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Politics / Re: Bishop David Oyedepo May Have Just Ended His Ministry But Obi Will Be Fine by Tinubuwillnotru: 10:57pm On Apr 02, 2023

Well I hope he doesn't have skeletons in his cupboard o.....fear politicians when they want to attack.....it's mortal combat mode.....If you live Oyedepo you would pray he's not disgraced in 2023. Someone tapped his line that is clear in that audio leak. I thinks it's illegal but what more information do that have on him? That's the big question.

Many big pastors have fallen but the church of Jesus Christ will never be destroyed.
oga anyone can doctor ur voice with just you saying hello and enlongate it..so I still believe it a propaganda
Sports / Re: Graham Potter Sacked From Chelsea by Tinubuwillnotru: 9:09pm On Apr 02, 2023
Wrong decision from Chelsea board, how's he gonna feed his wife and kids noww
you dey mad he would be paid off
Politics / Re: THE HORSE HAS BOLTED, PETER OBI SHOULD CONCEDE THE ELECTION by Tinubuwillnotru: 7:56pm On Apr 02, 2023
There were so many spaces hosted on twitter (even if they were just bluffing) where the youths wanted to go out to fight for the injustice Bola Tinubu did to Nigeria and Peter Obi but Peter Obi came out to dissociate himself from the whole thing and said he will go to court. What court is Peter Obi talking about? Tinubu is bigger than all the courts in Nigeria and he has them in his pockets. After Peter Obi's petition is thrown out, Bola Tinubu will further destroy his life and businesses by throwing him into jail. This latest attacks against Peter Obi and David Oyedepo are lies from the pit of HELL but who will save Peter Obi when Bola Tinubu has determined to deal with him? Is it the corrupt Supreme Court? I laugh.

I have told Obidients on Nairaland that while i was born a Christian, i dont believe in any God. God has been there and these useless muslims destroyed Nigeria and killed millions of Christians in Nigeria. I watch these useless prophecies on YouTube by Feyi Daniels and Pastor Kingsley Okwuoto or whatever and i just laugh. These fraudulent prophets are the ones causing obidients to have hope that useless Nigerian courts can dispense justice when they have never done anything right for some years due to corruption. To further complicate Peter Obi's fate, his Igbo tribe are probably the weakest and most disorganized ethnic nationality in Nigeria at the moment. Igbos cant even stay in the South East. So how wont Bola Tinubu mess up Peter Obi and the Church? Furthermore, IPOB will not raise a finger to defend Peter Obi. So Peter Obi is in real trouble with Bola Ahmed Tinubu and his minions. Nigerian Courts ARE NOT competent or equipped to deliver justice for the peace and stability of this country because they are rife with corruption and injustice. So how dare Peter Obi depend on the courts to save himself from Bola Tinubu, a blood sucking demon who has bought everybody?

Peter Obi should call Bola Tinubu right now and concede the election and go on a vacation with his family. Bola Tinubu defeated NDLEA, DSS, NIA, APC, INEC and he will defeat the Supreme Court and the Nigerian Army because we are a corrupt, backwater African pariah nation. Even though Peter Obi won the election, he should call Bola Tinubu to deescalate the tension in the country and save himself from being messed up further by a man who has defeated Nigeria's vital national institutions through corruption:Bola Ahmed Tinubu.


you are a fool.. you think we won't know u are working for Tinubu? He should call tinubu? Get out

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TV/Movies / Re: Big Brother Titans Finale: Live Eviction Show by Tinubuwillnotru: 7:12pm On Apr 02, 2023
This show died a natural death grin

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Politics / Re: Obi Is A Simp Who Cry Like A Teenage Girl Dumped By Her Boyfriend - Omokri by Tinubuwillnotru: 5:47pm On Apr 02, 2023
sad Even though I'm a born again Christian, Thank God we Christians refused to fall for his gimmicks and instead we voted for the Muslim/Muslim ticket. We have always knew his antecedents from when he governed Anambra. We sane Nigerians dodged a bullet sad
you are crazy.. you are not Christian.


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: What Should I Do by Tinubuwillnotru: 11:33am On Apr 02, 2023
I can't do without their policy I know. I must fall in with all my niggas aboy. If them want to bounce person e can not be mine. Men just borku, e be like them be rice. Anytime I come, I push them to the curb, smack them push to the curb. Ekelebe stunner, na me be their father. Trillo tell me say Na native be the matter. I let abuja come accra I let my mother. Tro adis ababa them go erect modu placard. Bastard, Na me dug him pile, Na me rob him mile, zaku runs ibile. Na why I go pompous I go do more than intended. Ghen ghen, I go shoot up all their pay pens.
tinubu has messed up with this one cheesy cheesy

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: What Should I Do by Tinubuwillnotru: 11:29am On Apr 02, 2023
You are all suffering in Nigeria.. what you should do is join hands and fight this evil old men we have as leaders.. ire o

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Politics / Re: My Vision About Tinibu President..note.. It Will Surely Come To Pass by Tinubuwillnotru: 10:55am On Apr 02, 2023

Tinubu will outlive you
lolx. you won't get to my age.. iam already out living your old druggee
Politics / Re: My Vision About Tinibu President..note.. It Will Surely Come To Pass by Tinubuwillnotru: 10:37am On Apr 02, 2023
I don't want to write long epistle.. A word is enough for the wise. .TINIBU WAS CUT OFF.
Am not here to tell u that he will not be swear IN or he won't be president.... But am here to tell u that Tinibu was cut off..
leave them.. they don't know what's coming

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Travel / Re: There’s No Work In UK” – Lady Expresses Regret After Relocating For Greener Past by Tinubuwillnotru: 9:54am On Apr 02, 2023
well said bro I totally agree with you four months ago I got three job offer after attending 6 interview.
don't compare Nigeria to u.k pls. Let me shock u.. people that are doing care givers are doing better than you with your 8jobs per day.. you are just Killing urself.

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Travel / Re: There’s No Work In UK” – Lady Expresses Regret After Relocating For Greener Past by Tinubuwillnotru: 9:51am On Apr 02, 2023
Who are these fools? Lazy asses. A family friend of mine relocated February.. she's now working.. mtcheww
Celebrities / Re: Real Warri Pikin & Husband Set For Their Dream Wedding 10 Yrs After 1st Wedding by Tinubuwillnotru: 8:56am On Apr 02, 2023
I don't fancy big butts.. let it not be flat.. moderation is key

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Politics / Re: Is The Conversation Of Peter Obi & Oyedepo A Deepfake? Fact-Check By FIJ by Tinubuwillnotru: 8:52am On Apr 02, 2023
Nonsense fact check
Travel / Re: Man Dragged Off Flight For Saying Tinubu Won't Be President: Ibom Airlines react by Tinubuwillnotru: 1:16pm On Apr 01, 2023
Those people that dragged him out are mad.. And anyone here on nairaland thinking tinubu would be president, should get his head checked because such a person might be also mad.. election riggers..fools
God bless you my sister.. tinubu will never rule this country
Travel / Re: Some Tips About Living In Uk by Tinubuwillnotru: 10:18am On Mar 25, 2023

Which yeye work?

No be caregiver work where person go dey pack oyinbo people shit? angry
are they not paying well? My sister's friend is a care giver.. she's building a mansion in the village at the moment.. most of us are just lazy.. are we not washing toilet Here? I once worked in chicken republic.. most times i see poo on the floor and I have to clean up.so what's the difference


Travel / Re: Some Tips About Living In Uk by Tinubuwillnotru: 7:52am On Mar 25, 2023
A word is enough for the wise, but niggar will not listen to you they say you don't want them to come to UK.
there's work over there if one is not lazy...we have people there at least.. friends


Travel / Re: Some Tips About Living In Uk by Tinubuwillnotru: 7:49am On Mar 25, 2023
Most importantly, husband nor dey, wife no dey for UK.

Gerrit. undecided
what if you meet ur course mate for naija over there.... grin
Travel / Re: Some Tips About Living In Uk by Tinubuwillnotru: 7:47am On Mar 25, 2023

I’ll like to prepare your mind as a married man that when you get to UK,there’s higher chance for you to baby sit, ook, dishes, change pampers, get the kids set for school, etc. It’s better to get yourself acquainted with this ahead.

This is not to ridicule your personality, they are things you might need to do to keep the family running. And as the wife, have it in mind that you might not get to live that luxury life of “my husband is responsible for family upkeep”nah. Living in UK, you are meant to complement each other in every aspect.

Accommodation in UK isn’t a joke, if you are single, I advice you to look for single room en-suite or studio, furnished, all bills inclusive. Renting two bed apartment if it’s just you isn’t advisable. Check Spareroom,on the market, zoopla, Rightmove or Facebook market for rooms to let.

Pending the time you’ll be able to buy your desired item(s),check out Facebook market for cheap or free preloved/new items such as;furnitures,mattresses, beddings, kitchen utensils and the likes (I got my microwave on Facebook market for £10 and it’s as good as new).

However, be careful so as not to be scammed,I advice you do pay on delivery/pickup. Register with Olio aswell for free items(both new and preloved) including foodstuffs within and outside your area.

You might not be able to open standard bank until few months later, you can register with online bank like Monzo or Revolut to carry out your transactions, it’s easy & safe to use. Also, register with Lemonade if you want to change £ to #, easy to use as well with no charges apply.

Coming across different people with different cultural backgrounds, it’s advisable to ask individual what and how they would like to be addressed. Don’t make assumptions, people get offended if they are addressed wrongly.

Be time conscious, if you are to resume work by 19:00 to relief others, ensure you arrive few minutes earlier. The person you are to relief at work also has childminder or husband at home to relief for work as well.

Don’t try to force or change your accent while communicating. The more you change or force British accent the more you make communication difficult for everyone. Speak gently and clearly, believe me, they will hear you more than faking British accent. And if you can’t hear them, in a polite way ask them to speak slowly and gently so you can understand & they would be glad to do so.

Job wise, don’t be selective at first, get yourself something legit doing, all jobs here are stressful, at least you’ll be able to update your CV for future sake. I hope you get what I mean.

Let the words “PLEASE AND THANK YOU” be your favourite quotes daily, it goes a long way and they might pave way for you.

Don’t engage in gossips, they don’t keep secret here, whatever you say will be used against you later on.

If you have BRITISH HEART FOUNDATION store around you, they sell nice stuffs as low as £1, pop in there and minimise your spending.

Stay tuned for next post.
nice.i really want to do my masters in the u.k but I don't know which of the schools over there allows for masters without Post graduate courses.
Romance / Re: Advice: My Girlfriend Is Pregnant!! by Tinubuwillnotru: 6:47am On Mar 25, 2023
I can assure you that this guy is a tinubu supporter.. thier mumu na another level grin


Romance / Re: Dear Mama:. 2pac Is Still Alive (pics) by Tinubuwillnotru: 6:39am On Mar 25, 2023
Tu pac don turn manure
Education / Re: Buy Lightweight Student Sneakers For Less Than 2k by Tinubuwillnotru: 6:36am On Mar 25, 2023
You dey steal them?
Sports / Re: Thomas Tuchel Becomes New FC Bayern Head Coach by Tinubuwillnotru: 7:37pm On Mar 24, 2023

Meet where? You expect Chelsea to go past R.madrid? 😀
is it impossible or what? Did you start watching football last night
Politics / Re: BREAKING! Rufai Oseni Receives Another Threat To His & Family's Life by Tinubuwillnotru: 5:00pm On Mar 24, 2023

Rufai is merely chasing clout and seeking to be popular. If there is a threat to him send it to the police so they investigate. Of what use is Rufai to warrant this attention? Does Rufai have family? At his age he has no wife, no lineage, nothing. Such a bitter man can never live with a woman. He could be a eunuch, that's why he is always butter
idiot..he has a family..ode


Sports / Re: Nigeria Vs Guinea Bissau: AFCON Qualifier (0 - 1) On Friday 24th March 2023 by Tinubuwillnotru: 3:54pm On Mar 24, 2023

Which Nigerian youth are you talking about? I guess ipob youth or LP youth. Have I not warned you block head obidients morons are not Nigeria youths? I'm youth, my siblings are youths and none of us voted for obi infact we are in party mood since Saturday and so many other youths having great time together sorry we are not part of your sad, bitter lifestyle youths we don't care about your saddness ok

If you choose to be sad good for you infact you can kill yourself good for you. No Nigerian youth is sad except you and your fellow political terrorist of ipob Wing.
clean ur mouth u liar
Politics / Re: Treason: FFK Deletes His Inciting Twitter Post After Facing Backlash by Tinubuwillnotru: 1:31pm On Mar 24, 2023
Wait o..are these guys are thinking they would be safe when the drum of war they are beating starts? No one of Dem would be spared..we are Killin them all.. taking revenge for the thousands of people they have killed with thier bad governance
Politics / Re: Court Orders Service Of Petitions On Tinubu Through APC by Tinubuwillnotru: 1:29pm On Mar 24, 2023
Tinubu thinks he's smart. go to court..go to court yen yen yen.. what's coming will shock APC urchins

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Politics / Re: Leaked Video: Kogi APC Suspends Muri Ajaka For Antiparty Activities, Lawsuit by Tinubuwillnotru: 1:24pm On Mar 24, 2023
Good for him.

No Igbo man presently alive will witness Igbo presidency in Nigeria, continue with your unzogbu unzogbu politics

And ten thousands of your fathers can't stop Tinubu presidency.
Yes but tinubu won't rule.. osinbajo will come in as an interim president..save this post
Politics / Re: Leaked Video: Kogi APC Suspends Muri Ajaka For Antiparty Activities, Lawsuit by Tinubuwillnotru: 1:23pm On Mar 24, 2023
They should better settle it on time before May 29 inauguration because the problems buhari has created on ground is too much to come and add party problems for president BOLA Ahmed Tinubu, the peoples president. I know definitely that Nigeria will rise under Tinubus presidency. We declare peace in our country.
oga... This same party produced tinubu.. meaning he himself is also corrupt and bad.. inshort there won't be any handing over self

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