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Politics / Re: UK To Seize $39 Million From Bhadresh Gohil For Helping Ibori Move Funds by sulaak(m): 7:31pm
And one useless person will be telling me that, the northerners are the one dragging us back. Misplaced priorities.

Southern political class are corrupt and useless but.....

You can't say Northerner are moving Nigeria forward, the days in which Northern Nigeria was the breadbasket of West Africa is long gone. As of today more rice grown in the South than the North (mini the middle-belt), so what does the North contribute?
Politics / Re: FG Approves $1.9 Billion Kano-Dutse-Katsina-Jibia-Maradi Rail Line by sulaak(m): 1:54pm On Sep 24
stop calling GEJ. We are in the present

Then stop complaining that there are no rail infrastructures in East or South-South.

GEJ spent $2-4 billion building the Abuja to Kaduna rail network and the Abuja light rail project. He could have include at least one project in the SS or SE but he didn't.

Buhari is not waiting for an Igbo or Yoruba president to complete the Lagos to Niger Republic railway, he will start and complete the project using debt tied to Niger-Delta oil grin grin
Politics / Re: FG Approves $1.9 Billion Kano-Dutse-Katsina-Jibia-Maradi Rail Line by sulaak(m): 11:00am On Sep 24

you are exactly the correct advisor to the president of Nigeria!

there is good road and sea network connecting akwa ibom,cross river,Delta,bayelsa and rivers to Lagos?

you leave out your own country to connect another country by indebting yourself.

it is Niger republic that is important to you because in your own calculation Niger will help you to repay the debt ba.this debt is gonna be something else because at the end of it Nigerian will mount toll gate on this rail track at the Niger_ Nigeria border

It is called prioritisation. We need infrastructure that will improve the logistics from the North to the South.

Niger republic and Chad are both important countries to Nigeria, the poverty in both countries is a burden to Nigeria security and future. A railway line that links the port in PH to Chad and Lagos to Niger Republic will improve trade and development across Nigeria.


Politics / Re: FG Approves $1.9 Billion Kano-Dutse-Katsina-Jibia-Maradi Rail Line by sulaak(m): 6:53am On Sep 24
my dear. I am very disappointed too. With all the rail fuse going on in the country. I can not pin point one rail project that has been completed in the ss/se. They just ignore that region like its not Nigeria. It's ok the 8 years will soon be over and those who have looted in this govt will vomit what they have looted

GEJ had 6 years and did nothing in the SE\SS.

Buhari as much as I dislike him, is building rail infrastructures that will open the South East and improve the lives of that region. Rail and Road infrastructures is more important than electricity.

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Politics / Re: FG Approves $1.9 Billion Kano-Dutse-Katsina-Jibia-Maradi Rail Line by sulaak(m): 6:46am On Sep 24

In July 2016, China and Nigeria agreed to a $11-billion contract to build the Lagos-Calabar coastal railway. It will stretch for 1400 km (871 mi) and is expected to open in record time, before the end of 2018.

this is $11 billion o!

At these difficult times, the Lagos-Calabar coastal railway is not require, there are good roads network and ports that connect Lagos to Calabar by road and sea. The emphasis should be the Lagos - Kano - Niger Republic Rail network and Port-Harcourt-Enugu -Maidugari Rail.
Politics / Re: Akeredolu Commissions Chocolate Factory In Idanre (Photos) by sulaak(m): 5:59am On Sep 23
Akeredolu is a fraud, Ondo schools are dilapidated, the roads are a mess. His bitumen programme is non existence and he has jump on the Amotekun bandwagon that was initiated by Makinde.


Politics / Re: Obasanjo Is A Disgrace To Nigeria – Nabena, APC National Publicity Secretary by sulaak(m): 5:53am On Sep 23

At the end of May 2007, Nigeria’s gross reserves stood at $43.13 billion – comprising the CBN’s external reserves of $31.5 billion, $9.43 billion in the Excess Crude Account, and $2.18 billion in Federal Government’s savings,” Ms. Okonjo-Iweala said.

The minister said the balance in the foreign reserves have been fluctuating over time in line with the swings of global crude oil prices in the international oil market.
According to her, the reality has been that since May 2007, oil prices reached a peak of $147 per barrel, the country’s reserves rose from $43.13 billion to peak at $62 billion in September 2008 during the Yar’adua/Jonathan Administration.


Use facts

Oil price under OBJ
Nominal Price Inflation Adjusted Price
1999 $16.56 $25.58
2000 $27.39 $41.02
2001 $23.00 $33.52
2002 $22.81 $32.69
2003 $27.69 $38.84
2004 $37.66 $51.39
2005 $50.04 $66.04

2006 $58.30 $74.59
2007 $64.20 $79.73


When Obasanjo took office in May 1999, Nigeria’s foreign reserves were just under $5bn. By the time he left in May 2007, it was $43bn. Debt was at its all time low

Nigeria reached a deal last October with the Paris Club, which includes the United States, Germany, France and other wealthy nations, that allowed it to pay off about $30 billion in accumulated debt for about $12 billion, an overall discount of about 60 percent.

The government said it paid a final installment of $4.5 billion on Friday, Reuters reported. It plans to use the money it saves to develop the country and reduce poverty.

Now look at the mess Buhari has left Nigeria with external debt of $27 billion , growing internal debt of $60 billion and a currency that has tanked

In 2011 Buhari said that oil subsidies is fraud, yet he persisted with oil subsidies for 6 years.

Politics / Re: Obasanjo Is A Disgrace To Nigeria – Nabena, APC National Publicity Secretary by sulaak(m): 8:02pm On Sep 22

You mean we got debt relief yet owed over 3 billion dollars by the time he left office?

Under Jonathan by June 2015 -- a month after Buharis assumed office -- Nigeria’s total borrowing was $63.81 billion and by June 2019 it had grown to $83.88 billion.

OBJ left $60 billion in foreign reserve, $38 billion in ECA and $3billion external debt. He introduce the mobile phone industry by replacing CDMA with GSM.

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Politics / Re: Osinbajo: Government Has No Business Running Oil Refineries by sulaak(m): 8:00am On Sep 22
Sell the refineries to PLCs so Nigerians can own shares in them. It will also ensure efficiency and accountability
Good idea.

The UK government listed failing government agencies such as British Telecom and Royal mail on the stock market , now both companies are success stories valued at billions of dollars with efficient customer value.

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Politics / Re: Osinbajo: Government Has No Business Running Oil Refineries by sulaak(m): 7:43am On Sep 22
After wasting and stealing billions of dollars importing dirty fuel and maintaining comatose refineries, this useless government has finally come to the conclusion that government has no business in the refinery business.

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Travel / Re: Abuja Light Rail: This Is Not Dubai, Tokyo, London, But Abuja by sulaak(m): 8:22pm On Sep 21

bro learn to appreciate good work, how many African countries has this?

Why do you compare yourself with failures, abi you get low esteem.
Politics / Re: Osinbajo: FG Collaborating With Investors To Improve Nigeria’s Digital Sector by sulaak(m): 8:01am On Sep 20
The Buhari government should focus on its own bad actions, taking a $500 million loan to digitalising NTA is a waste of money.

The government should take loans and invest in local digital companies that can build broadband infrastructures that will connect schools, homes and government establishments. The loans will build of the digital companies capabilities and experience in service delivery and maintenance.

No Foriegn Investor is interested in a country that has no FX. How will they remit their profits.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: I'm In Dilemma Over A Job Offer. I Urgently Need An Advice by sulaak(m): 10:52am On Sep 18
Those people saying you should walk away knows nothing about life. You needed to be used to become something in life. To become a master you need to be a servant. Getting jobs in Nigeria you have to know somebody that knows somebody. Breaking into that inner circle is hard bros.

Please calm down, accept the Junior job, finish your PHD, and when opportunity knocks again be on ground to grab it.

The best advise.

Always focus on your long term objective. Your PHd should provide you with a wider window of opportunities. I hope you are involved in a STEM programme.
Politics / Re: Edo: Heavy Security, As INEC Begins Distribution Of Sensitive Materials (Photos) by sulaak(m): 4:58am On Sep 18
Where is the electronic voting?
Business / Re: “I Discovered Banana Island” Terry Waya Claims by sulaak(m): 11:41pm On Sep 16

It's the O.P that typed wrong headline

Adelekes dredged banana island out of the sea, military government forcefully took over the dredged island, Adelekes went to court and got full compensation, while military government used Terry Waya and Chagaoury to develop infrastructures there and sell it

So who discovered Banana Island?

BTW Adeleke wasn't compensated.

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Business / Re: “I Discovered Banana Island” Terry Waya Claims by sulaak(m): 12:40pm On Sep 16
Terry Waya is a liar.

The founder and designer of Banana Island is Adebayo Adeleke
The original Banana Island construction project entitled Lagoon City was the brainchild of the Late Chief Adebayo Adeleke, a University of London trained Civil Engineer (MICE), and CEO of City Property Development Ltd.

Chief Adebayo son is a former navy seal and Hollywood actor Remi Adeleke

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Politics / Re: Buhari: Nigeria Needs Loans For Roads, Rail, Power by sulaak(m): 9:00am On Sep 16
grin grin grin grin
Vote for me I have the solution to all Nigeria's problems that I and my fellow military goons created and could not solve in 50 years...trust me, I'm trustworthy ~ Buhari (Maybe)

This Old man had 16 years to put his plans in order on his road to the presidency and still sounds like he's just discovering Nigeria's humongous issues.


That's not even the issue. We all know sometimes everything doesn't go according to plan. However, Even the small idea they come up with is so damn expensive. The cost of the little infrastructure they have been working on is enough to fund economies. Other African countries has done such with far lesser amount and even far lesser time and it is genuine structure that will stand the test of time. The government is the most expensive government in the history of this nation. The loan so much, spent so much but achieved so little and all these monies are unaccounted for. Everybody in power in this ruling is just exercising impunity like currency notes. The ones that get smitten are the stooges and when Nigerians complain, they end up in jail.

See yesterday someone like Tinubu who has mortgaged a whole state, who is self acclaimed to be the leaders of democrats, with small rain in Lagos, Lagos looks like dung hill. So if you are not on his team, you are not a democrat and he feels untouchable. How can Nigeria be well?

Buhari never had a plan for Nigeria, he just wanted power to embedded his Fulani clan into key area of government and the economy of the country, that they lost under OBJ and GEJ.

A leader with a plan would have fixed the refineries within two years, completed Ajaokuta steel plant and invested in the development of the Bitumen reserve in Ondo, this will automatically bring down the cost of construction of road and rails.
Politics / Re: Buhari: Nigeria Needs Loans For Roads, Rail, Power by sulaak(m): 8:50am On Sep 16
Nigeria needs loans but how will the pay for it? The country cannot depend on the unstable oil market to generate the necessary FX .
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Nigerians With Advanced Degrees But Without Jobs by sulaak(m): 5:00pm On Sep 15

By learning in school!!!
Travel / Re: Dilapidated Nature Of Oyebanjo Street, Ketu Lagos That Swallowed Two Kids by sulaak(m): 9:00pm On Sep 13
Just look at the dirts on the streets. We keeping shouting government but the people who lives there also have some fault. Was it the government that dumped those refuge there? Garbage everywhere.

Should Nigeria still be maintaining open gutters in 2020.

Seriously do you see open gutters in modern societies. Serious societies have replace open gutters with underground drainage systems because of environment and health reasons.

Steel and cement pipes are readily produced across Nigeria.
Politics / Re: Why NLC Won’t Protest Hike In Petrol, Electricity Tariffs Yet – Wabba by sulaak(m): 8:54pm On Sep 13

Nigerians protested in 2012 from subsidy removal because they know the money will not be utilized appropriately

The should have protested for accountability and oversight that the oil refineries should be first fixed and repair before the oil subsidies are remove.

Buhari and APC is just an extention of APC, 6 years in government, yet the refineries are still not working and the government has been lying to Nigerians that they have removed subsidies.

This is 2016:
Politics / Re: Nabena: Obasanjo/Atiku That Midwifed National Rot Cannot Chart Way Forward by sulaak(m): 4:36pm On Sep 13


Obasanjo had 8 years to make things right but he didn't, even road to Ota is a mess, he had an accident on Ibadan Lagos express road and proudly said the road wasn't that bad

Yar'Adua a perfect President (RIP) had just 7 point agenda and he wanted a sensible Vice President, like Donald Duke, but Baba forced clueless weak Jonathan on us because of his closeness to late Stella Obasanjo

The mess we are in is all the doing of Obasanjo and his 3rd term agenda, and later agenda of controlling Nigeria through a terminally sick man and a clueless guy

Of all the Northern educated folks, Obasanjo single handedly picked terminally sick Yar'Adua and jailed other qualified people with EFCC, of all the qualified intellectuals of Southern Nigeria he picked Jonathan, ... Obasanjo sat and watch Nigeria burn


OBJ wasn't great but he cleared our foreign debts, left $60 billions in reserves and $36 billion in the excess crude oil funds, the mobile phone industry was liberalised and banking industry was maturing.

Yes, he failed in the electricity distribution and generation, oil refineries and managing the privatisation of Nigeria assets , but Fulani herdsmen weren't roaming across the country with impunity, when OPC misbehaved he shut them down.

Tinubu hand picked the sick Buhari and look at the result today, a divided country that is now at war with itself. The Yoruba's have created Amotekun to protect themselves against marauding Fulani's herdsmen, what do you think will happen when armed Yoruba's operative clash with the Nigeria Army....anarchy.

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Politics / Re: Why NLC Won’t Protest Hike In Petrol, Electricity Tariffs Yet – Wabba by sulaak(m): 4:20pm On Sep 13
They say they are not protesting because every reasonable mind knows it is the right thing to do, so why are you complaining? since you know they are soo corrupt why are you waiting for Labor to protest on your behalf?, why not grab your friends & start the protest from your own neighborhood?

It was the right thing to do in 2012 but they protested.

Right now, when million of Nigerians are facing starvation, unemployment and COVID-19, increasing oil price is actually the wrong thing to do.
Crime / Re: Olakunle Ajomale Carrying US Microchip In His Body Since 2010 (pics) by sulaak(m): 9:08pm On Sep 12

I don't have time to read worthless rubbish. Tens of thousands of Nigerians have been going to the same US without issues, so what did he do that made them to chip him?

Drug pushers and fraudsters like IGBALODE Ramoni and his likes have done serious damage to innocent people. So save me the sob story!

If you don't have time to read, then you are worthless rubbish.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Nigerians With Advanced Degrees But Without Jobs by sulaak(m): 3:43pm On Sep 12
The issue is, most graduates including the PhD holders are not creating jobs by solving problems. They just want to go to school, pass exams and 'look' for jobs.

Nigerian graduates should think of what they can do for Nigeria or humanity and not what Nigeria/humanity can do for them.

Going to school is solving the illiteracy problems in Nigeria.


Politics / Re: We Will Fix Refineries With Money Saved From Subsidy Removal - Timipre Sylva by sulaak(m): 8:06pm On Sep 11
This is another scam or corruption loading.Kyari & Sylva should perish that idea.If after promising 4 refineries in its first term but only apologized for failure to fulfill same.

El Rufai once recommended that the NNPC should be privatised but the corruption therein is so sweet.Atiku said same thing but myopic reason will not allow people to see the good side of it.Now after consuming chunk of Nigeria's resources, the moribund refineries are up for another corruption in the name of rehabilitation or TAM. So who is fooling who in this nation?

All the agitations for protests now should have been uncalled for if the APC allowed the subsidy of 2012 to be removed.Now, after COVID19 economic meltdown, they're now adding this burden.It's needful but the timing is bad.So kindly privatize & see how it goes.Enough!

I strongly agree that the refineries must be privatised but the last people to oversea privatisation is the crook Atiku and EL-Rufai, we are still recovering from their privatisation of the paper mill, Ajaoukuta and ALSCON to their corrupt friends.
Politics / Re: FG To Give Up Majority Stakes In Its 4 Refineries, To Be Privately Managed by sulaak(m): 8:50am On Sep 11
A good step.

But, they also have to privatise NNPC , allow marketers to set the price.of fuel,.and depot owners, and allow the transporters too to set their prices

Or the privatisation won't take

They need to scrap NNPC, an organisation called Nigeria National Pertroleum Corporation that can't extract, explore, transport and refine oil and gas after 45 years operations.

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Politics / Re: FG To Give Up Majority Stakes In Its 4 Refineries, To Be Privately Managed by sulaak(m): 8:42am On Sep 11
The best decision by this useless government. I doubt any investor of integrity wants to be in partnership with this corrupt government. The country should identify investor capabilities such as Indorama and BUA Group

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: 'Indians Only' Job Advert In Abuja by sulaak(m): 3:07pm On Sep 10

This is nonsense.

The most competitive sector in Nigeria is the banking sector.
And it is managed by Nigerians. Highly skilled Nigerians.

Indians are highly skilled. They come to Nigeria with those skills.

Nigerian companies don't want to train their Nigerian staffs to that same level of skill and competence.

Followed by the software start-up sector that is full of hard-working and dedicated Nigerian.
Travel / Re: Benue State Has The Most Amazing Hills: A Tourist Delight by sulaak(m): 4:26am On Sep 10
All the lush forest have been destroyed.
Health / Re: Nigeria overtakes India as world capital for under-five deaths by sulaak(m): 9:05pm On Sep 09
Criticise me all you want.

I strongly believe that dying by that age is far better than existing as an adult Nigerian. grin

At least they will avoid living in the poverty capital of the world.

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