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Politics / Re: SKY News Praises Nigeria/knocks USA Over Ebola by mrking3(m): 8:11am On Oct 18
But don't know how some dumb and poverty stricken countries like colombia and dominican city still think Nigeria is yet to contain EVD even after getting the ALL CLEAR from WHO?
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Ongoing Nationwide Recruitment At Nestlé Nigeria Plc by mrking3(m): 2:08am On Oct 18
There's no place in the Form where they asked for Drivers license number
seems most peeps have problem with paying attention to details? bros didn't you find anywhere they asked questions like :

Do you have a valid driver's licence?
If Yes! What type?
Date of Licence?

And the questions were all asteriks * not even optional! indicating its a major requirement for application.
Phones / Re: Are U Using Blackberry? You Need To Know This! by mrking3(m): 7:30am On Oct 17
*How to block a phone number on Blackberry*

Hello blackberry,a.k.a BB users on kinwap,do you wish to prevent someone from calling
you on your BlackBerry? You surely want but might not know how todo so.
Don't worry because that's what we'll treat today.the need to block unwanted calls has risen sharply with the number of advertisement calls
increasing exponentially with every passing hour.This article
will guide you on how to block an unwelcome number on
your Blackberry

To go to the block list click the menu on your Blackberry. From menu choose address book and click the Menu button option in it.
In the Menu choose
Manage Numbers and then scroll for the Blacklist.
1.Since you are using a Blackberry, you should
become familiar with Blackberry's basic Block

2.Go to menu and choose the Contacts option.
3.In the contacts select the numbers you want
to block. If you want to block an unknown number which you haven't saved in contacts then go to Recent contacts and select those numbers, whom you
want to block.
4.Confirm the block and save the contacts in your Block List by clicking save in the menu.
5.To go to the block list click the menu on your Blackberry. From menu choose address book
and click the Menu button option in it. In the Menu
Manage Numbers and then scroll for the Blacklist.

That's it,thanks for reading and if there's any question,drop it as comments.
Hit the like button to appreciate.

Source: this tutorial was copied from our forums.
For more exciting tutorials,log-on to ..........World discussion forums!

Like us @ for more because we equally post there when we update @
bro pls kindly upload a screen shot! Still not getting it .. Thanks!
Education / Re: Many Nigerian Graduates Work As Drivers, Cooks In Dubai’ by mrking3(m): 1:56pm On Oct 16
And what's so bad about it?? .

Don't they do the job here too ni
just exactly what I was about to post! Even most. Graduates still do some odd jobs here in Naija much worst than they do in Dubai most of the security men you find in banks and other places are 80% graduates. I tell u.
Celebrities / Re: Osuofia Vs Saka: Who Is The Better Comedian? by mrking3(m): 4:16am On Oct 16
So this DRY topic makes front page for the second time in a week? Is it that there are no better topic to replace it? Sometimes I don't just get Nairaland and their "modus operandi"
Politics / Re: Latest Update On Alleged Corp Member Who Was Said To Abscond With $14,400 by mrking3(m): 7:25am On Oct 15
Just like I said on the other thread, this guys will go scot free! And nothing will happen. Hence there's no Legal implication of their action. Again, I'm 100% sure their various LGI will have a hand in the deal. Its a collective deal.
Politics / Re: Facebook Founder, Wife Donate N4bn To Fight EVD by mrking3(m): 7:17am On Oct 15
4B? I can imagine his net worth!!! At this young age!
Politics / Re: NYSC Corp Member Abscond With N2.3million Meant For Other Corp Members B by mrking3(m): 4:42pm On Oct 14
Dude ... Will sort himself out !! The whole Nigerian System is bad! I'm sure that move is between him and his LGI !!! Two of them will share the money! That's why he's talking with execess moral. I swear! Sharp dude!

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Heritage Bank CV Submission October 2014 by mrking3(m): 3:52pm On Oct 14
cool cool coolAs long as they pay U,no wahala.Half of bread is better than none.Being a marketer's' isn't a CURSE.U neva heard a slogan''poo MONEY is sweet.
don't mis quote me! Never said anything against the Job be it marketing! Coz I knew they just recently concluded their recruitment for Operation staffs and the rest positions! So from all indication, this one should be an opening for marketing considering the fact its a new bank that seriously need customers. That's all. Is there anything wrong with marketing? After all, I work presently with an FMCG firm and really enjoying my Job. So please! Don't always jump into conclusion. I never said anything contrary bro!!!
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Nestle Nigeria Plc Needs Field Sales Managers Across Nigeria -oct. 2014 by mrking3(m): 12:16pm On Oct 14
I don't get. What's the importance of having a driving licence?
if you're successfully employed, you'll be given a Van for your sales job. Ofcourse, you can't drive without a valid licence. You can't work in Guiness, Pz, FMNplc, Uacn as a sales person without ability to drive a manual van with valid licence.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Heritage Bank CV Submission October 2014 by mrking3(m): 11:48am On Oct 14
Education / Re: EBOLA: Nigerian Students Now Rejected From American Universities by mrking3(m): 10:13am On Oct 14
The United State of America can go to hell for all I care ...... Its on Record that US is now officially Ebola Country!! Obama should deal with it! They may as well stop all incoming flights from Nigeria and or other west african countries! That's non of our business!!!

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: At Age 31 Is It Still Possible To Get A Bank Job Without Any Experience? by mrking3(m): 9:34am On Oct 14

yes am sure of diamond bank on this. if ure more than 29yrs dey wont allow u to write their entry level test. GT bank is 27yrs though
bro get it right!!! 30YRS is DIAMOND Bank maximum age Limit for Entry Level.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: At Age 31 Is It Still Possible To Get A Bank Job Without Any Experience? by mrking3(m): 9:26am On Oct 14
@ mrking3, aw do dey get u frm ur FSLC, pls explain...@op, there's nothing possible, just keep praying
they'll trace your possible age of enrolment in primary school from there to higher institution. Once you get to interview stage like that of Access and other firms they'll drill you to find out your real age and if you goof! That's all for you bro! So make no mistake about!! Its better to be true to yourself than forge your Age! Truth is! WHAT IS YOURS IS YOURS.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: When Will Uacn Call by mrking3(m): 9:00am On Oct 14
@OP! Stop creating unnecessary thread!!! If UACN start calling you'll hear on the other major thread. Would advice you get yourself engaged with something else! Coz this recruitment will stretch to Next year 2015.
Politics / Re: Breaking: Alameiseigha's Son Found Dead In Dubai by mrking3(m): 11:40pm On Oct 13
Same way Elrufai's son died on a fatal crash! The other time was that of Obj or so in Kaduna !!! Well, the RICH also cry!!!
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Ongoing Nationwide Recruitment At Nestlé Nigeria Plc by mrking3(m): 5:54pm On Oct 13
just hope this isnt a different scam,will they allow temporary drivers license like the papers before capturing?
me and you dey same both! Though will be going for Capturing by wednesday!!! 15th oct.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: At Age 31 Is It Still Possible To Get A Bank Job Without Any Experience? by mrking3(m): 10:23am On Oct 13
@OP! Football age will work if you're using NECO cert for Job search. It won't work with waec coz of the DOB on it. So never forge your date if you can't defend it. Between, most reputable firm will surely dig down from your FSLC to find out your real age.

Secondly, just like some peeps rightly said, its not too late to get a job in a bank. But you'll mostly get a contract job or experience Higher. That of Graduate or management trainee is out of it coz of Age (mostly 24-27) and time of graduation. (Mostly fresh graduate with 0-2yrs experience)

Finnaly, try to build a career path so you can gather experince as time goes on! When I left service in 2011 I thought things would be that easy even with my 2.1 I didn't get my desired job. But the issues I had was just my Age! coz I'm using waec cert. After I waited for close to a Year I had to take up a job with an Insurance firm for 6months without pay, from there moved to another firm where I worked as a sales person thereafter, got another sales job with a communications company after which I got a contract job with Four mills of Nigeria Plc where I'm working presently as a VSR. Truth is, its more easier getting a marketing job than any other job out there! Start with a small marketing firm and build experience with them. Then you can move on to a bigger firm. I now have sales experience in communications and FMCG with 2yrs+ experience+driving And that's what most firm requires. I enjoy my Sales Job now! I have a Hilux van I work with, earn Average salary plus commission. Meanwhile, I still apply for jobs too in any Big firm. Presently waiting for UACN result from WORKFORCE and will also apply for that of NESTLE when I have the time. So bro! Just start from somewhere! You'll get there!!


Education / Re: 6 Most Expensive Secondary School In Lagos by mrking3(m): 9:49am On Oct 13
How about Grange?
you mean Grange around Ikeja GRA? That schl is bad! I once applied as a subject Teacher there' and was told the basic starting salary for Fresh Grad is 220k and corpers are paid 80k there!!
Politics / Re: Soldiers Shoot Selves •to Avoid Deployment To Boko Haram Communities by mrking3(m): 8:18am On Oct 13
Where's the patriotic Zeal? Pls no MERCY!! anyone found guilty of sabbotage should be gunned down instantly!! Enough of this fowl play in the military!! Enough said .........
Politics / Re: Tambuwal Set To Dump PDP For APC by mrking3(m): 6:04pm On Oct 12

Bros u can lie o
how do u mean?
Politics / Re: Tambuwal Set To Dump PDP For APC by mrking3(m): 3:22pm On Oct 12
A P C is a dumping ground for failed and desperate over ambitious politicians!!!! I see their members as very confused set of folks!!! Buhari is already threatening to form his own political party if he doesn't emerge as their flag bearer! That goes to show how confused they're!!! No Road map, No Ideology!

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Politics / Re: Another EBOLA Case Confirmed In U.S. by mrking3(m): 3:05pm On Oct 12
What Goes Around Comes Around! The US should deal with it!!! Now UK wouldn't dare to LIST US as Ebola infested country!!! God will punish all this RACIST western countries in due time!!!
Politics / Re: No Nigerian Soldier Tested Positive To Ebola Virus Disease (EVD). Picture. by mrking3(m): 8:11am On Oct 12
You're right, everything works for good. At least this situation has made us to know our and friends. Britain, USA, France, Canada and South Africa may not necessarily be enemies, but they're not our friends.
add Dominican city!! Honestly! I think they're unleashing their racist act in the name of Ebola Fears ..... I recall how foolishly Nigerians supported Obama in his Election bid! Some even went as far as funding his campaign with their personal money over here and in diaspora! I think its high time we began to use our heads!! We must put our House together first! Before extending our big brother roles to other countries!! The stigma that comes with this Ebola Ish is just unfurtunate!
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Ongoing Nationwide Recruitment At Nestlé Nigeria Plc by mrking3(m): 8:21pm On Oct 11
Is it possible to apply without drivers license?
you'll be screened out without a valid driver's Licence! I think its a major requirement for any Sales Job. I wasn't shortlisted for that of Guiness sales coz didn't indicate my driver's licence Number. But then, you can give it a try!!
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Ongoing Nationwide Recruitment At Nestlé Nigeria Plc by mrking3(m): 5:59pm On Oct 11
Oooops! Nice one ... Thankfully! No Age Discrimination! .... Needs to go for my Capture asap! To get my Driver's Licence Number .....
TV/Movies / Re: Osuofia Vs Saka: Who Is The Better Comedian? by mrking3(m): 3:36am On Oct 11
Osuofia is just CLASSIQUE!! Saka is more of a CLOWN!

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Politics / Re: Photos:Malala Yousafzai Becomes Youngest person EVER to win a Nobel Peace Prize by mrking3(m): 3:29am On Oct 11
Well deserved!
Politics / Re: Richest Lifestyle Removes Jonathan As 6th Richest President From Their Website by mrking3(m): 2:27pm On Oct 09
Threat wether real or imagined should never be taken for granted!!!
Education / Re: The Hidden Story Of ALUU 4 by mrking3(m): 9:31pm On Oct 07
ALUU 4........thats why i hate uniport till date!!!
is it Uniport that killed the poor boys? the horrible act took place in Aluu community so why the unreasonable hate on Uniport?

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Romance / Re: Does True And Genuine Love Really Exist ? by mrking3(m): 7:30pm On Oct 05
True Love is Real!! You folks saying poo is simply coz you haven't find the Right partner!!! And when you Put intimacy first your relationship is bound to fail!! When I wooed my lady we never had intimacy for almost 4yrs!! We wanted to be sure we had True love for each other!! We've been on for 6 yrs now and hope to settle down soon. But then, just as shakespear rightly said, " the course of true love never did run smoothe" it comes with huge sacrifice! At a point you'll be tempted to call it quit! Can be very boring! but once the Love, Trust and understanding is there, it would stand the Test of Time.
Politics / Re: Nigerian Prophet TB Joshua Banned From South Africa & Zimbabwe, Denied Visa by mrking3(m): 9:59pm On Sep 29
I'm sure a lot of peeps in here didn't bother to read between lines before commenting. Pls descard this cork and bull story!! There's no where I read TB joshua has been banned and Denied Visa! The Youth Wing of ACN are only issuing a threat to ban him from entering SA and not like its a decision from the South African Government. Smh' how some jobless peeps would post anything just to drive traffic and hit front page!!! Nonsense!

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