Is it safe to say him don chop belleful wan com throwaway the rest?
If that's the case, I think he should be impeached not asked to resign self

My brother, asking the president to resign, out of hatred, chanting revolution and secession are all opportunists voices. By the way, why are they calling for his resignation when the protest is about #ENDSARS, which the president looked into? Does it make any sense? How many of them voted him? Why use #EndSars as a front?

Regarding subsidy, My brother, like I said, stop misquoting the president. President Mohammadu Buhari wasn't actually against the subsidy, but the enormous fraud perpetrated. He didn't mean subsidy itself waa a fraud, but that it was used to siphon huge amounts of money, which was later proved right.

He even protested the removal. First, due to the plight of the people, and second, the destination of the funds earmarked for subsidy, was questioned. Especially as things were being done in secrecy and the latest massive corruption scandal, tied to the subsidy. They argued that it's better to continue with the subsidy than divert it to unknown "places"..

Even till now, President Mohammadu Buhari is against the removal. But as the reality of the economy and national debt becomes bolder, the president was left with no option but to succumb to pressure. No dollar to sustain the bill, and so on..
Politics / Re: Why Endsars Protest Is Not Ending Anytime Soon.. by SilverNorrGold: 3:35pm On Oct 17

Good. So you also know the people that use it.
I speak Yoruba because I'm Yoruba. Understand?

My brother, I can also speak Yoruba even though I am not Yoruba.

Stay blessed cheesy
Politics / Re: Why Endsars Protest Is Not Ending Anytime Soon.. by SilverNorrGold: 3:27pm On Oct 17

Sorry for your spambot experience. I guess the spambot is also averse to your lies. Even a robot is more rational than you are.
Stop confusing yourself. Absolute poverty is now outdated. BBC used it not NBS. Bla bla bla
At least you have rested from the oxfam data. Now you're struggling with NBS data and English. It's ok. You're making improvement albeit slow-wittedly. Na small small dem dey cure madness.
Las las you go get where I need you to be.

My brother, you are the one confusing yourself, not me, biko.. I told you the screenshot is from BBC. And "absolute poverty" being "outdated" is from NBS, not me.. It doesn't mean there's no extreme poverty.. Which is political.. Countries, especially developing countries, disagreeing with the world bank's $1.90 earnings-per-day benchmark. However, Nigeria's case is far below that $1.90.. It's currently at $ 0.98, which has sparked controversies.

According to the World Bank, if you're living on $1.90 a day or less, you're living in extreme poverty. Note that $1.90 is the benchmark, just like $0.98 is the benchmark for Nigeria, yet they are still considered to be living in extreme poverty. (See screenshot)

Also, just like I said, you can still be living above this benchmark and still be living in poverty, according to world bank(screenshot attached)..

Now this is CONTRARY to your claim that ABOVE the benchmark means above poverty, that's fallacy!

That aside, you can't argue that people living on 380 naira per day are not poor just because they are not below 380 naira. Doesn't make sense.

Politics / Re: Why Endsars Protest Is Not Ending Anytime Soon.. by SilverNorrGold: 2:52pm On Oct 17

I don't care if wailer was your first word as a baby. What is not in doubt is the source.
You're fooling no one.

My brother, who dey talk about the source? I said I have been using it. Never said I was the source o.

God bless cheesy
Politics / Re: Why Endsars Protest Is Not Ending Anytime Soon.. by SilverNorrGold: 12:16pm On Oct 17

You need to go back to school. You claim you criticize and also call them opportunist yet still say you're not opposed to that. What manner of tomfoolery is this?
Ok. Why don't you criticize Buhari the opportunist for removing the subsidy he previously claimed does not exist? At least you're not opposed to him

My brother, you go attack tire, lol.. I consider those ones calling for revolution, secession, and those calling for Buhari's resignation, as opportunists. They have hijacked the protest to further their own selfish and anti-national interests. These elements are big opportunists, my brother.

I will never support anyone whose purpose is to cause chaos for Nigeria.

Also, my brother, please stop misquoting President Buhari.

What President Buhari was against, if you follow his talks, is the extreme corruption going on through the subsidy. Right from 2012, President Mohammadu Buhari has been calling out the PDP for the fraud.

And he was subsequently proven right, after the "endemic corruption" was exposed.. cheesy

But too bad, some people decided to spin it..

Nigeria must better cheesy
Politics / Re: Why Endsars Protest Is Not Ending Anytime Soon.. by SilverNorrGold: 12:00pm On Oct 17

PDP failed to save for the rainy days. Yet Buhari met $2.1bn in the ECA account which he has now depleted to $70m. He met over $1bn in the NLNG account which has been blown already. He met another $1bn in the SWF which he was getting ready to pilfer away as usual.
Since you claimed PDP failed to save for the rainy day. And you also say Buhari's economy was buoyant in 2018. May I ask where is Buhari's savings from 2018?
This question still leads us to the same basic question just like the IBB scenario which you failed bombastically. Where is the difference?

My brother, due to the biting economy, President Mohammadu Buhari had to bailout states governors, due to their inability to pay salaries.

President Mohammadu Buhari, being the masses president, will never sit and watch people go hungry due to their governors inability to pay salaries. So, he had to. The bailout was necessary. Note that this happened in the time of scarcity.

Meanwhile, Goodluck Jonathan met $20 billion+, and in a period the country witnessed her most prosperous seasons.. Yet, they squandered $18bn+, depleted the treasury pulse and left a meager $2bn+ for President Mohammadu Buhari.

And now, you guys want President Buhari to turn Nigeria to Dubai overnight?

My brother, make we fear God..

President Mohammadu Buhari has done a lot in agriculture, infrastructure, see the quality work going on across the federation, support of micro, small and medium enterprises, and others.. It shows he's there to work. It shows he's committed. How I wish President Buhari was the president when oil was trading around 90 to 100 USD.

But Nigeria will be great.

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