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Deeds Of The Igbo Ancestors Before Christianity Came by 0temAtum: 4:04pm On Sep 14, 2017
Many years back, things have happened. In the Igbo land, as revealed by Atum, here are some things of the far far past:

1. Chuku was one of the sons of God who possessed the lands around Niger. Now Chuku had married a goddess whose name was Ala.
2. Now Ala and Chuku had given birth to one called Ofo. And Ofo was their only son. Now Ofo was he who took all the requests of the homos to Chuku who dwelt on a very high hill. And Chuku met the request of the people.
3. However, other gods in the land contended against the righteousness which Chuku had laid down.
4. Now the names of the gods who fought hard against the righteousness of Chuku were Amadioha, who was the son of Ekpu, a son of God; Ekwensu, who was also called Eshu or Esu in the tongue of the children of Odua(the same whom Faulkin learnt many tricks from).
5. Now all the other gods and their sons demanded worship and rituals to please them, but Chuku demanded no sacrifice, having left all things in the hands of Ofo his only son.
6. Now Ofo began to do much good in the land, teaching the people good values.
7. But Ogu, who was the son of Ekwensu, did much evil, punishing those who had offended him.
8. Now in the land, some worshipped Ala, the wife of Chuku while some worshipped Ekwensu. And few worshipped Chuku directly without going to any shrine to do so.
9. For they remained in their own abode and sought the help of Chuku in meditation.
10. However, many homos of the land said, Chuku is both male and female; for there is no division between him and his wife. Therefore they are one, even as a man and a woman who are married are one.
11. So many said, Chi-na-Ala shall be the name of our god. So they named their god Chineke or Chinala. And the land was great in might, doing all their things according to their traditional ways.
Re: Deeds Of The Igbo Ancestors Before Christianity Came by 0temAtum: 4:17pm On Sep 14, 2017

1. Now Ofo began to say, do only righteous things, for if you are righteous, you shall be vindicated someday. For justice shall prevail in the end.
2. Now I say, do just things and you shall be justified in the end. Even if you died unjustly in the course of doing just things, your name shall be remembered for good again in the far future.
3. And the names of those who treated your just deeds unjustly shall be made known to their shame.
4. Now I say, the things you are doing in secret shall not be hidden forever. And the things imagined in secret shall be made known in the future by those who do not know you.
5. Therefore do right things only; do not tell false things against your neighbour. Make no rituals to the gods, for Chuku demands no ritual, be it of animals or of humans.
6. Do not fear the agents of Ekwensu because your lifespan is not determined by them. For the spirits of your gone ancestors watch over you. And you shall not die when it is not time for you.
7. They shall fight you, even when you do not know them. But they shall not overcome. But if you fear them, they shall overcome.
8. Therefore I say, fear no spiritual foes, for your own spirit guards shall have them in contention. Your fear controls your spirituality, therefore do not fear the spirits of the gods.
9. For if you fear them, your own spirit guards shall be weak and you shall lose the spiritual battle.
10. How do you respect Chuku and fear Ekwensu? Is it Chuku who made you or Ekwensu? Therefore I say, respect your own creator and have no fear for those who oppose you. For if you are not made by Ekwensu, then he has no right over your life.
11. There are powers, but do not bother over them. For you are powerful yourselves. All powers do not work on everyone. For he who is strong in mind shall have no power overcoming him.
12. Take much risk and be strong and confident. Be courageous anywhere you go. Believe in yourself and do not be weak in your mind.
13. Do not fear what you did not see clearly at night. For the things seen suddenly in the dark can kill a homo, even when they are not what you think they are. I say, the shadow of a bird has killed a homo in the land of Umuke because she fainted when she saw the shadow.
14. And because no one was around her, she died without any care.
Re: Deeds Of The Igbo Ancestors Before Christianity Came by 0temAtum: 4:36pm On Sep 14, 2017

1. A very poor homo named Ogu was accused of crime, saying, you are the one who went to the shrine of the gods to steal the pendants which are kept there.
2. But the woman said, I saw this pendant on the floor and I picked it, saying, I shall sell it to make money. I do not know anything about it.
3. Now when she was taken to the dibia of the land, they said, we shall consult Afa (who was also called Ifa) who has much thummim with him than the urims.
4. Now Afa had left the earth many years before, but the panegyrics he had taught the homos continued to be used from generation to generation and it worked in the matter of divination sometimes, but it did not work some other times.
5. Now after the dibia had consulted Afa, they said, this woman is guilty of this crime. Now the judgement was made, saying, take her to the thick forest and tie her to a tree.
6. There shall she die, because she did such evil.
7. Now the woman was tied to the stump of a tree. And she starved to death few days later. And her house was burnt down. And her children began to beg for food from house to house.
8. Now after twenty years, a homo was caught in the shrine while he was trying to steal. Then he was taken to the priests. And they said, what have you come to do?
9. Now the homo confessed, saying, it was I who stole the treasured things in the shrine twenty years ago. And I threw a pendant on the floor out of the abundance of what I have stolen when I have left the shrine, because I knew that someone would pick it up.
10. This I did so that no one would make further findings as soon as the one who picked the pendant and wore it has been discovered. For they shall say, that homo indeed stole the whole treasurable things.
11. Now the homo was put in prison and the children of the woman who was starved to death were sought after, but only one out of the three of them was remaining alive. For two of them had died of diseases.
12. Now he who was alive was being cared for. And he was groomed and made the king of the land when the families where kingship belonged to were in a great rivalry.
13. And Ofo gave him a rod, saying, this rod shall be passed from the hand of one king to another, for it is the rod of justice.
14. For as the family of Ogu was justified in the end, so shall justice reign in this land forever. And if one does evil in the land, he shall be spotted out, no matter how long.
15. And if one does good also, his good deeds shall be made known in the future, no matter how long.
16. For though lies did prevail over Ogu for twenty years, yet the truth has prevailed eventually. And he who did the evil has been spotted out and punished accordingly.
17. So shall every lie be revealed, even after many years of its prevalence over the people.
Re: Deeds Of The Igbo Ancestors Before Christianity Came by 0temAtum: 4:43pm On Sep 14, 2017
1. There was a king in the land of Umuke, whose name was Alozi. Now Alozi was a very greedy and wicked king; for in his time, there was great famine in the land.
2. Now Alozi took much treasure of the land and buried them in the bushes of the land, but Ofo saw him from the great mountain where he resided.
3. Now while the land suffered famine, Alozi made himself glad in the treasure which he had kept in the bushes at the border of the land of Umuke and Afia.
4. And a time came when the homos of Afia said, let us take up the area around our border which belongs to Umuke, because the priests of our lands did say that the land is filled with treasure.
5. Therefore the homos of Afia fought hard against the homo of Umuke. And they took all the land around the border. And it was their own.
6. Now the homos of Umuke knew not that their king did steal their treasures, keeping them in the land which had been taken by force. For they showed much respect to the king and loved him greatly. But only the king and his chiefs knew what they did.
7. Then Alozi said, let us go and take back our land, for we shall not allow the homos of Afia to settle on it. For they had begun to clear the land.
8. So Alozi took some knights to the bushes which was being cleared. And they conquered the homos of Afia and got the land back.
9. Now the knights said, we shall bury our colleagues who are dead in this ground. So they began to dig the ground. Now they began to see the treasures which the king had buried in the ground. And they took them to share them among themselves.
10. Now when the king heard it, he sent some killers among the knights, saying, kill them and bring the treasures to me. So the killers went and took the knights by surprise. And they killed about five knights and took the treasures from them.
11. Now two knights who were left hid themselves and followed the killer to know where they went. And they saw them how they delivered the treasure into the hands of the king and two of his chiefs in the palace.
12. So the knights went to tell all the people of the land, saying, do not find your husbands or your fathers when they do not return from the mission of the king. For the king himself did kill them.
13. For he hid all the treasures of the land in the bushes and when the homos of Afia took the bushes from us, he did call us to take it back. And when we took it back, we saw the treasures which the king has hidden.
14. And we rejoiced over our findings, but the king sent killers after us and killed us. And he had taken all the treasures. Are they not buried in the palace court as we speak?
15. Now the homos of the land got themselves ready and went to the palace court by force. And they dug up all the places and found the treasures there. And the king was ashamed of himself, for he has behaved himself like an angel before them all the time and no one suspected that he was a wicked king.
16. Now Ofo came down to judge the matter. And he said, king Alozi, you are the greatest evil in this land and no one knows this for these many years. For indeed you have kept all the wealth of the land to yourself.
17. Did I not see you and the chiefs when you go into the bushes to hide the treasures? But I wait to see justice come upon you in its normal course. And indeed it has come upon you today; and so shall justice come upon all who do evil in their secret places. For the evil they have done shall be dug up either in their lifetime or in when they are in their afterlife.
18. And the shame shall be great which shall visit the homo who did evil and covered them up.
Re: Deeds Of The Igbo Ancestors Before Christianity Came by 0temAtum: 4:49pm On Sep 14, 2017
1. Two brothers fought over the rod called ofo. And one said, I am the one entitled to be the king, and the other said the same. Now when the spiritualists of the land had spoken, the younger brother was chosen.
2. And it displeased the elder brother, saying, why would my younger brother be chosen over me? For I am above him.
3. Now the dibia said, it is better you accept it that way to avoid disgrace coming to both you and your ancestors. For what we saw should be better left untold than to be told.
4. Now the younger brother was set upon the throne. Now the elder brother sought to kill his brother so that he could take up the throne. So he went to seek after one who made poison. So the king was poisoned such that he died.
5. Now the elder brother went to the priests and said, I, Amechi, have waited patiently, giving up the throne to my brother. But now that he is dead, does it not befit me to be the king?
6. Now the spiritualists made their enquiries, casting lot and doing all manner of things. And they said, the kingship of the land shall no more be in your family. For many abominations have been committed in your family, such that it is no more worthy to be called a royal family.
7. Now Amechi said, I shall take the throne by force. So Amechi went to the palace and took it by force, but all the homos in the kingdom turned their backs against him.
8. Now a wise man was called upon, who knew much about the affairs of the land. And he said, Amechi is not of the royal blood, for Adaku his mother, who was the queen did not conceive him through the past king.
9. But she got him from a beggar in the neighbouring land. So Amechi is a bas-tard and he does not belong to the throne. But his younger brother who was poisoned is truly the son of the past king.
10. So Amechi was attacked by the strong people of the land and he was dethroned. Then the homo whom he sent to poison Chima his brother came out and confessed, saying, I am he who poisoned the palmwine of the king. And it is Amechi who sent me.
11. So Amechi was sent on exile from the land. And he roamed everywhere in poverty like his father who impregnated the queen Adaku.
12. Now when Ofo was consulted, he visited the land and gave the ofo to the one whom his mind had chosen. And Obi was the one who got the staff (ofo).
13. And Ofo said, if you refuse to give up your wrongdoings, you shall be humiliated in the end. For your past evil shall be dug up and you shall be put to shame.
14. And since then, Obi became a title for the kings in the land of Ofo, because the king did very good things while he was on the throne. And everyone enjoyed his rule and prayed for him.
Re: Deeds Of The Igbo Ancestors Before Christianity Came by 0temAtum: 4:51pm On Sep 14, 2017

1. Ofo came to the people and gave the law, saying, I, the son of god have come down again to tell you how your lives shall be well organised. For I have come to give the laws which Chuku our god has made.
2. Now hear the laws and do them; for it shall make your land healthy and not sick.
3. Do not kill one another for food. For there are abundance of animals in your land. Kill the animals for food and spare your own kind.
4. Do not lie with animals, because you may get their diseases. For the diseases in animals cannot be cured by ordinary herbs when they manifest in the body of the homos.
5. Therefore Chuku does warn us to stay away from animals. Now if anyone think it is normal to be with animal and lie with them, is it not the same as marrying the animals? But I say, Chuku is not pleased with such things.
6. Therefore I say again, do not have sex with animals.
7. Also, do not steal, for if you steal and you are known, then shall you commit more evil to cover up your evil, saying, he who knows that I am the thief shall bring me before the punishers of offenders. And I shall be thoroughly punished.
8. And you shall think much more evil than the stealing you have done. These things are bad, because the land shall not know peace if you do such things.
9. It is good to marry according to your power. For if you marry one wife, it is good also to be with her only. And if you marry ten wives, keep to them alone.
10. Do not force anyone to worship your own god. For Chuku our god himself does not force anyone to worship him. And Ala his wife does not force anyone also.
11. Do not disobey the customs of your land. Do not replace the custom of your land with foreign culture. For if you do so, your own culture shall go into extinction in the near future.
12. Let no homo name his children after the names of foreigners. But if you shall do so, let it not be the first name or second name. But let it be the name which is hidden and not the one which is revealed.
13. For I have seen the future of this land, when the homos of the future shall be enslaved in their hearts to change all names in their culture.
14. And the homos of the future shall be ashamed to bear their cultural names. And the names of their gods shall they also change.
15. And the identity of Chuku shall be turned into that of a foreign god. And the identity of Ekwensu shall be turned also into that of another. And the homos of this land shall be ruled by the dictates of foreign gods.
16. But the truth shall be revealed and many shall return to the truth. And many who have gone to foreign lands shall return to make their own land better.
17. And the land shall have great development. And every homo shall know that the culture of his land are established by covenant.
18. Let no homo speak evil of another behind their back. For those who do those things shall in the end be described as the icheku who has no control over its beaks.
19. And such person shall not be taken serious even when he or she is saying serious and real things.
20. Also, let all female homos be well-matured for marriage before you let them out. And do not do like some other lands who gave their children out to be married at tender ages.
21. For if you who are experienced and matured could not handle many things which occurred in your marital life, how then shall children handle them?
22. Obey these laws and you shall live in harmony among one another, but if you disobey them, you shall be rewarded naturally according to your disobedience.
23. For nature has judgement in itself, such that when a homo do right things, posterity shall judge him right, but when he does wrong things and cover them up, posterity shall also judge him wrong, no matter how long it takes.
24. So I say, things which are not natural and cultural are secondary, but things which are natural and cultural are primary, therefore go for them.
Re: Deeds Of The Igbo Ancestors Before Christianity Came by 0temAtum: 4:55pm On Sep 14, 2017
Chapter Seven
1. A homo stole many chickens and kept them in his house. Now many began to report to Obi, saying, our fowls are getting missing. And we do not know who is taking them.
2. Now the king declared, saying, the law which Chuku made through his son Ofo is enough to make every homo do the right things. But some homos did take the prolonged justice as weaknesses on the part our god.
3. Now let all the priests and all the chiefs come together to the palace and let us take the soil of the land and the river of the land and mix them together.
4. Then let us make a covenant by them, declaring the things which nature should punish if they are done in our land. Now the homos came together, mixing the soils of the land with the water of the land.
5. Then they cut their skins to mix their blood with the things which they had obtained. Then they set it before them and made long meditation, while they recited their incantations.
6. And they set seven candles before the mixture and put fire upon the candles. And they said, let nature accept the things which we shall say. Let them be the traditions of our land.
7. And let anyone who disobey them be brought to judgement. Let the power of imagination bring them all to manifestation upon anyone who errs. And let this land be peaceful.
8. So they began to say, let he that does not keep her virginity in this land be brought to shame. Let the spirits of our ancestors reveal their shame.
9. Let he who killed secretly do one more until he is caught in the act. And he who is not caught till the day of death, let him be reincarnated into the world to suffer the consequences of the evil of his past life.
10. Let anyone who curses his or her father or mother suffer sore mouth which shall not be cured. Let the odour of his or her mouth be very great.
11. Let anyone who does not pay all the prices for our children before marrying them regret. Let the things which works for him be turned around to difficulty.
12. He who brings us no kolanut and palmwine and all the things which we demanded for the marriage rites, let no child be born to them. For how shall you take our children away to marry them and say, I shall not pay her full price?
13. If our land shall turn against Chuku to accept other gods, let Chuku turn his eyes away from them. And let them rely on those gods to help them out. For it is heard that in the future, the homos of our lands shall uphold the culture of foreign lands and destroy our own culture.
14. But let them suffer for this; and let them know that Chi-ukwu is the highest god of this land and none else.
15. Let justice prevail in this land, no matter how it is being delayed.
16. If the homos of the lands of Chuku shall judge themselves in the matter of tribes and clan and in the matter of tongue also, then let them be made small among other lands.
17. But if they shall be united into one and shall take one another as brother. And if no one shall look at another as a slave or as a pig, then let them be made big among other lands.
18. If anyone in the land does not keep to his or her word, let thunder from the gods be their portion.
19. Now after they had made the oaths and meditated greatly upon their sayings, they sprinkled out the mixture of blood and soil and water upon the land and into the air and in their rivers also.
20. And at the time of the visitation of Urim, he observed their sayings and left; and those things began to take natural effects in the lives of the homos of that time, but it did not take effect upon everyone of them, because some homos were shielded by the spirits of their ancestors and they did not know.
Re: Deeds Of The Igbo Ancestors Before Christianity Came by 0temAtum: 4:57pm On Sep 14, 2017
1. After three years, the homo who stole many chickens was caught by another homo when he was pressing the throat of a chicken which he had caugh, so that he could keep it silent.
2. Now when the homo saw him, he shouted to raise alarm, but the thief shot an arrow at him and killed him. Then the homo who killed took the body of the dead and buried it and no one knew.
3. Now a dog came and began to bark at the thief who had killed its owner, for the dog saw him when he carried its body and lowered it in a pit.
4. Now the homo tried to kill the dog but it ran away.
5. Now the dog stood at a road path and barked continuously. Now the farmers who saw it knew that something was wrong. And they knew the owner of the dog.
6. Now the dog led them to the place where its master was buried and then began to make burrows in the soil at the place where its master was buried.
7. Now when the farmers had dug the ground, they found the body of the man there. Now they began to wonder who killed him and buried him secretly.
8. Now the dog began to lead them to the place where the murderer had kept all the chickens he had stolen. And they found the chickens there in their multitude. And some of the farmers recognised their chickens.
9. Now the farmers understood that it was the same homo who killed the one which was buried that also stole the chickens. Therefore they hid in the bush until the homo began to come again with some chickens and ducks in his hands.
10. Then the dog jumped at him and bit his leg from behind. Then the farmers caught him and took him to the palace. Then was he put to shame. And he narrated all the things which he had done.
11. And the king said, when you were caught for stealing, why did you not admit your fault and change your attitude?
12. But you chose to cover up your shame of stealing with the evil of murder. Surely this is the fulfilment of one of the sayings of Ofo, who said; do not steal, because if you steal and you are discovered, you will do an evil which is more worse than the one you wanted to cover up.
13. Can a homo cover up feaces in his palms? Shall the faeces not make his hand dirty? So also shall it be for anyone who tries to cover up evil with evil.
Re: Deeds Of The Igbo Ancestors Before Christianity Came by 0temAtum: 9:43am On Sep 15, 2017
CHAPTER NINE 1. Obi left the homo who stole chicken in the prison for about two years. Now when he could have been released, Obi died. Now after the death of Obi, a homo took over and became another Obi of the land. Then he took the homo and killed him, saying, he who killed shall not also escape death. 2. Now the Obi was more cruel than the first, killing the homos for every little thing they had done, because he was worshipping some gods and was offering the homos as sacrifice to them, according to the desires of the priests. 3. Now the name of the homo who stole the chicken was Osu. Now Obi said, let the descendants of Osu be dedicated to the gods. Let his family be made to pay for his evil forever. 4. Now also, I have declared, saying, let anyone who does any bad things be dedicated to the gods. For in such dedication shall they be made pure. And there offspring shall also be made pure whenever they are sacrificed to the gods. 5. Now many feared to do evil because they did not want to be dedicated to the gods for continual sacrifice. 6. Now a time came when Ofo visited the land, saying, it is good to be good and it is good to make others good also. 7. But it is not good to force others to be good. 8. Now hear this saying; if you shall force others to be good, shall it not turn to wickedness on your part? The best way to make others good is by being good to them. 9. If you have a sore in your leg, shall you not treat it? Or shall you because of the sore cut the leg away when it could be treated and brought back to normal again? 10. Or if your eyes are itchy, shall it be wise to pluck them out? Shall you not rather treat them with the sugarcane water? So I say to you, Obi, do justice so that your land could be justified. 11. For eternal punishment does not befit any soul. For in punishing a family or a kingdom eternally, you shall be named an evil-doer yourself more than the evildoer himself. How shall you judge another with a judgement of eternal punishment? 12. Is it not even better to banish the offender than to keep them and isolate them forever? And you say, let their generations remain to benefit from the evil deeds of their fathers. And you repay the evils done by the father upon their children and grand children forever. 13. This is not justice, but a great body of evil. 14. Therefore I say, let the family of Osu be set free from this judgement. For it shall not go well in the future, because it shall bring about disunity and chaos. 15. And there shall be division in the land if you shall not take this thing which I have advised you.
Re: Deeds Of The Igbo Ancestors Before Christianity Came by 0temAtum: 9:44am On Sep 15, 2017
1. Now after the Obi had consulted with the elders, telling them the things which Ofo had said, some of them agreed with Ofo while others refused, saying, if we allow every offender to remain free after committing evil, then no homo shall fear not to do evil. 2. For they shall say, if we do evil, we shall remain unpunished. So let us continue in our evil. 3. Therefore, it is better to set up an everlasting punishment against those who does evil and against their generations unborn. 4. Now about five chiefs agreed with Ofo while about nine said, we shall not hear Ofo in this matter this time around. So the Obi went with the voices of the majority, saying, as the proverbs of our fathers have said, it is the voices of the people that represents the voice of Chuku. 5. Now it was declared in all the land, saying, if anyone is caught with evil, he shall be declared a descendant of Osu, the homo who committed the greatest abomination ever. 6. Now among the nine chiefs who agreed to the eternal punishment, one named Inri was caught after; for he got angry with another Chief and killed him in a fight. Now Inri and his family were banished to a land where the descendant of Osu also lived. 7. And the people picked anyone among them for sacrifices at will. 8. Now a child was born among the homos who lived in the land of Osu. And he went to the center of the land where the others made their trade. 9. Now the homo asked to buy some tubers of yam. And the trader collected his money and said, who are you and where have you come from? 10. Now the homo said, I am Ofodili, born in the land of Osu. Now when this trader heard it, he said, you are not the son of this land. How do you have the gut to come into the land with your filthy soul? 11. Now leave in peace, for I shall not sell the yams to you. And if you refuse to leave, I shall call the people and they shall kill you. 12. When Ofodili heard it, he said, give me back my money and I shall leave. And the trader said, you shall not have your money back, because whatever my hands have touched shall not go off me. 13. So she refused to return the money to Ofodili. Now Ofodili said, if you refuse, then I shall take the yams. So Ofodili took yams worth the amount of money he had paid, but the homo raised an alarm, calling him a thief. 14. Therefore Ofodili was caught and beaten, such that he was greatly injured. And everyone fled, because they thought that he had died. 15. Now, a female homo began to pass by. And she saw Ofodili who was almost dying. Then she treated him and took him to the palace of Obi, because she was a princess herself in the palace of Obi. 16. Now when Ofodili was well, the king asked why he was in the palace and where he came from. And when Ofodili had mentioned the land of his birth, the king became angry, saying, how did you have the gut to come into the palace? 17. Now you shall die because you have polluted the palace. For your lineage is cursed and no one can take the curse away. Now Obi became angry at Ada who was her daughter, saying, did I not tell you that you should have nothing to do with the homos of the accursed land? 18. But in your disobedience you have brought an abomination into the palace to make it cursed. Therefore you shall suffer for this with the one you have brought. For both you and him shall be sacrificed to the gods. 19. Now Obi put his daughter into prison with Ofodili and sent for the high priest of the land. Now the high priest appeared and said, Obi, why have you called me? 20. Then Obi said, let no one hear this. And they made a covenant by blood and swore, saying, if anyone of us tell others, let death be the portion of such person. Then he told the priest all that has happened. Now when the priest heard it, he said, they are deserving of death as you said, but your daughter can escape this death because she did not know that he is from the accursed land. 21. So let her be free. Now the king feared and said, consult the gods first and let me know if it pleases them that Ada should be set free. 22. Now the high priest consulted his afa and said eventually, Ada is not guilty in this matter, therefore she shall be set free. 23. So the king took his daughter out of the prison and delivered Ofodili into the hand of the high priest, saying, use him as a sacrifice to appease the gods. 24. Now that night, there was a very heavy downpour. And the high priest said, that is a sign of the wrath of the gods. For what Ofodili has done is very bad. Therefore I shall hasten his judgement before the next market day.
Re: Deeds Of The Igbo Ancestors Before Christianity Came by 0temAtum: 9:46am On Sep 15, 2017
1. Adaogu who was the daughter of Obi had loved Ofodili very much; for she could not sleep at night. And she went after her mother, saying, let Ofodili be rescued from the high priest. And let me be his wife.
2. Now the queen said, Adaogu, are you mad? Do you not know that Ofodili belongs to the lineage of Osu, he who killed and was killed also himself?
3. Now Adaogu said, have you not justified Ofodili by the thing you just said? You said that Osu, the ancestor of Ofodili killed someone and he was killed also himself. Now tell me, what offence has Ofodili committed in that?
4. If his ancestor killed and was also killed himself, then justice has been done. But when you overdo justice, then it becomes injustice.
5. Does it befit to punish a soul forever because of the evil done by his forefathers? If this is so, then he who judge is worse than he who is judged.
6. Now the queen said, it is a tradition and no one can stop it. So Adaogu, go and rest for tomorrow, because this thing shall not be done.
7. Now Adaogu said, if you do not find a way to set Ofodili free, then I shall not wake up tomorrow, because I shall sleep and leave the earth in my sleep forever.
8. Now when the queen heard it, she was afraid, saying, do not do these thing Adaogu. I shall set Ofodili free today and you shall both flee this kingdom to another, until a time after.
9. So the queen sent five servants of the king to set Ofodili free from the large shrine where the priests lived. Now after the servants had set him free, the high priest saw them and raised alarm, but one of the servants of the king hit the high priest with a stick and he died.
10. Now Ofodili was brought to Adaogu, and they both fled the kingdom.
11. Then the priests caught one of the servants of the king. And they thought that it was the king who had sent them to rescue Ofodili, therefore they went to the king and made known what was done.
12. And the priest said, why did you send your servants to rescue the accursed soul? And the high priest has been killed also. Now the king was surprised because he did not send his servants. So he made the servant to confess and he said, it is the queen.
13. Now when the queen was brought to them, she did not deny it. And she said, I did it to save the life of my only child Adaogu. For the gods knew that Adaogu would die in her sleep as she said, yet they are determined to have her lover as a sacrifice.
14. Therefore I saved Ofodili so that I can preserve the life of my daughter.
15. Now one of the priests said, did Dede the high priest not tell us that Ofodili has been chosen by the priest as a sacrifice because he, being from the accursed land, did set his feet into the palace and made the palace impure?
16. Is it not for that purpose we have kept Ofodili in the shrine, saying, he shall be used as sacrifice for the gods? So what is the guilt of the high priest in this, yet he was killed unjustly? 17. Now the king said, Ofo was right. For it is wrong to overdo justice. I tell you, Dede died for his own fault, because he broke the covenant we made together that we shall not tell anyone how Ofodili entered the palace, yet he told you.
18. He is deserving of his death in this.
19. Now when the priests had declared it publicly, the chiefs said, Obi does not deserve to remain in the palace, because his daughter and his wife have committed great crimes before the gods. So the people killed the queen and sent the king himself to the land of Osu.
20. Now Obi did not find favour in the eyes of the people of Osu, because he was the one who began it. And no one in the entire land of Osu made friend with him, but they isolated him and called him bad names in that land.
21. And some homos came and spat on him and said, it is good to have a taste of what you have started.
22. Then the king whose name was Amadi fell into a trance and saw Ofo. And Ofo said, is this not the work of your hand? Now it is too late for you to make a change. For you are now a partaker of the evil seed you sowed.
23. So shall the end of everyone be who sowed a seed of evil; like the gods in the farther part of the earth who made a bottomless pit and fell into it themselves, so shall justice be. For anyone who digs a pit to put others in it shall fall inside it himself someday. That is the law of justice.
24. Now when Amadi woke from his sleep, he ate poison and died. And no one knew it until he had rotten.
Re: Deeds Of The Igbo Ancestors Before Christianity Came by 0temAtum: 9:48am On Sep 15, 2017
1. The homos in the land of Osu began to mix with the homos in other lands and when they were found, they were being killed.
2. And a time came when even those who were not from the land of Osu were mistaken for those in the land of Osu and were killed.
3. Now the new Obi said, let no homo marry from the land of Osu. Let us have nothing to do with them, because they are forever made dirty.
4. Let them live in isolation and be used as sacrifices to appease the gods when it is the proper time.
5. Now let everyone know that his or her right shall be taken away if he or she does any evil. In this shall everyone in the land fear to do evil. And the land shall be made pure in the eyes of the gods.
6. However, the strict laws made by the king and his chiefs did not make the homos do good, but evil continued in the land thereafter. And one among them began to say, it shall not work in that way;
7. But rather, let us make friendship with everyone and in doing so, evil shall reduce and goodness shall prevail. For we have seen that those who did evil were not so from birth.
8. But many of them became evil when they were neglected and not loved. For even Osu who stole chickens and killed an homo and buried him was first a good soul before he became bad.
9. For according to history, Osu was a lover of young children, feeding the poor and giving to the needy until a woman accused him of molesting her daughter. But Osu pleaded his innocence, but he was not believed.
10. And he was cast into the prison for ten years and he was severely tortured such that he almost became mad. And when Osu was set free, he was not normal anymore. And his way of thinking changed, such that he began to steal chickens.
11. And these chickens he was stealing was only for the purpose of playing with them when every homo had distance themselves from him, saying that he was evil.
12. And when Osu caught a chicken one day, a hunter saw him, but Osu killed him in a violent fight. And Osu buried him, but the law of justice did not delay to come such that Osu was caught and taken to the palace.
13. Then he was killed by the king. And his family was sent away into the forest to make their abode there. And they struggled to survive in the forest where they built their own abode.
14. And the priests took them at will for sacrifices to the gods.
15. Now when the homo had ended telling the Obi the history of Osu, the king wept bitterly and said, I shall find a way to stop it, but first, tell me how you knew about all these things?
16. Then the homo said, Adiha my grandfather told me this, saying that Osu was his friend in the time when he was a good fellow. And Osu told him that he was wrongly accused by a woman, saying that he molested her daughter.
17. But the woman Ugoma, who accused Osu was a liar who wanted Osu to take his wife as a second wife but he refused. And the woman lied to everyone about what Osu did not do. And her tears made everyone believe her, even when my grandfather defended Osu so much.
18. And Osu was put in prison for ten years. And at his return, he came to Adiha my grandfather and said, if Ugoma gets missing, no one should find her. And my grandfather tried to counsel Osu in what to do but it was too late.
19. And Osu began to live in the bushes and in the farms. Then in few days after the release of Osu, Ugoma and her daughter went to the farm and did not return. And my grandfather thought that Osu must have killed them.
20. That is the plight of Osu, a homo who was first good until a bad homo made him become bad. 21. Now when the Obi heard it, he began to seek how the homos in the land of Osu shall be declared free, but the priests and many of the chiefs refused his advances. So did the unfair treatment of those in ghetto land of Osu continued.
Re: Deeds Of The Igbo Ancestors Before Christianity Came by 0temAtum: 9:51am On Sep 15, 2017
1. After the death of the Obi whose name was Amadi, a coronation ceremony was made to select the next king. And the name of the king was Chigbo. Now Chigbo took hold of the ofo and prayed for the land with it.
2. Then the priests came, saying, a sacrifice shall need be made to appease the gods, for they had said that the death of the former king was caused by them, because he did not make enough sacrifice to them.
3. So the priests went to the land of Osu and took about three pregnant people, whom they used as sacrifice.
4. Now Ofo no more appear to the homos of his lands physically because he was displeased with them. For the priests of the gods had refused to end the sacrifice of fellow homos to the gods.
5. Now while the new king was asleep, he saw in a vision the three homos whom he had killed. And they took whips and flogged him severely. Now when the king arose from his sleep, he lamented and said, why did this happen to me?
6. Why did the dead flog me in my sleep? Are they revenging their death upon me? Now the king consulted those who interpreted dreams and they made known to him, saying, the dream which you saw is not what you may think it means. For the dead do not take revenge upon the living except if they are forced to do so by the spiritualists? But instead, they did communicate with you in symbols which shall be needing interpretation.
7. Now the interpretation of it is that you shall need to change the manner in which the affair of this kingdom is controlled. And you shall need to put an end to many beliefs of the land, such that all the gods shall be affected. But only Chuku shall be left to be worshipped as god.
8. And his worship shall only be by the mind and not by the sacrifice of animals or of humans, because Chuku does not require either animals or humans for sacrifice. But he wishes that everyone should do good to one another.
9. Now O king, let all the things which are not profitable to the lands of Chuku be removed. And let only those things which are profitable be left to remain.
10. Are the homos in the land of Osu not deserving of freedom? Therefore O king, let them be set free. And let them live among the people of this land like ever before.
11. Now when the king brought the thing to the ears of the priests of the gods and to the ears of his chiefs, they disagreed with him and said, is it not for the good of the land?
12. Therefore let everyone who does evil be sent away into the land of Osu forever. For if we take it lightly with one another in the manner of evil, then the whole land shall be corrupted.
13. Now all the priests rejected the new ideas which the king had presented. And they did not grant him audience.
14. Now king Chigbo saw again in his dream how the lands shall be divided among themselves because of the traditions which they had said that they would not end.
15. And he saw how the homos in the land of Osu attacked and made wars with the homos in the other lands of Chuku. And they settled among them such that the lands did not know rest. 16. And Ofo said to Chigbo in the dream, justice does not favour one over the other. For if you do the right thing, then shall you be justified. But if you do wrong things, then shall you be judged. 17. But eternal judgement does not belong to Chuku, because he does not have pleasure in prolonged punishment. Therefore, Chigbo, if your land shall end this division at its early stage, then shall your land be great among the lands which are around Niger.
18. But if they refuse to do so, how then shall unity be upheld? For inner unity alone can bring about greatness. But if you refuse to be united, then even the homos of other lands shall overwhelm you. Therefore, tell my people to end all traditions which are not favourable to the land and let them be united into one.
19. Now when Chigbo awoke from sleep, he told his dream to all and they rejected him.
20. And the priests called a meeting among themselves, and they said, if we allow Chigbo to remain as king, he shall change all traditions which favour our gods and us.
21. For the goats of the people which we sacrificed and feed upon for free shall no more come to us. And we shall starve to death. And the flesh of the humans which we use as sacrifices and feed upon shall no more be. So how shall we survive?
22. So the priests and chiefs conspired against king Chigbo, saying, he has accused the gods, therefore he shall be sent out of the whole kingdom of Chuku.
23. Therefore Chigbo was sent out of every land belonging to Chuku, because he did not want the evil traditions of the land to be sustained.
Re: Deeds Of The Igbo Ancestors Before Christianity Came by ComputerSeller: 10:53am On Sep 15, 2017
Re: Deeds Of The Igbo Ancestors Before Christianity Came by 0temAtum: 1:15pm On Sep 15, 2017
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Re: Deeds Of The Igbo Ancestors Before Christianity Came by 0temAtum: 1:27pm On Sep 15, 2017

1. A time came when the homos from another kingdom came suddenly and attacked the homos in the land of Osu. And the homos in the land of Osu were killed.
2. And some of them fled the land to their native land from where they were banished. And they hid in the bushes to wait for the homos of the land.
3. And they vowed not to spare the homos of their native land, because they were hated by them. And they waylaid the homos who were going to the rivers to fetch water.
4. And they killed them for food because they themselves had nowhere to go. For the homos of other lands had possessed their land which was not protected.
5. Now the new king of the land was greatly troubled, saying, when did it begin in our land for the homos to eat one another? Are their not enough food in the market for everyone to buy?
6. Who are they who feed upon other people in the land?
7. Now a wise man was called upon and he told them, saying, who does not wish to feed on yams and akpu. Who shall refrain from eating the stock fish? No one shall refrain from buying and selling except they who have been denied of their rights.
8. And who are they who are denied of their rights except the descendants of Osu and all those whom have been judged eternally for the evil they did.
9. How shall our land know rest when some of us have been condemned even before they were born? For Osu himself who did the evil has long gone out of the world, but thousands of his descendants are left to suffer for the things they did not commit.
10. Now O king and all chiefs of the land, shall you blame them for eating our own children? For if they have nothing to eat, how shall they not eat our children for food?
11. We have banned them from buying and selling in our markets. We have also banned them from fishing in all the rivers around. And even the forest which was ours before have been possessed by other lands because we gave the forests to the Osu who are weak.
12. And other lands chased them away and killed some of them and then occupied their lands.
13. Now when the wise homo had ended his sayings, some of the chiefs said, why do you love the Osu so much that you speak for their defence? Are they not already accursed? So let them remained accursed forever.
14. Then the wise homo said, is it not foolishness to keep the accursed souls alive, saying, let them be accursed? For by keeping them alive, they shall affect even us who are not cursed.
15. Now the chiefs rejected the saying of the wise homo and the land did not know peace, because the descendants of Osu killed their children and their wives whenever they had gone into the rivers to fetch water and into the bush to gather firewood.
16. Now when the homos of Osu had killed many people of the lands of Chuku when they were in hiding, the thing became very grave and the king and all the chiefs agreed to bring back the descendants of Osu to dwell among them.
17. And the priests agreed because the situation was very worse. So were the descendants of Osu brought among the others to live with them, yet, some laws were made such that they could not enjoy all the benefits which the others enjoyed.
18. And they called them slaves, saying, you know your origin, therefore you shall not meddle in the matters of kingship and priesthood of the land, but you shall remain as slaves in the land forever.
19. So did the lands of Chuku remain together with the descendants of Osu. And the manner which they spoke their languages distinguished them, because the descendants of Osu were not much learned. And they did not speak their languages as clear as the others.
20. However, there was relative peace in the land many years after, because the homos of Osu had been brought together to live among the other homos. However, Ofo did not appear physically anymore, but some said that they saw him in their visions.
Re: Deeds Of The Igbo Ancestors Before Christianity Came by 0temAtum: 7:03pm On Sep 17, 2017

1. A descendant of Osu whose name was Emekwo became so great and famous among the people. And he was loved by all who saw him. And many did not know that he was a descendant of Osu.
2. Now he made himself ready to take up the kingship when their was no male homo in the royal family to take up the kingship anymore.
3. Now Emekwo had helped the widows and the orphans so much that he was loved by many. And they gave him free access to the throne. Now when Emekwo was about to take the ofo, one of the chiefs said, Emekwo shall not take the ofo, because he is a descendant of Osu.
4. When Emekwo heard it, he was greatly ashamed, but denied, saying, I do not belong to the Osu. But I am born of this land from the beginning.
5. Now the chief whose name was Ikoku, said, you have told a great lie and this lie shall be used against you. How do you say that you do not belong to the Osu?
6. Now Ikoku went to many houses and spoke ill of Emekwo to the homos who were of the blood of Osu. And he said to them, Emekwo who is one of you have denied you all, saying that he does not belong to you. And he has promised to destroy you all if he gets to the throne.
7. Now because Emekwo did not want to lose the kingship, he refused to say that he was of the blood of Osu. And his people began to fear that he would deny them more if he took up the throne. Therefore many of them began to flee the lands of Chuku to other lands around Niger river.
8. Now when a thorough finding had been made, it was known that Emekwo was of the blood of Osu. Therefore he was denied the kingship position. And Emekwo was rejected by everyone, both the Osu and the homos of the land.
9. And Emekwo left the land to other places to survive. So were the homos of the lands of Chuku found in many lands. And they were accepted in the lands where they had gone, because they did excellently in those lands and taught them much in the matter of trade.
10. Then the king who took up the ofo instead of Emekwo remembered the Osu again and began to deal cruelly with them, saying, they do not deserve to be fed like the rest of us. For the gods are angry with us for bringing them among us.
11. Therefore let the Osu be put in a separate place within our land, so that the gods shall know where they shall direct their anger whenever they are angry with us.

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