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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Is This True??? by Debroslink: 1:05am
What about this address: 161 Ikorodu road, Onipanu, Lagos. Are they for real or fake?
Religion / Re: House On The Rock Lagosbranch Bans The Use Of Mini Skirts & Heels Tochurch by Debroslink: 7:29pm On Jul 30

My dear, listen to yourself and whatever "totally different from your line of reasoning" means
- LOL I suppose the fear of the Jezebel spirit is beginning of wisdom. Yeah?

Didn't OP ask: Should the use of mini-skirts and high-heeled shoes be abolished in Nigerian churches?

Fact is, mini-skirts and high heels are unavoidable,
we jam them in working places, when commuting to or fro, back and forth, they are on the high streets etc etc
The same way we deal with them in these other circumstances shouldn't be any different in "House of the Rock" or any other public place
"female choir members not to wear High-heeled shoes again", what a nanny "House of the Rock" is turning into
Is it only in "House of the Rock" that men come into contact with "distracting mini skirts"?
It shouldn't be an issue especially for a believer worth his mettle.
Shalom and Take care

Are u a Christian at all? So because miniskirts are common in the society means that it should be approved in the church? U agree that it is unholy,yet you are approving it in d church? Is that how to prepare for heaven?
When u come to the house of the Lord, you come to cleanse and amend your ways, not to encourage temptations.

In fact I doubt your salvation.

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European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Official Manchester United Fan Thread:''20 Times EPL Champion by Debroslink: 9:37am On Jul 28
Omo see that goal.
Religion / Re: If God Is Everywhere Is He In Hell Too ?? by Debroslink: 6:44pm On Jul 27

good to know

After knowing this, what are u gonna do about it? Lemme guess... U gonna look for another controversial question and create another thread, and the cycle goes on and on.
Religion / Re: If God Is Everywhere Is He In Hell Too ?? by Debroslink: 6:40pm On Jul 27

But is God there?

Whether God is in hell or not does not change the fact that you are an atheist. Now that someone has given scriptural references to back up the fact that God is there, I expect your next question to be... If God is in hell and He sees people suffering, then is He not a wicked being?

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Sports / Re: Update on WWE Recent Shows by Debroslink: 12:03pm On Jul 27
Jskelly11: who told you that john cena gave him a blow with a chain in his hand and the attitude adjustment on a steel step every body knows cena always wins big match

Just a single blow with chain, and AA on steel step won him the match. SCRIPTED. I'm sure u watched Lesnar vs CM Punk last year Summerslam. Punk used the steel chair on Lesnar different times but still lost the match.

You said Cena wins big matches, well u are right. However Cena has never won Randy Orton 1on 1on any PPV match. I believe Lesnar will beat Cena if not scripted by WWE.
Sports / Re: Update on WWE Recent Shows by Debroslink: 11:09pm On Jul 26
onyeomaonyeoma: if u think for a second that brock lesnar will beat John cena u are joking cos d last time dey fought cena won and I think it was a no hold bare when john laurinites (a k a people's power) was raw g m

My brother, that match was scripted. Lesnar owned Cena throughout. Cena was covered with his own blood. A single AA by Cena won him the match, however a more dangerous tombstone by Undertaker couldn't beat Lesnar. Everyone who follows WWE knows the match was scripted.

You don't expect Lesnar who had been away for 5 good years to come back and beat the face of the company just like that. It will make WWE lose a lot of credibility. The match had to be scripted for Cena to win.
Sports / Re: Update on WWE Recent Shows by Debroslink: 8:38pm On Jul 26
Jskelly11: Smackdown results the usos df rybaxel
dean ambrose def cesaro no dq match
bo dallas def dolph ziggler

bray wyatt def r-truth my favourite ROMAN REIGNS DEF del rio with combos of superman punch and spear FEAR THE SPEAR

In as much as I like Reigns, he's too predictable for me. Kick in the head, superman punch, and spear. Nothing more. He needs to add more skills to his armoury. He's already been pushed to the top, but if he wants to be the main guy, he has to beat the main guys... Cena and Lesnar.
Sports / Re: Update on WWE Recent Shows by Debroslink: 8:33pm On Jul 26
Cena had better inform his doctor of the beating he's gonna receive from the most dangerous Star in WWE since 2002... Brock Lesnar.
Sports / Re: Mourinho: Shaw Wages Would Have 'killed' Chelsea by Debroslink: 8:28pm On Jul 26
Omero: To me its not mind game as being spec. but an over hyping of English average playas by their teams n media. C how dey undaperform at d just concluded WC, dats how Rio Ferdinand was also overpriced from Leeds by ManU 4 €30M far back 2002 or so. since then he has been called by dat name €30M- meaning Flop. dey (English) will keep on undapaforming in major tournaments with dis their bias lifestyle. Nonsense!

Remember Carroll of £35m, and Suarez £20m I think... Who is the better player? Luke Shaw can never match Fillipe Luis's achievements.

If Luke Shaw can earn $160,000 per week, Iyeanacho deserves better.


Sports / Re: Mourinho: Shaw Wages Would Have 'killed' Chelsea by Debroslink: 8:25pm On Jul 26

guy, d mata dey pain u ni
How low can your IQ be?
Sports / Re: Mourinho: Shaw Wages Would Have 'killed' Chelsea by Debroslink: 5:39pm On Jul 26
Mourinho is only trying to expose the English media on how they over hype their players. Imagine a 19 year old sold for £30m, while a seasoned CL and Europa Cup winner plus Laliga champion sold for £16m.

This is why England will NEVER win a major tournament, and Mourinho is telling them so. Instead of seeing their error, they say Mourinho is playing mind games.


European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Fc Barcelona Fan Thread: "més Que Un Club" by Debroslink: 9:38am On Jul 26
Who was that no 9 guy that did the tap in to Messi's pass?
Phones / Re: Get The Fastest Android Browser by Debroslink: 10:51pm On Jul 25
defemz: Uc browser is the fastest browser in the world. The speed and data save is out of this world.

CM browser is the real deal. It's the fastest and download speed naa baba. You can download 10 files at d same time.

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Sports / Re: Who Are Your Best Footballers Of All-time? (the Players You Watched Play) by Debroslink: 3:36pm On Jul 25
tuffgongjo: after 1997$1998 he wasn't d same anymore,even @ milan I don't think he played 10games.

That Redondo made me love Real Madrid in 2000. The guy singlehandedly destroyed ManUtd @ old Trafford in CL match. That guy redefined the no 4 role in world football. Makelele was his understudy then.

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Religion / Re: Christians: The Big Question Even Your Pastor Can't Answer by Debroslink: 8:10am On Jul 25

Thanks bros. Now coming to the issue of purpose, the purpose of creating man I believe is not for us to be tormented by the devil.
We know the attributes/nature of God as we learnt from the bible that he is omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient. He is also a Loving God and he is also a God of judgment/wrath. Also God of mercy. There is nothing in the bible that shows that God does not want these attributes of him to be made manifest but there are a lot in the bible that shows that God does not pretend about his nature. Also in Malachi 3:6 God said he is unchangeable, which means that he never developed any of these nature of his after creation or as a result of his creation rather this has been his nature before he created all things.
In the light of this, how then can his judgment/wrath be made manifest if lucifer did not sin? I mean he couldn't have started unleashing judgment/wrath in a perfect, peaceful and sinless heaven. Again how then could we experience his mercy if there was no sin? His mercy wouldn't have manifested. This is why I said God allowed the fall of lucifer and the fall of man for a purpose. Let me know your views about this then we can proceed till we get to the other question you raised in Genesis.

I agree with you 100%. The problem or truth of the matter is that we can NEVER know His purpose due to our limitations as humans. The secret things belong to Him. Even the Bible does not tell us everything about God. However, we argue and raise our facts based on the Bible. The Bible is our level about God. It is not God's level about Himself.

Serve God and obey His commandments. That's our purpose on earth. Let's do that and fulfill it instead of trying to understand God's purpose which will lead to nowhere. The secret things that belong to God will be revealed to us at afterlife.

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Religion / Re: Christians: The Big Question Even Your Pastor Can't Answer by Debroslink: 12:20am On Jul 25

Yeah you are right that God gave us freewill but the question here now is- Since God is all-knowing, did he know that Lucifer will fall before he created him or did lucifer's action take him unawares? If he knew, then what made him to go ahead and create him, and if he didnt know, then does that not mean that he is not all-knowing? Whats your take on this pls?

The death of Christ on the cross was done even before God created Adam and Eve. Does that answer your question?
Religion / Re: Christians: The Big Question Even Your Pastor Can't Answer by Debroslink: 12:16am On Jul 25
When Christians begin to use logical reasonings to question God's ways, that is the beginning of apostasy. This is a sign of the last days, so beware. Remember, the foolishness of God is better than the wisdom of man.

Christians, do the needful while on earth. Serve God and keep His commandments. When we get to heaven, we'll understand all these things.

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Phones / Re: Get The Fastest Android Browser by Debroslink: 7:25am On Jul 24
hemor: brfore wasting my useful data on downloading dis CM Browser or puffin do they have good JavaScript and ajax support unlike opera mini. If not then i don't need effing need them.
Yes it has. It even comes with adobe flash player whereby you can stream videos and watch events and matches LIVE without using any 3rd party application.
Sports / Re: Update on WWE Recent Shows by Debroslink: 8:19pm On Jul 23
Jskelly11: Waiting for mainevent lets see how the super athlete rusev will crush ireland(sheamus)
Main event is rubbish
Phones / Re: Get The Fastest Android Browser by Debroslink: 5:56pm On Jul 23
tempem: puffin rocks great
Broz just give CM Browser a trial. You will never regret it.
Phones / Re: Get The Fastest Android Browser by Debroslink: 5:52pm On Jul 23
I have been using it for 2 months now. It is the best browser in the world. You can download more than 5 files @ d same time. The download speed is awesome. They are also the reason I've stopped browsing on my PC.
Clean Master, una well done ooh.

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Phones / Re: Tecno M7 Specifications And Features by Debroslink: 6:30pm On Jul 22
oketex4u: Plz dear Admin am having d problem in my techno m7, My Twitter, mobo player n some other apps uninstalled n its own n am trying to reinstall them but they refuse installation. Pls I need ur help. 08035575320 add me up

Are u seeing error 24 from Google play when installing? If yes, there is a way out
Sports / Re: Update on WWE Recent Shows by Debroslink: 3:39pm On Jul 22
vosquare: i no understnd stephanie arrest...arrested for in

John cena vs my client....d match go tough o..,i folo cena...

Rusev guy no dy lose?

Stephanie is d biggest heel in WWE right now. The feud between her and the Bellas is awesome. I want both of them to clash @ summerslam.

I want Brock to break Cena to pieces. Welcome back Lesnar. Please do to Cena what you did to d Deadman@ Wreslemania.
Sports / Re: Update on WWE Recent Shows by Debroslink: 9:15am On Jul 21
lovelyronke20: Wwe battleground
Adam rose vs fandango winner: Adam rose
Today is Adam rose's birthday

Naomi vs cameron winner: cameron

The Usos vs Luke Harper and Erik Rowan for the tag team championship winner: The Usos

Paige vs AJ Lee for divas championship winner: Aj lee

Rusev vs Jack swagger winner: Rusev won by countout.

Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins winner: Seth Rollins defeated Dean Ambrose via forfeit after triple h bans Ambrose

Chris Jericho vs bray Wyatt winner: Chris Jericho

Intercontinental championship winner: the miz

Wwe world heavyweight championship john cena vs randy Orton vs roman reigns and Kane winner: john cena
Everything is scripted. Even before d show began,there was this promo of Cena vs Lesnar @ summerslam, so I knew before hand that Cena would win the fatal 4 way match.

Bray Wyatt's loss is just to boost the progress of Jericho. I believe the feud will continue, and Wyatt will eventually win Jericho @ the bigger PPV Summerslam.
Sports / Re: Top 5 Greatest Strikers Of All Time?? by Debroslink: 7:32pm On Jul 15
acenazt: Op Messi and CR7 are not even strikers. They are forwards. RWF,LWF,SS
Raul Gonzalez

Forget that one. Messi and CR7 are better than all strikers @ any club level ever. Why? They have a better goal per game ratio. These 2 players have redefined football.
Sports / Re: Top 5 Greatest Strikers Of All Time?? by Debroslink: 7:27pm On Jul 15
hifaif: There was one Hungarian striker who scored more goals than Messi and Ronaldo put together. I can't remember his name.
Does Pukas have a better goal per game ratio than C.Ronaldo @ Madrid? I bet he doesn't.

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Sports / Re: Update on WWE Recent Shows by Debroslink: 4:43pm On Jul 15
I love d build up between rusev and swagger. Anyone who wins @ battleground will experience a huge boost in his career. I think Rusev will win.

The feud between Bray and Jericho is also interesting. If Bray wins, it will improve his heel status that was damaged by Cena. If not, Bray may go d way of Ryback(if u know what I mean).

As for the fatal 4 match, well, we all know that John Cena will win. He's already scripted to face Brock Lesnar @ Summerslam as the WWE WHC. I guess Paul Heyman purposely didn't come up with Cesaro on last Monday so as to properly introduce himself as the ONE behind the ONE with Twenty ONE and ONE... Brock Lesnar
Sports / Re: Top 5 Greatest Strikers Of All Time?? by Debroslink: 4:25pm On Jul 15
edi287: My top 5 would be:
1. Ronaldo(r9)
2. Romario
3. Van Basten
4. Henry
5. Batigol.

Who would you put in your top 5??
None I repeat NONE of them is greater than Messi and C.Ronaldo. Did any of them bag 50 goals per season consistently?


Sports / Re: Did Messi Deserve The World Cup Golden Ball? by Debroslink: 1:41am On Jul 14
cr7lomo: Pls some of u Sud stop bein biased , try read games , d moment di Maria got injured , Argentina cudnt score again til d WC ended . Messi only performed in d group stage ( one of d weakest groups ) even d argentine press said after d group stage dat Argentina just started dia WC . Di Maria was d main tonic dat was missing in d team , I bliv if it was messi dat was injured and di Maria available , Argentina wud hv beaten d Dutch in normal time and wud hv lifted dis cup . Di Maria's style of play creates space for messi
Typical comment from a Ronaldo fan. Where was DiMaria against the so-called weak teams? Who assisted DiMaria on his goal?
What is d contribution of Ronaldo @ this world cup?

Pls stop discarding the achievements of Messi @ this world cup because he has performed better and has scored more goals @ this world cup than C.Ronaldo has done in all 3 world cups he has participated.


Sports / Re: Germany Vs Argentina: World Cup Final (1 - 0) On 13th July 2014 by Debroslink: 1:30am On Jul 14
Nah, I couldn't care about who gets the Golden Ball as long as Germany carried this cup home, I am happy that my Germany made me proud today, any other player can get the consolation prizes created by Fifa.grin
Your Germany? You can even lick the devil's azz as long as he's against Messi's success.
Your wet dream Portuguese boyfriend will NEVER play a world cup final match and you know it. Messi is being compared to d all time greats. Ronaldo will never reach such heights.
Sports / Re: Did Messi Deserve The World Cup Golden Ball? by Debroslink: 1:15am On Jul 14
1miccza: Hell No!!!He doesn't not even close at all!!!!
Go and collect it from him and give C. Ronaldo

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