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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: UAC Management Trainee 2014 Applicants Lets Meet Here by mrking3(m): 7:02am
engrfaruq: The pay is 33k for management trainee and 45k for graduate specialist scheme.
who gave you that info?
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: UAC Management Trainee 2014 Applicants Lets Meet Here by mrking3(m): 8:31am On Aug 21
see me see wahala. i have a job. abeg no pity me. i applied for applying sake.
bros who doesn't have a Job here? if you think you have a good job then why did you bother yourself applying for this Job? Since you're already working with a mining firm! Which obviously have a higher pay package than UACN. Now you came here to cajole us into believing you applied for applying sake!! If I were you, I would have remained on GHOST MODE! And be an observer rather than coming here to display your unnecessary PRIDE!! That lady or guy actually did the right thing every normal human being would do! ........ Remember! PRIDE GOES BEFORE A FALL!


Politics / Re: APC Does Not Have What It Takes To Change Nigeria-- Ribadu by mrking3(m): 7:19am On Aug 20
Politics / Re: Dr. Ameyo Adadevoh Dies From Ebola Virus by mrking3(m): 10:29pm On Aug 19
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: UAC Management Trainee 2014 Applicants Lets Meet Here by mrking3(m): 7:37am On Aug 19

Lollll, na so the success mail long reach?
I am back. Bro, I am in your shoe too. I applied for the graduate scheme and I haven't got any. I'm still optimistic sha. Besides, I think those that have got the mail are for management trainee only my reason for this is because those that applied for management trainee were given graduate scheme during the test. So, lets chill!

bros! I wrote for Graduate Specialist Scheme and got a success mail. Truth is, all successful candidates got the sms last night at exactly 18:46 pm .. Between, the message didn't specify wether you wrote management trainee or Graduate scheme! Well, keep hope alive! It could be in batches!! Since you haven't received any Regret mail.

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Health / Re: Four More Ebola Patients Discharged In Nigeria by mrking3(m): 10:19pm On Aug 18
Don't know weather to rejoice or not! Coz the media might announce one thing now and professor Onyebuchi will say another thing! SMH!
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: UAC Management Trainee 2014 Applicants Lets Meet Here by mrking3(m): 7:54pm On Aug 18
Seems everyone that wrote the test got a success mail!
Jobs/Vacancies / Success Message From UAC Via Workforce by mrking3(m): 6:52pm On Aug 18
Just got the below sms now!

We are pleased to inform you that you were successful at the UAC online assessment held in July 2014. Expect details of the next phase on or before 29/8/14.
Politics / Re: Nigerian Military To Court-martial Over 100 Soldiers For Cowardice by mrking3(m): 1:02am On Aug 18
As a military man, you should be ready to die at anytime! There's nothing like cowardice in the military!!
Politics / Re: Eedris Abdulkareem Says His New Album Is In Support Of GEJ & His Administration by mrking3(m): 12:47am On Aug 18
Broke people always think they have an opinion!!! #classless #broke


Politics / Re: FG Denies Conflicting Reports On Discharged Ebola Patient by mrking3(m): 12:33am On Aug 18
I've always known this man called Onyebuchi to be grossly incompetent! What a shame !!

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Politics / Re: Chadian Troops Rescue 85 Nigerian Hostages From Boko Haram by mrking3(m): 8:03am On Aug 17
I no longer have confidence in the Nigerian Army ever since i heard good number of them are bokoharam members!! That's the worst thing that could happen to any country! When the military becomes the enemy of the state!


Health / Re: Ebola Quarantined Patient Goes Into Coma In Lagos by mrking3(m): 7:50am On Aug 17
Pls these useless bloggers should stop confusing us with the news of this doctor! Virtually all reputable news media informed us the said female doctor has recovered and discharged from quarantine center while the rest are recuperating! So why this bad news about the lady being in critical condition? Or was the mr of Health drunk when he told the entire world that the doctor has recovered? But I choose to believe the female doctor has recovered and hope others too get well soon!!
Religion / Re: Interesting Facts About The Bible!!! » » » by mrking3(m): 7:19am On Aug 17
GodMode: There is no god
(I know people are gonna quote "the fool says in his bla bla bla)...

If Africans were more focused on reality they will be better by now.
Religion is man made.

Why hasn't your god removed ebola from nigeria
you're not even an ATHEIST! You're more like a Frustrated Retarrrd go get a life bro !!! You think its by your power that you're still breathing uhh?
Religion / Re: Interesting Facts About The Bible!!! » » » by mrking3(m): 7:11am On Aug 17
chukwudi44: The Bible contains 73 books and not 66.The actual breakdown is 46 books in the old testament and 27 in the new testament.Please kindly correct that.

well, if you find such question in any examination and answer 73, don't blame anyone for your woes! You're the type that would say .. "They gave me F9" while you failed yourself! I Too Know Kills fast!!
Health / Re: Nigerian Doctor Recovers, Discharges From Quarantine by mrking3(m): 10:29pm On Aug 16

Your brain is not functioning. Did you develop the drug for America? Why should you tell them who to give?
When your fuccked up Govt won't develop science you're stuck begging for others help. Nonsense
Your grammar is atrocious and not worthy of my response.
Go get an education you cretin
ok you, Obama and America should go and die!


Health / Re: Nigerian Doctor Recovers, Discharges From Quarantine by mrking3(m): 9:06pm On Aug 16

Did Obama bring ebola to Nigeria on that plane?
Let's be reasonable pls
dude shut up already! Seems you're not following events as they unfold! Just last few days we appealed to the US to extend ZMAPP to us and what did we get in response? Instead, they sent the Last dose to Liberia and Guinee! Yesterday again, they assured Ghana that they're solidly behind them incase of Ebola outbreak! America thinks they're God!! Shame unto OBAMA! Shame Unto US! And GOD BLESS NIGERIA !!!!


Health / Re: Nigerian Doctor Recovers, Discharges From Quarantine by mrking3(m): 7:58pm On Aug 16
Honestly! This is just God at work!!! Now the United state of America can go to HELL with their ZMAPP! If only we can be United, Nigeria will be a Great Country!!! GOD BLESS NIGERIA!


Education / Re: Top Five Universities In The South East by mrking3(m): 11:02am On Aug 15

I chose FUTO over Unical and Unilag if u must know. Your point, am sorry to say is pointless. U've not been to Futo, and u still had to push it under? As for Absu, my sister graduated from absu, so I also visited the school quite often, and I can say most of you are basing your grading on few new or renovated buildings. Buildings don't only make a school, what's inside the building is very important. I remember rejecting a UniUyo admission to read computer engineering, cuz they had No computer in that dept. Hope u get my drift?
dude please get off my Mention!! I'm done with this Topic!

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Education / Re: Top Five Universities In The South East by mrking3(m): 8:48am On Aug 15
oluwasegunfummi: sorry if it hurts you, but its the truth
young man go face your book if at all you're even schooling! Coz you look like someone that just wrote this recent post utme! ... Don't spend all your time on nairaland posting crap! ... Some of us are posting from the comfort of our office! And ofcourse thank God its friday! That's why I have all the godamn time to engage you!! #okbye!! I'm out!!

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Education / Re: Top Five Universities In The South East by mrking3(m): 8:37am On Aug 15
oluwasegunfummi: its my opinion, the OP gave his and I gave mine.
I see you're entitled to your Opinion reason why you can sit in your toilet and post whatever crap that comes from your mind!!
Education / Re: Top Five Universities In The South East by mrking3(m): 8:27am On Aug 15
oluwasegunfummi: You see most state university students going to the federal universities to copy project works, the federal universities in the east make researches and exhume new findings, that is what makes a university, we should stop deluding ourselves, go online and search for the researches carried out in UNN, UNIZIK, FUTO, MOUAU, most of those state universities are just joking academically, most of them sort lecturers to graduate, which rarely happen in the schools mentioned above...........eko ooni baje oooo cool
bros which UNI did you graduate from? Coz from this post, you don't sound like a Graduate!! Sorry to say! Not sure you did Philosophy and LOGIC in your first year!
Education / Re: Top Five Universities In The South East by mrking3(m): 8:18am On Aug 15
oluwasegunfummi: Being a good school isn't all about aesthetics or structures, its all about infrastructure fro students. MOUAU is equipped as far as nigeria is concerned.
bros!! Virtually all schools now have projectors and digital board! NO BIG DEAL About it! As far back as 2005 session, during prof. Mkpa's administration as the vice chancellor of ABSU, the school already got electronic Library, projectors in few of the classes then. I left that school in 2009. If I were still a student, would have bombarded this thread with massive impressive pictures! In terms of academics, Absu aint doing bad as well. Back then our mode of exam was MCQ marked electronically aimed at curbing exam malpractice! For pete's sake! Guys should stop using WEBOMETRICK ranking as yard stick to judge academic performance of uni's or which Uni is the best! That's the mistake most peeps do here! And please! Before saying your school is the best or whatever, make sure you have full knowledge of other schools before arriving at conclusion! Don't just sit your Bottom down in your room and come up with one crapy list. Before I filled my jamb form in 2003, I personally visited most universities like UNIJOS, ABU, UNICAL, LAG, MOUA, IMSU, UNIBEN, UI, LASU, before I finnaly settled for UNN and ABSU! There's nothing about this schools that I don't know!!! Digitally wise, I think UNILORIN is still ahead of any school for now! I just learnt freshers are even entitled to Free lecture Ipads and all that!
Education / Re: Top Five Universities In The South East by mrking3(m): 7:11am On Aug 15
IGBOSON1: I'm impressed with the little i've seen of Abia University! ESUT needs to up their game in terms of landscaping......they should borrow a leaf from Abia Uni by greening up and properly demarcating their open spaces! Check the Enugu thread for what i mean!

And the structures look solid too! If T.A Orji is responsible for this, then i guess he's not so bad after all!
those structures were sam mbakwe's legacy! His succesors only came to siphon money and didn't do a jack about the school. I think the writer that quoted me just said it all! Orji uzor Kalu diverted most of the funds to build his own private Uni at Igbere!
Education / Re: Top Five Universities In The South East by mrking3(m): 6:52am On Aug 15

No doubt, Abia State University is the best purpose built university in the Southeast that resembles a higher institution one finds in advanced countries such as USA. Unfortunately, subsequent Imo governors and now Abia governors have been unable to improve on the architectural masterpiece Chief Sam Onunaka Mbakwe left for posterity. If there were an Igbo awolowo in terms of investment in education, it is clearly Dee Sam Mabakwe.
ESUT would have been the next best university if they stuck to it's beautiful master plan. The syndrome of building cheap mushroom structures is gradually creeping in, distorting the original master plan.

UNN has lots of heavy old structures, but it is still a beautiful school. UNZIK, is good academically, but still needs to develop it's permanent site orderly rather than the current piecemeal approach, one building per year. In order to match it's impressive academic prowess with a befitting, wonderful university campus environment. Adopting the pattern used in Abia state university, where pine and palm trees were used to completely transform the campus to resemble what one finds abroad will do a lot to catapult UNIZIK to among st the world's most prestigious schools.
FUTO and Umudike are just there, but they are very good academically. EBSU ,ANSU and IMSU need to focus on creating a beautiful master plan for their permanent sites.They hold a lot of promise if they have visionary leaders focused on creating world class universities rather than more of the usual mushroom structures they like to call "temporary" scattered haphazardly across the university campus landscape.
At least Peter Obi gave a whopping N5 billion naira to ANSU for their permanent site at Igbariam, that should enable a visionary Vice Chancellor adequate funds to implement a beautiful master-plan for a world class institution. Hopefully, the ANSU V.C will pay attention to providing a truly conducive university environment by grassing open spaces and generously using trees and flowers all over the campus such as in ABSU shown below.
well said! I cannot but agree with you in all its entirety!
Politics / Re: Ebola: Nurse, Husband Who Escaped Quarantine Relocated To Lagos In Special Ambul by mrking3(m): 10:29pm On Aug 14
grin LOLS ... This one na "agaracha must come back" grin LOLS ... This one na "agaracha must come back"
Education / Re: Top Five Universities In The South East by mrking3(m): 10:07pm On Aug 14
@OP! Waited for your response but seems you actually gave in!!! Well, as a matter of fact, I had to dig up some old pictures just to drive home my point!! Next time back your points with pics! We are now in photo age!! None of those schools beat ABSU with structures! Apart from UNN and probably FUTO! Couldn't find the Lecture Halls Pics ... And I didn't even include the new structures recently erected!! those pics are as far back as 2005 ...


Education / Re: Top Five Universities In The South East by mrking3(m): 9:04pm On Aug 14
Kasynpaulsyn1997: is it the abia state university,uturu that i have been to?
I wouldn't know if you've been to Absu bro! But all I'm saying is that the school has some good structures built by ISRAELIST! .. Check out the old structures at Environmentals, Admin Block, Cafe, Faculty Of Humanities and Social sciences, Business Block, School Auditorioum, Library Complex, Relaxation Center, Lecture East and West Blocks, Hostel A, B and C, walk ways made with imported sea stones from Israel and most importantly, the water falls on top of the mountain!! That school is just richly blessed with serene environment to study and with beautiful land Scaping . .. The old structures have very wonderful interior designs. The only issue I have with the school management is lack of maintenance culture. Although the Recent buildings looks very much substandard compared to the Old one coz they were built by ETF and Direct Labour. Unlike the Old ones that were built by Israelis!! I've been to all these schools you mentioned even its just lately that UNN started erecting good structures! The only edifice UNN had back then was JIMBAX BUILDING and the twin ART BUILDING! All other buildings are more of old bungalows! There senate building as at 2005 was piece of crap! thankfully, that GINGANTIC Library has been duly completed! Among the premier universities, I think UNN used to have the worst structures until they held the NUGA games recently. The only thing about the school is just that it has good road network and relatively friendly environment like ABSU. Ordinarily, ABSU was supposed to be a federal school but the state declined and turned down the offer from Federal govt before they considered MOUA which was formally school of agriculture before it was converted to full fledge university! EBSU is no where close to ABSU bro! Don't even know what you were thinking exactly to have placed EBSU before Absu in terms of structure? I haven't been to FUTO so would be wrong to make a hasty judgement about the school. But most of their students do say the school structure is nothing to right home about. Also I haven't been to UNIZIK before but I've only seen the school main gate once! Wasn't impressed with what I saw though!


Education / Re: Top Five Universities In The South East by mrking3(m): 6:53pm On Aug 14
After UNN and FUTO, I think ABSU still have better structures than the rest schools apart from ESUTH which is newly built. Post pictures here to back up your point. We are now in a photo age.


Politics / Re: Ebola: FG Turns Back Corpse Flown In From Egypt by mrking3(m): 2:51pm On Aug 14
This government is such a joke! Why did the Nigerian Embassy in Egypt clear the corpse in the first place to be flown into our country when there's already a directive not to bring in corpse from outside Naija?

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