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Politics / Re: Akeredolu Commissions 20 Patrol Vehicles To Boost Amotekun Operations (photos) by yamunla(m): 8:10pm On Jun 08

both of una mu mu shaaa grin

fulani herdsmen are your enemies

They are both fulani..

dont be deceived

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Family / Re: Let's Be Sincere. "Can You Marry A Woman Like Your Mother?" by yamunla(m): 10:03am On Jun 08
People like that are meant to be ignored seriously cos I didn't see what that lady said that warrant her replies. It is well sha, Na nairaland we dey.

i kept on re-reading the ladies question/post and am like kini big deal??

Many are mad, but few are roaming truly..

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Family / Re: Let's Be Sincere. "Can You Marry A Woman Like Your Mother?" by yamunla(m): 7:56am On Jun 08
Infact kudos to her. She's so mature about the whole thing.

That bola is responding like a tout..



Sports / Re: Ohale Scores, Oshoala, Chikwelu In Action As Barca Edge Madrid by yamunla(m): 11:23am On Jun 07
Politics / Re: What Is Wrong With Southerners? by yamunla(m): 9:29pm On Jun 06
You know it is getting very disappointing seeing IPOBS and Yorubas playing cat & rat at a very dangerous time like this. What is wrong with you guys? Cant you settle your Indifferences and move on?
Yorubas today, see ESN members get killed and celebrate, agreeing with the FG that is obviously run by fulanis, that they are Terrorists. It's so embarrassing. Yorubas are fully aware that these guys have been fighting for the freedom for decades now, started with peaceful protesters of which they got killed in large numbers. Now they created ESN to tackle these killer herdsmen, yet the Yorubas agree with the FG that theyre terrorists.
I'm from the Niger Delta, and igbos are nowhere near our problem. Why do you guys keep fuelling this hate on a daily basis?
Do you want to have kids one day and have them suffer like we are right now, while still hating other southern tribes? God forbid.

Why don't you folks just forget the past. I get the past would be too hurtful to let go, but what's the point carrying the hate to grave when you can just make up? Divided we fall, united we stand. Together, we can teach these Murtha fuckas who think they're invincible the lesson of their life. Pls Do this to make sure your kids are free from danger, this is for the future. let go off that ego now.

The Igbos are very brave people, most are ready to die for their land. They know how well equipped the Nigerian Military is "compared" to them, yet they do not give up. "It is better to take our land while we're dead, than they take while our two eyes are open, impossible", they probably think to themselves.

The Yorubas may be brave but they arent as brave as the igbos. Igbos will NEVER flee their land to go take refuge in another country or state. Same cannot be said for Yorubas whose survivors fled to Benin Republic to start forming keyboard warriors.

Yorubas are more tactical and calm compared to ipobs. I personally doubt the leadership of MNK as he's one that would think and take actions without thinking.

Look lemme tell you, if the south should unite today, Yorubas are very intelligent and couple that with the igbos bravery, plus the south south who obviously do feed these terrorists, we will be a force to reckon with. Not even the FG can stop us.

Yorubas most especially feel like they can do everything on their own. You insult we from South south, also with the easterners. You cannot win on your own. How do you guys not realize that? Terrorist use our oil money to pay your leaders like Tinubu to shut up, same with the police officers in your region. Together, we can put a stop to that bcus it's obvious these fools can't survive without us.

Lieutenant General Sunday Igboho knows this, reason he said any attack on the east is a clear attack on the west. The man is ready to co-operate with the IPOBS since they both now share a common goal. What is wrong with teaming up, then going back to normal ways once the goal has been actualized? If you guys continue like this, your coming generation will continue like this, in suffering. You have the power to change that.

Pls stop the hate my lovely southerners. You guys are the reason I still have faith for this country. I'm still proud of being a Nigerian bcus of the south, nothing else.

nice write up.

now listen bro..first of,I am a yoruba and I can tell you we dont hate south south or abuse them.

truly yoruba and igbo have bad blood between them but i can beat my chest and tell you for the fact that nairaland is a faceless forum ..75% of this yoruba and igbo moniker are actually northerners disguising to cause further discord between both tribe..

in as much as we cant decipher real igbo and yoruba on nairaland..the bad blood will continue...

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Politics / Re: Ipob Number 1 Killer Squad Commander Dragon Killed-photo by yamunla(m): 8:16pm On Jun 06
Politics / Re: Twitter Ban: Mark Gbillah Threatens To Ground Plenary If House Prevents Debate by yamunla(m): 1:54pm On Jun 06
Na Buhari house-boy dey head that house o..

this lawmaker should be careful

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Romance / Re: Girl Slaps Boyfriend For Breaking Up With Her In Public by yamunla(m): 11:51am On Jun 05
That's the only thing they know in that laspotech..just rent house off-campus





The small girl set from back sha...

nice yansh and set yansh she got


Politics / Re: By Shutting Down The Entire South East, IPOB Have Shown Their Strength by yamunla(m): 8:38am On Jun 04
.it is well
Politics / Re: Wike To Rivers Residents: Don’t Let IPOB Scare You With Juju; It Doesn’t Work by yamunla(m): 10:07pm On Jun 02
I still dont understand this guy hatred towards ipob/igbo...

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Politics / Re: South-West Is The Safest Part Of Nigeria - Garba Shehu by yamunla(m): 10:25pm On May 31
. I quoted you earlier without even looking at your moniker, i am igbo, but let me advice you, you sound educated and logical when you make your point objectively as you did up there, why not stick to that better part of you than joining in tantrums with some of these tribal minions

You are justwise

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Politics / Re: South-West Is The Safest Part Of Nigeria - Garba Shehu by yamunla(m): 9:49pm On May 31
Funny how you guys are comparing insecurity in Lagos and Imo when we should be more concerned about the cause of insecurity in the South and how it affects us all! For how long do you think the SW will remain safer than the SE and SS? For those mocking the SE, it's turn by turn. Once they overrun SE and SS, they are coming for the SW

dont mind those fools.

I am a yoruba boy and I can never be happy this jihad government killing innocent igbos..

same igbos I grew up with in lagos.

I read comments and I begin to doubt the yorubaness of some people..

it's either they are party (APC) agents or fulani disguising as yorubas

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I just want to let igbos know that we true yoruba people are with you..

God will keep all igbos safe in jesus name..

Dont let those fulani masquerading as yorubas cause rift between us..

Igbo and yoruba have their beef/differences but we can never support rubbish ..

God bless southern nigeria...

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Politics / Re: Akeredolu Should Remember Victor Banjo by yamunla(m): 8:13pm On May 30

Now let me surprise you, all your rantings ends here on Nairaland. The real Yorubas and Igbos are not on Nairaland. And we are cool with each other. You smell like a cow. In other words, your Taqqiya is not working and will never work. You are nothing but a Futa Jalon stinking smelly terrorist.

My God will bless you.

even tho we yorubas and igbos have our beef/differences.

no be like make we kill ourselve na..

I keep on telling people to beware of this fulani online..I guess their politicians are really investing in laptop and data for them for infiltrate the cyber space
Politics / Re: Biafraheroesday: Gov Umahi Makes U-turn, Says People Free To Stay At Home by yamunla(m): 6:43pm On May 30
animal ass-licker southern governor..

hausa-fulani are protecting their people including terrorist, bandits and co.

you are fighting your people..


Celebrities / Re: House: Adewale Ayuba Builds A Mansion In Ikene Remo (Pictures) by yamunla(m): 3:52pm On May 30
Listen attentively..

I am going to bonsue Fuji chamber...

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Politics / Re: Umahi Mocks Ipob’s Sit-at-home Order, Says Freedom Fighters Shouldn’t Be Outside by yamunla(m): 3:42pm On May 30
Yes you people love Igbos blood.

That's why you people rejoiced and cheered the killing of our unarmed youths,shouting kill them all,use them as target practice,more bullet in your guns and etc

you are quoting a fulani boy..

open your eyes na
Politics / Re: Umahi Mocks Ipob’s Sit-at-home Order, Says Freedom Fighters Shouldn’t Be Outside by yamunla(m): 3:38pm On May 30
So that they will kill him abi

that priceoflagos is fulani..
watch it..

he is neither igbo or yoruba
Politics / Re: Umahi Mocks Ipob’s Sit-at-home Order, Says Freedom Fighters Shouldn’t Be Outside by yamunla(m): 3:37pm On May 30

The Ibarapa people that took to their heels to Benin republic refugees camp ain't back yet

You guys should watch out for this princeoflagos..he is hausa fulani..

he has been busted
Politics / Re: Photos From Scene Of Ahmed Gulak's Assassination (Graphic) by yamunla(m): 3:20pm On May 30

The Yoruba online Tinubu urchins are already celebrating their imaginary hallucination of massive killings.. bomb dropping .. and discharge of chemical bombs all over igbo land grin

Their everyday dream and wish on igbos ...

Heheheheheh ...

Yoruba people sef..

Una go Dey disappoint una sefs on a daily .. crying and weeping bitterly

Knowing That no Yoruba man will smell President till ever..

Can really be frustrating.. and it’s very okay if they pour their frustrations on igbos

We understand..

No president
No oduduwA

All Yoruba need is igbos .. to draw attention


No one give a damm fvck about Yoruba people

Nigerians have seen them .. their party Apc .. their osibanjo government .. and how their relationship with Fulani
Nigerians also have noted how they abandoned their cities and states to Fulani .. and are wishing other states and tribe to do same

Yoruba sef

shut up...you this fulani idiot..

no yoruba will support rubbish

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Sports / Re: Ngolo Kante Deserves Ballon D'or by yamunla(m): 10:54am On May 30

heeeeey see lies from the pit of hell. Manu fans were mourning here, especially because of the europa loss. They were praying chelsea loose too

I am a die hard Man-U and I supported chelsea all through..

Chelsea and Man-U are never rival in anything ..

no Man-U fan will support man city against chelsea.

except for the fans that just join the club
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Manchester City vs Chelsea (0 - 1) On 29th May 2021 by yamunla(m): 6:58pm On May 29

A lot of man utd fans in Nigerian don't know where their rivalry should be���

bro..most man u fan want chelsea to win..

forget the few commenters here
Politics / Re: #SurulereUnderSiege: Lagos APC LGA Primaries Turn Violent, 2 Feared Dead by yamunla(m): 6:51pm On May 29

Lagos has always been ruled by agberos.

from the second picture I can identify 6 people.

Baba fela.

bros.. u cant pull tinubu down lai lai..

the man na iroko tree...

Politics / Re: #SurulereUnderSiege: Lagos APC LGA Primaries Turn Violent, 2 Feared Dead by yamunla(m): 5:32pm On May 29
Eko for show


European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Manchester City vs Chelsea (0 - 1) On 29th May 2021 by yamunla(m): 3:58pm On May 29
Am I the only Man-U fan that want chelsea to win?


Politics / Re: See What Yoruba People Are Saying About Tinubu On Facebook by yamunla(m): 10:06pm On May 25
You guys dont want tinubu to contest, but you want peter obi to contest on a joint ticket with atiku...

who do southern nigeria this strong thing
Politics / Re: Attahiru: Tinubu, Akande, Others Visit Buhari by yamunla(m): 1:35pm On May 25
Nigeria Next president insha allah cool cool cool cool cool


Jobs/Vacancies / Warehouse Officer Needed In Lagos by yamunla(m): 10:47am On May 25
Warehouse officer needed in lagos.

send ur cv to prosperajobs@gmail.com
Politics / Re: Edo PDP Crisis: Etsako Central Suspends Party Chairman by yamunla(m): 5:10pm On May 16
Ugly obaseki body odour loud o


Politics / Re: "Ignore Rumours Of IPOB Attack On Lagos", Ohanaeze Tells Sanwo-Olu by yamunla(m): 7:09am On May 14
So indirectly Ohaneze is saying Igbos are IPOBs and IPOBs are Igbos.. cos last time I checked the Lagos CP of police mentioned the terrorist organization IPOB and not Igbos.

Well, I believe CP Odumosu over any Ohaneze who are only trying to make excuses for their brainless destructive elements instead of giving them stern warning to stay off Lagos. All the audios and posts of Kanu giving orders for IPOB to burn down Lagos during EndSars are rumors too ba?

The day Yorubas will finally face you people is near. Wicked beings


Make una rest na...una don divide the south reach
Politics / Re: "Ignore Rumours Of IPOB Attack On Lagos", Ohanaeze Tells Sanwo-Olu by yamunla(m): 7:08am On May 14
This Igbo elders are wise o. They come to pay homage to the owner of Lagos.

By the way, no one can ignore the fact that Kanu initially foolishly clamored for Lagos destruction on tape during the End SARS protest but I think he already retraced his steps now and give himself some senses.

The repeat of the type of destruction witnessed during the Endsars will never be allowed to repeat itself in Lagos.

Eko Oni Baje, o baje ti.


una no dey tire
Politics / Re: Obaseki Is Causing Problem In PDP, Edo State Chairman, Secretary Write Secondus by yamunla(m): 4:28pm On May 11
Ugly people and wahala sha

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