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Politics / Re: Picture: What Should Michelle Do To Obama For This"blunder" With Beyonce by mrking3(m): 4:14pm
phabulous88: For allowing me to waste my MB, may you never be issued a US visa angry
haba! Na by force to click ni? Are you a Fresher on Nairaland? Haven't you seen post much worst than this? Granted some post can be very annoying! But His post isn't that bad to warrant such ill luck you're wishing him!!! Get a life bro!! Don't bring your badluck to Nairaland! Only God knows how many times you've been denied Visa!!

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Romance / Re: There Is Still Love by mrking3(m): 8:50am On Jul 23
ladunsky: yeah same with me... just found out this morning that he didn't even eventually marry the chick he choose over me two years ago... buh then maybe if I had stayed as the side chick who knows. .. I believe I will find true love some day....
eyyah ... I feel your pain! But then, it would interest you to know that not all relationship leads to marriage! Never give up my dear! Someday your Ideal man will come your way. Be optimistic! True Love is not all rossy!!! It comes with HUGE sacrifice and commitment! The first ONE year of my relationship was hell for me at a point we made several attempt to call it quit! But the good thing is we have a way of resolving our differences as quick as possible! Truth is some men are naturally promiscuos so no matter how good or pretty a lady is, they would still cheat on her! It takes the Grace of God to be faithful to just one Lady for several years! In all, there are still some good men out there so people should stop this idea of making a hasty generalization of all Men being the same coz of their personal experience!! The only thing that keeps me going in my relationship is my "conscience" I might want to cheat but my conscience would say Hey! Why would I cheat on a lady that has been good and nice to me all through my trying times and still pulling through with me? so my dear .... Its well! God will surely grant you your heart desire!
Romance / Re: There Is Still Love by mrking3(m): 5:47pm On Jul 22
TRUE LOVE is Real! I have only dated ONE girl in my entire life! We are presently in our 6yrs relationship and hope to marry soonest as God wills. Just as the OP rightly said, nothing good comes easy! It took me 3ys to come across this Angel! But I swear, the wait was worth it!!! I have never had any course to regret! she loves me as much as I do! So I have no reason to. Cheat on her! My Dear friends, True love is real! For the fact you've been heart broken couple of times does not mean there's no love!

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Politics / Re: Don't Blame Me For Your Party's Self-Inflicted Woes - Jonathan Tells Buhari by mrking3(m): 7:39am On Jul 22
APC remains a dumping ground for failed politicians !!!!!!!!!!


Music/Radio / Re: Music: Olamide – Awon Goons Mi by mrking3(m): 7:17am On Jul 22
I don't like his style!! He sings particularly for Area boys and mushin guys .... Da Green is just #classique. "My opinion tho"


Politics / Re: APC Is A Coalition Of Muslims Extremists - Russian Expert by mrking3(m): 2:26am On Jul 21
Truth is Bitter but must be told!!! I can't agree less with this Russian expert! Infact the last time I checked ... Majority of the party executives are all Muslim Extremist!!! That's the more Reason this party won't see the light of the day in the EASTERN part of Nigeria!! I feel so sorry for Governor Rochas that allowed himself to be brainwashed by this janja weed party called APC!
Sports / Re: Mesut Ozil Donates World Cup Bonus To Sick Children In Brazil by mrking3(m): 3:30am On Jul 19
Great heart indeed!!!! Much Respect! Same way my admiration for C Ronaldo doubled when I noticed he had no Tatoos coz he donates blood freely to the needy twice a year!!!!! I just love this guys! Greedy footballers and selfish politicians should take a cue! And not donating RICE or Indomie all when election is around the corner!!!
Romance / Re: . by mrking3(m): 8:35pm On Jul 18
Enough of this Gay Ish ... Get a life dude!! Must you come here to make a public announcement of it? Just as someone rightly said, inform your family members and or friends about your status! Then Nairalanders will take you seriously! So until then, you can like to shut the "F" UP
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: *urgent* by mrking3(m): 12:31pm On Jul 15
Romance / Re: Is It Wise For A Single Lady To Sleep Without Underwears? by mrking3(m): 8:43pm On Jul 14
Come open to Tell us you're actually the Person and stop coming up with this your Friend Ish ... That's the most annoying thing about some folks in here! Always tryna get Answers to their question indirectly!! Abi that your friend no fit SIGN UP for nairaland ni? No hard feelings Boo!!! Just my mind
Politics / Re: What Happened To ICPC? by mrking3(m): 1:51pm On Jul 14
It goes a long way to show how weak and in active Jonathan's Government is ... During the Tenure of OBJ, all these institutions were much more Hyper Active!! We all felt their Impact! .... EFCC, NAFDAC CBN among others!
Jobs/Vacancies / Flour Mills Of Nigeria Plc by mrking3(m): 2:36pm On Jul 07
Please have anyone heard from this coy since after interview? Especially those of us that did the SALES interview between January and June? Most of us are actually on WAITING LIST. ... Reliably! No one in my batch has been called or given offer letter! So wants to find out from other Batch!! Though I heard there Recruitment process takes ages!! Smh!
Religion / Re: Atheists. Come In Let's Discuss. by mrking3(m): 3:19pm On Jul 04
I'm following this topic!!
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: UAC Graduate Specialist Scheme 2014: by mrking3(m): 11:26pm On Jul 03

It was a mistake, I think I registered twice after I got to know about it.. I registered for management trainee also..
that means you didn't follow instruction? Coz it says avoid multiple applications!! Now you got it missed up!!
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: UAC Management Trainee 2014 Applicants Lets Meet Here by mrking3(m): 11:21pm On Jul 03
emmansy: Mine is graduate specialist trainee(with no work experience), is there an error somewhere??
yes! There's an error some where probably you didn't pay attention to details while applying. One is Graduate specialist scheme while the other is Graduate management Trainee! The former requires 2yrs work experience with certifications or higher qualification and not more than 30yrs. While the latter is strictly for fresh Graduate with Zero work experience. And not more than 26yrs!! SIMPLE !!!!!!! Some of you just apply for jobs without taking time to read the job description and or requirement. No offence bro!! Just being blunt! I've seen a lot of peeps that got the invite and yet, don't know the difference between both job positions even when it was clearly stated on the advert. Shakes my head for some Graduates ooooo


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: UAC Graduate Specialist Scheme 2014: by mrking3(m): 11:06pm On Jul 03
emmansy: I still don't understand the difference between specialist trainee and management trainee, can someone enlighten me?
so how come you applied without knowing the difference between the two? The job description is quite explicit! Graduate Specialist scheme is meant for those with minimum of 2yrs work experience. Coupled with professional certifications and not above 30yrs while the Graduate management trainee is basically for FRESH graduate with zero work experience and not above 26yrs.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: UAC Management Trainee 2014 Applicants Lets Meet Here by mrking3(m): 10:27pm On Jul 03
Just receive mine now for Graduate specialist Scheme! Though yet to read the details of my Test and all that! 10th july - 4pm-7pm

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Graduate Sales Representatives At AG Leventisnigeria Plc by mrking3(m): 12:15pm On Jul 03
Submitted! And got two confirmation messages! Successful delivery and Mailer demon! Used gmail though!!!
Politics / Re: Umaru Dikko Is Dead - Prominent Northern Politician by mrking3(m): 11:48am On Jul 01
I won't miss him!


Celebrities / Re: Adaeze Yobo Claps Back At Criticism Directed At Hubby Joseph Yobo by mrking3(m): 11:41am On Jul 01
Well, I admire her guts to publicly defend her man despite his flops on the pitch!! She did the needful!! But sometimes, I think SOME THINGS ARE BETTER LEFT UNSAID!!! Just wondering what brought Nepa Light with the issue at hand? That statement speaks volume of her personality!! This kind lady na the type wey go splash dirty water on you and wouldn't care to wine down to say sorry!! She's just too full of her self! What's so special about Yobo and his 100 caps that's making her go crazy??
Sports / Re: 2013 Glo-CAF Awards by mrking3(m): 8:39am On Jan 09
Mikel! God bleSs your Hutsle!
Literature / Re: The 48 Laws Of Power by mrking3(m): 7:52pm On Jan 05
The First Law Of The Book Remains My Watch Word!! And that's the key to achieving success! Loyalty is the key!!
Politics / Re: 10 Ways Instant Noodles Can Kill You by mrking3(m): 7:43pm On Jan 05
This is another propaganda to discourage people from eating this precious meal that have saved life!!! Like someone rightly said, if its that Bad, why haven't Nafdac or Son place a Ban on the product?
Phones / Bbm To Come Preinstalled On Lg Smartphones by mrking3(m): 12:13pm On Jan 01
The G Pro Lite Will Be the First LG Device to
Offer BBM Out-of-the-box
Dec 18, 2013
WATERLOO, ON – BBM™ will soon come preinstalled
on the LG G Pro Lite from LG Electronics Inc. in
markets around the world. BlackBerry® (NASDAQ:
BBRY; TSX: BB) today announced a bundling
agreement with LG Electronics involving both
standard and virtual preloading (using the LG App
Manager) and confirmed that BBM will also continue
to be available as a free download from Android app
stores, including Google Play™.
“BBM is widely used throughout the Middle East,
Africa and Indonesia where smartphone users tend to
engage heavily in social networking,” said Kevin
Shin, Vice President of Marketing for Asia, the Middle
East and CIS countries of LG Electronics Mobile
Communications Company. “The LG G Pro Lite offers
an optimized BBM experience with its large, high
quality display and embedded Stylus Pen.”
“People across the globe are using BBM to connect
with each other and the enthusiasm has been
phenomenal,” said Andrew Bocking, Executive Vice
President for BBM at BlackBerry. “We’re extremely
pleased that LG Electronics will help bring their
customers a more seamless experience with BBM by
preloading the app, starting with the G Pro Lite in key
BBM is a premier mobile communication service that
gives customers privacy, control and immediacy as
they chat with their contacts – either one-to-one, in
multiple chats or as part of a BBM Group. BBM’s
Delivered and Read statuses, as well as message-in-
progress notices, keep people engaged and active in
their conversations.
BBM lets users share files such as photos and voice
notes, as well as update their profile and status with
ease. Up to 30 people can connect as a BBM Group to
chat and share photos, calendars and other files or
Every BBM user has a unique PIN tied to their
BlackBerry ID that helps maintains their privacy.
Users never have to give out their phone number or
email address to begin chatting with a new or casual
The BBM experience will continue to evolve for
Android and iPhone® users in the coming months,
with updates that will include support for BBM
Channels, a new service that connects BBM users to
communities of shared interests in a very engaging
and intimate manner, as well as support for BBM
Voice calling and BBM Video calling.

Politics / Re: PDP Can Never Win In Nigeria Again — Amaechi by mrking3(m): 7:12am On Dec 30, 2013
This dude called Amechi should shut up already!!!

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Politics / Re: Uganda Passes Miniskirt Ban Law by mrking3(m): 7:39am On Dec 20, 2013
Source ..

Very Good One!!
Politics / Re: Hardwork Or Prayer : Which One Plays A Major Role In One's Success In Life? by mrking3(m): 4:30pm On Dec 19, 2013
well, since i'm forced to choose one, i will go with HARDWORK during my Uni days, i worked very hard and prayed less! at the end, it was all smiles! several other persons that claimed to be born again and too serious with church activities and hoping for one mirracle or the other to pass their exams all messed up at the end. hence most were asked to go on probation while some graduated with very poor grade! well, in all i would say its simply GRACE and most importantly, hard work.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Live And Work Legally In Canada by mrking3(m): 12:13am On Dec 18, 2013
Some Nigerian Graduates can be very dumb and gullible!! Shakes my Head!! To think some of you are already falling for this cheap Scam!!! If the Poster is honest and sincere about this Canada stuff why don't he download the full details of how it works here on Nairaland? Why is he directing you guys to his private blog? And to some of you that have already fallen prey to this fraudsters by exposing your email addy here, I hope you won't come later to ask how you applied for so so job? Don't come here to find out what the coy is/are into when they start to bombard you with fraudulent interview invites. Enough said !!!
Autos / Re: Two Tokunbo Golf 4 Cars From Germany For Sale by mrking3(m): 2:19pm On Dec 15, 2013
@Op! I'm not here to spoil your biz! But I sincerely think the price is on the high side for a Golf4! When one can even get a Clean Camry for 700-800k! My uncle just bought a CLEAN LEATHER SEAT camry for 1.1 million, with factory fitted AC! Car don cheap now ooooo. ... Those golf cars you displayed here should sell between 400k - 600k!! Last! That leather should go for 600k while the normal 400k. will call you if you're willing to do business!

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Properties / Re: BBC Replies - "Ever Seen A Well-Built African House On BBC?" by mrking3(m): 4:35pm On Dec 08, 2013
otijah: @op u just want to show to us they really responded to ur complain, but what positive change has their reply brought? They are still saying the same thing
you equally have the Right to write them! If you aint satisfied with their response! Atleast, @Op has done his own part by channeling his grievance to the right source! I consider their Feedback and acknowledgement of his complain as a Positive change! Rather than sit here and make mockery of @OPs effort, why not write your own and forward it to them, than coming here to vent your anger! Nonsense!!
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: ICSL Test/interview by mrking3(m): 4:03pm On Dec 08, 2013
Onyikb: Pls wat firms do dis icsl recruit for n wat positions. Wud luv to apply
they mostly recruit for Financial Institutions on contract basis! and any Positions. Ond, Hnd and bsc. They don't accept thirddie ooooo
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: ICSL Test/interview by mrking3(m): 3:58pm On Dec 08, 2013
leftygal: Hello house, I got. A msg frm Icsl on friday, this is it: You are hereby invited for a test/interview at Integrated Corporate Services Ltd. Date: Monday 9th Dec, 2013 by 7am. Venue: ICSL, 6 Olusoji Idowu Street, Obanikoro Bus-Stop, Ilupeju, Lagos. Kindly come with all your original credentials, birth certificate/declaration of age, WAEC/NECO Certificate, a passport photograph on white background and your updated CVs. Pls DRESS CORPORATE preferably on suit. Thank you. Am not fresh graduate, I have mba finance, I need to know what to expect if am going to write the same exam as fresh graduate or I should expect more...... Pls in the name of God assist. Thanks
for you to be seconded to any company or organisation by Icsl, you must write and pass their CBT and go through one level Interview, there after you begin Documentation. Even if you've got Mba or Phd without relevant work experience, you'll have to pass through same recruitment process along side Fresh graduates! No big deal! The test comprises of 50 questions, 25 maths, and english! All basics! You must score 40% to proceed to the next stage. That's all I have to say for now! All the best!

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