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Politics / United Africa Republic (UAR) VS United States Of Nigeria (USN)??? by Teetomania: 8:44am On Jun 04
All this talk of United Africa Republic as if Naija be the only African country. What is wrong with choosing United States of Nigeria Less things to change and less stress all round...

Travel / Yellow Fever Vaccine Passport For Travelling Locations In Ogun State by Teetomania: 12:31pm On May 07
I'm trying to get the yellow fever vaccine passport. Even though I know where and how to get it in Lagos, at the airport, I'm in Ogun state right now. Going back to Lagos when I'm close to where I want to travel to (Benin republic) doesn't make sense. I heard it can be obtained at Seme and Idiroko borders, I don't know how true or how to go about it. Please shed more light if you know. Thanks.

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Travel / Re: Need Traveling Advice To Cotonou by Teetomania: 2:37pm On Apr 27
Is it still possible to enter through bike from the idiroko border?
Yes. But sometimes their police and officers are on the road when you board a cab from the border checking people. I was lucky they didn't stop my cab when I was going. They were too engaged. But I think you should be able to pay your way through though I can't tell for sure.
Travel / Re: Need Traveling Advice To Cotonou by Teetomania: 1:15pm On Apr 27

Do you have a low budget and planning to explore Benin Republic for leisure, vacation or business (Cotonou, Porto Novo) the sit of the greatest Agripreneurs incubation and training center founded in 1985 by name SONGHAI AGRIC CENTER or wish to extend your horizon to Togo post Covid 2021, here is how.
Benin Republic is a friendly African country, it ranked low on the list of Covid19 countries in Africa by the Centre for Disease Control- CDC but adequate Covid19 measures should be taken by all travellers at all times, I.e maintain social distancing, right use of face mask, hand sanitizers and proper washing of hands regularly.

Here is my experience with the warm and helpful people of Benin Republic on the road map to leisure, business and fulfillment of a dream on the go dated 22nd January, 2021.

Take a Bus from any where in Nigeria to Lagos (Mile 2), but if your bus stops you at Alafia/ Wema Bank Bus Stop close to Alaba, take a bus to Mile 2 at N100 naira only, when you drop off, look ahead and see the Pedestrian bridge with shelter and walk towards it, by the right lane you will see vehicles..buses and cabs/sienna loading Seme Boarder or Badagry.

To save money, join a bus calling Badagry for N800 naira while cabs charge N3,500-4,000 to Seme Boarder. grin
(NOTE: Coming back is N700 naira with bus)
For a first timer, please make sure you hold your Yellow Card and ECOWAS or INTERNATIONAL PASSPORT, do not help anyone to carry his luggage/bag and also watch your own bag in case of contraband during searching else you will be questioned severely and delayed at almost all the Joint task force checking points along the road, keep in mind your reason for going to Benin and show your paper when demanded without smiling at all else you keep tipping till infinity.
The road is undergoing some construction works and is rated 35% good and 65% bad.

When you get to Badagry park get off and join cabs calling SEME BOARDER for N500 naira only outside the park at the round about, they will stop you at CONOIL FILLING STATION by the right hand side else ask the Driver or any lady to point ConOil Filling station for you.
(NOTE: Coming back is N300 naira only by cab)

You will see many Bike/Okada guys calling you to come so they can cross you to the Benin side, please save yourself and ignore them and walk to the Boarder gate in front of you if you have your Passport/Yellow Card.

Without smiling walk past the different Joint task force check points 500meters to the Seme boarder gate but if you are called go and meet them and they may search your bag for contraband or ask for your Passport/ Yellow Card and reason for going to Benin, show the officers your Passport and enter through the First Gate by the right hand, keep going by the right hand side to the Second gate where the Nigeria Stamping section is first, where you may be searched again and asked same questions...after you give your reason and Passport for Stamping OUT, irrespective of your Passport been (New/Virgin or Old) I realized N500 naira only is charged for Stamping, make sure you have N500 naira change before paying it...insist on N500 naira for Nigeria and turn to Benin Immigration for Stamping IN at N500 naira too...total N1,000 naira for both.
(NOTE: You repeat this STAMPING Process when coming back to Nigeria)

After Stamping OUT/IN, you keep moving by your right hand side to the Benin Gate and other Benin Immigration will call you to search you and see your Passport/yellow card and ask same questions after which you are in Benin side now.

At the entrance now, you will see Money changers, I recommend you change it here with this trust worthy Exchanger MARCUS + call whatsapp.
You get the best daily rate at the Boarder than inside the city center because they are few and so monopoly, he will rechange CFA Francs to naira for you when you have excess after your business trip in Benin, so change the amount you wish to and keep some naira as Benin people also collect naira some times.
I exchanged Naira to CFA on the 22nd of January 2021 at 1.1CFA which is N15,500 naira to 17,000 CFA.
If you want to travel with huge cash I would recommend you open an EcoBank Account and get the ATM card which you would use to draw cash when you arrive Benin.

Immediately you enter Benin your SIM card will automatically Roam itself to MTN Moov which is the official network in Benin but charges N100 naira per minute call or N50 naira per page for text messages.
But if you wish to buy the MTN Moov SIM card, I recommend you buy at Cotonou/Porto Novo at 300CFA (N272 naira) but it is sold at the boarder for 1,000CFA (N909 naira)

The Benin people speak French, Yoruba and little English but some speak fluent English.

If you arrived late to Benin or have some thing to do in Cotonou or Porto Novo the following day, I recommend you lodge at the Boarder or go to Porto Novo and continue the following day.
Freedom Hotel is 3 minutes walk to Abobo Beach with good standard rooms, water, fan or AC and 24hours light, good room service starting @ (6,000, 7,000 - 15,000CFA, N5,454 /N6,363 Naira)

1. Freedom Hotel (3 minutes walk to the Beach where you get coconut water and fish)
Boarder, directly opposite NSIA Bank
Tony + call whatapp

2. Movic Hotel - Avakwa Junction, Porto Novo

3. Delta Force - Avakwa Junction, Porto Novo

4. Palace Hotel - Porto Novo

5. Freedom Palace Hotel - Porto Novo

Due to the Covid19, the Beach was completely empty, only fishermen and women were there.

If you desire to go to TOGO, but Togo boarder is closed now due to Covid19 except illegal means of entry which I do NOT recommend.
Join a car from the boarder going to Cotonou at 500CFA N454 naira, stop at LAKONGI and enter TOGO motor at 3,000CFA N2,727 naira.

If you desire to go to COTONOU, join a car from the boarder going to Cotonou at 500CFA N454 naira.

If you desire to go to PORTO NOVO - SONGHAI AGRICULTURE CENTER, take a bike from the boarder and stop at the Round About (KEREEFU) at 300CFA N272 naira, left goes to Cotonou and right goes to Porto Novo, join Porto Novo Bus at 200CFA N181 naira or Cab 500CFA N454 naira to stop you in front of Songhai Center, they charge 500CFA for Farm Tour.
NOTE: Along this Porto Novo road is Avakwa Junction where 2 of those Hotels listed above are located while the last 2 Hotels are located after the bridge before Songhai Agriculture Center.

Do enjoy your stay as I did...

Thank you so much for this. I intend to travel to Benin Republic before the end of next month or in June. I will be following your guide this time. I went there last year November and did a month. Came back before Christmas, but I used the bike men style grin grin via Owode-idiroko border. Seme border was closed then.

The serenity there and calmness of the people blew my mind. Compared to what is obtainable in Nigeria. I might do more than a month this time around. I plan to get my yellow fever vaccine soon. I still have about 11,000Cfa with me from the last time. Just glad that I can do it legit this time without fearing anything.

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Technology Market / Re: Check Out Our All Inclusive 3 In 1 Lithium Battery Power Bank Plan by Teetomania: 10:04pm On Dec 28, 2020
The 444wh lithium powerbank with 150w panel. 130k
Can it charge with PHCNIf I don't want the panel?
How much is that?
Business / Re: ➜ ➜ ➜Currency/E-currency Market Deals 2020 ➜ ➜ ➜ by Teetomania: 10:04pm On May 09, 2020
I Need $181.30 PayPal. I have funds in pexbank already. Any takers?
Business / Re: Payoneer Disabled The 'make A Payment' option? by Teetomania: 9:49am On Aug 07, 2019
Where did you see that you can't withdraw less than $1k? Can you please share the link. My account only shows that it will cost $15 per transaction to withdraw to bank account has my send option was also disabled.

You can't withdraw less than 1k directly to a domiciliary account.
Investment / . by Teetomania: 3:05am On Feb 19, 2019
Webmasters / How To Earn 50-250% More Money From Your Website With This AI Platform by Teetomania: 3:38pm On Jul 20, 2017
I came across this rare gem, and I want to share it with everyone.
Can you imagine making 2x more money than you’re making right now from AdSence or any other ad platform with the same traffic you currently generate on your website, even if you sell Ad blocks just like Niraland does…
Uh? Is that really possible?
Well, it is. Welcome to the age of Artificial intelligence.

It’s with great pleasure and lots of butterflies in my belly (for the good fortunes it will bring to your pocket) that I introduce to you Ezoic. A Google certified publishing partner AI platform that lets you continuously test and optimize the best combination of ad layout against content, while also improving user experience at the same time. That is, the platform helps you to choose the best ad layout for your website while increasing your revenue in the process and helping your visitors have a good user experience, as it filters out bad unwanted ads. This means reduced bounce rate of visitor to your website, more session and increased revenue. Yeah Yeah!!!

One thing you will notice quickly, when you let the platform run 100% of your traffic (usually you should start with 25% of your traffic to test out the platform and help it understand your web traffic and audience) is that your usually poor earnings per metric visit (EPMV earnings per 1000 visitor) will drastically increase.
Ezoic is all out to help publishers earn more without turning off their visitors. By tweaking ad positioning to suit traffic and user experience, you’re able to maximize earnings from your website.

Sell your ad space to the highest bidder

The platform has over 1,500 ad partners including Google Adsense that it works with. This means you will surely earn more from every ad displayed on your website at any point in time. It smartly filters the best option for you. Although, to get the best out of this platform, it will require a bit of testing and tweaking after setting it up (they have lots of tutorials that will walk you through the set up and testing phase, and a team of ever-ready support staffs to assist you if you get stuck anywhere), but it will be worthwhile for you. That I can promise you!

What does it cost to use the platform? Free, but not entirely

It is Free to use the platform for the first 30 days, and after 30 days of usage, if you don’t want to upgrade and pay premium pricing which is $49 for every $1000 ad revenue earned, they would place a small ad at the bottom (footer ads) of your website to cover cost, I would advise you upgrade after the first 30 days free trial as it would pay for itself instead of having them earn the money from your website themselves. But if you’re a major brand online or news website that sells direct ads, with more than 20 million monthly visitors, they have the enterprise edition for you.
I can only imagine what CC:Seun will do with the platform considering the 32,071,876 visits he had last month on this forum. But I can only imagine… Oh, you don’t know how I got that? Check out the third post on this thread.

One condition that will bounce you at the door!
There’s a minimum condition your website needs to fulfill: it must be seeing at least 10,000 visitor’s traffic every month. But if you’re earning with AdSence already, I’m sure that’s not a problem. Other than that, every website, forum, or app is accepted straight away. Oh, I forgot to tell you that they help you test and optimize apps too. Well, now you know. And if you earn through ads on the app too; it’s your lucky day mate!

There’s more details I can tell you about the platform, such as payments and other nuance details, but I believe it’s better you read more about them. Here you go!

Cheers to a bigger, better payday!

Business / Re: Help, GT Bank No Longer Allows Dollar Cheque Deposit by Teetomania: 3:50pm On Jun 21, 2017
There's Citibank in Nigeria naaaa undecided

Thanks I don't just want to waste time and money going there. I want to be sure is my next best step.
Business / Help, GT Bank No Longer Allows Dollar Cheque Deposit by Teetomania: 3:30pm On Jun 21, 2017
I have been expecting AdSense check since March(because I had to change name when it first came). Now it finally came today, I took it to Gtb to deposit in my domiciliary account this morning. Only to be told that Gt bank doesn't allow dollar check deposit again. That I should take it to Citibank. Of which the Citibank address on the check is in Newcastle. Abeg how do I go about this?
Webmasters / Re: Is Nigeria Adsense Paid In Dollar Or Naira? by Teetomania: 3:06pm On Jun 21, 2017
My people, sorry for derailing the thread. But my issue don tire me and I need help.
I have been expecting AdSense check since March(because I had to change name when it first came). Now it finally came today, I took it to Gtb to deposit in my domiciliary account this morning. Only to be told that Gt bank does't allow check deposit again. That I should take it to Citibank. Of which the Citibank address on the check is in Newcastle. Abeg how do I go about this?

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Business / Re: ➜ ➜ ➜Currency/E-currency Market Deals➜ ➜ ➜ by Teetomania: 12:34pm On Apr 29, 2017

Kaboninc, come escrow between me & this gentleman... thx.
Initiated with Kaboninc as escrow.
Business / Re: ➜ ➜ ➜Currency/E-currency Market Deals➜ ➜ ➜ by Teetomania: 12:16pm On Apr 29, 2017

I am..

I'm on your whatsapp..
I'm with u!
Business / Re: ➜ ➜ ➜Currency/E-currency Market Deals➜ ➜ ➜ by Teetomania: 11:48am On Apr 29, 2017
$108 payoneer for sale let me know if you're interested.

360 for payoneer bro... make a come?
Business / Re: Payoneer Funds For Sale @ #220 by Teetomania: 2:36pm On Jan 19, 2016
200-$ i need $20
Bros dats the price for did one. U can use your Nigerian ATM card and see how much they will charge you per $.
Business / Re: Payoneer Funds For Sale @ #220 by Teetomania: 2:32pm On Jan 19, 2016
Pls how do u earn money to ur account becos i was told u will have to earn money first b4 I can load ur card becos I need to load d card
Plenty: fiverr, upwork, click bank, even Amazon affiliate.
Business / Payoneer Funds For Sale @ #220 by Teetomania: 12:51pm On Jan 19, 2016
If you need payoneer funds; I have some to sell @ #220 (now less than $100) reach me on my number call or whatsapp: Check my profile
As CBN is not smiling, naira is frowning; May God help us in this country.
Business / Re: The Naira Watch (TNW) -> Strictly Monitoring Naira Exchange Rates by Teetomania: 10:42am On Jan 19, 2016
I have $91 payoneer funds for sale @ #220. Reach me if you need it. But you must have payoneer card.
Business / Re: Swiftecurrency Customer Service- Buy/Sell PM,Bitcoin,Neteller,Paypal etc by Teetomania: 10:33am On Jan 19, 2016
Hi, doing you do payoneer? What is your rate if yes.
Business / Re: Withdraw From Fiverr, Paypal, Upwork, Freelancer, Elance, With Confidence. by Teetomania: 8:35am On Dec 03, 2015
Hi, do you still offer this service for fiverr?
Investment / Pics: See How Much Has been Invested In Jumia And Konga by Teetomania: 6:16pm On Jul 24, 2015
These two online shopping malls stands out to an extent in the country. See how much has been invested in them.

konga.com: $100 million
Jumia.com: over $200 million

Technology Market / Re: Buy Plasma, Lcd And Led Televisions For Affordable Pricein Lagos. by Teetomania: 11:33pm On Jun 07, 2015
Hey peeps can i get an idea of the cost for 42 inches led satellite tv either Lg or Samsung. Thanks
Business To Business / Re: NISIBOR EXPRESS AND NORMAL SHIPPING FROM CHINA by Teetomania: 5:43pm On May 25, 2015
Good morning fam
Please the following goods arrived at our China office without name or number angry
918 278 218 675
210 755 534 712
300 136 423 455
We keep saying that you should insist your supplier writes your name and phone number to avoid stories that touch but that is not been heeded to.
If any belongs to you, kindly contact me via Whatsapp stating the tracking number, name of the courier and the content of the package.

. My Oga no vex they are mine. Can you please enlighten the house more on how to speak properly with these Chinese guys the way they will understand. Thanks.
Technology Market / Re: Somebody Help! I Need Charger For My Acer Iconia Tab A501 by Teetomania: 5:34pm On May 25, 2015

hope you are enjoying the charger?
. sorry it took me so long to respond, I could not really use it the battery is out already.
Business To Business / Re: Newly Found Shipping Agent For China Importers - Tested And Proven by Teetomania: 7:34am On May 20, 2015
For some reason, I can't get St. Patrick on whatsapp, the one I have was last active around February. Can someone kindly help me out?
Business / Re: GROUP IMPORTATION FOR POWER BANKS FOR RETAILERS AND USERS by Teetomania: 6:18am On May 20, 2015
Good one TSO more grease to your elbow
Technology Market / Re: Warning: 5 Signs That Tell You Just Bought A Fake Gadget by Teetomania: 6:33am On Apr 05, 2015
Okay. Noted
Politics / Did Jonathan Call You? by Teetomania: 8:36am On Mar 26, 2015
Wonder where election campaigners won't explore, received a call from a land line today only to hear recorded voice of Ebele Jonathan campaigning and am asking is that not too far? . #21 billion is really working,perhaps more.
Technology Market / Re: Somebody Help! I Need Charger For My Acer Iconia Tab A501 by Teetomania: 11:00am On Mar 25, 2015
Here is what it looks like and the charging port.

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