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Politics / Just Received 200 Free Sms From Mtn To Last For 5 Days! Mtcheeeew! by mrking3(m): 6:57pm On May 23
I just got this! Even though its plain useless!! How do I exhaust 200 sms in 5 days?

Politics / Re: Buhari Meets David Cameron In London by mrking3(m): 12:59pm On May 23
Still typing .....
Phones / Re: 5 Things You Probably Never Knew Your Mobile Phone Could Do by mrking3(m): 9:09pm On May 22

Did i call anyone any names?....
lol....it seems you missed something from what i said before....
Do i rant?...i bet thats the opposite...
Read my earlier comment again please, maybe you will understand it better...
ok sorry! I appreciate your level of maturity!!! Smiles!

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Pets / Re: Benefits Of Having A Dog by mrking3(m): 7:44pm On May 22
Seun will push this to front page! He's a lover of Dog! ....
Politics / Re: Diezani Denied Conversation by Buhari while on Plane by mrking3(m): 7:14pm On May 22
I don't take any news serious from sahara and vaguard! How on earth did sahara get to know the happenings in the first class cabin? Was there any hidden camera or video that recorded their conversation?

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Phones / Re: 5 Things You Probably Never Knew Your Mobile Phone Could Do by mrking3(m): 7:03am On May 22
OP your tips are very nice and excellent... Truly truly we all need such informations but am a bit sour... Why?

Ok, see i would have loved it if you have given credit to your source of info...Because you did some copy and paste which blare hard to my face....

Always give credit to the author of the original, that way yours will also be original... I will not like to disclose the source. I hope you understand what am trying to let you know?

Alright going back to mobile phones and their obscure usefulness... Your mobile can work wonders which you can't think of.... No wonder my grandmother always say that this thing is a whitemans' witch...hahahaaa

Do you really know you can detect cctv cameras and other hidden cameras with your mobile phone?

Do you know your mobile phone can serve as an electromagnetic field detector?

Have you ever asked yourself a question why whenever you brought your phone near a microphone reciever, the reciever starts giving off a bleeping sound?

I wrote an article on how to detect hidden cameras with your mobile phone. Check it out and understand more.

This our phone sometimes dey surprise me o.... Wait o....e be like say this thing my grandmother dey talk be true? She say handset na oyibo witch...hahahahaaaaa..
and after your ranting! Your main goal is for us to click your Link? You got mad that OP outsmarted you!! Lols! If you can't paste the Full write up of how we can detect hidden camera then bleep off! We aint clicking your Link. Op has given us the Info we want. Though I agree he ought to have given credit to the source. Ok bye!!!

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Politics / Re: My Bad Experience At Total Gas Station Yesterday! (pictured) by mrking3(m): 8:11am On May 21
Sorry O.. Carry ur keg next time
yea ended up buying with a 25 litre Keg for 3k after spending like 7 hours!! Just terrible! And black marketers hijacked the fuel station! So you must be hard enough to drag the queue with them!
Politics / My Bad Experience At Total Gas Station Yesterday! (pictured) by mrking3(m): 8:00am On May 21
Seriously! I wonder why most Nigerians like taking advantage of bad situation to dupe innocent citizens! Yesterday, when I visited one of the Total gas station somewhere around Obalande rd, I couldn't hide my anger as I noticed they were more interested in selling fuel to persons with Kegs coz they make more money from the kegs. 20 litters goes for 3000 naira upwards. Most of us that came with vehicles weren't even given priority and after a shortwhile, we got to hear that the've exhausted all the fuel in reserve! Now you can imagine the level of curruption this country has gotten into? I only hope the situation doesn't get worst than this!

Jobs/Vacancies / Re: MTN Sales Support Staff Recruitment by mrking3(m): 7:04am On May 21
The application for the above position ended today. For those that applied, let us anchor here.
Who knows the next thing to be done.
Feel free to tell the house.
greedy fellow like you will end up not getting the job!


Romance / Re: A Guy's Sister N Girlfriend Who Is Expected To Sit At D Front Seat Of A Car? by mrking3(m): 9:10pm On May 19
What kind of childish question is this? There shouldn't even be any bone of contention in the first instance on whose right is to sit in the Front seat of the car. Expectedly, the guy's girlfriend deserves the seat. The sister of the guy should give her that honour if she's (the guy's sister) reasonable!

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Celebrities / Re: Dagrin's Ill-fated Car Abandoned In LASU Over 20k Debt (Photos) by mrking3(m): 6:38pm On May 19
People still don't realise that everything we have in this world is just momentarily!! Sometimes I wonder why some greedy people derive joy in primitive accumulation of wealth! No one will leave this world with a single PIN!

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Family / Re: She Is Always In Pain During Sex!!! by mrking3(m): 10:01pm On May 17
NYSC / Re: Corps Member In Ogun State Missing For 3 Days by mrking3(m): 7:26am On May 17
How will one even recognise him in public?
Politics / Re: How Can An Intelligent President Be Married To A Queer Wife? by mrking3(m): 2:54pm On May 15
You really don't understand. Jonathan is not a failure. With the help of his wife, he ruled nigeria for six years. If marrying a dummy will make you successful in life so that you won't be venting your frustration on nairaland, my brother grab the opportunity. If you are so sure you can only marry a girl you can present to your family as an asset because of your inferiority complex, post her picture on nairaland. At least you are so proud her. If the only thing your wife has contributed to your life is the fact that she is presentable you are a failure my brother. Have you ever thought about it that the only place where you are successful is on nairaland. If you marry an illiterate like patience and you bag PHD, you become deputy governor, governor, vice president and then president for 6yrs and one fool whose only success is having a moniker on nairaland blame you for marrying such a wonderful wife, won't you laugh at his stupidity. That is what good luck is doing at your foolishness
Politics / Re: How Can An Intelligent President Be Married To A Queer Wife? by mrking3(m): 7:27am On May 15
I know many people must have forgotten my very popular and widely circulated political satire "Our President Has A PhD, But I Think He Has A Low IQ". My opinion has not changed. If the President had his PhD from Harvard or Oxford, he would have been a better and greater President and would not have ended up with such an unusual First Lady whose queer character contradicts her educational qualifications. Since, they are both graduates of the same University of Port Harcourt, that means they are products of the same questionable academic education. I have seen other graduates of the same university and several females among them are more civilized than the most uncivilized First Lady in the political history of Nigeria. I always say "show me your wife and I will know how intelligent you are". And something must be wrong with the IQ of a man who is married to an intellectually re-tarded woman. And it is actually common knowledge that majority of Nigerian men prefer dating intellectually re-tarded girls and women they can bully and intimidate. But they are afraid of dating brilliant and intelligent girls and women. They often use lies to attract such outstanding ladies. But the intellectually re-tarded ones are easy to con, deceive and lay. And that is why majority of Nigerian girlfriends and wives have been found to be unfaithful, because they are intellectually re-tarded, including those who are students and graduates of Nigerian colleges and universities. Many men will confirm this critical analysis. No wonder majority of Nigerian women are under achievers and their greatest ambition is to marry and have children. Do you know that majority of Nigerian female graduates who are mothers cannot help their children in secondary school do their homework of even simple maths and English? But they are good in teaching their kids how to twerk and dance "Shoki". Go to the birthday parties of Nigerian children and you will see how their mothers corrupt their children with psychedelic and pornographic music. No wonder mass failures are recorded every year in WAEC's GCE in Nigeria. Now , we can understand how and why the President of Nigeria can have such a First Lady. Judging by their wives, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu is more intelligent than the President if we use his wife Senator Oluremi Tinubu as an example and pitch her in contrast to Dame Patience Jonathan. And I know, the first Black man to win the Nobel Prize in Literature, Prof. Wole Soyinka will agree with Orikinla. Thank God it's Friday, so have this food for thought for the weekend.
without sentiment, i totally agree with you!! Obviously! Mrs patience jonathan ruined her husband's chances of being re-elected with her ridiculous public utterances and her inability to comfortably express her self in simple plain english! Truth is most dull guys will always go for someone below their standard to avoid being intimidated in the relationship! No amount of love will make me go for a lady i cant proudly present to family and friends!


Politics / Re: How Can An Intelligent President Be Married To A Queer Wife? by mrking3(m): 7:14am On May 15

See aged bachelor giving life lessons on marriage. Only in Nigeria!
what the fvck is so special about marriage? Most single guys can give better advice to married couple! .... Between, i totally agree with the OP without sentiment! He just said it the way it is!!


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: PLS HELP: Is It Advisable For A Graduate To Pick Up A Contract Job In Nestlé? by mrking3(m): 9:25pm On May 14
I am a graduate of Microbiology, made 4.41 & completed my NYSC in Feb 2014. I'm unemployed, I've made several applications to different establishments but I don't get any feedback (both positive & negative) afterwards. Right now I'm thinking of picking up a contract job in Nestlé in order to help me build my experience while waiting for a better offer.
Pls how good is dis decision in terms of finance and experience benefits?
Pls I need ur response, I don't want to make an expensive mistake. Thank you!
my dear! If you made 4.41 and you are slighly above 24-26 max! That grade is pratically useless in today's labour market where AGE is considered a strong factor. I think diamond is still the only bank in Nigeria that accepts 30yrs of age as Entry Level. The Rest coys will never go above 26. I made 4.23 but couldnt get my desired job as a result of age barrier. Well, i wouldnt want to bore you with my bitter experiences! Thank God! I am meaningfully engaged now. My advice to you is that you should take up that contract job as quick as possible! Hence you are not meaningfully engaged at the moment. Again, it depends on the type of job you are engaged with! Some contract jobs are still very decent especially when it involve a multinational firm like Nestle! From there, you can build on the work experience and move on to another firm. After my Nysc, i waited for a whole one year! Applying for jobs! And thinking i would get a good job with my grade! but then, all to no avail. My dear, you have to start from no where!!! If you are above 27yrs! Then, you have to forget any job with Fresh Graduate or entry Level. Coz of the age! So better you pick up something to do as quick as possible!! Cheers!


Education / Re: Advice Needed, Is Kegite A Social Club Or Cult Group? by mrking3(m): 10:30pm On May 09
Kegite club is nothing but a social organisation that makes the school environment lively with their songs, slangs and gyration. But just as the posters above me rightly said, majority of their members now are mostly cult guys! So be very careful! Coz their initiation is way similar to that of cult guys! But if you don't want those their dirty initiation, you can as well go for ceremonial. But I learnt its expensive sort of! That's the type of initiation big guys go for. Back then in Uni, my room mate used to be the Chiefo! And he was also the Capon of Vikings!! he was almost killed during his final degree papers! So he fled through the window! And that's how his Four years was inconclusive!!! My brother, if you ask me, I would say! Do not join! Its better to be a spectator than the actor. Coz most cult guys would mistake you to be one of their rivals when Gbege start. You can always go to their shrine to watch them sing and drink palm wine while they gyrate. Its that simple! Save yourself the stress. Most importantly, face your book, put God first! And you'll graduate at the right time with better Grade! Enough said bro!!

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Crime / Re: Man Caught Having Sex With A Goat (Photo) by mrking3(m): 9:41pm On May 09
. Looking at d picture critically u can see fresh scars on d mans back signifying dat he has been beaten and he is even crying to show he was being mobbed to have sex with d goat he might have commited a crime and d angry fellas are giving him such punishment that is inhuman may d lord have mercy
there's logic in what u're saying! I think even an Insane person would give it a thought to molest a goat!! I think he's forced to pose with the goats anus or something unclad. Coz I can vividly see people around watching the ugly scene. Too bad!

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Crime / Re: Man Caught Having Sex With A Goat (Photo) by mrking3(m): 6:54pm On May 09
Smh!! Don't know what to comment sef!

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Politics / Re: Igbos Are Committed To Disintegration Of Nigeria- Prof Wole Soyinka by mrking3(m): 10:28pm On May 05
Ds man must be a fool at ds age he still a fool

D age of methuselah has nothing 2 do with d wisdom of solomon soyinka u r an old man bt u lack wisdom go get some sense,shameless old fool
Becos Gej dnt give u anytin dats why u hate him let's see d one GMB will give u

MUMU soyinka u hav reduce ur self 2 nothing

I have just withdrew the little respect I have for him!!! He's such an APE
Car Talk / Re: Graphic Pics: Passengers In Danfo Bus Badly Burnt After Fuel Stored Exploded by mrking3(m): 10:24pm On May 05
Chai people just dey snap to run come get front page for nairaland
some of you are just so dumb! If they don't snap or video the scene of the accident, how would people get to know about it? Haven't you heared of photo journalist? That specialises in taking pictures of events? If they don't snap or attach pics to this news, you'll still be the person to say pics or #idontbelieveit

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Romance / Re: Am I So Dumb Or Just Maturity (please Read) by mrking3(m): 8:28pm On May 04

BTW= By the way
get off my mention
Romance / Re: Am I So Dumb Or Just Maturity (please Read) by mrking3(m): 7:36pm On May 04
You're on FRIEND ZONE! So you'll have to take any poo that comes your way!! Between, you played matured not to have felt jealous or refused her request! Pls dont force yourself on the chick so you dont end up seeing things that would cause you heartache!!!
Sports / Re: Free Games ( Select Wisely And Play Save) by mrking3(m): 11:02am On Apr 26

Casted for greedy pple like u. Did he ask u to play all.
Richard free games played 5/6 and u got d mouth to say "casted" FOOL!!!!

He only told us his paid games didn't go well ysyday but his free games went well.
your god Richard couldnt deliver just 2odds yet you come here to Lick his shitty butt!!! He either give 100 percent winning or shut the eff up!!! How can u be this dumb?


Events / Re: How I My Wife Had Our Wedding With N50k. Its Possible by mrking3(m): 11:13pm On Apr 18
simple questions u cant answer? typical average person, jan-dec u chop idomie with half an egg and when you go to someone else's wedding u expect to eat your life away. my reasoning maybe medieval but yours is beyond poor.
Events / Re: How I My Wife Had Our Wedding With N50k. Its Possible by mrking3(m): 10:31pm On Apr 18
is it not the same ordinary water every average person drinks daily? suddenly on wedding day they become allergic to it abi? what will mineral water do? speed up the second coming of Jesus Christ?
please get off my mention with your medieval reasoning!!!

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Events / Re: How I My Wife Had Our Wedding With N50k. Its Possible by mrking3(m): 10:19pm On Apr 18
is a wedding about 2 people becoming one or its about impressing people who will go and poo your N400,000 or whatever 1hr later?
. Girl no one is impressing anyone with 400k for both Traditional and white wedding! Thats the average any reasonable person can go! If dude doesnt have money for proper ceremony no one would have nailed him for doing just church blessing which involves the pastore and the couple! It would save him the embarassment of serving people with drums of water. Isnt it shame that he couldnt afford common pure water let alone of mineral. I didnt mention malt, average wine, etc. Even 30k isnt enough to do Registry that involves couple and few witness! Mhen!! Stop defending absurdity pls!!!
Events / Re: How I My Wife Had Our Wedding With N50k. Its Possible by mrking3(m): 8:54pm On Apr 18

@mrking3 I am interested to know how you plan to do your trad and white wedding with just 400k. I would like to get married myself but am planning on just trad+court and maybe a little reception. I am looking at a similar budget as yours hence it'll be very helpful if you could give me the breakdown of your planned expenses to guide me. Does this include intros, lists etc? what part of the country is your fiancé from? what city will you be holding it in, how many guests etc. I look forward to your response.
well nothing really much bro! Introduction is not inclusive on the list coz i've already done that! Everything on my list will cost about 250k on the average! Coz i just decided to cut down somethings i was asked to provide! Like where they say 30 creates of Beer, me and my fiancee will give 15! Same goes to the Rest! Thats what brought the list down to 250k. Else everything was almost heading to 400k!(JUST THE LIST) i plan to combine the Trad+wedding since it will be just one Reception for both ceremony. My Fiancee is into event planning and management so she's actually handdling the planning process. The ceremony will hold in Eastern part of the country! (Abia) we happen to come from the same state but different local government. But for some reasons, i wouldnt want to disclose my personal plans on this forum. We can talk privately! This is a public forum. The white wedding wont take more than 2 hrs max! And would avoid all this paparrazi stuffs! Just me and my best man! No grooms men ! Will make budget for few invited friends lets say 150 invited guest! Then make provision for 50 uninvited guest! Its actually cheaper doing it outside Lagos! But i'm sure i wount go beyond 500! Budget is within the range of 400k but will have to keep 100k just incase!!! My lady too will assits with the little she can. Thats it!!
Sports / Re: Free Games ( Select Wisely And Play Save) by mrking3(m): 4:20pm On Apr 18

A good punter will not go for crystal palace against west brom... Chk your live score and see how west brom deliver in no minutes.

Mumu richard.
yes very correct! Those games he posted as bankers are way too risky!!! I wonder if this guy takes time to painstakingly forcast his games before posting them!!! Crystal and west brom are way too close on table! And westbrom are fighting so hard to escape the Red Zone! So would be risky to place crystal as an outright win!!! BTTS, X1, or 1.5 would have been the best bet for this game considering their H2H! Crystal wont find it a herculean task to beat westbrom!!!
Sports / Re: Free Games ( Select Wisely And Play Save) by mrking3(m): 12:35pm On Apr 18
Good Morning:
My today's 4 Banker games, stake wisely:

Monaco - Stade (Monaco to win)

Crystal Palace - West Brom (Crystal palace to win)

Juventus - Lazio (Handicap 1:0)

PSV - Heerenveen (PSV to win)
you droped 4 bankers and you still went ahead to ask your fans to stake wisely!!! Lols! Arent you sure of the bankers? Abi is there a different meaning to banker which i dont know? Lols!! Laughs in swahili!!!!

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Sports / Re: Free Games ( Select Wisely And Play Save) by mrking3(m): 12:27pm On Apr 18

Go and find solution to ur problem MR Man. Same Midtjylland u said its on form played draw last week o! Ask Richard why he chose it bt didn't choose it last week. A punter is always a punter, so go and die! A fool like u wld also choose it last week cus dey at d top table and fail bt richard didn't choose it last week cus he is a good punter.
Am sure a fool like u wld also choose Bayern munich and Wolfsburg win in their last matches cus dey are on the top tables also but Richard neva gave us dose games, he even asked us to be careful of dose teams. Go and rest and learn frm richard if ur jealousness will agree u. FOOL!!!
yesterday all my games all GREENED! ...... Here are my games for Today!! I don't need Richard to help me with his games of 2odds that's not even sure! I do my style! I don't do Clean sheet poo!!
SWINDON - Home win
BROMLEY - home win
CRISTAL PALACE - x1 or Home win
WATFORD - home win
EVERTON - x1 or Home win
VITESSE - home win
SALZBURG - home win
TRURO CITY - home win
ATLETICO MADRID - away Handicap (0:1)
SPARTA PRAGUE - away Handicap (0:1)
BOURNEMOUTH -x1 or Home win

I staked high on these games! I am not here to compete with Richard, but i'm saying you can even do better than Richard if you stop seeing him as God! We all have that ability! Yesterday i won 36k on my own! There are over thousands of forcasting sites that you can help yourself out with! No hard feelings bro!!! Wake up!

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