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Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 12 by Teddywhiz1: 2:48pm On Jul 02, 2017
Chill bro grin I understand how it feels when you're expecting your passport. I guess you're dreaming about Canny already. Just book your flight ahead. It takes a minimum of 4working days for passport to be dispatched. Give them till Wednesday and track. Ensure you fill in all details correctly

Modified: quoted wrong moniker lol
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 12 by Teddywhiz1: 11:43pm On Jun 16, 2017
CanadianNurse and SlipoffDon2007, please stop it and may admin bring the house in order by excommunicating the party at fault?
calm down I trust the mod of this particular thread..he will do justice
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 12 by Teddywhiz1: 11:07pm On Jun 16, 2017
Justwise please where are you? This guy that just opened account today will derail this thread oooo........as soon as he started attacking CanadianNurse I knew it wasn't that same guy....keep opening new monikers we will always catch you and you will get banned again and again

As long as its this thread you will be caught

Desperate Scammer that's what you are!

Open a go fund me account for your dead scam career maybe I will donate there
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 12 by Teddywhiz1: 10:39pm On Jun 16, 2017
Mr. Wetin be your own self ? Did anyone comment here that they scam them ? Don't be paranoid Abeg ! Just keep shout if you got nothing to say Biko!
Mr man it's ok for you self! Is it because we have been keeping quiet since! You are just making your evil intentions obvious!
So because nobody complained that they scam him we should wait until you scam one person that will now complain before we're take cautions abi

Go and find something better to do with your life even if you want to scam THINK BIG Evans is an example..don't come on nairaland doing petty scam and after they catch you ya still forming jagaban trying so hard to be right

Canadian nurse we need mores of u here whether scammers like it or not and others abeg keep watching out for hungry thieves!!

You can't succeed here!!

Very unrepentant thief!! *spits* tongue

Justwise sorry for derailing your thread


Business / Re: Naira Stays Low At N497/$1 In Black Market by Teddywhiz1: 10:56pm On Jan 16, 2017
Please what is the exchange rate of Canadian dollars to naira?
Politics / Re: Lai Mohammed Writes Oby Ezekwesili On Chibok Girls (Snapshot) by Teddywhiz1: 11:17pm On Jan 14, 2017
Yes saw it
Travel / Re: Nigerian Students In Canada: How Do You Survive? by Teddywhiz1: 9:09pm On Jan 13, 2017
This is exactly the reply I got from my university career advisory team

"95% of our engineering graduates get jobs. The faculty of engineering is competitive because of such high job placement rate. The faculty offers co-op programs where you can work and study during your degree. I’m not sure who is advising you, but engineering is a great field to go into."

I don't know thru this is
Travel / Re: Yankee: through the eyes of a village boy. by Teddywhiz1: 9:05pm On Jan 13, 2017
Pls when u visit the brothel there, pls snap oics and post it lemme feed my eyes
chai..... How did you know he is a brothel goer now? grin grin


Travel / Re: Yankee: through the eyes of a village boy. by Teddywhiz1: 7:09pm On Jan 13, 2017

Don't be stupid.
What a hilarious and conscise reply! grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin


Travel / Re: Yankee: through the eyes of a village boy. by Teddywhiz1: 10:27am On Jan 13, 2017
Someone should just create a new thread diaspora vs Nigeria....make we go face ourself for there


Travel / Re: Yankee: through the eyes of a village boy. by Teddywhiz1: 12:17am On Jan 13, 2017

This submission is not only sick, it is also a grossly ignorant one.
What will be the worth of the Ajegunle house in 30 years compared to the worth of a house owned in Canada or US in 30 years.
You compare someone in Ajegunle probably collects less than $400 a year for rent (3 bed room apartment) to someone who already is sure of a house in Canada or US as soon as he completes payment of is mortgage. $400 that People make in less than a week is what Ajengunle landlord collects in A year. That is even because they are doing odd jobs. U people are funny. By the time they complete their payments, what will be the worth of the house compared to Ajegunle Landlord's house. Most of u Saying thrash are bitter, probably believe u will never travel out, or lack funds to finance. Cos some submissions are actually silly. A mortgaged house uis technically yours already so what's your point. Even Lagos state government started this arrangements u are mocking under Fashola with the Lagos state housing scheme. Stay there and keep hating and saying thrash. Smh
Make i buy buy 2016 G-wagon on Mortgage, make u con tell me say cos pay for a tokunbo spider or evil spirit once u better pass me, if i nor go use my G-wagon climb your motto comot. Iranu!!!!
Even if Ajengule Landlord sell en house, how many years mortgage e fit pay for the people u dey mock? U better make your points without silly comparisons or comments.
U don't even know thr difference between lease and mortgage
Gbam! You just enter my mind Thief my thoughts


Travel / Re: Yankee: through the eyes of a village boy. by Teddywhiz1: 12:13am On Jan 13, 2017

You get time sha. Haven't you noticed how everyone is ignoring her? Her bitterness is so so palpable. Dude, ignore her and her alternate monikers. She's not worth you (or anyone's) time.
You are right bro...... I just wonder what people gain having like 7 accounts on nairaland, they start up arguments and start using their different monikers to support their motion NA wa o undecided


Travel / Re: Yankee: through the eyes of a village boy. by Teddywhiz1: 9:54pm On Jan 12, 2017

Your posts are so uplifting, thanks again. They voted wrongly, based on sentiments and tribalism, now they blame my beloved country for their woes. And their only solution is to encourage 170 million people to leave the country and seek greener pastures in America, how reasonable is this suggestion to any right thinking person? Cheers.
You are very silly and your type of also a problem to Nigeria... Why complain about migration? Indians, Britons and even Americans also do leave their countries in search of greener pasture! Honestly there is no point in ur argument are you trying to discourage migration or something?
If you are so in love with Nigeria and your passion is to make it right then come down and do something.. Ranting on nairaland is now the solution.... I believe everyone should work with passion some people have passion to migrate then leave them and don't criticize their choice


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Travel / Re: Nigerian Students In Canada: How Do You Survive? by Teddywhiz1: 6:42pm On Jan 12, 2017

I would advise that you go for whatever you love doing. A good career investigation would help you with that. I am an electrical engineer working in power systems, and i consider myself extremely lucky, and I am grateful to God for His favour. Maybe you might be a good nurse...you never can tell. If you feel you would enjoy nursing, then go for it but not after conducting a career investigation.

Bro, drop me your email I need to discuss something more personal with you

Travel / Re: Nigerian Students In Canada: How Do You Survive? by Teddywhiz1: 3:20am On Jan 12, 2017

The job situation in Canada is almost same as UK. Only diference is that there're more vacancies for minimum wage jobs in Canada than in the UK; hence competition for minimum wage job is not fierce. However; for any job that pays well above minimum wage, it's same as the UK. There's tough competition except you are in some highly demanded careers in the health sector. In summary, there are also many professionals in Canada working cheap labour jobs just like in the UK.
Therefore in other words you will advice me to go for a nursing course as against the electrical engineering? I need honest advice let's put passion aside once the money/job security is sure then the passion follows .... I need a very honest advice


Travel / Re: Nigerian Students In Canada: How Do You Survive? by Teddywhiz1: 1:55pm On Jan 11, 2017

If your friend is jobless in the UK its not because of UK economy because this economy is stronger than it was last year.
@justwise according to the question I asked him I didn't say engineers were jobless but most degree holders (engineers) are in competition with cheap labour.. Employers hire cheaper labour therefore making most engineers not having a job of their standard! The main reason why people are diving into nursing and health related courses.... I just wanted to know if it's the same in Canada because my brother in the UK said I should go for nursing
Travel / Re: Nigerian Students In Canada: How Do You Survive? by Teddywhiz1: 12:16am On Jan 11, 2017

I'm in Ontario bro
all of una too like Ontario lol grin

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Travel / Re: Yankee: through the eyes of a village boy. by Teddywhiz1: 12:10am On Jan 11, 2017
PlayaOne is one of those people who came abroad and didn't plan his life. After years of being a "playa" while his mates were grinding and built a good middle class lifestyle with assets, he has finally opened his eyes on the opportunities he had and eventually wasted. Now ashamed and embarrassed he needs to make excuses for his successful or lack of it abroad. So now he's running around discouraging people from coming abroad, and blaming racism and everybody for his lack of success abroad. Notice he hasn't taken any responsibility as well? Is someone putting a gun to his head and making him stay in America ? I'm 31 and in Canada, all my mates who came here all own houses and drive nice cars within 6 years after arriving. My cousin who just came here 4 months ago as a skilled worker just landed a entry level job at a major bank taking home 2600 Canadian dollars per month after taxes. You do the conversion. That's a entry level position. And he has his own apartment and about to get a car, not to mention he has the luxury of living in a country that provides everyday amenities (running water, constant neppa,etc). How many 31 year old can accomplish this in naija in 4 months unless there papsi was one big politician stealing money ? The funny part is, my uncle (his dad) was originally against him migrating here. Now he thanked God he did. He use to be one of those naija patriots (like playa), even he can say youths in naija have a future with a straight face anymore.

Playaone is a fool. Original onye ara. Don't mind him. Come abroad and you will not regret it, I promise you! Your destiny is literally in your own hands here, no bullsh!t. You work hard you'll be successful period!
@maternal which province in Canada are you? Manitoba?

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Travel / Re: Nigerian Students In Canada: How Do You Survive? by Teddywhiz1: 7:43pm On Jan 10, 2017

After your diploma, it is always good to get a job and gain valuable experience. Apply, apply and apply for jobs. Even a Co-op/Internship won't hurt you while in school. But at the end of the day, you can always go for a Masters Program after your Diploma if you have good grades. As for the Certification, you might not a able to get into a Masters program with that but I'm not so sure about that however, you can get a job with it.
dogice are you in Manitoba? Or anyone in Manitoba? Winnipeg to be precise

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Travel / Re: Yankee: through the eyes of a village boy. by Teddywhiz1: 12:17pm On Jan 10, 2017

I was back home for christmas, I speak with you from Nigeria now. Things are really bad true and I do not dispute tha fact that you can easily get a lot of things here abroad that you lack back home. But I tell you, just like Maslows hierarchy of needs, you would want more than food, shelter and electricity and security with time. The tribal slurs and all what have you in Nigeria is mainly online..its not bad in every day life in Nigeria. Ofenmanu is not a derogatory term, it means people who cook with too much oil...its like saying Oyibo is derogatory...wait to you come abroad, you will be amazed by the number of racist and ignorant white people around. Some hide their scorn and disdain for you and give you a fake smile (they learn that smile in school) but others would call you names it would make you feel really bad. So sister its a give and take thing, its not all green grass anywhere. Most of the people posing for you abroad are trapped, they are too ashamed to come home for fear that they be termed failure by friends and family...the nice Facebook pictures are to deceive you that all is well, most of them do very low jobs that you cant even imagine, because its really difficult to migrate from Nigeria at a later age and out compete kids who grew up in the system, and beat them to really good jobs...a 16year old kid abroad is on the average smarter than a 30year old man in Nigeria. I know there is nothing that you will tell a person in Nigeria right now about the true lifestyle abroad that they would understand, I pray you get a Visa soon so that you can see for yourself. I am planing on relocating back to Niger, I am working on a plan. cheers!

Take note that Oyibo people also fight and act unruly, its just that you cannot join them because it can go into your records if you get arrested and this could affect your visa extension or your stay in the country. So if you see trouble you must stay clear even though nah your trouble them find unless you have permanent residency.
Ok I perfectly understand you, I just want to ask you what is your point of stating all these because to me u are stating the obvious. Are you saying we shouldn't travel abroad for greener pastures? Because if your point is just highlighting the fact that USA has its bad side then I consider it that you are stating an obvious fact. Because u live or lived in USA does not make your personal experience a standing fact! so Go straight to your point please... Thank you


Travel / Re: Nigerian Students In Canada: How Do You Survive? by Teddywhiz1: 2:12am On Jan 10, 2017

No bro, you asked for the minimum wage in Manitoba which is what they pay McDonalds, KFC etc workers. As an engineer you would earn more for sure lol. You should relatively get job easily as an Electrical Engineer especially if you have some IT experience.

Engineering is always a noble profession and it is always a good investment but at the same time, nothing is sure in this life. I have heard of doctors that are jobless. Confam!!!. As long as you do not limit yourself by applying to only the top companies like Goldman Sachs, Rogers,Bell etc you'd get a job with time. It's all about flexibility. For example, I studied Chemical Engineering but I'm currently working in a Mechanical Engineering company maybe I might go back to Chemical when Oil bounces back. But who knows

As for Nursing, you'd get a job even before graduation. Nursing is 100% no doubt. But it is all about what you love at the end of the day.
ok, I applied for trv with engineering maybe if I get there and see things for myself I might switch to nursing for convenience!

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Travel / Re: Nigerian Students In Canada: How Do You Survive? by Teddywhiz1: 10:49pm On Jan 09, 2017

There are numerous opportunities for engineer after studies. Sometimes, it takes time but you'd eventually get something if you're patient like in my case. The Civil and Electrical guys are doing well right now because IT is booming and construction/maintenance is always going on as per an advanced nation. Chemical/mechanical is struggling right now because of the oil thingy but the automotive sector is usually the fall back for these guys. Minimum wage is usually $10 per hour for basic McDonalds, KFC and Subway kinda jobs.

My engineer friends in UK told me about the whole UK thing. I don't understand why we Nigerians rush to the UK with their economic situation but what do I know. I remember when I was writing my CELPIP exam for PR, there were British in the room doing the same exam to immigrate to Canada I kid you not.
with what you said,do you mean after studying electrical engineering one might end up doing menial McDonald and KFC job? is it a good investment to do undergraduate electrical engineering in university of Manitoba or I should just settle for nursing?
Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 11 by Teddywhiz1: 10:31pm On Jan 09, 2017
Most questions posed here -- even the simplest -- are answered. Referring people to Google once in a while is really good practice, as it helps the question asker develop research skills that s/he would need eventually.

ok thanks
Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 11 by Teddywhiz1: 9:59pm On Jan 09, 2017
Sorry if I am about to derail... Just and observation/suggestion

Please I just want to make an appeal, please let us take it easy with the way we lool down on some questions and go straight to tell people to Google it. Google can virtually answer all questions here but sometimes Google will still bring up links to nairaland forums for answers. Instead of shutting people down that way just keep a blind eye to the question it's better than making someone feel he is asking an irrelevant question.

This doesn't mean information seekers should be lazy, u still have a work to do to consolidate the answers you get from here.

Just my own opinion though!

Thanks for all your supports and good works


Politics / Re: The Grass Cutting Contract That Landed SGF Babachir In Trouble (Photos) by Teddywhiz1: 2:43pm On Jan 08, 2017
@ OP,

Nobody said he looted funds.

As a govt official, he was accused of abuse of office by awarding contracts to a company in which he is major stakeholder.

Such an act is also a form of corrupt practise.
Thank you very much.... And to show that he is aware of his misdeeds he immediately tried to hand over as the ceo of the company but was still a sole signatory to the company account.

I think Nigerians are somehow... We give these politicians Avenue to take advantage and exploit both our intelligence and our resources

This one now came to defend them! Mtchew.... Pls go back to school u are still not educated

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Travel / Re: Nigerian Students In Canada: How Do You Survive? by Teddywhiz1: 12:18pm On Jan 08, 2017
@dogice.... How are the prospects after studies for an engineer... What's the minimum wage in Manitoba to be precise... Because in the UK engineers don't have job security because they are in competition with the cheap labour
Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 11 by Teddywhiz1: 9:44pm On Jan 07, 2017
Hello house please my permit was approved but I want to defer my admission. My question is would this affect me at the Point of entry. What would I need to show at the point of entry
were you not given any document or letter from the school after deferral?
Politics / Re: Okorocha Splashes N1m On A Pure Water Seller & Girl Whose Parents Are Jobless by Teddywhiz1: 5:10pm On Jan 07, 2017
This guy will just be doing showmanship! Pay salaries no..... Pay pensioners no! It's a disaster! Come 2019 ifeanyi ararume must come and take over! Final

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