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Read, If You Desire To Be Become Successful by mafek21: 9:50pm On Dec 23, 2012
If you truly want to be successful, finish reading this extract, don't opt out along the line while reading, it's a little long but the secret is somewhere inside. You will succeed.

In the university, I did not find much call for my
years of studying calculus, statistics, trigonometry, differentiation and
integration in calculus as a graduate of engineering , university education
couldn't show me how to become straight up successful, it all only put me on a
path to waste my innate talents and skills on helping other rich and already
successful people achieve and actualize their dreams, use me up and suck all my
youthful energy only to retire me broke, poor, frustrated, used up and useless.
Fine! education gave me handful of information and knowledge else I wouldn't
have been able to read and write or know most of the things I know today, but
educational failed to teach me how to become successful. education can make you
wealthy but not successful, when you're successful, you're different from being
wealthy. Dangote, Otedola, Braimoh, adenuga.. to mention a few of the
successful business owners I know. Most entertainers in the Nigeria music
industry today, Dbanj, 2Face, TerryG, 9ice, pasuma etc really didn't use
education as their bedrock or foundation yet they're known and famous, rich and
has a whole lot of followers or fans compared to most Phd, Bsc, Msc, ACCA,
ICAN, MBA, EMM, MMM,GMM.. and all the dulling titles you get for reading books
written by uneducated people.. I begin to wonder, who taught the first
lecturer, teacher or professor.

Many successful people have left school without
receiving a college degree. people like: Thomas Edison, founder of General
Electric, Henry Ford, founder of Ford Motor Company, Bill Gates, founder of
Microsoft, Ted Turner, founder of CNN, Micheal Dell, founder of Dell Computers,
Steve Jobs, founder of Apple Computers and Ralph Lauren, founder of Polo.
University education is important for traditional professions, but not for how
this people found great wealth and that was what I was searching for, how they
made their wealth and became successful. Most these people reside outside the
shores of Nigeria, USA specifically and you might say they had a soft landing
given the socio-economic situation and level of development if compared to
Nigeria. But even in Nigeria we've had examples of great minds who realized
along the line that it wasn't really by going to school to learn and read all
the books, get all the grades and degrees only to graduate and waste those
talents on helping an already rich billionaire build his dream empire whilst
receiving peanuts and some scaffolding awards and allowances. Only to be
retrenched for a simple mistake or ill health or even retired.

So I started searching, inquiring into the
wealth of the successful and how they built their ever strong dynasty. I
realized, most successful people did what unsuccessful people would naturally
not do. unsuccessful or poor people* like to settle for less, they don't
believe in their capabilities. Hence, they prefer to hang in there and expect
God to perfect everything and throw it in their laps, they spend time praying
and not seeing results because they fail to follow up with action and they hate
to try new things, they destest experimenting, exploring and creativity because
they are lazy, yet God gave everyone of us equal talents, now ask yourself, How
are you using you talents? Some people can give you the history of a football
club, some can give you in details the first and latest car produced by a car
company, some can give you the biography of all the famous music artist you can
think of, yet how do they use these talents? They spend hours making headache
while the stars are busy making money. Why not try something new, put your
talents into use, start something.

To become truly successful in life, you need
FIVE basic things:

Huge Capital

A Company

A Product

Staffs, Workers or a Team


Everyone has knowledge but when it comes to putting
it to use, people differ. A large percentage of unsuccessful prefer to use
their knowledge to develop other people's businesses in exchange for peanuts in
disguise of salary, grants, loans and bonuses. How many of the working class
can boast of a full package all expense paid vacation by their company, how
many employee can boast that after hitting a set target for the company, they
company takes you on a trip outside the country with your partner or family? It
as worst as saying some has never even gotten a treat to an ordinary eatery
courtesy of the company they have laboured for all their lives, some people has
spent years working for a company and have nothing to show for it in terms of
concrete achievements apart from award placards, no dream home, no money in
bank, no car. Some have worked for as long as 10 years without any tangible
reflection of their effort or input into the growth and development of the
company they love and labour so much for day in day out. Most employees in
Lagos wake up as early as 4 am and get back home as late as 11pm, sometimes
even on weekends when they are suppose to be relaxing, yet nothing to show for
it, all the years spent, all their input. most are usually too proud to admit
their insecurity and they die silently inside and pretend to be larger than
life outside. Yes if this is your situation, it is a shame if by now after
reading all this you have not yet been able to re-evaluate and reshape your
current situation, you decide your life but when you sell your TIME, CHOICE and
FREEDOM for a cheap peanut salary which is FIXED believe me, you loose all.
One, everything about you will be fixed, you live thes ame routine year in,
year out like a modern slave. the neck tie is your chain and the salary the
padlock to your mouth, you answer to a master, your boss just like the slaves
back then.

Until you understand the power behind LEVERAGE
and you understand the law of Finance (Law of poverty and Law of Wealth) which
says: If you want to remain poor, work alone or work for someone and if you
want to be successful work with people but not for people. Can you change a car
Tyre without a jack to first jack up the side of the car where you want to
change the Tyre? the same thing applies empirically in your daily life, until you
realize that you need to have workers or build a team to achieve your BIG
DREAMS you would remain a slave all your life (an employee). The successful
folks realized they needed leverage to succeed so they hire not just anyone,
but the best and they use him or her until the person is useless then they
retire you and look for another fresh, viable and young chap to replace you and
the process goes on and own, you can only work for Dangote you can never own
Dangote group of companies or be richer than Dangote. The Wealthy and
successful realized that to be successful other people must succeed through
you. The trick is an employer can never pay your true worth, every employer
pays you 10% of your worth and take the remaining 90% as profit. They set
targets for you, and you hit it, yet you keep missing your own targets. That
brings me to the opportunity I am proposing to you. You might have heard of it
but I bet you don't understand it, so many have never heard of it. Some heard
and misconceived it to be fraud because they prefer to dwell on the experiences
of those who tried it and failed. A wise man once said: "To be successful,
follow the path of the successful" but the lazy poor people prefer to kill
their own dreams by believing that if some people very close to them tried
something and failed then they can never succeed in it. Many are called but few
are chosen, have you ever asked those that failed why they failed, they always
have unbelievable excuses. Even where others are succeeding some will fail. can
you rent a shop, fill it with goods and lock it up and expect that when you
open it everything would have changed to money? No!, a lot of people who failed
in some ventures that are apparently a life transforming opportunity failed to
plan, put in effort, commitment, persistence, consistency and they lack
motivation, they gave up just when they almost would have hit the Goldmine.

Don't get discouraged by the people who are not
even adding any positive contribution to their life, people whose life is
improving is advising you not to venture into an oppourtunity, ask yourself,
what has this person done to improve my life. If your pastor ask you not to
venture into a business, ask yourself, what has your pastor done to help you
improve your current situation, he has not even been able to assist you with
securing a job for the past 2 years or more and yet every time you get a chance
to try something new they discourage you. how do you expect to see a change
from your current situation when you are failing to take chances. My friend,
even life itself is risk, everything is risk, all business are risky, you
cannot run away from risk, even taking the wrong advise is a risk, taking even
the right advise is a risk, why let people who have not been able to add any
meaningful value to your life be the one to tell you how to live it. wait, you
want to buy a car, will you seek advise from an okada rider or someone that
owns a good car already? if you take advise from an okada owner he will give
you advise from his own mentality, his own state of mind, he would tell you to
buy like 10 okada instead and give people to ride it for you, he would see no
reason why you should want to buy a car but a car owner will advise you on a
very good car you can buy thereby helping you to achieve your aim. what I mean
in the simple sense is, your poor father, your poor friend, your poor pastor or
your pastor that cannot assist your financial situation cannot advise you or
teach you how to be rich. I f you have a poor man standing and adenuga standing,
whose advise will you accept? your poor father's or Adenjga's advise? Whose?
ask yourself, how did you spend last year? how are you spending this year,
evaluate and re-evaluate yourself, set goals, evaluate your goals which ones
did you hit which ones did you miss, what's the next thing. keep moving don't
stop. looking for job is necessary to support yourself, but don't be an
employee forever, try to start your own business even while you're still
working under somebody, make sure you have your own business and recruit people
to work for you, until someone starts to succeed through you, until you have
workers that you pay salary you cannot think like a successful person.
successful people don't work, they think, poor people work very hard but they are
not successful, because they don't think, they're just contented about their
current state, from hand to mouth living, that's not living, I was in this
category before but now I am thinking. I have a friend I discussed this with 3
days ago, he said he's been a marketer for intercontinental, now he's a
marketer for sterling bank, but believe me he has not been able to save any
reasonable amount of money, so I asked him, why are you still working for them,
why are you still getting customers for them? he said, just to get small change
and to keep himself busy, I told him, you're developing other people's dream
and your years are ticking away, before you know you're sixty and useless, ask
yourself, what kind of father or mother do you want to be for your children, do
you want to pass on this your situation to your children again same way your
father passed it on to you? break the chain, do something different, stand out,
be you, nobody can advise you until you advise yourself, let your situation
challenge you, let your environment challenge you, do you want a change or not,
look around your environment, is that how you want to continue? do you like the
way you currently live? are you happy, do you have any dream, do you want to
die in your parent's house, do you want to continue to feed on your parents,
still single at 40 years old? check and re-evaluate yourself. don't let people
who can't help you advise you, they would always give you advise based on their
exposure. information is light, information is power. even the bible said you
should dig deep for it like gold, search for knowledge, what you don't know can
kill you, yes. wake up, do your thing, start something, do something new. try
something new, even if it is risky. everything is risky, that you're searching
for job is risky, that you even work for somebody is risky because you can be
sacked at any time, you will definitely be retired, life itself is risk so you
have to take a risk. If you don't make an attempt at change there will never be
a change in your life.

My Proposal is this: Network Marketing

I will not be able to elaborate on network
marketing but I would advise you read it over, examples of available
Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM) includes: GNLD, SwissGuard, HIME, to mention a few
network marketing businesses available in Nigeria now with lot of young and old
people plugging in and coming out successful, why not use their stories to
build you own life and future instead of using other people's failure to set
boundaries for yourself. You were not born same day, neither were you created
the same way, what they did and fail, you can do and succeed, it's two side to
a coin. I have details of several testimonies from successful people in Network
Marketing business, especially GNLD because they have the best compensation
plan. A whole lot of people don't have detailed information about these
companies, they just judge from far and miss the big picture. If you don't
work, how do you expect to earn.


GNLD gives you three things your employer will
never give you.


COOL WEALTH (spread over your 4th generation
even after you have died)


When you join GNLD you come on board through a
SPONSOR (someone who is already a partner with the company) you can't join
directly except through an introducing sponsor. You don't come to work for the
company or anyone but to work for yourself. I told you earlier that you need
FIVE basic things to become Successful in life: Huge Capital, A Company, A
Product, Workers or Team and Knowledge.

You have Knowledge, GNLD ask you to pay a small
amount of money to partner with the company (8,500 naira*)and even in return
they give you back in return a starter kit for you to start your business and
to guide you through your business, the starter kit content is valued way above
50, 000 naira yet a lot of lazy poor people who prefer to work their of to
build other people's business and recieve salary thinks it's fraudulent. My
dear, now I truly believe that what you don't know can kill you or determine
your life. I tell you and I can take it to the bank and bet my last change on
it that the GNLD experience has transformed so many lives, from poor to
millionaires. The Company says, come, I'd give you everything you need to work
with, just come and build your own team and business and that is too hard for
some people, they quit just soon as they encounter a very minor difficulty,
most people have ego (pride) and with that you can never go no where. I can
keep going but it would look like I am advertising for GNLD, no I am not but I
have witnesses and testimonies, alive and breathing who have and who are
succeeding through GNLD by following the course of those who are succeeding in
the business. You don't even have to quit your job, you can be on your JOB
(Journey Of Borrowers) and still put in 8 hours week in the business then when
you start seeing results, nobody will tell you before you quit your job. the
company says: work hard for yourself, build your business and team using the company
for 2-5years and you won'[t ever need to work again and what you get is income,
not salary, the effort you input will determine your output or worth and you
get your monthly check. If you want facts and testimony, come and experience
it, there are people waiting to show you their checks for this month. I
personally know a 19 year old boy and a 20 year old girl who are now directors
in the business with senior managers and managers under then in the business
and the least they currently earn a month is 90, 000 naira and they are still
growing, waxing stronger, I know a saphire director and 5 ruby director who
earns over 200, 000 naira and 2 .5 million naira monthly in this same business,
they enjoy all expenses paid travel trips outside the country and even when
they're not there, their business keeps growing.. I can keep going but I want
this to be very brief. I can assure you right here and right now, that if
you're ready to give it a shot and your all, we can work together to forge a
team that will be filled with success stories, I am in the business now, my
only regret is, if I had the information I have now about the business some few
years ago when it first came in 2001 and in 2009 when my friend invited me to
join I would have been bigger than this. It's never too late to make a choice.
because if you don't make a CHOICE to take a CHANCE your life will never
CHANGE. come and witness, get detailed information about GNLD even if you end
up not joining but just come and listen to a one-on-one session and see where
you got it all wrong and think it's all about selling drugs or peddling food
supplements, distributing products in GNLD business carries just 5% of what is
required of you to be successful in the business, all the company requires of
you is to bring in other people into your business, help them succeed, work
with them, and grow your business, when you get to the Director stage you can
start resting and that is my target for this month in the GNLD business and
believe me, when you become a director the least amount you earn a month is 65,
000 - 70, 000 naira and that is at minimum, I know directors in my team that
earns as much as 120, 000 naira a month including bonus and incentives. funny
thing is, If the illiterates who have no option of becoming bankers or work in
corporate organizations recognizes this opportunity, takes the bold step and
are now big time directors with large number of directors and managers in their
teams and their teams are still growing I wonder why you're still wasting all that
knowledge you got in school building other people's business and helping them
achieve their dreams. come, let's work together, let's build a team and believe
me in a year, you'd be as close to your BIG DREAM as you have never imagined.
yes, it is real, it is true and it works, I am in the business already and I
have started seeing results and now I know better than to listen to people who
don't know anything about the business to let the dream killers and dream
stealers kill my ambition. Those who say THEY CAN are right and those who say
THEY CANNOT are also right. everybody cannot be successful, only 5% will be
successful and the remaining 95% will remain poor. It is now left for you, to
choose where you want to fall. In the few successful or amongst the large that
will fail. If you don't give this a chance you will never know.

It's easy to become a Director in the business,
just introduce 4 FOUR people into your team, groom them to become senior
managers, all this can even be achieved in a month, with commitment and
hard-work, a good plan and communication. So why suffer, why settle for less
when you can have more. where ever you are in Nigeria, I can bring you on my
team as an introducing sponsor and give you all the support you need to be
successful in this business, yes I am giving you a 100% assurance. YES, when I
say something, I mean it. YES WE CAN. let's work together, now is not too late
to start. if you can't commit all your time because of your JOB, you can do it
on part time and still see results. I PROMISE YOU, you will never regret taking
this first step to success.

If you would like to join GNLD, call me or email
me because you cannot join directly by yourself except through a sponsor. I
promise I will give you all the support and knowledge you need to be successful
in the GNLD business, I am giving you 100% assurance you will succeed in the
business if you come in through me, You can choose to do it part-time or full
time. You don't need to quit your job or work, you can continue working and do
GNLD business on weekends. You will succeed and when you start to succeed in
the business, nobody will teach you when to quit your work and put your full
time into the business because the money you would be making in the business
will be double your salary at one time.

me if you have made a decision to become successful.

My Second proposal is simple. Let's pull resoucres
together to own one of Nigeria's largest online
products listing and classified Ads website. I can't
elaborate on that on here. It is intellectual property
and it is confidential, if you're interested in this
proposal you should mention it to me in an email or call me.

Call me if you have made a decision to become

*poverty is in different categories, you can feel like
you're wealthy even when of course you're poor. it
might not occur to you immidiately but it surely
would reveal itself with time, if you have read my
initial write ups you'd understand what I meant.
check www.gistcrunch


Mobile: 07083239653 08035743385

Re: Read, If You Desire To Be Become Successful by nitrogen(m): 1:07am On Dec 24, 2012
Please, if you desire to be successful, do not bother to read that up there, you will just waste your time and energy.


Re: Read, If You Desire To Be Become Successful by doingreat(m): 10:38pm On Dec 24, 2012
this guy is a fool. Wrote a text book only to tell me about GNLD.mchew
Re: Read, If You Desire To Be Become Successful by Westlord: 12:37am On Dec 25, 2012
We see wisdom thru foolishness, I got wh@ I want 4rm d write up, bt is d@ wh@ U desire?
D rich think wink

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