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Webmasters / Learn How To Design A Website Here by IamOlusa(m): 4:53am On Jul 09

Our masterclass on how to build a website without spending a dime is on.

In the master class you will learn so many things like.
1. How to create a responsive website.
2. How to create a professional wordpress without spending a dime.
3. How to build a website using php script.
4. How to clone a wordpress website without having access to the dashboard or cpanel
5. How to edit template to suit your taste.
6. Free 20 wordpress theme you can explore.
7. How to get free domain
8. How to monetize your blogging skills
9. How to edit videos
10. And many wordpress hacks.
11. How to create an e-commerce website.

To register.
The registration fee is #10,000 but for those that will register before 11:59pm of 9th July. this month, will pay #2,000.

PS; This fee will increase per week depending on the time of registration.

To register.

Transfer or deposit the money to below account


After payment send a message with your teller number or transaction ID to 08030738485 and your whatsapp number.
You will added immediately after confirmation of the payment.

Your payment is refundable before the commencement of the class.
Whatsapp me 08030738485
Webmasters / Re: I Will Create A Professional Website For At Lowest Price by IamOlusa(m): 4:51am On Jul 05

Slot booked, link to previous works ?

Webmasters / Re: I Will Create A Professional Website For At Lowest Price by IamOlusa(m): 2:59pm On Jun 30

Slot booked, link to previous works ?

tested free.ga
Webmasters / I Will Create A Professional Website For At Lowest Price by IamOlusa(m): 6:14am On Jun 29
I will create a professional website for you at just 10k and below for the first 10 people to book the slots.
To register, message me on whatsapp 08030738485
Webmasters / How To Design A Website Without Buying Domain And Hosting Plan by IamOlusa(m): 6:06am On Jun 29
I will be teaching nairalanders who registered for my masterclass how to design a website for free in wordpress and your domain will be as short as possible I.e not word press. Com

To register for just 1k, drop your whatsapp number.

from this you can design any website of your own.

visit testedfree.ga for demo
Education / Re: Biochemistry Seminar Topic(s) Needed by IamOlusa(m): 1:44pm On Jun 01
Hello great people,I am Tobi,an undergraduate student of AAUA,biochemistry dept. Have been told by my seminar supervisor to look for seminar topic to present hopeful this week.
Anybody with good seminar topic and material should kindly post it here or better still send it to my mail alashetobi10@gmail.com...Thanks and God bless...Cheers..

When is your presentation and where is the venue?
i am at AAUA
Education / Re: Biochemistry Seminar Topic(s) Needed by IamOlusa(m): 1:43pm On Jun 01
When is your seminar?
Romance / Re: Lady Who Posted Her Topless Picture On Facebook, Blasted By Online Users by IamOlusa(m): 12:16am On May 30
Business / Re: Tips And Tricks To Earn On Fiverr As A Nigerian by IamOlusa(m): 4:01am On May 11
That you aren't making money on Fiverr doesn't mean that others don't. You just have to modify your strategy. Feel free to ask questions. smiley


How will i recieve my money?
Literature / Is This How To Love? by IamOlusa(m): 1:27pm On May 09

As I walked through the aisle that leads to my class one evening, it seems the sun had just taken a shuttle to the west to rest for that day. It was a bit cool and serene, after 10 minutes of endless walking, I finally stopped at one of the relaxation center to cool my head and settle my nerves with cold carbonated drink because I received a call saying the class wasn’t going to hold.

I thought I was old enough to have seen all things underneath the heaven, but what I saw shocked me with the speed of lightening and shattered my heart into pieces. I picked up every pieces of my heart and fixed them back with great distress. I saw two young students whose age is not even sufficient to possess a voters card smooching , with the girl sitting on his lap and telling each other s lips a secret. It took like a fraction of two minutes for them to stop kissing each other in the public. Shameless!

Is this how to love? I will ask my father.

I‘ve seen many scenario like that but what puzzled and shocked me must was their attitude and mentality toward what they were doing.
Was that the real definition of love? I will ask my father.
When I thought I had seen it all, many girls leave their domicile to stay with a person they met in school which they refers to boyfriend , many lives with their boyfriend for weeks and month skipping classes and doing irrelevant and immoral things together. Some even take their bath together if not all when some legally couples don’t even do that. Is this love or shamelessness?

You think I am guilt of this as well? Ask my father and I will ask your father too to know if you are guilty of this as well.

Before you start judging you and me, hear me out.

This one am about to tell you threw me in the pool of sadness and dejection, I wept away my life and spring of tears gush out of my eyes when I saw it, I lamented with my heart filled with a single question which I’ve not be able to answer.

Is this how to love?

A young lass was beaten by a young boy along my street that attracted hubbub, everyone gathered in the front of the villa to asked what she had done to deserve such beating crusification. After so much interventions from the people, we found out that the girl was his girlfriend and she had failed to cook for him before he came back from class. Upon hearing this foolish talk I was ashamed of adulthood, teenhood and young youthood, I hid my face between my legs and shook my head in dejection.

Is this how to love?

Is this love or shameless?

Ask your father and I will ask my father too, if this is all about LOVE.

PS: This write up came up due to what I see in my environment and I’m not pin pointing to anyone here, just make sure you amend your ways. Everywhere will look like it if you don’t know where you are going. Stay Focus and be determine.

NB: you think i am guilty of all these things? Ask my father.
I write to make you see the unseen thereby giving you insight that will lead to your freedom from the captivity of ignorance.

Department Of Biochemistry.
Literature / The Hidden Rat Secret. by IamOlusa(m): 4:16pm On May 04

I was just sitting on my chair with my legs cross and my arm around my chest around 2 O’clock in the morning, the sounds I could hear from my room was the sound I made when I flips through the pages of my book and of the crab that fails to let me hear word from a nearby river around my domicile.

A rat entered into my room as usual to make findings of what it’s available for it to eat and I was lost in thought why it always comes around in the darkest hours of the day and not in the day like cockroach, so I started a conversation with it.

Tobi: Good Morning Rat.

Rat: Morning Tobi

Tobi: What are you looking for by this time of the night?

Rat: I’m looking for what to eat.

Tobi: But why didn’t you come during the day?

Rat: You will agree with me that many cockroaches are killed in the day compared to rats that are killed.

Tobi: Yes, I agreed. So?

Rat: Cockroach doesn’t know when to virtually operate that is why homo sapiens kill them anyhow. It will be hard for Mr. Tobi to stand up right now and threaten to kill me, so I search for my food in time and without putting my life in so much danger.

Tobi: You are perfectly right.
And shortly after my talk with Rat, I woke up. It was a dream.
The End.

PS: In life it is very important to take our TIME serious as we handle and value our life. Time is life.
This is the right time to do everything you think is right, don’t procrastinate. Tomorrow might be too dangerous, it might even cost you your life just like cockroach risk their lives.

NB: TochukwuWrites was the first to write something like this.

I write to make you see the unseen thereby making you gain insight that will lead to your freedom from the captivity of ignorance.


TOBI OLUSA is the name.

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Literature / Re: I Was Paid To Kill Myself By Tobi Olusa by IamOlusa(m): 2:21pm On May 02
Wow ! The story is too funny

Thanks for reading

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Literature / A Wolf In An Angelic Body by IamOlusa(m): 11:33am On May 02

My name is Tobi Olusa, am a gentle man with zeal to writing. There are lots of things that will brace your heart about me but this post isn’t about me. It’s about a friend, Anjola by name.
She is a very gentle and God fearing lady. Her parents are missionaries in one of the Pentecostal church in Lagos. She loves braiding her hair with artificial hair which sometimes make a length more than 5m and reaches her caudal vertebrae column with the hair swinging side way when she take an angelic walk down the street. Her dimples are enough to melt you even at freezing point. Apart from her chest which is as big two punching glove, maybe it is filled with silicone bag, I can’t say. I am sure she is not from the planet earth because her beauty was exceptional. Did I tell you her curve was evident that even a blind man can notice it? I just did.

We both gained admission into the university few years ago after many years of sitting at home. Anjola been an intelligent and serious girl, she was not engaged in any activities which doesn’t align with academics. She was so determined and focused to make a flawless result and walk down the aisle of success.

It seems her dream wouldn’t see the night at the end, because she joined a group of girls which influence and pressurize her to do what they do. She was disturbed and compelled to have a school father, since every one of them had one. I thought Anjola was a focused girl until I learnt she later fell for their mischief and decided to have one.

You might be thinking how I know much about Anjola but don’t worry, you will find out at the end of this post.
She finally had one, not too long. She met bro Femi from her church with the responsibility to carry the duty of school father. Femi is a gentle, God fearing person like Anjola judging from facial expression. He loves to dress up in suit with his tie having a civil war with his abdomen(TOO SHORT).

Very shortly, they started the fatherly and daughterly relationship, and I left the school for my SIWES, I didn’t see her for that period. Fast forward to when I came back, I didn’t see her again for a period of another 6 months. But before the end of the semester, I stumbled with her at one of the clinic outside the town, she was not the girl I used to know, her beauty had gone than the drain, her stomach was big like she swallowed a lizard but I was puzzled, if it was Lizard her stomach wouldn’t be as big as that or maybe she swallow a baby. We sat down and she talked until spring of tears rushed out of my lacrimal gland, I was very sorry for her. She gave me accounts of how Bro Femi lured into sexual immorality and made her aborted two pregnant for him and couldn’t abort the last one because doctor said it will damage her fallopian tube and made her walked around with an evidence of abomination.

Her live was ruined and destroyed because of pressure to have a school father. She later dropped out of school and live alone but total rejection and humiliation was her companion.

PS: The fact that everyone is doing or having something doesn’t in any way make it right. Don’t be push by peer group to do what you don’t want to do, always do the right things to avoid excuses that touches the heart.

NB: Please this short story is fiction work!


I write to make you see the unseen, thereby making you gain insight that will lead to your freedom from the captivity of ignorance.


Thanks for reading!

Literature / Re: I Was Paid To Kill Myself By Tobi Olusa by IamOlusa(m): 11:24am On May 02
Obinnau, Divepen1 please help me to move it to the front page.
Literature / I Was Paid To Kill Myself By Tobi Olusa by IamOlusa(m): 4:45pm On May 01

Please hear me out before you start judging me. Let me speak before you charge me to court for suicidality or before you point me out in the crowd for greed. No one will resist such amount of money, not even you.

I was sat on the fence of curiosity and imagination one faithful day when a man with a native attire walked up to me, his beard were just like the one a male goat and I could sight a lustre tooth at the canine which look like a gold.

I could not smile back at him because I was lost in deep thought thinking about how to pave a way for myself and get a silver spoon. When this man offer me a cheque of a billion dollar, knife and a picture of mine. He told me to kill the man in the picture which was myself, without much thinking, I jumped up and went straight to my room and shut the door against myself.

I can’t just resist the money!

Without much ado, I took the knife and thrust it between my chest, a river of blood gush out and I was breathing helplessly on the floor and staring at the cheque. I was growing in pain but I wish I could just die and have the money.

I removed the knife and stabbed it many times on my stomach so i can complete my mission and have the money. I saw another replicate of myself walking out of me gently and went away to the unknown earth. I was still on the floor with much pain and shortly I died .

That was the end.

That was the end of MYSELF, sorry I should have told you earlier.

My personality was shyness, cowardness, intovertt and inferiority complex. Yes, I was paid to kill my personality which was shyness, cowardness, introvert and inferiority complex The aforementioned man was a God sent angel to help my life. He told me I wouldn’t go far if I continue to hide myself with an excuse that no one will read what I pen down then I will die with my ideas and get bury with it.

Do you have an idea you which to execute but you are scared of failure, If you don’t murder the personality that is holding you down, you may be forgotten in life.


You have to be SHY to make it in life.
SHY: Stop Hiding Yourself.

Is your present description will make a way for you in Life?
Do you want to be the Governor of your state and you have agoraphobia? How have you been investing in yourself?

Do you need a billion dollar to murder yourself too? ask for cheque.


I write to make you see the unseen thereby making you gain insight that will lead to your freedom from the captivity of ignorance.


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Phones / How To Download Video On Youtube by IamOlusa(m): 3:31pm On Mar 26
Education / Re: Bishop David Oyedepo Visits Landmark University With His Wife by IamOlusa(m): 12:24pm On Feb 21
Daddy gimme scholarship na plss
Have you applied?
Sports / Re: Morocco Vs Nigeria: CHAN 2018 Finals - 4 - 0 (Full-Time) by IamOlusa(m): 9:32pm On Feb 04
4 goals
Business / How To Link Your Paypal Account With Your Bank Account. by IamOlusa(m): 1:59pm On Feb 02
Please, I need procedure on how to do the aforementioned topic. I had tried it with two of my accounts, yet its not yielding any result.
If you know how to do it successfully, please do help.
Thanks, for commenting.
Literature / Unveiling The Power Of Word by IamOlusa(m): 10:57am On Jan 20
A must read.
I have a cousin who has the habit of writing on the wall, he has painted all the walls of the house with his jargons. I hated that, but he loves doing it.
One very day, I came home and met him doing the same thing - writing on the wall. I shouted on him and call him offensive & traduce names, he was dejected and left for his room.
A day after, I went to school and after the stressful and busy day I retired home. Guess what I saw when I got home, He was writing on the wall again and this time he was looking at me with an eye and writing with the other unflinching.
I move closer to him and told him "You are a big and handsome boy, big boys don't write on wall". And he never write on wall again after that day.
Lesson: You don't need to trampled on ones self-esteem before you correct them, all you might need is a right word and plausible usage.
He is a small boy but he has a self-esteem and he hated one to hurt it.
Lalasticlala Mynd44
Career / Re: Help, Having Issues With My Way Of Spoken English (lack Of Communication Skill) by IamOlusa(m): 1:26pm On Jan 15
lavenjcrown , you need to S.H.Y .
affirmative, it means Stop Hiding Yourself. Whenever you feel you should talk to your boss, make sure you know what you want to say very well and let him know by saying with simple english. don't use ambigous words, it might leave you in an awkard seneraio.
Secondly, Make sure you speak english everytime. The best way to learn something is by doing that thing repeatedly. I'm a victim of this too, i'm recoving in a bit.
Visit Youtube and watch Toastmaster Videos.

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Education / Re: What Course Would You Have Studied Apart From Your Current Course by IamOlusa(m): 3:47pm On Jan 05
Education / Re: What Course Would You Have Studied Apart From Your Current Course by IamOlusa(m): 3:33pm On Jan 05
Medicine and surgery.. But I am inlove with my course...
what are u studying nw?
Education / Re: What Course Would You Have Studied Apart From Your Current Course by IamOlusa(m): 3:30pm On Jan 05
Biochemistry... I would have studied Computer Science.
Education / Re: What Course Would You Have Studied Apart From Your Current Course by IamOlusa(m): 3:26pm On Jan 05
I'm studying to be a zoologist, I love the course but I would love to also become a computer programmer or performaning artiste.
you still have chances.
Education / Re: What Course Would You Have Studied Apart From Your Current Course by IamOlusa(m): 3:25pm On Jan 05

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