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Eating The Forbidden Fruit by Pascalblinks: 6:49pm On Aug 28, 2017

Jide Babalola was having a bad day.What
worried him was not the fact that he
seemed to be having a progressively bad
day every day for the past three months.
He was concerned because he was
beginning to get used to it. And that was
not a good thing.The kitchen of the
Babalola household was redolent with the
smell of something fried and spicy, but the
ambience was ruined by the emotions
running riot in the fragrant space. A plate
on the counter washeaped with an
appetising load of golden toast and fried
eggs, a cup of coffee steaming beside it. As
mouth-watering as the food looked, it was
the object of dispute that morning. Jide
stood over the meal, arms crossed as he
faced his wife, who sat on the other side of
the counter, pretending to be
busy.“Patricia.” He said softly. His wife
ignored him, and concentrated on furiously
tapping the keys of the laptop in front of
her. Early on in their marriage, whenever
hecalled her full name like that, she would
give him her full attention, because it
usually meant he was in a serious mood.
“Patricia, can you at least respond when I
call you?”She stopped typing and looked
up at him over the edge of the laptop. Her
eyes were smouldering with anger; if looks
could kill, he would have been vaporized by
her gaze.“Am I deaf or are you blind?” she
retorted. “You’re standing no farther than
three feet away from me in this small
kitchen and you want a formal
acknowledgment to show I can hear
you?”Jide clenched his jaw. “Is it a crime to
ask for simple courtesy?”She glared at him
for a moment longer, then tapped a few
buttons on her laptop and closed it gently.
When she faced him, arms folded on top of
the laptop, insinceresmile on her face, he
sighed inwardly. Her attitude was about to
get worse.“Yes, lord and Master.” Patricia
jeered. “Your servant is listening, please
speak.”Jide sighed, and then chose to
ignore the sarcasm in her voice. “Like I
said, I’m running late so I won’t be able to
eat this morning. I understand why that
would upset you.”Patricia laughed. There
was no humour in the sound. “Oh no, i
don’t think you understand at all. But you
will. Very soon.”“And what does that
mean? Is that a threat? I’m sick and tired
of all this, woman. Every day it’s one
quarrel or another.”“Yes it seems that way,
doesn’t it?” Patricia cut in. “Let me see,
yesterday you were angry because I didn’t
make breakfast for you, right? I apologized
and explained I had a work deadline to
meet but you stalked out. Today I wake up
early to fry you eggs and now you’re
saying…”“That’s why I am apologizing!”
Jide yelled.Patricia raised a brow and
allowed his shout to fade off before she
clapped her hands slowly. “By shouting,
right? You have a funny way of apologizing
o…”Fifteen minutes later, Jide’s Sienna
pulled out angrily from his compound.
Setheing at the memory of his conversation
with hiswife, he ignored the greeting of his
securityguard and sped out of the estate
where they lived, almost brushing a yellow
tricycle into a gutter. He ignored the
driver’s yell, increasing his speed as he
took out his annoyance on the road,
leaning on his car horn and yelling curses
at any driver that dared to be slow.He knew
it was just transferred aggression, but he
couldn’t help himself. Despite all the self-
help books he had bought and counselling
documents he hadread online, his marriage
seemed to be growing more strained by the
day. He and Patricia had only been married
less than two years and although he had
been advised the point they were in would
be the most stressful, he couldn’t imagine
things getting any worse than they
alreadywere.When Jide Babalola pulled up
at the commercial law chambers where he
worked as a brand communication
manager, he forced himself to calm down
before he left his car. He looked at his
wristwatch and frowned as he realized he
had actually reached work too early. His
conscience pricked him as he
rememberedthe things he had said to his
wife in anger because he thought he was
late, but he knew when he returned from
work, the argument would continue if he
dared to bring it up. He sighed and flipped
down the mirror above his head so he
could adjust his tie before he took the
elevator tothe floor where his office was.
He knew he looked good; the confidence of
his long-legged stride was somtheing he
had used years to cultivate. It was part of
his job to project that corporate look and
the admiring looks he received as he made
hisway to his office attested to the fact.But
Jide knew looks weren’t the most important
thing. Peace of mind was. He greeted his
secretary and breezed into his office and
his practised smile faded as he settled
behind his desk and sighed. He sincerely
wished he could turn back the hands of
time to this morning. If he hadn’t misread
the time, he might have been able to eat a
little of the breakfast Patricia had made for
him…He frowned as his office door opened,
then whipped up his professional smile a
she recognized the person who had barged
into his office. It was his colleague,Anita
Bankole. Her tight dress stopped justabove
the knee, sheathing her curves, the red
colour the exact same shade as the lipstick
heavily coating her mouth. He winced
internally as he wondered if there was
anything subtle about Anita. She was the
personification of in-your-face attitude and
her habit of bulldozing her way into his
office without knocking was annoying.Jide
was careful to keep his expression pleasant,
however. She was one step above him on
the corporate ladder; it wouldn’t be wise to
show his displeasure.“Jide, my dear!” she
squealed, walking over to him, her high
heeled shoes clicking on the polished floor
as she came around the side of his office
table. He started to stand up, but she
waved him back into his seat.“Good
morning, Anita… oooof!”His greeting was
cut short as she sat on him without
warning and pressed her lips against
his.And that literally, was how the first
source of temptation fell into Jide
Babalola’s lap…..
Jolayemi has been unemployed since 3
years that he finished service and he is
already twenty-five years of age….
He was walking down the road when he
saw a signboard with vacancy written on
it….he smiled buh it was short lived when
he saw the condition attached….
15 years of experience,abeg how old am
I,he said aloud before walking away having
one destination in mind….third mainland

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Re: Eating The Forbidden Fruit by Pascalblinks: 7:31am On Sep 03, 2017
In the year 2006……………………… We were at work arranging scrap metals, when we noticed a car drove in. Chidi: twelve years work for here no fit buy that ride Me: Trust me bro, I ain’t spending twelve months here. I hope you do the same Chidi: Abegi! no be everybody dem do school for. Na by force I take finish JS 3 sef Me: Na you talk so Chidi: Me wan gather money go open my shop. Me: Na now you dey talk. Ibo boy. A woman stepped out of the car, walking towards the admin office Chidi: Na oga wife be that o. Me: which of the ogas? Chidi: Chief Rotimi, na him get this factory. Me: The same Chief Rotimi the polit… ‘’Tattoo and Chidi, e be like say this work don tire una abi?’’ Our supervisor snorted from behind.‘’If I catch una dey talk instead of working, I go show una’’ We continued arranging the scrap metals. I clocked out at five as usual. I was walking home when I saw an elderly woman, which I guessed would be in her sixties looking lost. The woman was in iro and buba, so I guessed she should be from the west. I approached her. ”Good evening ma.” I greeted her in Yoruba with a little bow. Woman: Good evening, my son. Do you live around here? Me: yes, ma. Woman: I’m going to my daughter’s house, but this area is confusing. The street was supposed to be behind this bank, but I don’t seem to understand it anymore. Me: The bank here is new. There’s another one over there. Woman: Please take me there. God bless you, my son. Me: Amen ma. She easily recognized the street just the behind the other bank. She knocked when we got to the front gate. The gate-man opened. Just before she entered a car horned behind. A woman alighted and i could swear I have seen that face before. The younger woman: Mummy welcome. I have been worried. The older woman: My phone battery went flat, I’m sorry. The younger woman: It’s okay ma. Bless God you’re here. But, you didn’t tell me you would be coming with somebody? The older woman: I almost got lost, but thanks to this my son. The younger woman: oh! What’s your name, young man? Me: Galacious, ma The younger woman: Thank you so much Me: You’re welcome, ma The younger woman: Alright let’s all go inside. Galacious please come in. Me: hmm, I’m sorry ma I have to head back home The younger woman: oh! Not even a drink? Me: It’s getting late ma, thanks. The younger woman:: ok. I understand. She reached into her purse and brought out some notes. The younger woman: please buy recharge card with this She stretched her right hand towards me. Me: don’t bother ma The younger woman:: oh! I insist Me: I’m sorry ma The younger woman: Really? She withdrew her hand. The older woman: He is well brought up. You shall not die young. Me: Amen ma. Good night. ‘’ Good night, my son,’’ ‘’Alright. Take care dear’’ They said in unison. The next day was a Sunday—–our match day. The evening football match came up every Sunday evening. The street had a mini stadium where kids played every day, but Sunday evening was reserved for the older ones. The game started as usual. Everything seemed normal till a shot was deflected and the ball bounced into the street to hit one of the young ladies walking along. One was Chinenye who lived on the street, but the other lady, whom the ball hit, doesn’t look familiar. Other lady: Jeez! Chinenye: sorry dear Other lady: look at my gown! I ran towards the ball, picked it up and tossed it to the field before turning to the ladies. Me: sorry about that ma’am Chinenye: Thanks jawe, Galacious. Other lady: thanks? Seriously, Chinenye? So you’re sorry comment is going to remove this stain, right? She snorted, starring at me. Chinenye: C’mon Princess let’s get back Inside. Chinenye placed her arm around her shoulder and they headed home. I couldn’t utter a word after the apology. Not that I didn’t know what to say, but I was dumbfounded by her beauty. Ne-yo’s ‘When You’re Mad’ was playing in my head. I could swear I had never seen such beauty in my life. I stood there like a statute and watched them walk back to Chinenye ‘s house. I was brought back to reality when I heard a voice coming from the pitch ‘’Galacious, our set!’’. Throughout the game there was only one name ringing in my head——-Princess. Heading back home after the game I met Tunji who was coming out of my building. ‘’Galacious, how far?’’ ‘’ i dey . This one way I see you for our house. Abeg o, my sister still young o.’’ I accused him. ‘’Kai! I no be Pedophile na.’’ He protested and continued, ‘’na the new girl I come shadow.’’ ‘’Which new girl be that?’’ i asked. ‘’Oh! You don’t know? Good. Her name na Udenme and an me dey do her parole.’’ He explained. ‘’Udenme? For this house?’’ ‘’Yes na. Na Grace’s cousin. But guy, like i said earlier na me dey do her parole. No go use home advantage for me.’’ ‘’TJ, you? Where you keep Kemi, Angela, Chinelo. Rita…..’’ ‘’Guy bone dat thing. I don’t tell you be that. I dey go my house.’’ ‘’Alright bro, later.’’
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Re: Eating The Forbidden Fruit by Pascalblinks: 9:33pm On Sep 06, 2017
COMMUNITY SLU-T PART 1 . I’m twenty-six years old in age but way matured in body and much more matured in spirit. I have the full lush body of the successful X-trated star. My vital stats are 42-26-42. From that alone, you can guess that I am busty and well-endowed in the right places. For those of you not too versatile in the female stats game, what my stats mean is that my bust measures a 42dd cup, full, firm and very soft, always warm to the touch. My waist is tiny, measuring a meagre 26 from navel to navel while my hips are a massive 42, well-proportioned with full bubble butts that wiggle seductively as I walk. Not to sound immodest, I know I have got an attractive body, in fact, a notch more attractive than the average attractive girl. My face also compliments my body as though not exceedingly pretty, you could not call me plain. These two coupled together would make any girl vain but I am not since I could easily get what I wanted. My body is ripe, veering towards over ripe. I am very conscious of this fact as I am of my sexuality. I lost my parents as a toddler of two due to a car accident. I was in the car with them but as fate would have it, I had not even a scare to show for the ghastly accident while my parents lost their lives. That started or do I say invariably pushed me to the life I now live since I think I would not have chosen this path if my parents were alive. The only relative ready to take care of an infant two years was my mom’s elder sister as my other relatives were more concerned with the properties my parents left behind rather than the child. They quibbled and fought for what they did not know how the owner acquired and did not even think to put aside anything or consider the welfare of the only child they had left behind. My aunt was a petite but bitter woman and she took out her bitterness on the orphan she had been saddled with. It wasn’t as if she was overly wicked just that she was indifferent. To her, I was an inconvenience that she had a duty to and she felt her duty was fulfilled by offering me shelter and food. She didn’t notice me or care that I was there. The other members of her family, her sons and husband were the ones who showed a modicum of care but I later got to know that it was not for altruistic reasons that they did this. In their own little way however, my auntie’s family were caring and accepting, something I could not say about my own flesh and blood; my aunt. I became aware of my sexuality at thirteen years or thereabouts. I noticed that while girls my age were straight and thin and the plump ones all fat, I was all curvy. The curves on my body were obvious even to me and I used to look at the angles and plains of other children, both boys and girls in my age category and wonder why I was different. But there was no body to speak to about my concerns as my aunt didn’t even speak to me except to send me on errands. I noticed that I started developing painful lumps in my chest even much earlier and my Tips were becoming more obvious and taut especially when I was anxious, eager or excited and I was almost always excited. It took very little to get me excited. Bath times became a very enjoyable period for me after I accidentally touched my Kittycat m—d one day while bathing. A jolt of electricity ran from that nether region straight to my brain and exploded all over my body. It felt like my body was on fire, like my blood had turned to liquid fire. It was such an exquisite feeling that I began craving it always. I would rub my thighs together whenever I felt the urge and the friction of my thighs rubbing together would create that tingly feeling again, making my body flush and a kind of juice flow from my nether region. I initially though it was pee unconsciously escaping but after some months, I noticed that what was coming out of my body during those rubbing sessions or while I was bathing was pee, it was much clearer and one day I tasted it. It was sweet in a tangy sort of way that I enjoyed. Sometimes, the substance was very thick and rubbery but it still tasted the same. I was baffled even though I enjoyed the taste, I wanted to know more about it. Alas, there was none to tell me. By the time I was fourteen years old, my body was as fully formed as that of a normal sixteen year girl. My legs had grown longer and lither, my B—m were an average grape size and my hips were wider than those of my cousin James’, girlfriend who was sixteen then. My aunt has three children, all boys and the youngest was about a year older than me while the eldest was nineteen and was in his third year at university when I clocked fourteen. James and his younger brother John were nice to me in a rivalry kind of way. They both treated me as nice as they could for boys by sometimes giving me some of their food to eat each time their mum was in her usual foul mood and had denied me food. They would each sneak portion of their meals into the store room which also doubled as my bedroom and bid me eat up. Sometimes, I ended up eating more than they did because half of each made a whole while they made do with half each. I didn’t see anything wrong in this initially but I felt maturity had made James more amenable and that John was only trying to copy his brother. I had a change of heart however when I caught James watching me through a crack in the door hole of the bathroom. I had been playing with my Kittycat m—d as usual and did not know how long he had been standing there. He didn’t know that I had seen him however. There was something protruding between his leg which he was pulling on as he watched me and I also watched him surreptitiously. I didn’t know what it was but I noticed that it grew bigger as he pulled and that the expression on his face looked like someone enjoying himself. His mouth was hanging open and dripping saliva but he was oblivious to it. Curiosity held me and I wanted to know what it was, if he was getting as much pleasure as I was from touching the slit in my nether region from his pulling the s—t between his legs.

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Re: Eating The Forbidden Fruit by Pascalblinks: 7:41pm On Sep 08, 2017
MIDNIGHT SAGA (Romance Story) PART 1 (Completed) .
It was a Monday Morning,I stepped into Class, i was About 5 minutes late, the Lecturer was already in the Class. I was scared of Getting Disgraced so I just Stood by the door, with my books in my hands. The Lecturer Noticed me and Gave me a Gesture to come in. the class was Filled up, Some Guys were even Standing at the back, but I noticed an Empty Seat, at the Second row, close to this Very Beautiful Light Skinned Damsel. logically I knew it probably belongs to Someone else.but I chose to try my Luck. Hi, Please is this Seat taken? I asked. she looked at me for like 2 seconds, and Said No! I sat down sharp, No Dulling. Wow! You smell Nice, I told her. she Blushed with her Head downwards. thank you she said, Am Jeff by the Way and you? Sandra she Said Damn! why is it that Most Girls with That Name are so Pretty i said. She blushed and Said , Oh Please. You’re going to Get us Embarrassed by this Lecturer she Added. You seem Worth the Risk I Said, with a Grin. The Man Is even Boring sef. I Put in We kept Going on and on, she Seemed to Like my company The Class was Almost Over, I realised if I don’t make a Move for this Lady’s Number, all my Earlier effort will Come to Null. I dropped my Phone on the Desk right in Front of her. Can I have your Number Pls? Why She Asked. *See Question oh* I like Your Sense of Humour, and I’ll like to Get to know you better some other time. Okay she Said, with a Smile, and typed her Digits, Nice phone she said. Thanks I replied, with a Big Smile I had this Friend, a Hausa guy actually, His name was Ibro. this Guy is Very Funny. We were Returning Back Home from School. Omo Class dey Go on You Just dey Yab that Fine Chick, This Chick Like you sha, He said Guy you Mad oh, Why you say she like me? I asked. All of us wey Stand for Back, We been ask the babe who get the Seat, She been tell us say na for her Friend. Hahahahahaha, I Laughed Uncontrollably. At about 8 p.m I dialled her Number, Mtn Zone Indicated 8kb/s. I said “Correct” Hi Dear, its…… I recognize you, She Completed. Jeff Right? Yes I Responded, Surprised. Your Voice Sounds Even more Auspicious on Phone, I said She Giggled. Hey, How are you doing, Am Good She Said. I haven’t Stopped thinking about you since we Met, I just thought maybe we Could hang Out Sometime and Chat over Dinner if that’s okay with you. She Laughed. what’s Funny I asked? No Forgive me, I just like hearing you talk. *See talk oh* Okay, is that a Yes? I’ll think about it she said. *when a Girl tells you this, Most of the time, its a Yes, Ladies Playing hard to Get. Ibro was a Very Good friend of Mine He Doesn’t Date,Doesn’t have a Girlfriend, but No one Gets As much $ex as he Does. Lol So around that 8p.m I heard music coming from his Room, his room is Opposite Mine. Knocked on his door, no response, just the music, I walked in and saw him on the Couch with Just Boxers and no shirts. Guy wetin dey Happen na? Before he Could reply, I saw two Very Beautiful Ladies Coming out of the Bathroom with Just P.ants And B.ra Ibro you bad, Ibro you bad, Ibro you bad, I said with My eyes fixed on their bosoms. Guy Chill na, You wan kill my Konji? he said One of the Girls Moved Forward and ki$$ed him, one Wicked French Ki$$, I was About turning to leave, when ibro, said, Guy you mumu oh, you wan walk out on free P.u $$y My Perplexed face just Brightened, I took that as an Invitation. The other Girl was already giving him a B.lowjob. The other Girl Approached me, and dragged me to the Bed, Gave me a Hot ki$$, this Girl was Experienced, Obviously. I had Taken My Clothes off, and was now like Adam. Grabbed her Huge Melons, and set them Free from the Bondage of the B.ra restricting them. To Enlighten you Guys, I knew this Girls were Professional W.hores, Hired by Ibro. trust Hausa man na. There’s two things I wouldn’t do, F.uck her without C.ondom, and lick her p.u$$y. How can I put my mouth where Many Men Have Deposited their loads of C.um? C.ondom was always Smartly Hidden in my Wallet. I took off her P.anties too. Directed her Mouth, to my D.ick. this Girl sucks a Joystick with Passion, She was so Good. Grabbed her by the Head, Stroked her Head up and Down on My D.ick. “This Is Goooood” I managed to say. Noticed if I go on like this for the next 5 minutes, am gonna C.um. I noticed ibro and His own babe, were already Far Gone, he was giving her D.oggy. Baddo! the Music in the Background was a killer This Babe’s P.u$$y was Nicely Shaved, Fine Girl with Bursty bosoms I sucked on them bosoms, She Moaned, *Good thing about S.luts, is they don’t try hard to hide their Orgasms, the way some Girlfriends do.* the m.oans of the babe Ibro was b.anging was already interfering with the music . Damn the Preintimacy I said. got my C.ondom, rolled it Nicely on my Rod,Rod of Perdition. In one Swift Move, My D.ick was In there. she made an “Arrrgggg’ Sound. *Correct* I was Going Slowly, taking my time, She kept saying Faster, Faster, Baby please. I no send, I was Just going Slowly, Taking my time. Then I Upped the Game, Giving her like 10 Thrust in 5 Seconds, then Slowing down. again this Babe, Was Screaming, Wrapped hers legs around my w.aist and was saying some words in Yoruba *I can’t speak Yoruba* Ibro was Having the Reverse Cowgirl. I could see the Girl’s A$$ hole From where I was, instead of me to Concentrate on the One In my Front, Lol We later Switched to D.oggy. This Time around I was Moving Fast, Slapped Her A$$, And Pulled her Hair. Slapping the A$$ gives some sort of Vibration and Sweetness on the D.ick. *No try am on babe you love oh* Am Gonna C.um, Am gonna C.um, Ibro’s Babe Was Screaming, Damn! In a Snap, She had wet the whole Cushion. We switched to Cowgirl. there’s only one reason why I love This Style. *the Way the bosoms moves Up and Down.* She was Pounding me hard, Her hands on her head .I couldn’t take this Anymore, she was slowing Down,Looks like she was Tired. I Grabbed her A$$, And Penetrated her from Beneath, She Was M.oaning, Loud. I was Going at a Very Fast Pace, My C.um was Building up. In a matter of minutes, I was Approaching. she just Fell to the bed. I took out the C.ondom and disposed it. Ibro and his Babe were through too,he gave me a Gesture, Indicating we should Switch Babes. Ibro came to where I was, I moved to where he was, I couldn’t fvck her on the same Wet Couch, so I dragged her to the Bathroom, My Erect D!ck Pointing the way like a Navigator. I sat on the Closed Water Closet. She Sat on My D!ck (I had Rolled another C.ondom) I like this Position cause I get to do two things at a Time, Suck her hard N.ipples while She moves Up and Down on my C.ock This One’s p.u$$y was more Loose than the other one I had, or na Ibro Ruin am? Who cares, P.u$$y is meant for F.ucking. She was Riding my C.ock, slowly, so I could get to suck her N!pples with ease. I Could tell she was Enjoying every bit of it. raised her Head to the Ceiling with eyes Closed. I wasn’t enjoying it that Much, coz I was Carrying her Weight. after about 5 minutes. I stood up, made her Bend with her hands on the Closed, Closet. Penetrated her P.u$$y, I later Changed My mind, P.u$$y wey no Grip your D.ick no dey Sweet. I Aimed for her A.$$hole. Slowly and Steadily tried to slid my Joystick to her A.$$hole. The Fact that it Entered without much Stress indicated that I wasn’t the Pioneer afterall. I loved the Grip I got. e wan Break my D!ck sef. I was thrusting slowly, and later Increased my Pace. this Girl was a Screamer, I bent Forward and Massaged her C!its, this Act drove her Crazy. a Passerby would think she was being R.aped. they’re just Uncontrollable Sounds of Pleasure the music Blacked out the M.oans, to an Extent. Stood her up, Pushed her to the wall, Raised one of her Legs up,Slid my c.ock into the p.u$$y this Time around, Pounding her A.$$ against the Wall. I was Also Staring deep into her Eyes While at it. her Eyes got Bigger, She was Staring at me, like pleading for Mercy and at the same time saying, Please don’t Stop. And the funny thing is I was Far from C.umming sef. I kept Pounding her A$$, Like this for like 7 Minutes, In a Swift Move, I lifted her Up, Her legs Round my W.aist, My d.ick Deep into her P.u$$y, and was Banging her Upwardly. did that for About 2 minutes *The babe heavy* I still didn’t C.um. We were both Tired sef. I just took out the C.ondom and Let her Give me a b!owjob. when I felt like Approaching, I retracted my Di.ck and Spilled the C.um on her bosoms. . click on the link below to continue reading http://naijanoisemakers.com/2016/08/23/midnight-saga-romance-story-part-1/
Re: Eating The Forbidden Fruit by Shekwo2204: 3:24pm On Jan 06
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Re: Eating The Forbidden Fruit by BlinksBlinkd: 3:07pm On Jan 07
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let's go there
Re: Eating The Forbidden Fruit by BlinksBlinkd: 8:14pm On Jan 10
this is nice
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