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Sports / Re: IFAB Clarifies Offside Rule, ‘deliberate Play’ Interpretation For 2022/23 Season by wacuc0: 4:21am On Jul 28
Never heard of IFAB until now.
Football rules, just like the Nigerian Constitution, have always been open to interpretations.
That's the only way they can "fix" things whenever they want to.
There is always the spirit of the laws and the words of the law.
Rest on, Gani Fawehinmi.

This is funny, never heard about the body that makes football rules before? Unless you don't follow the game.
Sports / Re: Nigeria May Co-host 2025 Afcon With Benin – Pinnick by wacuc0: 11:36am On Jul 27
If we do it with business concept, it will help the economy. Sports till remain the biggest business in the world.
AFCON brings the biggest tourism in Africa. It is just planing. We are having youth restiveness just because we are not a sporting Nation.

Nigeria with rising poverty, bad economy and increasing insecurities do not need such duty...I know 2025 is far bt we need to work on our economy than thinking about hosting AFCON..
allow other African economy that is better n stable than us to do the hosting...
sporting wise we have less than 5 standard pitch in the whole of Nigeria, I hope de aint planning to play AFCON on synthetic plastic turf that would disgrace us wen rain falls like it happened d last time we hosted u-17 world cup...

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Business / Re: 6 Anambra Billionaires Who Started From Onitsha And Built National Brands by wacuc0: 10:47am On Jul 18
None of them are cooperate business. Dies when the founder dies. Let the Black Nation learn how to invest on a brand that will live after them. Many of these in the past has risen and collapsed, creating unemployment.
Politics / Re: Philip Aduda is New Senate Minority Leader, Ahmad Lawan Announces Defections by wacuc0: 2:04pm On Jun 21
I strongly hope that come 2023, Nigeria will have a turn around. We have suffered enough and the Hand of God is here for a change. Let's do away with tribe, religion, sentiment and personal interest. Time has come for a change. It did nearly came in 1993 (which we all celebrant today as Democracy Day) Lets do it again.

Join me to start earing good as you register and invest on this platform

Science/Technology / Re: UAE Creates Rain Using Drone Technology That Gives Cloud Electric Shock by wacuc0: 9:43am On Jul 22, 2021
African is where you see a country that focus on Government for every thing, while individuals are dip into corruption. Most of what we here done outside in form of investments, science and technology are mostly by Universities, organization and investors. During lockdown Oxford and pharmaceutical company came together to do a research. How many Nigeria or n African University has tried to think to start something towards a research on Malaria vaccine. Lets leave Government alone, they are not our problem because we form the government and we are going to see the same thing we are in them. If we start doing great ourselves, that is when you will see a great government.

I was reading through University admissions in Nigeria schools and happen to realize that a school admitted 35,000 students and they are to pay acceptance fee of N60,000 and school fee of N65000. This will give the University N4,375,000,000. Can we take this to an annual revenue for a full university having 4 to 5 sets of students in different levels. It will amaze you that a Nigeria University can generate over N10b as annual IGR. But lecturers still go on strike asking for fund from Federal Government. I finished from a university without hearing of faculty scholarship talk less of departmental scholarship, until I was in the UK and noticed that scholarship is just a common thing every student who can work hard or engage in sport.

Please lets blame Nigerians for our problem, blame Africans for our problems not one man or a set of people. Can we image where people boast of how much billions they use to import from China while the western are talking how much millions they use for production. These are economic differences in nature.

A population of over 200million people can be a market of its own. An American internet product Twitter was banned in Nigeria. Similar the way Android was banned in China by Trump few months back. Within 2weeks China came with a version of a better Android. Are we saying we don't have IT companies, IT and Computer science department, Professors, Students that can think to open another business gateway to close that American market. Or we will wait for the Americans to come with something different or until Twitter ban is lifted?
Religion / Re: Sacked Pastors: Winners Chapel Is In Order - Reno Omokri by wacuc0: 7:41am On Jul 19, 2021
What the bible is preaching is winning souls, not winning members. If we can get people back to God and have righteousness in them, the denomination is not the matter. When you are more interested in what you have in terms of members and other things you have gone to be the rich man who is interested in himself only. Therefore we can say Heaven is far from you. Because if you say it is membership that is more important do we say that Heaven will be filled with Nigerians? As it stands now, Nigeria has the highest number membership in terms of going to Church.


I don’t think this is about money..

In winners, the main duty of resident pastor is church growth i.e in numbers of people...

the fact is...no pastor can force people to give...Increase in number of people doesn’t necessarily translate to increase in money...

For example...if number of women( mothers are on the increase in a particular month. Automatically that’s double or triple because mothers will come with kids... but that won’t mean increase in offering or tithe...as children don’t give...

A pastor can’t drag rich people to church or force them to give so really he has no control over increase in money....

My opinion shaa

Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Twitter Ban : How Has It Affected Your Business? by wacuc0: 11:09pm On Jun 05, 2021
Reputation build over the years on Twitter by young Nigerians , government and private institutions are not left out.

People have trust news from Twitter than the conventional news outlet . When was the last time you watch nta?

You can't enter for a game and decide to change the rule. Every player have to play by the rules of the game . Oga president inclusive . Afterrall Trump too was banned and he played by the rule

Swallow your pride Oga and let have our life back. You are not hurting Twitter but your people.

Twitter is an American system. China has theirs, India has theirs why cant Nigeria create theirs with over 200million people. Stop western patronage and be original. Spent 4 to 5 academic years in university and come out to wait for American to create for you to use. I think I am tired of this.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Twitter Ban : How Has It Affected Your Business? by wacuc0: 11:05pm On Jun 05, 2021
A country where jobs cannot be created, the useless government is busy taking away people's online hustle. The only thing that buhari and his useless supporters can do is create problems

Nigerians has failed to create jobs right from the beginning. We are suffering it. We came to establish enterprises that last only our life time and close after our dead. If Abiola investments can go, then Nigeria can not make it through business. the mind of people that only Government should create employment is one thing that kills this African Nations.
Sports / Re: Vincent Enyeama Urges Senator Kalu To Invest In Enyimba Instead Of Arsenal by wacuc0: 4:35pm On Nov 22, 2020
Everybody fist invest on what he has before going outside.
If he can not invest in Nigeria Football, the same way English invested in Arsenal, how will Arsenal become what it is now. The English people laugh at you while you think you are doing great business. Why did they not invest in La Liga when English League was bad.

[quote author=EvenBlogger post=96290326][/quote]
Sports / Re: Vincent Enyeama Urges Senator Kalu To Invest In Enyimba Instead Of Arsenal by wacuc0: 8:37am On Nov 21, 2020

I get ur point, u just don't get mine. Am not disputing everything u said.

Everything can only work if the people running the football administration wants it t work....theres a level to which development policies will reach before investors will start coming in.

Some powerfull people r benefiting from the way our football is today ND those people will never allow it to work.

No private business owner will invest his money in a venture that the govt is 100% interested in......its just bad for business

Hi, I got your well, I was of the opinion that He will detect the tune of investment and its management, not Government and NFF the way it is now. In every investment, the major investor detects. Things will change if it happens, the way it is in other sectors and places
Sports / Re: Vincent Enyeama Urges Senator Kalu To Invest In Enyimba Instead Of Arsenal by wacuc0: 8:24am On Nov 21, 2020

He didn't do it with his personl money so he wasn't expecting any return.

Fine Nigeria is a huge market but what is the purpose of market when theirs no product to market??

Nigeria league as it right now is not viable... Glo nd Mtn where at a time fighting for the sponsorship of the league, the 2 of them r still in nigeria yet the league has no sponsor for liks 5yrs now, do u understand SWOT analysis better than those companies?

The league is not viable as it is at the moment.... The league hasn't been concluded twice in 3yrs now, can u put ur money on such venture??

Good one. But with such investment, He will detect the business not Government. That is where I based my write-up. Nio the present system of Government and NFF.

I agree with ur point but u know all those feat achieved in music can't b replicated in football cos government r 100% interested in it.....do u remember the decree 101 saga of 06/07 between FIFA ND NFF?.....even FIFA had to back down cos u can't just separate government from football in Nigeria
Sports / Re: Vincent Enyeama Urges Senator Kalu To Invest In Enyimba Instead Of Arsenal by wacuc0: 7:44am On Nov 21, 2020
Everybody keeps saying he should invest in Eyimba.......no serious business minded person will invest in a team that plays in a league that has no sponsor, league that doesn't pay winners.....That's why all the teams in the Nigerian league r own by state government aside from mfm which is basically a youth empoerment scheme of mfm n ifeanyi uba for political influence....as long as Nigeria league is still managed the way it's managed, no serious investor think twice about it

Can you remember how English league was before Premiership ? If you do you can not say this. It was soo bad that they have to bring in school children and military to sit on the stadium to fill spaces. We all call it kick and follow league. But today it is a different case. Why ?they started investing on their own thing and others join. Africa wake up, no body will do it for you. China has started, in 20years now we say the same thing and forgot how they started. Nigeria has more potential than the Premier League. We are 200million for goodness sake. If Dangote can do it in Nigeria in recent time in Sugar and Flour not in Uk (No Uk business man could do that to worth over $25b). Orji Uzor Kalu can do it. Tp Mazambe did it in Congo with less than 100m Dollars. If 50% of that is invested in Enyimba, Arsenal will be their youth team.
Sports / Re: Vincent Enyeama Urges Senator Kalu To Invest In Enyimba Instead Of Arsenal by wacuc0: 7:33am On Nov 21, 2020
Before you support Enyema, pls answer this question...

If I have money, as a private investor, will I invest in Arsenal FC or Enyimba of Aba??

This is business people, you don't attach sentiment. He can show more support for Enyimba, but to invest billions of pounds into it, is a waste time.

Before you tell me that he looted the money from Nigeria, it his loot. it belongs to him now, besides Nigerians generally don't hate corruption, they only hate the fact that they are not the ones doing the corruption! kiss the truth.

pls I don't how I am feeling this morning, nobody should mention me pls

Yea- But I differ a little here. Orji Uzor Kalu did it while he was a Governor with less than 10m dollars if not lesser. It was a success. Enyimba became the biggest team in Africa. Italian, Spain etc teams were all calling for friendlies. Imagine if it has continued like that. There is no mega investment in Nigeria by Private sector that has failed. (Check). This is over 200million market 5 x that of London. Dangote is richer than all the Premier teams joined together, the bulk of the money (70%) came from Nigeria business. MTN, DSTV the same. Our music industry was not rated anywhere in the world before 2003, Private investors came with far less than 100m Dollars today we are far ahead of UK, arguably No3 in the world . So why can it be done n football. I think we love football more than music.
Religion / Re: Oyedepo: If Invited To Become Nigeria’s President, I Will Consider It A Demotion by wacuc0: 10:52pm On Oct 05, 2020
Peter,do you love me more than these?feed my sheep.
It's shepherds that feed sheep.
There are many sherpheds but Christ is the great shepherd

It seems you people are not understanding each other. Jesus asked Peter to feed His sheep. Then Jesus is the shepherd not Peter. That is the guys argument, and once a sheep can not be a shepherd. Peter is a sheep and can not later to turn to be shepherd. JESUS is the shepherd. That is his argument he his putting across to you.
Culture / Re: Why Do Adults Find "How Are You?" Insulting? by wacuc0: 10:43am On Oct 05, 2020
You are correct.
How are you is not greeting like Good morning. People mistake it to be so.


Depends who's asking.
If your mate or junior is asking, you just tell them to F*** You, A**Hole

If you senior, Elder, 10, 20 years older is asking, you can then answer, fine or not fine.

The person Asking, "How are you?" should be capable of solving whatever problem you have. If not what is he asking for? To laugh at you or what?
Culture / Re: Why Do Adults Find "How Are You?" Insulting? by wacuc0: 10:42am On Oct 05, 2020
How are you is not Good morning.
The idea of asking How are you, is to be in a position to offer help. It is not really a greeting.
It should come from a stronger to a weaker person. Older to a younger person, Healthy to a sick person. Not the other way round.
But is the young is in such position he can offer the "HOW ARE YOU".
I can go to see my elder brother in the hospital, I can ask him brother "How are you"
It will not the best of me to go to his house and knock and he comes out I ask Brother How are you? But it is not really an insult


Politics / Re: Niger Exports Fuel To Nigeria As Egypt, Algeria Build 13 Refineries by wacuc0: 8:48am On Sep 09, 2020
Over 20 licenses were given to build and own private refineries before Dangote - none has started. Why?
We love money and not investment, that is is the problem of Nigeria not Government. Because the same Nigerians that love money not investment will find themselves in Government and kill every policy no matter how good and wonderful it seems to look

It won’t be surprising if told Nigerians own some/many of the refineries in Egypt, Algeria and Niger .

The excuse now is waiting for the Dangote Refinery to commence operations, though it may likely solve the problem of importing the refined fuel, I don’t see it lowering the cost of buying these products cos of the monopoly involved.
To solve the problem, Dangote oil monopolizing the oil market, our 4 refineries must be privatized to viable individuals or corporates who are capable, not like the PHCN privatization.

It is so evident that we are not mentally and morally capable to as a nation run and maintain the operation of our refineries. We invest an elephant-size resources into our refineries, but they churn out sheep-size products. What sense is in that?

Now that the subsidy has been removed from the fuel being imported, let us see what they are going to invest it on
Autos / Re: Participants Of The Army War College Of Nigeria Tour INNOSON Group(photos) by wacuc0: 12:16am On Aug 31, 2020
You are not in the industry. Car designers are the same in the world. It could b the same car designers for the companies. All the cars always have similar designs or a little or no modification. The all come from same design companies.


Lol Innoson plant where he assemble all the Chinese cars he imported in part units.

He imports the car parts at almost 0% import duty due to the law in place for part importation.

He assemble them and sell to the government at the normal price.

After which he will Call Amablason to come and snap photos and rush to Nairaland to shout made in Nigeria.

Crime / Re: 100 Nigerian Students Killed In Northern Cyprus Universities - NiDCOM by wacuc0: 9:18am On Aug 25, 2020
NIGERIANs should stop running away from home ,with all the hatred that is now being meted on us by other countries i hope we come to realize that we have no other country but nigeria
so come back home and fight for a better Nigeria
we go just get small money run commot for the country . give who ?

Dear I love your comment. I must commend you for that. We always say government government. Not remembering that the government came from the people. Until we change we can not get it. This is an issue for every body. You cannot hate your system and expect it to survive. A nation where all the rich men don't like to put up investment. Universities are all looking at the government without one day saying we contributed this to the building of the nation expect s*x for mark. Doctors will not team up to make a huge investment in health sector, billionaires will not put up an multi-million dollar industry (all are personal enterprise that will die after one tenure). Mega churches can not even invest in sports (remember that was how it started in England this premiers league we are all enjoying now). A country were citizens are proud of buying houses abroad, (Dubai - a desert few years ago).

Somebody asked why cant the government fund the Universities well? A Nigerian professor in African studies from Yale University answered. 'We budgeted a total of 2.5 billion dollars for an academic session which 65% of the money came from the Alumina of the school, 15% came from sport and donations, science patent and discovery while other from school earnings, zero from Government - My dear UNILAG can do that with the number of thousands of Alumni in billions and millions of Naira all over the world, why cant the VC see business in this and lift the university to an enviable level. No Government in the world can run over 100 Universities"

My dear I put my head down in shame and knew that our problem is we. Remember JAMB is now making profit after over 40years. This is true leadership, it can be done any area of leadership both government and private sector.

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Religion / Re: CAMA: FG Says Religious Bodies Must Submit Details Of Their Finances by wacuc0: 1:05am On Aug 23, 2020
We are not serious as citizens. The Law is good just let it be well practiced.
Ask your self, why did church go to government to register and will not allow the government to check their excesses.
A church makes 100million naira and somebody will say he is the GO and takes all. Can a bank do that? Did the early churches do that? The answer is no. So how did we start this mess called the GO's. It must stop if we want to really worship God with true pastors as our spiritual leaders. Your donations to a church is not to a man, it is to an organisation that is registered with a focus. So abide and practice that focus that established it. No church registered with CAC has ever said the GO takes all the money, but this changes after and become the norm - so why?

Nigerian police is scam, hospital scam... Imagine, you even typed "What do your church provide?" Do you also need to be told that schools provided by the resent government sef na scam? wink
Investment / Re: Is Platinum Fx Investments Limited Legit Or Scam? by wacuc0: 3:33pm On May 30, 2020
Confirm they are still paying. Never heard from them for the past 3weeks now.

Reliable platform to invest in, I invested 200$ 3 months ago and they have been paying me.
Sports / Re: Godswill Uche 'Bala': Kelechi Iheanacho, My Childhood Friend Who Forgot Me by wacuc0: 11:23am On May 25, 2020
If nobody helps everybody will be poor. But you cannot help all. There is always somebody God has positioned for your help. Most times we ignore them looking for our own helper.

According to that letter, Kelechi and Bala were not just friends or neighbors, they were like brothers.

I am not saying that Kelechi owes him anything, I am just trying to let you know that levels of relationships differ. That is what many people fail to think about. Even to some people, their husbands or wives are just like strangers rather than friends and partners.

Sports / Re: Godswill Uche 'Bala': Kelechi Iheanacho, My Childhood Friend Who Forgot Me by wacuc0: 11:19am On May 25, 2020
Wealth is a message that you need to deliver. Nobody created reaches. Your success is just a help for you to help others.
Kelechi owes you nothing. Stop already with this clout chasing and pick your butt off the floor .

Go get a life!
Health / Re: 226 New COVID-19 Cases, 90 Discharged And 1 Death On May 19 - (1332 Tested) by wacuc0: 2:57pm On May 20, 2020
How can somebody think it is a scam when the world is losing trillions of dollars and hunger and loss of jobs with businesses closing up. Scam to gain what?


I personally know 3 people currently in isolation and one that was released last week.

It could still be a scam since no one gets a copy of his/her test result.

They call you to arrange your “pick-up” when you test positive. grin
Business / Re: CBN & Bankers Committee Suspends Lay-offs In Banks by wacuc0: 7:26pm On May 03, 2020
I need explanation, are the CBN and bankers committee now doing the work of managing the bank which I thought were business establishments capable of making and enforcing their own decisions as they deem fit in order to remain in business.

Why then are the CBN interfering with the decision, if these banks experience distress because of the insistence the regulatory bodies, who will bear the consequences?
That is the work of CBN. Remember when it gets bad for the bank, the same CBN gives them money to bail them out. This is not a business loss for the banks rather a Force-Majeure. It is left for the CBN to work out the way to cushion the effect.
Health / Re: COVID-19: WHO To Commence Vaccine Trials In Nigeria by wacuc0: 8:38am On May 02, 2020

Do you read the article at all? Scientists from diiferent 89 countries have been granted go ahead to develop Covid 19 vaccines. Nigeria scientists have just been listed to be among the countries to develop vaccines for Covid 19. Is there anytime wrong in that?

No. It is 89 different vaccine developing companies not countries. Nigeria scientists are not listed, it is Nigeria listed as one of the countries for trial.

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Celebrities / Re: Picture Kodak: Video Vixen Dies In Clarence Peters’ Apartment (photos) by wacuc0: 9:52am On Apr 30, 2020
When you plug your phone for charging, the AC mains sends out 240volts and your charger head has a device to step it down to 12volts which your phone needs to charge. If the device fails this will bring out directly 240volts and touching the pin is a total electrocution because you will not know and will just hold it firmly. This most time can lead to death or serious damage.

Worst if you are making use of the phone while charging and this happens, instant dead or total brain damage if you recover from it.

How does charging of phone lead to someone's dead! Please I need some explanation!


Politics / Re: Why Are Nigerians Still So Poor? by wacuc0: 11:23am On Apr 23, 2020
A country where the people don't invest is doomed to fail. Poverty will be the major industry. Have you not seen here that only the poor people are struggling to make an investment while the rich are running after stolen money.

After all these we turn to blame Government. Yes Government has some part of the blame, but 80% of Africa problem in lack of investment. Majority of the big accounts in Switzerland, Cayman Island, Canada, etc are owned by Africans particular Nigerians. Ask - Any European or Western man with a big account in Nigeria?

Four major private companies in US is bigger than the whole of Africa, this is not Government. Yes they have some blame, but the government comes from the people, you can not change it. If Nigerians lack investment spirit so shall the government lack investment power. Almost all companies in Nigeria are struggling for money not investment. These are two different things. Companies that go for investment stay after generations and continue to improve the system. While we make money and the company will die with us just to be called a Multi bilioniar Abiola's death made over 70,000 workers jobless. The same with so many thousands of companies, that is why we are poor. Juluis Berger has been here for over 50yrs and still operating while we have had over 2000 similar construction companies coming and going, just to grab money and die off. Creating over 10million jobless youths.

It is not Government it we.


Health / Re: 117 New Coronavirus Cases Reported. Total 782. 197 Discharged. 25 Deaths by wacuc0: 2:42am On Apr 22, 2020
Don't stay idle reading CORVID-19 statistics. You can use this CORVID-19 down time join and make money while at home. I have found favour making some dollars through this. Register by clicking this url


Register and start as little as you can with a minimum of $30.
Car Talk / Re: COVID-19: How Innoson Is Manufacturing Ambulances (Photos) by wacuc0: 4:46pm On Apr 17, 2020
Thanks my dear.
I still wonder why Innson does not like advertising his products widely. Build a purchasing plan with banks to beat the poverty level of Nigerians.


Truth is the cars are very good. But as a business man, there somethings his adviser or his team are lacking. This is the ability to capture the Nigerian market.
First the rides are expensive, an average personal ride goes for 9 to 10million, where u can get a fairly used American car for 1.4mil.
I still take into consideration, it is brand new.
Talking about south Korea, I think those cars are cheap for them or affordable. This still boils down to our economy. Most Nigerians live in abject poverty.
From these, here are the reasons these cars are nt used by Nigerians
1. Cost of production is high, he import some parts, which is going to cost him unlike south Korea that have everything in their country. Hence, after production the company needs to make profit.
2. Nigerians loves imported stuffes, that's for those who can offer these rides. Recently Senators rejected innoson vehicles but keep telling the masses to patronise locally manufacturers. I think most of them don't believe in wat the say. For example, look at dino's house, from electronics to furniture are all imported. Maybe the feel, imported makes people believe they have the money.
3. His advertising handle needs upgrading. kia!!. That company needs to have a weekly programme about rides, comparing his with foreign competitors. There is programme where Nissan, Toyota n all brands mangers in Nigeria show the latest produced cars. Network news on NTA is a peak time for them to do advert. I see brands like ford, tayota doing that on CCN half time. Bring in new, young talents into the company.
Car Talk / Re: COVID-19: How Innoson Is Manufacturing Ambulances (Photos) by wacuc0: 4:40pm On Apr 17, 2020
Please it is not government issue. Investment should be by the public and much adverts and promotions. Innoson has not thought it that way. He has the idea of private business which has never grown to multinational lvel any where in the world. I have never seen Innoson Car stand her in Rivers State. Neither can someone invest in the business.
If only this man will get adequate support from the FG. Maybe because he is not Dangote or simply because he is an Igbo man. But whatever happens, he has excelled and will continue to excell.
Health / Re: Mass Production Of Face-masks In Aba (For Coronavirus Protection) by wacuc0: 8:09am On Apr 03, 2020
Aba is the African China !!

Nooo, I don't believe that oo. There is no Corona there. Aba is Aba Technology Hub of Africa

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