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Travel / Re: White Woman In Uganda by Tokyo50: 3:55pm On Dec 18, 2018
This lady is not Japanese at all.

I live in Tokyo and have lived with Japanese for three decades. Japanese people are very respectful of other people's space and will not take pictures without asking for permission. They are very respectful people.

I have not been laughed at nor offered a knive and fork in Japan. You do not have to fly to Asia to learn how to use chopsticks.

I'm very familiar with Japanese English. I can say with 100% certainty that she is not Japanese. Maybe Chinese but certainly not Japanese. I speak Japanese and would have detected direct translation when she writes. 95% of Japanese people are not capable of conversing in English fluently. Most of them speak textbook English, including their own teachers in public schools where the majority of them go to since its cheap.

She has not shown any behaviour which is consistant with a Japanese tourist: respectful,considerate of others, law abiding and quite shy in engaging the public due to her / his poor language skills.

My two cents.
Travel / Re: Police Report In China by Tokyo50: 1:31pm On Dec 11, 2018

5 years?
He is a student, which type of visa are we taking about here?
As far as I am concerned express entry for PR doesn't even take upto a year if you have the required points

You need to google info before you reply. I am very familiar with Canadian inmigration issues.

China has the highest number of applicants to emigrate to Canada. Due to the high number of applicants, the Canadian govt can't cope with it. The waiting period is 5 years.

If the OP was in Nairobi, it would have taken him less than a year.

I stand to be corrected.
Travel / Re: Guys I Want To Travel To Tanzania For Vacation, How Much Is Needed by Tokyo50: 9:28am On Dec 10, 2018
Ok thanks, how much do you think I can budget for just 14days of my stay?

It depends on you. Travel budget is subjective.

I gave you a rough estimate of hotel accomodation per day. Food, again, it depends on you. There are many restaurants in downtown and you can eat fast food as well. ($30 - 40 a day).

I don't know if you wanna catch a boat to zanzibar island. It's about $40 one way. You can catch it in downtown. You can go on a safari. Mikumi is the nearest from Dar es salaam. You can do a day trip there for about $200. See most wildlife there. You cam buy a package tour from tour agencies in the city.
Travel / Re: Police Report In China by Tokyo50: 7:30am On Dec 10, 2018

Really? Even when he lives in China and making the application from there?

If he's applying from China, he has no choice but to look for the police clearance from the Chinese.

I don't recommend it because it takes 5 years to get your visa from China. It's the busiest country. He'll be better off applying from Nigeria.
Travel / Re: Guys I Want To Travel To Tanzania For Vacation, How Much Is Needed by Tokyo50: 7:17am On Dec 10, 2018
Tanzania is an expensive destination. You'll need at least usd 50 a day. Also get your visa in Nigeria to avoid hasslings. There are cheap no frills hotels in downtown. Look for Jamhuri street.expect to pay $50 a night. This street has many cheap restaurants and you can catch a public bus to Oysterbay beach, 5 km away. It's nice to chill at the beach and drink $1 local beers.

Don't take taxi from the airport. Walk 10 minutes to the highway and stop a taxi for half the price. Jamhuri street is about 20m away. It cost about $20. You negociate for everything.


Travel / Re: Police Report In China by Tokyo50: 6:28am On Dec 10, 2018
Chinese citizens are the leading when it comes to emigration to Canada. Police clearance is needed by the Canadian government in order to prove that the applicant has no crininal record.

Your friend should ask the services of lawyers in China who do the paperwork for tgousands of Chinese and they will assist him/her to get the police clearance. It is usually given at the ministry of home affairs after they take your fingerprint and check fir criminal record in China.

If your friend can't get the document from the police, he/she should not mention that he/she lived in China in the application. The Canadian govt require it in every country you lived for more than six months.
Travel / Re: Mention The Countries That You Have Been To. by Tokyo50: 11:33am On Aug 03, 2016
I am a travel agent Hadlee by name and I have visited countless numbers of countries. well I give you kudos for the travellings you have embarked upon well that's cool but have you heard of TRAVELOCITY am one of their travel agents and representatives and marketers in Nigeria and AFRICA if you want a bargain price for tickets, and safe and guided trips please whatsapp me on this number 09 055 0892 67 and 0n skype hadlee62 . you can also add me on facebook (hadlee williams).

Travelocity is a travel site to buy tickets and hotel rooms. All you need is a credit card, not an Agent.
Travel / Re: Ambassador Of Indonesia Worldwide Should Be Closed Until..... by Tokyo50: 11:04am On Aug 03, 2016

OK maybe it's a tourist attraction for millions of people but from my knowledge, majority of people who go on holidays go to either any country in Europe or America or even Australia. Indonesia won't miss Nigerian tourists and we certainly won't miss their embassy except the drug traffickers.

I think you have no right to talk about ALL Nigerians. Drug trafficking is done by many nationalities and that's the way the world is. Some get a long prison sentence if they are caught, and some get shot to death.

To stop Nigerians going to Indonesia will not stop Nigerian drug traffickers from being executed in China, Malaysia or Singapore.

The economy of Indonesia might not depend solely on Nigerian visitors but they DO count. I stay in an area where I see hundreds of Nigerian businessmen. They spend thousands of dollars in Indonesia.

You are also naive to think that real tourists only visit Europe or USA or Australia. In fact majority of tourists in Bali come from Australia and the EU. Personally, I can live visa-free in America, Canada and Spain but choose to live in Asia. Same for thousands of Western pensioners in Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Vietnam.

Not all Africans are obsessed with living or touring developed countries. It has been nearly a decade since I set foot in Australia, only 5 hours away. I just don't find it interesting. I prefer to have my holidays in

Lastly, let me ask you, how many countries have you visited so far? I have been to 45.

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Travel / Re: Ambassador Of Indonesia Worldwide Should Be Closed Until..... by Tokyo50: 7:52am On Aug 03, 2016
If them like make then they kill 100 daily on death row.. Nigerians go still carry drug to that country . its best the govt shut down the embassy like the op said. Its just like a tanker carrying petrol and tumbles and people start scooping fuel knowing the hazard of it

Majority of Nigerians I have met in Jakarta are honest and hard working businessmen. Others seek medical attention and tour places of interest like Bali to relax and enjoy themselves.

Why should they be denied an opportunity to visit because of few drug dealers who stupidly risk their lives to earn quick cash?

Unfortunately, your wishes will come true. The Indonesian government will probably make it harder in the near future for Nigerians to get visas on arrival. Singapore has already stopped issuing one at the airport.
Travel / Re: Ambassador Of Indonesia Worldwide Should Be Closed Until..... by Tokyo50: 7:35am On Aug 03, 2016

It will be harder for them to get visa from another country and if they went ahead and applied for visa in another country then that's their business.
Yes, other genuine travelers will be denied the opportunity to travel there, who travels to Indonesia for holidays anyway?

If you did a simple Google search, you would have found out that more than 10 million visitors from around the world visit Indonesia.

Indonesia has a death penalty for drug dealers. If you want to deal with drugs, they will kill you. It's that simple. It's the same in Singapore and Malaysia.

Indonesia is a beautiful country with hard working people, good food and fantastic beaches. I've been going there for holidays for many years.
Travel / Re: English Student Visa To Japan by Tokyo50: 3:38pm On Jul 08, 2016

Waow.. Permit me too allow you be the first person I'd be following on NL, you so matured and always very detailed.. I respect your personality.. Even a BLIND man will read and understand you clearly.. Gracias

De nada.

It is a duty of every human being to help others, if asked.

I'm just doing my duty.


Travel / Re: English Student Visa To Japan by Tokyo50: 11:29am On Jul 08, 2016

Anyone on here might contradict me in what I am saying but here's what i think.

If You have the cash to do those courses, then go ahead. As for the aftermath of what happens when your done,

Here's the trick part, As an African, you have to work Twice as hard to convince the prospect employers that you are the poo.

If you can't speak the Japanese language well, then your options Will be very limited.

You are absolutely right about the need to know Japanese.

Post education, the environment is much easier now for Africans than it was just 5 years ago. As long as you can speak Japanese and have a degree from Japan, many companies are willing to sponsor you for a work visa. It is not as complicated as securing a work visa in America or in EU countries.

Also, another option is to get married to a Japanese if that is your plan. Spouse visa is 3-5 years, after that you may apply for a PR visa and then a Japanese passport if you wish.


Travel / Re: English Student Visa To Japan by Tokyo50: 11:22am On Jul 08, 2016
@tokyo50, dat was so comprehensive.. What are chances of doing a MSC over there in any business or financial management course, are there support means and how about work after completion??

It depends which option you choose.

If you study in Japanese, you will need an extra year to learn the language. This is the best option because you can't function in Japan without knowing Japanese. Also, it's easier to find work to support yourself while studying.

If you study in English, it's fine too. However, if you plan to stay in Japan, you will have a hard time without learning the language. Most employees will not hire you if you have no language skills.

It is much easier to work after you study in a proper Japanese university. Japanese do not want to have babies and people are very choosy. So if you have a Japanese degree and language skills, many employers are happy to sponsor you , especially after they made it easier to hire foreigners under Abe administration.

It is harder to secure scholarship. Most scholarship is reserved for Asian, EU citizens and Americans. They too offer scholarships to Japanese students under special agreements. For Africans, studying for a Ph.D is the only option to secure a government scholarship
(Monbukagakusho). Check with their embassy for more information of what kind of scholarship is available for Nigerian citizens.
You can also check this site : www.mext.go.jp



Travel / Re: English Student Visa To Japan by Tokyo50: 6:37am On Jul 08, 2016
Japanese go to Australia to learn English.

If you want to learn Japanese, it would make more sense. There are many Chinese who come this way and end up staying by marrying the locals. There are many tuition centers which can sponsor you to study Japanese. They often arrange for your accommodation and part time job. One of the cheapest one is Yono Gakuin Japanese school, located in Saitama prefecture. The fees start at about $500 a month, and about the same for a room in a dormitory.

If you wish to study in an English university, you can apply at Sophia University, Temple University or University of Tsukuba.

For a Nigerian to apply to study a short courses in English is highly suspicious and your visa will be denied. If you are willing to study for a degree and you have $15,000 a year, then it's easier. Otherwise, stick to Short Japanese course. They will give you 6-12 months visa and you are allowed to work part time. Many factories and farms are desperate for workers. Japanese refuse to work there.

About racism issues, there is plenty in Japan as well. Expect to be stopped frequently by the police. Failure to present an alien card will automatically result in paying 200,000 yen fine, about $1800.


Travel / Nigerians Social Behaviour by Tokyo50: 3:50am On Jul 08, 2016
I'm vacationing in Jakarta, Indonesia. I come here very often for business as well.

I would like to point out about a particular behaviour of my brothers from Nigeria which is disturbing me and embarrassing to say the least.

I live in an area which is very popular with Nigerian visitors. I'm happy that they can enter Indonesia easily and do business and enjoy what Indonesia has to offer.

What disturbs me most is the habit of talking LOUDLY. And I mean so loud that most locals run towards then thinking maybe there is a fight going on. When I got out of my apartment , I saw security guards and group of other people standing across the street and watching Nigerians "Talk". They thought that they are fighting. I explained to them that that's the way they talk.

There is a 7-11 convenience store where people hang out at night to drink coffee etc. People want to be able to enjoy their evening there without having to hear adults screaming. This can go for hours. I have spent two hours listening to this crap last night.

I urge my brothers to change this behaviour. It denies others peace of mind and ruins the reputation of most decent and civil Nigerians. Before long, someone will call the police and they will harass other innocent visitors. Most people assume that the Nigerians are fighting. It's that loud.

Why can't people talk in a civil manner?

I live near Mall of Indonesia, in an area called Kelapa Gading.
Crime / Re: Nigerian Sentenced To Life In Prison In Tanzania by Tokyo50: 11:47pm On Jun 11, 2016
Even In Tanzania?

Tanzania has become a major transit point for drugs destined for Europe. Drug addiction is also a major problem. Some of their famous local musicians are suffering from heroin addiction.

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Crime / Nigerian Sentenced To Life In Prison In Tanzania by Tokyo50: 11:38pm On Jun 11, 2016
Moshi. A 36-year-old Nigerian has been sentenced to life imprisonment for drug trafficking.

The Moshi High Court ruled Friday that Joachim Ike was guilty of possessing and trafficking in narcotic drugs.

He was arrested on May 11, 2013, at the Kilimanjaro International Airport with 6,969.38 grams (nearly 7kgs) of heroin with a street value of over Sh300 million.

In his ruling, Judge Benedict Mingwa, told the court the evidence produced by the prosecution was beyond reasonable doubt.

“The evidence produced by the prosecution, along with the testimony provided during this case clearly shows that the accused person committed the offence,” said Judge Mingwa.

A plea by defence lawyer Philip Njau for the judge to allow Ike to serve his jail term in Nigeria was turned down.

Source: The Citizen


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Travel / Nigerian Pastor In Tanzania by Tokyo50: 7:06am On Nov 13, 2015

Dar es Salaam. A Nigerian pastor who preached in Tanzania under auspices of his Lord Chosen Church has been handed a 30-year jail sentence after being convicted of smuggling cocaine worth Sh3.1 billion. (US$ 1.4 million)

Mr Chukwudi Okechukwu was jailed along with compatriot Paul Ikechukwu, South African Stan Hycent and Pakistani Shoaib Mohammad Ayazi over the same offence. High Court Judge Amir Mruma has also ordered the accused to pay Sh9 billion in fines.

Anti-narcotics police believe that the preacher is one of the top members of a drug syndicate operating in Tanzania, Nigeria and South Africa.

He and his three accomplices were hiding in a mansion in Dar es Salaam’s Kuduchi Mtongani suburbs when the police surrounded the house and arrested them.

Three suspects were arrested inside the house.

Upon searching the house, anti-drugs police seized 81 packets of drugs which were later confirmed by the chief government chemist to be cocaine hydrochloride.

Pastor Okechukwu first came to Tanzania in January 2011, two months before his arrest, on an evangelical mission under the umbrella of his Lord Chosen Church of Nigeria.

However, intelligence report show he had came to Tanzania some years back and had made a name for himself as a pastor at his Kinondoni Biafra church and won many followers.

source: mobile.thecitizen.co.tz

Nigerian preacher Chikwudi Okechukwu (far right, partly hidden) and fellow accused (from left) Shoaib Mohammad Ayaz, Stan Hycent and Paul Ikechukwu Obi appear before the High Court in Dar es Salaam last month. They have been jailed for 30 years each for trafficking in cocaine with an estimated street value of Sh3.1 billion. PHOTO | venance nestory

Travel / Re: Tanzania Flight From Lagos by Tokyo50: 3:45am On Sep 25, 2015
@Geesammy, Could you please make the Tanzanian Visa Agent information available to me? You can write to me on ..... billonaira@gmail.com

You don't need an agent to obtain the visa.
Just go to their high commission in Lagos, fill up the simple application form and get your 90 days visa. You need to show your hotel booking and return ticket. You can buy your ticket and hotel booking online. Or you can ask a travel agent for a cheap flight ( Rwanda air, Ethiopian airlines or Kenya airways).

Don't waste your money on agents when you can do it yourself. Tanzania is not Europe, it's much poorer than Nigeria ( $50 billion GDP).
Travel / Re: Tanzania Flight From Lagos by Tokyo50: 5:36pm On Sep 14, 2015
I only had 2 hours stop over in Addis Ababa

They are equally good airlines but Nairobi is nearest to Dar than Addis.

But again, one week is not much to enjoy Tanzania.
Travel / Re: Tanzania Flight From Lagos by Tokyo50: 7:03am On Sep 14, 2015
I don't think one week is enough to enjoy Tanzania.

I would fly straight to Kilimanjaro airport instead of JNIA in Dar. I would watch wildlife, party at the night clubs in Arusha.

Or I would go to JNIA in Dar, enjoy the beaches and then take a boat to Zanzibar.

You have to choose between safari park in Arusha via Kilimanjaro airport or beaches and party via Dar. Safari park is not cheap. Also Tanzania imports most basic things and be prepared to pay 18% sales tax.

I would choose Kenya airways because you don't have to waste a day in Nairobi. Kenya has many flights to Dar per day. If you use Ethiopian, you might spend a night in Addis Ababa. You don't need transit visa for both.

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Travel / Re: Tanzania Flight From Lagos by Tokyo50: 1:32am On Sep 14, 2015

Oga king na one week leave leisure experience make man pikin go see dat kilimanjaroo wey I don dey hear since primary school cheesy and just mingle out with fellow tourist kiss jst for a week then I will back.

Kilimanjaro is up country, 5 hours by road from Dar. I would not use that route because Dar has more reckless drivers on two lane highway than Lagos. I would fly instead.

Be prepared to pay tourist prices in Arusha. Kilimanjaro is all about climbing the mountain ($1500 average price , 5-9 days) or safari parks ($100 entrance). The view at ngorongoro crater is amazing and priceless. You will be standing where the first known humans are thought to have come from.
Travel / Re: Tanzania Flight From Lagos by Tokyo50: 1:25am On Sep 14, 2015

I am very grateful for your advise especially on the hotel actually I did the visa through a friend who happens to be an agent so as to av an international travel experience before applying for better countries abroad......I will prefer dat starlight hotel cos its less costly compared to others av seen online but let me still make some more research seems some of them normally do hotel pick directly as soon as I land because incase the flight got in late at night I may not wnt to take the risk of going to the main road at night.
But if u dnt mind let me ask dis question av u been to Tanzania before? Ama first timer oo grin grin

No bed & breakfast hotel will pick you up from the airport . Those that do are 3-5 star hotels and normally charge you .

Getting a taxi is not an issue , any time of the day. Change some money at the airport and prepare to hussle for the price. It should not cost you more than $35 to go to downtown , 25 km away.
Travel / Re: Tanzania Flight From Lagos by Tokyo50: 1:21am On Sep 14, 2015

In dat case wat do u suggest shud I jst go dis sept before their election or wait till after the election pandemonium is calm seems my visa validity is still up to three month (08/09/15 - 08/12/15)

Personally, I would wait and see the outcome of the election results. It is a very tight race and for the first time since independence, an opposition party might win it. I don't know how the country will be, if violence break out.

Also, you don't need to use an agent to secure Tanzania visa . It is a simple procedure to get it.
Travel / Re: Tanzania Flight From Lagos by Tokyo50: 1:16am On Sep 14, 2015

I am very grateful for your advise especially on the hotel actually I did the visa through a friend who happens to be an agent so as to av an international travel experience before applying for better countries abroad......I will prefer dat starlight hotel cos its less costly compared to others av seen online but let me still make some more research seems some of them normally do hotel pick directly as soon as I land because incase the flight got in late at night I may not wnt to take the risk of going to the main road at night.
But if u dnt mind let me ask dis question av u been to Tanzania before? Ama first timer oo grin grin

I have been to Tanzania, yes.

Starlight hotel is cheap and clean. The street is called Libya Street. This street has many bed and breakfast hotels. The other b&b hotels are near Zahir Restaurant on Jamhuri street.

Here, you are in downtown. There is really not much to do though. You can catch a $40 boat ride not far from Libya street, to Zanzibar Island. It is a one hour ride.

If you want to go to the beach, oysterbay beach is 10 minutes away from your hotel .

You can eat, drink and talk to the locals there. You can also go night clubs such as bilicanas.

If you want to go to beach resorts outside the city, you can head to Bahari Beach or white sands. It's 50 km from the city and you can enjoy the breeze. They charge $10 entrance fee if you are not sleeping.

Near oysterbay beach, msasani, where rich people and diplomats live, you can go to upscale restaurants like sea cliff.

They have three wheelers around oysterbay beach, if you wish to hire them to take you around popular places in msasani.

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Travel / Re: Tanzania Flight From Lagos by Tokyo50: 3:46pm On Sep 11, 2015
So as you know, they have elections in October . I would not go to any African country during their elections.

You can never know what might happen . Many Tanzanians, especially Indian and Arab descent, leave during the elections. Some European and American government has warned their citizens to be cautious and avoid visiting it, if possible, during October.

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Travel / Re: About Singapore! by Tokyo50: 12:46pm On Sep 11, 2015
Thanks but how much can one get the visa and ticket fare too?

About the visa fee, you need to call the Singapore high commission in Nigeria .

You can buy your tickets online or in any travel agent. You can book your room in Singapore online as well from agoda.com for example.

Some travel sites like Travelocity.com, you can buy ticket and hotel at the same time. Please go to their site. You need a credit card .
Travel / Re: About Singapore! by Tokyo50: 11:56am On Sep 11, 2015
Please how do one get an hotel to book over there?

Just use hotels.com or agoda.com and book a hotel of your budget.

I have stayed in Little India area of Singapore and paid $40 Singaporean a night in a clean room.
Travel / Re: Tanzania Flight From Lagos by Tokyo50: 10:35am On Sep 11, 2015
You would need an address of a hotel to fill in your landing document and telephone number of your hotel.

The embassy would have asked you to show them your booking unless you were lucky.

When you arrive, don't take a taxi from the airport. Go to the main road ( 5 minutes walk) and stop a taxi there. You will pay 50% less.

Tell him to take you to starlight hotel or econolodge, it's in the heart of the city and $25 -30 a night. Or you can go to jamhuri street (where econolodge is) and chose other hotels of the same range. Many poor European tourists stay there too. They also have restaurants selling delicious BBQ chicken and fries.
Travel / Re: About Singapore! by Tokyo50: 6:25am On Sep 11, 2015
Application Procedures for Social or Business Visa Applicants

It is mandatory to provide an Invitation letter or Hotel booking confirmation which clearly indicates the NRIC / FIN no., Name and Designation of the signatory.

Processing Time
Three to Four working days.

Fees (in local currency)

Operating Hours
Mon – Fri - Submission - 9.00 am to 11.00 am; Collection - 3.00 pm to 4.00 pm.
Sat & Sun – Closed.

The same requirement posted on their high commission website, Lagos.
Travel / Re: About Singapore! by Tokyo50: 6:17am On Sep 11, 2015
According to the Singapore high commission website (London ), Nigerians need a visa to enter Singapore. (Level II)

Source: mfa.gov.sg

Entry requirement for all foreigners

Visa application is required for citizens / passport holders of the following countries:

Nationals of Assessment Level I Countries

Georgia, Guinea, India, Myanmar, People’s Republic of China, Sierra Leone, Commonwealth of Independent States (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan), Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Holders of Hong Kong Document of Identity and Holders of Macao Special Administrative Region (MSAR) Travel Permit

Nationals of Assessment Level II Countries

Afghanistan, Algeria, Bangladesh, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Mali, Morocco, Nigeria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia and Yemen.

Form 14A to be completed and signed by the applicant, and submitted together with the following documents:
One recent passport-sized colour photograph taken within the last 3 months.
Photograph should be in colour, must be taken against a white background with a matt or semi-matt finish. Image must show the full face and without headgear (headgear worn in accordance with religious or racial customs is acceptable but must not hide facial features)

Original passport together with photocopies of the relevant pages (bio-data page, valid UK visa/residence permit in the UK, visa endorsement to your next destination after Singapore)
Please ensure that, at the time of submission, the passport is valid for at least 6 months upon your arrival date in Singapore
A photocopy of your confirmed return/onward ticket/flight*/cruise itinerary (*showing the flight numbers, dates of entry into and out of Singapore)

Fee of £15.00 (exact amount) in cash or British Postal Order made payable to "SINGAPORE HIGH COMMISSION" [The High Commission does not accept payment by personal cheque, debit or credit card. The visa processing fee is non-refundable regardless of the outcome of your application]
Official translations of the documents are required if they are not in the English language.

For Social Visit (visiting friends, relatives and for tourism), the following are required:


Completed Form V39A (Letter of Introduction for Visa Application)
The Letter of Introduction must be completed by your local sponsor who must be either Singapore citizen or Singapore permanent resident residing in Singapore at the time of application. A photocopy of your sponsor's Singapore Identity Card (both sides) is also required. Your sponsor must be at least 21 years of age and above
Documentary proof of hotel booking in Singapore

A letter of introduction from your embassy to support your visa application will also be accepted if you are unable to furnish either (i) or (ii)

For Business Visit (attending business meeting/discussion/negotiation, the following are required:

Completed Form V39A (Letter of Introduction for Visa Application)
The Letter of Introduction must be completed by your local contact. The local contact must be a Singapore registered business entity. The person acting on behalf of the business entity must be either a Singapore citizen or Singapore permanent resident
Computer printout of the Singapore registered entity's detailed business profile (showing the names of all directors/shareholders) from the Instant Information Service, Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) and printed within the last 3 months
If you are unable to provide a letter of introduction from a local contact, you
may approach your Embassy to issue you with a Letter of Introduction to
support your visa application

A letter from your employer to certify your employment status and the purpose of your trip to Singapore

For postal application, you are required to enclose a self-addressed, pre-paid [up to 500g] Royal Mail "special delivery" envelope, for the return of your documents.


For Level 1 countries, the average processing time is 3 working days and for Level 2 countries, the average processing time is 2 weeks. The processing time does not include the day of submission and the Royal Mail delivery time. Please note that the processing time quoted is approximate and cannot be guaranteed. Each application for an entry visa is considered on its own merits. The applicant may be required to furnish additional documents and information whenever necessary.

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