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Foreign Affairs / Re: War In Ukraine Is Getting Complicated And America Is Not Ready - New York Times by Vicotex(m): 10:34pm On May 21

Not only that, China is drastically reducing their foreign reserves with over 2trillion in their reserves
To my clear understanding this article is calling on Mr Biden to come clear with its ambition which Biden and NATO is scared of due to RUSSIA possession of ballistic missile and Nuclear war heads, if not they would have declared a full alliance fledged war on Russia for its aggression, cause together they have more firepower, which might cause a power change in Russia if it’s people and people in government revolt against Putin, so their other option is a proxy and economic war, which isn’t going too well due to the inflation and high energy cost hitting Europe and USA with US not far from slipping into recession , so it’s either they call it a truce or everybody go in full fledged war and leave the rest for the Russia population to revolt against Putin, cause with what the west seems to be doing is dividing Europe more cause they is no way the Ukrainian military force can accomplish this task alone, with intelligence, firepower, manpower and financial might, which most European countries can not compare to Russia

The only thing Russia lacks behind when compared to countries like China and USA is its Economy, it’s Economy is smaller than that of Germany or even Japan
Absolutely right, what they lack in economy, they have it abundantly in their military.
Well its doctrine.
Only ally Russia has is it's Military, that's why they don't joke with them.

They've been invaded by the so call west several times, so they don't want that to happen again
Foreign Affairs / Re: Russia To Help Belarus Build Missiles – Lukashenko by Vicotex(m): 10:59am On May 13

Russia is destabilizing eastern Europe.
Listen to yourself
Foreign Affairs / Re: Russia To Help Belarus Build Missiles – Lukashenko by Vicotex(m): 3:00pm On May 11
russia it’self is not even armed to the teeth.. apart from rustic Soviet era nuclear armaments; what else ?
Go and invade them na


Foreign Affairs / Re: Russia To Help Belarus Build Missiles – Lukashenko by Vicotex(m): 3:00pm On May 11
Militarization of eastern Europe is not good for Russis. It will be like middle east with protracted crisis.
Your master, US and Nato made M/E a war thorn region.
If east Europe don't want to coexist peacefully with Russia, then there's nothing bad with Russia arming Belarus.
US has been arming poland and Ukraine for years, yet you never came out to point that out.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Russia Plans To Annex Parts Of Eastern Ukraine - Picture by Vicotex(m): 1:08pm On May 04

If mr A is a killer. Mr B should also be a killer based on your logic.
I am not aware of any territorial expansion by USA in 20th century. USA got independence from British empire in 18th century. America civil war was in 19th century.
You and double standard be like bread and beans.
It's OK and democratic if it's done by US and it's cronies but very bad and undemocratic.

Uselessness dey flow all over your head

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Ukraine Are Truly Suffering At The Hands Of Russia by Vicotex(m): 7:51pm On May 01

Russia risks being isolation economical if she looses the war and it will take her time to rebuild her military. There is possibility that the two countries will regret allow the war to occur. Zelenszky made a great mistake by allowing the West to push him into war with Russia and Russia should not have invaded if she knew that the West will interfer to this degree. Ukraine is massively getting weapon from them. Even, the almighty US will loose this war.

Russian build up troops at the border were doing a great job before the war. Ukrane was loosing economically and if they had kept the pressure to this time, Zelenszky would have given Russia what she wanted.
Na only God know where be your source of information, Russia can never be isolated, never.
Russia is a Regional power and that's a fact, isolation na only CNN bullshit.
Same poland wey boycott Russia gas turn 360 go dey buy the same Russia gas from Germany.

Russia halts fertilzer to most countries including US, check US inflation rate.
Abeg no dey repeat western sourced news as information here.
Them go make you believe say international communities isolate Russia, who be the international community if you ask me? Collective west, nations numbering upto 30, isolate Russia and watch your economy crumble. Ask Germany and France. Nobody get monopoly over violence and economic blockade

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Serbia Promises Decision On Russia Sanctions by Vicotex(m): 8:20pm On Apr 30
Serbia must turn against Russia by fire by force.We must comand Serbia to align with us.The US must comand virtually every country, dominate and promote their ideology everywhere.


Foreign Affairs / Re: Anyone Who Sows Distrust In The US Govt Is Being Labeled As Terrorist Threat by Vicotex(m): 2:37pm On Apr 29
What is democracy if not stifling of dissenting voices?!

If I tell you say democracy na scam you no go believe.
Hitler was elected democratically.
What happened to all the German war criminals during the end of ww2? They became free men under the US.
The US is the heir to nazi's white supremacy ideology, that's why you see them backing neo nazi's.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Iran Ramps Up Oil Exports As China Pulls Back On Russian Crude by Vicotex(m): 2:22pm On Apr 29
Ignorance, China doesn't buy much of Russia gas to begin with, so this news is stale.
Iran, Saudi are thier major suppliers
Celebrities / Re: Yul Edochie's Second Wife, Judy Hails His First Wife, May (Photo) by Vicotex(m): 1:25pm On Apr 29
doggy or missionary?
Celebrities / Re: Yul Edochie's Second Wife, Judy Hails His First Wife, May (Photo) by Vicotex(m): 5:56pm On Apr 28
That second wife thick sha.
My type wink

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Putin’s Ukraine Invasion Is About Energy And Natural Resources by Vicotex(m): 6:12am On Apr 28
Nazi Army invaded USSR/ Stalingrad because of oil. Red Army defended Staligrand by turning soldiers to cannon fodders. Ukraine-Russia war is likely to be prolonged because of what it is involved-oil and gas money.
There is a possibility it will lead to a brief or mini world war.
those regions were never part of Ukraine to begin with.
they were given to ukraine during the soviet times and Russia empire time.
the real owners are here to take whats theirs as ukraine begin dey fall out of line

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Britain Says Ukraine Controls Majority Of Its Airspace by Vicotex(m): 6:06am On Apr 28
Britains dey live for alternate reality
Foreign Affairs / Re: Russia Has Weapons No Other Nation Has. Will Swiftly Use Them If Needed - Putin by Vicotex(m): 8:03pm On Apr 27
Power corrupts

Democracy tends to decentralize power and prevents one individual wielding too much power.

tell that to US and your free world europeans.
If you price you must pay
Foreign Affairs / Re: Russia Finally Gives Reason For Invasion Of Ukraine by Vicotex(m): 5:43pm On Apr 25
Na today Putin declare his intentions to conduct special military operations?
Niqqas trying to get a grasp of straw
Foreign Affairs / Re: Ukraine Is Losing Heavily From Conflict With Russia by Vicotex(m): 1:09pm On Apr 25
the west will rebuild Ukraine when the war is over, Russia on the other hand will suffer immensely from economic sanctions for decades
Remember how the west rebuilt Serbia, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan?
Russian has been living under sanctions since 2014 and they're still growing stronger.

Go one side go console yourself with some CNN propaganda

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Ukraine Repels Russian Attack In The East, Kills 20 Russian Soldiers- Video by Vicotex(m): 8:30am On Apr 23

Bros are you sure Russia is ready to drag this War for years with NATO ?

If this War continues like this, Putin's Russia would be badly hit.....

His Financial War chest would be depleted given the sanctions from the west....

Las las na nuclear weapons the guy go resort to ..... Just to try and end the matter because he would not accept defeat...

His defence minister is already accusing the West of prolonging the war by supplying arms to Ukraine.....

Why is he complaining ?..... He should have expected that to happen..

Could it be that he was not planning and not ready for a prolonged war ?

The West is ready to make sure that Putin spends 20 years in Ukraine with a depleted war chest and a very weak economy.

I believe the Russians have seen the game plan of the Western nations and Putin should not fall for it this time around....


These guys on both sides should swallow their pride and get back to the negotiation table in Turkey.

Have you been sleeping under rock since the past several months?
which war chest? the one wey dem freeze abi another one wey i no know about?

una go just open una mouth wahh spewing shits from CNN.

withouth the War chest russia is still manhandling ukraine like a child
Foreign Affairs / Re: Growing Number Of Kremlin Insiders Question Putin's War In Ukraine by Vicotex(m): 8:26am On Apr 23
since when US media outlet come know in and out of the Kremlin?
Foreign Affairs / Re: Jubilation: 'mariupol Captured' Says Russia. by Vicotex(m): 4:27pm On Apr 21

It is only an evil enemy that will totally destroy a city in order to capture it. It is only a caveman that sees war as ludo game. No party actually wins war. All parties are losers. 40% of mauripol residents are either Russian speakers or native Russia. They are victims of the fellow Russians.
so mauripol residents are no longer anti russia?
your mumu no too much?

GTFOH with your goal shifting narratives.
i remembered vividly during the early days of the war, you and FERNADEZISBACK claimed those regions has always been ukrainian, it was stalin whom imported russians there to russify those lands, MSM don eat deep inside your brain, come here dey distort histroy
Foreign Affairs / Re: Western ‘economic Blitzkrieg’ Has Failed – Putin by Vicotex(m): 9:51am On Apr 20

which big boys... mention them
All the countries wey una don dey beg up and down for Russia alternative
Foreign Affairs / Re: Western ‘economic Blitzkrieg’ Has Failed – Putin by Vicotex(m): 9:53pm On Apr 19

Hurt the dollar? Giving rise to China?

is there a group you guys learn all these from? cause it's very funny.

wait do you think oil and gas is the only commodity that they sell internationally?

Even the oil sef, the benchmark for oil is Brent oil, guess which country owns that?
Majority of the OPEC countries sell theirs in dollars.

Majority of other commodities are sold in dollars.

You guys are lacking both in international politics and now international trades. Gosh, I'd hate to be you guys
when the big boys in opec don say dem no dey use dollars again?

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Ukraine: Azovstal Nuclear Bomb Shelter by Vicotex(m): 9:38pm On Apr 19
no amount of bombs can eliminate azovstal. that place is real fortress
Baseless Hyping don start again.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Russia Central Bank Struggling To Find Foreign Currency Options! by Vicotex(m): 9:35pm On Apr 19
For sure, but most assuredly Russian economy will be crippled.
thats what you lots have been saying since january, yet nothing changes, instead the west is feeling the heat the most.
Winter is coming and it's going to be a long one.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: The Russia-ukraine War Provides An Opportunity To Reform The UN by Vicotex(m): 9:29pm On Apr 19
ahahahahahahah, just their silly oponion.
when they can't upress you with their numerical advantage, the'll try to use other means.
30 nations gang up against one country lol, Putin is coming for y'all!


Foreign Affairs / Re: Russian Forces Capture First City In Battle For Donbas by Vicotex(m): 9:24pm On Apr 19
niqqas don drop kids glove to unload wrath on these nazis.
i thought the west MSM and Nairaland armchair war analyst said that Russia was out of ammunition and have logistics problem and ukraine is winning?
well, whats happening on ground is the total opposite!

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Foreign Affairs / Re: US Army Using Lessons From Ukraine War To Aid Own Training by Vicotex(m): 8:18pm On Apr 18
I'm telling you. There are some things I've learned in this war, which I think everyone should also take home.

Long term threats can become a reality someday so, its pertinent that every nation prepares well ahead... e.g, boko haram insurgency as seen today. My inlaws fled Zaria early 80s for Lagos as a result of this islamist extremism. He said as far back as late 70s, they've been threatening to attack other places, including our military base and had been repelled a couple of times at Jaji. Nigerian government didn't prepare ahead, so unfortunate. There's a group called maitasins in borno who were also killing people with knife. They underestimated their activities, especially when same buhari was their governor. He couldn't do much to neutralise them. Now, they're disturbing Nigeria's peace.

Nothing is sovereign anymore when it comes to war. Cameroon nearby, if she's got the guts can challenge and invade Nigeria anyday.

Don't underestimate any country as you don't know how much they've prepared too.

Communication in time of war is very important to troops. This is lacking in the Russian camp and it makes them more vulnerable to attacks

You still dey believe this propaganda from CNN?
I thought they said Russia was out of missiles?
But what's happening now in Lviv and kyiv?
They said Russia was losing, yet they keep pounding the Ukranians, Ukrainians death toll is up to 35,000 if I'm not mistaking, not counting POW.
Don't believe the hype of the MSM


Foreign Affairs / Re: Western ‘economic Blitzkrieg’ Has Failed – Putin by Vicotex(m): 7:44pm On Apr 18
He's a war criminal
Go and charge him.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: CIA Director Warns That Frustrated Putin May Soon Use Tactical Nuclear Weapons by Vicotex(m): 3:07pm On Apr 15
Let him go ahead and use it, that will spell his doom.
Putin can't defeat the rest of the world.
No let ignorant wallow you, who be "world" you dey refer to?
Foreign Affairs / Re: China Ships Weapons To Serbia - Rattling Nerves In The West by Vicotex(m): 6:54pm On Apr 13
A reminder that Serbia still remember who their enemies are

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Pakistan Assassination Plot , After Visiting Russia by Vicotex(m): 10:46am On Apr 06
Who's Pakistan to sanction to sanction Russia, in the first place? It's like saying Benin Republic will sanction Nigeria.
Who's Latvia to sanction Russia if not for the russophobia
Foreign Affairs / Re: Pakistan Assassination Plot , After Visiting Russia by Vicotex(m): 9:11pm On Apr 05

And autocracy is solution to the world problems?
Yeah, autocracy solves some, and democracy can never work for every nation.
I saw how the US imported democracy to Libya, Syria, somali, Nicaragua, Iraq, Yemen etc

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Pakistanis Should Support PM Imran Khan Against US Imperialism & Arrogance by Vicotex(m): 11:15am On Apr 03
Damn... Pakistan, a country that sponsor terrorism like something else.
US is the one funding them to sponsor the terrorist.
Now they don't want to align with uncle Sam

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