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Religion / Imagination - The Power Of God In Man (a Book We Are Giving To You Free) by homeofabundance: 11:13am On Jan 18
Imagination is the Greatest Power in the world. Without it, there will be no ideas and without ideas, there will be no external thought forms and external forms is everything we can see with our eyes and feel with our hands e.g. clothes, biro, computer, gadgets e.t.c Everything we see once exists in the mind of a man who conceives the present form in the manner of ideas.

Every man has Imagination, it all depends on the way it is used. It is the gift of GOD to man, that is why every man has the capacity of greatness in him especially if he uses his imagiation. Whe you imagine, what you are thinking about is already available on the astral/spiritual plane and is on the way to physical reality by the Law of Growth via your actions and your assumed belief that "What You Think/Imagine Is So". It is the greatest treasure GOD gave to man to make him fulfill his desires and create what he wants from the universe.

Africans have it, NAmericans have it, Asians have it and how it used is what makes men different from another. It ca be used to gain fame, control men, build things, make money, generate ideas, WHAT DO YOU WANT, Imagination can get it for you because a brilliant sage, Napoleon Hill says "Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve". It is a very true saying for it is the fundamental to everything you want to get out of life.

The reason the Imagination is very powerful is because it is dealing with the Universal Mind and it connects us to it hence we receive ideas, inspirations, situations, evenst that turns our desire into reality. Let a man be poor who desires riches come to realize the value and power of his imagination and in the midst of poverty conceives himself as having wealth i.e. fine cars, good houses, nice clothes and other beauties of life i.e. seeing himself big, believing and knowing he is rich and you will be suprised how the universe will co-ordinate the man's life to bring him riches. How you ask me? Imagination will create ideas, situations that he will pass through and when he follows through, he shall be rich in the manner he wants to. You limit yourself by the belief you give to your imagination.

History has many examples of this kind of people even to the present day. Hardwork does not make a man rich hence labourers who work from sun out to moon in will be the richest. To struggle in life is also not the way to fulfillment. It is the man who desires to be rich and imagines himself wealthy independent of his situations and acts upon the ideas and inspirations coming to him from his subconscious mind that will become rich in due time.

I know of a woman who wants to become a doctor. Her name is Temi but she is a slave to her rich boss. She looks at the mirror everyday telling herself she is a professional doctor, she sees herself as having professional medical certificates hanging on her wall, she does all these things in her mind with certainty and feeling while in present reality, she is a slave and works for her boss who sends her on errands in a way that breaks her down by the end of the day. Reality is what you call reality in your mind. Reality is not your present situations, it is accepting that your situations are your reality. Your present situations and circumstances do not determine you. If you do not like what you see of yourself in the external world, go to your inner world and see yourself as you want to be. See yourself rich, famous, powerful, brilliant (anything) and very soon, you will become so. It is your right as your human being to close the doors of reality and go to your imagination and see yourself as you want to be. Let me continue the journey of the story.

One day, as she was coming from her errand the master sent her, Elizabeth had an accident on the road. Elizabeth was a very rich woman who had no children of her won but she was into properties and real estate. Not minding where she was going to, Temi was the first to attend to her, she became her rich Samaritan and took her to the hospital. They treated her and she became alright in a few weeks time. When Elizabeth was alright, she insisted on seeing Temi, the slave girl who saved her life hence she was given directions on how to get her.

Fortunately for Temi, her master was not around when Elizabeth came to her house, being grateful for her help and demanded what she wanted her to do for her. The lady told her desire that her greatest happiness was to be a professional medical doctor but it is not possible for her to be because she is a slave and does not know how to achieve her dream. Little did she know she was dealing with a very rich woman who has the funds to set her free from her predicament and give her a life of her own.
In few months time, Temi having forgotten Elizabeth and the occurence of she ever saved a person's life, the rich lady visited her once again now to see her boss and she bought Temi from her at a very large price to give her freedom.

She also gave Temi large sums of money to do what she likes, only on one condition, to become her daughter which she never had and Elizabeth says that would make her very happy. Summary, the lady had the funds to attend a medical college and still had more money left to her to use for daily needs. She became the medical doctor she wanted to be but do not even try to forget this fact, the time she was seeing herself as a doctor in her mind, there was no external condition in the outside world that supported her dream but by the power of imagination that turns desires into reality, she became the embodiment of her desire. Imagination does not need anyone for you to achieve your dedire, if it takes 500,000 men to make you live your dream, Imagination will make it so. Never look to external reality to be what you want, see yourself in your mind the way you want to be and you shall become it.

- Imagination is the gift given to all men. Everybody has it.
- Reality is not reality. Reality is what you call and accept it in your mind.
- You can be whatever you want to be. See yourself as you want to be and by the Law of Imagination creates Reality working with the Law of Growth, you shall become what you want to be.
- Do not depend upon external reality, WHAT DO YOU WANT? Focus on your Imaginaation and if takes the universe to be traingular for you to get what you want, so shall it be.
- Imagination is the greatest power in the world. Do not misuse it by being negative of yourself.
- If you do not like what you are seeing in your present reality, go change it in your imagination. It is your Right as a human being.
- You are present living in the creation of your Imagination.

This is a Book and we are giving it out free so you can know the Treasure and Power fo GOD in you hence you can use it to change you relaity. You do not need to depend upon anybody for anything you want, you have the greatest power that created the universe in you. Do not limit yourself.

Join HouseOfAbundance at facebook, we are doing Prosperity Exercises that will boost your Abundance Zone and we are in Week 3. Every Sunday, we shall be posting the exercise for the week.

You are Blessed.

Join the The Most Powerful Movement at facebook at http://on./1hSgrq8 or at twitter at http:///19GWoLI

HouseOfAbundance is a MasterMind Community where YOU Expand Your ABUNDANCE Capacity to Receive Unlimited Miracles from the Universe!!!

Learn how to attract abundance and wealth into your life.
Religion / Re: Prophecies For Year 2014 From The House Of Abundance by homeofabundance: 7:28pm On Jan 04
Chazzyboy: This is the best prophecy so far may it come to pass

It Will, We are living in a World of Expansion and Abundance so It will.

Join the The Most Powerful Movement at facebook at http://on./1hSgrq8 or at twitter at http:///19GWoLI

HouseOfAbundance is a MasterMind Community where YOU Expand Your ABUNDANCE Capacity to Receive Unlimited Miracles from the Universe!!!

Learn how to attract abundance and wealth into your life.
Religion / Prophecies For Year 2014 From The House Of Abundance by homeofabundance: 12:26pm On Jan 04
These are the Prophecies from the HouseOfAbundance for Year 2014:

1. Enlightened Beings will arise and improve the economy (They will be relied upon) than the Government.

2. Churches and Success Schools will arise and grow better, richer and larger than ever before.

3. There will be a big trend movement from Entertainment, Music, Sports to Enlightenment and Empowerment.

4. There will be lots of prophecies against The President of none shall come to pass, they would not even occur.

5. Nigeria is going to be a fine place to live in.

6. More Nigerians will be living better and happier than ever before, there will be increase of Joy independent of the economy or situations in Nigeria.

7. More than 100,000 Nigerians would be Millionaires and Self-Made independent of the economy and these people would in turn empower over 10 Million Nigerians hence people would not need to depend upon Government and Companies for jobs and their security, this will happen before July 2014.

8. There will be less submitting of C.V.s for Jobs and Employment this year because people would be Entrepreneurs of themselves not needing anybody or any one for their future. Companies that pose for their brand should beware, it is about to be over.

9. Politics and their strategies would not have appeal to many Nigerians this year because of Enlightenment hence people will have low respect and indifference to Politicians.

10. All Politicians (ALL) will change their strategies to gain people because people will not just give them attention for their old methods of persuasion because their eyes have opened.

11. People will come to realize the Abundance of GOD and the Universe in unbelieveable ways than ever before hence would not trust on men but on GOD for their source of Provision and Supply.

12. There are going to lots of good comments about Nigeria abroad and in many foreign countries this year, they are going to respect Nigerians and their achievements.

13. More than 1 Million youths would be independent and rich enterpreneurs via legal oppotunities, majority would be online and internet-based.

14. There is going to be a sharp movement trend from illegal businesses (YahooYahoo) to Legit Online Businesses due to enlightenment that will burst out in this country.

15. Before 2016, Clickbank, Paypal, Ebay e.t.c would accept and approve Nigerians and the movement is starting this year.

16. Many ladies are going to move from prostitution and runs to being Independent.

17. All bad situations that arise in this country will only come to favour the country for expansion and the movement has started since but it is small changes observed but it will be very visible this year e.g. what you people call ASUU strike only favours the youth and has fulfilled people more than ever before, many youths have become Enterpreneurs and Bosses because of ASUU Strike e.g. Superstar WizKid will not be where he is if it was not for ASUU strike of 6 months in 2010, it was one
of the things that has turned him to be who he is, go and ask him if you see him, if he is honest with you, he would tell you hence get ready to see Rich Enterpreneurs made this year.

18. Before 2018, Nigeria is going be in the Top list of the world's most developing countries growing at a faster rate than usual and the Movement starts this year.

19. Many people are going to be spiritually-inclined this year. This country will experience Massive Spiritual Transformation this year.

20. Pastors and Spiritually-Inspired men are going to be richer, live bigger and become powerful than ever,there will be increase in the Glory of the church. They would be stronger than the Governemnt this year, the Goverment and economy would even need their help, there is nothing that can be done about this fact.

21. If you do not have #HigherVision or #BigPurpose in this Year 2014, you are going to be frustrated but do not worry at least Greater Hope than usual is on the way. People with #Passion in this year will be more happier and fulfilled than those who do not.

22. This is of the utmost importance, people are going to have low respect for pastors, people, artistes, celebrities, stars and prophets of any kind, known or unknown that see and talk about bad things (whether prophecy, vision, real or false) about this Country and they may be DOWNGRADED OR REJECTED in every where they are if they do not take care of their mouths. Be warned, especially prophets that always see and talk evil about this country.

People, so adjust and prepare for the Light has come to stay in Nigeria #GODLovesUsSoMuch #TheUniverseisGOOD #ToGODBeTheWholeGlory

Join the The Most Powerful Movement at facebook at http://on./1hSgrq8 or at twitter at http:///19GWoLI

HouseOfAbundance is a MasterMind Community where YOU Expand Your ABUNDANCE Capacity to Receive Unlimited Miracles from the Universe!!!

We wish you a Prosperous 2014.

The Prophecies come as a Direct Inspiration from Mediation on the Word of GOD especially PS 24:1 and also from Spiritual Movements like #TheSecret, #TheLawOfAttraction #TheCovenant #TheLawOfAbundance #TheLawOfSeedAndHarvest e.t.c.

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