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Sports / Re: Super Eagles Sing Praises To God After Winning 2-0 Against Liberia: Pics & Video by wearsandtrends1: 7:04pm On Sep 04
Education / Re: 5 Young Nigerians Who Got Degrees Abroad And Never Came Back Home by wearsandtrends1: 9:29am On Sep 03
What kind of article is this? Isn't the world filled with people who went to other countries for one reason or another and decided to just reside there?

I just tire... E b like this blogger done run out of ideas fa
Phones / Re: Why Are Embedded Attachments Not Displayed As Images? by wearsandtrends1: 9:22am On Sep 03
I always wondered how it worked

Now it seems its a feature exclusively used by moderators
Education / Re: After 25 Years It Finally Dawned On Me What Fela Was Trying To Say In This Song by wearsandtrends1: 9:06am On Sep 03

We are together boss. Was fired from my job in February. I nearly died of hunger. God gat us bro... That guys post I quoted really touched me cuz it spoke alot about what I am passing through

Lol you had to highlight my typo bro

Honestly thank God we dont look like what we have been through. If not!

I hope you have found something better now?

Show me love boss i dont know how to provoke sentiments but best believe i am in a really tough situation right now

Anything at all will go a long way, i Wont mind at all

Make i fit see road small
Literature/Writing Ads / Re: Nairaland Scammers And Article Theft by wearsandtrends1: 8:43am On Sep 03
Here is the scammer

She has being operating behind an annonymous whatsapp number

she advertises gigs with no intention to pay you after delivery

It took alot of research to unviel this scammer and i am ready to go all the way to burst this low life

Who price must pay

Education / Re: After 25 Years It Finally Dawned On Me What Fela Was Trying To Say In This Song by wearsandtrends1: 8:27am On Sep 03
Bless me na boss grin

Anything at all will mean alot to me

Hunger done hook me like bow tie

People like you give me hope that there are still food people on this platform


Your post hit me bro. We all need love and help in whatever form it comes, and that's where family comes in but I noticed our current social media has killed family relationships.

Would have loved to bless your aza financially but town red for me too.
But judging by your MONIKER if someone mentioned you to bless you, won't you miss the post grin
Literature/Writing Ads / Re: Nairaland Scammers And Article Theft by wearsandtrends1: 3:38am On Sep 03
There are so many notorious scumbags on this platform

I revisited one issue where someone asked for a work sample

Asked for review

Negotiated price and till today nothing

She think say she wise, hiding behind anonymous nl profile

E go soon clear for her eyes

Ps seun & mods should make A blacklist thread for these wicked people so content creators cam watch out for the greedy folks rhat want to spoil this platform...

Will definitely make it back to this thread
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: I Need Freelance Writers In This Thread To Make A Quick Survey. by wearsandtrends1: 1:46am On Sep 03
Not bad but how true is this job because there are a lot of writing scammers out there, if I remember what infoguide Nigeria did to my friend after all the stress, I am scared to engage in any writing job. It wii not be well with that Infoguide Nigeria

My dear there are lots of them on this platform

We need to create a blacklist for those Miserable bastards

I have lost count of the shady monikers that Do this...

Irs really sad.

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Business / Re: Make Money On Upwork From The Comfort Of Your Home by wearsandtrends1: 11:06pm On Sep 02
Upwork is a freelancing market place. A market place is where buying and selling takes place. In Upwork, the buying and selling takes place between the client (buyer) and the freelancer (seller).

What is sold there?

What is sold on Upwork are digital services - your skills.. And clients pay real money.

Why should anyone sell their digital services on Upwork?

Selling on Upwork gives you the opportunity to work from home. Who wouldn't want to have time to live life on their own terms?�

Selling your skills also give you the opportunity to earn in dollars. In this present economic times in Nigeria, you will agree with me that the best ways to earn and save money is in dollars and crypto currency.

Upwork offers the opportunity to earn easy money in dollars. Income is paid into a Nigerian bank account.

Not that any skill can be sold on Upwork and it doesn't level of expertise doesn't matter. There is room for different categories that anyone can fit into.

How many reviews does the aza have
Crime / #10 Differences Between Yahoo Boys & Nigerian Bloggers by wearsandtrends1: 10:59pm On Sep 02
[right][/right]No be joke sha

Legit hustle is bae

Atleast we sleep well when we do

Education / Re: After 25 Years It Finally Dawned On Me What Fela Was Trying To Say In This Song by wearsandtrends1: 9:05pm On Sep 02
Take heart bro i kno how you feel ..
Keep fighting

Stay positive, lile u said there is always people that have it worse

Once there is life theres hope...

I dont believe in hell but once you take that precious gift God gave you, even him wont be happy

One love bro
Its been tough. No families to rely on. The friends I could rely on are also newly married or unemployed.
Everybody just dey rough am.

I struggled to start a business but it collapsed under 1 year... If I had known it would have been like this, I wouldn't have bother to come to this world at all.

After all the difficulties, the religious folks will still tell me "you are going to hell," they'll tell me to pay tithe even though they know I am unemployed, starving and broke. Isn't that cruel insensitivity? After all my hunger and suffer on this Earth, I will now go to hell? Why don't I just kill myself then, what's the purpose of continue living?

I walk further and see people whose lives are even harder than mine, they have no home just living in incompleted buildings, destitutes with no hope for a roof.

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Education / Re: If You Have Tried Any Of These Online Businesses, Forget It You Are The MAGA by wearsandtrends1: 1:56pm On Sep 02
On Gahd
If you can make it in 9ja
Odds are you will survive anywhere you find yourself in the entire universe.

As you may already know
All the Legitimate arm chair businesses capable of making any tom dick and harry rich have made it impossible for nigerians to enjoy that luxury

Legitimate businesses like affiliate marketing, to down to earth cryptocurrency

All of them have restricted nigerians

Walai i dont blame the yahoo boys
Question is what are the options available for us...

Odds are daily stacked against us

Its only thoes scams and shams, the ones you are sure to loose money or that permit Nigerians..

F famous examples
multi-level marketing
Pi mining
(Leave a mention and i will update list)

Sorry to burst your bubble
If u have or are trying any of these businesses unto say e go better, u are being milked
Wake up because only then will u realize that white man has not changed doing what he does best...
Exploiting the Dumb niggas
Education / After 25 Years It Finally Dawned On Me What Fela Was Trying To Say In This Song by wearsandtrends1: 1:41pm On Sep 02
Its funny how i have been listening to this Famous Fela song and not realize until now the message he was passing across

Not until Now

Whether you like or you no like
After you hear this true talk
Whether you like or you no like
After you hear this true talk

If you like e good
*Ge ge*
If you no like you hang
*Ge ge*
If you hang you go die
*Ge ge*
You go die for nothing
*Ge ge*
You go carry your body go police station
You die e wrongfully

*Ge ge, Ge ge, ge ge...*

@bolded it seems that Fela was talking about depression and concequence of suicide

Though very brash and insensitive to someone facing such situation
Fela made it clear the reality of the decision to give up

las las na police station if u decide to hang.

To anybody facing hard times and negative thoughts

Keep fighting


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Experienced SEO Content Writers & Bloggers Needed by wearsandtrends1: 11:36pm On Sep 01

I run a startup entertainment blog focusing on Gossip, film, entertainment news, tech, travels and other entertainment stuffs

The goal is to be a unique entertainment website and among the top 30 entertainment websites in Nigeria.

I am looking to hire teammates with the same enthusiasm as I have, that also have the experience and creativity to join me in this journey to success.

If you think you suit this description, send a WhatsApp message only to the number I would leave below.

This is a startup and I can only afford to pay 20 to 30k naira depending on the topic you would be working on.

However I am promising loads of opportunities, to learn and also increase pay in the near future.

Kindly send a message to +2348101479483, please note that I would love to see the works you’ve done previously in this department.

I am a friendly and easy going person that need the perfect teammates for my small journey of success.

Thank you in advance, more details would come on WhatsApp for privacy reasons.

if you are as pleasant as you sound Then i would love to work with you

The pay is not bad, but the question is whats the article requirements (word count, do you give directíons as regards topic) how much content, how often do you require posting et al

Will message you anyways
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Front Office Manager by wearsandtrends1: 11:29pm On Sep 01
Job favours women

Wich way naija lipsrsealed
Celebrities / Re: Seun Kuti And His Woman, Yetunde George Ademuluyi, Share Frisky Bedroom Photos by wearsandtrends1: 9:37pm On Sep 01
Stop falling our hand na seun

U for buy designer boxers na

U kno no say we get
Business / Re: Prominer-doge.com (prominer-doge) Review - Scam Or Legit by wearsandtrends1: 9:33pm On Sep 01
You are talking about Crypto mining yet you dare mention ROI (return on investment)

I dont need to read ur review
It is a sham
Politics / Re: Why Can't We Standardize And Make Pigin English One Of Our Official Languages? by wearsandtrends1: 9:25pm On Sep 01
Its not pratical because what u call a language is filtered English still

Btw oyibo dey mad o
Americans call it vernacular
While the brits call it pidgin

Just because they hate to agree
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Leveraging! Leveraging!! Leveraging!!!� by wearsandtrends1: 9:19pm On Sep 01
Am starting a new team.
I only need 10 people,
If you can work online and earn weekly, with a proven system that helps you earn weekly and monthly.
indicate with your state,
Let's get to business.
Please serious people only
Come to my DM or Call 08038038012


Am intrested but if ure angle is getting me to invest

Shingbain u no go see
Business / Re: How To Create A Stripe Account In Nigeria 2021. by wearsandtrends1: 9:17pm On Sep 01
Took you so long to convince us that the service is relevant and you want to charge 50 large

Ogbeni park well shey u ave not heard of paypal or payoneer if e too bad

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Crime / Omo Wickedness Get Levels! See What This Slay Queen Did To Her Maid *GRAPHIC PIC by wearsandtrends1: 9:08pm On Sep 01
Police arrests woman accused of dousing 10-year-old maid with hot water mixed with pepper for breaking a plate (graphic photos).
A woman has been arrested for allegedly dousing her 10-year-old maid with hot water mixed with pepper.
The Abia State Police Command confirmed the arrest of Mrs. Zazi David for pouring hot water on the girl, an orphan, because she broke a plate
The command’s spokesperson, Geoffrey Ogbonna, said the suspect also allegedly forced the orphan girl, identified as Ifunanya, to drink the hot, peppery mixture in their apartment located at a housing estate behind Saclux Paint off Aba Road, Umuahia, Abia State.
According to reports, the suspect had abused the girl on several occasions, leaving her with visible cane and burn marks on her body.
On one occasion, she is said to have taken the girl to church with burns all over her body. When interrogated over the state of her domestic help, Mrs. David claimed that the victim mistakenly poured hot water on herself that she had boiled to bathe with.
It was also claimed that she raised her voice when the presiding pastor of the church insisted on knowing the truth.
The suspect was eventually exposed when she forced her maid to drink the hot water mixed with pepper, leaving her with burns on her lips, shoulders, and on her back.
Afraid that the girl may die or develop an infection, the suspect is said to have taken the girl to a nearby chemist who advised her to take the girl to a hospital.
When she refused, the chemist raised alarm on Sunday, August 29, exposing the suspect.
SP Geoffrey Ogbonna assured that the suspect will be prosecuted upon conclusion of the investigation.
Nigerians have trooped to the suspect's Facebook page to call her out over the alleged abuse.

Sports / Re: Whatsapp Group On Betting Code sharing by wearsandtrends1: 11:01am On Sep 01
Sports / Re: Ronald A Gets Back His No. "7" Jersey, Cavani To Wear No. "21" by wearsandtrends1: 11:00am On Sep 01
Fake news
Business / Re: Check Out My Earnings In The Month Of July Alone On Upwork by wearsandtrends1: 5:48am On Sep 01

Hi Bro, His Craziness recommended you. I'm in need of clean and fresh Nigerian emails. How can i get to buy from you?

Ive got over a 1000 valid Nigerian emails that i amasssed doing ecomerce

09075986514 will be glad to trade them
Education / Re: OYIBO TOO MUCH: Now You Can Watch Your Heart Beat Live (photos) by wearsandtrends1: 6:36am On Aug 31
Business / Re: If You Had Mined One Blockchain 10 years ago you would have earned 50. Bitcoins by wearsandtrends1: 6:32am On Aug 31
Don't underestimate any crypto currency.
I have been mining Pi since 2019 to date ,
I'm waiting patiently for it to mature.

The stress comes from puting ur best and believing in what many don't . I.e mining a currency everyday even when it has not been recognize

Attention for bros wey sabi

But please how do you mine PI

I mine SCR and SPM
Its not bad but its real slow money yo
Business / If You Had Mined One Blockchain 10 years ago you would have earned 50. Bitcoins by wearsandtrends1: 1:54am On Aug 31
Cryptocurrency emerged the internet as a Token

What this means is that crypto was a way of rewarding humans for performing routine internet tasks...

Make i burst your head...

I remember in 2014 before the crypto explosion my web developer was telling me how he turned down bitcoin as payment for a website he designed...

I remember clearly he told me with a chuckle, almost literally boasting calling it yeye money

Today he knows better!

Follow this thread i will be revealing how you can mine Cryptocurrency and exchange for naira.

Note: if them tell you say e easy, know say na setup...


Education / Re: OYIBO TOO MUCH: Now You Can Watch Your Heart Beat Live (photos) by wearsandtrends1: 1:24am On Aug 31
That is technology for you:Information they said is powerful if you are not inform in life you will be deform. Let me introduce you to pi network...In 2009, when Bitcoin was first released, 50 coins could be mined for free every 10 minutes. Most people find it worthless. Now one Bitcoin is $ 43,000. When Litecoin was released in 2011, 100 LTC could be mined for free every day. Most people think it's still worthless. As a result, one Litecoin is above $160. When Ethereum was first released in 2014, 30 ETH could be mined for free every day. Most people still believe that it is worthless, now one Ethereum is worth $ 3000. Why not sign up for pi and mine for free by clicking the mine button once every 24hrs till Dec when it will be launch,pls sign up using the link in my signature and also verify your account after the sign up and start to earn your pi for free.

Am also interested in the minning of crypto u mentioned...
I currently mine crypto like scorum and sportsum

Will like if u can brief me on how i can mine other crypto

Am on WhatsApp for dm 09075986514
Education / OYIBO TOO MUCH: Now You Can Watch Your Heart Beat Live (photos) by wearsandtrends1: 1:15am On Aug 31
Have you ever heard of bitfit?

Bit fits are technology watches capable of monitoring heart beat rate...
Calculate your steps and tell other body vitals like temprature and other.

Infact advanced bitfits such as the kind in the link below is capable of diagnosing an illness by syncing your details with medical cloud database...

Dis oyibo people bad shaaa shocked

Ps. Designer watches dont make sense anymore, people easily tell the time with thier phones

Its not cheap though

U can get an original fitbit on jumia... Mind you this is bigger than apple watch


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Education / My Dad Said I Have a Monkey On My Back by wearsandtrends1: 7:06pm On Aug 25
My life
Well that grass to Grace and the to Grass Again!

When my Pman found out 3 years ago and i heard through the grape vine his remark was 'i got a monkey on my back'
Following me wherever. Bear in mind i am the only one in my generarion exposed to physcotics

What did pops mean by

i got a monkey on my back
Celebrities / #bbnaija Shocker- WhiteMoney Caught Live Aggressively Cuddling Queen on her Bed by wearsandtrends1: 1:51am On Aug 22
1 min read (4mb youtube video)

It finally seems that white money's ship is sailing as he has comes to share a bed with newbie housemate Queen.
But last night queen was caught on camera pulling something off as it was intense

Watch clip


White money who is already a favourite of this season big brother shine ya eyes has already taken a liking of Queen, one of the newbie Housemates


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