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Programming / Re: Why Waste 4 Years On Computer Science In University? by Teckiway(m): 3:44am On Dec 31, 2018
I am not a Computer Scientist, in fact I just found my way into computing because I have quite alot of friends in there.

But I can confidently profess my love for the course and I minored in the course in my undergraduate.

Computer Science is a discipline that encompasses quite some sections of information technology, statistics and Discrete Mathematics. You see, if you study till ages using Udemy, Youtube, CourseEra, Edx, KhanAcademy and the likes, I can guarantee you, your innovative thinking to implement a disruptive technology would be limited.

I laugh when I see people argue regards some famous drop-out's plight and there good ends. You need to conceptualize it this way, what do they have in common, what is driving there passion. They all had one thing in common, attending Ivy League Schools. The schools with intense and rigorous admission processes. That means for them to have gained admission, they are extra smart and naturally A student. Gates graduated from Lakeside School in 1973. Recorded he scored 1590 out of 1600 on the SAT and got enrolled at Harvard College (he was extremely smart like Zuckerberg). If he had proceeded to graduate, he would have grad with high GPA. But lazy students are using him as an excuse for failure undecided I pity all of you ehn.

Now, they all started as guys who are radically passionate about Programming. I said this because Computer Science is more vast a planet than programming. You have Data Communication, Solution Architecture, High Performance Computing, Information Security(Cryptography), Business Intelligence, Data Science, Product Management etc. And they SOMETIMES work independently of programming, for example you can earn millions per month designing Power BI dashboards without writing single code. Though the code would deepen your knowledge in navigating your approach to develop with DAX. But without DAX, you can still import templates from Microsoft Market and initiate your design sense afterward.

Now you can not study through the learning platforms and expect to be versatile in all the aforementioned divisions of IT because you will NEVER understand data structures and algorithm design which bolster your chances to write better programs and evaluate your own code. Even I observed the Facebook early website, it was written in PHP OOP or Procedural, SHAME! But due to him recruiting better hands, they could work on the backend codes overhaul and reformations. If you are sensitive and a poke noser like me, you would realize that the .php extension on Facebook just changed recently.

It is ostensible to think, you would be extremely smart as Bill Gate or propel yourself into the atmosphere of success Bill Gate is enjoying.

In Universities, they do not teach you other than prepare you for the market, but if you are smart with the courses, you can easily go extra way by practicing using the lab works as a precept to guide your coding practices and stylishly transform yourself into a guru. But not all graduates can be good with programming. That is why we have graduate jobs littering everywhere in the UK, USA and the likes. Even Nigeria, we have Venture Gardens, ConceptNova, TeamApts, Accenture, Neptune Software, Appzone, iPNX recruiting graduates now and then. You just need to submit unsolicited CVs sometimes.

Now if you refuse to proceed to college because of your belief that Computer Science is a waste of time.

1) You jeopardize your career future. No matter how good you are, no will recruit you. cry
2) You can only be relevant if you launch an excellent start up through your so called 'Udemy Programming Skills' and this is a mere mirage you need to be smarter than all the IT entrepreneurs we have now to present an innovative approach to a gap.

Hence, I would implore you to go to college, GET AT LEAST 2.1. You can get a job with 2.2 or 3 but trust me your promotion in the future would be faced with discrimination of grades. And you would not be able to query the HR for a promotion else you play along.

I have seen better programmers with 3rd class and struggling now and I have never seen a good programmer with 2.1 living big.

My dear, you need to be more oriented so your mode of thinking about Computer Science would gravitate towards an aspect best fit to your abilities.

Wow nice do you know that there is an Edx Affiliate Program
Phones / Re: If You Have A Homtom HT50 Please Come In by Teckiway(m): 5:32am On Dec 28, 2018

How good is the battery

Oh I understand check out this post

Kingoroot Failed
Phones / What To Do When Your Phone Failed To Root by Teckiway(m): 5:31am On Dec 28, 2018
Hi, I have a really optimic view when my phone didn't root well but this article can help you

Kingo root stuck at 90

Investment / Earn Alot Of $ Using This by Teckiway(m): 3:34am On Dec 05, 2018
I'll be bringing to you a new Affiliate program....

Hers the link Edx Affiliate Program
Webmasters / Re: Bloggers: Get Listed On My African Blog Aggregator by Teckiway(m): 3:44pm On Dec 03, 2018
Mine is a Tech Blog

Programming / Learn About How To Sell For Coursera by Teckiway(m): 6:22pm On Dec 01, 2018
I brought this out Today

Cousera Affiliate Program
Phones / 3 Easy Ways To Check How Much Data You Have Left On Airtel by Teckiway(m): 4:20am On Nov 27, 2018
It's very easy

Just check it out here

How to check Data balance on Airtel
Phones / Turn Off Google Assistant Now Using This Tip by Teckiway(m): 7:49am On Nov 25, 2018
The Google assistant is a really helpful feature that has been added to latest versions of the Android but some Android users has not been cool with this feature, and this has prompted the query

"turn off google assistant"

Well, it would be interesting to know that this post will help you do just so.

Why would you want turn off google assistant?

I feel the major reason for this is the fact that it activates it self against your wish, most times even when you are making phone call.

I remember I was doing some research a week back and I was upset because the Google assistant just pop up on my screen

I was able to disable google assistant using the tips below

How to Switch off Google Assistant
Phones / The Best And Chepa Smart Watches For Women by Teckiway(m): 2:29am On Nov 21, 2018
These smart Watches are the best you can buy

They are Fast and cheap

Smart Watches for Women Teckiway
Webmasters / Re: I Have Yoast SEO Plugin Premuim 8.4 Fully Activated by Teckiway(m): 3:41am On Nov 20, 2018
I need it

Send me a DM using the link in the Post
Webmasters / I Have Yoast SEO Plugin Premuim 8.4 Fully Activated by Teckiway(m): 10:05pm On Nov 17, 2018
I have Yoast SEO plugin Premium version 8.4 and it's Fully Activated for a cheap price

If you indicate interest send me a message on WhatsApp using this link

Chat me Up
Computers / Solve The Issue Of Windows Audio Device Graph Of Isolation Using High CPU by Teckiway(m): 5:38am On Nov 17, 2018
I regularly check my Task manager and I saw this process called 'windows audio device graph isolation' taking high percentage of my CPU

I had to test and test to know more about the windows audio device graph isolation and here are my findings.

What is the windows audio device graph isolation:

The windows audio device graph isolation is a merged part of the Windows 10 and it's responsible for handling digital signal processing and it also handles audio enhancement done automatically by Windows.

The windows audio device graph isolation is separated from the main Windows Audio service as it allows developers to add their own audio enhancement to a computer without having to replace the whole Windows audio service

Why does windows audio device graph isolation. SOME TIMES Consume my System Processes?

When audio enhancement are poorly written, it could lead to crash and also lead to more system consumption.

On normal circumstances the windows audio device graph isolation is supposed to use 0% of your CPU, and minimal work

These numbers may increase if a bit of audio enhancement is done, but if this happens all the time it becomes a problem.

Well don't panic there's a way to turn it off, after all that's why it was left separate from Windows Audio service.

How to Switch off windows audio device graph isolation's Enhancement

Please note that this Doesn't mean you are switching off windows Audio service, rather you are just killing the Enhancement.

Follow these steps

Right click on the Sound icon in the notification bar.

Click on Sounds

Select the Device you suspect is the problem, the list of devices are available under the Playback Tab

Click on Properties.

On the Enhancement tab, there are a lot of options there on what possible Enhancement can be done.

Click On Disable all Enhancement.

windows audio device graph isolation

Check out if it solves your problem, if it doesn't then you have to go back and reset that Disable all Enhancement and then try to narrow down the cause.

If this doesn't Work, you have to Try another Device, maybe you Suspected the wrong device.

Can the windows audio device graph isolation be Disabled?

It's impossible to disable windows audio device graph isolation without disabling the Audio service it self but if you buy in to disabling your Audio service, you can't hear anything cool music any more from your PC as your computer will be completely Muted

If you try to do this temporarily, Windows will send you a message telling you to open The Audio troubleshooter.

The Audio trouble shooter won't solve your problem of fixing your windows audio device graph isolation issue especially when you have tried to disable all Enhancement.

See Also: Great Hackathon Ideas

Check if it's Malware :
windows audio device graph isolation

If this is really a serious issue that it lags your system, then it could be malware.

Use a 3rd Party Anti Virus scanner to search for the the malware, its it's related to the windows audio device graph isolation.

There are a lot of this apps you can use and they are available on the Internet.

Fix Your Audio Drivers:

If your Audio drivers are old and past way back in time, the windows audio device graph isolation could be triggered with this reason,

This is because the windows audio device graph isolation may devour the drivers which are out of date.

Manually Upload your Driver's:

This site stressful and tedious and it's pretty much the same as for the windows audio device graph isolation issue to be solved.

You have to find, and download the exact and required drivers

Be careful and make sure you don't Install the wrong driver, if you do your PC may have issues.

It's not so hard to solve this issue of windows audio device graph isolation but I also strongly advice you go to your Computer's care sentence.

If you have any questions I'll be ready to answer it just drop it below

Source: Windows Audio Device Graph Isolation
Webmasters / Earn $1000 In No Time With This Ad Service by Teckiway(m): 7:02am On Nov 12, 2018
Hi, I'm not gonna talk much but you can earn big on this, try it and see how much money you make .

This is the referral link


I've made a lot
Computers / How To Save Excel Chart As Image by Teckiway(m): 5:15am On Nov 11, 2018
If you have been looking for a way to Save Excel chart as Image on your Windows or Mac PC then stay tuned and read through all guides here
. Save Excel Chart as Image
Phones / Iphone Battery Draining Fast:12 Effortless Ways To Fix It by Teckiway(m): 6:30am On Nov 04, 2018
I know our phones do get hot sometimes and that makes us embarassed

So in order to solve thi issue is wrote the post below to help you

iPhone Battery Draining Fast:12 Effortless ways to Fix it
Phones / Save Data On Your Phone Now!! by Teckiway(m): 11:24am On Oct 26, 2018
It's a pity to see how Nigerians subscribe ever now and then, so I decided to write on how you can save your mobile data instant

Using this post from https://Teckiway.com

Here it is guys

Webmasters / Re: Bloggers Who Want To Get Paid For Post On Their Site by Teckiway(m): 9:44am On Oct 25, 2018
Hi Bloggers, I'm a team leader of bloggers and business publishers. We do work for individual bloggers and those who have businesses online through writing post to talk about their sites.

I want to extend this opportunity and love to fellow established bloggers in Nigeria.

* You must be established in your niche and publish quality post, well optimized and unique post.

* Most Niches are accepted

*All-niche Bloggers are not likely to be accepted

* The Context of your Content should not be too Nigerian, that is, people should not easily get to know that you're having mostly Nigerian audience.

Submit Your blog(s) and details and I will contact you. After that, we'll connect on social network and we will start talking from there and once there's opportunity in my network, I will extend to those who're fit for it. This will help bloggers to earn money from other channels.
check out one of our blogs, https://www.techpally.com

N.B: I forget to say this, if you have Instagram, Twitter, Facebook account with huge followers, it's important you participate as I may have collab for you also.

You can share this post with blogger friends!

Best wishes,


Hit me up on Facebook : Amena Cliff
Webmasters / Re: How I Made $3,111.74 In 1 Month With My Blog Easily… by Teckiway(m): 9:42am On Oct 25, 2018
This is how I made $3,111.74 with my blog in 30 days, it’s a pretty straightforward video showing how I did it.. (sorry for the poor quality video) and how you can do it too (easily).

So basically it only takes 2 things you must have to do the same thing:

1. a blog
2. an account with ayboll.com

For my blog I used a template from wrapbootstrap designs, just look them up, they have some decent looking templates for a measly few bucks.

Then I used hawkhost.com web hosting to host my blog. Same goes here, about $1 a month for the simplest WordPress hosting package they have.

Finally, (and most importantly), I opened up an account with ayboll.com – don’t worry about getting accepted, as far as I know they approve anyone… I created 2 widgets and added them to my blog. Soon after, I started generating some serious cash and made a small fortune out of nothing…

Please share this nifty little money making secret to spread the love and let me know in the comments if it worked for you as well.

Source:> https://leebiju.blogspot.com/2018/10/how-i-made-311174-in-1-month-with-my.html?m=1

As for me I don't know if you're lying but how will your Blog be running on WordPress and you are using the Blogger subdomain? . blogspot??

Tell us the Truth bro


Webmasters / Re: Meet One Of The Youngest Bloggers (join Young Bloggers Forum) by Teckiway(m): 4:49pm On Oct 24, 2018
I'm 15 years old and I'm a Tech Blogger at


Check it out
Webmasters / Re: Bloggers Connect by Teckiway(m): 5:21pm On Oct 21, 2018
The aims and objectives of creating this thread is:

1. To connect bloggers together.

2. To improve your blog ranking

3. To increase revenue

4. To share experiences

5. To mentor newbie bloggers

6. For blog reviews

6. To everything

If you're with me keep the comments, suggestions, questions etc coming. My WhatsApp number is also in my signature thanks.


My link is

Visit and tell me your thoughts
Web Market / Re: Come In For Ur Website/blog Reviews, Seo Tips & Free Logo by Teckiway(m): 6:50am On Oct 18, 2018
Do you need your website or blog reviewed by a professional?

Are you frustrated by your lack of traffic and you desperately need help coming up with techniques to drive traffic to your website or blog?

Simply drop your blog or website URL and I will review it and get back to you with recommendations and tips to boost your traffic.

I will also design a free logo to boost your brand if needed.

You can reach me via whatsapp on 09066175881

Here's mine

Webmasters / Re: The Right Way To Blog by Teckiway(m): 5:36pm On Oct 16, 2018
Your blog is good, it's fine that you've chosen a particular sub-niche in the Tech niche, this would give your blog a name and help you build a brand. At least when person say Oboy you know about teckiway.com? that site bad for guides o. If you want know how to do so so thing with your gadget just visit them, Na their work be that.. How does that sound? Instead of na other Technology blog, them dey write about Technology things.. But I still want you to clearly define your audience, you still have to niche down and clearly state what your How To's covers. Just saying Tech How To's is still very broad, because how to change your motor engine is a Tech How To, How to Fix your Generator Capacitor is a Tech How To, How To regulate your fridge is a Tech how to. So what exactly are your How To's about. Are you targeting mobile and desktop users? Automobiles? Home Appliances? e.t.c Your topics are not well written to rank fine on search engine. You wrote about how to activate dark mode on chrome, but from the content it was How to activate dark mode on chrome for Android.
I couldn't find a Contact Us page.. And please disable comments on your About Us and Privacy Policy page.
Finally, you could still target write about general Tech How To's you just need to categorize them, e.g Home appliances, Automobiles, Laptops, Smartphones. But ONLY do this if you have the knowledge. The goal is to be an authority in your chosen niche.
Rewrite your about us page and remove the part you asked users to share your blog.. If you want them to share your posts include it in your posts. Your about us should look professional

Thanks alot

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Webmasters / Re: The Right Way To Blog by Teckiway(m): 1:11am On Oct 16, 2018
Hi guys,
Some of you know me outside Nairaland but don't know this is my nairaland handle.
I believe I have substantial knowledge in the "make money online" niche and I'm here to guide those interested, on the right path. I won't be requesting any money from you at all, nah, I won't.
I've thought and shared my knowledge with a lot of persons on this platform and outside this platform.
So what I'll be doing for the next 7 days is to review your already established blog/sites and teach you the best monetization strategies that would help you increase money made from your website.
Secondly, I'll also help those who are yet to chose a niche and start a blog, chose the perfect niche tailored to their personality and guide them in creation of their business.
I want to also state that "Entertainment Niche" bloggers should not drop their sites here for review, I'll have a chat with them one on one and we'll see if we could niche down their blog further and give it a purpose. Entertainment niche is not a bad niche, but it's not a niche an individual should get involved in. it is exhausting for just one person to run this kind of website and you earn far less than the time you put into that niche..
In the coming weeks I'll be talking about other legit online businesses you could do and how to startup the right way..
Outside Nairaland I'm addressed as "BOSS", if you've been in one of my tutorials or a group I'm in, say Hi.. Lol.
I'm considering creating a WhatsApp group for this purpose, but I'd love to see what you guys thinks first.. So let's get started.. drop your blog and state what it's about, I'll look into it and guide you from there.


I'm a Tech blogger at https://teckiway.com

It's A tech blog where am Majorly concerned about How to Tech guides
Computers / Price And Specs Of The Google Pixel 3 by Teckiway(m): 7:35pm On Oct 14, 2018
Following the release of the Google pixel 3, you may have wondered about the Price and Specifications of the Google Pixel 3. Look no where else as this post will entail all information about the Google Pixel 3.
The Google Pixel 3 is emphasized more on camera as that's Google seemly foucs for the year 2018. I consider it as an addition to the best smart phones with great camera for 2018...
Google claims to leave this device with it self sweet Machine learning Camera.
But let's Look into other Features of this phone while we dig deep into the camera later on.
Specifications of the Google Pixel
What more can we expect from a 5.5 inch device from the information below:
Google Pixel 3 Review

Read more here:
Phones / Price And Specifications Of Google Pixel 3 by Teckiway(m): 7:23pm On Oct 14, 2018
Following the release of the Google pixel 3, you may have wondered about the Price and Specifications of the Google Pixel 3. Look no where else as this post will entail all information about the Google Pixel 3.
The Google Pixel 3 is emphasized more on camera as that's Google seemly foucs for the year 2018. I consider it as an addition to the best smart phones with great camera for 2018...
Google claims to leave this device with it self sweet Machine learning Camera.
But let's Look into other Features of this phone while we dig deep into the camera later on.
Specifications of the Google Pixel
What more can we expect from a 5.5 inch device from the information below:
Google Pixel 3 Review

Read more here:
Art, Graphics & Video / I Will Design Great Graphics For You by Teckiway(m): 2:53am On Oct 12, 2018
I'll do it well just contact me at amenaclifford@gmail.com

Music/Radio / Top 5 Music Apps For Android Users by Teckiway(m): 5:16am On Oct 05, 2018
The best Android music apps are usually expensive, but on this post I will show you five best Android Music apps you can get for Free in Google play store.
But before we proceed some one would say what's the use of using the best music app? Well it's important because some applications music applications to be precise are not usually of good user experience as the ones I will show you below.
For example have you ever tried playing a song in repeat, you make this setting on your phone, maybe from the notification bar or from the music app it self, but the song doesn't repeat? It just goes on to the next song. So to avoid such controversies try using the apps below
5 Best Music apps you can get for Free!!
Below are some of the music apps you can get for free by simply downloading from the google play store.
REad more below

Webmasters / Re: Complete Blogging Lesson And How To Succeed In Blogging - Supremehood School by Teckiway(m): 9:31pm On Oct 02, 2018
Nice, I will check it out tomorrow...
Webmasters / Honest Webiste Review by Teckiway(m): 8:31pm On Oct 02, 2018
Please visit my site
for review please
Webmasters / Re: Complete Blogging Lesson And How To Succeed In Blogging - Supremehood School by Teckiway(m): 8:19pm On Oct 02, 2018
I am creating this thread for upcoming bloggers or aspiring bloggers who desire to succeed and make money through blogging. I have discovered that a lot of people have scammed many young people who really wanted to learn and blog. They give them fake methods and get money from them, which is why I have decided to help as many people as possible.

I have been blogging for over 6 years and have made lots of money from this. I am a married young man with a daughter so I do not engage in fraudulent activities. Please, this information is for serious people and people who are ready to work hard in order to achieve a result.

This is great I have a blog at https://Teckiway.com
But I need help with SEO

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