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Travel / Re: Four Nigerians In Arrested Jakarta Over Proper Stay Permits by Tokyo50: 6:42pm On Aug 26, 2015
Besides, MANY Nigerians are caught all the time in Asia as drug mules. Just 2 months ago, another Nigerian died when the drugs busted in his intestines in Jakarta.

Hundreds are on death raw in China.

These are the guys that make it extremely hard for innocent Nigerians to travel in peace or to live peacefully in Asia.

In the apartment complex of Kelapa Gading, many Nigerians and other Africans are caught with no resident papers. This is not the first time and like I said, it is not illegal under Indonesian law to ask a foreigner for an ID anytime, anywhere. And they have every right to assume they could be drug dealers/Mules based on past experiences.

The criminality of the few is making harder to travel for everyone else. Just like with Muslims/Arabs in American Airports now.
Travel / Re: Four Nigerians In Arrested Jakarta Over Proper Stay Permits by Tokyo50: 6:31pm On Aug 26, 2015
You are wrong about deporting only poor immigrants. If you have no legal right to live in any country, you will be deported, whether you are in Nigeria, USA or Indonesia.

Please give me a source to proove your allegations that Indonesian government doesn't deport rich Australians who live here illegally?

Your argument make no sense. If you are rich, you can easily obtain legal papers. Why break the law? Try not to be too emotional , you will not think straight.

The Nigerians caught were criminal gang. And the neighbours reported then as they should. Every country has different laws regarding the "human rights" issue. In Indonesia, just like in Japan, a police officer has the right to ask you to see your ID without any probable cause, something which is illegal in America.

The cops in Jakarta did their job and caught the criminals using Indonesian laws not American or Nigerian.

If you don't like the host country laws, don't visit, it's simple. If you do visit, respect the laws.

I am certain the Indonesians will not miss Nigerian visitors if they stopped coming.
Travel / Re: Four Nigerians In Arrested Jakarta Over Proper Stay Permits by Tokyo50: 4:32pm On Aug 26, 2015

Don't mind the fcaking racists.
They live illegally in other countries too.
Can you believe these asssssholes?
They went into the apartment to search for drugs.
Bastarrds looking for who to hang.
Even Americans live illegally in China.. wtf.

If a foreigner lives illegally in your country, he will be deported as well.

Try not to be too emotional, it stops you thinking straight.

Australians get deported in Bali every month for living illegally as well.

They were caught with their pants down.
Travel / Re: Four Nigerians In Arrested Jakarta Over Proper Stay Permits by Tokyo50: 4:25pm On Aug 26, 2015
Which kind identity be VC, DC, CF, and FU??

Under Indonesian law, you can't name a suspect until he is charged in a court of law.

They were arrested yesterday.

They are assumed innocent until proven guilty. Then they can be named.

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Travel / Re: Four Nigerians In Arrested Jakarta Over Proper Stay Permits by Tokyo50: 4:22pm On Aug 26, 2015
This is totally uncalled for....well thats what you get for living in an Islamic country with no human right.

That's how they are enslaving West Papuans because of their Gold. You all should also sent into prison for illegally living in West Papau

Fùcking South East Asians

You are ignorant.

They are caught because they are illegally staying in Indonesia.

It has nothing to do with Islam.

Get your facts straight!
Travel / Re: Four Nigerians In Arrested Jakarta Over Proper Stay Permits by Tokyo50: 4:18pm On Aug 26, 2015
First, let me say that I am a frequent visitor of Jakarta and I have business in Kelapa Gading.

First, it is not true that Nigerians are discriminated or ill treated. Every week, I see new faces of Nigerian short time businessmen. They are welcomed with open arms.

What Indonesian Police caught are illegal immigrants. They overstayed their tourist visas.

Also, as owner of few apartments at Miami Bay and Manhattan Bay, two apartment towers which are located at Kelapa Gading, I know and hear validated stories from renter agents and neighbors, of Nigerians who lock themselves day in and out in their units, and engaging in Internet scams with their Indonesian partners.

In fact, it is an agent who informed the police that he might have rented the apartment to criminals because they never open the door when he knocked for days to inquire about unpaid utility bills. He heard people inside, and when they finally opened, the unit had nothing but computer terminals.

He was right, because the police found that they were living with expired tourist visas. The apartment was rented to their girlfriends.

Thanks to these few criminals, most African tourists now are often stopped by undercover policemen in Kelapa Gading.

I am quite certain that Indonesia will soon stop giving visas to Nigerians as easily as they do now. Singapore already closed their doors. These criminals are turnishing the image of Nigeria.

I am quite sure, this month, I will not be seeing many Nigerians sitting on the stairs at night or in the bar. Thanks to the few criminals.
Travel / 3 More Nigerians To Be Executed! by Tokyo50: 4:07am On Apr 27, 2015
Three more Nigerian citizens are slated to be executed in Indonesia anytime this week for drug trafficking offences.

Raheem Agbaje, Sylvester Obeikwe Nwolise and Okwudili Oyatanze have joined other inmates from Australia, Brazil, Indonesia, Ghana and The Philippines in an isolated Nusakambangan prison island, a special prison used for execution purposes.

All their legal appeals have been exhausted and President Jokowi Widodo, despite international pressure, refused clemency to drug dealers.

They have been given 72 hours notice on Saturday, a legal requirement before an execution by firing squad takes place.

Source: thejakartapost.com
Travel / Re: Beware! Qatar Airways POC Not Nigerian Friendly. Use Emirates, Etihad Instead! by Tokyo50: 1:16am On Apr 27, 2015
It's nothing personal. Most countries have little respect for a Nigerian passport holder. The few thugs have ruined the reputation of many.

The launge is a God-Send for citizens of countries with restricted passports. Instead of going crazy for 14 hours at the airport, you can eat, sleep, use free wifi and drink as much as you want for very little money.

It is in fact cheaper than some European airports. The hotel inside Schipol Airport in Amsterdam charges nearly $100 for 12 hours of rest in their cubical and you might not even get the room!


Travel / Re: Beware! Qatar Airways POC Not Nigerian Friendly. Use Emirates, Etihad Instead! by Tokyo50: 4:11pm On Apr 23, 2015
It is very hard to get a transit visa in any GCC states for a Nigerian. The best option is the lounge. You can rest comfortably, use free wi-fi, eat, sleep in a spacious bed, get a good hot shower and drink as much beer as your stomach can handle (beer is hidden, you have to specifically ask the staff). All this comfort, you only pay $40! There is a time limit but most don't care to look for you.
Travel / Re: Dubai Visa Help. Pls by Tokyo50: 3:59pm On Apr 23, 2015
Actually, the best people to know about this are Emirates Airlines staff. They are updated about visa regulations and you can get a confirmation letter from their staff to show the greedy immigration Officer at the airport concerning the law.
Travel / Re: Employed But Relocating To Canada, Candid Advice Needed! by Tokyo50: 5:21pm On Mar 05, 2015

Alberta is no longer booming at the moment. People are being laid off daily as almost all jobs in alberta depend on the oil. Have you checked the price of crude lately..and it doesn't seem the price would go so high like before again due to innovations in the shale industry and continuous production by OPEC. Canadian oil is also one of the most expensive to produce in the world.

You have to look at the Alberta economy as a whole. Oil prices go up and down. If you are willing to live in the West, you have to be flexible. There are no lifetime job guarantees anywhere. However, at the end of the day, they still need professionals to run their rigs, etc. Oil price is going up again, anyways. Alberta has sand oil, it is expensive but they want to be self sufficient. They have spent billions of dollars in investing in this industry, they are always thinking in long term. I would worry about competing with younger graduates, especially locals.

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Travel / Re: Employed But Relocating To Canada, Candid Advice Needed! by Tokyo50: 4:16am On Mar 03, 2015
In my opinion, you will work more hours in Canada than in Nigeria even if you get home early. You can afford a maid and other helpers in Nigeria. Wether you are single or married, both will have to work to make ends meet if you are looking for a certain quality of life.

As an engineer, it will not be hard to get a resident visa but they will have to evaluate your qualifications before you are granted a visa. You will then have to wait for a spot in a local university to take courses which will make your degree at par with Canadian one. This might take 2 years or more.

If your main concern is working less hours, then you are better off in Nigeria. You will definately work more hours in Canada and will probably have to take low paying jobs while you are waiting for a job in your field . Remember, there are 200,000 immigrants every year looking for the same opportunities like you. I would go to Alberta not Ontario or B.C because Alberta's oil economy is
Booming. With proper planning, you too can be a successful immigrant.

Also have intention of relocating soon to Canada Buh the fear of not getting a proper job scares me and the fact that it would take 3to 4years to stabilise makes me have goose pimples at the thought of it only.
I have a job here too it pays well Buh the downside is that it doesn't give me time to spend with my family as I just got married, this is why I thought of settling outside the country in a place like Canada to work were I get to go home daily.
Did I mention that I'm a marine engineer and anything close to engineering will do me Buh with all I have been reading on NL about jobs in Canada scares me and delivering pizza for a leaving?....Odikwa
Buh I will be following this thread keenly sha since someone said with proper planning perhaps they could pls help share how and what steps should be taken.
Travel / Re: Employed But Relocating To Canada, Candid Advice Needed! by Tokyo50: 4:00am On Feb 28, 2015
I never said don't immigrate because of the size of Canadian economy, did I ?

I mentioned the two economies to give the rough estimate of the strength of Canadian economy and get a visual for the OP.
Canada is the second biggest country in the world yet most people live within the 100 mile radius of the U.S. border. Size does not matter, economy does.

I am trying to give a realistic expectation of life as a new Immigrant. It is possible to have a great life but it needs proper planning. If you have experience living in Canada you would have heard stories of immigrants who cannot work in their fields of expertise because they can't get their credentials evaluated. You would also have heard of employers preferring local or younger professionals. You would also have heard of immigrants changing their names to sound more "Canadian" after having their job applications rejected many times.
Again, with careful planning, it is possible to have a great life in Canada but it is hardly a land of honey and milk.

California does not receive 200,000 immigrants per year. The competition for jobs in Canada is much tighter. Now you get the big picture?


California's economy in 2014 was $2.2 Trillion and Canada was $1.8 Trillion.

California's population in 2014 was roughly 38.8 million people. Canada's population in 2014 was roughly 35.4 million people.

Canada is slightly larger than the whole USA (not just California). There is no hype about Canada. It has it's advantages and disadvantages. Comparing it to California doesn't make any difference to making a decision as to moving to Canada.
Travel / Re: Japan To Make Couples Go On Compulsary Vacations To Have More S*x N by Tokyo50: 1:15pm On Feb 27, 2015
They can adopt from China lol

1. They don't like each other. Japan brutally colonized parts of China and the Chinese have long memory.

2. Japanese have no adoption culture. Having no children is not taboo thing anymore. Besides, people have little time to care about your business. In nearly 10 years here, no neighbour knocked my door for a chit - chat or tea!
Travel / Re: Employed But Relocating To Canada, Candid Advice Needed! by Tokyo50: 1:06pm On Feb 27, 2015
To be fair, it is not only about evaluating Nigerian credentials but all foreign credentials. Since 200,000 immigrants arrive each year, it takes longer to be evaluated. I believe they have changed the system and now require you to send your credentials online. Only if they need your qualifications, you will be invited to apply for the resident visa. It is because so many immigrants complained that they can't get evaluated fast enough and are forced to do "survival jobs" instead of jobs in their profession. So many engineers and doctors from many countries end up doing manual work to pay the bills. I would strongly advice professionals to get a job offer before immigrating. It is just one of the huddle to jump. But it can be done with careful planning.
Travel / Re: Japan To Make Couples Go On Compulsary Vacations To Have More S*x N by Tokyo50: 5:52am On Feb 26, 2015
I am a resident of Japan for many years.

There is no lack of sex in Japan. What Japan lack is day care centers and progressive work environment. New mothers are forced to quit working because they can't find day care centers. The waiting period is like 5 years! Also, when the woman goes on a maternity leave, her position is not guaranteed when she comes back. Often, in private sectors, they will demote her to save money. Men are also not encouraged to take time off . Most children do not see their fathers much, even during their graduation.
Modern Japanese women refuse to quit working as a result to keep their salaries and have no hurry to marry because they want to have an independent life, and free housing from their parents. When they marry, they lose their jobs, housemaid service (mother) and have to take care of her husband , children and in-laws. And we all know the long life span of people in Japan.
As a result, women enjoy their lives and before they know it, they are too old to bear children. Men are too busy working and destroying their livers by over drinking everyday after work, go home exhausted and with little interest or energy in sex since he gets all the attention at the sex clubs he attends with colleagues after work.

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Travel / Re: Employed But Relocating To Canada, Candid Advice Needed! by Tokyo50: 5:30am On Feb 26, 2015
Please be advised that it is difficult for professionals to work in Canada if they are not schooled there. Their foreign certificates must be at par with Canadian ones. I have met many doctors and engineers from Africa and beyond driving taxis and delivering pizza for a living.

It is fairly easy to immigrate to Canada if you have a university degree and about $20,000 in your name. They will grant you a resident visa rigjt there in Nigeria after you complete the paperwork. However, that doesn't mean jobs are waiting for you. Every year, 200,000 people with various qualifications arrive to start a new life in Canada. They are competing with local talents and few universities mean it will take 3-6 years to get a spot to re-qualify your credentials so that they are at par with Canadian ones.

It is not an impossible task but if you are not well prepared, you will waste your talents and more. Please remember, with all the hype, Canadian economy is at par with California economy. Calculate your risks and plan well.


Travel / Re: Hi, Am Just Curious To Find Out by Tokyo50: 4:19am On Jan 30, 2015
They will all be deported when caught.

It is election time in the UK and immigrants, especially illegal immigrants is a hot topic for the politicians. Many people are fed up of abuse of their system. And these illegals from Nigeria are making life harder for others who want to go to EU for just business or pleasure.
Travel / Re: Information About Japanese Visa by Tokyo50: 4:14am On Jan 30, 2015
If you have an offer of employment , the employer will sponsor your visa. Otherwise, it is nearly impossible to obtain a japanese visa for a Nigerian citizen without a sponsor. Even those married to japanese have to wait for a while before they are granted Spouse visa. Be aware that jobs will be extremely limited if you don't speak Japanese.
Travel / Re: Nigerian Man Under Trial In Dubai For Beating Up An Indian by Tokyo50: 4:50pm On Jan 20, 2015
I have experienced Nigerians acting very foolishly in Asia. Once in Jakarta, only Nigerisbs were fighting and hitting each other with empty bottles in a bar. ONLY them, I didn't see a single indonesian fighting with them. Same thing with drinking and shouting loudly as if to announce to the world that they can afford to drink $2.00 beers!! Why can't Nigerians act civilized? No wonder Asians run away from them- from Tokyo to Jakarta. They help stereotype Nigerians. It is shameful.

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Travel / Re: Nigerian Man Under Trial In Dubai For Beating Up An Indian by Tokyo50: 4:39pm On Jan 20, 2015
I hope he gets a long prison sentence and blacklisted forever. People need to learn to act civilized. His behavior makes it harder for law abiding citizens. UAE is part of GCC , so this stupid man will not travel for business or pleasure to other members of GCC countries as well. They all share the same data for trouble makers. He is however free to go to ECOWAS countries and act like a Rambo if he survives the prison sentence and pay a fine and medical bills of that Indian. We should not be surprised not angry when civilized countries deny us entry to their countries
. It is people like him who stereotype all other Nigerians.
Travel / Re: Nigerian Man Under Trial In Dubai For Beating Up An Indian by Tokyo50: 2:16pm On Jan 20, 2015
The moral of the story is not " Do not cheat a Nigerian" but rather " lack of common sense by this Nigerian guy". He could have easily gone to another shop rather than fight with the Indian vendor because his price was higher than he wanted. Knowing Dubai rules, he will be immediately deported after serving his sentence and paying a fine, all for $10 stupid dollars. Now he has one less county to be allowed in with his passport.

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Travel / Re: Nigerian Drug Convict Daniel Enemuo, 5 Others Executed In Indonesia - Pics by Tokyo50: 8:27am On Jan 19, 2015

They don't know that Olamides 'Story for the Gods' sold multi platinum in Asia.. grin

I call them daredevils. Cos that's exactly what they are doing.

The Nigerian who was executed said he thought the death penalty was ONLY given to Indonesians caught with drugs!! This coming from a man who married an Indonesian and lived there for a dozen years!! He deserved it. Communities are destroyed by drugs.
Travel / Re: Nigerian Drug Convict Daniel Enemuo, 5 Others Executed In Indonesia - Pics by Tokyo50: 7:31am On Jan 19, 2015
God will soon retaliate again by making their airline go missing. It happened before, it will hapen again. Malaysian Airlines and Air Asia (Indonesian Owned Airline)

Again, you lack common sense. You can easily Google and know that Airasia is Malaysian owned and it has nothing to do with God retaliation. Does your God want you to sell drugs to harm your community?


Travel / Re: Nigerian Drug Convict Daniel Enemuo, 5 Others Executed In Indonesia - Pics by Tokyo50: 7:16am On Jan 19, 2015
It is really sad to read some of the nonsense i read here. It goes to show that even if you have means to get facts and knowledge at your fingertip, you will miss it if you have nothing between your ears to think straight.

Some facts :

1. The so-called civilized nation of America jails more people than even communist China. They also practice capital punishment through lethal dose of injection and electric chair. And if you think Nigeria is harsh, you can be jailed for life if you are a repeat offender in some states by their so called 3-strikes you are out. For example, you can face serious time in jail if you steal even a toy at a bookshop as long as you steal it 3 times. Now, why does this stop Nigerians from applying for American visas?

2. Whenever there is a diplomatic row between nations, it is common for the Ambassasirs to be recalled for "consultations". It does not mean that the embassies are shut. The relations are strained but mostly get back to normal after few months. The global world makes it impossible to ignore trading partners for too long. Countries always act outside the box. Business always comes before emotions!

3. EU countries are against capital punishment because they have a tiny population to govern. It is easier to control crime when you have 5 million people than 250 million people. The size of EU is the same as DR Congo with 28 countries ruling the population of 350.

4. Indosians unlike Nigerians no not venture overseas much. Only 10 million or so work mainly as maids or cheap labour in ASEAN countries or in the Middle East. Some work as seamen or as chefs in cruise lines. Majority of them prefer to live in their semi prosperous country. However, they have drug problems like many countries. They have tried and failed by jailing dealers. They don't have the resources to deal with the high numbers of drug dealers caught at their borders. There are numerous warnings before you see immigration that drug possession carries death penalty. Actually it's written on the arrival cards too. I have no sympathy whatsoever of drug dealers. The Nigerian executed could have worked legally like most Indonesians but he wanted to poison people and get rich fast. The laws were followed, he appealed all the way up and the President refused clamancy, rightly so.

4. The previous President, SYB, gave clemency to the cousin of the executed indonesian woman (3 relatives were caught together), after 7 months, she was caught in jail arranging drug shipment from India!!
President Clinton and others before him have also pardoned criminals who raised funds for their elections or worked in their administrations. So, all Politicians use it wisely and unwisely for their own reasons. I am quite certain that the Australians caught with drugs will also be executed very soon. President Widodo is very clear strict when it comes to fighting drugs. He promised no clemency.

5. There are many Nigerians who come to do business and live in Indonesia. I urge them to live a clean life. There are fever and fewer countries which allow easier passage of Nigerian passport holders due to the reputation of the few criminals.Singapore, only 2 hours away from Jakarta, decided to demand visa after many drug dealers were caught there. There are many business opportunities in this 1 billion dollar economy,it doesn't have to be in illegal drugs.

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Travel / Nigerian Will Be Executed This Sunday by Tokyo50: 5:45am On Jan 16, 2015
Indonesia just announced that they will execute by firing squad 6 drug dealers caught at their airports. This Sunday they will eat their last meal on this earth. One of them is a Nigerian citizen. I will not print his name to protect his family's privacy.

Others come from Malawi, Brazil, indonesia, Vietnam and Holland.
Travel / Re: HELP! I'm Going To Tanzania Embassy Next Week, I Need Info From Friends! by Tokyo50: 10:25am On Jan 07, 2015
It is really sad that An African is asked to produce so many documents to apply to visit another African country while they ask NOTHING from a European/ North American.

When I applied for a Tanzanian visa, this was their requirement :

1. Filled visa form
2. One passport size picture
3. Return ticket
4. $60 for a single entry

How can we call each other brothers?
Travel / Re: HELP! I'm Going To Tanzania Embassy Next Week, I Need Info From Friends! by Tokyo50: 2:06pm On Jan 05, 2015
Travel / Re: Dubai 10 Hour Transit For Nigeria Passport by Tokyo50: 3:27pm On Jan 04, 2015
The guarantor/sponsor must fill the form and send it to you and you include this with your visa application documents. The form can be downloaded from the japanese embassy website at www. Mofa.go.jp

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Travel / Re: Dubai 10 Hour Transit For Nigeria Passport by Tokyo50: 3:08pm On Jan 04, 2015
As a Nigerian you need a sponsor in Japan in order to obtain a visa to come here. If you want to check their usef car business you need to find a car businessmen willing to sponsor you. There are many car auctions and some will send a letter to their embassy to say that you will attend their auction to obtain a business visa.

There are many business exhibitions in Tokyo (check Tokyo Big Site on Google). You can try to obtain a visa if you want to exhibit Nigerian products. They have exhibitions for foodstuff, cars, tourism, medicine etc. I think it is easier to obtain visa this way. You can also apply for a visa just to attend any of these exhibitions for marketing purposes etc. You need to proove that your business in Nigeria will benefit by your attendance. You will need to show you are a genuine businessman and show various documents.
Travel / Re: HELP! I'm Going To Tanzania Embassy Next Week, I Need Info From Friends! by Tokyo50: 4:19am On Jan 04, 2015
I got this address from the immigration website of Tanzania and have double checked it with Tanzania ministry of foreign affairs website.

Please USE common sense. You can call them and get address confirmation easily before you go there. They also have email address.
Travel / Re: Dubai 10 Hour Transit For Nigeria Passport by Tokyo50: 3:50pm On Jan 03, 2015
Always carry your passport until you obtain japanese ID. This alien card is mandatory to be carried at all times. If you fail to produce it, the police will fine you 200,000 yen, about $2000.

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