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Career / How Can I Transit To Tech by sotomayor: 6:30am On Aug 28
I studied electrical engineering and i want to go abroad for study and residence, but before God and Man i no fit read anything that relates to that course, Mba.
What course can I do for smooth transition to Tech?
Politics / Re: Why Does Tinubu Keep Saying He Built Lagos by sotomayor: 9:03pm On Jul 30
How many times have you queried the igbos over hating Awolowo MKO Tinubu Fashola Lai Osibanjo Aregbe ?

Are the like of Onyeama Ngige n Onu not bigger failures why ain't foolish Igbos calling them out n insulting them like the labeled Fashola minister of darkness or Osinbajo fake pastor etc

I don't know what you are talking about, so anybody who disrespect a Yoruba elder automatically turns Igbo
Politics / Re: Why Does Tinubu Keep Saying He Built Lagos by sotomayor: 8:42pm On Jul 30
Sorry brah, na d typical.ipobuc trait u display so, OK?
I'd give u d benefit of doubt that u think u are not Igbo, but pet ur mum very very well, she'll tell u d truth!.

Lol, believe whatever, it's a free world.
Politics / Re: Why Does Tinubu Keep Saying He Built Lagos by sotomayor: 8:37pm On Jul 30

Check myself for what exactly? Tell me why it is Igbos,for example, of all Nigerians, who are the most insultive towards Tinubu who has never harmed them or administered any SE State.

They literally foam at the mouth with vile hate for Tinubu. I am sure you see nothing wrong with that.

Bottom line is that you're a dishonest person. You should learn to say the truth and stop deceiving yourself.
One thing I know about the Igbos is that they don't use money to play, why?
The Biafra war left the east penniless, so all you see an Igbo man achieve was from the very bottom,
They become very aggressive and fight to the finish, that's survival instinct.
You cannot really blame them.

Igbo didn't even go to school, you spoke about school initially for the fulanis also, most be became tradesmen.
Open a functional seaport in anambra or the port Harcourt onne sea port to be functional and see how they might probably leave Lagos in droves.
A tradesman need the ports.
An educated Igbo man is more civilized that one who has been trading all his life.
These are clear difference,
Igbo were never really interested in politics until now.
Politics / Re: Why Does Tinubu Keep Saying He Built Lagos by sotomayor: 8:29pm On Jul 30
How a foolish cursed bloody bastard Igbo can determine who is more beneficial to a Yoruba is what I do not understand. Who declared the cursed tribe hating on all Yoruba leaders as beneficial. From Awolowo MKO Tinubu Osibanjo Fashola who does this cursed Ebow not hate among Yorubas.

I am not Igbo.
Why the hate nau
Politics / Re: Why Does Tinubu Keep Saying He Built Lagos by sotomayor: 6:29pm On Jul 30

Fulanis may be your enemy but they're not mine. Anybody can act up if the law allows them.

Even the UK, USA, Canada etal Nigerians love to run to are the same. Minus effective deterrents in place to deal with aberrant behaviour then those places will be like Nigeria too.

Under regionalism, Fulanis or anyone else for that matter, would behave wherever they find themselves or face the law for any criminal conduct they are guilty of.

It is Buhari's openly baised attitude toward Fulanis responsible for the conduct of the bad eggs amongst them. That is why I am a fan of regionalism.

You'd be surprised that all these Fulanis you view as fearless and demonic ogres would become meek as Rabbits if they suddenly end up in the USA tomorrow.

The problem with people like you is that you have not been raised in a culture that emphasises solutions-provision as a core mantra of societal development.

Let regionalism come tomorrow, as we had in the past, and watch how the Fulani crime menace will disappear overnight.

Fulanis are therefore not my problem because I know solutions exist for the behaviour of the bad elements amongst them. Scaremongering about Fulanis can only be effective for unexposed Nigerians.

The number of Nigerian killers, criminals and cultists who have made their way to the West, to then go on to lead productive lives, would shock you.

That is because you pay heavily for criminal conduct over there while our police force in Nigeria will free killers within seconds if they get the right amount of 'inducement'.

In conclusion, there is no way covetous, hateful and envious Igbos are more "beneficial" to Yorubas than Fulanis.

It is about societies bending all inhabitants to adhere to common codes of conduct. If Nigeria became such under regionalism then I would personally prefer Fulanis to come and live in the SW than Igbos who will never stop hating, undermining and sabotaging their hosts.

you have spoken well, Igbos can be annoying sometimes but it's just instinct for survival not all Igbos are so.
There are lovely people to.
Hausa are also nice people, but you see Fulani no b ahm at all.
You don't just know how this people reason
How many times in that your Lagos do Yoruba and Igbos have clashes, it's always Yoruba and Fulani disguising as Hausa.
Politics / Re: Why Does Tinubu Keep Saying He Built Lagos by sotomayor: 5:48pm On Jul 30

Thank you. I am a big fan of what SW governors came together to demand and shown below. I.e regionalism.

This is because I am 100% sure the SW, under regionalism, will quickly go on to show we have many transformstional Awolowo's in our rank while the haters and noise makers will have no choice but to go and confront the mediocrity they are cursed with back home in States they fled for a better life in the SW.

One Nigeria has become a silly excuse for those who are failures, and never understand charity begins at home, to be attacking others while still able to thrive because they are not made to confront and address their own failures in their land and region of origin.

Instead they can run to Lagos and be attacking their host 24/7 online while preparing to vote Ikpeazu and co as life President in their wretched States and region of origin.

Why are you attacking easterners, what brought them into this discussion ,you are attacking people that were left virtually nothing after the war
Btw abia is the only nonsensical state in the east.
Politics / Re: Why Does Tinubu Keep Saying He Built Lagos by sotomayor: 5:37pm On Jul 30

100% correct. The entirety of issues have with Yorubas is the same as the case of an egocentric and megalomaniac empty barrel harbouring the fear of being upstaged by others more talent and more naturally brilliant.

Look below at the visionary stance all SW Governors , from different political Parties, came.up with while Igbos are still backstabbing their people brilliantly illustrated by Kalu licking the azz of Lawan who is his political junior.

Why won't ordinary Igbos be obsessed with seeing Tinubu and Yorubas fail when they know , 100% for sure, they will always fail as a people who don't come close to Yorubas in natural political brilliance and efficacy?

Igbos are failed and bitter, with the worst governors in Nigeria by far, so it is natural, as the worst and most hateful sadists in our nation, they would want to see Yorubas fail too.

Igbos remind me of the saying "misery loves company".

Lolz wetin carry Igbo people enter this talk now.
Igbo this, Igbo that.
I am not even Igbo..

You guy would just be attacking Igbo, meanwhile your enemies(Fulani) are having a good day.

An Igbo man is more beneficial to a Yoruba man, yet Huna keep ass licking this people.
Politics / Re: Why Does Tinubu Keep Saying He Built Lagos by sotomayor: 5:35pm On Jul 30

I don't understand you non-Yorubas and this constant obsession with tagging Lagos as a State no one can claim credit for.

You as an Ijaw man will accept it if Bayelsa begins to do well and the Governor, the number one citizen of the State, is dragged by the entire Nigeria for saying his administrative efforts helped Bayelsa to thrive?

What is wrong with you people? Bosstrevor is right that most of you are just haters of Yorubas and are envious of them.

If not you would accept States have Governors elected to provide leadership and solutions. These Governors must take credit for the success of a State or accept blame for her failure. Simple.

If Lagos has failed woefully, are you telling me you and others would not blame Tinubu and other Governors of the State for that?

How can anyone, except a hater, begrudge Tinubu claiming credit for the success Lagos has enjoyed since he became Governor in 1999? Did Lagos become 6th biggest economy in Africa because she was capital of Nigeria many decades ago? Can you people listen to yourselves?

If you people truly believe that a geographical space can run itself then why are you all attacking Buhari?

As you claim Lagos has succeeded by herself is also how you should conclude Nigeria has failed by herself. Nothing to do with the inactions and actions of Buhari.

When you people show the most basic idiocy to say the chief administrative officer of a State has nothing to do with the success of said state then we should flip all universal rules on it's head.

We can start by saying Microsoft did not need Bill Gates to become the foremost software and IT solutions provider it is.

Even Tesla would still have existed without Elon Musk.
We can conclude Britain would have fared very well in the second world war without the brilliance of Winston Churchill.

We can even say say Real Madrid glory years had nothing to do with Christiano Ronaldo.

You people are just sad and hateful.

How does it sound if Peter odili or rotimi amaechi of port Harcourt comes out and start claiming all the time, I built rivers state.

Do Donald Duke go about shouting I built this and that in Calabar, or didn't you hear of his excellence there.
How is Calabar today?
What am I trying to say?

No single person can build a state continuously.
Politics / Re: Why Does Tinubu Keep Saying He Built Lagos by sotomayor: 4:58pm On Jul 30
[quote author=BATified2023 post=115223698][/quote]
how does the picture relate to the topic now?
you just hate easterners, they are not your problem.
I am from ss.
Abia state is bad, yes name one bad Eastern state again.
Is it all the western states that is developed?
Please Stop hating

I sincerely do not vibe with tinubu,
His ideas on recent interviews on governance is very poor.
How would he say exchange rate don't matter, because we receive salaries in naira. Are we a producing country?

fashola or osibanjo are better options.


Politics / Re: Why Does Tinubu Keep Saying He Built Lagos by sotomayor: 4:55pm On Jul 30
Ijaw ? I know you guys hate we yoruba
I heard there were clashes in the past.
I have no hate for yorubas

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Politics / Why Does Tinubu Keep Saying He Built Lagos by sotomayor: 4:29pm On Jul 30
I really do not understand why tinubu keeps saying that gibberish.
1.Lagos state was once the capital city of Nigeria.
Does it mean that if Abuja becomes a state and a bwari man is elected a govornor, he built Abuja?

2.The port which is a major source of commerce is in Lagos.
The lesser duty in Lagos has made other esp the warri and onne port less functional.
3.Lagos state is by far the smallest state in Nigeria.
Development spreads faster also being one of the congested because of the ports

How did tinubu build Lagos?
Check pictures of Lagos before tinubu became governor and see that Lagos was already developed.its even in mess now.

I am an ijaw guy, I am not hating on the yorubas, I would sincerely love osibanjo or someone like fashola to have won that primaries.
Anytime tinubu speaks i sincerely do not see any economics in him.

How did tinubu build Lagos ?

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Politics / Re: Peter Obi: I'm Not Stingy, I Use Public Money For Public Good by sotomayor: 4:42am On Jul 24
Keep shut perpetual Liar!

You've said it all.
Nothing to be added again.
He can only fool his brainwashed swines that abound.
you are always supporting failures.


Business / Buying Oil With Naira by sotomayor: 4:10pm On Jul 16
Since oil is our major source of revenue, don't you think it would be wise to allow countries who chose to buy our oil in naira be given a discount like 3-4% only if they are to pay in naira .
There buy giving the naira value
Religion / Re: Ebimina Tamuno: I Gave Up On Yahoo Yahoo After Pastor Ibiyeomie’s Curses by sotomayor: 1:04pm On Jan 30
Don't do yahoo its evil
You're hurting someone
You're stealing
If I give you the money I made from yahoo you will collect.
If I but you something with the money I made from yahoo you will take.
If I pay tithes you will pray for me.
Preaching just to look righteous meanwhile they do pray for them the yahoo boys.
You're doing your own business just allow others to do there own.
Nobody holy pass
you are a thief and there is no sugar coating
Sports / Re: Top 5 Best Betting Sites In Nigeria 2022 by sotomayor: 5:52am On Jan 18
Sports / Re: Top 5 Best Betting Sites In Nigeria 2022 by sotomayor: 5:49am On Jan 18
Merrybet is a scam and your list is not complete if you do not add the first betting company in Nigeria nairabet. If you are to mention top 5 or 10 banks in Nigeria you must include FIRST BANK, whether u like it or not. I posted this not because I like nairabet I have even left them for other instant withdrawal bookie. That is the way to do honest listing.
Are you for real, Nairabet? Best? Just because something came first doest make it the best,
Where is MySpace today?
Sports / Re: 1XBET Dmystified.. Get Registered!!! Post Your 1xbet Problems Here!!!! by sotomayor: 5:44am On Jan 18

How long does this verification take before I can withdraw? Please help.
doesn't take much of a time.
Just provide the necessary details.
Romance / Re: 80% Of Young Girls In My Sec School Were Sexually Harassed By Nigerian Men by sotomayor: 3:32am On Jan 03
Coming from someone that believes Albert Einstein existed 1689
Romance / Re: Hookup Hookup Everywhere by sotomayor: 2:47am On Jan 03
This Xmas really exposed most girls that are into hookup, not excluding little girls in junior secondary schools.
My people please what can be done ?
I have to God that I don’t need a female child
Just 2 boys is ok for me...

God have mercy on us
please how did it expose them make we take note
Celebrities / Re: BBNaija's Nengi Celebrates Her 24th Birthday With Stunning Photos by sotomayor: 1:26pm On Jan 01
guess you're only active on Nairaland? she celebrated 23 last year go nd do ur research very well.
while we where still in uniport this girl dey stay vannesa suite allu, she was one miss something like that I was 17years old newly admitted then and e b like say she b 21/22 then cos she was my senior. this year I dey turn 27.
If this girl na 24 make I die.

Nengi dey her early 30's Abeg..
Make dem stop all this mumu lies


Family / Re: How Much Are You Crossing Over To The New Year With. by sotomayor: 5:22am On Jan 01
Total balance in my 3 accounts should be just over 61 million naira...

Nairalanders abeg make una join hand pray for me ooooo...my only new year resolution for the past 4yrs is to find a wife and get married..every single year i end up failing to fulfil it...

This year is even worse because im ending the year without a girlfriend not to talk of wife...

One minute I'm all interested in a woman, and I start up a relationship, and the next minute, I loose interest and walk away

go find dat your lawyer gf na
Politics / Re: Youths :Let's Make A Political Movement!!! Just like End sars by sotomayor: 11:12am On Dec 29, 2021
how long should we wait for the moderators!
Moderator no go push this to front page.
But make I call the, you never can tell.
Them too dey feel the heat
Politics / Re: Youths :Let's Make A Political Movement!!! Just like End sars by sotomayor: 11:11am On Dec 29, 2021
Some things you mentioned are quite reasonable but may not be to a larger degree of audience.
The truth? Call for a Youth National Conference. Like OBJ I believe in one Nigeria.
There are lots of beautiful brains on NL they will soon be here on the way forward.
Nigeria must work.
Good idea though!
it must work o..
It's all we got
Politics / Re: Youths :Let's Make A Political Movement!!! Just like End sars by sotomayor: 11:06am On Dec 29, 2021
I'm in the north,they are fucking daft,control by there leaders with religion preaching!
There are sensible and pragmatic northerners out there, the grip of using religion to control people is gradually reducing in potency .
Civilization/accountability is gradually cripping in.
Politics / Re: Youths :Let's Make A Political Movement!!! Just like End sars by sotomayor: 10:57am On Dec 29, 2021
we the youth all talk on social media,some will even vote for bbnaija than during election,with such mentality,how can we move forward!
when there is seriousness people go join, even northerners go e mass, you think they ain't feeling the heat.
Politics / Re: Youths :Let's Make A Political Movement!!! Just like End sars by sotomayor: 10:46am On Dec 29, 2021
I'm not fighting for them,what I am trying to let you know is that,the politicians have mess with the future of the youth,no job(yahoo is the surviving means).for other online jobs,can all Nigerians make money from it,the reason why bandits and kidnappers are much in north is because no other means to earn a living,the south are into yahoo,that why they still calm!
Look at the youth above this post that wants to scam using sportybet?
Is yahoo the final solution? Let's make movement for a better nigeria.
What are your input?


Politics / Re: Youths :Let's Make A Political Movement!!! Just like End sars by sotomayor: 10:34am On Dec 29, 2021
they fraud the money from white niggas and bitches,that shouldn't be your problem,your politicians should be your priority!
Giving honest Nigerians bad name opportunity losses and discrimination on international level.
Fraudsters don't know what stigma awaits their unborn kids.
You haven't made any input to the subject matter, you are fighting for fraudsters as a lawyer or what, what is your input?


Politics / Re: Youths :Let's Make A Political Movement!!! Just like End sars by sotomayor: 10:14am On Dec 29, 2021
If not for yahoo,you won't be sleeping with your two eyes close in the south,just like the north can't sleep...
Yahoo is bad, and what is bad is bad. Do not sugar coat it.
Two wrongs don't make any right.
There are other ways/things to do.
Laziness is what is doing us.
What do they use the yahoo money to do.
Majority spend the money on olosho and show off.
Only a few invest.
When there is a good goverment and environment, there would no excuse for fraud.

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Politics / Youths :Let's Make A Political Movement!!! Just like End sars by sotomayor: 10:03am On Dec 29, 2021
2023 is fast approaching, the sufferings are unbearable, business environment is bad than ever before.
Let's come together with one voice and stand like end Sars and demand what we need from our next president.
Youths we are powerful, your vioce matters, but we are being too Docile to know.
The oldies know this and they are glad you don't care!

Here are some of my requirements/obligations:
1. The president must be young from range 40-65 years.
2. Police reforms and welfare of police officers.
3 Reduction of running cost of government especially the legistature.
4.return to regional system of goverment, this would allow for regional policing that shares intelligence with a central police.

5.complete war against yahoo Boys and fraudulent politicians.
6.Reforms in our judicial system, swift hearing n trial.
7. Provision of electricity. This would facilitate development in all the sectors by 10×.
8.resource control.

Add yours for compilations

Note:The region the president is from is of no importance, but must have a track record of transparency and honesty.

YMEN--Youth movement for the emancipation of Nigeria

The name sounds nice what do you all think.

Cc Seun

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