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The Reluctant Bride by TiffanyJ(f): 3:53pm On Aug 21, 2014
After this work got wiped out during the attack on Nairaland, my oga, Divepen, began reposting it for me but he too doesn't have the complete work and was forced to stop. I've received so many emails from readers to repost 'The Reluctant Bride' and so, i found myself doing just that.

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Re: The Reluctant Bride by prisomic(f): 4:41pm On Aug 21, 2014
kn't wait oooooo,well done dearie u re d bst
Re: The Reluctant Bride by boladex1: 5:03pm On Aug 21, 2014
well done for your consideration, though i follow your work and i belief i did not miss any posting.

i will still follow you on this one

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Re: The Reluctant Bride by TiffanyJ(f): 5:05pm On Aug 21, 2014
Tara stood in front of her mother's little flat, her weekend bag in her right hands with mixed feelings. This house so much reminds her of the step father who never wanted her; she remembered vividly, how he often told her that she is a jinx to everyone around. Tara tried not to think that she was the reason her mum suffered in her stepfather's hand. Well, it wasn't her fault that her dad died when her mum was pregnant for her, was it? She was jerked back to reality when she heard someone shouting Tara stood in front of her mother's little flat, her weekend bag in her right hands with mixed feelings. This house so much reminds her of the step father who never wanted her; she remembered vividly, how he often told her that she is a jinx to everyone around. Tara tried not to think that she was the reason her mum suffered in her stepfather's hand..
'Fine girl’
She turned around and saw Daniel, their neighbour and family friend. Daniel, although twenty six, already looked thirty two. He is of average height, fat, with a pot belly and a back side too big for
with mixed feelings. This house so much reminds her of the step father who never wanted her; she remembered vividly, how he often told her that she is a jinx to everyone around. Tara tried not to think that she was the reason her mum suffered in her stepfather's hand. Well, it wasn't her fault that her dad died when her mum was pregnant for her, was it? She was jerked back to reality when she Tara stood in front of her mother's little flat, her weekend bag in her right hands with mixed feelings. This house so much reminds her of the step father who never wanted her; she remembered vividly, how he often told her that she is a jinx to everyone around. Tara tried not to think that she was the reason her mum suffered in her stepfather's hand. Well, it wasn't her fault that her dad died when her mum was pregnant for her, was it? She was jerked back to reality when she heard someone shouting.
'Fine girl'
turned around and saw Daniel, their neighbour and family friend. Daniel, although twenty six, already looked thirty two. He is of average height, fat, with a pot belly and a back side too big for a mTara stood in front of her mother's little flat, her weekend bag in her right hands with mixed feelings. This house so much reminds her of the step father who never wanted her; she remembered
heard someone shouting.
'Fine girl'
She turned around and saw Daniel, their neighbour and family friend. Daniel, although twenty six, already
an. His eyes, as usual, are red and his face dangerous. Tara wondered how a responsible man would be already drunk at 9am. Daniel irritates her, he fancied himself in love with her, but she knows better-Daniel is a cad and a bounder. He told her in no uncertain terms that they shall get married...whether she likes it or not.
'You don’t seem happy to see me, my love’
Daniel look her from head to toe, Tara, at twenty four, looked eighteen, she is an inch or two above five feet, fair in complexion with a perfect oval face, big intelligent eyes, full lips, high cheek bones, and a set of perfect white teeth. Her neck was long and delicate. Tara has the kind of body and statue that make men stare at her hungrily. She is an hourglass with a measurement of 36-26-36. Her shoulders are high and she has a beautiful smile. Her bosoms are a little big for her small form, but firm and tempting. Her male course mates in school consider her the sexiest female in class. Her step father insiste her beauty is a shame and disgrace, not that Tara ever understood what he meant by those words.
'Tara is home!'
Tara heard her little step sister's voice from the other side of the road. She turned around and saw Shan, running excitedly towards her! Shan, unlike Tara is tall; she is already too tall for her age, with long legs and a beautiful face. Tara always told her twelve years old sister, that she is growing into the most beautiful woman in the family. Shan fling her hands around Tara and this gesture nearly knock them on the ground. Tara can see small buds from her little sister's chest.
'Oh my goodness Shan, you've outgrew me already, look, you are almost a young lady'.
Shan look shyly at Daniel and giggle.
'Shan' Cried Tara, 'why will mummy summon me home from schools?'
“I really don't know.' replied Shan.
'Come, i have a lot to tell you. How is Zaria?'
'Zaria .is good and so is school, and by the way, why are you not in school today, Shan?'
Tara! Oh God, i miss you so much'
Tara heard her mum's voice and turned towards her for a warm hug. Daniel muttered greetings to Mrs. Annabel David and walked away but not before winking at Tara who pretended not to have seen him.
'Goodness mum, what’s wrong? Are you ill?'
Unlike Tara, Mrs. Annabel was tall, fair and plump. Tara only inherited her mum's big intelligent eyes and fairness, aside that, the two look like strangers!
'I'm fine my baby, just that am missing your step father'
Tara doesn’t miss the man at all, but she feels bad for her mum that is widowed at fourty- one with little or nothing to keep the household running. Her mum and step father only had an issue, Shan, and Tara loved her too much to see her suffer. They entered the living room and Tara went straight to the tiny room she shared with Shan. Everything was spotless, it’s a well-known fact that Shan is obsess with neatness. When Shan's father died a year ago and her mum realized there is nothing left for her and her daughters, except for this little flat, she used up her life savings and sends Tara to the University, in the hope that when she is through, four years later; she can then sponsor Shan who is now in jss2.
'When you were a child, you were quite a handful, now you are all grown up'
Tara turned around, smiled at her mum and replied,
'You are sneaking up on me again!'
Her mum walked into the room. Mrs. Annabel wasn't smiling at all, she looks miserable. Alarm bells began ringing in Tara's head...something is definitely wrong.
'Mum, what is wrong?'
'I Want to have a talk with you, sit down'
Tara sat on Shan's bed and her mum did same.
'Tara, sweetheart, am sorry, i have failed you and Shan as a mother...please forgive me'.
Tara shifted uncomfortably closer to her mum, why is mum saying all these? Tara thought.
'Mum, Tara began speaking, 'you are the best mother Shan and i can ever hope for, please tell me what the problem is, am an adult, i will be twenty four in a few days, please, don't shut me out'
Mrs. Annabel burst into tears!
'My baby, i can’t afford your school fees anymore, you have to quit school' her mum blurt out.
'But mum, I thought you said there is more than enough money for me to graduate? What happened to the money?' Tara asked her mum in shock.
'I had some visitors last week, David put up this house as collateral in collecting loan from the bank. I don't know what he did with the money, but the bank is taking the house and everything in it. We have two weeks to vacate this place' her mum sob quietly,
‘David died in debt; i gave out the remaining money left for your school to his partner, James. The car your step father died in was actually not paid in full. I had to pay it off'
Tara is stun, ‘how could he do this to you? How much did you pay for the car, mum?'
'I paid him two hundred thousand naira'
'Does Shan know about all these?' Tara asked her mum.
'I couldn't bring myself to tell Shan that her beloved father left us with nothing except debts'
Tara had always hated the man. He treated her like a piece of trash and called her a mistake. If only she knows what that meant, but her mum never talk about her dad, she said it’s too painful to remember and Tara simply stopped asking the many questions she has for her mum. She doesn't even know her father's relatives and her mum always insists that they are never meant to be part of their lives. Whenever Tara insists, her mother gets upset and freaked out. Tara had no choice but to conclude that her father's relative must have hurt her mum so much that the mere mention of them makes her mum go hysterical!
Tara willed herself back to reality. Her mum looks tired, and sad.
'Mum, where will we be living now?' Tara never wanted to ask this question but she has to.
‘I have rented a self-contain flat at Narayi, here in Kaduna. We move in, next week Thursday'
'Jeez, mum, so soon? Any ways, i can always get a job and help in the upkeep of the house and Shan's school fees' 'what about my school fees?' Tara turned to the door; Shan is coming briskly and excitedly into the room. Her face, so cheerful and innocent. Mrs. Annabel stood up,
'I'm so tired girls; I will be in my room resting'.
She bends down and kissed Shan on the cheek before walking out of the room. Shan look straight into Tara smiling face and asked,
, what did you and mum talked about and why are you discussing my school fees? What is the problem? Mum has not been herself lately, are you hiding something from me?'
Tara looked affectionately at her sister
'No, of course, why ever will you think that?'
Shan laughed, fling her slim arms around Tara and whispered in her ear
'I miss you so much, am glad you are home'
'I'm glad am home too' Tara whispered back
'Sorry, miss, we have nothing for you here'. Tara look dejectedly at the elderly woman, she has been finding it extremely difficult to get a job.
'Okay ma, thanks anyway, here is my phone number, please let me know if you need me'.
Tara quickly scraped her number and name in a piece of paper and gave it to the woman.


Re: The Reluctant Bride by TiffanyJ(f): 5:11pm On Aug 21, 2014
Tara quickly scraped her number and name in a piece of paper and gave it to the woman.
'I will give you a call as soon as there is vacancy'
'Thanks ma'
Tara whispered as she walked out of the super market. Tara was hoping to be a sales girl at the supermarket but it seems she’s running out of luck. Her mum is ill, she knows but there is no money to take her to the hospital.
job, how can Shan go back to school?
They are moving out of the flat in three days and she is yet to tell Shan about it. Shan loves the flat so much that Tara knows she will be heartbroken to suddenly have to leave.
Tara walk down the street hoping to see a sign indicating the need for a sales girl...or maybe, she can teach! Yes, Tara decided to search for a teaching job with her secondary school certificate in a private
She desperately needs a job to
help pay Shan's fees. Without
school. That will be good, after all, she loves children and knows that she is going to cope with them just fine, it definitely will be fun.

She smiled, then laughed, and then walks home quickly to get her credentials ready. Tara, so excited, didn't see the car coming; she turned, shouted, shut her eyes and pray for a miracle as the car came to a stop two feet away from her!
Tara, shaking like a leaf, heard a door opened, followed by footsteps.
'Are you silly? If you want to die, buy a gun and shoot yourself'
She snapped her eyes open only to be greeted by a man-a very angry man.
'I'm so sorry Mr., I was in such a haste I didn’t...'
man cut her short!
for yourself, are you an idiot? Can't
you see? What kind of a lady are you anyway?'

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Re: The Reluctant Bride by TiffanyJ(f): 5:31pm On Aug 21, 2014
Tara became angry instantly, although she knew she was wrong, the man does not have the right to talk to her so. Who the hell does he think he is?
'Look here Mr. how dare you talk to me like this? I demand an apology'
'You what, you are rude and so inconsiderate, you nearly gave me a heart attack and you want me to apologize?'
Tara, for the first time really looked at the man, jeez, he is so handsome, dark and very tall, he should be a little above six feet. She guessed, he is in his late twenties or even early thirties. Tara wondered how a man can be so handsome! His eye speaks intelligence and experience. His lips, God help her, look so irresistible. Everything about his attire cries money. Tara realized that this man, whoever he is, must have been born with a silver spoon. She gaze at his expensive clothes to his Gucci wrist watch and wish she had put on something better instead of the black jean, pink sleeveless top and black pumps.
Suddenly, she felt his big hands, on her shoulders, shaking her relentlessly. She is forced back to reality and this annoyed her.
'I am talking to you, answer me, damn you!'
The man fueled her anger.
'Get your stinking hands off my person'. She shot back
'You have no manners; therefore, i have nothing to apologize to you'
hissed and started walking away only to realize that they have caused quite a stir. People were watching them as if they were shooting a movie. Her anger knows no bound when she felt his hands on her. She was totally unprepared for what came next.
'Come back right here'
She heard
him say, dragging her back!
'You are so shameless, if I were your brother, i would have spanked you, but am not, and am glad, because
you are such a bimbo'

He let go of her wrist and storm angrily to his black saloon. He glared at her before driving away.
How dare him! She heard an elderly man from the crowd say something about children of nowadays. Tara walked home to her mother and Shan.
She entered the flat and find both Shan and her mum watching the 4pm news.
‘I’m home! Good evening mum'
Welcome my dear, any luck today?' her mum asked.
'No, but worry not, i intend getting a teaching' Shan looked confuse.
'Shan, come here, I need to tell you something'
'What is it Ta?'
'You see, Shan, we are now very broke and mum can't afford our fees. Am searching for a job to help in the upkeep of the house'
'But Ta, why are we suddenly broke? Didn't daddy leave us some money?'
She looked so innocent asking these questions. Tara decides this is the time to tell Shan the truth.
'Shan, we no longer own this house, your daddy sold it. We shall relocate to a flat mummy rented for us within the week'
Shan began crying.
How can daddy do this to us? I'm not leaving, this is my home'
'It’s not your home anymore. Your daddy had his reasons, don't speak ill of the dead'
Shan ran tearfully to their bedroom. Tara made to follow her, but their mum stopped her.
'Let her cry it out Tara, she will come around, she is a smart kid'
Tara realized that her mum is right. She made up her mind not to tell her mother the encounter she had with the handsome stranger.

'wakey wakey Sleepy head, its morning already. Ta, come on, it's your birthday!'
Tara slowly opened her eyes to see Shan bubbling over with excitement.
'Happy birthday Ta, come on, take a bath, mum and I have a surprise for you'
Tara remembered the happenings of the previous evening and Shan's reaction. The changes in Shan intrigue Tara!
'Shan, what happened? You were quite upset last evening'
Shan sigh and replied,

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Re: The Reluctant Bride by TiffanyJ(f): 5:38pm On Aug 21, 2014
'While you were asleep, mum and I had a talk. She told me that family is more important than anything, we are family, and we have each other, therefore, this flat can never be compared to the bound we share!'
'Oh Shan, you are such a darling! Never you forget that mum and I love you, and we shall always be there for you'
‘I’m sorry i walked out on you yesterday, now i know that, we are family and together we shall have all we ever wanted'
Shan hug Tara and quickly dash out of the room. Yes, Shan is a smart kid, Tara laughs.
Tara quickly took off her nightie, got into the bathroom, brushed her teeth and had a quick bath. She applied cream on her body, put on a pair of bra and panties, opened her box and decided on a pair of red jean and a black T-shirt. She combed her long black hair back and applied a lip balm. She looked so young and innocent without makeup.
She made for the kitchen smiling
'Something smells good!' she can't believe just how hungry she is
'Mum, good morning'
Her mum rushed to her for a big hug.
'Happy birthday my love'
'I love
you too mum, is that for me?'
Tara stared at the beautifully decorated cake on the table.
'Did you bake
'We baked it last night
you were already asleep'
'I'm glad you did this for me' Tara exclaim.
‘We are glad we have you'
cried Shan.
Tara made a breakfast of oatmeal; they drank it with the cake her mum baked. They ate, laughed, made jokes and try to forget that they are moving out the next day.
After breakfast, Tara helped Shan tidy up the kitchen an wash the dishes while their mum decides to rest in her room.
Tara decides to watch a cartoon she brought with her from school.
'What is the title?' Shan asked.
'It is called 'tango me’, come, let’s watch, and am sure you will love it'
They sat side by side and were soon engross in the cartoon when they suddenly heard a knock on the door.
Tara hoped it’s not Daniel because she's not in the mood for his nonsense.
She snapped the door open. This is definitely not Daniel, who is this man? She asked herself?
Tara stared at the huge and intimidating looking handsome man. His dark blue suit, well-tailored looks perfect on him. The man should be sixty or so. He looked everything a business man.
The man stared back at her for a full minute before clearing his throat.
'Is this Mrs. Annabel David's house?' he asked.
Tara can't help but wonder if this man is here to throw them out of their house even though, the two weeks given to them is expiring in three days. This is not good, thought Tara miserably.
'Yes, this is Mrs. David's house. How may I help you?'
'Tell her she has a visitor'
He said as he pushed his way into the living room where he was greeted by curios Shan.
Tara told Shan to call their mum while she served him cold water from the fridge.
'And who want to see me?'
Mrs. Annabel walked in, the huge man stood up and turned to face Tara's mum.
As soon as she saw the man, Tara saw her mum went still, shocked and then fear over took her.
‘Mum, are you alright?'
Tara asked fearfully.
'Anna, how have you been? It’s nice seeing you again'
The man's voice sounded husky. Tara watch as her mum moved away from the man as if she had seen a ghost.
'Anthony, are you really here? Am dreaming am I not? Shan, Tara, please wake me up'
Both girls run to their mum and held her hands although none understood what is actually happening.
They led her to a seat and help her get settled.
Tara turned to the man; He looked pleased to see her mum in such a state.
'Sir, I'm sorry, but you are upsetting my mum. I have no choice but to ask you to leave'
The man waved Tara away with his hands and retort,
'I'm not leaving'
'Mummy, Please who is this man and why does his presence bother you so?'
Tara asked her mum. Shan looked ready to burst into tears and Tara doesn't want that happening at all. She has to get rid of the man immediately.
At that moment, her mum seemed to get her tongue to start moving.
'Tara dear, come, stay away from that man, he is a no body.
‘Anthony, leave my house this instance before a lose my temper'
Tara went to her mum
'You heard her right Mr., please go'
The man turned to Tara and said,
'I'm not here for your mum, am here for you'
'Me?' Tara asked, confused
'But why What did i do?'
Tara thought of the man that nearly ran into her. Could he have reported the matter to the police? Is that why they are here for her?
'You are coming with me, young lady, and no one is going to stop me'
The man seems angry.


Re: The Reluctant Bride by TiffanyJ(f): 6:55pm On Aug 21, 2014
prisomic: kn't wait oooooo,well done dearie u re d bst
tnx dear
Re: The Reluctant Bride by TiffanyJ(f): 6:57pm On Aug 21, 2014
boladex1: well done for your consideration, though i follow your work and i belief i did not miss any posting.

i will still follow you on this one
tnx very much
Re: The Reluctant Bride by Rapsainot(m): 11:02pm On Aug 21, 2014
grabs a sit...... more updates please
Re: The Reluctant Bride by TiffanyJ(f): 7:26am On Aug 22, 2014
Rapsainot: grabs a sit...... more updates please
the updates will come once in a day, atleast until i finish the one i'm currently writing which is already at it's finishing stage.
Re: The Reluctant Bride by Nobody: 8:53am On Aug 22, 2014
Still here...
Re: The Reluctant Bride by Rapsainot(m): 8:19am On Aug 26, 2014
the updates will come once in a day, atleast until i finish the one i'm currently writing which is already at it's finishing stage.
in a day or in a month?
Re: The Reluctant Bride by TiffanyJ(f): 9:04am On Aug 26, 2014
Rapsainot: in a day or in a month?
in a day. I have been busy lately but i give you my word, i will continue updating in a day or two
Re: The Reluctant Bride by TiffanyJ(f): 9:06am On Aug 28, 2014
'why should I come with you? Who are you?'
The man looked straight into Tara's eyes and answered,
'I am your father'
Tara let out a small laugh.
'You are mistaken sir, my father is dead. I do not have a father'
'was that what your so called mother told you?'
Shan spoke for the first time.
'sir, please don't insult my mum. Just go'
'it is too late for that my girl'
he shouted at Shan who immediately burst out crying. Tara went to Shan.
'shush, don't cry, mummy and I are here, we won't let him hurt you'
Tara turned to her mum, a shadow of herself.
'mother, say something. Tell this man he is not my father. Tell him my father is dead'
Her mum chose that moment to start cryinjg. She did not respond to what Tara was saying.
'You see, she can't tell you I'm not your father because I am. Your mum stole my money and ran away with you. I now want everything back, everything...except her!'
'I won't let you take my daughter away from me. She stopped being your daughter a long time ago. Get out of my house you bastard, get out'
Hot tears rolled down Tara's cheeks, this man was her father, her mum told her, her father died. All these years, her father had been alive and well... What kind of world is this? Her mum had a lot of explanations to do. She turned to the man.
'you might be my father by blood, but you can't take me with you because am not a kid, I'm an adult and I simply refuse to go you. I don't care about the money you insisted my mum took from you, but if such is the case, also, I strongly doubt it, I assure you, I shall return your money in due time. You have over stayed your welcome. Go, go!'
Anthony Joseph looked at his daughter and saw her stubborn jaw, he realized that she had not only inherited his mother's beauty and petite status, she had also inherited her temper and strong will. He needed a change in plan. He needed this girl and he must tread carefully.
'I'm coming back'
he stormed out of the flat.
'Tara please don't go, stay here with us, don't let him take you away from us'
Shan spoke in tears.
'Who said I'm going anywhere, I promise you Shan, we are always going to be together, no one can separate us'
Tara said with a smile. She turned to her mum,
'What is happenin? Why did you lie to me?'
Her mum remained mute. Tara decided to shield Shan from what the mother has to say.
'Shan', she said softly. 'can you leave mum and I for a few minutes?'
Shan obediently left for their bedroom.
'mother, I have a right to know what had happened, please tell me'
Her mother sighed and began her story in tears...


Re: The Reluctant Bride by TiffanyJ(f): 1:58pm On Sep 01, 2014
* * *
'I was an only child. My father was a very successful lawyer and valued his work more than his family. My mum, lonely, showered all her love and attention on me. From when I can remember, I never had a friend. My mum was my ony friend.
My father often warned my mum to discipline me because i was a girl and shouldn't tarnish his image. He told her he won't forgive her, should i do anything to disgrace him. My dad always wanted me to be a lawyer; therefore, I became an art student in the best school, at Benue State. I had the very best of tutors.
At fifteen, I had alrejady read a dozen of John Grisham. My favourite has always been 'The Partner'. My dad was grooming me to be one of the best lawyers in Nigeria. I was always at the top of the class. I was so engrossed with my studies that i hardly had time for friends.
My mum insisted I should be allowed time to do things girls my age do but my dad won't hear of it. On my part, to make father love me, I studied so hard.
I was seventeen when I met your father. I was to write jamb, my father, as usual was not in town and my mum was not well so i went alone to my centre for the exams.
After the exams, I realised that someone stole my pause. I had no means of getting home. I tried calling my mother but the call never went through. Anthony, who was having his car washed saw me coming. I was actually crying. He asked md what the problem was and I told him. He told me not to cry and offered to take me home if i trust him enough to give my addresses.
He drove me home and we exchanged numbers. He called me that evening and made me promise to keep in touch. He became the father I never had. I had his love, care and understanding. We met every Tuesday. At first, it was innocent but i soon realized I had fallen hopelessly in love with him
I never told my mum about him. I loved him so much that I gave myself to him. He promised to marry me and be the father of my kids. When i didn't see my period, I was excited. I met and told him the good news. I was unprepared when he said he was married with two children. He wanted me to get rid of the pregnancy.
I was heartbroken, I wanted to die. I fell ill. My parents took me to the hospital and our family doctor confirmed that I was already three months gone.
My mother was heartbroken; my father was beside himself with anger. He packed my bags and send me out of his house. The last thing he told me was that i was no longer his daughter. My mum begged and cried for me but father was adamant.
I met Anthony; he took me home to his mother. I never knew they planned on poisoning me in order to abort the baby. I overheard Anthony's mother telling her friend. I realized that i'm not safe in the house so I sneaked out and never went back.
I tried communicating with my mother to no avail. I slept under bridges for days. I finally decided to go to my neighbourhood to seek my mum, that was when I heard she died of heart attack.
I got a job as a maid and la ter met Shan's father who married me and gave me his name and a home. We left Benue to Kaduna and started all over again. David hated you because you are a living witness that I never loved him. That he came second after you.
I never took a dime frome Anthony; i don't know anything about the money he said I stole from him.


Re: The Reluctant Bride by aao: 5:14pm On Sep 01, 2014
Thanks Tiffany... this is most def a good place to start reading from so as to follow the series. Thanks for taking the time to re-post.

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Re: The Reluctant Bride by TiffanyJ(f): 5:25pm On Sep 01, 2014
aao: Thanks Tiffany... this is most def a good place to start reading from so as to follow the series. Thanks for taking the time to re-post.
you're welcome, i intend giving this thread my absolute attention now that i'm through with ' A Man to Call Her Own' enjoy
Re: The Reluctant Bride by TiffanyJ(f): 6:47pm On Sep 01, 2014
Her father was very much alive and well. He knew of her existence but never came for her. It had been twenty four years, why was he now here? What does he want? Tara thought.
She lay in her bed but sleep was far from her eyes. The happenings of the day kept replaying in her mind.
It was March and the heat in Kaduna was unbearable. She stood up, removed her silk nightie and went into the bathroom for a shower. Five minutes later, she emerged feeling much better.
Tara removed another nightwear from her box and done it over her slim figure. She made a mental note to give Grace, her friend and roommate in school a call in the morning and ask her to help send her box and other belongings home. It seemed like there was no chance of her going back to school soonest.
At her age, she just couldn't keep a stable relationship. She started dating at twenty. She was more than happy when James, the handsome guy next street asked her out.
She took her time before saying yes to him. She fell in love for the first time. Tara broke up with James six months later after she caught him in bed with Becky, her childhood friend. When she confronted James, he told her it was her fault as she won't let him make love to her.
Tara had cried herself to sleep that day and swore never to let a man break her heart again. Her mother had told her that James did not deserve her, if he had truly loved her, he would have waited for her and much more, he wouldn't have disrespected her by sleeping with her best friend.
Two years later, she met Williams, a tall, intelligent and quiet guy. He was everything she had dreamed of in a man. They met at the parents, Teachers' Associaton meeting at Shan's school. Tara went to represent her mum. Williams was that cute and composed guy throughout the meeting. She sat next to him and wondered the kind of man he was until he asked a question- thesame question she wanted to ask.
He pointed at a teacher who always punished students for not keeping their nails short and for not calling him 'Mr. Do Good' meanwhile; his nails were quite long and unkept.
Williams insisted that a teacher should teach by example. He asked the teacher to tell him why he insists on being called 'Mr Do Good' since 'Do Good' was no his name. The school principal was dismayed and announced that the management will look into the issue.
Tara was happy because Shan was scared of the man. She too, had wanted to complain about the teacher but Williams beat her to it. She looked at him and smiled. After the meeting, Williams waited for her and they introduced themselves. He had come for his nephew.
A friendship was stuck between Tara and Williams immediately. Six months later, when Williams asked her out, Tara was more than happy. Apart from the fact that she and Williams had a lot in common, his family loved and accepted her. They dated for a year and Tara felt love and tranquility. She planned to give herself to him on his birthday which was two months away.
She soon found out that he had a bet with his friends to sleep with her before his birthday. She had never thought tha all the time they spend together was part of the bet! When he accompanished his task, he was to get away with a certain sum of money and then move on to the next task.
Tara felt betrayed. She deleted his messages and phone numbers from her phone. She adamantly refused to talk about it with anyone including her mum. He too, left for school and never contacted her. After Williams, Tara stayed away from men like plapues. She always feels happy that she had not given herself to him.
What she couldn't understand was why she kept thinking of the stranger that nearly ran over her. She just couldn't seem to get him off her mind. She would forget him with time. There was nothing that time couldn't do...or so she thought!
Tara concluded that her beiaviour was absurd, her life was crumbling, her unwanted father was trying to force his way into her life ; she still hadn't gotten a job to help pay Shan's fee.
Her mum was ill and needed a doctor, and she was thinking of some annoying man, born with a silver spoon who probably didn't know that money was a scarce commodity!
Guilt and anger engulfed her and she drifted into an unrest sleep.

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Re: The Reluctant Bride by jummy604(f): 8:18am On Sep 02, 2014

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Re: The Reluctant Bride by TiffanyJ(f): 8:30am On Sep 02, 2014
jummy604: Interesting...following
you're welcome
Re: The Reluctant Bride by MidieMeliss(f): 12:19pm On Sep 02, 2014
Good Work. How do you feel now?

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Re: The Reluctant Bride by TiffanyJ(f): 12:47pm On Sep 02, 2014
MidieMeliss: Good Work. How do you feel now?
very much better, thank you
Re: The Reluctant Bride by Tallcutie(f): 1:04pm On Sep 02, 2014
Tiffanyj, you're my addiction. Keep up the good work.

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Re: The Reluctant Bride by TiffanyJ(f): 1:46pm On Sep 02, 2014
* * *
Jordan Nicholas, the director of Nicholas & Sons construction Company, second in command only to his father, Edward Nicholas was enraged.
His mother was at her matchmaking madness again! He had told her repeatedly that her matchmaking nonsense will never work on him. It did work on his younger brother. Justine, but it definately wouldn't work on him. Simply put, marriage was never in his agenda. He never intends settling down with one woman for the rest of his life.
Jordan was a play boy. He enjoyed the attention he got from women of all ages. He takes his pick, enjoy and when he got bored, discard them-but not before settling them with an irresistible huge amount of money. Some of these ladies tried many times to trap him into marriage but failed.
He was good at what he did and he believed that no woman could outsmart him. He made sure he used crontraceptives before laying with a woman. This is his number one rule in the game he played.
His mother, as beautiful and elegant as ever was introducing him to a lady! Jordan so desperately wished he was being introduced to the petite vixen he encountered on his business trip to kaduna. The same lady he nearly ran into.
Gosh, she's got a hell of a temper. She seemed to be the only woman immune to his charm and money. He found himself thinking more and more of her.
Not only did the girl have beauty, she had got brains and a perfect body to match. The truth was that, the girl looked inexperienced, she wasn't even his type, yet she succeeded in raising his temper...and his intimate need.
'Jordan, dear, I'm I communicating?'
His mother pouted.
'Oh! What were you saying?'
'I said this is Amanda, her mother and I were the best of friends back at the university. She just returned from the United States. She is an Architect'
Jordan looked at the girl; she shovld be two or three years younger than him. She was very beautiful, fair, with an aura around her. The lady smiled and shifted comfortably on the cushion. He would have loved to dally with her for a few weeks but the hell no!
He knew his mother's plan, he was just not interested.
'Isn't she beautiful?'
his mother asked.
'Oh yes she is very beautiful'
His mother smiled brilliantly, he knew that sweet smile, it always worked on his father and Justine, but he had learned to be immune to it. It was a smile that melt the heart.
She shone it whenever she needed a favour from either of them. He looked calmly at his mother and waited for her to release her bomb...Jordan watched his mum cleared her throat and looked him straight in the eyes.

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Re: The Reluctant Bride by TiffanyJ(f): 1:50pm On Sep 02, 2014
Tallcutie: Tiffanyj, you're my addiction. Keep up the good work.
thank you ma'am
Re: The Reluctant Bride by TiffanyJ(f): 2:21pm On Sep 02, 2014
'you see, Jordan darling, Amanda has been overseas for over four years and she needs to reacquaint herself with Abuja again'
Jordan sighed quietly.
'Can you take her around and help her remember the many places she must have forgotten?'
Although angry, Jordan remained composed. His expression was void of emotions.
' Mum, you know I'm busy, I hardly have time for myself, how do you expect me to help her?'
she smiled again.
'create time for this beautiful damsel'
Jordan knew Amanda's type, she was one of the rich spoilt girls who thought they could use his mother to get to him.
'Okay, mummy, I will see what I can do'
'Your mother is only asking you to guide me. Why are you sounding as if it's a big deal?'
'I am talking with my mother, I will not tolerate you interrupting me!'
Jordan shot back. Amanda wisely kept her mouth shut.
cried his mother.
'please don't be angry, but you owe me, please guide her around'
'Like I said before, I will see what I can do but am not promising anything'
He watched his mother laughed triumphantly. He needed to get out as soon as possible.
'Now, Mandy, I want you two to exchange phone numbers because I guess from now on you two will see often'
Jordan quickly stood up.
'Mum that can wait till another day. Henry and I got some functions to attend and am already running late'
'send my love to Henry'
Replied his mother. Jordan wished his mother a good day before dashing out of the mansion. He laughed at the thought of Henry. The whole of Abuja knew that Jordan and Henry were the best of friends. Infact they were like brothers and at the university, they were inseparable.
While Jordan studied building, Hemry studied Agricultural science. The two met in their first year, they were roommates. They seemed to get along well and therefore, lived together for the rest of their stay in school.
They influenced their National Youth Service Corp to Abuja. Both men were play boys, influntial and dangerous.
The names Henry Joseph and Jordan Nicholas were househould names in Abuja. Because of their closeness, they often visited each other home and stayed for as long as possible.
Jordan couldn't wait to tell Henry about the little vixen he had encountered in Kaduna. He knew Henry will laugh his head off and tell him,
'serves you right my boy'

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Interesting story...*following*

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Not gonn miss any part. grin

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Re: The Reluctant Bride by TiffanyJ(f): 2:59pm On Sep 02, 2014
Vickthoriah: Interesting story...*following*
you're welcome
Re: The Reluctant Bride by TiffanyJ(f): 3:02pm On Sep 02, 2014
HelenBee: Not gonn miss any part. grin
welcome ma
Re: The Reluctant Bride by aao: 4:46pm On Sep 02, 2014
lovely, thanks for having us in mind TiffanyJ.

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