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Health / Re: Boss Mustapha: Nigeria Yet To Reach ‘Peak’ Of COVID-19 Cases by yommen: 6:15am On Jun 02
Because himself and other thieves are yet to reach their target amount of money to be stolen.
Politics / Re: Wizkid Drags Buhari And Trump On Twitter by yommen: 4:34pm On Jun 01
Buhari no get class. Buhari is incompetent in everything including the oza room

Politics / Re: Amotekun: Muslims Reject Oduduwa Republic – MURIC by yommen: 3:41pm On Jun 01
That's great! Yoruba muslims should never be part of the Oduduwa republic, they can form their own country or remain in the zoo.

Nigerian Muslims and Yoruba Muslims in particular don't recognize this one-man-show organisation. The man is just being foolish.

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Politics / Re: Yoruba Have No Shame, Osinbajo Is A Toilet Manager - Nnamdi Kanu by yommen: 9:20pm On May 31
Ok. We have heard you but how is this be a strategy toward your Biafra actualization. I am still imagine the level of frustration among Igbo that throw this guy up as a leader. I have never seen or hear him bring out any strategy on how he intended to actualize Biafra.

With people like Kanu, the Igbos will never have a sense of direction.

If all he does is to display hatred towards Yorubas and not seek to channel the intelligence and resourcefulness of Igbos towards their dream of Biafra actualisation, Igbos are doomed. Fine, the Hausas are in power, a Yoruba man in Obasanjo actually ruled for 8 years.

Atiku would have ruled if not that he wouldn't exercise patience with OBJ. Jonathan ruled because he exhibited extraordinary traits of patience. Osibanjo is a thoroughbred Omoluwabi(the holy concept). He exercised that patience for 5 years already. He'll exercise it to the end. Remember that they saw the potentials in him and tried to kill him through plane crash but he escaped. They know he is light in the darkness so they try to silence him. Night never lasts forever. The light will shine soon. Abba Kyari was deleted you know. The light will shine. And by then , Nnamdi Kanu will still continue to wail, while the light shines.

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Politics / Re: FFK: Osinbajo Appointed Chairman "Use The Toilet Committee Of Nigeria" by yommen: 6:20pm On May 31
FFK is stylishly delivering some jabs to the Minister for Condolence matters, Prof Yemi Osibande... Not his fault though, the mere commissioner choose to remain a slave to the northerners, hence they decorated him with the "Chairman of the Use the toilet committee of Nigeria"

Another feather to his cap. grin

That's why Ibos will never be president in Nigeria because they don't believe in exercising patience. They want to react to everything immediately. GEJ became president due to his patience and calmness. So, Arakunrin Jasonscoolari, use your head.
Education / Re: Best of Drone Shots UNILAG (Day & Night Photos) by yommen: 10:59pm On May 30




Anyway, may free almajiri schools be the only option for your children. Very stupid somebody. You no get sense I swear.

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Politics / Re: Northern Emirs, Rulers Forced Me To Annul June12, IBB Opens Up, by yommen: 10:30pm On May 28
Atleast Afonjas knows their enemies now.

Pls leave ndigbo alone.

It's you Ibos that see Yorubas as enemies and not the other way round. Ok for examples, see as you just came in to tackle Yorubas when your tribe wasn't even involved in this particular discussion at all. The problem is you believe you can throw tantrums at us but you don't believe we should react to you. I wonder who does that.
Politics / Re: Top 10 Africa's Most Populous Ethnic Groups. Yoruba is number 3 by yommen: 10:21pm On May 28
My man stop talking nonsense

Even when people were evacuated from South Africa recently, we saw a great deal of Yorubas coming home, who would have thought considering the numbers of igbos in South Africa

Yorubas don't often travel to other places in Nigeria as much as igbos often do, but when it comes to travelling out of this country, Yorubas would give anyone a run for their money.

Olodo can't even spell illiterates properly. cheesy

And You are the illiterate pulling dumb stats straight from your harse

Of course SW Nigeria is where most others within Nigeria are coming to. The dream of an average Ibo man living in SE is SW why we dream to travel out of the country. Why should I go to Anambra when Anabrarians see even Ogun State as London?


Politics / Re: Top 10 Africa's Most Populous Ethnic Groups. Yoruba is number 3 by yommen: 10:16pm On May 28

The way you counter them is hot and commendable. Bravo!

It confirms his inferiority complex, always wants to play the catch up game. But why are ibos always making so much noise from behind na?

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Sports / Re: Cristiano Ronaldo & His Family Go On A Bike Ride (Photo) by yommen: 9:44pm On May 28
They are Cute though, but not as Cute as this my Hero's family

What is more cute about your hero's family now? The car? You better go hustle and make money.
Celebrities / Re: Femi Otedola Rejects Man Wooing Temi, His Daughter Says She Has A Boyfriend by yommen: 7:14pm On May 27
Can you imagine what a youth of this 21st century is saying Instead of him to think of ways to create vaccines for the corona virus he's trying to shoot his shot where his greatgrand father tried and failed.....He should have asked ote to bless him with job instead........Nigerian men are the worst thing to ever happen to this planet earth........Bunch of sex starve fools.

I don't agree with 'Nigerian men are the worst thing.....' in your statement. At least, we are better than SA, Zimbabwe etc men o.
Business / Re: Ekiti Begins Milk Production To Supply Cowbell's Factory In Lagos by yommen: 9:10pm On May 26
Is there really a need for this kind of comment ? Nah una no dey let people enjoy nairaland politics section again.

Those people he referred are actually fund of condemning good things just because it's not from them.
Business / Re: Ekiti Begins Milk Production To Supply Cowbell's Factory In Lagos by yommen: 8:55pm On May 26
Las las dem go still milk am dry

Bitter man.
Crime / Re: EFCC Convicts Babatunde Rufai “Wear It All" Boutique Owner For Fraud by yommen: 8:11pm On May 25
Awon Family Obi Invictus
Travel / Re: Photos Of Ore Flyover Bridge In Ondo State by yommen: 8:03pm On May 25

You're not nice grin grin

Seriously, Ibos don't like to see good things about others. They talk like they are not Africans, like their places don't have mud houses with roofs made from Palm leaves. I don't understand o. Very strange set of people.


Travel / Re: Photos Of Ore Flyover Bridge In Ondo State by yommen: 7:56pm On May 25

Have u ever been to 9th mile ?
Let me not even call aba ..9th mile enugu is far far ahead of ore can be in the next 20 years

It's funny how people who have traveld to see both places would tell you something you that only seen one would say it's a lie

The essence of the post is Ore, not Enugu. Enugu can do whatever it likes. Ore is being primed to be an industrial hub that will raise the standard of life of people living there. Nothing concern Ore people with what's happening in Enugu. Ore never depended on Enugu for anything. If at all Ore wants to model itself after a particular city, definitely it's not Enugu. Obviously, you are embittered to see that others are doing good.


Politics / Re: Why Abike Dabiri Attacked Pantami, Communications Minister by yommen: 6:53pm On May 25
Attention seeking woman, you have no reason to attack your superior publicly. Before you know it She started playing the Woman card.
For God sake what is Buhari doing. This woman should be dismissed at once. In a private organization by now she would have been sacked. She took it too personal maybe because of her ego and I have lost all the respect I had for her.

Did you read the story?


Career / Re: Otorisirieze Obi-young Gets New Job After Sack by yommen: 6:31pm On May 24
You can never silence an Igboman.

Congratulations to Eze

Sowore is not an Ibo man. Gani Fawehinmi was not an Igbo man. They were never silenced. Inferiority complex will not kill you.

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Romance / Re: My Bf Said I Should Seek His Permission Before Calling Him by yommen: 7:02pm On May 23
Stop calling him. He is prolly fixing his mind on someone else. Please be strong. Your own true man is coming.

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Romance / Re: My Girlfriend Has Two Shuggar Daddies... by yommen: 5:42pm On May 23
Kogi people get winch? Dem be God Tap into her phone and screenshot all her communication. Then one day, send her all the screenshots and begin to ask her questions one by one, na she go vex at some points scatter the relationship.

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Romance / Re: My Gf Found A Used Condom,under My Bed by yommen: 5:34pm On May 23
You be mumu. She found a used condom not that she met you on another woman. Lie don finish for earth? If you love her so much, you should have insisted you left your friend at home yesterday and you came back to meet him with a girl. You were furious he invited a girl to your house but you didn't know he had left used condom under the bed. You haven't done anything with any girl since the last time you two met now. Show her your dick to see and touch self. Nonsense boy.
Romance / Re: Make 4000 Naira Weekly by yommen: 5:18pm On May 23
Health / Re: Indian Doctors Remove Odinaka Nweke's Stomach Tumor by yommen: 4:55pm On May 23
The love of we Igbos made this trip a success.

It's only fools who believe that Igbos don't love themselves.

We return all the Glory to Chukwu Okike Abiama who made this surgery a huge success.

To all my Igbo brothers we will never close our well of goodness.

God bless ndị Igbo

You channel your strength emotions wrongly. Go and come and calm down.

Congrats to Odinaka.

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Sports / Re: Spanish Government Okays La Liga To Resume From June 8 by yommen: 4:36pm On May 23
Damnnnnn niggarrr

Make the thing resume abeg
Even if na Barcelona Vs espanyol
I go watch
I don miss Messi
The greatest of all time

Not that overrated penaldo,gaynaldo, divenaldo

Na to resume my bet9ja and virtual bet be this
God abeg bless your boy this period
Because for every day we wake we are faced with more than a hundred ways to become a millionaire of which gambling is among

Most comments I read from you have been mature so far but it's very immature to claim CR7 is overrated. Are his figures fictitious like Bubu's election results?


Celebrities / Re: Erigga Shares Pictures Of His New House by yommen: 4:19pm On May 23
Congrats Bro

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Crime / Re: "My Aunt Watched While Men She Brought Slept With Me" - 20-Year-Old Girl by yommen: 12:19pm On May 23
Her aunt said to her boss " you will get to know one day why men visits her"

From that statement, It's possible the victim is suffering from nymphomania.

A 20year old girl with a 2yr old child...speaks a lot about the victim.

I think the aunt has known who she is, that's why she's taking advantage of her and commercializing her unusual condition

Na talk be this?
Politics / Re: COVID-19: Buhari’s Government Totally Irresponsible, Has Failed Woefully - PDP by yommen: 6:42am On May 23

Dr. Jonathan, health minister Dr. Onyebuchi Chukwu and PDP swept Ebola out of Nigeria in less than a month.

Hello Sir, I was never a fan of PDP and I'm no longer a fan of APC itself. But I'm highly disappointed in most comments I see here because they lack constructive reasoning and logic. I'm more disappointed that some of us still argue over APC and PDP, both parties that have done for Nigerians but worsened our lives.

I'm most disappointed at this comment I just quoted. So, if it was your PDP that is at the helm of affairs today, you mean covid 19 would have gone? The disease that shook the whole world so much that death toll is about to hit 100,000 in the US? You now compare it to Ebola that didn't even spread at all. That means PDP is better than the governments of the US, Canada and all the developed countries. Abeg make unna dey wake up and use unna no 6 when thinking jare. And we were blaming Buhari for calling Nigerian youths lazy.


Career / Re: Should I Pursue Another Federal Job Or Leave For Canada? by yommen: 9:46pm On May 22
Enyia or Egbon or Aboki,

Tomorrow morning call your brothers and tell them,

"Canada is calling".

Village people can't succeed.

Dont mind the foolish boy na. He is earning 80k still dey ask whether to relocate to Canada or not.

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Family / Re: My Dead Uncle's Wife Needs Children From Me by yommen: 9:37pm On May 22

It is easier said,the moment she decides that you would be first person to cast a stone.IN Nigeria and Africa we are all aware of the stigma accorded the woman. but if a man loses his and the next minute he can marry without no hassles.

Oga, she should remarry. Make I give her picken begin scatter my own family? By the way, is there no a more elderly person in the family that can grant her wishfull wish? How come she only has a child with the uncle? @Op, you will have to start servicing that woman from time to time o. So oo, please don't do it.
Business / Re: Which Business Can I Do With N300k As A School Teacher? by yommen: 9:24pm On May 22
It's obvious you can't have time to monitor any offline business. I lost 650k in fish farm business cos I was not able to monitor it due to my office work. I believe you have a good phone. Get a good laptop too. Start learning online currency trading. Learn and demo trade for at least 1 year B4 you start investing. It's very risky and you can lose all 300k in few hours. That's why I said 'learn very well first' oo.

There is an App called bamboo on playstore. It's for buying US stocks. It's genuine. Google it too and read enough about it. Do your research and start buying international companies' stocks. I'm waiting to gather some money to buy.


Romance / Re: Should I Break Up Or Make Up With My Boyfriend? by yommen: 6:25am On May 22
"I told him to"
"I want him to"
"I warned him not to"
"I advised him to"
"He wouldn't listen to me" and all the other stuffs.

It appears to me that you are foisting your opinion, choices and wishes on your partner. You want him to live his life your way, pursue his dreams following your chart and run his race with you as guide. Perhaps you want to be the Kapellmeister while you lead the orchestra that is his life.

If he were to follow your advise and it backfires or doesnt yield the expected fruit, who would take responsibility? There is something some of us do not acknowledge which is that not everyone wants to be wealthy, some people just want to be successful at what they do, some people just want to lead a simple and fulfilled life.

I also find your intentions questionable. Do you have all those "nice thoughts" for him because you love and wish him well, or because you want him wealthy enough to marry you next year and give you "the life"? Its a shame that you say you're not proud of someone ou claim to love and painting him as some loser.

There comes a time in the life of a man when he wants to do things his own way, steer his own ship, make his own mistakes and celebrate his own little victories.

I would have asked you to talk to him, but I believe you guys have talked about this over and over. So, the choice is yours to walk or stay

She seems to have a good standard but he is below it. She tries to encourage him to upgrade himself. Wish I had someone like her.

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