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Phones / Re: Apple Watch Series 1 Forsale by AmeboGist: 10:22am On Mar 10
Phones / Re: Apple Watch Series 1 Forsale by AmeboGist: 4:46pm On Feb 26
Phones / Re: Apple Watch Series 1 Forsale by AmeboGist: 4:50am On Feb 26
Phones / Apple Watch Series 1 Forsale by AmeboGist: 7:47pm On Feb 25
Fairly Used, Apple Watch Series 1 forsale with all Accessories! NGN90,000

Phones / American Woman Buys Iphone 6 But Gets A Pack Of Potatoes Instead by AmeboGist: 9:05am On Nov 24, 2017
A woman who thought she has scooped a great Black Friday deal when she bought an iPhone 6 for $100 got a nasty shock when she opened the box.

The unidentified victim was at her home in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, when a man drove past in a black truck with a yellow and red balloon and a sign taped to the side of it reading: " Black Friday sale".

She went out to see what he was offering, and found that the truck was loaded with high-tech items including phones, laptops, DVDs and CDs, as well as clothes, shoes, watches, bags and - bizarrely - bundles of hair.

She asked the man if he had an iPhone 6 and he handed her a phone which appeared to be in good condition. He told her the phone was already activated and the first bill was due in mid-December.

The victim even asked him to call the phone to double-check it was working - and it rang.

She handed over $100 and left with a box containing what she thought was her iPhone and a receipt. It wasn't until she got back inside and opened the box that she realised she'd been duped.

"The box is heavy, and I get home, and this n***** sold me a box of potatoes," she said in a video posted on LiveLeak.

"A box of potatoes for $100 this n***** gave me one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven cut up potatoes. I am not kidding."

To add insult to injury, the box also included an Android charger.

"What the heck am I supposed to do with this?!" the victim said.

Business / Per Second News Retracts Story On Heritage Bank’s Involvement In N150m Fraud by AmeboGist: 12:17pm On Aug 04, 2017
Online news website, Per Second News has retracted a story published on its website where Heritage Bank was fingered as being involved in a N150 million racketeering.

The story had purported employees of the bank and staff of MTN as being instrumental to the swindle of some customers.

The newspaper in a statement said it “has carried out checks on the story and discovered that standard editorial procedures were not followed to verify its authenticity. After making the embarrassing error the headline and content was amended the same day.

“The story was filed by one of our financial correspondent who passed it directly to the IT officer for publication without the consent of any editorial staff. The statement was utterly false. Mr Oyelade Shola-Isaac, 32, Osuolale Hammid, 40, and Akeem Adesina, 33 were never staff of Heritage Bank Plc at any time.

“The correspondent has been fired to serve as a warning that the Per Second News will not tolerate breaches of its editorial integrity.

“We would want to clarify that Heritage Bank staff was never involved in the fraud. Per Second News regrets the damage done to the team by publication of the allegation, and sincerely apologizes to its readers and to the Management of Heritage Bank, employees and customers across the nation,” said the news platform.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Calling All Aspiring Junior Developers by AmeboGist: 4:48pm On Apr 11, 2017
Jobs/Vacancies / Calling All Aspiring Junior Developers by AmeboGist: 10:31pm On Apr 10, 2017
A firm whom is looking to build a developer community is looking to hire young developers into its one year developer program. Here is a breakdown of what they are offering: Start off Salary is NGN100,000 after tax for one year and after one year, developers that meet the requirements would be retained and others let go.

1. Not Older than 25yrs
2. Finished NYSC

CVs should be sent to Developernigeria@gmail.com and CV should categorically state the developer software and language you use.

Best of luck to everyone
Celebrities / Re: Juliet Ibrahim And Icebergslim Are An Item! by AmeboGist: 9:46pm On Mar 03, 2017
It's about time...let her be done with it so all those other dudes still chasing her and having fantasies can now realise it's a dead end and start noticing us

grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin
Celebrities / Juliet Ibrahim And Icebergslim Are An Item! by AmeboGist: 9:13pm On Mar 03, 2017

Now we know who has the sultry Ghanaian Actresses heart, could wedding bells be in the nearest future? IceBergSlim label mate (Trafic) and IceBergSlim cousins seem to have confirmed their engagement. Peep the receipts below.

Properties / Re: Urgent!!! Miniflat Or Two Bedroom Flat Needed!! by AmeboGist: 1:53pm On Feb 26, 2017
Properties / Re: Closed. Closed. Closed. 14 Mini Flats & 4 Room Self Contain 4 Lease & Rent by AmeboGist: 6:57pm On Feb 19, 2017
Painting is done now. I would post pix today. People have started moving in. Thanks.

Waiting on the pictures sir.
Properties / Re: Closed. Closed. Closed. 14 Mini Flats & 4 Room Self Contain 4 Lease & Rent by AmeboGist: 11:36am On Feb 19, 2017
When would they be ready for people to move in?

For more info call Gabriel on 08134273596.

Close to Town Planning, Ilupeju bye-pass, Ikorodu road, Obanikoro & Association Avenue. Thanks.

400k per annum for mini flat
A room self is 250k.
One year payment plan available.

Update: 8 mini flats and no room self remaining.
Lease for 18 years available @ 3.6m
Properties / Re: Urgent!!! Miniflat Or Two Bedroom Flat Needed!! by AmeboGist: 11:27am On Feb 19, 2017
Properties / Urgent!!! Miniflat Or Two Bedroom Flat Needed!! by AmeboGist: 9:42am On Feb 19, 2017
Hi Guys,

I have an urgent need for either a Two Bedroom flat or a Mini Flat in either of the following locations Yaba (Along Herbert Macaulay way, not Onike or Fola Agoro) Maryland (Mende and / or Shonibare Estate), Anthony.

Budget is NGN600k, One year only!

Serious pple should please drop their contacts. (N.B I don't pay to view properties)
Celebrities / Re: Teebillz Goofs Around With His Son, Jamil (Photos, Video) by AmeboGist: 10:08am On Jan 21, 2017
He shouldn't teach him how to attempt suicide

This is the most idiotic statement I have ever heard!!!
Career / Re: Dismissed Staff Were Adequately Compensated – Heritage Bank by AmeboGist: 9:12pm On Jan 19, 2017
My twin bro has not been compensated yet he is a full staff, heads one of their branch in lag here. Heritage Bank is so useless.

Let him sue the bank or better still report them to the relevant authorities for breach of agreement. It's that simple na, let's take our lives into our own hands!
Properties / Re: Housemate Needed In Maryland by AmeboGist: 10:46pm On Jan 18, 2017
How much?
Career / Re: Dismissed Staff Were Adequately Compensated – Heritage Bank by AmeboGist: 10:02pm On Jan 18, 2017

So if you aren't then why are you peddling these bogus lies?
And the issue here is nit about me or how I run my business.
Heritage bank dismissed a lot of staff unjustly simply because they were not legacy staff of theirs.
They claim the dismissed staff were compensated but you know it's a lie.
You come here telling us the category of people dismissed (another untruth) and how they had disciplinary cases (a further lie).

So why won't I call you PRO given your tendency to defend the company despite the unjust nature of these dismissals?

You have not responded to the issues I have raised about the actual compensation or the fact that heritage bank has a liquidity issue that is limiting customer withdrawals to a certain percentage if their balance.

You did not address the issue of how the bank reduced salaries of the dismissed staff in the name of performance induced pay.

You decided to turn the argument around and make it about me.

I see I have been wasting my time debating with a liar and a fraud who like the institution he represents is everything that is wrong with this entity called Nigeria.

You would do well to avoid quoting me because you have absolutely nothing to say and I value my time.

Okay i am gonna say this for the Last time, I am not PRO for Heritage Bank, i just happen to find out facts before jumping into conclusion, now these are the answers you requested

If you know the legacy staff of Heritage Bank, then you would know that ALL of them were sacked - These were the people that started the Bank before the Bank opened its doors to the general public. Compensation like i said, 30working days never finish na? Why is it that people only like a policy when it favours them?

Liquidity issue? Are the customers getting their monies Yes/No? http://www.thisdaylive.com/index.php/2016/12/05/heritage-bank-safe-sound-profitable-says-sekibo/ Please read that article and you will be enlightened.

So because the Bank decided to restructure the salary of Staff and give more incentive to HARD WORKING staff, you are now vexing? Oga if you worked hard, met your deliverables and possibly exceeded it you would have been paid your UNTAXED incentive, After all when you received your total package was it not better that your previous package? so please miss me with that BS. If you didn't like it, you could walked outta the door, collected your compensation and run your own business, where you can be dashing undeserving staff monies they don't deserve.

So please Oga, the minute you realize that any Bank and not only Heritage Bank is a business that has to provide returns to the stakeholders who put money together to setup the business and NOT A CHARITY ORGANIZATION, thats when you will be enlightened.

So my evil minded, Bitter speaking, ex-employee undeserving employee of Heritage Bank, get off your entitled horse and strive to do better....
Career / Re: Dismissed Staff Were Adequately Compensated – Heritage Bank by AmeboGist: 8:24pm On Jan 18, 2017

Oga PRO for Heritage Bank,
Please chill with the lies.

This section quoted is a bare faced lie. The only part that is true is the part about the affected staff being Enterprise Bank staff. And that was the sole purpose of the lay of: to cleanse the remnants of Enterprise Bank.

You say only a few Junior staff were affected and those with existing disciplinary cases were the ones affected.
That is a lie as numerous junior staff were sacked for their previous attachment to Enterprise bank and NOTHING more. Senior management staff of the bank involved in scandals were left alone. Go and ask anybody.

So stop coming here to spew lies.

Staff who have been with the bank in various capacities and different names for over ten years first had their salaries reduced all in the name of paying performance based salaries, then asked to go with paltry sums of N600,000 which they promised to pay in 30 days, which is still pending.
Please don't argue about the so-called working days, because you know that is a lie as well. Just as much as the lie you've been telling your customers whose monies you have trapped and can't pay out because you have a liquidity problem and are seeking new investors to bail you out.

Tell the lies to yourselves and leave the discerning public to judge for themselves.

I wish I was PRO for Heritage Bank oooo, my pocket go dey sweet now!! Anyways take this as a lesson so when you run your own organization you can do better!!
Career / Re: Dismissed Staff Were Adequately Compensated – Heritage Bank by AmeboGist: 11:40pm On Jan 17, 2017

What has the length of my stay in the bank got to do with the false claims they've made


False claims that? They are restructuring their workforce? - I hate to break it to you darling, they did restructure their workforce and you didn't make the cut.

30 Days after termination - Biko did you include the days of no-work? After all you all claim extra leave days when your leave falls on/with a public holiday.

1 Year Basic? - Look at your offer letter and calculate your Basic and get back to us.

1 year HMO for you and your family? - You tell us....

Career / Re: Dismissed Staff Were Adequately Compensated – Heritage Bank by AmeboGist: 11:29pm On Jan 17, 2017

Nigerian way of thinking. Well, it's your choice to reason that way. Good luck to you all.

How is it my choice to reason that way? I am only pointing out the same point you pointed out.... After all are we not all pointers? lool grin grin grin
Career / Re: Dismissed Staff Were Adequately Compensated – Heritage Bank by AmeboGist: 11:24pm On Jan 17, 2017

It is called choice. Not everyone must or can rise up the career ladder. If they are satisfied where they are, how is that anyone's problem?

Same way they made a decision, the decision makers also made a decision... so why is that now our problem? after all the decision makers are satisfied....
Career / Re: Dismissed Staff Were Adequately Compensated – Heritage Bank by AmeboGist: 11:18pm On Jan 17, 2017

That's not the point. There is a reason we have retirement age, as long as a person is still under that age there is no reason for them to be "pushed out". It's just a wrong mentality. That a person is getting older does not mean their ability to contribute is declining. What is wrong is wrong abeg. If the bank wants to pay them off aka redundancy, then they should be transparent and say so.

I agree with you but, why would you stay in one post & one position for 15years!! Na your Papa get the Bank? Moreso, they didnt get the knowledge outta the blue, it was passed to them by an older generation whom left to pave way for them to also grow as the younger generation. so why are they now building house ontop seat that can be taken at any point in time?
Career / Re: Dismissed Staff Were Adequately Compensated – Heritage Bank by AmeboGist: 11:11pm On Jan 17, 2017

Bro/sis this is a blatant lie...
More so, the compensation has only been on paper, no monetary value yet. According to the termination letter all entitlements were supposed to be paid within 30 days of executing the letter ( from 16th December) but till date no show. Besides the compensation is meagre as management trainees got a little above 500k while executive trainees got 700k plus.
Lastly a lot of junior staff were affected without pending disciplinary issues.

My Chairman... How many years you don use for the Bank?

Career / Re: Dismissed Staff Were Adequately Compensated – Heritage Bank by AmeboGist: 11:06pm On Jan 17, 2017

How does this justify anything?

It seems you are an insider hence the reason you can be quoting percentages. All I will say is what goes around comes around.

I wish it had to do with me being an inside staff, How do you expect the junior staff to grow and have career progression when a senior staff has been on the same seat for over ten years and they have refused to resign? Common lets be honest with ourselves here.

Push out the Older ones, so the younger ones can grow... simple!!
Career / Re: Dismissed Staff Were Adequately Compensated – Heritage Bank by AmeboGist: 10:21pm On Jan 17, 2017
Let me weigh into this Heritage Bank news with authentic information. I think one of the major issues that Heritage Bank has had in the past is the lack of communication when bad press begins to start, but i like this Fela Ibidapo administration, more grease to his elbows....

Now to the matter at hand, Heritage Bank laid off staff and this lay off was done late last year. all the legacy Heritage Bank senior staff and close to retirement age staff of the acquired Enterprise Bank were asked to go and their compensation started from 1YEAR BASIC SALARY (WITHOUT TAX), 1YEAR HMO COVERED PLAN FOR THE AFFECTED STAFF AND THIER FAMILIES, writing off of the existing staff loans just to name a few.

Majority of the affected staff especially those from the Acquired Enterprise Bank staff had at most 1year till retirement and 98% had trained their kids through school with most of them working in good organizations, and only a few junior staff were affected and these staff had existing disciplinary cases against them.

Heritage Bank Plc says it is true that it is restructuring its workforce, but it is also “adequately compensating” affected members of staff.

The bank, which sacked 400 members of staff in December 2016, said this was done “as part of efforts geared towards greater efficiency and resource optimization, in line with its growth and industry innovative agenda”.

In a statement by signed by Fela Ibidapo, its spokesperson, the bank said: “The restructuring processes was to up scale the institution’s activities in the strategic sectors of the economy as well as concentrating on and deploying its expertise and competences to specific business areas where it enjoys comparative business advantage.”

It hinted that the recent restructuring came after it reviewed senior staff bench strength and industry standards, and realigned certain roles bank-wide.

It also said it elevated some members of its workforce with higher responsibilities, which is in line with its ongoing determination to re-position.

“The vibrant workforce will enable the bank achieve its vision of being the Nigerian most innovative banking of choice in service delivery, superior returns to its various stakeholders and as well contribute to the growth of the nation’s economy,” Heritabe Bank said.

“This position is buttressed by the fact that the bank is well-known for supporting small businesses, which is another way of bringing as many small businesses as possible together in a bid to add value to MSME sector of the economy.”

It said it had “deliberately focused on the SME segment in a bid to create a fresh set of vibrant entrepreneurs that will create jobs and distribute wealth in the Nigerian economy because of recent statistics, which indicate high unemployment among the youths that make up a large percentage of the population”.

One of its initiatives in the MSME sector is its partnership with the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) under the N3billion CBN Youth Innovative Entrepreneurship Development Programme (YIEDP), which is targeted at youth, particularly current National Youth Service Corps members and those within five years of post-service exit.

The bank also launched a N500 million Young Entrepreneurs and Students (YES) Grant in Lagos. The initiative, which is in partnership with the Nigerian Youth Professional Forum (NYPF), will “support students and young entrepreneurs toward socio-economic freedom”.


Properties / Re: In Search Of A 2 Bedroom Flat To Rent. by AmeboGist: 2:07pm On Jan 13, 2017
Properties / Re: In Search Of A 2 Bedroom Flat To Rent. by AmeboGist: 7:52am On Jan 13, 2017

What of oregun. It's close to opebi

Sure if I get something decent
Properties / Re: In Search Of A 2 Bedroom Flat To Rent. by AmeboGist: 10:32pm On Jan 12, 2017

Come to ogba... I will give u a very nice apartment

Thanks for the offer, but Ogba is off my areas of interest
Properties / In Search Of A 2 Bedroom Flat To Rent. by AmeboGist: 9:26pm On Jan 12, 2017
Hi Guys,

I am currently in search of a two bedroom apartment to rent, my areas of interest are Yaba (off Herbert Macaulay way, no iwaya and the rest), Mende, Oban Ilori Strt, Anthony, Opebi, Allen and Surulere (off Bode Thomas would be ideal).

My budget is 600k, One year rent option (economy is tight).

If you have apartments please mail me on Talktobode@gmail.com.

Business / Heritage Bank 2nd Edition Business Fair by AmeboGist: 6:26pm On Sep 21, 2016
Be a part of the most exciting shopping event of the year – The 2nd edition of the Heritage Bank Business Fair is here! This is a platform for budding businesses across Lagos state to showcase their goods and services while enjoying fantastic networking opportunities. The fair serves as the perfect hangout for families and friends and promises loads of shopping and fun activities.

Date: October 2nd & 3rd, 2016
Time: 10AM – 5PM
Venue: Plot 12 LigaliAyorinde (Besides Pan Ocean Building), Victoria Island Lagos


Over 50 vendors
Top brands
Discounted prices on goods and services
Raffle draw
Music & entertainment
Kiddies corner
Special guest appearance
How to Participate:

To book a space at the Heritage Bank Business Fair, kindly send an email to info@hbng.com on or before Friday23/09/2015 or call our multilingual contact centre on 0700HERITAGE or 012369000 or 016309000.
Participation is open to all customers & non-customers. Entry is FREE

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