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Pets / Re: My Pet Snake by yommen: 9:12pm On May 14
Na express you dey go o egungun

House snakes are non venomous. Their teeth further feels like it plastic that's chucking you when they bite. Thanks to 'snakes in the city'
Food / Re: Adazi-nnukwu Distributes Palliatives To Poor Homes (photos ) by yommen: 11:21am On May 13
No Yoruba village fine pass Adazi Nnukwu

You see the extent of your inferiority complex You bring Yoruba into everything that concerns you, just to make that noise.
Health / Re: Masturbation Has Caused Me Erectile Dysfunction. Help!! by yommen: 10:50pm On May 12
The erection is very weak, it cannot penetrate

There is nothing wrong with you that you don't have a control over.

Now that you know you are killing yourself gradually through masturbation, you need to tell yourself that you can't afford to kill yourself. Let it ring in your head. Then stop masturbating.

Discipline is very key Bro. It won't be easy but hey bro, you need to save yourself. Visit nofap.com
Health / Re: SON Inspects Facemasks & PPE-Producing Factories In Abia And Rivers States by yommen: 9:44pm On May 12
Igbo to the rescue again.
Aba amaka.
Biafra amaka grin
97% think they're punishing 5%,not knowing that 'dem de do themselves'.
If not for this global lockdown, d so called owners of d zoo would've headed to China to import this,wasting scarce forex,even when it can be produced in Aba.

To which rescue? Too much unnecessary noise! Is it that you had initially thought you Ibos can't even do anything at all that you are masturbating over production of facemask? Facemask wey apprentice tailor all over Lagos state they do na him you dey shout 'ibo to the rescue' for. What rescue?. The only rescue in this season is discovery of coronavirus vaccine alongside cure. Shioorr.

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Health / Re: COVID-19: FG Lists Lagos, FCT, Kano, Ogun, Kaduna, Sokoto For WHO Drug Trials by yommen: 6:37am On May 12
Thank you for keeping igboland out of it

What does this have to do Igbo land or not? Are there not Igbos in all states of the federation? For all I care, there are Igbos even in Lagos isolation centers. Why has tribalism eaten so deep into your life now, that all you do is only think about is yourself? Little time, you will start crying here again that they hate you.


Celebrities / Re: E-Money Steps Out In Style With Police Security (Photos) by yommen: 10:42pm On May 11
After you Na you boss.

Billionaire business man, everything and everywhere soft.

If I no make the billion billion mark before I 40, No be mama born me.
Bross abeg, take am easy o.


Romance / Re: Why Do Old Men Love To Chase After Young Girls? by yommen: 9:36pm On May 11
Why is it that older men love to pursue Young girls?

Especially old African men. It is disgusting how they are interested in girls that are old enough to be their daughter.

I have had a lot of old and successful guys ask me out but I always say no thanks.

It is scary, these perverts need to find women their own age. Has this happen to anyone?

Well, for me it's not them being just old, they are also married. Many young ladies don't actually mind too, though. @op, maintain your sanity and you won't miss your true partner.

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Family / Re: Child Dedication Online: My Wife Is Angry I Didn't Spend More by yommen: 1:43pm On May 11
She has a crush on one of your neighbours who might have been eating her work behind your back and probably the real father of the child. and she is mad at you cos you didn't appreciate him enough for a job well done. Use your brain; if your neighbours are all women, her reaction wouldn't be the same.
Better run a DNA test on that child ASAP.

Modified: To the angry inconsequential homo sapiens quoting me, have you all eaten today?

Come on Bro!!! Women generally don't want to know how money come in. They just want it spent. @op. You have no reason to believe @gamapoy's comments if you have never suspected your wife of infidelity. She never mentioned a particular neighbor, mind you.
Family / Re: Child Dedication Online: My Wife Is Angry I Didn't Spend More by yommen: 1:40pm On May 11
Tell her to use her own money too, why is she angry if she couldn't provide to celebrate her own baby sad Just be watching her

Imagine! How some people (not only women joorr) think ehnn.
Health / Re: Meet Amarachukwu Allison, Doctor Who Discovered Nigeria's Index COVID-19 Case by yommen: 9:19pm On May 10

Igbo Amaka.

Na wa o! Always shouting Igbo amaka up and down. Has her discovery of the first index case curbed the spread of the virus? Has she found the cure? Do you people just talk for talking sake?
Politics / Re: Lies that Igbos Dominate Tafarwa Belawa Cabinet. Here Are The Prove. by yommen: 1:56pm On May 10
for those who there agenda on nairaland is to tarnish the image of Igbo or to instigate other Nigeria tribe against Igbos know it today that whatever evils propaganda you are planning we are ready to counter it with facts. Now you are made to judge from this fact.

This are Tafarwa Belawa Cabinet.

1. First cabinet: 1957–59
On 30 August 1957 the Governor-General of Nigeria, Sir James Wilson Robertson, announced that Abubakar Tafawa Balewa had been appointed Prime Minister, with a broad-based National Government.[1] His first cabinet included ministers from all parties.[2]The cabinet was based on that appointed after the 1954 elections.[1] Cabinet ministers included:

[ ] Prime MinisterTafawa Balewa
[ ] Transportation - Raymond Njoku
[ ] Education - Aja Nwachukwu Replaced Matthew Mbu
[ ] Commerce - K. O. Mbadiwe
[ ] Communications - Samuel AkintolaNew appointee
[ ] Finance - Festus Okotie-Eboh
[ ] Internal Affairs - J. M. Johnson replaced Adegoke Adelabu
[ ] Information - Kola Balogun
[ ] Health - Ayo Rosiji New appointee
[ ] Mines - Muhammadu Ribadu
[ ] Works - Zanna Bukar Dipcharima Replaced Inuwa Wada

Second cabinet: 1959–64

Abubakar Tafawa Balewa' in 1962

The next elections were held on 12 December 1959. Results were Northern People's Congress (NPC): 134 seats; National Council of Nigeria and the Cameroons (NCNC) /Northern Elements Progressive Union (NEPU): 89 seats; Action Group (AG): 73 seats; Other: 16 seats. The NPC and NCNC formed an alliance to create the new government, with Belewa again Prime Minister. Nnamdi Azikiwe became ceremonial president. Northerners were given the most important ministerial posts. Balewa at first retained control of foreign policy, which was pro-western, and did not consult the cabinet. The Balewa coalition of the NPC and NCNC held until 1964, when it broke up due to a dispute over leadership and ministerial appointments. On 8 December 1964 parliament was officially dissolved. Ministers in the second Balewa cabinet were:

Prime Minister Tafawa Balewa

Foreign Affairs - Jaja Wachuku

Attorney - Gen/JusticeTaslim Olawale
Lands & Lagos Affairs - Muhammadu Ribadu
Finance - Festus Okotie Eboh

Transport and Aviation - Raymond Njoku

Commerce & industries - Zanna Bukar Dipcharima

Works & Surveys - Inua Wada

Labour & Welfare - J. M. JohnsonAlso responsible for Sports.

Education - Aja Nwachukwu

Mines & Power - Maitama Sule

Economic Development & Natural Resources - Shehu Shagari

Communications - Olu Akinfosile

Internal Affairs - Usman Sarki

Information - T. O. S. Benson

Health - Waziri Ibrahim

Pensions, Establishment & Nigerianization - Yisa Yara'Dua

Third cabinet: 1964–66

Before the general elections of December 1964 the United Progressive Grand Alliance (UPGA), an alliance of the NCNC, AG, NEPU and United Middle Belt Congress (UMBC), complained that the campaign had not been free or fair. In the north, candidates had been intimidated and prevented from registering. President Azikiwe tried to postpone the elections, but Balewa held them anyway. Despite a partial boycott of the elections by the UPGA, the NNA alliance between the NPC and Nigerian National Democratic Party (NNDP), gained only a slim majority. Azikiwe at first refused to ask Balewa to form a cabinet, but after a power struggle that lasted a few days he agreed on condition that Balewa's government be broad-based, and that fresh elections be held in the regions where the boycott had taken effect. Balewa's government of national unity included members from both the winning and losing parties. There were 54 members in the cabinet from the NPC (22), NNDP (14), NCNC (15) as well as three independents. This included 21 Cabinet Ministers, 11 Ministers of Cabinet Rank without Portfolio and 22 Ministers without Cabinet Rank. Ministers with Portfolios were:

Prime Minister & External Affairs - Tafawa Balewa

Defense - Muhammadu Ribadu Inua Ribadu 

Attorney - Gen/JusticeTaslim Olawale Elias

Finance - Festus Okotie-Eboh

Transport - Zanna Bukar Dipcharima

Aviation - Jaja Wachuku

Trade - K. O. Mbadiwe

Industries - Augustus Akinloye

Works - Inua Wada

Housing & Surveys - Adeniran Ogunsanya

Labor - Adeleke Adedoyin

Education - Richard Akinjide

Mines & Power - Maitama Sule. Dominic Mapeo Minister of State

Economic Development - Waziri Ibrahim

Natural Resources & Research - Alade Lamuye

Communications - Raymond Njoku

Internal Affairs - Shehu Shagari

Information - Ayo Rosiji

Health - Moses Majekodunmi

Establishment - Jacob Obande

You had fair share of appointments during the period you have stated.

No body wishes to insult you Igbos. You are always the ones attracting insults to yourselves when you make it obvious that you can't tolerate good things about others. Every good things that comes your way, you make noise like others have nothing good about them, like it's only you God has created the earth for. See, even Oyinbo no make noise reach unna!!!

Make unna sitdon talk to unna self about how to progress your tribe without dragging others to it cos as a matter of fact, you only hold others responsible for every calamity that befalls you. You don't hold yourself responsible for ANYTHING. Ojukwu led you to war but he eventually ran and left you to die and mourn, but till date, Yorubas are held responsible notwithstanding the fact that you yourself at some points, aligned with northeners but because we don't share your opinion, you hate us forgetting that everyone is actually entitled to his own opinion. I was surprised that Yorubas who have never been vocal about secession from Nigeria actually became a member of UNPO before you Igbos that have been clamouring for secession. It makes me wonder if you Igbos truly have leaders with sense of direction.

You people are a great set of people with great potentials not only business as you claimed but across all facets of human endeavour just like every other people also have potentials too. Channel your resources in the right direction, not towards noise and claim of supremacy
Phones / Re: Samsung Galaxy A51 Review After 3 Months Of Use by yommen: 6:49am On May 10

You will be rich ijn then you will change your mind

I used a Moto e4 plus. Now its redmi 8a. Both are are even top 6 brand. When I tell my people Tecno is in 30th position, na argue all the way o.
Business / Re: Adegoke Olubusi, Bolatito Ovia, Dimeji Sofowora Who Launched Helium Health by yommen: 5:16pm On May 09
I don't understand.
How will they recoup their investment and pay back the loan?
I just want to understand how the hospital e health application will generate money.

They never took any loan. They already make up to $10M in profit. Apparently, very big private hospitals are paying for the invention. I expect there is also a server they maintain and therefore get paid by the hospitals periodically.

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Crime / Re: Policeman Shoots At Unarmed Man In Abuloma, Rivers State (Video) by yommen: 1:09pm On May 09


This Police Man Shot A Young Boy In The Leg For Stepping Out During The Lock Down And Fired At Another Person Who Came Out To Condemn His Actions. This Is Against The Firing Rule For Officers.

▪️This Happened In Igweocha (Port Harcourt)
This is against the firing rule for officers

Well,, the Governor is lawless. The state is confused, a picture of my country all together.
Politics / Re: For Yorubas: What Is Our Long Term Goal by yommen: 6:57pm On May 07

Ndigbo fought all the military dictators in Nigeria from the grandfather of them all, Yakubu Gowon to unmentioned. While Ndigbo fought every one of the dictators, your forbearers were in lockstep with them. You simply cannot eat your cake and have it.

What did ndigbo achieve even after all the fights?

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Politics / Re: For Yorubas: What Is Our Long Term Goal by yommen: 6:56pm On May 07
I think the long term goal of Yorubas is to beg the North for Presidency and restructuring forever

I googled it and realised that notwithstanding the noise of Ibos both in Nigeria and all over the world about Biafra, Ibos registered to be 46th member of UNPO after Yoruba with 45th membership. I have always said it that Igbos enjoy making empty noise than actually channeling their strength to a more meaningful way of achieving their set goals.
Politics / Re: Which Region Should Produce Nigeria’s Next President In 2023? by yommen: 6:35pm On May 07
The South East should have produced the next president come 2023. But honestly I don't see that happening with the way things are. I see Tinubu becoming president in 2023.

The South East don't count themselves as part of Nigeria and therefore automatically do not stand a chance. They make more noise than act reasonably. As for Tinubu, I reject him in the name of anything being available to call. Osibanjo is a better bet. He'll move Nigeria forward.
Politics / Re: Lockdown: Wike Orders Auction Of Seized Vehicles by yommen: 6:24pm On May 07
Wike is confused. People like Wike don't even know if there are existing protocols for punishment of offenders. He now thinks he is the Alpha and Omega.

Was it not Wike that said he was relaxing lockdown during Easter so that xtians can celebrate? This singular act shows that he doesn't even understand the reason for the lockdown in the first instance. Now, he is overdoing it. A confused leader will definitely confuse his people.

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Politics / Re: Oshiomhole Lies, Can't Get Story Straight by yommen: 6:07pm On May 07
They were running abroad for medical attention because they wouldn't build our own health system to a standard one. Now it's pay-back time. Corona the reality check.
Romance / Re: I Can't Stop Thinking About Him by yommen: 3:33pm On May 07
Truth hurts..
He doesn't fancy you
He could be shy
Health / Re: Saudi Arabia Sets Up Self-Sanitization Gates In Mecca’s Grand Mosque by yommen: 3:26pm On May 07
grin grin grin

Meanwhile, hand sanitizer
was put in front of a neighborhood
mosque & some ignorant mallams thought
their legs are also to be sanitize ..

Do you also wash your hands when you apply hand sanitisers?
Health / Re: Saudi Arabia Sets Up Self-Sanitization Gates In Mecca’s Grand Mosque by yommen: 3:17pm On May 07

Part of the efforts towards successful organisation of forthcoming Hajj August 2020. May Allah relief the world of the pandemic and forgive us for our trespasses. Aaamin

Forget Hajj this year.

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Crime / Re: Notorious Cult Leader, Mukaila, Arrested By Police In Lagos (Photo) by yommen: 6:28am On May 07
He can now act very well in kirikiri. I won't be surprised if he is part of vigilante guiding communities while giving his boys clue of where to rob. That's how some of them roll. Baba isale..

These people always find their way back. Mind you, it has been very bloody in those areas mentioned but they will still be released and they'll come back reloaded.
Politics / Re: IMF Credits Cbn's Account With $3.4bn Emergency Loan by yommen: 7:47pm On May 06
Gbese re o.
Health / Re: COVID-19: CFL To Release 20-Minute Result Oriented Test Kit Into Nigerian Market by yommen: 8:10am On May 05

nothing beats the Lab test for now, all this test kits are far from accurate,.. imagine how doomed you would be if the test kits mistakenly diagnosed you positive of Covid 19, and the doctors claim you are asymptomatic only for them to lock you up for 14 days with people with acute corona virus coughing blood in your face and into the air you breath at the isolation center where you later contract the virus and die a painful death coughing endlessly even after pronounced dead


How possible is it to contact coronavirus in the isolation center? I believe patients are attended to on individual basis and will not be exposed to themselves.
Health / Re: COVID-19: CFL To Release 20-Minute Result Oriented Test Kit Into Nigerian Market by yommen: 8:05am On May 05
9ce 1, but I don't like the md's name lipsrsealed

It's amazing how tribalism has derailed our focus as Nigerian youths. The politicians know that we are too busy arguing over stupid things than to fight for our future. Even after the suffering most Nigerians are passing through during covid19, they know they'll still manipulate us make us fight over and vote for APC and PDP. Why? We are too busy thinking in the wrong direction and channelling our youthful strength into unproductive ventures like this your statement.

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Crime / Re: Northern Girls Trafficked To Enugu, Raped, Impregnated, Babies Sold - Al-Jazeera by yommen: 11:06pm On May 04

Do you know how many yoruba NURTW branch chairmen that own prostitute motels in Lagos where young girls are trafficked as prostitutes?

Do you want me to give you a list?

Oga forget talk. Even your muslim hausa governors and politicians traffick young little underaged girls from Arab countries for sex. We all remember Senator yerima and the little Egyptian girl he was destroying her vagina.

There is no single justification for arguement. What is not good is not good, either perpetrated by Yoruba, Hausa, Igbo, Ibibio, Ebira etc. IT IS NOT GOOD.
Crime / Re: Northern Girls Trafficked To Enugu, Raped, Impregnated, Babies Sold - Al-Jazeera by yommen: 11:03pm On May 04

why blame government for people's wickedness. Is it the government that is kidnapping children, rapping them and selling thier babies. Please grow up.

The government has refused to stop Bokoharam that is getting these people displaced in the first instance. In the second instance, government, knowing fully well that these IDP camps lack food and necessary palliatives ought to provide for them. This made them to find a means of leaving the camp.
Politics / Re: Ifeanyi Ubah Distributes Palliatives In Lagos by yommen: 9:40pm On May 04
Please target the igbos and our south south brothers first. Akulueulo! Others can queue up later for the leftovers. Their politicians will never do this for the igbos

Of course, if that is even enough for all the Igbos in Lagos first of all. Moreso, may be all you Ibosin Lagos should vex and carry the items to your villages, so that we don't even share from it at all.


Health / Re: Nurses In Ogun Wear Polythene Bags To Treat Suspected COVID-19 Patient (Photo) by yommen: 9:02pm On May 04
The French doctors suggested that vaccines should be tested in Africa and everyone was hauling insults at them......

Let them start with your family now.

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