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Politics / Re: Which Of These Critics Will Make A Good President If Allowed To Govern? by yommen: 10:04pm On Apr 26
Obiageli who cant successfully manage BBOG. Where Iis BBOG today

BBOG would only what they want to do. Government has its own plans and BBOG too small, dem no reach match strength with the government. The best thing is for power to change hands.
Politics / Re: Which Of These Critics Will Make A Good President If Allowed To Govern? by yommen: 10:01pm On Apr 26

Don't believe the honesty of a broke man.

We will continue to complain about APC and PDP while they continue to ruin this country. So, in such a long list, no body can rule us Are we the citizens of Nigeria ourselves even serious at all? What's wrong with Shower, Ezekwesili? Unna never suffer. Na I too know go kill of unna!!! Useless set of ITK Nairalanders!!! Unna kunkun like suffer, complain and smile before.
Politics / Re: Nigerian Citizens Are Weak, Smart Dummy, Foolish And Uncalled For. by yommen: 11:26am On Apr 26
swear that you are not.

Only yoruba Moslems hate Igbos with passion

Funny!!! You guys call Yoruba Muslims with every sweat in your body, little do you know that Yorubas are not divided on the line of religion. You know why? Yorubas are very liberal when it comes to religion and that's why I am from a Muslim background in which many of us are now Christians. Ok for example, i'm first in the family of 4. Two are now Christians while two are still Muslims and none has ever challenged anybody as regards his choice of religion. And thats how it is except for very few cases. If we are so particular about religion, don't you think religious killings will be more among Yorubas? I think you should ask the Ibos living in South West about us, not you living in the East on assumptions.
Politics / Re: Nigerian Citizens Are Weak, Smart Dummy, Foolish And Uncalled For. by yommen: 9:09am On Apr 26
Lugard amalglamated us, we are yet to do the real amalglamation ourselves, hence the downwards trends of things. The Nigerian character look like strange bedfellows

The US is bigger than Nigeria with different ethnic groups but the citizens speak with one voice. Amalgamation happened in 1914. Na there we go die put?

Hello Sir, you dwell on an event that happened 106 years ago before you, your own father and probably grandfather were not even born yet. Tens of series of events have happened after amalgamation and have shaped the way our country is today in our own eyes. What have we done about them?

I stand to be corrected. We were not ready for independence when we got it. In fact, our independence is a bigger calamity than amalgamation. I just read 'no longer at ease again'. The book tells me about a yet-to-independent Nigeria where whites were working in the same office with Nigerians, where a fresh graduate woking under the government had easy opportunity to a personal car of his own, a flat of his own in Ikoyi without stress. Oga, amalgamation is not our problem. Independence which happened 44 years after amalgamation is our first problem.

I stand to be corrected!!! Anybody who is complaining of amalgamation is a tribalist!!! And such a person is one of the reason why Nigeria will not move forward because they don't believe in Nigeria even though they cannot have their own country as desired. They are then trapped in slavery of history. They further mentally entrap their children, illiterate people around them who look forward to them. It then becomes an entrapped tribe and nation.


Politics / Re: Nigerian Citizens Are Weak, Smart Dummy, Foolish And Uncalled For. by yommen: 8:45am On Apr 26

Buwari lovers are coming for ur nipples!!!

We are waiting for them

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Politics / Re: Meet The First Nigerian To Import Bulletproof Car And Got Assassinated by yommen: 8:43am On Apr 26

You are still a learner?

Hurt fire...Are you not seeing the face of that man on op picture.

How does that look to you?

Highly disgusting..Tuehhh

Compared to your people's pictures? See the naked girls na! You no dey even shame. I'll rather have tribal marks and be very rich as he was than to walk around naked and with bear foots.


Politics / Re: Why Not Put Ethnicity Aside,and Unite Against Our Corrupt Leaders? by yommen: 8:29am On Apr 26
i can never happen
our yoots are busy with afonja vs flatino fight on nairaland

Very true Sir

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Politics / Re: Why Not Put Ethnicity Aside,and Unite Against Our Corrupt Leaders? by yommen: 8:26am On Apr 26
watch how this thread will die a natural death cos its not talking about KANU.
but if its talking about irrelevant gossips like tinubu for 2023 or el rufai then watch this thread run till infinitum.

I tell you Sir. The way we reason ehnn!!! Like fish brain!
Politics / Re: Why Not Put Ethnicity Aside,and Unite Against Our Corrupt Leaders? by yommen: 8:25am On Apr 26
LOL count me out, fam.

Just step aside and don't bother to comment.
Politics / Re: Covid-19: Governors Give Buhari Conditions For Relaxing Lockdown On Monday by yommen: 8:24am On Apr 26
The Lockdown should continue but they should let children go back to school since the disease hardly kill children.

If children are allowed to go to school, is there any lockdown again then?. What of student contracts it and gives his parents at home. He'll survive and his parents die!
Health / Re: Akin Abayomi: Most People Who Contract Coronavirus Don't Feel Sick by yommen: 4:05am On Apr 26

Madam, be Sincere with yourself. When last did you seat down to Read your Bible?

More people read Bible these days of lockdown!

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Health / Re: 114 New Coronavirus Cases Reported.Total 1095 .208 discharged. 32 deaths by yommen: 6:33am On Apr 25

What does crs benefit from lagos

Nothing!!! I'm Yoruba born and bred in Lagos. It's sick to believe that a particular state won't survive without another just as some Ibos believe South West can't survive without them. Whole bunch of trash!

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Crime / Re: Policemen Who Assaulted Tola Azeez Dismissed In Osun by yommen: 11:22pm On Apr 24
only dismiss? they need to be arrested as well

Funkeee!!! Didn't you see 'they'll be prosecuted' there

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Politics / Re: Lati Raheem Is Dead! Tinubu's ‘Most Trusted’ Aide Dies After A Brief Illness by yommen: 5:05pm On Apr 24
shocked One here one there! Coronavirus what game are you playing

no one there one here o. Na one there, one on the other side. No be for here.


Crime / Re: IBEDC Staff In Ogun Beaten For Distributing Electricity Bill (Disturbing Pics) by yommen: 3:58pm On Apr 24
Yes, let's beat them...then after we would be wondering why we don't have light.

The problem with Nigeria and power is that we don't realize that power is not cheap. And we haven't realized that power has been privatized. So, the money to make it better comes from our pocket.

We need money to raise our power generation and fix our neglected transmission system. And I doubt our DISCOS have a magic money tree.

It's either you work in industry or you have someone giving you the information. So many Nigerians wanted privatisation but they don't understand what entails.
Crime / Re: IBEDC Staff In Ogun Beaten For Distributing Electricity Bill (Disturbing Pics) by yommen: 3:55pm On Apr 24
Well deserved beating..you promised free electricity but you are now distributing bills

Was it the company that promises free electricity or your government? So many Nigerians don't know what is going on in their country.
Properties / Re: Noisy Sex: The Notice A Landlord Pasted At His House by yommen: 7:08am On Apr 24
[quote author=Millenniumlady post=88734242]Simple pack out go rent where I'll scream in peace sad


Awwww second fct i dedicate to the chief in my life Piiko Bluealamajiri smiley[/quot

Family / Re: I'm Not Happy With My Mom's Behaviour Towards My Adopted Sister by yommen: 9:51pm On Apr 23
It's normal if a woman treats another woman's children a different way from hers, cos maybe she was not in support of the adoption .

There's nothing u can do here , than continue the love and accommodate the girl , as time goes on everything will be ok

Just keep up the good work , things will be perfect as time goes on , thank God she is a girl

I went through what the little girl is going through now. I eventually suffered depression. I survived till today through inner strength. @Op please don't relax in your fight for this little girl. WOMEN!!!


Politics / Re: Salary: Does This Picture Represent The True State Of Nigeria? by yommen: 5:05pm On Apr 23
Not funny.... such an anomaly,

bt i think a Governor Earns more than A Senator, Rep or Minister

But at least the common man at the base earns the least
Politics / Re: Coronavirus: Don’t Extend Lockdown, NLC Tells FG by yommen: 9:49am On Apr 23

Lol. The cure is worse than the disease.

Moreover the virus doesn't spread in hot regions.

What are you saying


Politics / Re: Governors Agree On 14-Day National COVID-19 Lockdown by yommen: 6:03am On Apr 23
I hope it doesn't include lagos

Lagos is sure the most affected.
Crime / Re: Cult Leader, Jboy, Killed In Cross River (Photos) by yommen: 11:15pm On Apr 22
RIP..may God forgive you.

We u kip kwayet!!!
Health / Re: Indian Man Cuts Off His Tongue As Sacrifice To God To Prevent Covid-19 (Graphic) by yommen: 5:56pm On Apr 22
His life, his problem.

A hero in the wrong direction if you ask me. He believed he could save the world. He went ahead to shed his own blood. Faith is phenomenal!
Politics / Re: Wo Lawal Mato Is Dead! President Buhari's Bodyguard Dies by yommen: 7:09pm On Apr 21
Is Warrant Officer an Officer ?
Of course no. He is just warrant.
Education / Re: Benjamin Ola. Akande Appointed As President Of Champlain College In America by yommen: 7:05pm On Apr 21

That stupid flatino is an hypocrite.
If na yeeboee man, naso Dem go dey shout upandan.
I help am shout, he com dey vex.

What you don't understand is that the Ibos suffer inferiority complex. That's why they are always looking for achievements everywhere just lay claim to a superiority that never exists anywhere.

They always feel Yorubas are their problems because they can't stand it when stories associated with Yoruba achievements are mentioned because they feel it is only the good things that happens to them and the bad things that happen to others that matter not the bad that to them and not the good that happens to others. They always feel God is for only them! What a people! That's why they want to shout 'afonja' and all sorts of names when it has to do with a bad news on Yoruba. Their empty cans, of course, make the loudest noise.

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Crime / Re: Relief Disbursement Collation Form Is A Scam – FG Warns Nigerians by yommen: 3:19pm On Apr 21
Oya do the legit one naa

You are quick to warn Nigerians of the scam one but refuse to offer the legitimate one.


If even if they now don't offer you anything, you don't want to lose the one you have, you know!
Health / Re: COVID-19: Six Private Hospitals In Lagos Secretly Treating Patients Revealed -SR by yommen: 8:02am On Apr 21
County hospital ogba oooooo
No wonder I've been seeing these guys in my sleep

Try not sleep for now, abeg.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Thousands Rally In US Against Coronavirus Lockdown Restrictions (Photos) by yommen: 7:55am On Apr 21
I think trump is playing politics with this covid19

Yes, I support your thoughts. He wants to win their hearts in granting their wish to end the lockdown so he can have a soft landing towards his bid for re-election.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Thousands Rally In US Against Coronavirus Lockdown Restrictions (Photos) by yommen: 7:51am On Apr 21
Staying at home is the best approach to curb this pandemic but i think theirs has been over stretched. May God heal the universe.

Overstretched The report says close to 40,000 died in the US already. Is that figure not too high to maintain lockdown order?

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Romance / Re: Her Mother Said She Can't Marry An Ebonyi Man by yommen: 10:02pm On Apr 20
Is one of those things.. She might still come back.. Women are jst like dat.. Dnt beat urself up too much.. Loving can never be a crime no matter the outcome.. U did all that because u love her.. She jst feel lik confirming hw it will be outside.. When she test other guys she will come back.. Don't beat urself up at all

Should he now accept her if she comes back? @Op I understand how it will hurt you. Everybody went through it at some points. It will only make you a stronger and better person. Someone better is waiting for you outside there if you two don't end up together. Moreso, If you've been spending on her and her mum and it's at this time her mum is saying you can't marry her, both mother and daughter are dangerous, Bro. Run for your life, Bro. I tell you.
Travel / Re: A-29 Super Tucano Aircraft For Nigeria Marks First Flight In Florida by yommen: 9:17pm On Apr 20
If PDP or Jonathan were still ruling this country the money for this would have been looted.

I know Nigerians will never learn even in midst of hunger that common Nigerians are experiencing. I know even youthful Nigerians will argue over two parties that have done nothing to impact the life of that common man on the streets. Even though I hoped that this untold hardship we are experiencing during the lockdown will help adjust our line of thoughts, I still had a feeling that we are already used to suffering and we will still argue over APC and PDP. I'm not sorry to say this, Nigerians deserve all they are going through!
Politics / Re: Ben Murray-Bruce And His Children Pose With Guns (Photos) by yommen: 8:43am On Apr 20
Dear sammyj,

If you don't know the purpose of a thing, please keep quiet..

Don't let your hatred consume you.

Good morning and Stay Safe.

It's even definitely an old pic. He prolly just stumbled and decided to post since there is nothing to do.

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