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Romance / Re: All The Guys, You All Need To Answer This Question Real Quick – Is It Over? by mrking3(m): 5:55am
Not Over for me!!!! It took 3 months for my fiancee to accept my Proposal. Patience is indeed a virtue!
Romance / Re: Does Privacy Have A Place In Marriage/serious Relationships? by mrking3(m): 9:55pm On Nov 26
Yea take for instance, my fiancee is much aware of my Basic salary! There's this attitude of most ladies already planning how your salary would be spent hence they know the exact amount. If u decide to be open, then you should also be ready to give account of how the money was spent. Personally, I use the other allowances I earn to solve family issues. I mean my own family. (Mum, siblings).
Romance / Re: Does Privacy Have A Place In Marriage/serious Relationships? by mrking3(m): 9:38pm On Nov 26
My Dear, the moment he or she steps out to make calls when they're together or uses a security lock on phone, you know something isn't right. It will always arouse suspicion which isn't good for any healthy Relationship. For me, privacy is a NO NO! When it comes to Finance, I can open up my Basic salary to her but won't let her know the extra allowances I get.
Family / Re: What Has Kept Your Relationsihip Going? by mrking3(m): 9:26pm On Nov 26
Well, I can only say its by the Grace of God Almighty! Me and my Fiance just celebrated our 8yrs of Relationship recently! And hoping to Get married Next month by the special Grace of God. My Dear, I would say its God! Especially when its a Long Distance Relationship Like ours. We built our Relationship on solid foundation with True Love, TRUST and understanding. I would say I'm lucky to find someone that we are both compactable! It doesn't take rocket science to know when you truly love each other. Most importantly, if you make Sex your priority in your relationship, it won't work! We spent 3yrs plus without Sex! And we were very much commited to each other with the Highest Level of Trust coupled with constant communication. My Dear, what works for me, might not work for you! I don't think there's a single theory that guides Relationship. I think its quite relative. True relationship goes with a lot of sacrifices. One of the partner must be willing to sacrifice his or Her right to make sure there's Peace. You can't always have your way. You must be tolerant and very contented with each other. We attempted break up for several times! But never worked out!! We loved our selves so much that we can't stay apart from each other for just one day even after serious misunderstanding. Well, I'm her first love and she's also my First and last. My Dear, true love is sweet when you find the right person. Finnaly, patience is a virtue! I know a lot of guys that would readily crash out of the relationship once their partner says NO SEX! This is just one common issue with most guys! What helped me was that I actually saw my fiance as just a friend at the initial start of the Relationship. Till today, she remains my Best friend and partner. We are not perfect! I'm truly Grateful to God.

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Family / Re: My Dad Wishes Me Death, Please Help by mrking3(m): 12:54am On Nov 24
Politics / Re: Things To Know About Prince Abubakar Audu (oct. 1947 – Nov. 2015) by mrking3(m): 10:04pm On Nov 22
Nairaland / General / Re: A Nairalander's Church And Traditional Wedding In Pictures by mrking3(m): 10:33pm On Nov 21
Bride looks pregnant! Pictures quite Dry! All the same! HML!
Romance / Re: Help My Bf Is Pushing Me To Marry Other Suitors by mrking3(m): 12:07pm On Nov 15
hello my friend! I once found myself in your boy friend's shoes! There's this lady I've been dating for the past 8yrs right from our University days! Immediately she passed out of Nysc, her family came up with the issue of marriage and all that! She told me about the pressure from her family so angrily, even though it wasn't from my mind, I told her to go ahead and marry any suitor that ask her hand in marriage. I told her point blank that I can't rush to wed her just because of the pressure from her parents when I don't really have a meaningful job. Fortunately, she reasoned with me and decide to stick with my decision. She kept telling her parents that she has chosen her man! And would wait for the Right time. After a short while, I did her introduction and gave a gap of another one year! Thankfully, I have a meaningful job now, she is also working with a good firm! We are now ready To get married next month. So my Dear, if you both are convinced that you've found true love, nothing can come between the two of you! Not even the pressure from your family or parent. Its only the TWO of you that can decide what, when and how you want it!! Your boy friend should assure you that he's not gonna disappoint you! He should state clearly that he has fully made up his mind to get married to you! Lastly, let him put it to you the year or time he's ready! 2016 or 2017? this will help guide your relationship and make you both Focused! That was what helped me and my Fiance! We gave a clear target of 2015 as our wedding date come rain come shine! The pressure came right from 2013. But we stood with each other! Remained committed despite the pressure. Today we are happy! Pls, I hope your boy friend isn't one of this time wasters? If so, pls don't stick your neck on him! Find a more serious suitor. Ok bye!

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Politics / Re: Dr. Alison Madueke Still Battling With Cancer, See Photos by mrking3(m): 7:31am On Nov 14
I have nothing to say! Nothing!!
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Finally Got A Job! All Thanks To God by mrking3(m): 8:54pm On Nov 03
Lols! Peeps working hard to make Front Page!!! Even GNLD guys will walk in here to testify of their job offer. If we all rush down here to Testify of job placement, believe me! Nairaland will freeze!!

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Sports / Re: Emmanuel Emenike Retires From The National Team by mrking3(m): 11:13pm On Oct 19
Politics / Re: Ministerial Nominee, Kayode Fayemi John’s CV by mrking3(m): 6:28am On Oct 12
Nothing astonishing about his CV! I've read more intimidating cv than this! Prof charles soludo etal! This people went to school in the good old days when education was apparently free! So back then one can read to the Highest level of education if he likes and still get an instant job offer unlike what is obtainable in present day Nigeria. If you watch closely, you would notice that those that were privileged to Read back then are now the Elites we have in our body polity today. Most are in key government positions, and handdling other Top management position in other parastatals. Today we have first class, 2.1 without jobs! University education is now for the Rich! So a lot of things has changed now. Nigerian Youths are getting demoralised with the Rot in the system. Where you can't get a good government job without connection. Where, without work experience of 3-5yrs you can't get employed! How is it possible for a fresh graduate to get such experience? Again to prune down teaming number of job applicants, they came up with Age limit. Just so annoying!!!!

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Politics / Re: Saraki Replies Tinubu: I’ve Decided Not To Join Issues With You by mrking3(m): 6:03am On Oct 12

I agree with you, but not quite.
Tinubu is still much more relevant than saraki.
Tinubu still wields much power in the south-west.
Who is Saraki?
He's only suffering from megalomania
He's lost the control of his own base
He was stoned just last month..
No matter how hard saraki tries, his influence will never go beyond Ilorin. He can't go beyond the senate presidency...
He can keep attaching himself to the north... Hausas won't consider him for presidency
Not the Hausa's of Nigeria where those of the Northwest feels superior to those of the Northeast, how much more a man from Ilorin!
bros stop yarning Trash! Saraki is the number 3 citizen of this country! Now tell me Tinubu's position or shut the "F" up! Tinubu's power and Influence ends in His bourdilion House. I'm not a fan of Saraki! Just happy with the Change in our body polity! The End justifies the Means!
Politics / Re: Pictures Of Beautiful Rainbow Colours I Saw This Evening Around VGC by mrking3(m): 7:04pm On Oct 11
na plane smoke you see jare
you're entitled to your opinion.
Politics / Pictures Of Beautiful Rainbow Colours I Saw This Evening Around VGC by mrking3(m): 6:46pm On Oct 11
Below is the pics of the RainBow lines I saw today! I haven't seen Rainbow in a long while. So I thought I should capture this moment.

Romance / Re: Nairalander Getting Marrid To Fellow Female Nairalander +pics And Inviting by mrking3(m): 6:20am On Oct 09
Pls stop embarrassing Nairaland with this your horrible english! I can't make anything out of what you scribbled down sef!! It beats me why a mature man like you can't just type simple basic english on a public forum like this? Money is not everything! Money without basic education can be very embarrassing!
Phones / Re: Best And Cheap Internet Subscription For BBQ10 by mrking3(m): 11:04pm On Sep 30
Glo 1k for 3G
Dial *777*21# or text BBCMONTH to 777
thanks brotherly! I appreciate!!! God bless!
Phones / Best And Cheap Internet Subscription For BBQ10 by mrking3(m): 10:54pm On Sep 30
Hello folks! Pls can anyone kindly recommend the Best network with cheap Internet subscription for BB Q10? Very urgent. Thanks! As I await your swift response.
Romance / Re: Getting Married Is Like Running A Race by mrking3(m): 7:13pm On Sep 28
I agree totally !
Religion / Re: I Still Don't Understand What Happened In Mecca by mrking3(m): 4:12pm On Sep 28
grin grin grin grin grin grin your post got me cracked up! Please can someone summarise all that happened in Mecca?
Career / Re: 6 Secrets Your Boss Doesn’t Want You To Know by mrking3(m): 12:15pm On Sep 28
you will go very far with your Job if you constantly put the FIRST LAW of 48LAWS of Power into practice. Never out shine your master! Secondly, Humility is the key! Just be good and humble! It works like magic. Recently, there was a massive sack in my Company! But believe me, my Boss called me and confided in me that I'm not among those affected but still asked me to go and confirm on the list just to be sure! So I went and confirmed! What beats me more is to think that almost all our best brains got kicked out! So I think the top management asked our Regional manager to pick those to be retained, that was how just few of us got spared! Do your Job diligently, be humble, then Put God first! Everyother thing will surely fall in place.


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Urgent Vacancy At Spectranet Limited by mrking3(m): 12:58pm On Sep 22

My brother, no one is interested in talking u down. I agree with u to at least, 50%, but I rily don't think u should conclude just yet if u weren't on site. I was there and d venue is at industrial estate & CVS were collected. I knew from d get go that spectranet wouldn't pay 120,000k for an entry level position, I think that was just d OP talking, also a reasonable firm would NEVER publish how much they pay, let alone that laughable amount, so chill, we know. I was skeptical at first, and almost turned back wen i got to oregun, my only reason for going was I have 2yrs experience in CSR, but wanna move to HR. Anyway, we were told those who are shortlisted would be contacted, soo....maybe those who would, might come back to give their praises, u never can tell....
lols @blolded! But the opening is strictly customer service so how do you intend to cross carpet into HR ? I still repeat, that job opening is a scam! Believe it or leave it! Or at Best, pure marketing !!! With a ridiculous amount as salary! Imagine a job without reasonable experience, qualification and all that! So they made the job application quite flexible so a lot of people will fit in! Hence more people! More money to make!
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Urgent Vacancy At Spectranet Limited by mrking3(m): 9:13am On Sep 22
guys please be very careful with this job opening! I know so many of you will fall prey to this bare faced Scam out of desperation to get a Job. No reputable firm will openly publish its payment structure to the General public! Secondly, the scammers smartly include 120k just to attract gullible folks. Thirdly, I have checked and noticed the said interview is not holding in any of Spectranet offices! Not even in their Head Office. I'm sure the scammers arranged an unknown venue to act like a consultancy recruiting for spectranet. This is a smart move. So many of them would come here to convince you that job is real! They're all partners. Fourthly, spectranet as a reputable company would never go that low to ask people with less than one year experience to apply for a customer service role when its not an entry Level job that requires 0-1yr exp. Pls, Be wise!! Some will soon come here to talk down on me that I'm trying to discourage peeps! Bring it on!!


Jokes Etc / Re: When You Use Your 6 Month Salary Buy Sallah Ram (photo) by mrking3(m): 11:17pm On Sep 20
grin grin grin grin grin grin
Food / Re: How Can I Identify Pure Or Genuine Honey? by mrking3(m): 6:26pm On Sep 20

I have tried it... It pass the Test, but what amazes me the most is that : someone told me that I should have a bottle of Eva water and pour a spoonful of honey in the water, if the Honey sink to the bottom of the water and diffuse or spread after..... It is Pure honey but if otherwise, its not.

However, I tried it but the honey sank to the bottom of the water but refused to spread after

Infact below is the picture of the water Test I tried...

Please what's the perfect test? Its becoming complicating!
bros! Pls don't get yourself worked up over this! Just try that simple Test I told you about and you're good!!! That's all. Some will tell you to drop it on a sandy soil, if it Gathers the sand together, that means its original. If it doesn't that means its fake. Try it if the sand gums together fine and Good!!
Food / Re: How Can I Identify Pure Or Genuine Honey? by mrking3(m): 8:28am On Sep 20


Am I expected to remove the one stick of match I deeped into the honey to strike or to strike a different stick of match?
yes Romove it from the honey, while soaked with honey on the Red or Black tip of the match then strike it like when trying to light your Gas or canddle. If it light up while soaked then its UNDILUTED and ORIGINAL .
Food / Re: How Can I Identify Pure Or Genuine Honey? by mrking3(m): 11:02pm On Sep 19
best tip! Remove one stick of match from the box, deep it into the honey, then strike the match on the box. If it lights while soaked, then Its ORIGINAL.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Fresh Graduate Recruitment At Konga Nigeria by mrking3(m): 3:18pm On Sep 18
What exactly do they want on that Red Box? Tried all the postal code and capital letters not accepting it!

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