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Rap Competition: Lyrical Sniperz and Afro Kingz - Music/Radio - Nairaland

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Lyrical sniperz: 87% (7 votes)
Afro Kingz: 12% (1 vote)
This poll has ended

A Finnish Singer That's In Love With Nigeria And Afro Beat. / Exclusive New Banger : Bash Man Ft Stormrex & Veecko Kingz - Butterfly / Hot! Jay-z Feat. Chris Martin - Most Kingz (download) (1) (2) (3) (4)

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Rap Competition: Lyrical Sniperz and Afro Kingz by mukina2: 7:47pm On Dec 16, 2006
Friday, 15th of December, 2006: 000 to 2300HRS GMT.

Lyrical Sniperz: Magneto, Da Snake and Naijafan


Afro Kingz (Akz): Gbade.x, 100bars, Sid Green and Boggie1

guys you know the rules . .so lets act by them . . .
Re: Rap Competition: Lyrical Sniperz and Afro Kingz by mukina2: 7:51pm On Dec 16, 2006
naijafanof lyrical sniperz

yo. to get poo started, i did a fcukin' song for da akz. just introductory yarns tho.

niggas want war, we bring it to 'em raw
Bleep all this poo, we bust into your doors
rippin' out your jaws, tear you wit our claws
its da lyrical sniperz. . . *introducing* (2x)

you really want to knw who i be?
you want to knw the heat that can't be quenched even by the red sea
the true definition of a G?
i grip on the mic and niggas' like, men! that's an MC.
its naijafan, you can tell.
my rhymes still dispell wack MCs like seashells so beware
my tech' now leaving niggas scared
i rep the sniperz till da day i be dead.


a lotta people be askin what naijafan's about
so now i want to tell 'em just to clear all da doubt
you wont be far from da truth if you called him a gangsta
haterz be mistaken fo' they knew he was monsta
but still naijafan's life is a continuous struggle
from time to time like every other nigga, he stumbles
but u wastin yo time if u plottin to stop him
i'm burning your resources, make yo light go fcukin dim


yeah, we sniperz we heroes, you can call us paladins
we holding hip hop's lamp high, like we was aladdin
and we snipe lyrically, cops thot we was assasins
our flame so hot, we torchin 'em magazines
our fans so much that we need them windbreakers
we come in real hard. . . earthquakes, we shakers
check it; magneto, da snake and fcukin naijafan. doing it without fear
and Bleep whatever you think about us, because we just don't care!

*background noises - with muffled vocals*
y'all want to fcukin come to us?! y'all be dead fo' you knw it
grrr. . . its da sniperz comin' out at y'all.
this battle was already won, before it even got started!

*gets normal now*
a yo! my rhymes come tighter than a new born's pussy
u find my poo offensive? mo'fucker, excuse me
u betr get out before somebody knocks your teeth out
da sniperz be ma niggas, that's where da heat at
we givin' 'em murderous metaphors, we aint concealin' 'em
on da mic, wack MCs, we killin' 'em
naijafan don spoke what he got to speak
if i don't kill ya this time, then i'ma do it next week!

shout out to my crew. let's pull slugs in them heads!
its about to get hot in here.
Re: Rap Competition: Lyrical Sniperz and Afro Kingz by mukina2: 7:53pm On Dec 16, 2006
Gbade.X for afro kings

directed to Snakey:

MURDA AT 23:00


Akz coming, we bust this lyrical Sniperz with no rifles/
our flow's dynamic, while your's is static like menstrual cycles/
the way we slay mcs, call us the lyrical hitmen/
we make so hits, we leave your units in sh*t mayne!/
Now my tongues a livin' volcano, so when i pick mics i drop~flames/
and killing these wack cats shows i've got~game/
see, i bring payback in small packages like minimum wages/
i'ma leave Da Snake 6 feet, yet he still ain't underground like Hades!/
i drop lyrics hot like faeces fresh out the anus/
in they hearts, these wack cats are fans but they claimin' ta hate us/
your wackness does the footwork, while your mouth does the runnin'/
fill u with so much BARZ of lead, i'ma have 100 gunnin'/
u musta had grenades strapped to your pride, because your egos all blown up/
hold up, u had the mic for a season, nikka so what?/
battling me is like the Plantashun Boiz split/
i make u lose FACE, redesign ya facial structures so u won't get it in a fix/


Akz coming, we bust this lyrical Sniperz with no rifles/
our flow's dynamic, while your's is static like menstrual cycles/
the way we slay mcs, call us the lyrical hitmen/
we make so hits, we leave your units in sh*t mayne!/

I'm an Ak, meaning i rip u a new hole when ya anus is tired of emittin' weak ish/
flow's intrinsic// watch this nigga crumble like stale bizkits/
even if ya strapped Bibles to ya mouth, u still can't spit~ a~ verse/
if wackness was a blessing, then us lame spits seek~ a~ curse!/
gbade on course// flip more verses than a manuscript/
bringin' in some brand~new~ish/
flow's tight and punches connecting like barbed wire fences/
the only time Snakey flows is when he's had is monthly menses/
you could put your hands on a Bible, but my verses you can't handle/
even if u put your sh*t on wax, it still gon' melt like a candle/
i'm illness in the definition and that's the bidness/
you can only use ma ill spits against me, because that's ma only weakness!!/
Re: Rap Competition: Lyrical Sniperz and Afro Kingz by mukina2: 7:55pm On Dec 16, 2006
Naijafan for Lyrical snipez


life of naijafan isnt blush, modafu*ker
stand in my way; you might get crushed, modafu*ker
because i brush modafu*kers off the face of the earth
and your bulletproof's no good because i'm killin wit da mic
i'm the noblest mc; i write, i don't bite
you talkin bout war like i aint preachin bout peace
when this is over you might be diceased
because you fu*ckin with da general, soon it might be your funeral
bitchass talkin bout always havin his hands on da trigger. . .
i know you pray to see me in da grave nigga
but betr behave or i might put u in that grave nigga
because i'ma depraved nigga. u can't be safe nigga
and i'ma kill in public, aint scared of jail nigga

and its ashes to ashes, dust to dust
i'm not a murderer but i'ma kill a nigga if i must
because an eye fo' an eye's the rule i live by
i might get a nigga tipped-off to shoot ya
after smokin marijuana to boost ya,
u come arnd, actin like a rooster
spreadin fake-ass wings, pretendin you fly
i'll make you look in da mirror to see hw grown men cry
been watchin' u all da while, bout time i put ya outside
watch u rollin down da hill. call it a fcukin downslide
naijafan's around and is here to stay,
n i don't just talk, i mean everythin i say. nigga!
Re: Rap Competition: Lyrical Sniperz and Afro Kingz by mukina2: 8:22pm On Dec 16, 2006
naijafan for lyrical sniperz

gbade, ex please, 'because i'm 'bout to get yo crew disbanded
i'll put tha Akz in da WOOD like they was fcukin ENCHANTED

yo sid green, i see you feel like a rap lord
you gotta split your fakeass throne like u's a fcukin coward
i see you so BROKE you can't even PAY attention
my lines be MEASURIN' in a whole new DIMENSION
the poo that i spit be sendin' you to the RESTROOM
can't be explain'd, peeps think you high on mushrooms
tick tick tock, its countdown to mass murder
call it what u want, but you wont be here after da slaughter
magneto wit da rifle, gon' to pull tha slugs in y'all
while me n snake be KICKIN' like you was fcukin FOOTBALLS.

the first one was just introductory yarns. . . or at least, it didnt get picked.
Re: Rap Competition: Lyrical Sniperz and Afro Kingz by mukina2: 8:25pm On Dec 16, 2006
da snake for lyrical sniperz

@ Gbade X

Yo Yo I'm on da mic to spit
ruff u had enough
U who i going to get
aint gotta bluff
I'm tough
I'm strong
im long
and i b getin sexy ladies all da time in dey thngs
I pull a gat and blaze and blow
and call me father nature because I be makin it snow
gettin hoes
man my heart stay froze
don't care bought dese bi***es jus want to take off dey clothes
Yea I care bought dese bi***es like I care about U
I don't give a Fu** bought u or ya crew
whats a g to do
except kill and leave da mic sanguinaried
ive been rappin da game up and da mic yea its been carried
like a baby cradled and rocked
and u people stopped when Da snake got hot
well enough my keyboards quit
can't type no faster or itll jus split

no offense to no ladies its jus a ryme i really respect ladies
Re: Rap Competition: Lyrical Sniperz and Afro Kingz by mukina2: 8:29pm On Dec 16, 2006
magneto for lyrical sniperz

@ them Ass Kissaz

R.I.P. g-string.x(tra large), boggy worm, 100 bra's, n green-eyed seed!!

magneto always steady on point like an ice pick//
only time i'm slippin musta been on an ice rink// 1
trying to step to Da Sniperz with some lame ass isht//
couple hollow tipz headed straight for your top lip// 2
in this here rap tourney my crew's still the illest//
we remain on top like the white in the guiness// 3
y'all fools couldn't spit tight with a noose round your neck//
i'ma piss on all your flows like a pregnancy test// 4
fcukin wannabe Akz, Snakey got them real Aks//
u'll get hit to the ground, all the while screaming "mayday!"// 5
this 4-man gay team, claimin afro kings?. . . well, hey!//
guess what, me n my homies got your much needed hair spray// 6
zap!zap!, a zillion pellets zipping right through your hair space//
turning your muthafcukin black scalp into ashtrays// 7
your crew better than my crew??. . . duh, NEVER!//
y'all punks is fcukin lightweights just like a feather// 8
come close n u will get cut like a movie//
then tied up with less clothes on than a groupie// 9
y'all can keep running your lip, nigga that don't prick me//
i'll squeeze a pump, and put holes in your jaw like 50// 10
fo real, y'all really don't want no beef with we//
because we'll light your asses up like a christmas tree// 11
the thot of battling Da Sniperz got your bowels all shook//
the hardest thing u possibly can do is gimme that look// 12
talking much'll only make my fists restructure your mandibles//
lyrikal shots to your dome got your top dropped like convertibles// 13
this Sniper's a viper, got more flame than a lighter//
jab burning torches to your eyeballs, now your vision got brighter// 14
i lyrikally dismember y'all faster than a samurai's sword//
closest u been to a punchline is getting serially mugged in your own ward//(think) 15
u lil wanksters, i see through your weak plans like contact lenses//
we tower over your camp like maximum security fences// 16
y'all against us is like nerds versus bouncers//
our punches be weighing in tons, urs is ounces// 17
outcome of this battle is a non-issue like PDP primaries//
Da Sniperz be da ruling clique, so we winning by wide margins// 18
better play your position and don't try to cross boundaries//
else u'll get taken to the cleaners like dirty laundry// 19
i'm exposing your wackness like that thong does your buttcheeks//
with them short arms extended, how the Bleep u gon' touch this// 20
negroe please!!! our isht erode your mentals(metals) like acid rain//
at the top, Da Sniperz stay permanent like carpet stains// 21
y'all Akz been officially murdered n thats a fact//
e yo! naijafan , c'mon help me bring that hook back// 22

Re: Rap Competition: Lyrical Sniperz and Afro Kingz by mukina2: 8:32pm On Dec 16, 2006
sid green for afro kingz

first off i want to say that was a tight verse from Magneto
i didnt really come up with much and i aint heard from 100bars yet prolly still dosent have internet back up but immo holla at him today and see wassup

Liquid Metal~i flow hard~like molten steel bars[think]
sniperz get drowned in their weak flow with no life guard
coming to your rescue~against your whole crew~i do like iyabasira rice
have the audience addicted~while i run the poo~like toilet visit at night
put this fan of naija in a "Failed State" like his role model
defilbrators couldnt revive you~lying more stiff than a sango idol or castro's statue~at these lyrikal snipers i take a swipe
my flow is precise~slice~twice~as nice~as a double edged knife
cut short your life~have these nikkaz trying to hide
on rooftops to snipe~but let out one shot and do like "runaway" bride
been runing they mouth~but on D-day they are nowhere to be seen
whispering~undercover "who's going to challenege Sid Green?"
like God said in genesis my sid[seed] would crush the head of the snake
been winning since the beginning~you aint got flow just like a lake
crowned an Afro king~ trying to imitate Magneto gets himself a helmet
i spray~like the name of my team~AK~so you rookie snipers don't test

armed with an AK my team raise the roof
leave them snipers~with more head shots that proof
Gbade X, 100bars, Boggie1 and Sid Green don't test us
or i draw a map on your chest with bullets "make you for nor lost"

"i dey kampe"~holding onto the top spot like Baba and them PDP
don't believe tu face~i make "things happen" like the streets of LAG
Magneto thought he was fly so he hit the air but got pulled back down
crash landed like a bellview plane~to the metal bars i drop underground
like blue band~in a hot pan~i melt this "yellow bellied" nikka[think]
still wont flow hot~you get congealed fast by the harmattan weather
i make you see red like EFFC~take to the hills[heels] like mountain climbers
in this battle i wreck more havoc than MASSOB in onitsha
Re: Rap Competition: Lyrical Sniperz and Afro Kingz by mukina2: 8:33pm On Dec 16, 2006
[b]Gbade.x for afro kingz[/b]2nd verse

@ fagneto


[same as my 1st verse]

Akz coming, we bust this Lyrical Sniperz wit no rifles/
our flows dynamic, while urs is static like menstrual cycles/
the way we slay mcs, call us the lyrical hitmen/
we make so much hits, your units stay in sh*t mayne/

Now it's ashes to ashes, dust to dust/
if not for naijaman's pussy, magneto d*ck for rust/
for a transgendered, Snake's JUGS are MILKY but he still can't BUST/
my word is bond, so i spit verses that seal mics/
your verse is a rip-off, like burnt Cds they need a re-write!/
since u sh*ttalk so much, u've taught ya anus a new language/
because poppin' d*cks in ya mouth is ya recipe 4 a new sandwich/
if wackness wuz stimulation, then Snake's verse turns u on like Kevin Little/
like CROSSWORD PUZZLES, i'ma have ya bodies RIDDLED/
. . .with verbal bullets, leave em full o' clipse [eclipse] like da moon blockin da sun/
i swear this wacko feels gay just fcukin wit da don/
call me da drycleaner, because i whitewash u like a Laundromat/
of this show, my punches are d starhost, watch them give your face autographs!!/
Akz gunnin', wreaking more havoc than a tsunami/
what u Sniper fools yappin' about guns for? All i see u clappin' is ya kitten!/
the hole of my Ak has a smiling face, because i'm trigger happy/
fingers twitchin', this fella be buggin', am i fazed? n*gga hardly!/
wit ma punches u could take the hook and the sinker, but u still can't get ma lines/
u could see magneto jottin' on his nursery slate everytime i rhyme/
since Akz bust in .6, it takes y'all Sniperz a week~ or~ two/
y'all ain't ready for WAR, so i'ma PISS [peace]~on~you!/

Akz comin', we bust this lyrical snipers with no rifles/
our flows dynamic, while urs is static like menstrual cycles/
the way we slay mcs, call us the lyrical hitmen/
we make so much hits, your units stay in sh*t mayne/
Re: Rap Competition: Lyrical Sniperz and Afro Kingz by naijafan(m): 7:54am On Dec 17, 2006

for a transgendered, Snake's JUGS are MILKY but he still can't BUST/

very funny!
Re: Rap Competition: Lyrical Sniperz and Afro Kingz by 100bars(m): 4:55pm On Dec 17, 2006
y'all cummin with em bitchy attitude,attitude
don't test mii or I'm going to tell Akz to spit at u,spit at u2x

i hear kidz braggin bout peddlin weed on the streets
y'all know its so hardto keep secret bout how i push ki'z overseas
like usin protractors to draw circles i make ends meet
i see your rhymes always gat bitches,cheese n whips
but we all know u ain gat none of this things,bitch
i ain thrivin on imagination,like game i bring dreams to reality
nicholas caging you,ripping ya FACE OFF
Imma battle chef leave it to mii to spice the PLACE UP
because am tha Boss tha opposite of y'all ACTORS
in tha game known as a Double"G"
a gangstar n a gentleman,think twice before u mess with mii
tha whole script is wack bitches y'all need to stop acting
ya hold guns but wldnt shoot untill the hear actions
trap doors equipped with infra-red sensors to catch this
ma whole rap school ill punk y'all never among class-sicks(classics)
shooting sniperz randomly on the mic y'all still cldnt make a hit
that is y i want to know why

y'all cummin with em bitchy attitude,attitude
don't test mii or I'm going to tell Akz to spit at u,spit at u2x

sup Akz can see y'all holding it down,mayne my server is fuckin faulty need to replace it soonest i hope n when is the next ish happenin
Re: Rap Competition: Lyrical Sniperz and Afro Kingz by naijafan(m): 6:03pm On Dec 17, 2006

I dont think the above 100bars' lines have anything to do with this competition cos he sure isnt reffering to any of tha sniperz. cos none of us rap about weed and sh*t. Bitches, cheese, and whips?! dawg, you've gotta be more direct in ur lines and stop attributing to us what we never said.
Re: Rap Competition: Lyrical Sniperz and Afro Kingz by shadow01: 12:56am On Dec 19, 2006
gbade u shud not have said stuff about peeps on nairaland not knowin bout rap, we mite not be rapheads nd some of us mite be but do not want to show off
Re: Rap Competition: Lyrical Sniperz and Afro Kingz by gbadex1(m): 1:58am On Dec 19, 2006
i'm not showing off. It is what i felt it is, aight? I ain't bashing non hiphop heads, rather i'm saying they ain't a gud yardstick in judging rap battles
Re: Rap Competition: Lyrical Sniperz and Afro Kingz by Jduck13(m): 2:36am On Dec 19, 2006
Yo lyrical Sniperz killin it gbade X u did ya thang too though
Re: Rap Competition: Lyrical Sniperz and Afro Kingz by DaSnake(m): 1:11pm On Dec 19, 2006
Yea Lyrikal Sniperz done took this thang who we got next
Re: Rap Competition: Lyrical Sniperz and Afro Kingz by Phenom(m): 2:38pm On Dec 19, 2006
Well props to Magneto as well as Sid Green. Have to admit i felt their multies and punchlines. This aint saying that the rest are wack though. Keep it up Sid and Magneto. Even though both of u r on different teams, Aint hating on the rest of the guys. Keep doing your thing
Re: Rap Competition: Lyrical Sniperz and Afro Kingz by gbadex1(m): 4:15pm On Dec 19, 2006
@ Da Snake:

Sniperz done take what? Puhleeeeese, spare me tha humour!

@errone else:

have the votes been tallied? Are the voters done voting or what?
Re: Rap Competition: Lyrical Sniperz and Afro Kingz by 100bars(m): 4:27pm On Dec 19, 2006
at naijafan
i dnt have nething bout y'all boring retards,so keep ma name outta ur fuckin mouth
Re: Rap Competition: Lyrical Sniperz and Afro Kingz by kaydee(m): 9:38am On Dec 20, 2006
My dark and cloudy words, they do but hold. The truth, as cabinets enclose the gold - John Bunyan

Damn!!!This ish is too long and it makes it damn boring. How did this happen? I think each group's meant to submit they flowz 2getha.What's this disjointed ish we gettin?Lotsa empty verses right here and rememba i ain't gettin paid to go thru that long ish!

I will keep my comments to myself till the judges verdict.Neva knew some cats got punches like that. Hmmn!!!!!!!!!!
Re: Rap Competition: Lyrical Sniperz and Afro Kingz by kaydee(m): 9:59am On Dec 20, 2006
I waz xpectin something like this.Everyone will be tempted to read and it reveals ur strength as a team.I ain't happy @ the organization.All those disjointed ish just got me pissed-off

Hit 'Em Up
by 2 Pac
album: Greatest Hits (1998),
2pac Live (2004)

Intro: Tupac
I ain't got no motherfuckin friend
That's why I bleeped yo' bitch, you fat motherfucker
(take money) West side!!
Bad Boy killers
(take money) You know the realest is niggaz
(take money) We bring it to you
(take money)

Verse One: Tupac
First off, Bleep your bitch and the click you claim
West side when we ride come equipped with game
You claim to be a player but I bleeped your wife
We bust on Bad Boy niggaz bleeped for life
Plus Puffy tryin ta see me weak, hearts I rip
Biggie Smallz and Junior M.A.F.I.A. some mark ass bitches
We keep on comin' while we runnin for ya jewels
steady gunnin, keep on bustin at the fools, you know the rules
Little Ceaser, go ask ya homie how I leave ya
cut your young ass up, leave you in pieces, now be deceased
Lil Kim, don't Bleep around with real G's
Quick to snatch yo' ugly ass off tha street, so Bleep peace
I let them niggas know it's on for life
So let the West side ride tonight hahahah
Bad Boy murdered on wax, and killed
Bleep wit' me and get ya cap spilt, you know , see ,

Grab ya glocks, when you see Tupac
Call the cops, when you see Tupac, uhh
Who shot me, but ya punks didn't finish
Now ya bout to feel the wrath of a menace
NIGGA, I hit em' up,

Interlude: Tupac
Check this out, you muthafuckas know what time it is
I don't even know why I'm on this track
ya'll niggaz ain't even on my level
I'ma let my little homies ride on you
bitch made-ass bad boy bitches, deal with it!

Verse Two: Fatal
Get out the way yo, get out the way yo
Biggie Smallz just got dropped
Little Moo, pass the Mac, and let me hit him in his back
Frank White need to get spanked right, for settin tracks
little accident murderer, and I ain't never heard-a ya
Poisinous gats attack when I'm servin ya
Spank the shank ya whole style when I dank
Guard your rank, cause I'ma slam you ass in the pavement
Puffy weaker that a fuckin rocka wanna do, nigga
and, I'll smoke ya junior mafia in front of you, nigga
With the ready power tuckin my Guess under my Eddie Bauer
ya clout, pretty sour I get packages every hour
and hit em up


Verse Three: Tupac
Peep how we do it, keep it real, it's penitentiary steel
this aint no freestyle battle, all you niggaz gettin
killed with ya mouths open
tryin to come up offa me, you in the clouds hoping
smokin dope it's like a sherm high
Niggaz think they learned to fly
But they burned muthafucka, you deserve to die
Talkin bout you gettin money, but its funny to me
All you niggaz living bummy, why you're fuckin' with me
I'm a self made milionare
Thug Livin out a prison, pistols in the air, hahaha
Biggie, remember when I used to let you sleep on my couch
and beg the bitch to let you sleep in the house, ahh
Now its all about Versacci, you copied my style
Five shots couldn't drop me, I took it, and smiled
Now I'm bout to set the record straight, with my AK
I'm still the thug that you love to hate
Motherfucker, I hit em up

Verse Four: Kadafi
I'm from N-E-W Jerz, where plenty murders occur
No points to be calmer, we bringin drama to all you herbs
Knuckle check the scenario, Little Cease
I bring you fake G's to your knees
Coppin pleas cuz this ain't your area
Lil Kim, is you coked up, or doped up?
Get ya lil Junior Whopper click smoked up, what the Bleep
is you STUPID?!?! I take money, crash and mash through Brooklyn
with my click lootin, shootin and pollutin ya block
with 15 shots rooster glock to your knot
Outlaw mafia click movin up another notch
And you bast stops squaws get mopped and dropped
All your fake-ass east coast props brainstormed and locked

Verse Five: Idi Amin
Youse a, beat biter, a Pac style taker
I'll tell you to ya face you aint poo but a faker
Softer than Alizee with a chaser
Bout to get murdered for the paper
Idi Amin approach the scene
Write a caper, like a loc, with little ceaser in a choke hold
Totin smoke, we aint no muthafuckin joke
Thug Life, niggaz betta be knowin, we approachin
in the wide open, guns smokin
no need for hopin its a battle lost, I got across
Soon as the funk was poppin off
Nigga I hit em up

Outro: Tupac
Now you tell me who won
I see them, they run
They don't wanna see us
Whole Junior M.A.F.I.A. click dressin up tryin ta be us
How the Bleep they gonna be the mob when we always on our job
We millionaires, killin ain't fair but somebody gotta do it
Oh yeah, Mobb Deep, you wanna Bleep with us?
You little young ass motherfuckers
Don't one of you niggaz got sickle cell or somethin?
You fuckin with me nigga you Bleep around
and have a seizure or a heart-attack
You better back the Bleep up, before you get smacked the Bleep up
That's how we do it on our side
Any of you niggaz from New York that wanna bring it, bring it
But we ain't singin, we bringin drama
Bleep you and your motherfuckin mama
We gonna kill all you motherfuckers
Now when I came out I told you it was just about Biggie
Then everybody had to open their mouth with a motherfuckin opinion
Well this how we gonna do this
Bleep Mobb Deep
Bleep Biggie
Bleep Bad Boy as a staff record label
and as a motherfuckin crew
And if you wanna be down with Bad Boy
Then Bleep you too
Chino XL, Bleep you too
All you motherfuckers, Bleep you too

(take money)
(take money)
Alla y'all motherfuckers, Bleep you die slow motherfucker
My fo'-fo' make sure all y'all kids don't grow
You motherfuckers can't be us or see us
We the motherfuckin Thug Life rides West side till we die!
Out here in California we warn ya we'll bomb on you motherfuckers
We do our job
You think you mob, nigga we the motherfuckin mob
Ain't nuttin but killers and the real niggaz
All you motherfuckers feel us
Our poo's going triple and four-quadruple
(take money)
You niggaz laugh coz our staff got guns at they
motherfuckers belt, you know how it is
When we drop records they feel it
You niggaz can't feel it
We the realest, Bleep EM, we Bad Boy killin *echoes*
Re: Rap Competition: Lyrical Sniperz and Afro Kingz by Christino(m): 1:38am On Dec 21, 2006
@ Kd,

if it's azlyrics, tell them its "Bleep with me and getcha caps pealed (the rhyme scheme from killed)"
Re: Rap Competition: Lyrical Sniperz and Afro Kingz by hoodboi(m): 3:07am On Dec 21, 2006
also there is this new N.G.O(non govermental organisation) N.C.O(non denominational organisation) that's having a praise nite on the 22nd of this month that's friday. it's happening at. All Saints Anglican Church Montegomery road Yaba Lagos. Starting by 10pm till dawn, Be There!!!!!!!

me nd my boi's re organizing a lil sumthin dis december on d beach and i want ta invite a few chicks from here, nd if any guy wants ta come u can but u will have ta pay a lil sumthin, it's free for chicks. Venue will be alpha beach, anyone interested should email me @ keepingit_gangstar@yahoo.com holla @ ur bwoy, Date will be 27th of december Note: it's like a private party. ya'll also know that 27th is next week friday so please holla ASAP, chicks call me or email me if u wana come nd ya'll's gotta be tite. like i said it's a privare party so don't expect to see a crowd, also the deadline will be christmas day
Re: Rap Competition: Lyrical Sniperz and Afro Kingz by Christino(m): 3:23am On Dec 21, 2006
Lyrical Sniperz

punctuality: 33%
attendance: 100%
rhyme scheme: 95%
adherence to rules: 60%
Rap Assessment(metaphors,punchlines,construction and creativity):65%
public opinion: 87.5%
Unanimous vote:N/A
Judges' verdict: Winner (Weakest link was obvious-room for improvement)

Afro Kingz

punctuality: 25%
rhyme scheme: 82%
adherence to rules: 70%
Rap Assessment (metaphors,punchlines,construction and creativity): 80%
public opinion: 12.5%
Unanimous vote: N/A
Judges' verdict: needs to improve on Team Work.

Greatest rapper this fixture: Gbade.x
Greatest Rhyme Scheme this fixture: Naijafan

Only Naijafan and Gbade.x showed up at the stipulated time, and the AKz had one member missing resulting in the glitch with attendance. Even without taking Public opinion into consideration, Lyrical Sniperz ended with 70.6%, I hope it was transparent enough.Magneto had a good rhyme scheme but with too much of similes (don't forget metaphors make poetry tick, no just rap)

Thanks guys for keeping it real in the spirit of rapmanship.
Re: Rap Competition: Lyrical Sniperz and Afro Kingz by naijafan(m): 12:12pm On Jan 01, 2007
All hail. Gbade.x smiley
Re: Rap Competition: Lyrical Sniperz and Afro Kingz by gbadex1(m): 1:53pm On Jan 01, 2007
And all hail Naijafan! Happy New Year!!!

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