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Phones / Re: ***About N3,000 disappeared from my MTN account balance*** by seunlayi(m): 8:25am
hop mtn will make a refund
Phones / Re: Gionee Pioneer P2 Discussion Thread. by seunlayi(m): 2:52am
Toroze: which rom?
Nexus V3

NeXuS V3 By Emrul ChowdhuryFeatures:========================->> Based on 4.2.2 Jellybean(FlyMobile) <<-->> 100% bugless rom <<-->> Fully Kitkat looks <<-->> Kitkat style SystemUI <<-->> Kikat Icons added <<-->> White Statusbar added <<-->> GEL (Google Experience Launcher) added <<-->> Apollo Music Player added <<-->> Fully Deodexed <<-->> Pre-Rooted <<-->> Dual 3G Swipe Supported <<-->> 3G Video Call Support <<-->> Super Smooth UI <<-->> Improvements in build.prop <<-->> Better Camera Quality <<-->> Better Audio <<-->> Google guester supported keyboard <<-->> More battery backup <<-->> Added Zipalign <<-->> New Flashlight, Compass app added <<-->> init.d Supported Kernel <<-->> Internet Speed Boost <<-->> ACID SoundMOD & Viper FX added <<-->> Improved Sound Quality <<-->> 4.2.2 gapps included <<-->> BusyBox installed <<-->> Full Gravity Box Supported <<-->> Ultra Fast Performance <<-->> New Walton Boot Logo <<-->> Nexus Boot Animation <<-->> More free RAM <<-->> Adobe PDF Reader added <<-->> Note 3 Music Player added <<-->> Stylish Multi Locker added with 11 HD Themes <<-->> Stylish Power Widget added <<-->> Notification Toggle added <<-->> And Much More... <<-
Nexus 3 single link and parts and other two files to flash

Single Download Link

Download Links in Parts.
Part1: http:///Efd7XA
Part2: http:///UbiV8R
Part3: http:///F8s6eJ
Part4: http:///BpcZ8J
Part5: http:///sqnSMg
Flash this two zip after installing rom::1. Apps Uptade: http:///mUf24h Performance Tweaks: http:///6JfFkn [after flash a window will pop-up select yes]__________

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Phones / Re: Gionee Pioneer P2 Discussion Thread. by seunlayi(m): 2:49am
rikkyfred: me,roehsoft expander all d way
I m not using any expander, it is just with titanium that I used to put all system application that are useless in "Bondage"
Phones / Re: Gionee Pioneer P2 Discussion Thread. by seunlayi(m): 3:41pm On Apr 23
slap1: Hello.
I want to sell my Gionee P2 for 11K. It's less than two months and has no issue at all. Reason is I want to change phone.
11k? I bought new one for someone last week for 13,500
Phones / Re: Gionee Pioneer P2 Discussion Thread. by seunlayi(m): 4:50am On Apr 23
my free ram (300+)using clean master. Who can beat this?

Religion / Re: Pastor Kumuyi Is Hale And Hearty, He Preached At Church Easter Retreat by seunlayi(m): 3:46pm On Apr 22
the Church Secretary said it and we saw him on Sunday and yesterday - we are living witness.
Religion / Re: Ghanaian Juju Priest Sets On A Spritual War With Prophet TB Joshua by seunlayi(m): 7:03am On Apr 22
echo- bee:

I no be guy,i be lady angry angry
sitting in a mat with guys drinking alomo may be risky. take care tongue[quote author=echo- bee]
Religion / Re: Muslim Woman Facing Death Calls Out To Jesus And Then The Miracle Happened.. by seunlayi(m): 6:59am On Apr 22
dongilly: Click where?
the one wey you read don do. thank God for the mercy. next thread.
Religion / Re: Deeper Life Secretary Explains Why Kumuyi ‘broke Down’ During Easter Retreat by seunlayi(m): 6:49am On Apr 22
Thank God for the renewal of his strength. I really enjoyed the BS of yesterday.
Politics / Re: Suspects Arrested Over Attempt To Bomb Church In Bauchi On February 27, 2012 by seunlayi(m): 11:44pm On Apr 21
thank God
Religion / Re: Pastor Kumuyi Reportedly Sick Rushed To Hospital - DailyPost by seunlayi(m): 9:00pm On Apr 21
let me just share today's study with you hop you will join us next week for another BS.

Matthew 6:16-18

“Moreover when ye fast”. The first word, ‘moreover’ implies that our Lord ranks the next subject, fasting, with almsgiving and praying. Our Lord says, “when (not if ) ye fast”. He teaches us that we shall fast and we ought to fast. He had said, “when thou doest thine alms” and “when thou prayest”, now He says, “when ye fast”. In each case, He emphasized, “Be not as the hypocrites are” (Matthew 6:2,5,16). The practice of the hypocrites had rendered their almsgiving, praying and fasting unacceptable to God. They missed the promised reward of almsgiving, the divine response to prayer and supernatural power of fasting because of their hypocrisy and superstition.

The practice of hypocrites, doing a good thing with wrong motives, should not make true believers abandon a scriptural, powerful, profitable responsibility and privilege. Fasting, joined with prayer and faith in God has always been the practice of God’s people in solemn or sorrowful periods in their lives. In times of personal crisis or national calamity, God’s people have always sought supernatural help and divine intervention through prayer and fasting. And whenever this has been done with a heart that wholly leans on God and fully trusts in Him, He has always responded favourably. “And thy Father, which seeth in secret, shall reward thee openly” (Matthew 6:3,4, 6,17,18).

Matthew 6:16a; 2 Chronicles 20:1-4; Ezra 8:21-23; Nehemiah 1:2-4; Esther 4:1-3,16; Matthew 9:14,15; Acts 10:1-6, 30,31; 2 Corinthians 6:1-5; 11:27.

From the examples of fasting in Scripture, we lealmsgivingarn a lot on believers’ fasting. Individuals and groups of people fasted at special times of exceptional gravity or danger, when they find themselves under some heavy burdens from which they need to be free. Such fasting was often an expression of deep humiliation before God, a demonstration of utter helplessness and a cry of absolute dependence on God. Such fasting was not a response to any command from God to fast but a voluntary and spontaneous act of seeking God’s help when they were overwhelmed by serious, perplexing problems.

From Scripture, we learn that fasting is deliberate abstinence from food for the purpose of prayer and devotion to God. Generally, in the Scripture, the abstinence from food is for a day, from morning till the evening, or a few days (Joshua 7:6; Judges 20:26; Nehemiah 1:4; Esther 4:16; Acts 13:1-3; 14:23). Fasting is not to be done to the point of impairing our health or injuring our body (Acts 27:33-36). Missing some meals is not necessarily fasting but could be self-denial and endurance in times of need or persecution (2 Corinthians 6:4,5; 11:26-28). A deliberate, purposeful devotion to God in prayer and fasting yields mighty, supernatural results.

Matthew 6:16; Luke 18:11,12; 1 Kings 21:5-13; 2 Samuel 12:7,13-23; Zechariah 7:4-6,7-13; Isaiah 58:1-7; Jeremiah 14:10-12; Zechariah 8:18-23.

The hypocrites stain every good thing they try to do with the sin of seeking the praise of men. Their righteousness, their almsgiving, their praying, their fasting, like the Pharisees’ are all done “to be seen of men”, that is, to attract attention to their supposed spirituality. “All their works they do for to be seen of men” (Matthew 23:5). The heart of the sinner, the backslider, the hypocrite is so depraved that what is meant to lead us to humility before God is turned to a means of pride and self-exaltation before men.

Hypocrites today, like the Pharisees of old, advertise their fasting and make public what should have been kept secret between their souls and God. They manifest a hypocritical expression of superficial religion to give a false impression of their spirituality. The Lord has warned us against hypocrisy in fasting and in every other thing we do. We are to do all things for God’s glory, not for the promotion of self. The fasting of hypocrites, whose main purpose is pride and desire to win the praise of men, is abomination in God’s sight. God hates hypocrisy in whatever we do. “Ye are they which justify yourselves before men; but God knoweth your hearts: For that which is highly esteemed among men is abomination in the sight of God” (Luke 16:15; 18:9-14).

Matthew 6:17,18; 17:19-21; 1 Samuel 7:3-6,7-13; Jonah 3:5-10; Ezra 8:21-23; Nehemiah 1:4; 2:1-8; 2 Chronicles 20:1-4, 14-25; Joel 2:12-29; Acts 9:9-22; 13:1-5,6-12; 14:21-23.

Proper fasting with prayer of faith is mighty and powerful in its awesome effect. The believer is yet to see the awesome power of faith, prayer and fasting. What seems impossible in the affairs of men becomes possible and extraordinary things happen as God responds to the prayer and fasting of the righteous. Personal problems are solved, powerful enemies are conquered, imminent judgment is averted, yokes and curses are broken and destroyed, families, cities and even nations are delivered, demons and evil spirits are cast out and their captives are set free, the expectations of the wicked are disappointed, miracles happen and the Holy Ghost moves in extraordinary power, mighty revivals with great harvest of souls are experienced unhindered, uninterrupted, unrestricted as faithful believers and the righteous fast and pray. In these last days, as we face overwhelming challenges, individual believers, led by the Holy Spirit can arise to seek the Lord and experience the untapped power of prayer and fasting.

* * * * * * *

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Religion / Re: Pastor Kumuyi Reportedly Sick Rushed To Hospital - DailyPost by seunlayi(m): 8:03pm On Apr 21
come out of the dark and join us
the man of God is live with this powerful teaching I don't want u to miss you can connect with your IPhone, BB, Android phone, etc
Religion / Re: Bible Vs. Cell Phone by seunlayi(m): 3:14pm On Apr 21
Mr man hell fire doesnt exist. you know why? that is because only a wicked God will let his creation perish in hell just because of sin. Well, unless God is wicked and therefore not worth serving.
Listen up! i am even yet to conclude if God exists or not, thats because i am not through with my research.
So why waste my time reading a novel called a bible and following up with it as if it is my life manual.
You capitalized on the fact that Nairaland is a faceless forum for you to spill out the rubbish you are. I think this is the same way founders of boko haram started. if I may ask, WHO ARE YOU TO CONCLUDE IF GOD EXIST OR NOT? Even your 3 paragraph comment does not agree with each other. See how idleness and free internet has affected you negatively
Religion / Re: Pastor Kumuyi Is Hale And Hearty, He Preached At Church Easter Retreat by seunlayi(m): 11:16am On Apr 21
this is a genuine report. mod why can't you move this to the FP to counter the other rumour?
Religion / Re: Kumuyi Shows Fatigue At Church’s Easter Programme by seunlayi(m): 11:09am On Apr 21
if it is true that there is no sentiment in Nairaland this is a genuine front page materia
Religion / Re: Pastor Kumuyi Reportedly Sick Rushed To Hospital - DailyPost by seunlayi(m): 9:54am On Apr 21
all you haters of pastor kumuyi, don't you think it will be better for you to lay your hands on something profitable to you rather than this idleness that may incur the wrath of God on you. The man of God is living a life that is worthy of emulation, going round preaching the world of God without sentiment. if I may ask how many youth can stand almost four hours a day preaching. somebody also said that the is nothing like miracle, well, let me tell you There is miracle, I m a living testimony of God miracle. .......


Religion / Re: Pastor Kumuyi Reportedly Sick Rushed To Hospital - DailyPost by seunlayi(m): 5:13pm On Apr 20
No matter what, Pastor Kumuyi has made his impact in the evangelism of Christ gospel. Glory be to God, he actually preached again this morning. He certainly need a rest from the workload on him. God Will continue to Strengthen you Baba


Politics / Re: Boko Haram Starts Fresh Recruitment by seunlayi(m): 9:45am On Apr 19
Nigerians and flair for quick wealth is the reason for boko haram
Politics / Re: We’ve Not Received Salaries Since December 2013 – LAUTECH Doctors by seunlayi(m): 9:41am On Apr 19
sebi na Apc ? all is well with their propaganda


Politics / Re: DPO Detained For Molesting A Lady by seunlayi(m): 9:17am On Apr 19
this is interesting. the dpo is also feeling the heat now.
Politics / Re: Prof. Wole Shoyinka On The Recent Boko Haram Bombings: by seunlayi(m): 9:22am On Apr 18
God will expose the evil doers among us
Phones / Re: Gionee Pioneer P2 Discussion Thread. by seunlayi(m): 1:48am On Apr 18
okoligee: gionee p4 is out wit 1gb ram
good move by gionee
Politics / Re: Prof. Wole Shoyinka On The Recent Boko Haram Bombings: by seunlayi(m): 9:07pm On Apr 16
Dreal1247: The prof has told the bitter truth which the world needs to hear. Some promised blood bath while some promised to make Nigeria ungovernable. All of them are rearing the fruit of their labour.
Politics / Prof. Wole Shoyinka On The Recent Boko Haram Bombings: by seunlayi(m): 7:38pm On Apr 16
Nobel Laureate, Professor Wole Soyinka, yesterday in
Osogbo, declared that the country was in need of
competent leaders to confront, among others, the
security challenges facing the country.
He said the security challenges facing the country could
not be solved by prayers, but by leaders with capacity to
deal with the situation without partisanship.
Soyinka suggested that learning from the history of
nations that had faced similar situations could help
Nigeria survive her present security challenges.
Soyinka, who was a keynote speaker at a colloquium
with the theme Fundamental Imperatives of
Cohabitation, Faith and Secularism, organised by Centre
for Black Culture and International Understanding,
CBCIU, Osogbo, called for a frank talk among
stakeholders in the affairs of the country to end the
spate of bombings.
According to Soyinka, who said he received with shock
the news of Nyanya Motor Park bombing, authorities
concerned must arrest the situation.
Debunking a newspaper report, which quoted him as
saying the nation's security challenges could be resolved
through prayers, Soyinka posited that Boko Haram
insurgency should not be mistaken for a religious war,
insisting that prayers alone could not end the crises.
He said: "I have never said prayer can help resolve the
security challenges facing Nigeria.
"I believe the situation must be tackled without
partisanship and all these uninformed comments cannot
help the situation.
"We should wake up to the reality. Nigeria is in war and
only competence can solve the problem, not prayers."

Prof. Wole Shoyinka on the Recent Boko Haram Bombings: on Facebook:
''If the United states citizens decide to be bombing the USA
everyday and ready to die, there is nothing Obama can do about it. The only thing he can do is to urge citizens to report bad people. If citizens refuse to report evil people then there is nothing anyone can do. Here in the USA in Chicago to be precise more than 10 people are killed everyday and that's the same thing. I am only worried that this is Abuja.
I'm worried that people who do not support them were killed in this attack.'' And I add: I remember the BOSTON MARATHON
BOMBERS were apprehended with the help of PRIVATE AMERICAN CITIZENS. They volunteered info, agreed to lockdowns and all that Can we say the same of our HYPOCRITICAL LOVERS OF BLOODSHED Can Govt stop Millions of Yam Sellers? Orange Sellers? etc from being LOYAL to their ogas at the top who have impoverished them for years and then use them to BOMB INNOCENT NIGERIANS because they want power to return to the north??
“There are people in power in certain parts of the country,
leaders, who quite genuinely and authoritatively hate and cannot tolerate any religion outside their own,” “When you combine that with the ambitions of a number of people who believe they are divinely endowed to rule the country and who… believe that their religion is above whatever else binds the entire nation together, and somehow the power appears to slip from their hands, then they resort to the most extreme measures.“Youths who have been indoctrinated right from infancy can be used, and who have been used, again and again to create mayhem in the country”
“Those who have created this faceless army have lost control.”
-Professor Wole Soyinka hu


Religion / Re: Pastor W F Kumuyi Storms Ibadan For Sign & Wonders Crusade (pics) by seunlayi(m): 7:33pm On Apr 14
aviazuva: I think we should direct all energy towards religious activity to returning souls to God more than curing diseases and providing bodily comfort except when the miracles are purely planned to help in the archievement of that gaol, for Jesus got more followers with miracle working than with only preaching the good news.
all the messages during the crusade were on salvation......

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Religion / Re: Pastor W F Kumuyi Storms Ibadan For Sign & Wonders Crusade (pics) by seunlayi(m): 7:02am On Apr 14
Welcome!! is there any signs and wonders atall today?
i knw it will be people from osun and ogun that had today sign and wonder.
if you like go with twenty cripples that are well known and see if there will be any sign and wonder on them. if not, my brother or sister learn how to always pray to your God cus none of this people are for real.
im saying out of experience.
you m mean there is nothing like miracle? I think I know the type of person which you are. log out of nairaland and learn from real experience before you log in or go to phone and joke section for threads that fits you

Religion / Re: Pastor W F Kumuyi Storms Ibadan For Sign & Wonders Crusade (pics) by seunlayi(m): 8:25pm On Apr 13

Religion / Re: Pastor W F Kumuyi Storms Ibadan For Sign & Wonders Crusade (pics) by seunlayi(m): 8:14pm On Apr 13
Samfigo1: I never wanted to say anything on this but ur idiosyncrasy pushed me to say this. Anyways I need not to say much your name simply reflect who you are... Betrayer! You're already doomed!
Lol, one thing I have learnt on this nairaland is that you should look at some username before replying some comments. what do you expect some one with that name, OK IJA, born2......, sex.....etc to say on a thread like this?
I open this thread for those that need to know. the grace of God is always sufficient.
meanwhile, the last session of the crusade is on, I am already blessed. Halleluyah


Religion / Re: Pastor W F Kumuyi Storms Ibadan For Sign & Wonders Crusade (pics) by seunlayi(m): 2:02pm On Apr 13
every one is entitled to his or her opinion on Naira land. this is a crusade with thousands of people who are better mindful of the fact that there are lots of fake men of God in and around the city but that crowd came down not minding the distance of the crusade ground from the city to receive from God. I thank God for the overwhelming success of the crusade. and for those who does not know who the pastor is, he is a man of God that stands out. the whole messages he preaches at the on going crusade were based on salvation, repentance, redemption, etc despite the theme if the programme. I pray that God will continue to prove himself through this man of God.
for those that have different opinion, remember
"in the later days, many shall arise......."
But you (with your education, age, experience, your level of understanding of the Bible, etc) "shall know the truth........."
Phones / Re: Gionee Pioneer P4 Discussion thread. by seunlayi(m): 2:24am On Apr 13
may be the battery is the reason why it was Removed from their site
Religion / Re: Pastor W F Kumuyi Storms Ibadan For Sign & Wonders Crusade (pics) by seunlayi(m): 2:10am On Apr 13
God of sign and wonder is still alive. thank God for all the miracles


Religion / Pastor W F Kumuyi Storms Ibadan For Sign & Wonders Crusade (pics) by seunlayi(m): 7:28am On Apr 12
The General Superintendent of Deeperlife Ministry Pastor W F Kumuyi yesterday storm the city of Ibadan for the Sign and wonders crusade organise by the church. The opening day witnessed an overwhelming crowd as the whole of the church camp ground was filled people who came from all part of the southwest region to receive from God. In his word, Pastor kumuyi remarked that he was hearing the loudest hallelujah in Ibadan compared to other places he has visited in Africa and that the podium is the highest. The vehicle, crowd, security put in place by the organise where just too efficient as the visitors also compliment this by there orderly and supportive behaviour. Many people in there thousands surrendered their sinful way of life to Christ after the message which was followed by a powerful prayer for repentance, healing etc by the man of God. The program ends on Sunday.


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