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Phones / Re: Gionee King Kong For Sale, Plus A Free Charger ,port Harcourt Residents Only by Tonymike(m): 7:38pm On Mar 13, 2019
Pls include pix and more of the specks if u are really serious in selling
are u interested?
Phones / Gionee King Kong For Sale, Plus A Free Charger ,port Harcourt Residents Only by Tonymike(m): 12:09pm On Mar 13, 2019
Ram 3gb, ROM 16gb, battery 4000mah
Romance / Re: Time And Time Again(throwback) by Tonymike(m): 4:17pm On Mar 10, 2018
What has romance got to do with politics? "DrinkLimca"
Romance / Re: Time And Time Again(throwback) by Tonymike(m): 4:15pm On Mar 10, 2018

what is wrong with this one?

we are talking about how buhari will leave office next year,, you are talking about telemundo..

e be like say, hunger never catch you..
i can see how limca have really made you stupid.
Romance / Time And Time Again(throwback) by Tonymike(m): 6:49pm On Mar 02, 2018
Take me back to the time when my tears only comes from laughing.
Back to the time when it wasnt just me but us, me and you against the world,
To the moment when for the first time i wasn't afraid to love, when you were my silence in this mayhem of a life, to the time when we both believe in happy ever after, when we always find a way to forgive each other.
Back to that time when i was your very first thought in the morning and your last at nightfall,
when there is no limit to how hard we're grinding together,
back to the moment when all you wanted to be was mine and i yours, when we both shared the same dreams,
to the time when this bed used to be our paradise and not a warzone, when this prison cell used to be a shelter, when you lived for me and i for you.
Take me back to the time when life/living means you and i.
Education / EXTORTION&MALNUTRITION At NYSC Orientation Camp Niger State Paiko. by Tonymike(m): 10:23pm On Nov 25, 2017
Somebody please correct me if am wrong.
I thought sufficient funds are being allocated to NYSC camps for convienient orientation process, i still cant understand why the NYSC officials in Niger state are feeding corpers like prisoners in kuje prison or kiri Kiri, sometimes they give corpers bread and stew as breakfast, and most times food without meat
Banks on the other hand are making things worst by requesting down payment from corpers within the camp before opening an account, banks like Ecobank(2100k) UBA(1500)Unity bank(1600) etc.
Even if you go to the mammy market to get stuffs for yourself the price are being inflatted, a plastic bucket costs #450, plate of food, #300, water can which you can get for #500 outside the camp goes for #1000k within the camp there is relatively 40% increase in the price of goods within the camp.
The toilets and bathroom are messed up, there are no proper infrastructures/amenities put in place.
A lot of things are going wrong within the NYSC ORIENTATION camp paiko Niger state and no one seem to be doing something about it, this hygenically and morally unfair.
And after going through hell within the camp the Niger state government will still refuse to pay state monthly allowance to corps members, tell me why wont corp members seek redeployment when being posted to Niger state?
Romance / Hidden Truth And Facts by Tonymike(m): 9:26pm On Nov 13, 2017
Asking a girl to stay with you when you are broke is like asking a child to endure hunger, the odds are 5000/1. Just because you found the one you think is the perfect woman for urself when you are financially bouyant does not make the woman who left you when you are broke the wrong one.
Women are like projects, in which you need money for proper execution. guys sometimes standing up in life comes after being turned down, stood up,disappointed or being dumped by that woman/girl you love dearly, or you think only women get dumped? But in all this never forget the one who loved you when love was the only thing you had to give.
Romance / Re: BULLSHIT: Falling In Love Isnt A One Time Event. by Tonymike(m): 5:51pm On Jul 05, 2017

Exactly! I think love is the most hyped feeling in the world... personally, i think love is only a happy thing when the feeling is mutual(50-50)... anything other than that is a step away from sadness sad


being in love is one thing , but being in love alone is a death sentence.
Romance / Re: Best Be Alone Than Unhappy. by Tonymike(m): 11:33am On Jul 05, 2017
Guy above me, move what to front page? undecided As for the OP am glad u finally realized yourself after series of betrayals but know that no man is an island. Learn frm your mistakes and avoid making them again.
who told you one man can not be an island in this circumstance, No limit bro.
And besides why do people think you are talking about your life story when you create a topic about relationship.
Whats with this OP of a thing. Meaning please
Romance / Re: THE DANGERS Telemundo/telenova, Zeeworld.... Pose To Nigerian Ladies. by Tonymike(m): 10:11am On Jul 05, 2017
my brother's why are you afraid! it's just an era soon it will fade let them continue watching Time will surely catch up with them(good or in a bad way)
Bro we are just sounding out warning to those who care to heed.
And remember these ladies are our sisters, wives, mothers. So if we do not take care of them, who will?
Romance / Re: THE DANGERS Telemundo/telenova, Zeeworld.... Pose To Nigerian Ladies. by Tonymike(m): 9:09am On Jul 02, 2017
Anybody who doesn't know that a movie is a description of what happens in a fantasy world is dumb.

Actors like Brad Pitt would have had perfect families if they were half as romantic as they were in their movies.
Ladies this days can not distinguish between fantasy and reality.
Romance / THE DANGERS Telemundo/telenova, Zeeworld.... Pose To Nigerian Ladies. by Tonymike(m): 8:03am On Jul 02, 2017
I mean no disrespect but the truth is that, Nigerian ladies have
been completely
brainwashed by this
ZeeWorld and korean love series.
She now expects her man to do things for her exactly the
same way Alejandro did
for camila,
bow down before
her same way Rahul
did for priya and
jump down from ten story building just to pick a phone which fell from her hand like mi choen yung did for
si ming.
Those are what
now appeal to her as
the quality of a true
If you are in this category please recieve sense in the name of whatever you worship.
Please my sisters do not get carried
away by what this
philipino, indians and
koreans do and act, even if you
get carried away please
find your way back sharp! sharp!
Because no 9ja
man will do such, not
because he can not,would not or do not want to, but because of there are
ethnic, traditional,
environmental and
societal differences
when compared to the
It would be of great importance for you to note that there are some practices which are
applicable in their
society which are
abominable in ours.
Some have taken this
madness to another
level, i now see some
women owning
collections of Sari
(saree) all in effort to look like
priya , laali or
Dear ladies a Nigerian man must not love you like the philipines do or prophess his love through music like the indians do, neither will he express it through karate like the koreans do.
He can only love you the african way, because thats the only way he knows how to love you best.
So as a woman you should not let what you think is right corrupt your knowledge of
what you know is right.
Its like you ladies will start importing boyfriends and husbands from korea, india and philipino soon.
I have said my own criticize me if you do not have anything important to do.
Romance / Re: BULLSHIT: Falling In Love Isnt A One Time Event. by Tonymike(m): 9:49am On Jun 30, 2017

"it has been proven" by who?? Cupid
Brown biko help me ask the love professor.
Romance / Re: BULLSHIT: Falling In Love Isnt A One Time Event. by Tonymike(m): 9:43am On Jun 30, 2017

I wish.
bro , i have come to learn the hard way,
¤Dont force your way through love,
¤Let everything play out while u watch,
¤Dont take any woman to seriously jst make all of them casual.
And you will be surprised how love will come looking for you with a lot of options/alternatives.
The funny thing about this thing called love is dat it comes when you aint even looking.

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Romance / Re: BULLSHIT: Falling In Love Isnt A One Time Event. by Tonymike(m): 9:33am On Jun 30, 2017
Another baseless assumption!

It has been proven that you can actually "only" fall in love once, Whatever you share before/after that is simply "soothing convenience" not love.
you are entitled to your opinion just as i am to mine.
Romance / Re: BULLSHIT: Falling In Love Isnt A One Time Event. by Tonymike(m): 5:20pm On Jun 29, 2017
Fell in love first time. She died. Fell in love second time. She cheated and lied. Fell in love the third time. She denied.
I'm out of tries. I'm done with goodbyes. Love is a fantasy girls feed to guys.
i hope this aint real bro. Tell me this a poem?
Romance / BULLSHIT: Falling In Love Isnt A One Time Event. by Tonymike(m): 7:47am On Jun 29, 2017
We constantly make that mistake of believing that there is only one person meant for us, yes it might be true, although i strongly disagree, but that doesnt change the fact that there are also lots of people dying to be with you even at your worst when you think that you are not worth it.
Some say that we only fall in love once in a life time, but i say that we fall in love as many times as we can in our life time.
The fact that you fell deeply in love with the wrong person, does not mean dat you cant fall in love with the right person profoundly.
Do you concur?
Romance / Best Be Alone Than Unhappy. by Tonymike(m): 10:42pm On Jun 20, 2017
Ever since i got to know my worth i stopped being available to those who didnt value my time.
I stopped giving my 100% to those who wouldnt give back 100%.
I stopped wearing my heart out to those who would never fall, i had to let go off feelings which i have for those who wouldnt reciprocate and in all i got tired of giving my all to people who i thought were special and got nothing in return.
Ever since i got to know my worth, i only give my 100% to me.
I feel less because i have got little or no attachments at all.
I wear my heart out to no one i just soliloquize.
I give my all to me because in the end its just me, myself and i, and i know i sure got me for life.
So i would rather be alone than unhappy now i know my worth.
What are you worth?

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Sports / Re: Nigeria Vs Togo International Friendly Thursday 1st June 2017 by Tonymike(m): 11:24am On Jun 01, 2017
The Guy above, must you quote before you comment?
must you pick on people?
Romance / Re: Friend-zoned: Meaning And Solution. by Tonymike(m): 8:50am On Jun 01, 2017
Respect is being earned, stupidity on the other hand is free of charge.
Romance / Friend-zoned: Meaning And Solution. by Tonymike(m): 8:19am On Jun 01, 2017
Being friend-zoned by a female is like a relationship purgatory, i might have been friend-zoned by a lady in the past but i can never be that anymore, or atleast i havent been or choose not to be friend-zoned for a while. LOL
Basically here, they would just tell you things they wouldnt normally tell their love interes. Thus, referring to the fact you will not be more than a friend to them.
You might think you're just biding your time, but the longer you wait, and the more you get to know her in a friend- type way, the more you risk ending up in her friend zone for life.
It’s not your job to listen to her guy problems, she has girlfriends and guys who actually are just friends for that. If you find yourself in the role of therapist thinking you’re going to get in her pants, you’re not only in the friend zone, you’re in the free therapy zone and no woman wants to have sex with her therapist who knows all of her neuroses.
Do not be the recipient of all her neuroses and mistake that for intimacy..
Dont settle for less than you want or deserve because if its one sided, and you are the only one participating she wont respect you and you are in dead water.
Its as simple as this, if you ask her out, she will say yes or no, if she says yes, you win, if she says no you still win because you have been given the opportumity to stop wasting your time on someone who's not interested so take a walk out of her life for your own good to avoid being in the friendzone.
Clarity is a gift, fear is not.
Romance / THE PLAQUE by Tonymike(m): 9:26am On May 30, 2017
Behind every serially heartbroken guy/girl there is always that one person who's been around longer than you can remember.
They are those who we have tagged as "just a friend"
they know your in and out without you needing to take off ur clothes 4 them to see it.
They are just like a plaque on the wall of ur room, they listen to all our boring stories and know the end to every joke you make and still laugh about it just so they can see us smile.
When they smile their love 4 us is written in their eyes.
When things go wrong in our relationship, a piece of advice from them and our relationship is back to normal,
and even when that stupid girl/guy breaks your heart they are always there to stitch it up by their words of advice and encouragement.
To you they are best friend, the brother/sister we never had but to them you are the love they never had.
Just like plaque on the wall of ur room they are different in appearance but similar in characteristics, what they feel for us they cant say but its written all over them but we just dont see it. Cos we keep waiting and waiting and waiting.
Waiting for the one that never comes.

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