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Celebrities / Re: Bassey & Debie-Rise's 'Joy & Pain' Cover Photo Got Fan's Talking by mrking3(m): 11:19pm On May 22
Crime / Re: Another Facebook User About To Commit Suicide! by mrking3(m): 11:15pm On May 22

Mrking3.. Please we need to talk on something sir.. How can I reach you?
OK. Create a thread and mention me. Maybe with a new moniker. I don't drop my number or email addy on social sites.
Crime / Another Facebook User About To Commit Suicide! by mrking3(m): 8:03pm On May 12
I just saw this on my timeline this evening so thought I should share . Dude needs help asap!! ! The rate of suicide attempt this days is becoming sickening!!!!

Health / Re: Pregnancy Are You Pregnant Or Going Through A High Risk Pregnancy,,lets Talk by mrking3(m): 6:08pm On May 07
Give her 7up or lucozade.
Plain rice or pasta without sauce or you could slice fresh tomatoes for her to eat it with.

Boiled chicken.
Peppersoup without the mix just add pepper and scent leaf.

Don't offer her any medication it's best her system rids itself of the bug.

Go see a doctor if you notice any of the below
Skin chills.
Blood in stool or vomit.
Fever or feverish feeling.
Vomiting or stooling up to 10 times in 24hrs.
Stomach pain that doesnt ease up after using the toilet.

She doesnt need to eat much at a time, just a little should be enough to enable her take her drugs.
Finally let her rest her feet up and get quality sleep.

Sorry sir for your own symptom I guess your body is being a sympathetic pregnant father Lolz grin it happens.
thank you so much !! Actually her case isn't as serious as diarrhea!! No fever, No blood in stool or vomit. Though she vomited couple of times yesterday with little or no stool till last night when I made noodles for dinner. I gave her some slice of mangoes and water melon yesterday. She only vomited once this morning but has used the toilet like thrice today. Though she has had some sleep now and feels a bit better....... So will prepare the plain rice now and get her lucozade and 7up as you suggested... I noticed she's selective now. Doesn't want anything at this point. Even the boiled chicken is a NO for her!!! Asking what exactly do you want to eat? Only to get a big NO after suggestion.. Chai!!!!!! pregnancy is indeed another phase of life.... All women need to be adored at this point. God bless all you pregnant women!!! Its not easy!!!! Except the man is closed to the wife he won't know what the lady is passing through. Thanks dear!! Will keep you posted.


Celebrities / Re: Celebrities At Banky W & Adesua Etomi's Introduction After Party (Photos) by mrking3(m): 4:13pm On May 07
Nawaooo!!! If introduction dey gather this kind momentum I Wonder how the proper wedding will look like. The hype is just too much. There's life after wedding. Some weddings start on social media and end on social media. I don't think introduction requires all this paparazzi!!! Introduction is simply a Private stuff that doesn't require public attention. Sigh


Health / Re: Pregnancy Are You Pregnant Or Going Through A High Risk Pregnancy,,lets Talk by mrking3(m): 3:57pm On May 07
Hello everyone! I'm actually a guy following this beautiful thread. Though I have advised my wife to sign up on Nairaland so she can be active here. Well, that's by the way. She's in her 13th week of pregnancy and through out the first trimester, she haven't witnessed any form of morning sickness or whatever! So just yesterday, she started stooling and vomiting. I thought it was as a result of the noodles I prepared coz I added little ginger, sardine fresh pepper and other spice... But she's been stooling and vomiting seriously! Also feels weak. Pls is it advisable to get her lucozade boost or any energy drink so she could regain some strength? I'm seriously disturbed. Pls what can I prepare for her to eat to enable her take her routine drugs? Pls those with similar experience kindly help. Between, I noticed I've been stooling also. Lols


Celebrities / Re: Efe Changes The Polo, Rocks Yomi Casual Designers by mrking3(m): 11:53pm On Apr 29
Mhen!! EFE need to work on his dress sense!!! Between, its time he dropped this street talks!


Celebrities / Re: Efe Donates Food Items To The Poor (Photos) by mrking3(m): 2:27pm On Apr 23
all this stuuupid foooools always talking absolute crap rubbish.what have you ever donated in your life.


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Celebrities / Re: Efe Donates Food Items To The Poor (Photos) by mrking3(m): 2:23pm On Apr 23

bro u are so stupid..sometimes i wonder if humans think..
what is d essence of been a celebrity? if pple are seeing what u are doing..if he donates secretly, it's still dis same foolish u who ll come 2moro to say what has he done..u ll criticise him for not giving to d poor after winning 25mil..he's publicising it because of sentimental critics like u..
jst like a fish cannot do without water
man cannot do without oxygen,
dats how celebrities cannot do wihout cameras..u fool receive sense and stop being stupid..idiot..
Celebrities / Re: Efe Donates Food Items To The Poor (Photos) by mrking3(m): 7:51am On Apr 23
Guy slow down!!!! Chill!!! Invest! Invest! Invest!!!!! Much later, you can compete with the likes of Ayiri Emami, Big church foundation... All eyes are on you bro!! Between I dislike this idea of donating two bags of rice and a carton of Noodles to orphanage homes with the aim of getting cheap publicity... Celebrities should learn to donate off camera.. There's a bigger blessing in that..

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Career / Re: Nigerian Breweries Salary Structure: Salary Of Nigeria Breweries PLC by mrking3(m): 7:24am On Apr 23
Car Talk / Re: Driving On An Empty Tank? You May Need This by mrking3(m): 8:18am On Apr 14
Its really dangerous!! It slows the speed of the car and at one point, it begins to jerk. Been driving on yellow sign since the fuel price increase.... Though its a company car. The Indians are the most wicked people to work with. They give u a company car and ask you to fuel it yourself. Imagine? I spend average of 3k per day on the vehicle. Planning on dumping that car this month end. Mthchewww!
Family / Re: Help!!! An 'ss' Nairalander Cries Out (disturbing Photos) by mrking3(m): 5:32pm On Apr 05
Wow!!! So this is actually what my neighbour is going through now? One of her left ankle is permanently on bandage always wearing a long trouser to cover it up. You just can't stand the odour each time she stands close to you. I'm touched really. It could happen to anyone. Let's do something guys.....

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Politics / Re: Uniform: Buhari May Back Customs Boss Against Senate by mrking3(m): 8:27am On Mar 19
For God sake I clearly do not see the big deal of appearing in his official uniform before the Senate. If the service chiefs and all other high ranking officers could be seen in their uniforms at any point in time, what stops the custom boss to appear in one? Isn't the uniform his official wear for the purpose of his job? Pls let's leave sentiment apart. And I do not want to believe he's been witch-hunt ed he should obey before complain. He should bury his pride and do the appropriate thing. He should be proud of the uniform and not to look down on it. This is what happens when the wrong people find themselves in jobs they never merited. We have seen frsc boss severally appear on TV screen and before the Senate with well ironed uniforms what's the big deal Biko?


Car Talk / Re: Here’s Why You Should Never Drive Your Car On An Empty Tank by mrking3(m): 9:58pm On Mar 04
i read ur testimony in d health section, i jus wan to ask did u ever av an std
No! Not at all.
Health / Re: Male Infertility!!! Share Your Experience/success Story. by mrking3(m): 12:23am On Mar 04
I'm commenting on this thread for the first time even though I'm a strong follower of every single post. It was out of my curiosity to find a solution to my problem that I stumbled on this thread through google. Guys! Just believe with God all is possible. I've been married for 1year and 3 months with no issue. Although part of the problem was from my end. My wife results showed she is in perfect condition. On the 9th of February 2017, I did a semen test my sperm count and morphology all came out good except the sperm motility (active) that was just 10 percent. While abnormal was whooping 75percent. Fast forward!!! I took variety of fruits, vegetable, unripe plantain, carrots and cucumber with banana every single day to the extent I eat the seed of water melon including the back peel every day! Ate boil eggs, with soya milk and most importantly drank enough water mostly around 5am every morning. My doctor insisted I do all these for 3 months and if nothing changes, he would recommend the appropriate medication. He also advised me to have intercourse on alternate days. After religiously doing all these, my wife Tested positive today. 2nd of March 2017. Less than 1 month. This is a man with just 10 percent motility below the average of 50 percent. Guys! While on medication still put God first. It can only be him. Forget the reports from the analysis. God is the ultimate healer. Please!!!!!! Love your wife wholeheartedly at this trying moment. After the test my wife encouraged me so much to the extent she started calling me daddy victory! I asked how do you name an unborn child? Who does that? Today! Her faith has made it a reality. God bless us all and grant everyone of us our heart desires. You all will smile this year. By the Grace of God.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Trump Ban CNN And Other News Outlet From Press Briefings by mrking3(m): 6:29am On Feb 25
Fake news.com
bro try update your self with current happenings. Stop watching bb naija. I read it on CNN last night so nothing fake about it.


Car Talk / Re: Here’s Why You Should Never Drive Your Car On An Empty Tank by mrking3(m): 8:00am On Feb 14
Very true. It affects the smooth running of the car. But most times I drive with the reserve. About 15litters. The company I work for doesn't fuel my van so I hardly go beyond reserve. Its there headache.
Celebrities / Re: These Photos Of Kanu Nwankwo & Wife Amara Is Everything by mrking3(m): 6:45am On Dec 05, 2016
This man should grow up biko!!!! What's with this his hairstyle? He should leave this style for small boys abeg!! That's the only thing about him I frown at.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Buhari Presidency Kicks Off Job Scheme For Half A Million Unemployed Graduates by mrking3(m): 10:03pm On Nov 20, 2016
Romance / Re: Archived! by mrking3(m): 9:50pm On Nov 20, 2016
It's better for them to have sex. You don't prepare for a lifetime of sex by abstaining from sex.
well, it's just my opinion. It's up to him to decide on what's best for him. It's an honour to have u on same page!! And quoting me!! This one is Bigger than even making front Page!!! Thanks Boss.
Romance / Re: Archived! by mrking3(m): 9:31pm On Nov 20, 2016
Dude just zip up!!!! I dated my girl friend (now wife) for 4 years without Sex!!! You can do it!! It's really the true test of Love.

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Politics / Re: Goodluck Jonathan's 59th Birthday Party: FFK, Timi Dakolo, Deji Adeyanju Attend by mrking3(m): 9:21pm On Nov 20, 2016
It's hard to pretend not to like Good Luck Jonathan. I just can't hide my admiration for him. I like his simple personality.

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Celebrities / Re: Mercy Johnson At Closing Dinner Of AFRIFF2016 In Lagos by mrking3(m): 8:29pm On Nov 20, 2016
I appreciate her decency!!! Atleast!! More like a married responsible lady.


Food / Re: How To Spot Fake Amstel Malta (photos) by mrking3(m): 10:03pm On Nov 16, 2016
It's impossible to find fake sef!!! The energy and resources the scammer used in faking this Items could be used to start up his own beverage company. With copyright!! There are things you can't easily fake in this country!!! You can fake money, driver's licence, shoes etc!! But definitely not AMSTEL MALT


Politics / Re: Betsy Obaseki: The New Edo First Lady by mrking3(m): 3:03pm On Nov 13, 2016
The first thing I spotted in t background is a very pretty lady putting on a clean white APC gown!! I guess that's IARA osho's wife? Always stealing the show where ever she goes!!! She's a beauty to behold.


Celebrities / Re: Photos Of Mr Ibu's Son, Jeffrey by mrking3(m): 1:22pm On Nov 13, 2016
D woman even wear chain for leg....hu notice
wife looking like a Retired prostitute!! See the multi colour nail colours plus double ear rings and hairstyle!!! Plus flambouyant make up!!!
Celebrities / Re: Photos Of Mr Ibu's Son, Jeffrey by mrking3(m): 10:54am On Nov 13, 2016
I don't get!! Is Mr Ibu sampling his son or Wife sexyness? So Mr Ibu had to upload his wife's pic in that sitting position almost revealing her undies to the world? This guy sef!!!

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Politics / Re: Where Muhammad Abu Ali Was Killed (Photo) by mrking3(m): 7:49am On Nov 07, 2016
Why are they talking about only him d other 4 that die along with him too them no be human beans
just like the game of Chess! Once the KING falls, nothing else matters.


Politics / Re: What Muhammad Abu-Ali Told His Colleagues Before Boko Haram Killed Him by mrking3(m): 6:50pm On Nov 06, 2016
I don't know this man before now, but from the video I watched and with what I read about him! He was such a dedicated selfless leader. It's rare to see junior military officers being promoted right at the war front in this country. Please! The government should do more than just expressing shock and condolences! They should show empathy to the young family he left behind. Not forgetting other fallen heroes too. Last time I felt this agony was in 2012 when I lost my dear Dad. Been feeling sad eversince I heard the demise of this young man. Very brave and courageous!!!

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Religion / Re: Man Decorates Himself With Dollars In A Church In Lekki (Photos) by mrking3(m): 3:45pm On Nov 06, 2016

Please correct yourself. It's not a local but an international church.
check out the church building and environment. The church is domiciled in one of the slums around lekki phase 2
Religion / Re: Man Decorates Himself With Dollars In A Church In Lekki (Photos) by mrking3(m): 1:49pm On Nov 06, 2016
Name of the church please? And where in lekki phase one?

I am not doubting you o! I want to make sure I attend the next harvest.

Otherwise you are a lie Mohammed....
I won't disclose the name bro!! You can like to disagree with me.

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