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Politics / Re: Pyramids Built By Ancient IGBO... by ZorGBUooeh: 9:10am
I dont know that, all i know was that it was built even before independence...and the whites marveled at its ingenuity.

If true that means,Nephilims and fallen angels existed in that region.
Politics / Re: Pyramids Built By Ancient IGBO... by ZorGBUooeh: 9:00am
Who built it?

What year was it built?

Was it built for religion?

Was it built to bury people?

Was it built for astronomy?
Romance / Re: Young Boy Spends Millions Of Naira On His Girlfriend's Birthday In One Night by ZorGBUooeh: 8:21am
god of Owu where are u?

Visit this boy make im get sense angry


Politics / Re: Gani Adams Writes UN, AU, Others by ZorGBUooeh: 9:59pm On Jun 16
Nawa o

As an Ane ora kankanfo he should not be writing letters..He should be in the forest fighting.
Na Un and AU suppose dey write am peace talk letter.


Politics / Re: As A Biafran, My Hope May Be Restored In Nigeria If These Men Become President by ZorGBUooeh: 1:29pm On Jun 16
Remove those pics with speed the speed of light.Especially peter obi

We need people that will unite Nigeria and unbiased people we can trust.

Tinubu will divide us further. He will only be interested in dealing with the cabals and regions that didn't support him.

We need someone like yar adua.
Politics / Re: When Will Amotekun Go After RITUALISTS by ZorGBUooeh: 11:54am On Jun 16
I can see some ritualists trying to talk this guy down.

Ritualists flourish in south west becos 99percent of there politicians, industrialists and thugs are all ritualists.

The way Fulani elite's support herdsmen is the way Yoruba elite support organ harvester's.

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Politics / Re: What Igbos Saw Sitting Down, Many Are Yet To See It Standing On A Tree by ZorGBUooeh: 12:41am On Jun 12
Even if they climb Kilimanjaro they won't see it


Religion / Re: TB Joshua's Simple Sitting Room (Photos) by ZorGBUooeh: 2:59pm On Jun 11
God bless u no preacher in Nigerian history has gave the needy more than Tb jousha, no Nigerian preacher has bring in.more foreigners than TB jousha, The white men happily serve as church workers in his church. He owns the stage for a long time he always put God ist before materiaslls things, he never brag of his wealth to the church he nevered said he donates such amount in his building to his church that is what most preachers do today . if you look TB jousha closely he is the only man of God that has work like the ways of Jesus. Some pastors prefer sowing to their spiritual father rather than giving to the needy.
Just see una of synagogue palour

Most of all I never heard him mention private jet talkless of flaunting one.
Politics / Re: Unknown Gunmen Attack Ojoto Police Station In Anambra, Kill Officer by ZorGBUooeh: 6:28am On Jun 11

Omo this gun men get mind oo

Men with ballz of steel

Upon say dem outnumber them for police station still yet dem dey give police run.

What will now happen if they are equally matched or if there number swells and well armed?Na im be say na barracks dem go dey attack.


Politics / Re: Biafra, Oduduwa Citizens Would Not Be Valued Like Nigerians - Obasanjo by ZorGBUooeh: 6:22am On Jun 11
This old man self

When biafra go..yoruba,Fulani and Hausa's can stay and be valued
Politics / Re: Adesina: "Some Nigerians Rejoice When Negative Things Happen To Their Country" by ZorGBUooeh: 6:07am On Jun 11

No long sermon for night vigil,,ur sermon long abeg.

U wey dey talk sef if something bad happen to u..U think Nigerians will pity u?Nah,Guys will pop bottles.


Politics / Re: Police Dodge Questions As Suspected Herdsmen Abduct Four, Rape Lady In Ekiti by ZorGBUooeh: 3:11pm On Jun 10
Herdsmen from muritania

Buhari said u should not expect him to do every thing he is busy
Food / Re: Unique Types Of People At A Nigerian Owambe by ZorGBUooeh: 2:33pm On Jun 10

Those that came to take selfie nko?

The boo hunters nko?Those that came to look for husband and don't mind snatching pipus husband.

Criminals and bag snatchers..They look for stray phone, gold and bag to steal.

Cooperate beggers
dem go dress well dey wait for any rich man wey dey go house as u dey go dem go track u for car..Dem go hail u, call u DADDY anything for boys.

The one wey pain me pass be hypemen and drummers.
Them go position for gate once u show dem go start to dey drum..Dem no wan know if u dey dancing mood or not,dem go dey drum,dey sing dey draw unnecessary attention to u.Dey call u all sort of big names.

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Politics / Re: Why Nigerians Should Not Patronise ITF Mobile Phone by ZorGBUooeh: 11:09am On Jun 10
As long as buhari touched it.. if I see it anywhere near my vicinity I will break it and if u are my guy and call me with it I won't pick ur call.
Politics / Re: 5 Most Powerful/Brave Tribes In Nigeria * by ZorGBUooeh: 9:23am On Jun 10
i must keep talking down till senses are restored back to my igbos neighbours

Only a mad man argues with a mad man

Restore ur senses first
Politics / Re: 5 Most Powerful/Brave Tribes In Nigeria * by ZorGBUooeh: 8:29am On Jun 10
if you talk again, i will disgrace your tribe with an old newspaper of america here in public

If dem dey talk go up u go dey talk go down.

I don see say I dey waste knowledge and time with u.


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Politics / Re: 5 Most Powerful/Brave Tribes In Nigeria * by ZorGBUooeh: 7:53am On Jun 10
have heard anyone taken Ijaw person slave??

Ijaws are the only people were not in america as slaves..
Thats why Ijaws are not in diaspora as other tribes..

Ijaws remain the chief slaves traders...the bight of bony is not just name for nothing..
when Asari dokubo say igbo were Ijaw slaves, why didnt your elders come out to challenged him?

Binis,Igbo's,Some Niger delta tribe sold ijaws as slaves,even fellow ijaws sold ijaws as slave.

Guy slavery is not all abt conquest.

In those days I can decide to capture my neighbours children without there parents knowing and sell dem off as slaves even
Family members sold family members as slaves.
Slave raidiers were like kidnappers. They kidnap there tribe men and other tribes and sell them off as slaves.
Even Joseph in the Bible was sold as slave by his brothers.No be all about colonization or conquest tin.


Politics / Re: Terrorism: 60 Women Kidnapped In Zamfara by ZorGBUooeh: 9:56pm On Jun 09
Chai angry

Bloody Preverts claiming to fight for Allah

U can imagine the type of hardcore orgy that will be going on in that forest right now.
Rumble in the jungle things.

A sharia state for that matter.. Hypocrites

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Romance / Re: Do Ladies Find Slim Guys Unattractive? by ZorGBUooeh: 7:11pm On Jun 09

You wey you get above 7 inch hope say you sabi use am...

I knw say na woman i been dey follow yarn....no be you... except say you get other motives of which i no dey interested.


Mr 7inch sorry oh.Enjoy ur seven inch

Ur mate dem dey measure money for bank u dey measure ur preek for room. cheesy

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Celebrities / Re: Seyi Shay On Beef: Tiwa Savage Attacked Me, Said I Will Not Have A Child (Audio) by ZorGBUooeh: 6:58pm On Jun 09

I go like knack this sheyi shay..I started noticing her beauty in Nigerian idol.she fine pass tiwa.
I like subduing aggressive beautiful gels like seyi shay with good sex.
With her sweet voice i can imagine the high key she will be hitting if I am giving it to her fast,,and the soft low key if I am taking it slow and easy.
Before she come she will now hold me tight and hit all the keys like DO RAY MI FA SO LA TI DOOOOOO
After which my own coming go erupt violently like volcano inside her..Make i see if she nogo carry belle.Dem no born the curse well

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Politics / Re: North Food Blockage To South Is Hurting by ZorGBUooeh: 6:58pm On Jun 09

Typical Ipobian hypocrite

Igangan got attacked you went all out praising Wiskili iskilu calling yorubas Cowards

Mowe got attacked you called Yorubas Benin Republic refugees

Now suddenly it's not South East blockage for stealing onions, it's Southern Nigeria

Well Jebba , Mokwa road, and Kogi axis are very open for trade, don't involve us in your ESN wahala

Yorubas didn't help you kill Gulak or steal onions so have so diginity and face it like a man

See this bloody coward oo

Who is involving u..just beg ur masters to send u food.Dazall
Romance / Re: Do Ladies Find Slim Guys Unattractive? by ZorGBUooeh: 6:54pm On Jun 09

You said you like em thicc...

Who's the one with the sexual desires grin

If you know what i do for a living and how many people i have helped you won't say all i think about is sex...

Again, 7 inch grithy curved upward veiny cuck. Think about it.

Oga 7inch na normal preek.No dey buga here abeg.No dey let that gel deceive u with her fake scream.
Politics / Re: North Food Blockage To South Is Hurting by ZorGBUooeh: 6:45pm On Jun 09
Ibos and Fulanis must drag entire South and North into their drama

This is between Onions and foodstuff producers and SouthEast

After shasha incidence, North tried to block food to SouthWest and nobody dragged the whole South

Shame on u

That is why other part see u guys as sabos.

When Yoruba's killed northerners and they refused to send food down south Igbo's did not complain..Infact igbos took side with u pipu.Why are u disgracing ur tribe now.
Tomorrow if them kill una now una go dey shout southern unity like chicken wey dey labor.

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Politics / Re: 5 Most Powerful/Brave Tribes In Nigeria * by ZorGBUooeh: 6:39pm On Jun 09
ofcourse we sold igbos as slaves to whitemen...
that list is the most weak and cowardice tribes in nigeria... igbo remain the most weak tribe..

Nupes sold Yoruba's and igalas as slaves
Igalas sold Yoruba's and Nupes as slaves

Hausa's sold Yoruba's and nupes as slaves
Yoruba's sold Hausa's and nupes as slaves

Binis sold ijaws and Igbo's as slaves
Igbo's sold ijaws and binis as slaves

Efiks and ibiibio sold Igbos as slaves
Igbos sold Efiks and ibibios as slaves

So every tribe sold one another as slaves.Every tribe was a victim of slavery depending on the tribe of slave traders they come across.

So this slavery of a tin those days was not all about wars sometimes it was about been at the wrong place at the wrong time.If u are unfortunate u fall into the hands of slave raiders whom where like kidnappers those days.

Slave raiders were good at raiding stray children playing,farmers in there farm, travelers and small unsuspecting communities.So slavery is not all about colonization or war.


Politics / Re: 5 Most Powerful/Brave Tribes In Nigeria * by ZorGBUooeh: 6:26pm On Jun 09

See severed head,limbs and blood littered over this thread..As someone predicted this thread finally turned to a bloody battlefield cheesy
Celebrities / Re: Uche Maduagwu To Davido: Marry Chioma Within 21 Days If .... by ZorGBUooeh: 12:11am On Jun 09
Waooh! So Chioma is still staying with Davido's people? For what now? Wonders shall never end.


I mean leave as in leave the relationship
Celebrities / Re: Uche Maduagwu To Davido: Marry Chioma Within 21 Days If .... by ZorGBUooeh: 9:26pm On Jun 08
Na by force?

The gel na useless gel wey no get sense.when she wanted to leave davido his fada and broda deceived her to stay so that davido will impregnate her.
OK now Davido don impregnate am come no wan marry am,,where davido papa and brother?
Davido dey work the gel phsycologicaly..The other day im buy one of im pikin car to finger her brain.
I hate it when pipu don't know they are bin used.

She is still young,sexy and beautiful the best tin she owes herself is to pick herself up,move on and get a new man..If she get her self a new man davido go knock down.


Politics / Re: 5 Most Powerful/Brave Tribes In Nigeria * by ZorGBUooeh: 6:51pm On Jun 08
No Yoruba?

Dem go come here break bottle o, open there wide mouth dey do Ah!Ah!Ah!
Come tell us of how dem ancestors ancestors defeat Alexander the great and Hannibal combined together those days. grin

No jukun,chamba,tiv,ijaw and kebbi?kebbi defeated Fulani's,tuareg,kanuris,songhai,nupes and morrocans

In all Igbos are the modern day warriors


Crime / Re: Suspected Motorcycle Thief Set Ablaze In Benue (Graphic Photos) by ZorGBUooeh: 6:13pm On Jun 08
See dem in action.If dem see Fulani's now dem go kawa.Dey call ortom,while ortom go call FG

Wicked cowards angry


Religion / Re: TB Joshua: Okotie Celebrates The Death Of 'Lucifer', Shares Cryptic Post by ZorGBUooeh: 3:27pm On Jun 08
This guy challenged tb Joshua and pastor chris that year

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Politics / Re: Igangan: Don’t Dare North, CNG Warns Gani Adams by ZorGBUooeh: 2:48pm On Jun 08
Be specific..,which of the north?

Because we have north central,north west and North East.

Na coalition dem be


Politics / Re: BREAKING: Abia Market On Fire, Trader Shot Dead by ZorGBUooeh: 2:37pm On Jun 08
Igbo land no be afonja land.

All this tax collectors should better know that use of force to collect tax in Igbo land won't work

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