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Re: Love Hiccups by KimberlyWest(f): 10:46am On Sep 11
The story this guy don't want to continue is making front page...na wa

Bros, I am a girl and the issue has been sorted out. I will start updating soon, chapter 19-29 is ready. I just need to fix my phone first and I'm trying to get the phone section to help me out, I can't do it with this phone that is why it hasn't continued.

Thanks for reading.

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Re: Love Hiccups by KimberlyWest(f): 10:48am On Sep 11

hmmmmm did you heard you well,

ok ooo, after nearly sending to the cardic section of Luth, hmmm
oga is watching you ooo

Bros sorry, Na all this plagiarists fault but I go ignore them for now sha. The chapters are ready.

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Re: Love Hiccups by KimberlyWest(f): 4:36pm On Sep 11
Any good samaritan in the house?

Please, I need someone to help post the stories here while I work on the wacky phone I just got.

I have written the whole story and it will be emailed to you.

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Re: Love Hiccups by yewande1234(f): 4:47pm On Sep 11
Any good samaritan in the house?

Please, I need someone to help post the stories here while I work on the wacky phone I just got.

I have written the whole story and it will be emailed to you.
send it to my mail,will post it for u

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Re: Love Hiccups by Shalomdee(f): 7:06pm On Sep 11
Beautiful, well done KimberlyWest
Re: Love Hiccups by Nickibeauty(f): 7:18pm On Sep 11
Any good samaritan in the house?

Please, I need someone to help post the stories here while I work on the wacky phone I just got.

I have written the whole story and it will be emailed to you.
Am available
Re: Love Hiccups by Gloryejims(f): 8:23pm On Sep 11
Any good samaritan in the house?

Please, I need someone to help post the stories here while I work on the wacky phone I just got.

I have written the whole story and it will be emailed to you.

For real??

Just ask one of your trusted friends to do that for you... So it doesn't get into the wrong hands..

I hope you fix your phone quick
Re: Love Hiccups by Adesina12: 9:29pm On Sep 11
Any good samaritan in the house?

Please, I need someone to help post the stories here while I work on the wacky phone I just got.

I have written the whole story and it will be emailed to you.

mail it to hamidshina@yahoo.com

It is well Kim
Re: Love Hiccups by Twinkle004(f): 11:21pm On Sep 11
Any good samaritan in the house?

Please, I need someone to help post the stories here while I work on the wacky phone I just got.

I have written the whole story and it will be emailed to you.
Give it to someone you trust especially someone that had written stories on Nl to avoid unnecessary excuse
Re: Love Hiccups by queenitee(f): 11:50am On Sep 12
Any good samaritan in the house?

Please, I need someone to help post the stories here while I work on the wacky phone I just got.

I have written the whole story and it will be emailed to you.
Please give it to someone you trust, preferably a writer also
Re: Love Hiccups by TiffanyJ(f): 10:03pm On Sep 13
Kimberlywest please check your mail.I sent something for you
Re: Love Hiccups by KimberlyWest(f): 5:47am On Sep 14
Chapter 19.
Vicky walked around her apartment deep in thought, It's been three
weeks since Queen called to tell her that Kath is back to the country
from, at first, she didn't take it serious but lately her husband
has changed alot, he's beginning to keep late nights, just like he
used to, when he was having affair with Katherine.

She was still walking about the sitting room when she heard her
husband honk outside the apartment.

Her eyes went to the wall clock, 9PM, she shrugged and walked to the door.

''Honey welcome'' she greeted as soon as her husband walked in.

''Sweetheart'' her husband called and walked closer to her with open
arms, he was just an inch away from her when she perceived a faint
smell of a feminine perfume on his shirt.

Her suspicion has just been confirmed.

''What's wrong?'' Ken asked, as soon as she began stepping back.


''Are you sure'' Ken asked, still drawing close to her.

She feigned a smile and turned away from him ''Your food is on the
table'' she said and began walking away, as fast as her legs could
carry her.

Ken was puzzled, he wondered why she suddenly turned from being nice
to running away from him.

''Maybe she had a stressful day'' he concluded, picked his suitcase
and started ascending the stairs.


Nate knocked on the door after standing there for more than a minute,
but got no reply, he knocked again but still no reply, he was about
knocking for the third time when the door flew open and he came face
to face with her; the woman who ruined him physically, spritually,
career-wise and mentally.

''Uhm...uhm...'' She stuttered.

''Bella the Bella, there's nothing hidden under the sun, I finally
found you'' he drawled, enjoying her confused expression.

She began breathing unsteadily as she looked at the man she once
pretended to love, a man who never suspected that she had ulterior
motives, he trusted her fully, she wished she could turn back the
hands of the clock, but it's already too late.

''Nate'' she said, finally finding her voice.

''Bella'' he called.

''Na...Na...Nate I...I'' She stuttered and attempted to close the door
but Nate was faster, as he already had one leg inside the apartment
and the other outside.

''Don't try it'' he rasped.

''Nate, how...how did you find me?'' she managed to say, or rather it
was the only thing she could think of, seeing the murderous look he's
giving her.

''Bella, stop all this nonsense, do you actually know I feel like
strangling you?'' He rasped.

''Nate, I'm sorry, I wasn't expecting you''

''How would you expect me? After stealing my money? How would you?''
he asked harshly.

''Nate, I...

''If I hear my name from your mouth once more, I will just order the
police men outside to come in and beat you mercilessly'' Nate shouted
and her eyes widened the moment she heard police men.

''Police men?'' she asked.

''Yeah, were you expecting me to come alone? Last I remembered you're
not a fool neither am I, so you want me to come alone, so you can use
your fetish power on me again''

''Nate, It was never my intention to steal from you''

''Nate, It was never my intention to steal from you'' he mimicked and hissed.

''Bella, Infact, I am tired of seeing this your crafty face, you're a
big disgrace to womanhood, how could you Bella? How could you pretend
to love me only for you to ruin my life? How could you?'' he shouted, gripping
her shoulders.

She struggled to free herself from his grip but failed woefully, he's
way muscular and more powerful than her.

''Nate, Please for...

''Don't bring forgiveness into this, you wrecked me without mercy,
Bella, mark my words, I will also ruin your life without mercy'' he
said to her and screamed ''Officers''

Within a twinkle of any eye, four uniformed police men walked into her
compound, each holding a gun.

One proudly held up a handcuff immediately they got to her.

''Nate, please don't do this'' she pleaded and went down on her knees.

''I've warned you to stop calling my name'' Nate shouted, pointing a
finger at her.

''Nate, please think twice'' she pleaded once more, holding unto his trouser.

''Did you think twice before pretending to love me? Did you think
twice before stealing 200 million from the company's account'' he
questioned, pushing her away from him ''Please take her away'' he said
to the police men.

''Nate, I can explain'' she cried out, as the police man began putting
the hand cuff over her wrist.

''Explain it to your fellow inmates'' he shouted angrily.

She was handcuffed and taken away, without any chance to lock her door
or wear any footwear, she was taken away bare-footed.

As the Anti-robbery Squad, FCT command Van drove away with Bella in
it, Nate shook his head in satisfaction, finally, she has been caught,
finally he won't have any of those disturbing nightmare's again.

He looked at the bungalow she lived in, a bungalow that was probably
bought with the stolen money.

''Your owner will be away for a long, long time''


'Vicky, you've been quiet since yesterday, what's happening?'' Ken
asked his wife.

Her behaviour the previous night really baffled him and he expected her to have gotten over whatever was wrong with her, but he
still came home to meet her sitting quietly in the bedroom.

''Vicky, is it your mother? Do you miss her?'' He asked, her mum left
recently after the 'omugo' and right after that he started noticing
some strange behaviours in Vicky.

''Welcome back'' she said quietly.

''Thanks but that wasn't what I asked you, do you miss your mum?''

She turned to him and looked at him searchingly for a while before
bowing her head.

''Ken, I want to start working''

''Vicky, this is a joke right?''

''It's not a joke, I'm tired of sitting at home, while my mates are
out their making money and supporting their husbands''

''Vicky, you want to work?'' he asked and she nodded ''Kelvin is
barely four months and you're thinking of working, Please stop this

She hated behind taking unseriously ''Ken, I'm not joking'' she said
loudly and their baby who was lying in his cradle in the room woke up
and started crying.

''You see what you've caused'' she said to Ken, while climbing down the bed.

''Baby Kelvin sorry, fine baby sorry'' Vicky sang and in no time the
baby quietened down.

''Vicky, where exactly do you want to work?'' Ken asked as soon as she
dropped the sleeping baby back on his baby cradle.

''In your office, with you'' she replied sharply.

His mouth flew open, his ears couldn't believe what it heard ''With
me?'' he asked, just to be sure he heard right.

''Yes, Is there anything wrong with that?'' she questioned, creasing
her brows in a frown.

''Like i said earlier, if it's a joke stop it''

''why don't you want me to work with you?'' she asked coming
closely behind him.

''Because I make enough money to take care of my home'' he replied and
began popping his buttons, it's been over 30 minutes he got home yet
he hasn't undressed, his wife's unhappy mood really got to him and he
had to face that one first but seeing that the conversation doesn't
make sense, he decided to undressed, shower and go downstairs for his

''Ken, I want to wo...

''Vicky, you're talking nonsense, please just let me be this night''

''So, I now talk nonsense right? I don't blame you, I only blame her''

Ken turned to her with a questioning look but she hissed and stormed
out of the room.

He sat down dejectedly ''This isn't the Vicky I married'' he muttered
''God, where did I go wrong? Why is she behaving strange''

''Your food is getting cold, I won't micro wave it if eventually it
turns ice-cold'' he heard her shout from downstairs.

''I'm coming'' he said and walked into the bathroom.

He came out few minutes later, looking refreshed with a lightened mood.

He walked over to the baby's cradle and patted the sleeping baby
gently on his chest ''My prince, mummy is behaving strange, what could
be wrong with her?'' he asked the baby and after some minutes, he
sighed and left the room.


K.C was so engrossed in the football match he was watching, that he
didn't even notice his phone vibrating beside him.

''It's a goal'' he shouted.

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Re: Love Hiccups by KimberlyWest(f): 6:13am On Sep 14
Please. I will modify it later. It hasn't been edited, there are many errors in it. Good morning to you all.

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Re: Love Hiccups by anorexia(f): 6:42am On Sep 14
thnks for changing your mind to continue d story here nd tnks for d update kim. God bless you n beautiful morning to you too
Re: Love Hiccups by ftosino(m): 6:45am On Sep 14
Good Morning Kimber, Thanks For The Update And Am Happy You Continued.
Re: Love Hiccups by FortunateB(f): 6:57am On Sep 14
Thanks alot for this update.

I really admire you cause you put your readers interest before your own despite the challenges you faced.

Re: Love Hiccups by KimberlyWest(f): 7:42am On Sep 14

mail it to hamidshina@yahoo.com
It is well Kim
Thanks alot. I appreciate.
I have gotten another phone, it turned out I bought a made in Aba phone.
Re: Love Hiccups by KimberlyWest(f): 7:43am On Sep 14
Thanks alot for this update.

I really admire you cause you put your readers interest before your own despite the challenges you faced.


Thanks sister, thanks for following.
Re: Love Hiccups by KimberlyWest(f): 7:54am On Sep 14
Kimberlywest please check your mail.I sent something for you

Thank you sister. I have seen it.

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Re: Love Hiccups by Kimkardashain(f): 7:57am On Sep 14

Thanks alot. I appreciate.
I have gotten another phone, it turned out I bought a made in Aba phone.
hahahahahahaha. kim u won't kill me, which one is made in Aba again? anyway tnks hun 4 d juicy update
Re: Love Hiccups by Adesina12: 8:05am On Sep 14

Thanks alot. I appreciate.

I have gotten another phone, it turned out I bought a made in Aba phone.

Re: Love Hiccups by Adesina12: 8:06am On Sep 14

Thanks alot. I appreciate.

I have gotten another phone, it turned out I bought a made in Aba phone.

Good but don't put Ken into trouble again ....I beg
He should just chase away the love pedler ...pls
Re: Love Hiccups by princ007(f): 8:14am On Sep 14
Thanks for the update sis
Re: Love Hiccups by boldndbeautiful(f): 8:52am On Sep 14
thanks for the update @kimberlywest
Re: Love Hiccups by KimberlyWest(f): 8:53am On Sep 14
His favourite team, the Super Eagles had just scored in the final
round of AFCON (African Cup of Nations)

''Best night ever'' he shouted as the the highlight of the goal was
being repeated.

He relaxed on his couch and smiled, that was when he noticed his
vibrating phone but before he could reach it, it stopped.

He quickly reached for it and was surprised to see ten missed calls
all from his sister, Maryann.

He dialled her number and she picked as soon as it started to ring,
as if she has been waiting for the call.

''Sorry, I missed your call'' he apologized before she could say a word.

''Why won't you? When you were probably exercising your muscles with a lady''

''Maryann, that was then, I've changed, women are problems and I don't
want any problem in my life right now''

She hissed before saying ''The wedding is in a month, don't tell me
you won't come''

''Why won't I come to my sister's traditional marriage'' he asked, teasingly.

It's no longer news, that the twins have decided to hold their
traditional and white wedding the same day. Lately, it seems like it's
becoming a trend amongst twins.

''Bros Old Bachelor, you missed the introduction, have you forgotten so soon?''

''I still aplogize for that ma'm'' he pleaded, knowing Maryann fully
well, he knew it's not the right time to start arguing especially when
it's 10PM and he's already feeling sleepy.

''I just called to remind you that if you don't come, mum and dad will
attend your burial by the time I'm done with you''

''sister, don't worry I will be there''

''Come with those your two friends and also a partner, I wouldn't want
you sitting alone in the hall''

He wanted to protest that but she didn't give him a chance ''If you
don't come with one, I will provide one for you''
He hissed and ended the call, the last time she provided 'one' for
him, he really wished the ground could open up and swallow him that

''Ewww!'' he exclaimed, remembering the skinny, over bleached, tattoed
and skimpily dressed lady, whom he can't even recall her name. Now
that he remembered it, he realized that Maryann did that on
purpose, just to spite him.


Nate laid on his bed smiling sheepishly with just one person on his mind--Jane.

''It feels good to be in love'' he muttered.

He decided to call her and hear her voice even though it's hasn't been
up to a day since he last saw her

''Hello Queen'' he said the moment she picked the call.

''This one you're calling me this night, It's 15 minutes past 10
already, don't tell me you're already missing me'' She answered.

''Ofcourse, you know I miss you already, hope I didn't wake you?''

''No, you didn't. I'm still stretching my bones, My boyfriend really
over worked me today'' she answered, jokingly.

''Stretching your bones infront of your televison right?''

''How did you know?'' she asked loudy.

''I can hear it from here''

''Oh boy, that means, I'm disturbing my neighbours'' she shouted and
he heard her walking, probably towards the television, to reduce the

''Can you still hear it?'' she asked and he began laugh.

''No'' he finally said, after laughing.


''Did you put if off?''

''No, I just decreased the volume''

''Women'' he said to himself ''Sorry for over working you today?'' he

''That was a joke''

''It doesn't matter, I know I really over stressed you today''

''You pay me and I do my work, simple. My prince charming, you didn't
over work me''

''I really had some things to settle before coming to the office
today, I didn't know it will take that long'' he said quietly.

''What was that?'' She drawled.

''You remember Bella?''

''The former secretary you told me about?'' she asked?

''Yeah, yeah, Bella the runaway thief, she's been arrested and I went
to the police station to see her today, It took longer than expected.

''I'm glad, she's been arrested but don't you think it's high time you
forgave her? I mean it's more than two years now, just let it go''

''Nah, nah, nah, don't even go there, she will pay for everything she
did, I don't mind if she pays with her last drop of blood, but she
must pay'' he answered harshly.

The things that bella did to him, especially her betrayal, they all
affected him badly, so forgiveness is not actually an option in this
case, he is determined to hurt her badly, just like she did to him,
before sending her to Kuje maximum prison to spend the rest of her
life there, with his money, he can achieve that, there's nothing that
money can't do''

''Nate, forgi...

''Jane, I just called to check on you'' he interrupted, seeing that
she's bent on talking about the one thing he doesn't want to talk
about or even hear.

''Thanks but still think about what I told you''

''I've made up my mind, how's Ben preparing for his wedding''

After Ogechi's birthday party, he and Ben suddenly developed this bond
that nobody saw coming, especially since he heard that they have alot
in common, they both never believed in love but now? They preach about

''He's nervous about the big day'' Jane answered, laughing.

''Hey, it's once in a lifetime, he has every right to be nervous''

''I knew you would support him'' Jane replied, yawning.

''Let me leave you to your film, Have a great night rest''

''And you too''

''Thanks'' he said to her.

''I love you''

''I love you more'' he replied, even though he sounded awkward, he
knew he just said the truth, he loved Jane more than anything in the
word, he just hope the love doesn't grow sour as time goes on.

''See you tomorrow'' he finally said after keeping silent for awhile.

''Tomorrow it is then''

He kept quiet, looking for a way to prolong the conversation, but when
he found none, he said ''Good night' and ended the call.


''Queen, he won't let me work, I'm confused I don't know what to do''
Vicky cried out to Queen over the phone.

''Vicky, calm down, Kath can't do a thing''

''He has started keeping late nights again''

''Vicky, stop crying, Kath won't break your home, she can do her boobs
implant, hips implant, nose job and the rest of them but you're better
than her, you're not fake''

''Queen, I'm really confused, he has changed alot again, he's behaving

''Vicky, stop crying, this is not the time to start doing so, get up
and fight for your home, go closer to your husband''

''Thanks Queen, I can't even talk to my mum about this, she will worry
herself to death''

''Vicky, it's alright, I will visit you next week''

''Thanks queen''

''Stop worrying, Kath can't do a thing, Ken is and will always be your husband''

''Thanks alot'' Vicky said and ended the call, she started sobbing
immediately after ending the call, Ken has changed alot, coming back
by 9PM and giving different excuses about important meeting on

''God, help me'' she said and went to the kitchen to prepare food for Chiagozie.


K.C parked his car outside the University's teaching hospital and
walked in, not really sure of what he's about to do.

The call from Maryann the previous night, really got to him.
He knew his sisters and from experience he could tell that if he
doesn't go there with a lady by his side then, definately they will
find one for him.
He had thought of who to ask and finally decided to ask Dami to
accompany him to the wedding in Abuja, Matilda had other engagement,
so he couldn't ask her.

He walked into the hospital and unfortunately the first familiar
person he saw was Doctor Raphael.

''Good afternoon'' he murmured and continued walking.

''Not so fast'' Doctor Raphael said and he turned back with a frown.

''What?'' K.C asked rudely.

''You think you've succedded right? You haven't won yet, I will still
get Dami back''

''I will like to see you try'' K.C replied, smiling.

''I will get her back'' Raphael said and walked away.

K.C smiled and continued walking, from the way Dami has been behaving
the past few week, he knew without being told that Raphael has no
chance of ever getting back with her.

''Good morning doctor'' he greeted as he opened her door slightly.

After the incident, Dami was moved to another department and given her
own office, far away from Raphael and his office, unknown to Dami, he
spoke with the hospital's director and even tipped him to do so.

''Hello engineer'' she answered, with smiles.

''Can I come in?''

''Oh, of course you can, you're free to come in anytime you like, I
don't know how it happened, but I'm happy I have my own personal
office now'' Dami said softly and he smiled, knowing that he's the one
behind it.

''I'm also happy about it'' he simply answered, not wanting to reveal too much.

''What can I offer you?''

''Red wine'' he joked and she stood up and start on her desk while laughing.

They sat down and talked and laughed about random things, until K.C
finally decided to discuss what brought him.

''Dami, I need your help'' he said calmly.

''What kind of help?'' she said, with a curious expression.

''I need you to pretend'' he drawled.

She smiled and came to his side ''I'm a friend, so, what do i pretend about''

''Just pretend to be my girlfriend, my parents and siblings are on my
neck to bring home a girl and presently, settling down is not even on
my mind'' he replied and watched her face to see her reaction but she
kept a neutral expression, something she's been doing constantly

''I understand, If you want me to pretend, then I will pretend'' she
replied, laying more emphasis on the 'pretend''

''Thanks Dami''

''You're welcome''

''One more thing, you have to accompany me to my sisters wedding next month''

''It's alright, I will see what I can do about that''

''I'm really excited about this, thanks alot'' he said and winked at her.

The way and manner she agreed to his request without with protesting
nor arguing surprised him but then again, that's one thing he has come
to know about Dami--she's unpredictable.


Nate had just returned from the aiport where he went to pick his mum,
when K.C called to remind him of the wedding of their younger twins.

''...Bro, I haven't forgotten, I will be there'' Nate answered laughing.

He didn't need anyone to tell him that Maryann had sent K.C on this
assignment, that girl is beautiful but sometimes annoying, he thought
to himself.

''If you really want to enjoy the wedding in peace, you better come
with a lady by your side'' K.C said almost in a whisper.

''I will come with Jane''

''Your accountant?''

''No, my girlfriend''

''please tell me that you're joking''

''I'm not bro, I love Jane alot, she really changed my world''

''It seems you're high on weed, I will call you back tomorrow when you become normal, when
did you start believing in love?'' K.C asked but didn't give him a
chance to answer before hanging up.

plagiarist stay off.

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Re: Love Hiccups by xaviercasmir(m): 9:27am On Sep 14
Welcome back dear. And thanks for the update.
Re: Love Hiccups by Marthaodion(f): 9:34am On Sep 14
Thanks for updating.
Re: Love Hiccups by Nickibeauty(f): 9:53am On Sep 14
Thanks for the updates
Re: Love Hiccups by mercyymai(f): 9:57am On Sep 14
Thanks for updating
Re: Love Hiccups by mercyymai(f): 9:57am On Sep 14
Thanks for the update
Re: Love Hiccups by 1marking(m): 10:03am On Sep 14
Thanksss 4d Update
Re: Love Hiccups by Jane1234f(f): 10:38am On Sep 14
Welcome back Kim,and thanks for the update

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