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The Complete Assassin by kayemjay(m): 7:59pm On Dec 04, 2013
“Steven! Steven!!! Get down here this minute!” Jeffery screamed at the top of his lungs from the dining table, looking up at the staircase, his eyes landing on the door of his son’s room.

He looked to his left towards his wife, giving her a very cold stare.

“You see what I have been saying? You indulge this boy too much, Dorothea. I am going to have to come down hard on him.” Jeffery finished, making to get up from the dining table.

“Honey, relax. He is just a teenager. I’ll talk to him.” Dora said, holding Jeffery’s hands and calming him. She smiled at her husband, tickling his palm. He could not help but smile back.

“Sharon, go get your younger brother from his room.” Jeffery said to his oldest child.

Sharon sat on his right side, already eyeing the large pieces of goat meat that had been spiced, diced and prepared by their mother. She loved goat meat and everyone knew that. So she was particularly angry that her younger brother was holding up the feast. Left to her, the party could start without Steven. He could join them later.

“But dad, you know how Steven loves his video games. Even when he comes down, he’s just gonna have a bite or two and then run off. Is that what we are wasting time for?” Sharon replied grudgingly, folding her arms and leaning back on the chair on which she sat.

“Hello young lady! Did you hear your father? Get up and go get your brother before I descend on you!” Dorothea said raising her voice.

Sharon scampered off the dining area and walked annoyingly towards the stairs. She walked up the stairs angrily. Stella chuckled where she sat beside her mother. She was 12 and the baby of the family. She was very pretty, had her father’s tall frame and brains, combining it with her mother’s beautiful face to devastating effect. She already had a bust bigger than her age and was already envied by her elder sister.

Dorothea smiled at Stella. She was her jewel, her carbon copy, wise, obedient, thrifty, prudent, smart, and beautiful.

“What coup are you ladies planning?” Jeffery said, nudging his wife gently.

Dorothea was about to reply when she heard Sharon’s voice in front of Steven’s door.

“You had better get out here before I come in there and kick your butt. Are you going to eat that game you are playing?” Sharon threatened.

Sharon waited for about ten seconds and still Steven did not come out. She opened the door angrily and bust into Steven’s room. There were arguments and word slinging but eventually Sharon dragged Steven out of the room holding his right ear. Steven complained and screamed as Sharon dragged him down the stairs. He had his wireless game pad in hand as they got to the table and sat.

Sharon immediately took her original position, leaving Steven to sit in the only remaining chair, by his father’s side. The stern look Steven saw in his father’s eyes made him compose himself. He threw his game pad on the sofa across the room and sat properly in his chair.

“Now that the whole gang is here, may we bow for prayers as we are about to take the last meal of the year?” Jeffery commanded.

Everyone bowed, eyes were closed and hands held. Steven initially refused to hold on to Sharon’s hand but she grabbed onto it forcefully. Jeffery said a quick and short prayer to which there was a loud “Amen”, the loudest voice being Sharon’s. She just could not wait to devour the feast in front her.

Dorothea dished the sumptuous meal of Semovita and Afang soup with spiced and seasoned goat meat, periwinkles, and stock fish. She deliberately served Sharon last, giving her huge pieces of meat. The family ate in happiness, slurping sounds of fingers being licked and juice being gulped enveloped the dining area.

Steven finished his small food very quickly, thanked his parents and his sisters for the food and got off the chair. As he moved across the room to pick his game pad, there was a deafening sound at the door. The door broke at the hinges and opened inwards. Five tall, dark and very fierce looking armed men entered the sitting room. Steven stood rooted to the spot unable to move.

They walked majestically into the room and scattered in different directions. A certain member of the gang who had a huge scar on his left cheek moved towards the dining table, dragging Steven by the collar. He signaled for one of the men to check the rooms upstairs. As he got to the table, he spoke in simple, clear and very good English,

“Could you please move away from the dining? I need everyone on the floor.” He said pointing his gun at Dorothea.

The gang member who went upstairs came down and informed the leader that the rooms upstairs were clear. Jeffery led his family as they quietly went to the middle of the room, and laid on their chests. The gang surrounded the family, pointing their guns menacingly.

“I will say this once and only once. Where is all the money in this house?” The gang leader spoke authoritatively, his voice bouncing off the walls in the room.

Sharon and Stella were trembling seriously. They lay on either side of their father with their mother and Steven not too far away. Jeffery pointed to his suitcase on the far corner of the room. The leader ordered one of his goons to pick the suitcase. He opened it and found stacks of dollars and other documents and files that were irrelevant to them. He emptied the money into a small carrier bag and with two of his partners, roamed the rooms for valuables.

While they were roaming, the remaining member of the gang whispered to leader. They both smiled sheepishly.

“My friend here would like a taste of your beautiful wife. Please allow him. We do not intend to spill blood today. We want this beautiful family to see the New Year. No one should try anything funny.” The leader said, pointing the gun to each member of the family lying down.

The gang member went forwards, dragged Dorothea by the hands and pulled her from the ground.

“Come on sweetie pie.” He said.

She struggled with him trying to claw his hands off hers when he turned and landed her a very heavy slap. She fell to the ground in pain, weak and unable to fight. Jeffery almost got up but the leader still pointed a gun at him, threatening to shoot.

The gang member held positioned Dorothea in front of Jeffery, placing her on all fours. As he ripped her clothes off he uttered obscenities at her. Jeffery could not take it anymore, He got up and made at the gang member.

He should not have done so.

Like I said guys, this is just a sneak peek. I would try to complete this sneak peek tomorrow. I am still on my break from writing AEWE.

Kindly drop your comments, criticism and encouragements.

I love you all.

Still, I write.

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Re: The Complete Assassin by Sexitee03(f): 8:08pm On Dec 04, 2013
And the king is back! Welcome back kev.
Re: The Complete Assassin by Jammy2012(m): 8:09pm On Dec 04, 2013
First to comment right? Ranka deidei, ,.. Nice piece lieutenant kay... 我是该死的悲伤 more engine oil to your pen
Re: The Complete Assassin by kingphilip(m): 8:17pm On Dec 04, 2013
i don show make i begin read
Re: The Complete Assassin by adegwurulez(m): 8:23pm On Dec 04, 2013
i don land, let the show begin
Re: The Complete Assassin by kayemjay(m): 8:28pm On Dec 04, 2013
Sexitee03: And the king is back! Welcome back kev.

Thanks honey. U rock!
Re: The Complete Assassin by donkross1(m): 8:41pm On Dec 04, 2013
Nawa oo eye o so f'eye pe oko o n bo oo (bird no tell bird say stone dey come) so nobody could tell me about dz ? I sha don show. Kayemjay nice work. How v u been tho ?
Re: The Complete Assassin by Nobody: 9:09pm On Dec 04, 2013
Oga boss master kmj......following u like fly wey dey perch garri......u're back 4rm sabbatical?.....if yes then *in rybacks voice* feed me more!
Re: The Complete Assassin by Fonydear(f): 9:23pm On Dec 04, 2013
Am here, front sit. Oga Philip shift, I want to sit near oga Ade. Kay I know this story will be greater than AEWE, keep it coming. You are great
Re: The Complete Assassin by m003: 9:24pm On Dec 04, 2013
space booked seat occupied .........i will read it later brb *runs out of thread*
Re: The Complete Assassin by meracool(m): 9:30pm On Dec 04, 2013
Sir KMJ.....

Am subscribing.. Following the thread ASAP.
Re: The Complete Assassin by adegwurulez(m): 9:31pm On Dec 04, 2013
Fonydear: Am here, front sit. Oga Philip shift, I want to sit near oga Ade. Kay I know this story will be greater than AEWE, keep it coming. You are great
oya philip shift joor, u no dey carry eye see woman, fonydear come and sit on my lap joor
Re: The Complete Assassin by SexySapphire(f): 9:51pm On Dec 04, 2013
Subscribing with immediate alacrity. By the way, I thought dis story is starting next year.
Kayemjay just knows how to deliver it to us HOT. Am sure dis is gonna be the bomb just as how AEWE wrapped up beautifully.
Wish u the very best Kay.
Re: The Complete Assassin by stefikal(f): 9:53pm On Dec 04, 2013

So dz story don start and I no knw... *fastens seat belt*

iffa hear say I miss am.... Oga Kay....following u lyk mad
Re: The Complete Assassin by honorbule(m): 10:13pm On Dec 04, 2013
Tickets: First Klass...front Roll;
Seat Belt: Buckled;
Popcorn: 2 Bowls..no sharing;
Juice: Fanta;
SilentMood activated till end of thread...hehe
Re: The Complete Assassin by Belbest(m): 10:59pm On Dec 04, 2013
All hail chief KMJ we are taking front seat already tanx 4 given us reason to always come to lit sess in nairaland
Re: The Complete Assassin by felsunseg(m): 11:12pm On Dec 04, 2013
steven,stella,sharon(sss) six spellings, hmm dats 4 d creativ mind
Re: The Complete Assassin by chistar01(m): 11:44pm On Dec 04, 2013
Chistar is here. smiley
Re: The Complete Assassin by Sheenor: 12:09am On Dec 05, 2013
Re: The Complete Assassin by kennybelle: 12:26am On Dec 05, 2013
Anywhere wey u go, i go dey follow follow you go! Thanks for being dedicated. Lemme also thank you for dt 1derful story line on ur encounter on An Evening With Eva. Keeping a date wit u on this as well, u‘re one of the best!
Re: The Complete Assassin by MsSpaqs(f): 1:08am On Dec 05, 2013
Following cool

I think you should drop the link 2 this story on the 'an evening with Eva thread' or better still put it on your sig? So people can know the story has started.
Re: The Complete Assassin by Cheriepet: 1:14am On Dec 05, 2013
Kay i tot u re on sabbatical? abi u don rand rike randlover? *in igbo man voice*

dis sneek is hot, can't wait for d story/movie to begin.

i dey like dele; doro like dorothy.

patiently following.

signed: Cheriepet
Re: The Complete Assassin by realsamxtra(m): 1:57am On Dec 05, 2013
I just finished reading An Evening With Eve and I saw where you wrote that you have started this. I must confess that you are really good in what you do. I hope this writing will go beyond NL and take you to places. Keep it up bro.

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Re: The Complete Assassin by chade(f): 3:22am On Dec 05, 2013
...........Story neva start i don dey shake.....sir kay,u d best.......

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Re: The Complete Assassin by linpok: 7:34am On Dec 05, 2013
Re: The Complete Assassin by Hameenat94(f): 7:57am On Dec 05, 2013
Me de 4low u
Re: The Complete Assassin by Valentinooo: 7:58am On Dec 05, 2013
Welcome back bro.
I thought ur vacation from AEWE is going to be a very long one. That's nice intro u gat up there. keep it up
Re: The Complete Assassin by Emperortj93(m): 8:30am On Dec 05, 2013
Count me in... In another word, FOLLOWING
Re: The Complete Assassin by 01emek(m): 10:16am On Dec 05, 2013
*siting at the top of a mango,sip from my farmented kunu* oga kay let it rain.......the hall is closed,all the sit had been occupied....the gate will be open when we hit front page...na me be gate man o
Re: The Complete Assassin by Nobody: 10:49am On Dec 05, 2013
*walks in crunching guguru and epa*
Oga kayemjay. Reporting for duty oo.
*kneels down to greet chistar*welldone oo.
Re: The Complete Assassin by Lucentbeauty(f): 11:06am On Dec 05, 2013
Am signing in,glad to see you are back. More ink to your pen,can't wait to continue this journey with you.
Re: The Complete Assassin by kollyso(m): 1:34pm On Dec 05, 2013
What an absolute beauty this is gonna be! Well, only d great hunters have what it takes 2 spank an elephant, kay, ride on cos I'm on bumper to bumper on this one!

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