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Family / Re: Nigerian Women Should Read This!!! by syluck(m): 12:05pm On Jul 15
This argument skyrocketed to the point that it had to involve third parties.
Because you want your name on the land documents which you did not buy with your money.

Then out of the blue, your husband presents to you the divorce papers.


Is your husband's money not yours?
Nope. Your husband's money is definitely not yours unless he has you in his will as a next of kin. Or he has your name in the business he does or where he works (which is not possible).
That's why it's always good to be independent even when married to a rich man. Have something you can claim as yours without involving your husband's name. You can request money officially from him like a loan, make something out of it and then pay back that loan. All these things should be done on paper, lawfully signed.

He presents to you that divorce papers asking you to sign them and you're there crying and wailing!!!
Lol...you're saying "please I wasn't serious when I said that, I was only joking...please I still love you...".
No reasonable person would use the *divorce* word, *do you still want this relationship/marriage?* kinda of question in any marriage/relationship if there's any little arguments/disagreement if actually he/she loves/wants you.

The fact that you asked for your name to be included in those papers sounds so fishy. You may be using the Nigerian society as an excuse. This I mean, a situation whereby if your husband dies(God forbid), then his relatives will come and take over his property.
Yes, that excuse looks valid but doesn't sound okay in this situation.
As a man, what I will think is that, you either want me dead to have my properties or you want to overthrow me, ceasing my properties and absconding with another man.

Why would you threaten him with a divorce because he did not oblige to do your bidding which we know very well that he didn't rob you of your money to buy the land?
The money is his. He wants to buy land with his money, if he wants to include you then there's no problem and if he doesn't, there shouldn't be a problem either.
It will only be for a selfish reason that you'd want your husband to buy properties with your name on it.

As a lady, what you should be fighting for if your husband buys a property is simply to have your kids name on it (I mean his kids too).

Let the will of the man be rested upon your children. Your children should all have access to all his inheritance, like being the next of skin. Every sane woman would want their children to grow and have access to their father's properties except if that woman is selfish/foolish.

Having your children as next of kin to your man's properties and rich would definitely disrupt this Nigeria setting of the man's relatives coming to claim ownership of his properties.
Whether that child is a boy or a girl, as long as that child's name is registered as the next of kin and signed, no one can overrun it.
There's no law that's bigger than the Nigeria Constitution and it's allow next of kin.

You may be asking what about me? Am I not liable to have his things and look good? Didn't I suffer to push those kids out my womb and now I can't get anything?
Well, you had the opportunity but you stayed idle. You refused to work. You refused to use your husband's wealth to secure yours. Definitely you'll have his properties but they are not legally yours except if signed by you.

That woman finally got the divorce she wanted and went home with just her and would always visit the children cos she has no source of income to feed them. The husband was afraid too that the woman could kill him one day and take his properties. If the woman has something tangible doing for herself and buying properties, then this sort wouldn't have happened.

We men don't have those opportunities to marry rich women like the way you women do. We men most times marry a lady that comes from a wealthy family. We hardly marry women that built herself from scratch and moved to the top.
But y'all ladies get that opportunity always. Out of 10 women, 9 would marry a rich man. Out of 10 men, 2 would marry a rich woman.

Your opinions
Family / Nigerian Women Should Read This!!! by syluck(m): 12:02pm On Jul 15
Read an article on the internet about a man who divorced his wife because she wanted it.

Read down and see why she wanted it and also read my opinion about the whole matter.

In NIGERIAN society today.

We have greater numbers of women marrying wealthy/rich men than the men marrying wealthy/rich women.

Not that the majority of these women are poor or so...but most of them are just poor (I mean can't definitely buy a baby diaper from their own pocket for a month.)No offence intended.

We have other women that work and earn their pay but still they think that the money is not enough.

In general, a woman would definitely want to marry a rich man (This is not a lie).

Her reasons for that, we don't know. It may be for the welfare of the kids or for herself or family background.

As a lady, knowing fully well that you were either being married by a rich man because he loves you and sees you as his soulmate, mother of his children, etc. Or because it was an agreement or more.
You went into the marriage with just your clothes and a few amount of money in your bank account (may even be the man's) and nothing more.

You did not add a quota to his success: by this I mean, a lawful(papers) input that will ascertain that you're directly or indirectly involved in his success that made him rich/wealthy.

You went into the marriage and met everything sweet, nice etc. and you could get what you want, how you want it and all these fantasies girls have when there's money.

By the grace of God. Your marriage is still strong financially and is blessed with 3 kids in just 5 years. (This is what every married couple will want except otherwise).

Your husband buys you a car in just 5 years of marriage, then suddenly outta nowhere, you're requesting your husband to change the ownership to your name's.
This definitely brought about serious arguments. But later died down and you're enjoying your new ride.

All this while, you're either working in a bank or any other place, or owns a business you sell things but you're refusing to buy a property with your *own* money��‍♂️

Don't tell me your husband won't let you buy your own properties with your own money made out of your working hours and putting the kids name as the next of kin.

No rich sensible man wouldn't want that.

You're just an house wife?
Don't ever say this. Don't ever get married and dream of being an house wife. Even if you're not educated( I mean having a degree) You can surely convince your husband to invest in you by starting up a business for you. The money given to you may be his, but you can turn it around to be yours by paying him back his money with an interest even.

Yes, I know women get pregnant and push out children.

That's nature!

We can't cheat nature. Men don't get pregnant.

Don't use being pregnant as an excuse for being an idle wife and not working.

Pregnant women are always given *leave* before and after child birth. They are always being helped out because of the burden they have on their tummy. They don't work over time and are being dismissed early enough. You a business woman? Definitely your management/workers will see to any tedious task while you supervise only.

We've read the little and possible excuse women will have for not having or wanting a property.

Back to the discussion.

You're enjoying that car happily and taking care of your kids. Then again, your husband wants to buy land. And you're requesting for it to have a Mr/Mrs title on the paper documents. And you threatened to file divorce if your husband does otherwise.
Programming / Github Issues by syluck(m): 1:51pm On May 03
Hello Guys

I'm so fed up trying to link my local projects to my GitHub account.

I have downloaded and made the necessary commands, read several tutorials on the internet and even watched a video.
It keeps getting me more confused.

I just need a clear understanding of how GitHub works, easy and precise procedures in cloning my local projects to my GitHub repository(screenshots will help)

Already my projects are intact (more of Django)

But to link it......I just can't...

Thank you.
Programming / Re: How I Recommend A Newbie Goes About Learning Web Development. by syluck(m): 5:28am On Apr 24
Didn't see anything python op. Feel bad already for starting with python undecided
Programming / Re: In Need Of A Python Developer by syluck(m): 5:27am On Apr 24
In bro. Contact me through What's.App
Programming / Re: Starting A Life In Programing, 5 Things To Know As A Fresher by syluck(m): 5:51am On Apr 12
Thank you.

Very informative

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Programming / Re: Django Get Attributeerror: Str Object by syluck(m): 8:39pm On Mar 21
From what I see, the error is coming from email.get(). What do you intend to get from email variable and why?

Hey, bro thanks for your input.

I've rectified the issue.
Programming / Django Get Attributeerror: Str Object by syluck(m): 5:12pm On Mar 20
 File "/Users/aureliendebord/Python/myapp/app/utils.py", line 76, in password_mail
mail = Mail(from_email, subject, to_email, content)
File "/Users/aureliendebord/Python/myapp/myvenv/lib/python3.6/site-packages/sendgrid/helpers/mail/mail.py", line 31, in __init__
File "/Users/aureliendebord/Python/myapp/myvenv/lib/python3.6/site-packages/sendgrid/helpers/mail/mail.py", line 523, in add_to
AttributeError: 'str' object has no attribute 'get'

my problem is at the bolded...

pls help
Programming / Re: Learning Programming. (my Nairaland Journal) by syluck(m): 5:01pm On Mar 15

can't believe i've successfully installed django on my visual code editor.
i'm so so happy. grin

been on youtube tutorials and google for long but i couldnt.

wont lie, it took me so many weeks. kept frustrating me but today i've conquered it.

omo my heart is at ease now


Programming / Re: Please Help!!! by syluck(m): 10:19am On Feb 28
There are a lot but I'd recommend sublime text.

It is better you install python on your system directly rather than via VS code.

I'm curious though, is that python you're installing or one of its formatter? undecided
It's the main python from VSC extension
Programming / Please Help!!! by syluck(m): 1:10am On Feb 28
I had issues with my former laptop, my cousin gave me his own.
It was Window 8 when I got it, upgraded it to Window 10.
Now after downloading both the Visual studio code IDLE and Python, I'm having trouble installing the python in the VSC.
It's been frustrating and I need help please...
The pictures below will help explain my troubles.


Please apart from VSC, is there any other good IDLE platform that's available and free?

Programming / Which School To Best Apply For Computer Science In Nigeria. by syluck(m): 2:41pm On Feb 22
Hello guys,

It's my three months of learning programming language. Never thought I will be this enthusiastic student software engineer this far.

There's this issue I'm having right now. It's about the institution that will accept me to read computer science.
I'm not likely going for universities because majority of them are after "Chemistry", "Physics", "Biology" etc FOR JAMB COMBINATION.

Literally, I wrote Jamb last year hoping to read "Cooperative Economics" in Unizik. I scored 230 and my jamb combination is "Economics", "Mathematics" and "Government". Still last year, I came across programming and the beauty in it and I lost interest totally in my initial course. Like every other programmers, I also need this certificate in computer science.
The problem is, I was never a science kid in secondary school and I don't have any related science subjects in my WAEC except Agriculture. And most institutions are after those science subjects and combination.

Like I said, I don't intend going for universities because I know it's practically impossible for them to admit non-science students into the department of Computer Science.
I just need to know if there's any polytechnic that'll accept me with my jamb combinations and SSCE result.
Programming / Re: Learning Programming. (my Nairaland Journal) by syluck(m): 7:09pm On Feb 10

This is what I talked about. I guess @naijasensi just buttressed it

Checking for dulicate question will not be necessary as the randint function worked so well for tha range
Thanks for this. I appreciate....been waiting on it.
Programming / Re: Learning Programming. (my Nairaland Journal) by syluck(m): 7:09pm On Feb 10

Hi, good to see you are making progress. However, you are "hardcoding" the two numbers and their respective products. I can think of one way to make the program use random numbers:
- Create a list of numbers, probably from 1 to 12.
- Start your for loop
- Randomly select two numbers from the list, then assign each number to a variable.
- Use the variables to form your question during each pass through the loop.
- Evaluate the answer supplied by the user
- End your loop after 10 iterations.

Try this approach, and do not hesitate to ask questions.
Thanks for your input, I do like the way you elaborate. I appreciate.

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Programming / Re: Learning Programming. (my Nairaland Journal) by syluck(m): 2:21pm On Feb 10
This is my code.

I will love to know if there's another way this program could be coded.



Programming / Re: Learning Programming. (my Nairaland Journal) by syluck(m): 10:30am On Feb 10
Question 9:
I merged your lines 3, 6, and 9 into two lines. Your line 3 nearly blinded me. cheesy

I didn't like your solution line 'tip amount' running into a thousand digits grin so I looked around on the internet for something suitable and got my code lines 7 and 8 and this reduced my decimal places to two [Endeavor to check the internet for tips].

Now a problem, couldn't format my print statement as one line of code as the 'decimal formatting' didn't allow me to mix both.
Too tired from a long work day to task my brain, I will leave that for you to solve - try formating your 'tip amount' and print all as one line so we can see.

I used the format function here, same line

Modified* I made a mistake in printing the "tip needed" as "$78" instead of "%78".

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Programming / Re: Learning Programming. (my Nairaland Journal) by syluck(m): 9:59am On Feb 10
Syluck, I just started learning too and I tried to solve the question you did to practice and see if I could do it differently.

To your question 8, I merged your code lines 7, 10, 11 and 12 as one.
For the result, I used a formatted string to keep it s3xy. cheesy

Keep pushing, we are following, I'll find time to see if I can do your question 9 differently.

Lol, yours is more clear and easy though. But there are many path that leads to the stream, innit?? Lol
I like how you merged everything into the list instead of appending. I never thought of that tbh, it was just "append" that came through my mind. The format is sweet just that I don't really use format. I like explaining from the scratch when using the print() built in function. I will try using the format function.

I think I will be dropping more questions here, so that you could try them as well grin

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Programming / Re: Learning Programming. (my Nairaland Journal) by syluck(m): 4:54pm On Feb 09
The question. The code. The result.

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Programming / Re: Learning Programming. (my Nairaland Journal) by syluck(m): 4:52pm On Feb 09
The question. The code. The result

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Programming / Re: Learning Programming. (my Nairaland Journal) by syluck(m): 9:57pm On Feb 03
Yes. I can code!!!!!


Programming / Re: Web Development Study Partner Needed by syluck(m): 7:17pm On Feb 02
What about us creating a WhatsApp group Strictly for those who intend learning programming. Then we can have few programmers that will guide those who are lost or seriously in need of explanations....
Sports / Re: Lionel Messi's Monstrous €555 Million 3-Year Barcelona Contract by syluck(m): 11:27am On Jan 31
No wonder Barca are on the verge of bankruptcy
Not you putting the blame on Messi. Failed


Sports / Re: Lionel Messi's Monstrous €555 Million 3-Year Barcelona Contract by syluck(m): 11:26am On Jan 31
Lionel Messi deserves that penny and more!!!!

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Sports / Re: Lionel Messi's Monstrous €555 Million 3-Year Barcelona Contract by syluck(m): 11:25am On Jan 31
Programming / Re: How I Became A Software Developer And Got My First Job Within A Year by syluck(m): 1:51pm On Jan 28

5 years flutter experience when flutter itself is not upto 5 years.
lol and nothing like his personal website or portfolio to match
Programming / Re: 5 Projects A Junior Developer Should Have In Their Portfolio To Get Hired Fast by syluck(m): 6:34am On Jan 18
Thanks for this
Programming / Re: My Web Development Journey by syluck(m): 7:01am On Jan 17
Programming / Re: Learning Programming. (my Nairaland Journal) by syluck(m): 3:29am On Jan 13

I agree with what @Karleb said. Try and focus on one thing so that you can master it. You mentioned web development, which is a path or route. AI, Cyber Security, Machine learning, Mobile App development, and Data Science are some other paths.
To continue using Python for web development, there are two major frameworks you need to get familiar with - Django, and Flask. Django is a full fledged, everything (batteries) included framework, that can be used to develop all manner of web apps. Flask on the other hand is a micro framework, which is best for developing APIs.

In the web development domain, there are two(2) main areas - front end development, and back end development. Back end development takes care of interactions with your web server, interactions with your database server, and interactions with your server environment. Front end development basically has to do with things that happen in the browser, and the User Interface.
Python is used for back end web development, other popular alternatives are PHP and NodeJS. I personally use PHP for web development for two(2) reasons: it was the first web development language I learnt, and web development is PHP's primary domain. I won't bore you with pointless arguments for and/or against Python, PHP, and NodeJS. I believe in using the best tools for the job, and I use whatever gets the job done.
To round off your skills in web development, you will need to get a solid grasp of HTML, CSS, and Javascript for front end development. You can then decide which type of development you prefer, or you can combine the two to become a full stack developer.

Thanks man
Programming / Re: Learning Programming. (my Nairaland Journal) by syluck(m): 3:29am On Jan 13

Good job man. If you are confident in your python skills already, then feel free to dive into any of the numerous career paths in python. Just try and focus on a single thing. Now you said your initial idea was to make use of python for web app development. Well, its best you stick to that for a start.

Web app development is a very nice field and catch fetch you quick money much faster than learning AI or Cybersecurity. Now, first thing is to learn web development. To do this with python, there are two very popular frameworks commonly used: Flask and Django. I'll recommend Flask for beginners since it's a mini-framework, less sophisticated than Django, making it easier to understand. Even before going into Flask, learn HTMl, CSS and Bootstrap for your frontend. If you want to be strictly a backend developer, still learn a bit of frontend, it's very important. After learning all the above, then you are already a competent web developer.

Going further, if you want to push you web development career up the notch, you'll start looking into AI and Cybersecurity. Most websites nowadays makes you of some form of AI algorithm. For instance, if you want to develop an app like audiomack, you'll need sophisticated AI recommender systems. Also cybersecurity comes into play.

To round it off, everything is interlinked. I'd recommend this journey for you;
1. Learn Frontend ( HTML, CSS, JS)
2. Learn Backend and linking up with the frontend (with Flask or Django frameworks )
3. Learn AI to boost your web development prowess.
4. Then learn Cybersecurity as the topping on the cake.

I appreciate brother
Programming / Re: Learning Programming. (my Nairaland Journal) by syluck(m): 7:04am On Jan 12

Be candid with yourself, there are a lot of things you've not covered in python and many of these are what you'd encounter in other programming languages.

So it's better you pick a good python book and read it extensively before thinking of moving to the next big thing, you can't jump guns with programming. If you do, you'd still go back and relearn what you skipped.

AI, cyber security and web development are three different routes.

After honing python basics, then the next thing to learn is Django. It's python most popular web development framework.
Thank you. I appreciate
Programming / Re: Learning Programming. (my Nairaland Journal) by syluck(m): 7:03pm On Jan 11

Excellent explanation. cool

@syluck, I hope you have read this. The screenshot you posted is simply referring to optional parameters (which always have a default value, and can be omitted), and compulsory parameters - which must always be provided. In the screenshot, the 'text' parameter is the only compulsory parameter, while the others are optional.

P.S. What's with returning a dictionary though? I suspect you are probably mixing somethings up.
Bro, I want to ask you this question, it's been bothering me for a while.

I'm on the edge of becoming a pythonista real big. One big question I'll like an answer from a second/third party is, After Python what next?
Like, after I'm done learning python, what should I involve myself with next? Is it learning frameworks like node.js, PHP, JavaScript, Django etc.
For the record, I solely learnt python so that I can be creating websites(website like Spotify, pandora, audiomack, onlyfans etc) and apps. Now, I came across things like AI, and cyber security which I'll like to be an expert in. So I'm just confused on what next I should indulge in.. I'll really like an elaborated and explicit explanations on this.

Programming / Re: Learning Programming. (my Nairaland Journal) by syluck(m): 6:40pm On Jan 11
yeah if you guys want it.. You can drop your numbers here then I will add you to the group
Well, I don't mind joining. WhatsApp contact

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