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Politics / Southern Elites - SMART OR COWARDS?? by Zetra7: 7:39am
I will first hail the real people of the south especially the youths who against all odds have shown resilient and strength against a masqueraded president who is nothing but an illiterate, dull , bigot , nepotic and a cruel evil..

To mask his weakness, he employ this cruelty to shake men but the youths of the south born in this era cares less of this naked evil. With endsars, Ipob and Yourba agitations , this naked man and his fans from the North have understood that the south is ready for the future battle for the soul of this country.

You see, the older folks from the south was born and bred during the military era when the world was still in dark, the Northern military dominated and send shivers to their spine , they have no choice to succumb and pledge loyalty to their perpetual masters..
But our generation have seen the light and with this light we fight this darkness to the end.

In a nutshell , southern elites are cowards and deserve no single respect from us. To them , it's better to worship Buhari and his cohorts , the latest statement from the so much reverend Ooni of IFe is nothing but unfortunate, stating that Sunday Igboho is suffering because he refused to listen , going further to say that he went to Buhari on his behalf and Buhari reported to have asked him to tell Igboho to be Calm and patient.

What is the meaning of that, to be calm and patient Calm and patient while the Fulani herdsmen continue to wreck havoc , calm and patient when the security forces stood firmly for them, calm and patient why he Buhari keep plotting Ruga in the South and tracing the old grazing route, calm and patient when this administration have tactically Northernized every sphere of this nation..

Today SS have to beg North to get oil contract in their land, SW have to beg North to get license to operate in their own land , SE has to pay overboard to get their goods in their own land.

These elites are nothing but opportunists who wants to survive by the crumbs of the North to the detriment of their people.. It was due to the strength of the youths that we even have to push them to meet as South and demand respect.

In the SE, you have a bunch of fools as leaders and elites whose only interest is the quest for wealth, power and the pride of life, it took a young man from far away UK to unite Ndi Igbos , today the voice of that Young man have resonate throughout Nigeria, Africa and beyond. Even in captive, his words have become law...

What are these fools in the South afraid of? Prison ? As a leader, your sole purpose is the liberation and progress of your people , you are dead to yourself, you are no longer you but we, even in prison or death you still live, that's leadership. Not some fool in a cardillac or with 20 convoys .

Ask Mandela, ask Aung Suu Kyi of Buma , ask Nehru and Gandhi of India , ask Michelle Bachelet of Chile, ask Ho chin Minh of Vietnam, ask Martin Luther king and so many others , their definition of leadership is only a the Selfless... They fear neither prison or death in the face of their oppressors....

Here in this country, we glorify fools while the nation rot.. Personally I have no single respect for any one who have no respect for me, whether you're a governor, monarchy or elder I care less cause the honour of a leader is the loyalty to the people..

Our children will one day read history and ask us what we did against a foolish Buhari, let it be known that we stood firmly behind men like NMK and Igboho, let them know that through Endsars we shown our anger , let it be known when it matters we fought against Foolish buharists with social media as our weapon yet won as the world heard while they tremble.

But as for the elites, they are nothing but grand COWARDS....
Politics / AGF Malami The Hunter Will Be Hunted Some Day.. by Zetra7: 6:40am
For every bonfide Nigerian irrespective of regional affiliation and loyalty will genuely agree that Malami is the worst AGF since the entre of our democracy.

For the south especially, we will never forget the abuse of power targeted mostly to the people of the south with the latest in the assumed success in linking secessionists to terrorism, discovering their sponsors but strategically hiding the identities of banditry and boko haram sponsors, he used his office to pursue aggressive measures against the south but with soft gloves pampers and reintegrate the real terrorists, protect criminals

Where did we stopped with Abba Kyari's case today, whats become of Gumi and other terror sympathizers, Malami have used efficiently his office to propagate division in this country..

AGF Malami will be former AGF soon and his grand plan is to become the governor of Kebbi and stay for 8 years , hoping that like typically Nigerians we forget and forgive his sins..

Like an Indian elephant, we won't forget , any presidency form the south should do the needful, whether Malami wins election or not, he must face the tune.. Revoke the election or upturn in favour of any other candidate and let Malami answer for his crimes..

As he has abused power, let power abuse him, no Buhari will save him when that time comes..

I write for the southern contingent..

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Politics / Re: IPOB And Boko Haram: What Is The Difference? by Zetra7: 10:59pm On Oct 24
What is fundamentally the difference between IPOB and Boko haram in terms of core ideologies and modus operandi?

I honestly cannot see any. I challenge anyone to point these out.

I know the difference and that is Buhari who is for boko haram while Nnamdi Kanu is for IPOB but what I don't know is the difference between you and boko haram
Investment / Re: So Called Igbo Commercial Strength by Zetra7: 2:26pm On Oct 23
If you like call me an igbo hater, i don't have one hate against the igbos.

I will just like to correct some things about igbo commercial strength, first and foremost the igbos so called commercial strength start and ends in lagos, if the igbos think they are good in trading then they haven't met a hausa man.

Northern history is all about trading, when other tribes were busy running naked, the hausas were busy trading and importing and exporting goods thru and from countries as far as saudi Arabia through the deserts.

The sad reality is most southerners who praise the igbos for their commercial strength haven't traveled out their bubble in lagos. If they have, they would have know that for what every commercial activities the igbos does, the hausa man does that in thousands of fold.

Is it transport business, electronic, spare parts, etc, just think about any business, the hausa man does them too.

I think most of you should go and read about northern history in trading, everything about the north is trade, that is why you will hardly see a hausa man being idle, he must do one trade or the other to survive.

My dear , am late to this tea party.. I understand how you feel but to be honest Igbos have gone far.

The day you will realise it is when you travel to import products into this country then you will understand that they're the gate keepers of commerce in Nigeria.. Just pay your respect to them and have peace.....
Politics / Re: The Moment Nnamdi Kanu Arrived Court Premises, In The Company Of DSS (video) by Zetra7: 2:44pm On Oct 21
The fraudster will be in the zoo cell for a long period of time.

Bro go find a life... He who is greater than you is greater than you, you knows everything about him , he doesn't know anything about you..

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Politics / Re: The Moment Nnamdi Kanu Arrived Court Premises, In The Company Of DSS (video) by Zetra7: 2:35pm On Oct 21
Very dirty country.......

Nnamdi Kanu will go on to be the biggest celebrity and the greatest hero this nation has produced for a long time.

Buhari was deemed a god, no one wanted to go against him, it was only a young boy in 2015 who dared him, removed his masked character and demystified everything powerful about him.

Today ,that boy is a full man and have become symbol of the fight for freedom from the chains of the Northern oligarchy, today the south have found their voice due that boy.

In the future, I see no man or woman who will be greater than the likes of Nnamdi Kanu, Sowore and Sunday Igboho.

Destiny prepares great men in a different way..

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Politics / Re: NRC Suspends Train Services After Bandits Bombed Kaduna-Abuja Train (Photos) by Zetra7: 2:02pm On Oct 21
This is nothing.

Don't declare Bandits terrorist, don't disband miyeti Allah.

Continue to plot state of emergency in the SE..

The problem of this country was Nnamdi Kanu, now it's IPob.

My dear Northerners , once Biafra boys are sorted out, all will be well...

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Politics / Igbo And Yourba E-wars by Zetra7: 6:34am On Oct 18
There is no right way to begin this write up, it's a sad reality when the two of Nigeria's brightest tribe cannot work together without sentiment and deep hatred.
The saddest thing about it is that the most backward ( excuse my language) of the tribes takes the advantage and keep the entire country backward.

Igbos and yourbas don't understand the danger that lies ahead but let's talk briefly about the history of this problem.

The civil war happened and the Yourbas were majorly on the side of the North especially when the Igbos think that as a former southern protectorate , the Yourbas should have been on their side.

Secondly after the war, when Igbos were relegated in the 70s and 80s , the Igbos felt Yourbas where wining and dining enjoying the treasures of war by playing second fiddle to the North and refusing to sympathize the injustice done to Igbos..

To the Yourbas, Igbos (now a strong tribe) have become a threat especially at the home front where they seek to dominate in a yourba land. To them, Igbos are arrogant, narcissistic and domineering and some see them as a great threat to the survival of the Yourba race. Hence the need to allign even more with the North.

How then do we solve this problem or rather can Igbos and Yourbas ever unite This is a messy circle of fate which if care is not taken will lead to a physical clash. For example, as long as the Igbos are relegated with lack of infrastructures, lack of land mass for a 50 million tribe, cut off from federal rations, denied self belonging and so on, they will continue to move in droves to other areas most especially Yourba lands and because of their talent , they will prosper and continue to buy lands and dominate in Yourba lands.

A continuous trend of such will one day bring them at par with the real owners of the land causing strife or even violence. This is why some conservatives of Yourbas are already screaming murder today.

Even more, this disunity will keep benefiting only a few elites while many more will keep wallowing in poverty. In order words , Nigeria has no FUTURE without the unity of these two tribes as great nations use their best brains but our best brains are at war.


Igbos have rights to be bitter about the treatment meted out to them post civil war so also Yourbas have right to be angry of accomodating Igbos who talk down on them.

I believe that in order to sue for peace, there should be a broad forum where young Igbos and Yourbas can genuinely meet and form a unified bond. Forget the older ones , they're already set in their ways and will never change, am talking about the young ones.

Deep set hatred will lead us nowhere, even abroad you see that division, foreigners now know that there are two Nigerians ( I said 2 cause they know nothing about the North). How long shall we continue like this?? You hear some Igbos say never trust a yourba man and then some yourbas will say never trust an Igbo man, Imagine!!! Some say never will Igbos rule Nigeria but it's good for Buharis to rule, think there is something psychologically wrong with us.

A white woman once said that racism is a psychological illness and it's true, hatred of another is not normal. Take time, observe and understand another person and you will see
yourself as well.

Will say this especially to Yourbas , will love to see a situation where group of Yourbas young people travel or even live in the east with an open mind and understand the Igbos. learn the language as I have seen lots of Igbos in yourba lands even speaking the language.

I love also to see more Igbos be open to marry Yourbas and learn and celebrate their culture and collaborate with them in other affairs of life..

Enough of these senseless E-WARS.....

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Politics / Re: Buni Clan Vs Tinubu Clan by Zetra7: 1:58pm On Oct 15

Nice analysis. Northern oligarchy is afraid of tinubu becoming president as Muslim-Muslim is not ideal in the present sociopolitical imbroglio. However, another south westerner may emerge as the candidate with a strong muslim politican from north.

No south western Christian will beat Atiku ABUBAKAR.....
Politics / Re: Buni Clan Vs Tinubu Clan by Zetra7: 1:57pm On Oct 15

Buni camp will narrow their support to Atiku Bagudu their preferred candidate

Spot on, next few months will be interesting...

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Politics / Re: Buni Clan Vs Tinubu Clan by Zetra7: 1:55pm On Oct 15
How do u explain why all the APC chairmanship candidates are northerners?

I agree with most of the things u said, but I defer with presidential candidate coming from the north.. I think Buni camp are planning on another candidate not from Tinubu/SW camp

Politics / Re: Buni Clan Vs Tinubu Clan by Zetra7: 1:55pm On Oct 15
[quote author=famouscargo4u post=106752782][/quote]

Well on point with Atiku Bagudu, I didn't want to mention more about him on my post, will have a whole post about him.. He is mostly likely going to rise out of the Buni clan..

But you missed the point on Tinubu's strength, yes Zulum, Ganduje, Masari and Tanko (questionable) are for him but this is not sufficient to get the ticket, first in the south , Amaechi , Akpabio and Gov Ayade controls the SS while Gov Uzodinma and Umahi with the current defected deputy governor of Anambra will control SE, these regions will not vote for him.

In the NC, despite been respected , he's not any vote from there, In the NW elrufai and Atiku Bagudu present a strong opposition allied to Amaechi leaving NE which is where Buni and Baduare are from.

It's a tight corner for Tinubu clan


Politics / Re: Buni Clan Vs Tinubu Clan by Zetra7: 1:42pm On Oct 15
Well no matter what no Igbo is a top contender for the post.

No, there are Igbo top contenders but the northern elites are using the Biafra sentiment as a propaganda in the North, same way they use corruption and ethnicity against the SW, its a well game play for them to retain power, it's not their fault but the fault of the south.

If SW and SE can agree, there will be an Igbo presidency 2023.


Politics / Re: Buni Clan Vs Tinubu Clan by Zetra7: 1:38pm On Oct 15
I think thats exactly what is happening but you took my words except one thing you mentioned about PDP fielding Atiku/Obi. I dont believe they’ll be that weak to try that failed attempt again.

During the last election, nigerians especially Pdp were just clinging to the candidates for the hatred they have for the present admin. Aside that, no one is willing to cast any vote to them except those who’ll benefit for sure.

For those interested in politics, i believe 2015 was a childs play. These men are going all out in 2023 to get that power/money. And when you have two elephants fighting guess who’ll feel the impact?

God bless Nigeria.

Unfortunately Atiku/Obi is the PDP can do now, anything less is a disaster.. This is just the political reality.

On a positive note, if Atiku agrees for only 4 years(which I doubt) then the better.


Politics / Re: Buni Clan Vs Tinubu Clan by Zetra7: 12:29pm On Oct 15

Your analysis is spot on. But me thinks Buni is working for a southern candidate other than South West.
Mind you, ANPP led by Ogbonnaya Onuh has more stake in the party than CPC.
New PDP led by Amaechi has big stake in the party too.
These two clans don't talk anymore, but things are going well for them in the party. Maybe, Buni is doing their bidding while they face other things.

Dr Ogbonaya Onu is a fine gentleman, don't know his leadership capacity though, if he will take a shot at the presidency ,he will need a super blessing from Buhari to make it happen as he lack a strong political base for the battle ahead.

If Buhari is serious with him, he could have brought him more closer now and mentor him..


Politics / Buni Clan Vs Tinubu Clan by Zetra7: 8:41am On Oct 15
First , I will like to say that Jagaban of Borgu have paid his dues in Nigeria context of politics and therefore have every right to contest for the presidency. Whether he wins or not is left for the people of Nigeria to decide.
( My opinion - He better not win, Nigeria needs to start getting serious as a country).

But then, the keys to the throne of APC presidential nominee now lies solely on the House of Buni, this clan given an assignment by the President Buhari have surpassed every expectation and benchmark.

During the monsterous rule of Adams Oshimole of the Tinubu Clan, it was an all out war between those for Jagaban presidency and those against, Tinubu's clan was so brutal that it threaten the existence of APC as a party. Many left , this clan did not spare even sitting or past governors , Ambode felled but after the boomarang move of Gov Gowdin Obaseki , the chicken came home to roast.

This lead to the rise of the Buni clan initially headed by Gov Buni, Gov Bagudu and Gov Badure. These men have secretly built a strong clan more powerful than the Tinubu Clan yet not despising anyone (The smiling assassins).

Within a year, this clan have proved themselves, harvesting top powerful politicians from PDP and other political parties and integrating even the hidden enemies of the Tinubu Clan , over 3 governors and still counting, many senators and countless representatives not to talk about strong politicians.

You need to meet Mai Buni, his smile alone and his speech reflects a man who is sincere and straightforward. Today with an armanda of politicians in his clan and with the blessings of the President Buhari (who as a man proud of his son welcomes every prominent member the brought to their side), it will be fair to say the Buni clan are now well positioned to seize the party Machine at the next convention, this is the biggest headache of the Tinubu clan.

The most surprising feat of this clan is the silent move to convince majority of the southeasterners which is part of the ultimate grand plan. The rational is that the fall of SE to APC will trigger a Domino effect in the SS.

The Tinubu clan despite this great achievements and plan are not impressed nor happy. The more the merrier is not the language of this clan as they believe the more members the less they can control..

You see, in the grand plan of Tinubu clan, SW with the North( with exception of NC) should continue their love affair, same formula that brought Buhari. Tinubu clan care less of the NC, SE and SS therefore Buni feat is simply scary to their prospect.

It was long epistle but will summarize with the ultimate plan of the Buni clan. As it stands with PDP, Atiku is most likely going to get the party ticket with still Peter Obi as the VP, Buni clan understand that the current feeling in the North, the masses still want to equate the southern hold of power since 1999. For the records , the North needs another 4 years to equate it.

Buni clan wants to field a Northerner and also a VP from the east, the leaders of the SW knows the plot, that's why there was a huge cry to zone the presidency to the south.

In conclusion, the love marriage between the North and the SW is ending and just like every relationship, one feels betrayed and another feels it's time to move on.

Note - Be fair, objective and analytical with this post, no calling names or emotional, let's start acting like a literate society.....

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Politics / Re: EXCLUSIVE: Over 60% Of The Political Elite Are Incompetent - Peter Obi by Zetra7: 5:33pm On Oct 01
Is that why you dodged the Anambra endsars panel of inquiry? To hide your incompetence?
Imagine your comment on a man fighting for you and I, may you never rise above him

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Politics / Re: But What Is Wrong With Some Yourbas? - 2023 Presidency by Zetra7: 8:08am On Sep 29
stop talkin crap and go vote....

your supleme basstard told you no erecktion and you are here rantin yorubas should vote an igbo....

are you people insane in south east....??

Yes yourbas should vote Ibo because Ibos from my understanding have voted for a yourba man before, let it sink into your lazy brain...

If you're not scared of them , if you think you're not inferior to them, why is it hard to vote them.. If you can vote for Buhari who despite all the north did to yourbas from stopping MKO, jailing Awolowo , killing Kudrat, killing MKO, killing Bola Ige, disgracing Olapido Diya and many of the military leaders of that era from Yourba extraction and most current degrading Yourbas and violently clamping down on their agitations...

Give a list of what an Ibo man or woman have done to you.. Grow up child...


Politics / Re: But What Is Wrong With Some Yourbas? - 2023 Presidency by Zetra7: 8:02am On Sep 29
Wailing here cant solve your problem, act like a man for once, don't be a coward, stand like a man and face yoruba for once. All i know is that no matter your crying, wailing, epistle, yoruba will never succumb to your blackmailing, yoruba man will contest for Nigeria president come 2023, you are free to do your worst by voting your master fulani in pdp
Fvck southern unity

Brother, again am not talking about PDP or APC, these are dangerous thieves reaping our common future, am talking about PROGRESS, a southern agenda..

What is wrong with you people Who knows where you're even typing from Are you brains buried somewhere??

Wake up from slumber, there is nothing like APC or PDP, we want a southern United candidate who will push for restructuring...


Politics / Re: But What Is Wrong With Some Yourbas? - 2023 Presidency by Zetra7: 7:58am On Sep 29
I just dey laugh.
Southern mumu never do.
It will be interesting to see how Tinubu or Osinbajo will beat an Atiku Abubakar or Rabiu Kwankwaso in 2023.

I wonder how this is not clear to some yourbas, they keep making reference to MKO abiola who was still denied the presidency by Abacha a core Northerner. In 2015 because of Osibanjo , they believed Buhari is a saint, don't understand....

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Politics / Re: But What Is Wrong With Some Yourbas? - 2023 Presidency by Zetra7: 7:55am On Sep 29
Long but absolutely empty piece.

Ok brother, buy understanding , come back and read again..

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Politics / Re: But What Is Wrong With Some Yourbas? - 2023 Presidency by Zetra7: 7:53am On Sep 29
Op, encourage your politician uncles to man up and contest against SW and SS candidates for the southern slot in all the parties

There is only one agenda for me , the southern agenda which include restructuring, devolution of power , banning of silly things like cow grazing..

If a SE presidency will bring unity , will stand for it, if it is SW , will stand for it, if it's SS , will stand for it. In a fair ground, the best will be for use come 2023.

Think deeply, if you're a southerner am really fighting for you but you don't know...

Am very proud to say I supported OBJ, GEJ and will support a south eastern presidency.. Can you say the same?

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Politics / Re: But What Is Wrong With Some Yourbas? - 2023 Presidency by Zetra7: 7:49am On Sep 29
This una blackmailing is DBA.

Me still wondering the excuse the Apc as a party would give before zoning their 2023 presidency to northern region even after 8 years of Buhari, a northerner.

Most Southern politicians who are defecting to Apc lately are not mad nor don't know the gentleman man agreement in Apc.

That SE dare not to ask Pdp for presidency even after dedicating decades to serve the party shouldn't be others headache.

After Buhari, The CPC north faction would still want to maintain relevancy in North hence can never work together with Atiku. Both are parallel line that can never meet.

Know that and have peace

Am not here for PDP or APC, if you dont know that the two are Same then am afraid you're not well...

Am here for a southern candidacy supported by a southern unity..
Politics / Re: But What Is Wrong With Some Yourbas? - 2023 Presidency by Zetra7: 7:47am On Sep 29

Do not be a coward

Go straight to the point

Just ask Yoruba man never to contest, because Ibos don't stand a chance

After fighting hard for Democracy with many Yoruba lossing their lives under NADECO vs Abacha

After Building Alliance for Democracy AD, for 8 years, ACN for 8 years and APC Alliance for 8 years.... We should allow Ibos who have always supported the North just take over our party

Yes Ibos will not have a chance against yourbas so also Yourbas doesn't have a chance over Igbos.
The reality is both tribes have no chance of presidency without unity.. Don't worry about history , it will clear your eyes when the so called Ibos become VP with another presidency.

You've not learnt anything from your support of Buhari in 2015..

Politics / Re: But What Is Wrong With Some Yourbas? - 2023 Presidency by Zetra7: 7:45am On Sep 29
Spoiler Alerts.

1, The North will definitely vote Osibanjo. Hell they like Bola Tinubu more than Atiku.

2 Op is hungry need breakfast.

3, Op is teenage boys

4 Op is IPOB
@Hangmnk , you're a northerner and I don't expect anything different from you, same way you played the SS during GEJ era , same tactics you want with SW.

Osibanjo winning Atiku in the North? so you break a united south and then expect the whole north to back Osibanjo against Atiku, Does that even make sense...


Politics / Re: But What Is Wrong With Some Yourbas? - 2023 Presidency by Zetra7: 7:41am On Sep 29
Abeg, let it goes this way,

For United south,

Igbos and their counterpart South southerners should largely support the yorubas,even advisable,for you all to support Tinubu in particular.(yes oo) grin grin

Name says Abdul, if from the north, I give it you, you guys learnt well from the Brits, even traditional rulers attended the meeting with the norther governors..

You know very well that Obasanjo being an ex general refused to give power to a strong Northerner, Buhari being an ex general will never do the same , both still wants control after power. Keep scheming the south, before 2019 election , you told SW to vote and get presidency in 2023 , I wonder why it's dragging.. Gov Buni, Badaru and Bagudu are firmly in control...

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Politics / But What Is Wrong With Some Yourbas? - 2023 Presidency by Zetra7: 6:41am On Sep 29
I have asked this question after reflection and in need of a rational answer. It's worrying to have observed that the missing link in the southern unity is actually some set of YOURBAS who it be honest , I don't know know if they understand what is at stake or is it a simple case of selfishness.

Is it not stark clear of the game at play in this country? Buhari regime has reset every sphere of this nation by elevating the north and degrading the south.

At a time when the unity of the south matters most, why do some people not reason well enough to understand that no matter how they think that the north is in a love relationship with them , it's nothing but a mirage.

The North will NEVER vote Tinubu or Osigbanjo ahead of another Northerner most likely Atiku. The stakes is so high for them..

First - they benefitted 70percent from Buhari's regime and in this hardship, they can't let go..

Secondly, they controlled power absolutely and fear of reprisal from the south

Thirdly , they already hate Igbos and terrified of them, detest Niger Delta led Wike and unfortunately abhor Yourbas these days especially with their new found strength to challenge the north led by Akeredolu.

The latest meeting of not only their governors but their traditional leaders makes their position clear.

Yourbas need to unite with Igbos and Niger deltans, give an Igbo man a chance, don't understand what this fear is all about , it's almost amusing. We can't achieve a united south with the southern governors meeting only for some yourbas to tactical start campaigning for Tinubu and Osibanjo..

Do you think other southerners are fools?? No wonder some Igbo governors backed out. What is this madness? Now the North have sensed an opportunity and about to strike precisely.

We don't need any bowing down from Igbos before we all support them, whether to Tinubu or GEJ, all we need a respectable agreement to honour the southern position and carry everyone along. Igbos already have a dysfunctional relationship with the north and therefore have no choice.

Those who tout Tinubu or Osibanjo are just either ignorant of the game at play in the North or simply Stupid.. Wake up from slumber, just like how you were rightly informed pre 2015 that General Buhari is nothing but a bigot yet you refused to listen..

Hear it again, anything short of a southern unity, get ready for another northern presidency with a VP from either SS or SE and then we will continue wailing..

I don't think it's in the interest some yourbas to refuse support for an Igbo presidency and end up with an Igbo VP with another Northern presidency... Both northern APC and PDP are seriously plotting the scheme.

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Politics / Re: Photos From APGA Governorship Campaign Flag-off 2021 by Zetra7: 4:52pm On Sep 25
Same people will filled the stadium for PDP and APC....

Anambra state is not 100 percent APGA, last elections have proved that..

Prof Soludo is a wonderful candidate for Anambra so is also valentine Ozigbo, Godwin Maduka is just ok as he thinks like a typical Nigerian politician..
Politics / Re: Thank God For Buhari by Zetra7: 4:34pm On Sep 25
This southern unity will crash very soon , when the presidential ticket is zone to the south . You will see the southern gladiators fighting and backstabbing one another just to clinch that position to Thier region .It will be the South East Vs south West . Let bet?

I believe that common sense should reign over logic with the issue of SE and SW, some SWesterners are reasonable enough to understand this... We are all on this time together, selfishness or greediness will sink us all..
Politics / Re: Thank God For Buhari by Zetra7: 4:32pm On Sep 25
Yep When a southerner took over do your worse and we will come and do worse..... Until the breaking point.

Bro, don't take it personal.. We are simply fighting for our right in this country. Reflect and try to correlate out past and our present , if your truthful you will know our future is hopeless.

Your elites refused blatantly to do some different, is it a crime for us to push our leaders to defend our right??

On what Buhari has done, can't believe you will find it appalling for a southerner to do same yet not condemning Buhari..

Like I said , don't take this personal...
Politics / Thank God For Buhari by Zetra7: 3:35pm On Sep 25
Fellow southerners, sometimes in life it's mishaps, negativity, stiff oppositions and difficulties that charge us to act with full strength.

Inother words, our enemies makes us better men. Buhari is a God sent to the south as without him , we will never know that we are in a deep pit and that we need strong determined leaders to stand firm and lead the people..

Since the inception of this country, only Obasanjo (not as head of state) has been a strong leader from the south whilst the north had many strong leaders (head of state) who intimidated the south, today Buhari has borrowed that leaf so to subjugate the south to eternal slavery.

As the quest for southern presidency continues to heat up, the south in general should understand what is at set which is a strong determined leadership from the south.

It's time to show the north who truly owns this nation, a replicate of what BUHARI has done is at best the minimum benchmark of any southern presidency.

Thank goodness for men like Akeredolu who despite a member of the president's party still stands firm in the southern belief.

The southern people has understand that there is a serious competition going on with the north, they understand now that each of the southern region deserves good representation and not power mongers and ass lickers all thanks to Buhari.

They have understood that the north cares less of the south and sees them as just political foot stool, all thanks to Buhari..

Today , we are talking about VAT, regional security, restructuring, power devolution and so on all thanks to Buhari.

This presidency is a blessing in a disguise for all the southerners. A time will come when we will remember that this presidency of Buhari was the turning point of our progress..
Politics / A Call For South West Support For Peter Obi by Zetra7: 6:06pm On Sep 24
Politics aside , it's time we the people of the south throw our weight on Peter Obi from south east.

Let's stand together for unity and progress, am sure the people of the SE and SS knows his value, if the SW joins the wagon, we can then together present our candidate to the North.

Am not here to blow the trumpet of Peter Obi, am not saying he is a saint or the saviour but the track record of this man speaks for itself.

His stand before politics, his envying standards during his political era and his position after power definitely marked him out..

Osibanjo is a nice man, eminently qualified to be the president of this nation but let's be honest, the candidacy of Osigbanjo will create more problems in this country, the SE might feel neglected, the SS might feel cheated even the so called North will see it as an opportunity.

The Northern elders forum has made their opinion clear, they will sell a candidate from the North presumably ATIKU, forget the drama playing in APC , Northern APC will tactical back Atiku, they did it before during Jonathan, despite been in PDP , they worked against Jonathan..

Am no longer interested in partisan politics, I stand for the right thing , the Asian world that I saw recently opened my eyes, these are countries that were rated with Nigeria , today they are fast moving ahead competing with the great powers..

Forget about TINUBU, ATIKU, WIKE AND THE REST OF THESE MEN, they're politicians only interested in their interest and nothing else....

Peter Obi, Osibanjo, Dr Okowa, Fashola, Okonjo Iweala, Adesina , these are the sort of men and women Southern Nigeria should look up for presidency and kind of calibre of people our youth and children should look up to..

South west , I call you on you to drop your quest for another presidency, vote an ibo man out of merit, 8 years of Obasanjo and 8 years of Osibanjo is enough for now in the spirit of brotherhood, anything less than that is a NORTHERN PRESIDENCY (both in APC and PDP) with either SE or SS as VP...

Enough of a divided south, enough of playing games , will implore the southern governor's forum to boldly declare their support for a SE presidency, that will show that we are serious for our turn..

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