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Religion / Re: Man Chooses ₦10M Over Adeboye’s Prayer (Video) by TONYE001(m): 8:55pm On Jun 17
I have noticed over time how some people have been throwing insults at Adeboye, Soyinka, etc because he didn't support their tribesman.

I am a Muslim from the North, you will never see any of my people curse or defame religious elders over Politics. Not even people of the opposite faith.

Funny enough, it's the same set of tribalists that prides themselves as good Christians. Is this what your holy Bible teaches you? Don't you have shame?

You always complain of marginalization. Is this how you intend to garner support for Peter Obi? I'm afraid your next generation just like your fathers will still cry of marginalization if you don't learn to be build bridges and be cultured.

But is this post about PO?

Or the individuals in the video, are they bearing any material associating them with LP or PO?

I'm honestly asking outta curiosity.
Education / Re: Working As A Doctor In Nigeria After Medical School BROKE ME! by TONYE001(m): 3:32am On Jun 07
That SR wey tell you that work-life crap is trying to impose his/her failure on you.

Toxicity plenty for this practice. Sadly, I've also seen this in some of the young docs that have climbed up a step or two....feels like they suddenly forget what's like being a junior doc.

I'm glad you pulled through, I pray this doesn't leave any mental scar on ya. Importantly, j pray you become a better chief to your juniors.

Last week, I was on call on Tuesday. Here, call runs from 8am to 8am. So, 8am on Wednesday, my call was done....and boy oh boy, that call was maaaad. Reasonable people will naturally go enjoy some healthy rest (off) after working for 24 hours straight...but legend has it that medical elders are hardly reasonable, so they create impossible schedules for their people.

So, Wednesday, na our theatre day.... usually busy. I remained at work until it was almost 9pm!

Thursday and Friday were fuuuuullll days...guess what? I was back on call on Saturday! Weekend call: Saturday, 8am to Monday, 8am. Another crazy call...was even administering chemotherapy alongside.

Monday 8am, after the hectic call, we went to rest....hahahaha..scratch that! We proceeded to the clinic...another full day...and Tuesday, back to another 24-hour call... apparently my unit is on call every Tuesday.

I'm still recovering from this crazy schedule.

Our practice is a risk factor of many of the diseases we are trying to treat: depression, major anxiety disorder, schizophrenia, hypertension, diabetes, all sorts of infectious conditions, stroke, UTI, haemorrhoids, chronic waist pain, peripheral vascular diseases, PUD, obesity, kidney diseases, erectile dysfunction, malignancies...the list is endless...and if anyone engages me, I can prove how our work can cause the above diseases and more!

So, chief, I understand what you went through.

Ca va aller.


Health / Re: Prince Ovwiomodiowho Accuses R-Jolad Hospital In Death Of Pregnant Wife, Son by TONYE001(m): 7:50am On Jun 06

That's not what you do. Rupture of membrane is not an indication for CS. You still have amniotic fluid remaining after rupture don't think if rupture of membrane occurs all fluid is gone. Following premature rupture of membrane (PROM) you can either actively manage by inducing or expectantly manage by waiting for contractions to start by while ensuring feto maternal vital signs monitoring and intervening when contractions don't start after some specified time. CS is for obstetric indication. In her situation as a jehova witness, CS will usually be for obstetric indication unless the couple wants it. In all careful counselling is key as you have to explain the pros and cons for each procedure for the couple to make an informed decision.
It's a sad one. My only problem is was there really uterine hyperstimulation and was there suspected fetal distress? Was a diagnosis of uterine rupture made inside the theater?

There may have been uterine hyperstimulation...as for foetal distress, this was certainly the case. That neonate was distressed...if for nothing, because his/her descent was obstructed down the outlet + the uterine rupture that may have also been the case.

Another way to look at it. If I had a JW under my management, and her baby's EFW is 3.9, if I do not know the EFW of her first confinement (very unlikely sha), and her contractions have been inadequate like this... despite the initial use of misoprostol, and I know they won't receive transfusion...I'm going to have a VERY LOW THRESHOLD for CS....

While you and I know patients' stories are never 100% accurate, this one here is already suggestive of a whole lot of things....though the man is not being realistic.

For example, how many centres in this country (tertiary centres inclusive) use pumps for oxytocin drip? Most of us depend on gravity...but with a CAREFULLY controlled drop rate.

Here at my centre, we don do plenty procedures for JW... without blood..but them get blood substitute sha.

Another thing I'm suspecting is that the chief of the centre may not have been well informed about the progress of the case. This is why I no dey play with vertical passage of information.

It's a sad event, highly preventable...but let's just wait for the hospital's response.

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Health / Re: Prince Ovwiomodiowho Accuses R-Jolad Hospital In Death Of Pregnant Wife, Son by TONYE001(m): 7:04am On Jun 06

I had a CS without blood transfusion even though my PCV was running low towards the end of the pregnancy. From the disturbing photo of the blood stained OR floor, it's obvious the doctors botched the surgery and they need to explain what led to that level of blood loss.

That level of blood loss is most likely due to uterine rupture...not botched surgery.


Health / Re: Prince Ovwiomodiowho Accuses R-Jolad Hospital In Death Of Pregnant Wife, Son by TONYE001(m): 12:47am On Jun 06
Recently Jehovah witness and their plenty drama was discussed here. This man literarily murdered his wife and son cos if the hospital had offered CS delivery ab initio when the labour was getting difficult he wod hav refused since u can't conduct emergency CS without blood transfusion. Sorry for ur loss Oga, I doubt if u hav a case sha cos ur telling Dr what you want and nit want due to your religious inclinations caused all of this

You CAN conduct EmCS without blood transfusion.

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Education / Re: Anambra: WAEC Candidates Disguise As Water Fetchers To Beat Sit-at-home Enforcer by TONYE001(m): 8:42pm On May 30

Useless story from ewe-du creeks.. Then how did his teachers and invigilators disguise themselves to make it to school? Maybe they disguised as borehole drillers since the boy left with bucket on his head, nonsense.

I'm a doctor practicing in a federal hospital in the SE.

The hospital was dry today, clinics did not run. Some consultants could not make it to the wards to see their patients. Some surgeries did not hold.

There has to be a better approach to things like this...forcing everyone to be home is against our basic rights as humans... How about making it a SE public holiday or something...but allowing people walk about and do their businesses?

How about organizing sessions to honour your people and all?

There has to be a better way sha..


Politics / Re: Hajj: Abiodun Pays Ogun Muslim Pilgrims N119 Million Travel Allowance by TONYE001(m): 1:54pm On May 23
the pain of this news goes directly to IPOBidients

But what has this got to do with IPOB?

Question is, is it smart for our leaders to spend this amount of money for religious issues....whether Christian or Muslim?

To what end? Does going to Israel or Mecca make anyone holier? Will this journey (and that of Christian's pilgrimage) solve any of Nigeria's problems?

Come on na...
Foreign Affairs / Re: Peru Classifies Transgender, Nonbinary And Intersex People As ‘Mentally Ill' by TONYE001(m): 7:47am On May 16
It's always the poor countries always using sexual minorities to flex their muscle, instead focusing on getting their nations on par with other countries. Misplaced priorities every single time

This priority is certainly not misplaced.

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Travel / Re: I Spent 2 Months On Road To Libya — Anambra Lady Trafficked By Facebook Friend by TONYE001(m): 5:34am On May 14
All because of bad government of APC.

Most Nigerians will gladly agree to travel to Yemen to live than be roasted by hunger as the clueless government continues to experiment with human lives.

Oga, people have been going through this right from the beginning of time....even when PDP was in power.

If PO had won, people would still go through this.

There are victims in the USA and other first-world societies that are smuggled into prostitution.

Stop this party nonsense.

Election don pass, let's all wait for another election.

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Travel / Re: Video Of Lagosians Being Arrested For Failing To Use A Pedestrian Bridge by TONYE001(m): 8:08pm On Apr 21
Very bautiful.


Politics / Re: The Moment Soldiers Were Ambushed By Bandits In The North West. (Video) by TONYE001(m): 5:39pm On Apr 19
The army commander just enjoy hearing the sound of gunshot. If I was commanding that army, I won't even be shouting all those unnecessary shout talk less of shooting aimlessly. Every shot must be accompanied by a dead terrorist.
I know its not easy sha. God protect them

Reality and Hollywood dey different sha.

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Health / The Doctor Consoles, But Who Consoles The Doctor? by TONYE001(m): 3:45pm On Mar 24
Oh well, the topic of this thread easily gives away its content.

I once had a patient whom I was very close to. Extremely close to. Will call him Mr. S, he was a young boy who we managed for type I diabetes and extensive Fournier's gangrene.

S and I were close, in fact, ours was beyond the typical doctor-patient relationship. Even when I was off duty, S would ring me for one issue or the other and I would appear in the ward to sort him out. Was pretty close to his mother and siblings too.

During the course of S's admission, he was transfused a number of times. His condition also requires steady antibiotics therapy and the meds were expensive. Of course, financial constraints became an issue. One time, they couldn't provide blood as they had run out of donors and finances for transfusion. I donated a unit of blood to S.

As a doctor, I knew S's condition was fast depreciating. He had become septic, his vital signs were screaming for urgent attention. He had an extensive collection of abscess in his urogenital region, thighs, and abdomen. He had become cachectic.

Despite these, his family remained entirely positive and very supportive. His mum never gave up. His elder brother was running around for funds and materials for his treatment. His sisters were always beside him, they never left his sight.

I was later moved to another unit but this didn't affect my relationship with S. I still found time to visit him and talk. One time, he told me, "doc, when this is all over, you and I will hang out and catch some fun."

This statement shot a beam of shivers down my spine. I knew his chances were minimal. I only gave a smile and reassured him.

Sometimes, I discuss about God with S and he was pretty happy to hold such discussions with me.

One night, or early morning, I got a call. 2/3am. It was S's mum. He had stopped breathing.

I dashed to the ward. Saw his motionless body lie in absolute peace, his eyes closed like he was having a satisfying sleep. For some reason, the sight of S's body gave me an impression of a prison whose door had been destroyed by the inmate who had gone on to enjoy complete freedom.

S, my dear friend and brother, was no more. His soul couldn't be recalled by the ressuscitative efforts of the workers on duty.

S, my dear friend and brother, was gone, he was free at last from the pains of the flesh.

When the mother saw me, it seemed she suddenly found strength to fuel her cries. She screamed and hugged me. His sisters sat beside him, their shoulders fallen. Other patients sat on their beds watching and absorbing the episode.

I held the mother and consoled her. I spoke the little Igbo I could. The nurses were also there. We all consoled the family.

As I left to my room, I could feel an ache expand in my heart's core. I felt the arteries in my head pulsate. I was shattered. Broken. I felt like screaming on the top of my voice.

But I'm a medical doctor, and I should be a super man. I maintained my calm and returned to my apartment.

The doctor consoles, but who consoles the doctor?

I'm still in communication with S's family. I recall they invited me to his burial but I couldn't make it, work didn't let me.

I know I'm supposed to maintain my limits while providing care to patients. Professional limits, that is. But right from medschool, I knew this was going to be a problem. I personalize things a lot. If I pick up a task, I'm easily dedicated and immersed in it. I don't see my patients as patients. I see them as humans - fathers, mothers, sons, daughters. I know that life is a weird complex, and tables can turn in an instant. A good number of my patients have invited me to their houses or events (mostly thanksgiving ceremony in their churches after discharge)... though I've not been able to honour any.

Because I am quite close to them, if I lose any, it hits me real hard.

I know I'm not the only one going through this. There are many doctors like me. I know of a consultant cardiologist who broke down when he lost a patient. That day, he called me and we were on phone for over 10 minutes. This man has got over 30 years of work years up his sleeves. I know of colleagues that cry when they lose their patients. Some just shutdown.

Society should understand that doctors are humans. Our work exposes us to hundreds of traumatic experiences that we stand at risk of coming down with a major depressive disorder. One study found that the rate of depression among physicians is as high as 29%. Other studies project much higher figures.

Not many doctors would want to talk about this. Perhaps, this may be because they want to protect their images or something. Oh well....

Maybe I should ask my colleagues, all healthcare providers, not just doctors...how do you cope with devastating treatment outcomes?

Cc: Dominique, Sissy3, Seun

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Education / Re: The medical students and aspirants thread by TONYE001(m): 9:56pm On Jan 23
Wow! I've just seen your diaries and I found 'em enthralling, engrossing and quite a pleasure to read. Welldone! Keep it up, boss.

Thank you very much, doc, for your kind review.

Glad you enjoyed reading my story.


Education / Re: The medical students and aspirants thread by TONYE001(m): 9:48pm On Jan 21
SIRS, sepsis, severe sepsis, septic shock.

You must have heard of the above terms at some point in your training.

I'm currently working on a video where I'll be discussing the sepsis spectrum.

Please, follow my channel on YouTube if this video will benefit you.

Kindly subscribe to the channel, please, if you're interested in similar content.


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Education / Re: The medical students and aspirants thread by TONYE001(m): 9:38pm On Jan 21
greetings doc. Amen

I am extremely grateful sir, i sincerely commend you. I am looking forward to your tutelage cus i don`t know where to commence from with respect to anatomy, physiology and biochemistry cus the workload is extremely much
Sir, please with all due respect; i will love to have your whatsapp contact.

Once again, congratulations, doc.

I'll advise you follow your senior colleagues closely. They're the best source of guidance...those in Year 2 in your school...meet them and find out how they maneuvred through your current class.

Start your work early, and be dedicated. Low times may come, true, but prepare for them and maintain your focus.

Be quick to ask questions whenever you're not sure about anything, be humble, very humble, in fact. Review your past questions, if possible, multiple times before your exams.

Above all, if you believe in God, hold Him closely.

Stay clean, please. Don't get involved in shady businesses.

May God perfect everything for you ajdnyoir colleagues.

You can send a mail, please. I'll respond once I see it.


Education / Re: The medical students and aspirants thread by TONYE001(m): 10:10am On Jan 17
Greetings medics. Glory be to God. finally with all the struggles, huddles, burning mid night candles, prayers, fasting and smart/hardwork. i just got admitted officialy via direct entry to study medicine and surgery at the University of Jos. My joy knows no bound, this z really what i dreamed of after several jamb attempts. Wrote jamb three times got several admission from diff sch to study nursing science, i scrapped the admission and again UNIZIK gave me admission to study HUMAN PHYSIOLOGY which i accepted. After resuming with them and attending inumerable lectures even after paying an acceptance fees #62k, i withdrawn and stoped coming to sch. I did crazy things just bc of med and now God has finally done it for me

Congratulations, doctor.

This is a wonderful piece of news to start the day with.

May you have a perfect path through medschool.

Best wishes, sir.

Education / Re: The medical students and aspirants thread by TONYE001(m): 8:45am On Jan 16
Are you a final-year medical student?

Did you just graduate from medical school?

Are you in the process of picking a centre for your house job?

In this video, you'll find the stories of six house officers currently working in different centres across Nigeria.

Their stories may help you make your choice.

Please, remember to like, share, comment, and subscribe.

Merci beaucoup, mes gars.



Health / Re: Share Your Experience With An Incompetent Doctor. by TONYE001(m): 12:09pm On Dec 10, 2023
I have heard the saying that "[i]the doctors know bette[/i]r", but it is not always the truth.. I have encountered terrible and poorly trained doctors. I will cite 2 scenarios.
1. About a decade ago, my uncle who had been having feverish feeling woke up one morning with blood stains in his eyes. I was assigned to take him to a popular church hospital, somewhere in Oloosha mushin. On getting there, the doctor on duty examined him and concluded we had to start eye treatment, that the eye must have been injured. He asked if d man ever had any thing hit him in the eye, and the man answered no, yet the fùfú doctor insisted we must commence eye treatment. Anyway we left because their fee were too high.
We then went to Mushin Local Govt Community hospital in Palm Avenue. The doctor on seat was a graduate of OAU, whom I knew earlier in the neighbourhood. We exchanged pleasantries and he started diagnosis on my uncle. Guess what, after the excellent diagnosis, he deduced that the man's BP rose so much and his veins (including the one in d eyeball bursted). We starred BP treatment, and to God's glory, the man's health was stabilised and his eyes were clear in a short time.

2. M The second one happened in 2019, to my church member who was down with fever. He was in a community hospital around Ayobo, Lagos, and the female doctor knew he needed urgent malaria treatment, so she ordered us to take him to the general hospital somewhere in Alimosho. On getting to d general hospital, the doctor on duty refused to attend to him. In fact we saw the doctor a few meters away discussing with a lady. When I saw the situation of the brother, I picked him and we went to join the doctor, and he grudgingly disengaged d lady.
The diagnosis started and the doctor said "I saw u when u guys came in, u were staggering. Tell me the truth, do use any drugs? ". The young man answered *no*. Then the doctor responded, "u are not ready to be helped".
The young patient brought out his cellphone and said "sir I saw it online that when malaria parasites cumulative so much in d blood stream, they can block the blood vessels supplying the brain, thus affecting balance, memory and so on". The young man is not even anything near a medical professional. He was a struggling graduate, trying to explore computer programming career.
The doctor felt so embarrassed and answered "aren't u a Christian? Are u supposed to believe such....", in an attempt to cover for his failure. Then he wrote something in a paper and gave me, asked me to take it to d pharmacy. It was MALARIA injection that was written there. I bought it and he directed us to somewhere nurses were, and the young man was given d injection, and we also bought malaria medications on the counter, and to cut long story short, the young man recovered.

Always consult Google any time you are with these so called "doctors'. . Most of the people we call doctors nowadays are young children who weren't smart enough to pass jamb, and their parents used alternative admission routes to help them study Medicine.
Moral of my epistle: The doctors don't always know better.

Your conclusion is horrible, to say the least.

How you arrived at this conclusion from 2 unverifiable experiences is marvelling.

Well done.


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