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My Complicated Love Story by chistar01(m): 7:21pm On Jul 01, 2013

We all know 'LOVE' is a very complicated word, it comes when we least expect, and we find ourselves loving the very person we never thought we could love.

So in line with that, I in particular have been through a lot of memorable experiences with this 'love' thing we all talk about, so this story is just a medium im using to share my experiences.

You may want to ask 'is this a true or fictional story?' well, i'll let you decide what you want to believe *winks*, after all, as the saying go ..'no be my mouth you go hear say Beyonce dey shît too'.

So you could drop comments, like updates, and you could also advice on how ill improve but the basic idea is just to read and just have fun.

So here it goes!!....


Hi!, my name is Micheal but you may as well call me mike if you are a guy or mikey if you are female *winks*, anyway am based in lagos and i school at the university of PortHarcourt, Nigeria AKA 'UNIPORT' where i study MANAGEMENT under the faculty of management, weird right? Don't mind the confused people that named the departments.

Anyway i hail from the Big Heart of the nation, Delta state, as for my age.... well you would know that in due time.

Well, let me state this now and clearly 'I AM NOT A PLAYER', but, I've lost count of girls ive dated(not like i was even counting), im just looking for my Miss Right, you know na, that one girl you meet and you cant picture your life with any other girl, that girl you actually dream and not those you lie to about dreaming of them, you know that girl that even if she strips nakèd and tell you to do whatever you will, you would refuse not because you are gay but because you love her to a fault and of course, she too would feel the same about you.

But my delima is my Miss Right seems far fetched.

So basically, this story is just a well detailed summary of my adventures in my really tedious search for 'Miss Right'.

Trust me when i say its been a really funny adventure and i've dated them all, the cute, ugly, fat, slim, ugly, possessive, 'i no send you if you no send me type', the honest, the churchy type,the sex freak, in short, just name it and ive dated it or something similar at least.

I'll try my best to keep you guys posted, and update as often as i can, so buckle up because you are in for a fun filled ride into the world of a lasgidi/port harcourt breed PLAY BOY... oops!! Did i just call my self a play boy?? Ermm...well its just what ill like to call a slip of hand *winks*

And before i forget, expect lotta suspense and comedy, Don't say you weren't warned.


All Rights Reserved:

This work exclusively belongs to the author and is protected under the Nigerian copyright laws.

The Title, thoughts, plot, characters, settings, quotes and all its contents are properties of the author.

No part of this work; either in parts or in whole should be reproduced in any format; electronic or otherwise without permission from the author.

You can reach the writer at SNIPESMONEY@GMAIL.COM for any inquiries.

© Chistar01


Re: My Complicated Love Story by AbuMikey(m): 7:41pm On Jul 01, 2013
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Re: My Complicated Love Story by AbuMikey(m): 7:42pm On Jul 01, 2013
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Re: My Complicated Love Story by Youngzicco(m): 8:02pm On Jul 01, 2013
Well......*Topic Followed*


Re: My Complicated Love Story by chistar01(m): 8:46pm On Jul 01, 2013
YOU CAN BUY THE COMPLETE BOOK, MY COMPLICATED LOVE STORY JUST FOR #100 HERE }} http://okadabooks.com/book/about/my_complicated_love_story/10342 THANKS FOR YOUR PATRONAGE.


So for starters, i have a best friend and its a 'she', i don't really think the 'best friend' with a guy thing can work because guys could be so uncaring and there are times you just need to stay put and cry on someone shoulder rather than watch football or play fifa '13.

So her name is Sandra, she's super CUTE and got curVes, she has got that kind of toolz ass wink, she's also very warm,friendly and independent, thus never takes nor asks for anything from me unless i insist. She cooks too,very well!, in summary, she has got everything a guy would ever need 4rm a girl. She is based and hails from PH, she is what ill like to call a full PH girl to the core.

Here is the twist, sandra is an EX, and she's my 1st lady,not like am a governor or president tho, just that she was my 1st GF in uniport. yea,its kinda funny and complicated how things turned out, nevertheless, i love her just as a friend or so i think.

Here's how it all happened...

I had just gained admission into uniport, im one of those lucky people that has a relative in the 'high places' of the school, so getting admission was sorta a piece of cake, all i had to do was make good grades and i at least credited all my subjects in my WAEC and did justice to the JAMB and POST JAMB (i had some backyard help sha,after all after sitting at home for 1 whole year no b beans), so as i was saying, i got admitted into uniport and i met sandra during the usual hectic,generic,annoying,stressful fresher registration...(una wey dey school go understand wetin i mean) even now that im almost done with my program, i have like two friends who don't have a matric number because they haven't finished the registration or sumthing like that.

So i was finally done with my physicals after queuing for two straight days and headed to the famous 'LULU BRIGGS HEALTH CENTER' for my medicals, when i got there i was informed that ill have to come back two days later because they had days for different departments and it was my dept day. I was so pissed because i had wasted my time, i was dead hungry tired and frustrated and i also missed my way while looking for lulu briggs and this people were yarning me bomb!!, i complained and para for them (para means shout or something like that) but it fell on deaf ears so after shouting for like 10 mins and nobody answered me,i just package myself well and went home with fury.

Back then i was squating with one of my high school friend(tayo) and his roommate(uche), when i got home, the house was empty but i heard voices at the back of the house so i went to check if it was my notorious friends and landlords for the time being, as i approached i started perceiving weed and somehow i just knew it was my landlord, tayo.

You see, tayo has been a chain smoker since high-school so wherever there is weed, there is tayo.

I finally got to the back and i was right, tayo and his friends where there getting high and talking about football, lecturers, girls etc i just sat down with them and contributed to my own specialty, 'girls' wink.

Well nothing really happened for the next two day tho, it was just boring due to the fact that i was a fresher and hadn't settled nor have friends.

Finally the day for my department to do the Medicals came and in other to impress nah, my packaging was WAR oh!!, I wore my best blue pens with tear rubber D&G 100% cotton long sleeves which i had ironed in a way the getoh could peel yam, my dark green mokasin wasn't bad mixture neither and to top it all, i sprayed almost half of my 'incidence made in paris' perfume. As i walked out of the house with my ear piece plugged in, i had a quick look at the full scale mirror at the exit of the lodge and i gave myself the ''i go kill dem 2day'' smile.

On getting to the gate of the health center in a taxi i boarded, i dropped and walked into the health center, for a moment everybody in the health center stopped and turned back to stare, am not really an attention seeker so i didn't know either to run or just faint. Neither of those three options seemed nice so i just chined up and walked straight to a desk at the front the health center to make inquiries and i was directed, as i walked, i could feel about a thousand eyes on me, after a while i got used to it and besides i guess that's what i was looking for when i dressed that way.

I was directed to the office of the lady that shunned me the two days ago, but unlike the other day i came, she personally attended to me and gave me two labeled test tubes, one had 'blood' written on it, while the other had 'urine'...

URINE!!!?? I asked, literally screaming

'yes, urine, any problem?' she asked with a mischievous smile,

hmm, so how was i to urinate in public in a tube for that matter, after all my packaging, and am sure some of my department girls would have had their eyes on me already...

'CHAI this one would be hard oh', i thought, staring at the test tube confused.

Up next? Chapter 2


Re: My Complicated Love Story by yemi2plus(m): 9:30pm On Jul 01, 2013
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Re: My Complicated Love Story by Nduking92(m): 9:45pm On Jul 01, 2013
gud one
Re: My Complicated Love Story by chistar01(m): 10:32pm On Jul 01, 2013
yemi2plus2: Page bookmarked
yipee!!!! I got my mentors attention cheesy
Re: My Complicated Love Story by chistar01(m): 10:33pm On Jul 01, 2013
Nduking92: gud one
thanks man! I actually need the encouragements
Re: My Complicated Love Story by chistar01(m): 10:35pm On Jul 01, 2013
Please, y'all should drop comments on advices not just viewing,thanks.
Re: My Complicated Love Story by chistar01(m): 10:36pm On Jul 01, 2013
Youngzicco: Well......*Topic Followed*
Re: My Complicated Love Story by chistar01(m): 10:37pm On Jul 01, 2013
Abu Mikey: Reserved for comment!
hmm,ok..expecting positive replies
Re: My Complicated Love Story by Madawaki01(m): 10:48pm On Jul 01, 2013
Nice one
Re: My Complicated Love Story by chistar01(m): 11:03pm On Jul 01, 2013
Madawaki01: Nice one
Re: My Complicated Love Story by chistar01(m): 12:34am On Jul 02, 2013

The test tube thing gave me a hard time but somehow i cleared the blood part and headed to the toilet to do the urine thing because i had no other option.

On getting there the toilet was empty, i was so glad, that i rushed in, but...

i forgot to lock the door.

I brought out my 'D' and tried placing it in the tube, which was very hard because i have a...well never mind (i guess you know what i mean *winks*).

While i was doing my thing someone just pushed the door open and came in.

That was the most embarrassing moment of my life!, at that moment i wished the ground would open and swallow me, although the person quickly locked the door back with the speed of light i'm pretty sure she saw something.

What made it so bad was it wasn't a guy but a girl who opened the door.

I tried to console myself with the conclusion of uniport being a big school and i'll never see the girl again, but i was wrong.

So i finished up and cleared the urine thing finally, then headed home.

It was a friday so i made plans of going clubbing to clear my head and forget about the earlier incident, i told tayo and uche who liked the idea, so they invited their chicks and since i didn't have any 'chick', i just made up my mind to go and pick up a girl i'll take home not knowing fate had a different plan for me.

It was about 11:36pm when we got to the club, we headed straight for the VIP section where some of uche guys were, they hailed him 'URCH MONEY!!!!! URCH MONEY!!!', i Don't get why almost all the uche i know automatically bear urch as a nickname, anyway we shaked exchanged pleasantries and joined them.

Without wasting much time uche ordered for drinks and i figured out why 'money' was attached to his nick name. This guy bought drinks that the money could buy a car and fuel it for 2years conveniently. I was happy that the drinks part was covered, little did i know that we are in for a night of many adventures.

While i was just sitting and observing the babes in the club, i saw a girl doing something i hate and assume every guy hates too, she was with her phone,probably pinging

"For crying out loud,if you want to ping,stay at home! You done come to a club and do that" I thought

The alcohol was already kicking in so i had what is they call a 'drunk man's courage', i stood up,walked up to her, but instead of being a gentleman and sit down then talk to her or something like that i snatched her phone from her, kept it in my pocket and dragged her to the dance floor. Funny enough, she didn't complain, just followed me.

The DJ probably read my mind and changed the song to...

'young girl,you don't know the thing,i am teaching you the thing,you are playing with the thing...'

Still in my 'drunk man's courage' mode, i whispered to her 'lemme teach you something', then turned her and started rocking her from behind, and strangely again, she complied.

We danced for quite a long while then slowly my eyes cleared up and i got back to my senses, i strained my eyes to see who this hottie was ,even in the dark,she looked hot with her killer curves, to my greatest surprise it was the same chick that had busted into me in the toilet when i was doing this medicals thing!!.

I was super embarrassed this time, she noticed what was going on and then said '

maybe we should talk and clear things out' , of course i agreed.

So we headed out of the club because the music was too loud and unless we were going to scream, talking in the club wasn't a good idea.

We got out and found no where to sit, so we just decided to stroll.

There was a quite long awkward silence between us until she finally spoke...

'am sorry'

'for what?' ,i asked pretending not to know what she was talking about

'for this afternoon, bursting into the toilet like that, i should have knocked'

'oh, that?, its nothing, shit happens... anyway i am mike' i was feeling really uncomfortable so i just tried to quickly change the topic..

'hi, im sandra'

'ok, hi sandra, u school in uniport right?'

'yea, im a fresher tho, how about you?'

'ermm fresher too, what dept are you, or wait, lemme guess, ermmm medicine?'

she laughed then replied..

'no oh, medicine ke? U want to kill me?, I am studying economics'

at that point i actually knew i had gotten a girl for the night. The thing with girls is that they like a guy that ain't boring, one who can make them laugh and make them feel comfortable, if you can do that well, you can have 'almost' any girl and sandra fortunately is among the 'almost'.

Funny how time flies, we had talked for abt 2 hours when it happened.

Tayo called..

'guy where u dey?' he asked

'around sha,wetin dey happen?' i replied

'rush come d club side,now now!,kasala don burst', before i could ask any more questions, he hanged up.

Sandra who was already getting worried then asked if all is well, all i could say was...

"i hope so"

We headed back to the club as fast as we could, not knowing what to expect.

Up next? Chapter 3

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Re: My Complicated Love Story by madone: 1:04am On Jul 02, 2013
Winks....lets go on my guy,I go read the last sentence with the last last letter for this topic

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Re: My Complicated Love Story by Madawaki01(m): 6:14am On Jul 02, 2013
U dey try oooo
Re: My Complicated Love Story by Youngzicco(m): 6:17am On Jul 02, 2013
Chistar, u better updAte more b4 I start reading dis from the Top again #LAUGHS#......u tried man!

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Re: My Complicated Love Story by yemi2plus(m): 7:15am On Jul 02, 2013
chistar01: While i was doing my thing someone just pushed the door open and came in...that was the most embarrasing moment of my life!,at that moment i wished the ground would open and swallow me,although the girl quickly locked the door back with the speed of light i'm preety sure she saw something, what made it so bad was it was'nt a guy but a girl who opened the door...it was sandra!!! My so called bestie,my 1st lady.
same almost happened to me during my medical fitness test in KSU.
You don't start by telling us her name, cause at that moment she bang in i believe you don't no her name.
Also try to introduce your characters i.e uche
Re: My Complicated Love Story by chistar01(m): 7:28am On Jul 02, 2013
madone: Winks....lets go on my guy,I go read the last sentence with the last last letter for this topic
smiley lol,and ill try not to diappoint you ,thanks for reading
Re: My Complicated Love Story by chistar01(m): 7:29am On Jul 02, 2013
same almost happened to me during my medical fitness test in KSU.
You don't start by telling us her name, cause at that moment she bang in i believe you don't no her name.
Also try to introduce your characters i.e uche
hmm,NOTED,ill make corrections asap,thanks
Re: My Complicated Love Story by chistar01(m): 7:31am On Jul 02, 2013
Youngzicco: Chistar, u better updAte more b4 I start reading dis from the Top again #LAUGHS#......u tried man!
yes sir!! Update loading:60% thanks for the support
Re: My Complicated Love Story by chistar01(m): 7:31am On Jul 02, 2013
Madawaki01: U dey try oooo
thanks boss
Re: My Complicated Love Story by Nduking92(m): 7:35am On Jul 02, 2013
guy u too gbaski
Re: My Complicated Love Story by chistar01(m): 8:27am On Jul 02, 2013

Just so you know,Uche is a cheerful giver not like stingy tayo,he is rich as i have made clear earlier,he has the kinda complexion that would give baba suwe hope,asin his blackness no get part 2!,the funny thing about uche is,although he has got a twisted past with cultism and used to play girls, he is settled now, and has a stable gf.
I later got to find out that from tayo that this gf of his name is chisom,from my own perspective she is alright in all aspect,not too flashy or have any 'outspoken' feature,she is just normal but she is a chronic born again Christian, Tayo find this disturbing because every sunday she would carry her two 'left' leg and come to the house,then literally drag the three of us to church even when we don't want to go,(don't ask me how she does it).
Anyway after about the longest 10mins walk of my life ,i and my new found friend got back to the club,from a distance everything looked normal so that made us relax a little but getting closer we saw where there was a little crowed that seems to be growing by the second,without thinking twice we knew that's where the 'WAHALA' is.
We got closer and i tried asking one babe what was happening, but it was no use because she seemed to be drunk and simply smiled at me(i don't know what she was smiling about and don't care), the best option was to go to the center of the crowd and see what was happening with my own eyes.
So after pushing,pulling,punching,cursing and biting a few people,i finally got to the middle, and then it. What i saw made me speechless and my body froze instantly.
There he was,laying on the floor ,blood was rushing out of his head at an alarming rate and that made me nearly throw up because i hate the sight of blood....
It was uche,yes 'URCH MONEY" that was in the middle of this crowed,i was confused and didn't know what to do nor think. Sandra again being her observant self noticed my mood and somehow figured it was my friend and pointed at Tayo who was at the other side of the crowd (i still don't know how she knew i,tayo and uche were friends up to today,maybe she was even eyeing me in the club too *winks*).
After starting at the body for a while,i got so curious and I headed to where Tayo was in other to get some answers, then i asked ,
"o boy,wetin happen for here nah?"
"guy i confuse oh,the thing happened to fast self"
"wetin happen to fast?? Talk better thing jhur" loosing my patience
"me and urch,say make we go outside go smoke some weed because smoking no dey allowed inside the club,na hyn we commot oh,as we dey find corner to do our thing,we no pay too much attention to wetin dey happen around us,.before we reach were we dey go,so don surround us oh,before i fit talk Jack Robinson the do start to dey beat urch oh,1 come use 1 sharp axe knack him head,na why hin dey bleed so, after them do finish wit urch,them face me, i done dey piss for ground self because of fear,but them no touch me,them just say if urch wake up make i tell am make hin leave chisom if hyn never read die"
at that point i wanted to laugh but i compose myself,because i was surprised that cult boys had interest i such a churchy girl, i pictured capon with axe in his back pocket going to church...lol!!
After thinking of the whole case i knelt to confirm if urch was truly alive,then went to board a taxi,with the help of tayo,we both put him in the taxi.
Sandra insisted she came with us of course but that wasn't my problem tho, my guy was at the verge of dieing,so blowing (blowing means fucking or sex )her wasn't even on my mind.
We got home and placed him on a chair, Sandra requested for a towel and a bowl of warm water to clean him us and massage uche, we gladly provided all she asked for,and even brought a 1st aid kit which she used to treat his wound,which wasn't that big tho,just a scratch. Afterwards we all went to slept,feeling like two gentlemen,i and tayo slept in the palour on the floor and gave sandra the bedroom but she suggested we placed urch on the bed while she slept on a small 'hostel' kind of bed we had around.
After gisting for a while with tayo in the sitting room,slowly sleep crept in and we slept soundly,not knowing what was going to happen the next day would change my life for ever!!!

Up next? Chapter 4

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Re: My Complicated Love Story by chistar01(m): 8:29am On Jul 02, 2013
Nduking92: guy u too gbaski
lol... My guy ,I dey fell you jhur!!

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Re: My Complicated Love Story by chistar01(m): 8:32am On Jul 02, 2013
All of una wey dey view this story wey no dey comment,abeg dey comment nah,...just a word of encouragement or an advice would do...or anything concerning the story ,thanks for reading
Re: My Complicated Love Story by Youngzicco(m): 2:06pm On Jul 02, 2013
"i pictured capon with axe in
his back pocket going to church...lol!!". Nawa for u oo..u be Jonzin Dude ni? grin"i pictured capon with axe in
his back pocket going to church...lol!!". Nawa for u oo..u be Jonzin Dude ni?
Re: My Complicated Love Story by chistar01(m): 2:42pm On Jul 02, 2013

It was around 1:23pm when i woke up on saturday afternoon, tayo who was by my side was still sleeping like a dead goat,not even shaking atall,but i didn't bother him,yet,because after all that i assumed he had done in the club,while i and sandra were just gisting...he needed the sleep.

So i brushed my teeth and cleaned up sha, then sat down in the sitting room to check my email and things like that,it was at this point i realized i was hungry...

The kind of hunger wasn't that kind,you say
"cheri kam bia" (wait i'm coming) to,but sharp one,it was like the worm in my stomach were rioting,i can swear i heard them sing
"we no go gree o
we no go gree
big bros micheal give us our food !!"
with that annoyance i stared at Tayo with frustration,because the guy seemed not to care about anything other thing at that moment but sleep,one mind was telling me

"leave him to sleep ,be nice"
while the other was saying the direct opposite,

"wake him up,abi you wan make hungry kill you 4 here?"

well i gave it a thought and tried waking tayo up, i screamed his name but he didn't even shake,i tapped him...no response...kicked him,still no response... Then an evil idea entered my mind.

I went to the bathroom filled a bucket wit water and poured it all on Tayo,...the way the thing worked eh,was fantastic.

Tayo sprung up from his bed and started ran out of the house, cursing the person who poured him water,which was me...

I just smiled and followed him outside,thinking he wouldnt retaliate or at least not immediately,but i was wrong,dead wrong.

As i got outside tayo was busy looking for something seriously,i teased him,
"guy you forget your brain for there,wey you dey find am?"

he just ignored me and kept searching,finally he found what he was looking for,a big long stick,and once i saw it,i understood sharply and ran into the house not waiting to find out what he wanted to do with the stick.
He chased me with the speed of light but i was a little bit faster, i ran straight to the room where urch and sandra slept for the night and locked the door as fast as i could,then started laughing at tayo who was locked outside and still screaming with fury

"hyn dey house",i replied trying to frustrate him the more

then he said "You dey mad,You 4 die today i to say i catch you" ,

"tah!! Dem dey catch breeze??",

we exchanged lot of curses but at a point he got tired and i heard him leave,then i relaxed and turned to face the room,it was then i noticed a weird scene.

..although urch was still on the bed sleeping in an awkward position,with one of his leg in jamaica,the other in ghana,his hand was under the pillow and...never mind sha,im sure you get the idea....i looked around the room but couldn't find sandra nor her hand bag or any clue she was even here.
Different thoughts crossed my mind about her where about,
"shey this girl no follow us come house" i thought
"abi she be winch wey don disappear?"
"or maybe na me no dey see well"
i headed to the bathroom to rinse my face with water and came to check again,
i searched the whole room twice ,looking for this girl but to no avail, i woke up urch,but he didn't have any idea of her where about.
I finally opened the door and went to ask Tayo who was sitting at the sitting room with the stick he wanted to break my head with on his lap, i ignored it and just asked him straight up,
"guy you know where sandra dey?"
"who be sandra?" he inquired

"that babe wey we carry come house yesternight"

"oh,na sandra be her name?,nice name sha,errr she dey room nah"

"ode! If she dey room i go they ask you if you see am abi you blind wen i enter the room ni?"

"guy go check well jhur,where she wan dey again nah,abi she don turn ghost?"

"oga,shebi na you wey sabi see road pass,oya come show me the babe for room nah"

"ok nah,but if i see am for there,i go burst your eye o"

i didn't respond again,just watched him walk to the room then he came out and said
"oboi the girl no dey there tru tru oh"

"so na latin i dey speak since? Abi no be wetin i tell you dat?"

at this point it was obvious sandra was missing or was she playing a prank on us,we both starred at each other for a while not saying anything.
The silence was broken by a knock on the door
"kpo kpo kpo"...
We were both stunned by the sudden knock, but neither of us wanted to open the door,we just stood on the same spot.
Then there was a second knock
"kpo kpo kpo"
...this time i gathered courage and asked
"who is it?!"
not knowing who was knocking at the door by this time of the day,as a matter of fact we don't have much visitors,talk less of saturday afternoon where everywhere used to be dry.
So we patiently waited for a response... Not sure if we really wanted to know who was at the door.

up next? Chapter 4 (cont)


Re: My Complicated Love Story by princesa(f): 3:26pm On Jul 02, 2013
i don't see females here, bt i will sticksmiley

good job!

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Re: My Complicated Love Story by chistar01(m): 3:39pm On Jul 02, 2013
princesa: i don't see females here, bt i will sticksmiley

good job!
lol thanks
Re: My Complicated Love Story by yemi2plus(m): 3:44pm On Jul 02, 2013
I swear to God, this part got me LMFAO
i can swear i heard them sing
"we no go gree o
we no go gree
big bros micheal give us our food !!"


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