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The Misunderstood Woman By Winifred Oti by Bettyfair09(f): 9:13pm On Jan 13
Hi everyone,

I’m starting a story series titled THE MISUNDERSTOOD WOMAN.

Copyright © Winifred Oti, 2018.

Email: bettyfair09@yahoo.com
Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/groups/385741451890918/?
Blog: www.mysugarcandy.com

Everyone is invited. Thanks.

Re: The Misunderstood Woman By Winifred Oti by Bettyfair09(f): 9:22pm On Jan 13

He came out of his black Toyota Highlander (2016 model) and locked it. In a pair of blue colored trousers, an ash colored polo and a black suede shoe; he was looking good I must confess.

Trust my curiosity, I was peeping through my window to assess him before he gets close on my door to announce his arrival with a knock.
He was looking good and simple (exactly the way I like it). A dark in complexion tall guy, his body size was exactly the way I love it (masculine) and I started building up sweet fantasies (I’m very good at that); those sheepish smiles of mine overwhelmed my lovely made-up face…..thanks to the Knock on my door, which brought me back from dreamland.

You know the trick….right?
To delete the impression that I was very much expectant, I had to wait for the second knock before getting close to the door.
“Who is there”? I hurriedly asked as if I didn’t know who it was. He answered so innocently: “It’s Rex”, and I opened the door.
ME: (exchange of harmless hug) Good evening Rex….sorry for keeping you waiting at the door.
REX: It’s alright, I didn’t wait for so long.
ME: You are welcome to my house (a well-equipped one-bedroom apartment) please make yourself comfortable.
REX: (he quickly sat on my black leather cushion on his right) Thank you!
ME: What can I bring for you?
REX: What do you have?
ME: (we both giggled about his question) I have some good French and Italian wines both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. I equally prepared sweet smoothie, so you make your choice.
REX: You are hospitable you know!
ME: I wonder why you are saying such….because I’m offering to share my smoothie with you?
REX: (He laughed so loud that I didn’t have an option than to smile) It’s not because of your smoothie dear….alright, I would love to have a taste of your smoothie.
ME: Alright…please make yourself comfortable, I will join you soon (I handed the DSTV remote to him, bearing in mind that he might prefer sports channel to the MTV base that I was watching before his entrance).

I moved straight to the kitchen to serve the smoothie he requested.
Getting to the fridge, I thought about his lovely smile and innocent stares, “I think he is a good man”, I said to myself.

“Hmm…was that not how Gerald, Patrick and Chuks made me feel on our first meetings?”
So I asked myself… “I think all of them are just the same”, I added.
Gerald, Patrick and Chuks are all my ex in the past three years.

My experience with all of them was somewhat similar.
According to Gerald, I was too kind-hearted and trusted easily. He said I was very much predictable and he knew how to maneuver his way where I was to get whatever he wanted.

I caught Gerald with my best friend and he couldn’t deny it.


According to him, I was too good to be true. He felt my openness, and kind-heartedness was pretence.
Although it didn’t end there because, my best friend came crying and begging for forgiveness, telling me the list of women she has seen him with.

According to her, I don’t deserve Gerald….at that point I had to lick my wounds.
Patrick wasn’t any different, he started disturbing my younger sister that came in from school for sex.
Thank Goodness that my sister had to open up to me and I confronted him with that…..all he was able to mutter was that he was sorry. This is a guy I helped clear his debt when his business was experiencing downtimes.

That of Chuks was very pathetic! He got his neighbor’s house-help pregnant.
Funny…. isn’t it?

Seriously, sometimes I keep asking myself this particular question, “where did I go wrong with men?”….I can’t just say if my village people are after me oo (laughs).

What do men actually want? Or have I been meeting the wrong men?
God knows I put in my best in all my relationships….then what’s wrong?

Maybe I’m very DEEP as Gerald complained. I have a big heart and very free spirited. I always speak my mind and I’m a very hard-working Lady. I don’t pretend when I show care and love….maybe I show too much right?

The fact that I see the best in people doesn’t make me naïve….or does it?
I’m very much empathetic because I feel other people’s feelings. I make the problems of those I love my problem….so I’m referred to as being too sensitive and emotional.

Maybe because I love to stay committed in my relationships, my passion for love is easily misinterpreted as DESPERATION. My positive attitude is perceived as FAKE…..this is not just good!

So, because I remember everything you tell me you feel I want to have some sort of advantage on you…right?
That I notice things you don’t notice about yourself…is that a fault too?

That I know your quirks like no one else….does that make me complicated too?
That I help you fall back in love with who you are and find your place in the world, you think I’m complex, and too deep …right?

I think this is the right time to introduce myself!

My name is Brenda Uchechukwu Ubah; I’m THE MISUNDERSTOOD WOMAN.
I’m a 26 years old Lady who prefers to be addressed as “Ucee” because I love my Igbo name so very much.
I’m chocolate in complexion, robust and average heighted. Of course, I wouldn’t just forget to mention that I’m hippy with sizeable breasts to compliment. My skin glows to attract, and my eyes are sexy enough to sway you.
I work with a digital marketing agency in Lagos and I earn very well as a single lady. I drive a black colored 2.2 Toyota Camry and I can comfortably say that I’m comfortable.
Well, let me stop overbearing myself with my past, lest I become sad and it shows before Rex.



(Pours out the last glass of my homemade smoothie and moves back into the sitting room to join REX)
ME: (chuckles) hope I didn’t take too long?
REX: (beams up a lovely smile) not at all dear, at least I’m enjoying the sports news.
ME: Men and football games (I was right when I guessed he would prefer the sports channel anyway), I wonder when you guys will stop.
REX: Football is part of us you know!
ME: I see…(handing over a glass of my homemade smoothie to him).
REX: Thank you very much (sips it immediately).
REX: Hmmm…this tastes good! Thanks for sharing with me.
ME: You are welcome.
REX: (lowers the volume of the TV and turned to my direction) Ucee!
ME: Yes dear (looking directly to his handsome face).
REX: I’m happy to meet with you today and I must confess, you are a very pretty lady.
ME: (blushing with my nice dentition on display and an unpopular black colored teeth gum) thank you Rex.
REX: (stares at me for 3 minutes)…. I LIKE YOU VERY MUCH.
ME: (with a disarming smile) “thank you….now you make me shy”, I added.

REX: Please don’t be dear…I’m just a man of few words and I always mean what I say.
ME: (hmm…this is getting all romantic, I told myself) it’s alright, I appreciate.
REX: “….Please can we go a little bit personal?”…he asked.
ME: (I smiled) sure!
REX: I wouldn’t want to pry into your private life but can’t help to know if I can be accommodated… (Draws closer towards me), Ucee! Can I be your friend? “I mean a very close one at that?”
ME: (beams a confusing smile) we are friends already…you are in my house, remember! I can’t possibly invite my enemy here…(added a little sarcasm to free myself from the romantic mood he was about creating).
REX: I perfectly understand that and I appreciate…but just like Oliver Twist, I want more babe!
ME: This is pretty tough I must say…but I’ll suggest you slow down a bit because you can’t just judge me with my warm reception and my homemade smoothie.

REX: (he laughed very loud) Ucee you are very funny you know!
ME: Someone can’t afford to always be serious in this country you know… (We both bursted into a bigger laugh that lasted up to 30 seconds).
REX: (finishing up the last part of his smoothie) I enjoyed this…(keeps the glass cup on a side stool)…thanks so much once again.
ME: you are welcome dear.
REX: Ucee!
ME: (I was distracted a little bit with the TV but caught his constant stares at me once or twice) yes Rex… (Turning my eyes to his direction).
REX: You strike me like a very bold and fearless lady…please tell me something that my ears are itching to hear… “Are you in any serious relationship right now?”…. (He finally asked).
ME: (60 seconds of calm followed his question before I was able to answer him) I’m single.
REX: (he had a very deep breath and rushed to hold my hands)…. “Please be my friend” he retorted. I would have asked for a relationship right away but I know you will say it’s too sudden. (He looked straight into my eyes) I like you very much Ucee. I don’t know but there is something in you that keep me glued to your personality. Please be my friend?
ME: (At this point, I saw the sincerity in his eyes and felt the urge to give him a chance)…. “it’s alright Rex. Let’s see how it goes.
REX: (he held my hands so tight hearing “let’s see how it goes” from me) Thank you very much…I promise I won’t misuse this opportunity.
ME: “It’s too early to promise anything Rex”, I added.

This time, I decided to be that bold, fearless and confident woman with an open heart. I wanted to try again with REX but this time; with a heart that expects nothing more than good friendship.
At this point in my life, I have decided to live my life and enjoy living….so, I will avoid complications as much as I can.

This time around, it is going to be, as I desire it to be….so I told myself.
Although the excitement was getting overwhelming inside of me that, I only prayed and wished REX understands me and accept me with respect. I was equally ready to work towards that because, this time around; I won’t take chances.

I will also listen and obey my inner voice to know the right time to walk away….so I advised myself. The days of vulnerability are over, I will learn from my previous mistakes.
…..finally back from my faraway thoughts to the present, and REX is still starring at my smiling face…..

REX: I see my world in your eyes Ucee.
ME: (smiles) you aren’t done with the flattering….right?
REX: I can’t flatter you babe….I’m no longer a boy but a man. I mean every word I say to you.
ME: Those words sound like flattering to my ears.
REX: (smiles) they are not dear…those words are from the inner part of me.
ME: Just wondering why a good-looking man like you doesn’t have a woman?
REX: Because you have been hiding from me for years….and thank God, I finally found you.
ME: (laughs) you aren’t serious Rex.
REX: Hmmmm….I think is time I let you be for today babe.
ME: You have a way with words though….it’s alright dear. It was nice having you today…(as we both stood up from the cushion)
REX: (He held my left hand and while walking his way to the door) Thanks for the smoothie.
ME: You are welcome.
I wanted to unlock the door for him but he stopped me suddenly and guess what?...... it finally happened.


Even though I wasn’t expecting it, he drew me close with his right hand and whispered to my left ear, “Promise me that our next meeting will be in my house”.
To be candid, I was disappointed. I was expecting something different, but I had to hide my disappointment and pretended to be normal.

ME: Sure! I promise, you just send me the address later in the week.
REX: Thank you…seriously I had fun.
ME: Same here dear…. (As he gently unlocks the door and we both steps out).
REX: Do you really have to walk me to my car?
ME: Yes, just as you helped me unlock the door (and we both laughed about it).
He held my right hand as we walked down the staircase, I must admit; it felt really good. It has been a while I felt a gentle man like REX hold me so innocently.
Finally, we were downstairs, and he got closer to his car.
REX: Alright dear….we will talk on phone (he said those words while unlocking his car).
ME: Alright… “Take care,” I quickly added.
REX: Be careful as you climb the stairs, wouldn’t want you hurting yourself (saying such romantic words with a sincere smile).
ME: (laughs) “I promise to be careful,” I replied…

He entered into his 2016 model TOYOTA Highlander and locked his driver’s door, ready to drive out.
I made my way upstairs immediately to avoid my nosy neighbor’s questions.

Getting to my door, she just showed up “Oh! God, what a wasted effort,” I told myself.
“Ucee! Ucee!, This your “catch” no bad oo,” she said (in pigeon English).
Onyinye! nwanyi onu ugba (in Igbo language, which means, “Onyinye, the lady that talks too much”), so you don weigh my catch through your gossip window….abi? I asked her without mincing words.

Yes oo, and I must confess the guy di together,” she retorted.
Onyinye is my direct nosy neighbor that hears and translates everything that happens in the compound. She is a fair, slim and tall beautiful lady that owns a beauty shop down the street. She is still single and in her early 30’s.

She is a free spirited lady that says everything she sees, the way she sees them. She is fun to be with because her Igbo language is very thick and can crack you up for a whole day. So we always communicate in pigeon English.

ONYINYE: Babe! Hold this one tight oo.
ME: Onyinye I don hear…can I now enter my house in peace?
ONYINYE: No oo, biko come and gist me naa.
ME: I no get gist for you oo (as I unlock my door)
ONYINYE: Babe no be like this oo.
ME: (Enters my house) Onyinye later oo.

Entering my house, I found out that a little of his glass of smoothie spilled on the floor and I moved straight to get a mop to clean it up.
While cleaning, I started going through our discussions in my mind; his smiles, the sweet smell of his cologne and his eyes that was stuck on me….what a date!

“Rex is a gentle man,” I told myself while taking back the mop to the corridor.
I moved back to the sitting room to fantasize the more.
“I think I like his kind,” I added, while wondering why he didn’t plant a kiss on my lips as I expected.

It has been quite a while I kissed a real man…. “Ucee! (I called out myself) take it easy oo before you move faster than your shadow and get hurt as usual,” I advised myself.

I think I should just prepare my mind for nothing less than good friendship and stop getting overly excited for nothing.
The best I can do right now is to watch how our communication flows within this week. Goshh! Tomorrow is Monday and so I gotta get ready for work.

So I had to hurry to my bedroom to pick my laptop and prepare one or two for work tomorrow.
Back to the sitting room with the laptop, I was still feeling like he was there because his presence was still felt with the sweet smell of his cologne …ugh!

My fantasies though.
“Get to work girl” I told myself.
As I lowered the volume of the Television to concentrate a bit, my phone rang***).
Oh! No … “not this time,” who could that be?

“Well, I guess it must be REX,” I told myself.
As I moved close to where I plugged the phone to see who was calling, lo and behold; it was the last person I was expecting his call….guess who?
Re: The Misunderstood Woman By Winifred Oti by muhammed50(m): 9:43pm On Jan 13
Can't guess
Re: The Misunderstood Woman By Winifred Oti by Shiifi(m): 11:49am On Jan 14
pls continue
Re: The Misunderstood Woman By Winifred Oti by Bettyfair09(f): 9:25pm On Jan 14

Gerald? Why is he calling now? I thought to myself.
(Picks the call before it cuts******)

ME: Hello
GERALD: Hello baby
ME: Hmm…baby kwa? Since when?
GERALD: Baby stop acting up naa…you have always been my baby and that’s not about to change anytime soon.
ME: (laughs for about 6 seconds) really?
GERALD: Yes Ucee!
ME: I wonder why you sounded so confident. Let me guess…..because I’m too good that I will fold my arms and probably cross my legs and wait for you to come back to me… right? Nonsense, please why did you call my line?
GERALD: No baby, I don’t know you to be rude, please I want to see you?
ME: What for?
GERALD: Baby please calm down for me, I know I have bleeped up. Please Ucee, we deserve a second chance.

ME: Continue, I’m listening….
GERALD: All I’m trying to say is that we need to sit down and talk…please, don’t say no.
ME: Are you done?
GERALD: Ugh! Yes…I’m done.
ME: Good. Straight up answer,…I don’t want another chance with you. Secondly, I believe we have both mature to the extent that we can respect each other’s decisions, please….I don’t want to see you or to sit with you and talk about anything. Let’s leave everything in the past because that’s where they actually belong.
GERALD: Please stop talking like this naa…meanwhile are you at home?
ME: I’m not, why did you ask?
GERALD: Because I’m around your neighborhood, just want to see you desperately.
ME: If you still want to be a friend, please never you near my doorpost anytime soon. I wouldn’t want to show you the madness in me.
GERALD: Ucee please you need to hear me out.
ME: And I just told you that I’m not interested…(incoming call***REX).
GERALD: Baby I’m sorry please, don’t give up on us I beg of you.
ME: I’m sorry too GERALD, because right now, my man is calling me and I am dropping your call to pick his. I hope you understand?
GERALD: (sounded surprise) your man? Since when?
ME: What kind of a silly question is that? All the same, thanks for calling….I’m hanging up dear (hangs up the call to call REX back).

I was so surprised at myself.
How could I have assumed so fast that Rex was my man?
As I was about calling back Rex, I spoke out to myself loudly, “Hmmm…Ucee you better reduce your speed oo”.
His number started ringing*** and finally he picked up….

REX: Hey. Pretty lady.
ME: Sorry I was on another call (such can be healthy you know! Before he will start feeling like he is the only one onboard).
REX: Please, can I cut the call and call you back immediately?
ME: (I smiled) Sure!
REX: Thank you (as he hangs up).
“Hmm…this guy is really a gentleman, he is just making me fall so quick,” I said to myself.
And his call came in immediately***I picked up.
REX: Hope I’m not disturbing you?
ME: (giggles**) not really…(as if I wasn’t enjoying the feeling).
REX: I’m home right now and just felt like thanking you again for putting smiles on my face today.
ME: It’s nothing dear, you are welcome.
REX: Ucee!

ME: Yes
REX: I like you very much…I do.
ME: Thank you.
REX: Please I would want you to know me better.
ME: Okay…hope you are not Evans the kidnapper oo (we both busted into 10 seconds loud laughter).
REX: I’m not. What’s the nature of your job? What time do you normally dismiss from work every day?
ME: At most 5:00pm. Why do you ask?
REX: Because I can’t wait for another weekend to see your face again.
ME: (laughs) you flatter me a lot.
REX: I don’t flatter you sweetheart, I mean everything I say to you.
ME: (If only he knew my “work leave” will be starting next week) But weekend is close, besides don’t you go to work too or are you into “Yahoo plus things”?
REX: (he laughed over the “Yahoo plus things”) well Ucee, I work from home. I trade in Forex.
ME: hmm…interesting. You will teach me right?

REX: Sure! Even if it’s what I use to payback for your sweet smoothie and your lovely smiles.
ME: Biko Rex, I’m serious oo.
REX: I will, but you will promise me that you won’t quit your job when the money starts coming.
ME: If the money is big, why go through the stress of everyday Lagos hassles? I will quit oo.
REX: (he laughed) It’s alright, we will talk about that over the weekend right?
ME: Sure!
REX: Alright darling….I will talk to you later tonight, hope that’s okay by you?
ME: As long as your call wouldn’t call too late to wake me up from sleep.
REX: I promise I wouldn’t call you late.
ME: Alright. Thanks
REX: Talk to you soon pretty.
ME: Alright. Bye for now (as he hangs up **).

And I kept smiling for 3 minutes before I got back myself.
Love sweet oo, abeg make this one last oo.
Standing up to go and plug back my phone and I get a disturbing knock at the door.
Hmmm...who can that be this time around, at 7:15pm? (as I walked to my door to open up).


Approaching my door, I started hearing someone calling out my name accompanied with heavy knocks on my door.
Who the hell would be knocking on my door in this rascal manner?

It can only be my nosy neighbor, Onyinye.
As I Unlocked and opened the door, my guess was right; it was her.

Trying not to get angry, I calmly asked her, “Onyinye what is it this night? Why are you banging my door and screaming out my name in that manner?”

“My problem pass this English wey you dey speak now,” she responded.
“Abeg I need help. My food don almost done and I forget say my salt don finish. I can’t possibly go out now to get salt…Ucee abeg borrow me salt”.
As she was saying this, she pushed me aside to go and get the salt herself from the kitchen.
“God! Why am I staying with a drama queen like Onyinye? Damn! It’s not easy to have a nosy neighbor I swear”, I muttered those words to myself.

Immediately, she rushed out of my kitchen and ran straight into her apartment.
I just sighed and made to lock my door, only for me to hear her scream again.
“Ucee no lock up oo, biko I’m bringing back your salt right now”.
“Okay”, I just replied and closed the door without locking it.

Moving straight to my room to get my clothes ironed for the new week, I was a bit excited about the new week.
My leave would be starting within the week and I would have time to rest.

To be candid, what made me more excited about the leave wasn’t just about the rest, even though I needed it.
My excitement was about Rex. At least, I would have time to give him all the time he wants, while enjoying the whole flow.
As I thought about my new feelings, I was filled with smiles as I brought out my clothes from the hanger to iron them.

While I was ironing, I kept wondering why everything about REX seemed so fascinating. I started praying and wishing he understands the kind of woman I am and not mess me up like the others.
The truth is that, I’m beginning to fall for him and I’m trying so hard to fight it.
As I was about to start ironing the second gown, I heard someone open my door, “it must be Onyinye,” I thought to myself.

I hurriedly switched off the electric iron to go and see who it was.
On getting to my sitting room, I saw no one but felt someone opening my kitchen cabin.
“Onyinye!” I called out and she answered.
“Biko puta(please come out) from my kitchen, no be you de pay house rent for me oo…o gini bu nke a(what is this)“

She didn’t waste time in replying me, “Babe jiri ya nwayo oo (take it easy oo), no de chance me like this maka(because) common salt”.
We both laughed about it.
“Oya oo, come and start going to your house oo,” I added.
“For wetin, biko I came for you to give me the full download about that cool bobo wey visit you today”.

I knew it that her coming initially was more than just to collect salt; she had ulterior motive and just wanted an alibi for it…….fortunately, the salt provided her a good decoy.
I politely tried to tell her that I was busy with my clothes inside the room, but she didn’t care.
“Oya let’s move to your room make you continue with your ironing and still give me my gist biko. Na your mouth you de use iron? She said.
“Onyi baby, look at the time naa” I tried to make her understand why she should leave.

She looked up to my wall clock and said, “O na burozi 8pm (is it not 8pm)? Time bugodi catholic (there’s still time).
“Onyinye biko I no fit do ashiri (gossip) 8pm this night abeg. Moreover I no get anything to gist you, only say a friend visit me, that’s all,” I argued, but she wasn’t ready to give up.
“Mba oo (no oo), that visit no be anyhow visit nne,” she answered immediately as she seats in the nearest cushion.
Chai! I die well today.
“Onyinye do you know what? He will repeat his visit and I will introduce him to you make you ask am all these questions, because as I dey now, I no get time for your queries” I snapped back.

I was already getting a little pissed off, but trying to still control myself. The tone of my voice was a little harsh, but I think it worked out for me.
“Nsogbu adiro (there’s no problem), mana jidesie ya bu omalicha nwoke ike oo (but hold the handsome man tight oo). You know say Husband dikwa scarce and that guy so na ife a na-aru (husband is scarce and Rex is okay). I hope you grab?” she tried her last effort.
“Onyinye I don hear” I answered as I stood up to go and continue my ironing.
She saw that I was not just in any mood for her, so she stood up and made straight to the door.
“Nne goodnight oo” she said as she slammed the door behind her.

Maybe she was angry that I didn’t give her room for gossip, but who cares?
I quickly did a sign of the cross as I went to lock the door and thanked God for doing the miracle of sending her out.
I locked my door and moved back to my room to continue with the ironing alongside my fantasy thoughts.
I was on the fourth dress when I heard my ringing tone from the sitting room and I switched off the electric iron again while rushing to get the phone from where it was plugged.

I don’t know why all these distractions are coming now that I wanted to iron…..NEPA might just seize power now and I’ll be doomed.
As I looked at the phone, I didn’t even know when a deep loud sigh came off my lips.
“Yes, what’s it again Gerald?” I raked on the phone.
“Please baby I’m at your door…can you open up for me, please?” He answered.

What the hell?

What could this guy possibly be doing at my door at this time of the night?
At that point, a thousand and one things came to my mind.
Even though I had moved on, there was still a soft spot for him. I was transfixed and didn’t know what to do.
If I dared open that door, he could end up maneuvering the soft spot I had for him and something naughty may happen.
“O God please save me from this shiit please”

Re: The Misunderstood Woman By Winifred Oti by Bettyfair09(f): 12:04am On Jan 16

As I was standing there, still confused whether to open for Gerald or not, an idea came to my head on how best I can come out of this messy situation that can cost me my newly found joy if not handled probably.
“Yes! I think I should call him back and tell him to go down to where he packed his car that I will be joining him soon,” I advised myself.
Immediately, I had to call him and did exactly what my spirit told me.
ME: Hello, Gerald.
GERALD: Yes baby
ME: Please go down to your car, enter inside and drive out of the gate….even a little down the street. Let me change into something better and meet you up there.

GERALD: Alright, please don’t keep me waiting for so long.
ME: I’m coming right after you.
GERALD: Alright.
ME: See you soon (as I hung up the call***).
I immediately had to rush into my ward rope and change into a pair of pink colored shaped trousers and a sexy v-necked dress.
I made sure I was putting on what he had never seen me on before.
You know what they say, “let your ex see you are always looking and doing great without them”.

I equally removed my hair net to free my long weave.
“Ucee, you are pretty,” I said to myself as I took a glance at my look on my standing mirror.
“Wow! Good to go” I muttered to myself as I rushed out of my apartment to meet him up.
On my way downstairs, I encountered Onyinye again at the gate.
“Nwa (babe), where you dey go this night biko?” she asked.
God! Why this girl again, “babe make I buy airtime,” I quickly responded.
That was the only lie that could come to my head at that point….maybe I wasn’t such a good liar because her next question threw me off guard.

“Hmm! Airtime na abania (this night)? Babe I think say you be big girl oo, who still buys airtime when we have online banking codes for recharging phone?” she asked again.
“Maybe I still buy Onyinye,” I responded back.
“Biko I will see you later,” I added as I left her at the gate to meet Gerald up.
Immediately Gerald’s call came in but I refused to pick up because I was already close to where he packed his 2009 Toyota Corolla.
Don’t blame me with cars, I’m just a car freak that’s why I know the name and models of cars unlike most of my fellow ladies.

Finally, I got to his car and knocked on his windup glass and he unlocked his car for me to enter.
I entered his car and we observed 2 minutes silence.
During those 2 minutes, I started recounting every lies Gerald told me.
I remembered giving a girl he called his cousin sister some money when he was out of town without knowing she was his side chick.
I was getting very angry in my spirit and started regretting why I even had to come down and see him in the first place.
And I had to talk.
“Why did you demand to see me? You know tomorrow is Monday and I was actually ironing my clothes when your call came,” I asked with a little tone of anger in my voice.

“So I would appreciate it if you can go straight to the point because I don’t have luxury of time down here with you,” I quickly added.
“Baby! Please you need to calm down for us to get back on track please,” he responded.
Trying to reach for my hands to hold me…but trust what I did.
“Leave my hands for me please,” as I resisted and shifted his hands.
“So Gerald, I’m not calm enough for you right?” I added, as I forcefully wanted to open his car door and take a bow. Fortunately for him, he was smart enough to have locked the car when I entered.
“Ucee! Please I’m sorry please,” he said while holding my shoulders forcefully because I was resisting it.

His strength overpowered mine and I had to start struggling with my emotions because I didn’t want him to overpower me emotionally too.
“Gerald I have forgiven you long ago,” I responded.
“Baby you haven’t, you haven’t,” he screamed and bursted into tears.
He left hold of my shoulders and rested on his car steering.
He cried heavily for close to 10 minutes.
“God what should I do, what should I do?” I kept asking myself.

I remember I cried for months when we broke up and he is just crying for 10 minutes and some seconds and I’m here almost melting with emotions.
I’m sure all these was a planned emotional blackmail to get me back and probably mess me up even the more.
As he was still crying, a thought came to me and I decided to act on it immediately.
As I raised my left hand to hold Gerald’s, my phone rang and it was Rex.
I got even more confused.
Gerald’s sobbing was loud enough for anyone to hear it and I won’t want this guy to pour sand sand for my garri.

I have to do something very fast.


I had to allow REX’s call to finish ringing and I didn’t pick up.
“At least, I can always call him back when I’m back to my room that will be quieter,” I told myself.
Now, let me concentrate on Gerald that was still crying with no intentions of stopping anytime soon.
I had to rest my left hand on his shoulders to calm him down.
“Gerald, please stop this. This is not the right time for this, I beg you,” I said as I tried dragging his arms up from his car steering.
He faced up and tried to control the tears from rolling down his cheek with his handkerchief.
With my left hand, I reached for his right hand, held it so tight, and tried consoling him with my words.
“Gerald, I have forgiven you from the deepest part of my heart. You know me as a peace-loving person. I can’t keep pains and betrayal for so long. Stop crying please, all is well,” I added as I wiped the last drop of tears from his eyes with my right hand.
“Then, marry me and make me a happy man once again,” he responded as he turned and looked in my direction.
Seriously, that came to me like a surprise.

All through my life no man has ever said those words to me whether joking or seriously.
I became more confused on what to do.
“Baby, I love you. I accept I bleeped up but please give me this second chance to right my wrongs,” he added while looking straight on my facial expressions.
“Gerald please, don’t say those words to me. You know I’m not one of those ladies you can get by just saying those marriage anthems,” I snapped back.
“Baby, I’m dead serious, please marry me…please baby,” he responded while holding my two hands.
“God! Only you can get me out of this dilemma,” I muttered to myself.
I started remembering the days of our relationship, especially those moments that Gerald was caring and loving.
A special case was during my 2 days admission in the hospital.
Gerald slept in the hospital with me throughout those days.
My confusion heightened even the more with such memories.

“Gerald, this is 9:30pm and you are still driving to your house at Ikeja this night. I equally have unfinished ironing to do upstairs and at same time, will want to sleep early for tomorrow’s traffic. Please let’s do this discussion next time when both of us are in our right frame of mind…please.”
As soon as those words came off my lips, I turned away from his direction before I lose my guard and something naughty happens.
“Alright baby, let me walk you to your gate and I will come pick you up for lunch tomorrow from your work station,” he responded as he unlocked his car for both of us to come down.

“Please don’t come to my office for any lunch tomorrow, I will let you know when I will be free for us to seat and talk,” I replied.
“Alright baby, I will come to your house and see you tomorrow after work so that my mind can rest and we will be happy again,” he said while reaching for my hands as we walked to my gate.
“No problem,” I replied.
Well, by tomorrow I would have thought about this whole incidence tonight, and be prepared to give Gerald the piece of my mind.
Finally, we were at my gate….time to say good night.
I didn’t want any romantic touch. You know I love fantasies a lot and so wouldn’t want to fantasize about it all through the night.

With that, I slowly withdrew my hands from his and opened the gate.
“Goodnight dear,” I hurriedly said to avoid any further drama.
“Alright baby, Goodnight….see you tomorrow,” he replied as he turned back to make his way to his car.
“Hmmmm…finally, I escaped this drama tonight,” I thought to myself as I climbed upstairs to my apartment.

Getting into my apartment at 10:05pm, and I wondered if calling REX back was necessary or I should leave until the next day.
With that in mind, I had to first finish ironing the remaining dress so that I can sleep on time.
As I concluded the ironing, I had to go straight to the bathroom to have a cool shower.

There in the bathroom, I started smiling over Gerald’s marriage proposal.
“So two guys are inside my net now, It’s now left for me to make a choice…right?”
Those were my exact thoughts that left me feeling so loved and chased at the same time.
“Love sweet sha!” I muttered to myself as I immediately started humming “when you kiss me” by Shania Twain.

Coming out of the bedroom, I started hearing my ringtone again.
“My phone again?” I said it aloud to myself as I rushed into my bedroom to pick it up.
Lo and behold, it was REX again.
I immediately lay down on my bed and pretended as if I had been sleeping and his call probably woke me up.

ME: (In a sleepy tone) Hello.
REX: Oh! Sorry sweet, you warned me not to wake you up with my call, and I just did. I’m so sorry.
ME: (In a sleepy tone still) It’s alright dear.
REX: Just that I couldn’t sleep without hearing your sweet voice.
ME: It’s okay Rex, please let’s talk tomorrow.
REX: Alright sweet…good night and dream good.
And he hangs up*****
“Oh! My God, I can make it big in Nollywood industry oo, see as I form sleep now now,” I said to myself as I removed my towel and changed into my nightwear.

Off to sleep!
Re: The Misunderstood Woman By Winifred Oti by Bettyfair09(f): 10:16am On Jan 16

Monday morning came and I woke up around 5:00am to get ready for work so I’ll be able to beat the Lagos traffic.
I got to the office by 7:45am and the first person I met as I was parking my car was David.
David, an intelligent young man, probably in his early thirties, though still single, was my colleague at work and was our chief accountant.
Tall, slim and chocolate in complexion…….he is handsome man. He is very introverted and you rarely see him talk at work. Even when he’s called to speak at office meetings, he struggles to get the words out of his mouth.

I think he likes me because I have caught him more than once stealing gazes at me and he is always willing to help me whenever I have a task to complete in the accounting section.
But our encounter that Monday morning was a bit different.
We got into the premises at almost same time and I parked my car beside his 2005 silver colored Honda Accord (EOD).
Since we had up to 10 minutes before it was 8AM, we weren’t in a hurry to exchange greetings and disperse to our different sections.
“Hello pretty Ucee, good morning,” he said while walking up to meet me.
“Oh! Mr. David, same to you dear,” I responded with my disarming smile.

In his blue colored well-ironed plain trousers, a sparkling white long-sleeved shirt to compliment, and a pink stripped tie with a shinny designer’ shoes, he was looking good and neat.
“How was your night?” he added, as he stood right in front of me looking straight into my eyes to weaken my defense mechanism and probably succeed in making me shy.
Trust what I can do at such situations!
I had to think of an escape route immediately and one came to my mind.
“Sorry I think I forgot my laptop charger inside my car, let me get it and join you soon dear,” I hurriedly said to him while rushing back into my car as if I actually forgot something.
“Alright,” he replied while still standing there to wait for me.
I wasted a little time in my car and acted as if I was looking for something with the sole intention of making him run out of patience and get into his office for good.
But it seemed as if I wasted my time because after about 3 minutes, he was still standing there.

So I had no option than to come out of the car.
“Sorry dear, hope I didn’t waste too much of your time?” I asked him as I locked my car and made my way to meet up with him.
“Not really, hope you found what you were looking for?”
“Yes dear, I did,”
“Alright,” he responded as we both walked together into the office complex.
When we got to the annex between my office and his section, something happened.
David requested for something strange and surprising….
“Ucee, please can we have lunch together during break time today?” he begged.
“Is that necessary?” I replied with a question as he was eagerly waiting to receive ‘a Yes or a No’.
“It is important to me dear….please,”
“Alright, your request is granted,” I replied.
A quick smile ran through his cheeks and he happily replied, “Thank you Ucee”.
He went away toward the accounting section while I continued on my own route.
I started feeling a little lifted that morning; like someone whose net had caught another fish.

The problem is that I disliked this colleague relationship thingy.
“But why are all these men coming at once? Lord! Could this be a sign?”
That was the thought that filled my mind as I walked into my office.
After about 5 hours of hard work, there was just 10 minutes remaining before lunch break.
I had to get ready for my lunch with David. So I started dabbing my face in readiness for the lunch.
While at it, my phone rang and it was Rex.
REX: Hello Sweet.
ME: Hi REX, Good day.
REX: Same to you pretty.
ME: How are you?

REX: I’m fine pretty, I’m sorry I haven’t called not until now, I have been busy.
ME: It’s alright dear, hope you are okay?
REX: I wasn’t okay until now I called to hear your voice…so, I can conclude that I’m okay now.
I giggled at his flattering.
ME: You have a way with words though!
REX: So, what’s my pretty up to right now?
ME: About to go for lunch.
REX: Wow! Can I tag along?
ME: Sure, why not
I answered this way because I was very sure he wouldn’t come….after all, he doesn’t even know the address of my office.
REX: On my way baby.
ME: On your way to where?
REX: To your office of course.
ME: But you don’t know the address.
REX: Don’t be too sure about that pretty, I’m close enough that you will see me in the next 5 minutes.
ME: Alright.
REX: See you soon sweet…as he hung up***
This guy sounded very serious oo…he could probably be on his way.
“Chai! God why am I always in a mess” I spoke to myself.

What will I tell David that will probably be waiting for me right now?
Am I really enjoying all these?
I still have Gerald that will be visiting my house this evening.
Why is my life with men becoming too dramatic these days?
I was just very confused as I continued dabbing my face with my brown powder to still appear smart and pretty in front of David.
Finally, a call came in from the accounting section.
“It must be David,” I said to myself.
I got confused on whether to pick or not.

What if Rex is actually on his way as he claimed?


I finally summoned the courage to pick the call from the accounting section.
ME: Hello.
ACCOUNTING SECTION: Ucee it’s me, David. Please something came up. I have many urgent assignments on my table and might not finish them if I go for lunch. Please can we do this tomorrow…please?
ME: No problem dear.
ACCOUNTING SECTION: Thank you so very much Ucee!
ME: You are welcome.
And he hung up the call***
“WOW! Thank God for this cancellation…..what a relief,” I said to myself.

I waited for two more minutes to see if REX was actually serious about his coming before stepping out for my lunch.
Reaching for my car keys and my bag, my phone rang again.
It was REX.
“Could this guy be serious?”….was the exact question on my mind as I picked his call.
REX: Hello pretty.
ME: Hi dear.
REX: I’m downstairs in the parking lot.
I quickly looked through my office window and there, I saw his car.
“Jezzz! This guy mean business oo,” I muttered to myself.
ME: Alright, I will join you soon.
REX: I’m waiting sweet.
As he hangs up the call***
I had to quickly re-adjust my hair to look as elegant and pretty as ever.
I rushed out of my office, hoping and praying David doesn’t see me driving out with REX because, I also wished to hear his own style of wooing.
Getting down stairs and close to where Rex parked his car, he hurriedly came out of his SUV to open the door for me to enter.
Oh! My God, I so much love that.
“Hello pretty, you look smashing you know” he said as we both exchanged greetings with side pecks.
“Good day REX,” I responded while entering his car.
“You made my Monday a blessed one pretty,” he replied while closing his car door after me.

He entered his car and we drove out of my work premises.
“Sweet, do you know where we are headed?” he asked with a lovely smile.
“No I don’t, where are you taking me to? I have barely 40 minutes before getting back to the office,” I replied.
“Well, you will meet up with time pretty, don’t bother you are in safe hands.”
“I pray so Rex”
After 5 minutes drive, he stopped in an apartment, at Ajose Adeogun Street Victoria Island.
“What are we doing here?” I fearfully asked, because there wasn’t any sight of a restaurant around.
He smiled to my question, and removed his driving seat belt.
He climbed down from his car, and came to open the door for me to come out.
I was just looking confused; I couldn’t hide such looks though!
“Sweet come down please,” he said while reaching for my right hand to help me get down from his car.

I came out and he locked his car.
While still holding my right hand, we walked into a compound with a duplex.
“Good day Sir,” a gate man greeted.
“Thank you Adamu,” he responded.
“Sweet, this is my house,” he said while unlocking his door.
“REX! What a way to bring me to your house,” I responded while walking into his sitting room as he led.
“Wow! You stay in this space all alone?” I couldn’t help but ask.
“Yes pretty, I do. Welcome to my house darling,” he added while leading me to the dinning that was already set.
“Come here baby, I made lunch for you,” he said while dragging out a dinning seat for me to sit.
“This is so lovely. You mean you made this by yourself?” I asked.
“Anything for you pretty,” he replied as he opened the big plate and started dishing out the fried rice and a big lump of fried chicken for me.

Oh! My God, REX is so romantic. I felt like planting a kiss on his lips right there but I had to control my emotions for a start.
I was filled with smiles that I didn’t really know what to say.
“But finally my net caught shark oo.
From the look of things, this guy is doing well. His house is a proof to that,” were my exact thoughts.
“Eat up pretty, so that I can take you back to your office,” he said while sitting to eat the little he dished for himself.
“Alright Rex…thank you for this treat, I promise to retaliate” I responded.

And we both laughed about my retaliation mission for few seconds.
I had a taste of the fried rice, and it was very tasty to have been made by a man. That went a long way to tell the kind of person REX is.
“Hmm….this food is very tasty. REX you are such a good cook,” I said with all sincerity.
“Thanks Love,” he responded.
“And I must confess, your house is beautiful.
“Thanks Ucee!”
“Don’t say anymore word, please just eat,” he said while giving me a spoon of rice from his own plate of food.
I opened my mouth and took the spoon of rice from him.

Finally, we finished eating the tasty fried rice and chicken. I had to help him clear the dining table, after which, I had to take a glass of juice and joined him in the sitting room.
“Thanks for the food REX”.
“You are welcome pretty, I will allow you to rest for 3 minutes so that I can drive you back to the office,” he added.
“Alright dear, thank you; this is the best lunch ever,” I said with smiles.
“You are welcome anytime pretty”

“So you stay very close to my work station and you never mentioned it?” I asked.
“I wanted it to be a surprise and thank God I succeeded,” he replied.
Well…pretty, let me take you back to your office, I wouldn’t want you to be late because of me.
“Alright Rex, let’s go”.
As I stood up to reach for my bag on his dining table, he stood on his doorpost waiting for me.

I came to the door and he collected the bag from my hands and asked if we will still see by weekend since I now knew his address.
“Sure!” I replied while looking straight into his eyes because we were quite close to each other.

We were both engulfed with passion that he came close to kiss me, trust what I did.
Re: The Misunderstood Woman By Winifred Oti by Bettyfair09(f): 11:25pm On Jan 16

I had to change the direction of my face to avoid what wanted to happen.
“Can we start going dear, I’m almost late,” I said while helping him to unlock his door.
He had no option than to snap out of that erotic mood.
“Alright pretty,” he replied as he opened his door and led me outside his house.

He held my right hand as we both stepped outside the gate to where he parked his SUV.
He still opened the front seat door for me to enter before opening his driver’s door to enter.
Of course, you know how that “opening of door” experience makes me feel…….like a queen; even though I drive too.
“Ucee, I just feel like kidnapping you right now, I’m deeply falling in love with you every day,” he said while starting his car ignition.
I giggled while re-adjusting my seat-belt.
With his left hand on the steering wheel and his right hand holding my left hand, he drove as fast as he could to meet up with time.
“I have never felt like this for any woman, believe me when I say that,” he said while entering the gate of my workplace.
I just kept mute and beamed up a deceptive smile because something in my head told me he was just over exaggerating like most guys do.

“Should I come and pick you up on Friday or you will drive yourself?” he asked while offing his ignition for me to come down.
“Friday? Why the rush Rex?” I snapped back.
“I will still work on Friday and might be very tired to do any visiting, please let’s leave it on Saturday,” I added.
“I’m sorry baby if that got to you badly, just that it’s going to be pretty hard for me to go through these remaining days to weekend without seeing you. Please try and understand me pretty…..I’m only a man in love”.

“Don’t bother REX, you will survive because you’ve been surviving before meeting me. I should be going down now to get back to work before I receive a query”
“Alright pretty, I’m coming down with you too. I want to say hi to a friend in the accounting section, you should know him; his name is David,” he asked as he equally jumped out of his car.
“Of course, I know David” I replied, as we both climbed the stairs to my office.
Oh! My God, so these two know each other?
I wonder what he will tell David right now.

Choi! Rex don pour sand for my garri oo (in Onyinye’s voice).
My mind started racing as I reached the door of my office.
“Alright REX, you know his office right?” I asked.
“Yes I do” he replied.

“Here is my office, so I’m stopping here. Talk to you later dear” I added as I made my way to my office while he climbed upstairs to see David.
After rounding up with work around 4:45pm, I was ready to head home bearing in mind that Gerald said he was visiting that same evening.
As I stepped out of my office and was about to lock my office, David interrupted.
“Hey. Ucee! So you are equally through for the day?” he asked as he walked towards me.
I quickly turned back and replied him with a welcoming smile.

“Yes David, I hope you were able to finish up your hectic task?”
“Sure! I did finish up dear” he responded while offering to help me lock my office. The door was proving a little difficult to lock.
As we climbed down the stairs to the parking lot, he apologized for not showing up for our scheduled lunch.
“I’m deeply sorry Ucee for not keeping to my appointment with you earlier today”.

“It wasn’t your fault David, I perfectly understand”
“Thanks for your understanding, but we are doing that tomorrow please” he pleaded while walking me to my car.
“No problem dear, tomorrow is fine” I responded.
“Thank you Ucee, please drive carefully,” he added as he walked to his car.

“I will dear” I replied as I started my ignition and drove off.
I got home by 6:15pm and as I was pulling over in the compound, my phone started ringing.
“It must be Gerald, it’s like he timed me,” I said to myself.

I had to park well before picking up the phone to see who the caller was.
By the time I was done parking, the call had ended.
So I picked the phone to check who the caller was.

It was my first love……my father.
I was a bit relaxed seeing it wasn’t Gerald because I didn’t want him to start coming right away.
I needed some minutes to fix something to eat and freshen up before he showed up.
So I locked my car and climbed upstairs to my apartment before returning my father’s call.

ME: Hello Daddy, good evening.
MY FATHER: Ada obodo oyibo m, how are you?
ME: Daddy I’m fine oo.
MY FATHER: It has been a while I heard your voice so I decided to call to know how you are doing.
ME: haba Daddy! It’s not up to 4 days we last spoke oo.
MY FATHER: So you don’t know that 4 days is a long time…….okwaya?
ME: Daddy it’s not what I’m saying oo. How are you and everyone at home?
MY FATHER: We are doing fine.Your sister just came in for holiday from school yesterday. I overheard her saying she is coming to stay with you for some weeks.
ME: It’s alright Daddy, greet everyone at home and tell Nmachi (my sister) that she should call me before coming.
MY FATHER: Nsogbu adiro nne.
ME: I will call you tomorrow, I just came in from work and I’m very hungry and tired.
MY FATHER: Okay my daughter, good night.
ME: Good night daddy.

Typical of my father, he wants me to be calling him every minute.
Well, I miss him though.Our bond is so strong that it sometimes makes my mother jealous.

Even as a working class woman, my father still offers to send me upkeep money from time to time; life of an Igbo business man….but I love him like that.
As I reminisced on the relationship between me and my father, I got a knock on my door.
Could it be Gerald?
It can’t possibly be Onyinye because the knock was very responsible.

Well, let me check

(PG 18+)

Getting close to my doorpost, they brought back power…just as if they knew I needed it so badly.
I unlocked my door to see who was knocking, lo and behold, it was GERALD.
“Hey. Good evening dear, it’s just as if you timed me. Come in please,” I said while moving aside to enable him to enter my apartment.
“Thank you baby,” he replied while making his way into the sitting room.

He moved to the two-sitter cushion and sat comfortably, while I locked my door.
“As you can see, I’m just coming in from work. So just give me some minutes to freshen up and please do make yourself comfortable, I will join you soon”.
“Alright baby” he responded as he reached for the TV remote to relax and wait.
I hurriedly went in, had my shower, and changed into something stunning.

I wore blue colored see-through velvet top and a pink colored bum-short to compliment.
I had to enter into the kitchen to fix something fast.
Since I had a tomato stew in the fridge, I had to boil spaghetti and equally prepare my smoothie to wash it down.
After like 30 minutes, I was through with what I was doing in the kitchen and quickly had to set the dinning for two.
I called him out to join me in the dinning because I was very hungry and tired.

“Gerald, please come let’s eat”.
He stood up and joined me in the dinning as I requested.
“You don’t have the faintest idea how I have missed your cooking, baby,” he said while sitting on the next dinning seat.
I just beamed a smile as I dished out his food.

So we sat opposite to each other at the dining table while we ate.
One thing l so much love about Gerald is his hygiene. He is too neat and I love that about him.
He eyes was fixed on me while we ate.
One of his leg got in contact with mine and I quickly shifted mine before he starts playing footsie with me on the dining.

Although that was my thought because it could still be a mistake for all I may know.
“Baby, I’m not here to eat. I want to hear from you Ucee, can you give us a second chance please?” he said while reaching for my left hand.
“Gerald, please let’s finish this food in peace” I replied as I gently withdrew my hand from his.
“Alright baby, let’s eat up”

The truth is that I still felt something for Gerald.
He is caring, loving and very romantic.
His only problem was his cheating habit which every woman abhors.

At the dining table, I started battling with my emotions because I already knew it was going to be an emotional night.
We finished eating the food and I went to the kitchen to get the smoothie that was in the fridge to help wash down the food.
“Oh! My God, Baby so you still prepare this your sweet smoothie,” he said while accepting his own glass of smoothie.
I just giggled as I poured out mine and took back the rest into the fridge.
I kept my glass of smoothie on the dining table as I cleared and cleaned up our used plates.

When I came back to the dining table to take my glass of smoothie, I found out that Gerald had already taken it down to the sitting room and placed it on a side stool that was beside the two-sitter cushion he was sitting on.
I had no option than to join him there, although I had mixed feelings about sitting close to him.
“Are you through baby?” he asked while handing over my glass of smoothie to me as I sat close to him.
“Yes” I replied.
As I was about taking a sip of my smoothie, my phone rang.

It was REX.
I didn’t shy away this time around to protect Gerald’s feelings like the other time.
I had to pick up this time.

REX: Hello pretty.
ME: Good evening Rex.
REX: Good evening? It’s almost 8:00PM and so should be good night.
We both laughed about the joke.
ME: Don’t mind me dear. Thanks for your hospitality today.
REX: Pretty, it’s nothing. I just called to know if you got home safely.
ME: I did dear, thank you.
REX: You are welcome baby. Talk to you tomorrow morning.
ME: Alright. Goodnight REX.
REX: Good night my queen.

And he hung up****
I continued with my smoothie while I enjoyed the music channel he selected on the DSTV.
I caught his eyes severally looking at me.
At same time, I noticed he had finished his glass of smoothie.

“Do you want more?” I asked while turning to my left to look at his face directly.
“Yes I want more, but not more of the smoothie. I want more of you…Ucee” he replied as he held my two hands and collected the glass tactfully from my right hand.
He knelt in front of me and pleaded the more.
“Ucee, I know I have messed up. But you are the only Lady that came into my life and made an indelible impact”.

“Baby I love you, I have always loved you. Please just a second chance…please”.
I was already in tears….soft hearted Ucee.
“It’s alright, please stand up” I responded.
“Baby I will only stand up if you say yes to my proposal”.

“Gerald, I have forgiven you and will think about “the second chance” request. This is what I can say to you right now,” I replied as I cleaned my tears that rolled down as I reminisced on his betrayal with my best friend.
“I’m sorry baby, I’m sorry that I’m responsible for those tears. Please find it in your heart to forgive and forget, I promise it will never happen again,” he said while giving me a forceful hug while on his knee still.
I started crying and sobbing the more.
He held me so close and tight that at that point, I was so porous and vulnerable because I practical lost control of my emotions.

He whispered something to my ears.
“Baby, thank you for forgiving me. But the request I was actually talking about is the marriage proposal”.
“I want you to be my wife, be “my everything”, be my peace of mind as you have always been….please just says yes,” he added as he brought out something from his pocket.
God! This is not happening.
Could that be an engagement ring?

Does he want to engage me?
What should I say?
Those were the troubling questions popping on my head successively and that forced my sobbing to abruptly stop.

He suddenly removed his arms around my neck, and lo and behold, my suspensions were right.
It was an engagement ring.
“Baby, I know you are confused right now. And because of that I won’t ask you this question the way other guys do” he said as he flipped the pack of the ring.

“I want you to hold this ring; don’t wear it until you have decided to walk this path with me. But if you don’t want to marry me, feel free to return it to me” he added while handing the ring over to me.
For 3 minutes, I was confused on what to do or say.

This guy was really prepared for tonight.
He was still on his knee waiting for me to say something.
“Alright Gerald, let’s see how it goes. You will definitely hear from me” I replied while looking straight into his eyeballs.
He drew closer as he held my face with his right hand, which was a clear signal that he wanted to kiss me.

I felt like backing away but another part of me was somewhat receptive.
Before I knew it, I moved my face closer to his in a slow pace; his sweet fragrance was something I always find hard to resist.

He quickly grabbed the opportunity, placed his lips on mine, and covered my mouth with his.
His lips and tongue were hot and demanding as he tangled his passion with mine and set us both on fire.

The mood between us charged up as the movements laced with a sense of urgency.

He threaded his fingers through my hair as he went ahead to kiss me deeply, and he pressed his body against mine and that aroused me the more.

Before I knew it, his hands were all over my body, moving from thigh, over hip, to ribs and up to my bosom.
As his fingers touched my bosom, intense desire gathered momentum, heating me up from within and I started to moan.

At this point, I was ready for anything because I was already carried away by our sexual ecstasy. I wasn’t in control of myself and feelings anymore as we kissed even deeper on that cushion.
But we were interrupted by Onyinye’s knock on the door.

“Babe open this door oo, make I tell you who came looking for you specially oo” she screamed as she knocked heavily on the door with no intention of stopping.

We had to adjust ourselves and I finally came back to my lost senses.
“I’m sorry baby,” he guiltily said while readjusting his trousers.

“It’s Alright, let me get the door, it’s my neighbor” I replied as I stood up to go and open up for Onyinye.

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Am so much enjoying this story. Ride on, more data.
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I didn’t want Onyinye to see that Gerald was in my house. So rather than open the door for her to come in and state her problem, I went outside to meet her, banging the door behind me.
I was really angry that she spoilt what was supposed to be a good time for me, but I had to shelve my annoyance to avoid giving her another topic for discussion.

ME: Onyinye what is it this night?
ONYINYE: Biko, this gist no be something we go talk outside, let’s go inside your house.
ME: Make we talk am outside biko I get visitor.
ONYINYE: Baby la hoit, I trust you ooo. You de hot like fire these days oo.
ME: Onyinye this is 9:00pm, if you no get anything important to say let me go inside oo.
ONYINYE: No no no! na your gist oo no be my own. Well as you no want make I come inside come greet your visitor make I yarn you outside naa.
ME: Oya talk, I’m listening.
ONYINYE: Na Landlord oo. He came today and was asking after you.
ME: For wetin naa? I no de owe am naa!
ONYINYE: No be house rent matter Ucee. You remember say he de always call you his Son’s wife. Nke no’obodo oyibo (the one that is outside the country). Nne the guy don enter and him and Landlord came looking for you oo.
ME: Looking for me for wetin?
ONYINYE: Ucee forget that thing oo, you are just sounding like this because you no see this guy. Chai Nwoke no’godi ofuma (He’s okay as a man). If you see ugbo obu bata eeh chai (the car he came with).
ME: Mtcheeew! Ndi Ofe mmanu (Yoruba people), Nsogbu adiro Onyinye (No problem Onyinye), shey the gist don finish?
ONYINYE: Mba oo (No oo), I gave him your number oo because he said he lost his phone and doesn’t have your number again. See babe, forget that Ofe mmanu thing oo. Nwoke bu nwoke (A man is man).
ME: Who exactly did you give my number? Father or son?
ONYINYE: Ahhh naw! I no be small pikin naw, na Landlord I give the number oo. He said he will call you, but no miss this guy oo. Obodo oyibo husband dikwa scarce.
ME: Onyinye I don hear, please let me go and attend to my visitor…later biko.
I quickly turned to enter my house, leaving her still standing.
ONYINYE: Good night nne.
ME: Onyinye good night.

I couldn’t just imagine that because of one local and stupid gist, Onyinye just disrupted what would have been a good time between me and Gerald.
Anyway, thank God she did; I wasn’t prepared for anything higher than the level we just came out from.
As I stepped into the living room ready to lock the door, Gerald stood up immediately and started walking towards me.
“I hope he’s not going to start again,” I thought to myself.
“Alright baby, I think I have to leave now, so you can catch some sleep to enable you prepare for work on time tomorrow morning,” he said.

“It’s alright dear, let me get my phone so I can see you off to the gate,” I replied.
Our staircase was dark and I needed to use the phone’s torchlight, lest what happened 4 months ago repeats itself.
That night, I went out to buy something across the street and forgot to go with my phone.
On my way back, I remembered that I had no light to walk up that dark staircase. So I had to be very careful, making sure I calculated each step I made.

Midway up the staircase, I accidently hit an obstacle that turned out to be human beings.
I got scared immediately and had to shout out of reflex.
Instantly, a light went up from a torch.
“It’s me Ifeanyi, please don’t shout”
Ifeanyi was a Casanova that was living downstairs.
Onyinye had once told me how the guy lays women indiscriminately and how she had caught him at several parts of the building frolicking with different ladies.

And that was exactly what he was doing there, because as his light came up, I saw a lady quickly running down the staircase and disappearing outside the staircase door.
I just wondered what was wrong with this Ifeanyi guy.
He was staying alone in his apartment and that wasn’t enough for him to play around with his girls. I think he must have a psychological problem.

“You scared me Ifeanyi, I almost fell down in fear and may have broken a limb” I replied.
“I’m sorry about that Ucee, you can go up now while I shine my light for you” he apologized.
Since that episode, I have never forgotten to go out with my phone when going out at night.
Gerald’s voice brought me back to reality from my quick throwback thought.
“You don’t need to bother about that baby; I can see myself to the gate. “Just do me the favor of thinking through my proposal,” he added as he opened the door to leave.

“It’s alright, I will think about it and you will hear from me soon” I responded while watching him walk down the stairs.
“I will call you baby,” he muttered as he gesticulated with his hands.
“Alright, Good night,” I screamed out a little for him to hear.
As I locked the door and headed to my kitchen, I exclaimed loud, “Wow! What a day.”

I immediately got busy with cleaning up the dishes that was used up in the dinner with Gerald.
I was reminiscing on the events of the day when my phone rang.
I quickly washed my hands and went for the phone; it was my Landlord.

ME: Hello, good evening Sir.
LANDLORD: Beautiful Evening ọmọbinrin mi (my daughter), how are you?
ME: Mo wa dada (I’m fine) Sir.
LANDLORD: That is good. Hope your neighbor told you that I came looking for you?
ME: Yes Sir, she just did some minutes ago.
LANDLORD: That is good. I want to invite you to the welcome party of my son on Sunday.
ME: Wow! That is a good one sir. I will be there.
LANDLORD: That is why I always talk about you my daughter. I will be expecting you Ọdọmọbinrin mi (My daughter in-law).
ME: O dara (alright) Sir. Good night Sir.
LANDLORD: Goodnight ọmọbinrin mi (my daughter).
And he hung up***

“God! What kind of local trouble be this? My father will kill me oo. Ndi ofe mmanu (Yoruba people)! No oo, I have to be careful oo.” I muttered to myself.
I went back to my kitchen task and finished up. I quickly headed to my bedroom to rest my head from the day’s activities.

As I laid facing up the ceiling, I had to do a little sober reflection about the recent happenings in my life that was driving me into a serious state of confusion.
I found out that I have not been too close to my bible in the recent time.
I quickly jumped out of bed and got my bible from the drawer where it was beginning to gather dust.
I randomly opened it and I landed at the first letter of St. Paul to the Corinthians.
My eyes went straight to verse 33 of the 14tth chapter, which read: “For God is not a God of confusion but of peace”.
Exactly what I needed that night….PEACE.

I prayed and told God to give me divine Wisdom to handle the confusion with men in my life.
I prayed for guidance and adherence to his commandments.
I remembered my “No Sex before Marriage” commitment that I went in with God after Gerald broke my heart.

I prayed for his grace to help me keep to it.
After praying for 30 minutes, I felt lighted and ready to face my confusion.

Lastly, I opened Psalm 119:105 and read it aloud to myself. With this verse in my mind, I slept like a baby.

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This is very good, ride on and i am surely behind u
Re: The Misunderstood Woman By Winifred Oti by Chigold121(f): 4:38pm On Jan 18
This is very good, ride on and if i comment or not just knw dat i am surely behind u
Re: The Misunderstood Woman By Winifred Oti by Bettyfair09(f): 4:17pm On Jan 19

Getting to the office on that Tuesday morning at about 8:20am (was a little late because of the traffic); I met a well-packaged sweet scented rose flower gift that was collected on my behalf by the receptionist.
I must confess I was very shy collecting and taking the gift to my office.

I kept wondering which of the many men in my net sent me this lovely flower.
Well, I love flowers a lot.
In fact, I kept lovely flowers at every house I have stayed even during University days.
And there’s only one person who knows this: Gerald.

So I concluded in my mind that it must be him.
After dropping my handbag on the rack beside my table, I opened the flower gift to discover that it had a small card inside of it with a note:
“I’m madly in love with you – Rex”
That was so romantic and it put a smile on my face that morning.

I neatly kept the flowers on the left side of my office table with the intention of calling him later to acknowledge the reception of his gift.
As I was bringing out my laptop to get started for the day, my phone rang and it was him.
I felt he must have timed me to know when I would likely see the gift, hence his calling at just the exact time.

ME: Hello Rex, good morning. I was just about calling you.
REX: Same to you Pretty, I couldn’t wait for morning to come for me to hear your voice.
ME: (giggles) Well…thank you for the gift. I wonder how you figured out that I love flowers.
REX: I’m glad you love it Pretty. Hope you slept well?
ME: Sure! I did. And you?
REX: My night would have been lovelier if only I woke up with you by my side.
ME: So In Essence, you are saying that you have been having bad nights before we met?
REX: (he laughed so loud) Smart woman….not that dear, that’s a story for another day.
ME: It’s alright REX, I will call you later, just got to the office.
REX: That will be cool Pretty, because you hardly call. I will appreciate that.
ME: I will call you, I promise.
REX: Alright, have a nice day.
ME: You too…Thanks once again.
REX: You are welcome.
And he hung up****

I had to get busy with the day’s work.
At around 12:30PM, my intercom buzzed and when I looked at the screen, I saw it was coming from the accounting section.

Uhhhh…. I almost forgot that I had my yesterday’s appointment with David rescheduled to today. The call brought that to my memory instantly.
Actually, I wasn’t really ready for any hookups today, but I still picked the call.

DAVID: Hello Ucee, it’s David.
ME: Hey. Good day Dave.
DAVID: Thank you dear, hope you’d be ready in the next 30 minutes for our lunch?
ME: Yes dear, let me tidy up with the remaining minutes.
DAVID: Alright, please I want to equally beg you for something more…
ME: Yea, what is it?
DAVID: My car is bad and my mechanic picked it up this morning. Please can we go with your car?
ME: Sure! Why not?
DAVID: Alright, thanks. See you soon.
ME: Same here.
The intercom went off***

For the next few minutes, my mind was a little troubled.
David and Rex were friends.
What could possibly happen if I give David the green light and the both of them eventually discovered that I was rolling with both of them?

Maybe I should find a way to let DAVID know that REX is my friend and I was the one he came to see in the office the other day.
I was struggling with those thoughts when I got interrupted by Gerald’s call.
I had only 10 minutes left before my lunch with David and I still had few things to tidy before going out.
“I’d hope this call wasn’t going to add to my distractions,” I muttered.

GERALD: Hello Baby, Good day.
ME: Good day dear.
GERALD: I tried calling you when I got home last night and your number couldn’t connect.
ME: Yea…I switched off my phone and slept.
GERALD: Hope you slept well?
ME: Yes I did, and you? Hope you didn’t get home so late?
GERALD: Not too late but my night was fine.
ME: That’s good.
GERALD: I just wanted to check up on you.
ME: Thanks dear, I appreciate that.
GERALD: You are welcome. Talk to you later.
ME: Alright, Bye
And he hung up***

I was glad that Gerald’s call ended there. I was actually scared that he might also ask to have lunch with me that afternoon.
To be candid, I have a soft spot for him.
Even though he bleeped up by cheating on me multiple times, there were still many things about him that I couldn’t just delete in a flash.
He treated me as if I was the only woman in his life…..maybe I was the main chick … (giggles).

I can vividly remember the surprise birthday party he threw for me. The memory was almost everlasting.
With him, I felt I had reached my “last bus stop” until that black Wednesday.
I had gone to see my tailor to see if she was done with the cloth I gave her to sew for me. The tailor’s shop was in the same street where my best friend, Ella lived.
So I decided to pay her a surprise visit.
On stepping into the compound where she lived, I saw Gerald’s car parked outside.

What coincidence?

“Maybe he has a friend here as well,” I told myself.
I restrained myself from calling Gerald, with the intention of calling when I’m done seeing my girl friend.
I went straight to Ella’s apartment and knocked.
At first, there was no response.
But when I knocked the third time, she eventually answered.

“Who’s there?”
“Open joor”
“Just a minute let me dress up”
“Dress up ke. Wetin you no say you de hide?” I asked jokingly.
She didn’t respond.

It took about 3 minutes for her to open the door and that kept me wondering what was going on.
She eventually opened and her face was a little tensed up.
“Like say you get bobo inside….shey?” I tried teasing her as I made my way to her living room.
As I stepped in, my heart began to skip.
The air in the room was filled with the smell of Gerald’s cologne.

Added to her tensed up attitude, I immediately felt something was wrong.
“Did you change your perfume babe? I like the fragrance” I asked with intention of putting her in a tight corner.
It took her few seconds to answer.
“The perfume…..yes, I changed the perfume” She answered while struggling not to stammer.
“What’s the name? I think I love it” I quizzed further.

“Eeehhm….I can’t even remember the name” she added with goose pimple beginning to show on her skin.
“Are you alright babe?” I further asked
“Yes, I am” she replied, trying hard to maintain her cool.
“If you say so. Anyway, let me look at the container of the perfume, I’d like to know the name of the perfume” I said while dashing into her inner room to check the perfume.

She was my best friend and so I knew where she kept her cosmetics and skincare products. My intention of entering the inner room wasn’t really to check the perfume, but to confirm my suspicion.
She tried to block me, but it was too late, as I had already opened the door of the inner room.
Sitting on the bed was Gerald, still in his boxer.
Everywhere went dead with silence.

I pretended nothing was happening and still went into the room to check the rack where she kept her skincare products.
I picked up a random perfume there and asked her if that was the perfume, she was talking about.
She didn’t utter a word.
“Well, I’d run along since you’re busy. We’d talk later” I said, while making my way out of the apartment.
I was struggling hard to hold tears from rolling down my eyes as I walked out of their compound.

As I was reminiscing on all these, tears rolled down my eyes.
“After doing all these, he now wants to marry me,” I muttered.
This sad thought instantly enveloped all the good he had ever done for me in the past and my hatred for him begin to rise again.

While I was still lost in thought, when a knock on my office door brought me back to reality.
Instantly, I reached for my handkerchief and wiped off the tears that had already accumulated in my eyes.
I reached for my car keys and my wallet and walked to the door to open it.

I knew it was David coming to pick me for lunch.
“Right on time Dave,” I said to him as I stepped out and turned my back to lock the office door.
“You of all people should know that an accountant is always time conscious,” he replied while paving the way for me to walk down the stairs as he followed suit.

We got downstairs and walked towards where my car was parked.
On reaching there, he walked towards the front door passenger’s side but I did something he found surprising.
I met him there, handed over my car keys to him, and told him to drive.
With a surprise look at me, he quietly walked to the driver’s side and unlocked the car.

We both entered as he drove off immediately to meet up with time.
For close to 10 minutes that we drove, he didn’t say a word to me….although I perceived him to be an extreme introvert.
We got to an eatery and he carefully parked the car.

He came out and waited for me to open the car and join him…which I did.
This was unlike Rex who would open the door for me.
That got me laughing and said a lot about his kind of man.

We walked into the eatery and found a corner to sit.
He was sitting directly opposite to me with his eyes fixed on mine.
After like a minute, the waiter came and took our orders.

I ordered for my favorite food…Jollof rice with chicken and salad.
And he ordered the same.
For drinks, we ordered for cold Chivita juice.

After like 3 minutes, he was still moping at me like a lost sheep.
“It’s like this is going to be a moping date oo, very boring,” I thought to myself before the waiter interrupted my thoughts with our ready orders.
I started eating up because I was already prepared for a boring lunch date.

“Ucee, I like you,” he said to me while still moping and barely touching his food.
“Thank you dear. I appreciate,” I replied as I raised my face to look at him to see how he was able to mutter that.
With an introvert, you have to be patient and understanding to get the best out of them.
“Can we be closer friends like having you as the only woman in my life”?

Can you imagine that?
That’s one problem with introverts, they are always so direct in whatever they want to say.
While, I was about responding to what he asked me for, a call distracted me from my phone.

It was REX.
Should I pretend and not pick the call?
Or should I pick it and let DAVID know that REX is equally an aspiring boo?

Those were the confused thoughts I was battling with as I picked my phone from the table without knowing what exactly to do.

Re: The Misunderstood Woman By Winifred Oti by Bettyfair09(f): 12:02pm On Jan 20

Suddenly, a grip of strength pushed my fingers and I picked up the call.
“I’m sorry dear, let me take the call,” I abruptly said to David as I picked REX’s call.

REX: Hello pretty, I just wanted to be sure that it was your car that I saw my friend David with, as he drove past me like 5 minutes ago.
ME: Sure REX, we went for lunch together.
REX: As colleagues…right?
ME: As friends and colleagues.
REX: It’s alright, I didn’t know you were with him in the car.
ME: It’s alright REX, I will call you later. Thanks for the concern and care.
REX: It’s nothing really, meanwhile let me call David and tell him to take good care of you for me.
Did you see that?
What is REX trying to do?
No be to pour sand for person garri be this?
Those were my exact thoughts as I rolled my eyes in search of a quick response to what he said.
ME: Alright REX.
And he hung up***

I was just about to recover from that distraction and compose myself to answer David’s question, when his own phone rang.

I guessed it was REX.
“Excuse me,” he said as he picked up his call.
I simply nodded to his request.
I couldn’t relate to what the caller was saying to him but it was definitely a fellow guy, or more like a close friend on the phone because he was suddenly filled with laughter and teases.

After like a minute on the phone, the caller hung up.
His smiles gently faded away before he got back to our lunch atmosphere.
I was almost done with my food and the time was ticking as fast as it could.
“REX has spoilt this lunch mood, can you imagine this kind of stalking,” I thought to myself as I reached for the glass to pour a little of the chivita on the table.

He started rushing his food and silence engulfed the moment for about 2 minutes before he was able to mutter something to me.
“Do you know REX”? He asked while looking straight to my face.
With a little uneasy feeling, I passively replied his question.

“Yes I do. He is a friend,” I added to help him feel a little bit free around me.
I love introverts; they are not only captivating to me but also very smart in any field they find themselves in life.
“He’s my friend too; we attended same university, University of Lagos, although he was in the computer science department”.
“Hmm…that’s nice,” I responded.

“I guess you were the person he came to see in the office yesterday?” He further asked.
“Sure, I was”.
“That’s lovely, REX is a very good friend and his own type of job is favoring him”.
This was the exact point I didn’t know what to say.

That left me wondering what REX must have told DAVID over the phone.
“Was David pitching for REX now?” I thought to myself while pretending not to have heard his last statement.
“So what do you have to say about my request before we were interrupted?” He asked again.
Well… his question brought me back to normalcy because I thought REX must have scattered it all for me with his stalking calls.
My problem was what to answer him, bearing in mind that most introverts are impatient especially when it has to do with ladies and our peacock shakara.

I was very confused on what to answer, but was smart enough to cover my confusion with my smiles.
“Say something Ucee,” he requested further.
“My eyes have been fixed on your personality from a distance. I simply fell in-love with your type of woman”.
He wasn’t done with the flattering yet….I was just surprised that an introvert like him can go that far with flattering.

I encouraged him to continue talking with my smiles, as if I didn’t know what I was doing.
He quickly and fearfully reached for my left hand, which I placed on the table and covered it with his.
“I want you in my life Ucee,” he seductively said while looking straight into my eyeballs.

I immediately became a little uneasy and shy.
Although I didn’t want him to notice that so I just put my face down as if the drink I was pretending to sip actually had a taste in my taste buds at that particular time.
“Say something to me please,” he further pleaded as he reached for my other right hand.
“Alright Dave, I think we can start by being friends or don’t you think so?”

He smiled and said something that got me worried.
“Ucee, the love I have for you is overwhelming me, please I want you to be more than a friend to me”.
“No matter what you want me to be to you dear, the journey starts from true friendship so that we can understand ourselves better for proper decision sake,” I replied.
“Hmm….now I understand what you mean. Alright, but you have to promise me that you won’t friend zone me,” he instinctively said while making it look like a sarcasm with his facial expressions.
“Hahahahahahahaha, I promise I won’t leave you in the friend-zone”.
“Thank you Ucee,” he replied as he left my two hands and reached for his phone in his pocket.
“Please can I have your number, I’m tired of using the office intercom to reach you?” he asked.

I collected his Iphone 5 from his hands and keyed in my phone number for him to save.
“Thank you,” he greeted as he collected the phone from me.
“Wow, we have only 7 minutes to be in the office, thanks for this wonderful opportunity, I pray we will do this often,” he added as he stood up and worked towards me for a harmless hug.
“You are welcome dear,” I replied as I received his hug and we both walked out to where my car was parked.

He still took over the steering as we headed back to the office.
With all his 007 driving, we still arrived 5 minutes late to the office; thank God our Boss wasn’t around.
We hurriedly rushed into our different offices with the strong conviction that we will talk on phone.
I immediately went back to tidy the remaining task on my table before the day ends.
At around 4:30pm, I was through for the day and ready to go home, but that wasn’t possible because no one leaves the office before 5pm.

Since I still had like 30 minutes to myself before office closing time, I decided to make good use of the remaining minutes to analyze all the men in my life.
First, I decided that once I get back home, I would call up Gerald, announce my loss of interest in his marriage proposal, and probably tell him to come to my office and get back his ring.
I can’t possibly risk telling him to come to the house again before he will repeat the erotic scene that happened the last time he visited.

That of REX, I decided that I would get a little tougher with him and understand what he truly wants from me.
With his flower gift starring at me, I noticed a reduction in my excitement over REX all of a sudden.
“Could it be because of DAVID?”
“Or is God trying to lead me to the right man?”

Those questions enveloped my thoughts as I started packing up my bag to head home.
But I think I like DAVID, and something in me is telling me he is the right man for me even though I barely know much about him, except that he’s my colleague.
I don’t even know if he’s Igbo or Yoruba.

But does that really matter if I like him?
My thoughts were distracted by the tick on the wall clock in my office indicating that it was already 5PM, the time to go home.
As I stood up to carry my bag, I heard a knock on my office door.
Could it be David?

Well, I carried my bag and walked towards the door.


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I'm enjoying this
Re: The Misunderstood Woman By Winifred Oti by Bettyfair09(f): 5:58pm On Jan 22

The last person I expected to see at my office door when I opened it was my nosy neighbor Onyinye.
“Jesus, Onyinye! What are you doing in my office?” I asked surprisingly.
“Babe, na bad thing say I stop to see you for office?” She replied.

“Abeg, shey you don ready to go house?” she added while helping me with my bag.
“Yes, I don ready. But wetin bring you come my office this evening?” I replied her with another question as we walked downstairs together to where David parked my car.

According to her, she came around Victoria Island to pick some weavons and other beauty equipments for her beauty shop and decided to check if I was still in the office so that we could go home together.
Can you imagine that?
What if I decided to stop somewhere before getting home?

Seriously, I’m just getting tired of Onyinye’s daily disturbance.
On reaching where my car was parked, I reached for my bag to collect my car key.
After few minutes of fruitless searching, I remembered that DAVID didn’t hand over my car key to me as we were in a hurry to get back to work.


What am I going to do now?
What will be in Onyinye’s mind if I tell her that a male colleague is with my car key?
I had to play calm and behave as if I forgot it in my office.

“Hey. Onyinye I forgot my car key in the office. Abeg stay here and wait for me while I go for it,” I calmly requested while walking hastily to the stairs.
On the stairs, I had to put a call to DAVID immediately, praying and hoping he was still in his office.

ME: Hello Dave.
DAVID: Yes Ucee.
ME: Please I’m coming upstairs right now, you forgot to give me back my car key. Hope you are still in the office?
DAVID: Oh! My, I’m so sorry dear, sure! I’m still in the office.
ME: (I did a sigh of relieve) Thank God oo, please I’m almost in front of your door. I’m in a hurry.
DAVID: Alright.
And I hung up****

Getting to his office, he quickly opened his door for me to enter.
I was expecting that he will have the key in his hand so he will hand it over to me as I told him I was in a hurry.

Rather, he beckoned on me to enter and he jammed the door behind him.
He sluggishly walked back to his table where the key was lying. There was no sense of urgency in him, as if he never heard me on phone when I told him that I was in a hurry.

Somewhere in mind, I had a feeling that he deliberately did that.
Well, let me watch him to see what’s up his sleeves.
“Dave, please give me the key, I’m in a hurry.” I begged.

“Yea, I know. But I’ll give it to you on one condition; that you tell me your house address.” He jokingly replied.
“I just found out you are starting your work-leave on Monday and would like to visit you one of these days please,” he added while walking closer to me with the keys hanged on his left index finger.

“Why do I feel you intentionally seized my keys Dave?” I asked with disarming smiles.
“Alright, can I have a pen and paper?” I added.
He quickly handed over the closest plain sheet and pen to me.

I penned down my address for him and wanted to quickly rush out to meet up with Onyinye after he handed over the keys to me, but he dragged me back with his left hands and I turned round and caught my bosom directly in front of him.
His eyes were filled with passion, but in as much as I loved men with attractive pink colored lips just like him, I had to turn down that official romance that was about to take place.

“I’m sorry DAVID, I have to be going right now. Someone is patiently waiting for me downstairs,” I cut in to kill the mood.
It worked because he gently let go of me and I rushed out to meet Onyinye.
“Hope I didn’t take so long?” I instinctively asked Onyinye.

“No oo, you no tey. Make we de go bah?” she replied while opening the front passengers’ door after I unlocked the car.
We quickly drove off in order for us to beat the traffic.
All through the time we were on transit, Onyinye kept talking and talking and talking.

From one neighbor’s problem to another, she is really the encyclopedia of our neighborhood.
Fear all these beauty shop owners, many of them know the secret of every of their customers especially the ones staying very close to where their shops are located.
They will not just talk about you; they will also predict how your life will be in years to come.

Seriously, I got pissed with her talks and I had to put on my car MP4 to distract her a bit.
As we got very close to our street, she asked me about the Landlord and his son.
I simply told her that I don’t know anything about them and that I’m not interested in whatever their plans might be.

I did that to protect myself, before my news will be all over the neighborhood that I’m dating my Landlord’s son courtesy of her gossips.
She started giving me a hundred and one reasons why I should agree to my Landlord’s plans.

I simply played deaf to all she said and made her feel a little stupid as I hummed the song ‘unbelievable’ by Craig David that was playing at that moment.

And that made her to end the matter and kept quiet for a while.

“So Onyinye can close her mouth for a minute?”
Very funny…thank God my trick worked.
Finally, we were home at about 7:30pm…that’s Lagos for you.
Onyinye quietly went upstairs with all she bought.
I guessed my attitude pissed her off a little bit.

But who cares?

My prayer is that she even relocates.
I entered my apartment and went straight to take a cold shower.
After having my bath, I had to get busy in the kitchen.
I made noodles and poured out the remaining smoothie from yesterday.

After eating, I had to go back to my bible, kept myself busy, and soaked in God’s word.
I studied the word, proclaimed and prayed until 9:00pm.
I wanted to sleep because I really worked as if it was on a Monday…so, I needed the rest.
As, I was about to sleep David called me.

But I wasn’t in the mood of igniting any silly thoughts that night.

So I ignored the call and slept off***

Re: The Misunderstood Woman By Winifred Oti by Divineroyalty(f): 8:54pm On Feb 13
Hello dear, hope you're alright . it's been a u updated,please o come and finish what you started.

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