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How My Husband Became A Vegetable / I Think I'm Losing My Husband (Poem) (2) (3) (4)

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Re: My Husband......... by Joycelyn28: 4:10pm On May 07, 2016
Gosh! Am so disappointed in Jacob.how can a man beat up his own wife like dat and Jane is still covering up for him.God forbid

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Re: My Husband......... by SPDAZZY(f): 5:35pm On May 07, 2016
God abeg O, you know I can't stomach this nonsense.

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Re: My Husband......... by evaZee: 7:12pm On May 07, 2016
I just think this story should have ended when Jane and Jacob got married. It was a super cool story then. All these energy now should have been channeled to a fresh story. Now is almost like what info people call "akoroganelu akoroganala"
Re: My Husband......... by Katyboo(f): 9:07pm On May 07, 2016
I just think this story should have ended when Jane and Jacob got married. It was a super cool story then. All these energy now should have been channeled to a fresh story. Now is almost like what info people call "akoroganelu akoroganala"
I think that she is trying to show us that life is not a bed of roses. If it ended when they got married, it wouldn't look real, without ups and downs life will be boring.


Re: My Husband......... by helen1967(m): 11:58pm On May 07, 2016
d story z unique I told my fwends abt it.I think jacob z trying to hide d fact dat he has an illegal child from Jane.I think jacob z loosing himself gradually.

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Re: My Husband......... by Mayreeyam(f): 9:22am On May 08, 2016
Following...... Thumb up to you @Flakkydagirl

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Re: My Husband......... by estiedoll(f): 1:15pm On May 08, 2016
Jane shldn't keep mute about this. She needs to tell someone before she ends up like her friend.

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Re: My Husband......... by jummy604(f): 5:00pm On May 08, 2016
Which kind yeye hubby b jacob.aw can u punch ur wife.dats madness.they r getting worst
day by day

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Re: My Husband......... by CHARROLLAIN: 9:12pm On May 08, 2016
[/color]Please, update, i am curious. d tori don tey embarassed[color=#990000]Please, update, i am curious. d tori don tey

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Re: My Husband......... by Akposb(m): 11:47am On May 09, 2016
Jacob is just a replica of man's imperfect nature. Its just unfortunate that he is unable to better his weaknesses. This was a beautiful update and I know you just won't disappoint in the rest.

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Re: My Husband......... by singlefade25(f): 6:46pm On May 09, 2016
oh flakky....you are the best grin

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Re: My Husband......... by Flakkydagirl: 6:46pm On May 10, 2016

Hello readers,good to have you guys here,thanks for all ya comments.Me appreciate ya'll.

Updates on it's way.
Re: My Husband......... by Jaytoy(f): 7:06pm On May 10, 2016
Heeeeeee food is on fire.... Every body come to d dinning table.... Aunty Ropo is cooking ooooo

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Re: My Husband......... by KingzPen(m): 7:07pm On May 10, 2016
Glad to know Flakky still writes...

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Re: My Husband......... by Flakkydagirl: 7:25pm On May 10, 2016
Glad to know Flakky still writes...
....Respect Boss....
Re: My Husband......... by chii8(f): 8:12pm On May 10, 2016
La write,la wait...

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Re: My Husband......... by Flakkydagirl: 8:28pm On May 10, 2016
Episode 107

Rays of light flickered in through the blinds,she carefully opened one eye then the other.Her eye lids were heavy at first,but got light afterwards.she rolled to the other side of the bed where the sun couldn't reach her.On realising it was her husband's side of the bed,she got up and pulled the curtains before sitting on the bed again.
She got up and moved towards the dressing table,settled in the chair and gazed at the mirror,she looked a bit pale but far better than five days ago.she touched her sides,they were better too.she yawned noisily covering her mouth.From the mirror she saw a note by the bed side,that must be from her husband.she got up,picked it and glanced through.It was a poem,she tore it immediately,gone were those days she would have accepted his nonsense apology and cried over some choice words called poem.
She didn't intend going to the store today,she derobed and moved into the bathroom,she fixed herself a warm bath,soaked her weary skin,and let her mind wander.She was trying to find the missing puzzles of her life,her family and particularly her husband,if she could still call him that.

With a towel firmly tied over her breast,she creamed her body and wore a white t-shirt over black boxer shorts.She asked Nnamdi to set the table,she sat down with a novel,she read more than eat,because even after thirty minutes,she had succeeded in eating only two slices of yam and played around with the fried eggs,sipping her tea cautiously,she added extra milk and she loved its taste.
She was well engrossed in Nora Roberts Lawless,when the doorbell sounded,Nnamdi got the door,she half glanced up to see her husband,she kept her head low and read on.
"Good morning dear." Jacob greeted her softly,coming towards her.
His greeting was met with silence,but he was unmoved.
"You are still not going to forgive me right?"
"What difference does it make."
"A lot."He scratched his head.
"Look,I never intended for what happened,and I am truly sorry,and I promise ...."
"And you promise what?" Jane cut him off."Not to hit me again,not to use your belt on me again or not to slap my face at the slightest provocation,which?" Jane questioned,her voice shaked,as she shivered slightly.
Jacob was quiet,he looked truly sorry with his face slightly drawn."I'm sorry."
"That's not going to change how I feel about you,nor the pain all over my body." She hissed.
"Oyin please,when a man like me says please,it means only one thing."
"Yes,when a man like you says please,it means he is going to do it again."She said fighting back the tears at her throat.
"Why did you go to see my mum?"
"Its non of your freaking business." She scoffed.
"It becomes my business when you begin to speak ill of this family to outsiders."
"Your mum is an outsider?"
"She is a part of my extended family."
"I've heard enough." She got up,and closed the novel.
"Stop fighting me Jane,what are we going to tell the children?"
"I'll tell them the truth,their dad hits mum,beats her with a belt and slapped her across the face." Jane spat at him.
"What's going to appease you?"
"Your grilled head on a plate,and a glass of your blood." She hissed.
Jacob laughed out aloud,his laughter echoed in the house."I know what you want,I know what can change your mind." He said with a slow seductive grin across his well groomed face.
Jane could feel it,in her stomach,that stupid tingling sensation all over her body,she fought for control.
He advanced towards her slowly and Jane took a step backward,knowing fully well that she would lose every ounce of control once he touched her.
"Don't come near me." She screamed at him.
Jacob grinned,"Keep your voice down."He caught her by the arm and forced himself into her embrace.
"Jane I love you." He whispered as his hands ravaged her body.His lips groping for hers,she was fighting a lost battle and she knew it.His mouth claimed hers,steadying her against the couch,his lips were soft,full,hot,tantalizing and doing some stupid things to her.she stopped struggling and let him have her body,as he guided her to the couch,his mouth on the nape of her neck,all over her face,his hands took possession of her waist playing down her hips.
She was lost in the wilderness of his touch,before something snapped sense into her head.With all the courage she could muster,she shoved him off.He staggered back at first,before holding the couch to steady his balance.
"Did I hurt you?" His tone hushed.
"Yes,you're always hurting me." She let out the torrents of water and ran up the stairs holding her side.
Jacob was enraged,how could she do that to him,he had apologised already,what else would appease her?he fought to contain the anger building up in his blood vessel.He shook his fist angrily.He rushed up the stairs and found her on the bed.
He reached for his wardrobe,and opened the drawers pulling out a shopping bag.he flung it at her."I thought the egg treatment would work,but you only frustrated my effort,you'll have it the other way then,we're commissioning the third Lagos branch office,Jaiye's is going to be there with Cynthia,you'll be there in that expensive dress-with me." He raged at her.
He walked out of the bedroom,and returned three seconds later."I am not asking you to be there,It's an order,we'll be there together."
"Wait." Jane got up and faced him as he made to go,picking the shopping bag,she flung it back at him.
"For your information,I am not coming,and you can't force me either."She glared at him.
Jacob forced a smile,"Oyindunmade,I dare you."
"I dare you not to come with me."

........Don't forget to leave a comment after reading......muaaaaaah.



Re: My Husband......... by Flakkydagirl: 8:41pm On May 10, 2016

"You know Ade is from a royal family now,and they have chosen purple and silver.Mum and Jane are yet to conclude,its either going to be onion blue and silver or tomato red and silver." Hannah beamed as they sat around the catalogue.
"I'll prefer onion blue,it will suit my skin colour." Rekia smiled.
"Me too." Toun agreed with them."After our formal introduction,we'll start talking about colours and shoes."
"Very good,how about next weekend for your wedding gown hunting." Rekia suggested.
"Hmmm,that's okay with me,let me go through the list you made,because Ade and I will be visiting our wedding planner tomorrow."
"You guys are making me green with envy with all this wedding talks jare."Rekia said playfully but in a serious tone.

"Don't worry baby."Toun tickled her,"A very handsome man will sweep you off your feet very soon."
As if I haven't met him already,he is your brother my dear,I can't wait to share you the good news,Rekia thought to herself.
"He's going to be a nice,good looking tall man,older then you of course,and definitely with a handsome pocket,because of your love for expensive things." Hannah joined in.Rekia caught the underlying message in her words.
"You still haven't told us the name of the man you're attracted to."Toun said to Rekia.
"He is someone you know." She blushed and watched her friends reaction.
"Hey...really? I can't wait,but just tell us his name." Toun insisted.
"Don't be in a hurry." Rekia laughed.
There was a knock on the door,Toun got the door and an handsome looking Kelvin strolled in.She embraced him and smiled.
"Hello ladies." He called to the girls,Hannah and Rekia took turns in embracing him and congratulating him too."We're happy for you guys."Rekia beamed wih smiles.
"Thanks dear." Kelvin laughed.
"Please excuse us,we have some unfinished business to attend to." Hannah said,and Rekia followed her out of the sitting room picking the three catalogues.
They walked to Hannah's room,and sat on the bed,"Ade said the invitation cards are ready,I'll bring some home tomorrow,let me show you a copy." She picked her Ipad and scrolled through it. "Here it is."
Rekia grabbed the Ipad,and enlarged the picture."This is lovely,I love the cover design." Her phone was ringing,she glanced at the screen and almost disappeared as she bolted out of the room.
Hannah hissed knowing fully well,who the caller was.It was some minutes later before she returned.
There was an awkward silence in the room,"Its him abi." It was more of a statement than a question.
Rekia was silent.
"You are still hell bent on destroying our friendship because of a stupid silly romp." Hannah threw at her friend.
Rekia remained calm.
"Rekiaaaaaaa,please my dear receive some sense and stop this madness."
"Its enough,I have made up my mind about this."
"Oh Thank God."
"Yeah,thank God I just found my soul mate."
"Soul mate ko,heart rib ni.If you must know I am not and will never be in support of this new found foolishness." She hissed.
"Now I see who my friends really are,are you not getting married soon,so is Toun.How about me?you think I don't want to settle down with a man too." Rekia poured out her heart in pain.

"Yes I am sociable,but do you know what and how much I have missed,I don't have a normal childhood,not even a complete teenage fun.I am not getting younger,I want to live life to the fullest too,is that too much to ask for?" Rekia was close to tears.
"Look I am sorry,I didn't mean to sound like that."
"Well,that's how it sounded."
"I'm sorry,I only want what is best for you,but this choice that you have made is definitely wrong."She pulled her closer."Is he aware of your condition?"
Rekia shrugged.
"When do you intend to inform him?"
"Soon,its just a week,but I feel like I've known him forever,he's matured,caring and this man- he loves me to pieces,I can see it in his eye,I can hear it in his voice and when he kisses me I feel heavenly." She finished,almost out of breath.
"This is a dangerous ride."
"I am prepared for its consequences."
"What about the age differences?"
"Age is but a number."
"You're a muslim too."
"I am not a practising one,and I am prepared to change my religion for the man I love." Rekia's soothing voice filled the room.
"Wow....you love him that much?"
"Bae,its not about haven known each other for years,its about what we feel,what we share and how much love and happiness he brings into my life."
It was Hannah's turn to be silent.She feared that Rekia's condition would send Adekunle running,this new loving Rekia scared her.

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Re: My Husband......... by jemmanuella97(f): 9:14pm On May 10, 2016
Re: My Husband......... by Flakkydagirl: 9:44pm On May 10, 2016
The orange knee length gown made her look matured,it enhanced her womanly curves and put her hot leg on display,she noticed that she had shed some weight,not from using the gym but from brooding and unhappiness.
She fastened the watch to her wrist,it was gucci.Her neck was laced with a tiny gold necklace,it was pure gold,and a pair of pearl adorned her ears.she sat on the chair by the dressing table and styled her weave,before spraying it.she enhanced her beauty with make up products and she looked like one of those dolled up models on the front pages of fashion magazines.
Exactly what her husband wanted,a woman for the camera,an item for social and media display.She forced a smile,well she wasn't looking bad.she used her cologne,and picked her purse.
The door opened and Jacob came in,
"Wow" he exclaimed.
Jane merely sat on the bed,resting her back on the pillow.
"You look beautiful,Jane please let me kiss me." He came towards her.
"No,you're going to ruin my make up." She insisted.she noticed his new haircut-dope was the word.He looked dapper in his tuxedo.
"Let's be on our way."Jacob led the way opening the door for her with a mock smile plastered across his face.
Five hours later when the programme came to an end,they left and drove home.Jane had fulfilled her part of the bargain,she had a beautiful and innocent smile plastered across her face all day, never lacking in compliment,she picked at her food but drank more wine more to Jacob's irritation.
Jacob drove carefully and thanked her for coming with him despite his unruly behaviour over the week,he apologised for threatening her and she caught a glimpse of his face in the mirror,he sounded truly sorry.But she knew him,one minute he was sorry and the next he was boiling with mad rage.
Jane kept mute as he ranted,"We should go out more often you know,when was the last time we had a together moment alone,I mean just the two of us." He smiled.
"We could work something out,you know get the chance to talk,something romantic or we could even plan our second honey moon,you get to choose the city."He said.
Jane focused on the road,"What do you think?"
"Please stop being petulant." He chided her."I know I have not been on my best behaviour,but I am willing to work on it.
Jane looked through the side window,her mind miles away.
"What do you think?" He asked,as they drove away from the express way.
He glanced at her,she didn't seem pertubed at all and that single fact annoyed him.Finding a space he parked.Jane wondered why they were parking.It was getting dark already.Jacob got down and came to her side of the car,yanking the door open."Get down." A strange coldness in his voice.
"Don't make me repeat myself." He said.Jane picked her purse and got down.Jacob got in and drove away.

Watching Jacob's car disappear along with the other cars,a tear dropped down her face,but she quickly wiped it away.she wouldn't cry in the open.Her purse held her phone,her credit card,thirty thousand naira in cash and a pepper spray she had brought along on second,third and fourth thought.

Standing aloof the road would not help,she moved towards the road,and began to wave down cars but most of them did not stop.Her watch read quarter to eight.It was quite dark by now.she had got tired of waving,she just stood by the road watching the cars zooming away.
She thought of whom to call,Jaiye,Cynthia or her sisters,her manager at the store,she would have to explain what she was doing in the middle of the road at that time of the night,and why she didn't call her husband.she pushed aside that thought.

She was deep in thought,when she saw a black jeep slowing down to her sides,there was only one person in the car,a man.As the car stopped at a few distance from her.she moved back,clutching the pepper spray ready for action.The man parked and got down,he was quite tall wearing a black polo over darker jeans,a dark shade and a black face cap.

Jane was scared,her heart raced faster and she prayed in her mind for God's protection.She watched the man,his hands in his pocket as he took long strides towards her-she thought of her children,Adam and Eve,her mother and her sisters and finally her husband who put her in this condition.
At least if she was going to die,she would die fighting,she held the pepper stray with all the strength her fingers could muster........
........Don't forget to leave a comment after reading......muaaaaaah.



Re: My Husband......... by Twizzy30(m): 10:12pm On May 10, 2016
Thanks for the updates
Re: My Husband......... by KimBerlyie: 10:14pm On May 10, 2016
Oh please, don't stop here now cry
Re: My Husband......... by emerald18(f): 10:24pm On May 10, 2016
Hmmm....jacob's attitude is becoming outrageous,he behaves like a mentally disorderd man,maybe he has low sperm count (my thought) bt that is nt a reason to be maltreating his wife.He needs to be taught a lesson with the peestle (grins) ;Dhmmm....
Re: My Husband......... by SIMLINA(f): 11:07pm On May 10, 2016
Thanks for the update Dear! but the suspense is killing!!
Re: My Husband......... by aprilwise(m): 3:48am On May 11, 2016
Jacob is a very heartless man. How could he treat jane like that? Women. Should pray not to marry a man like jacob. That remind me what is wrong with rekia?
Re: My Husband......... by aprilwise(m): 3:48am On May 11, 2016
Jacob is a very heartless man. How could he treat jane like that? Women. Should pray not to marry a man like jacob. That remind me what is wrong with rekia?
Re: My Husband......... by opeoluwa2(f): 8:45am On May 11, 2016
Thank you flakkydagirl,
You are doing a goodjob.

1) Jacob- he has had this tendencies from the very start. He was very possessive of Jane.
He wouldn't let her work because he feared someone will take her away from him.
This is usually the first sign to determine a woman beater. Unfortunately, we look beyond it and call it love.

2 ) Rekia, is still a mystery. You only emphasis on her cooking skill, not much is known about her. I think her character is long over due.

3) Jane should leave that house and move to the mother in laws place. The mistake most women make, is to think the man can be handled by them alone. Jacob needs help , when he is disgraced and embarrassed by family members then he can change.
Re: My Husband......... by missuniverse(f): 9:20am On May 11, 2016

Biko what did you deduce from your findings on Google. I couldn't make out anything from my search
nothing significant ooo
let's just wait and see shaa, time reveals things;
but Jacob be like person wey done mad b4

he behaves like a two faced bastard
going on and off within seconds

thanks flakky
Re: My Husband......... by Smhart1(f): 10:05am On May 11, 2016
This is becoming more interesting and confusing.
Re: My Husband......... by Bibyken(f): 12:30pm On May 11, 2016
thanks for the update dearest flakky.
the suspense is killing.
I think Jacob is mentally unstable or he has some skeletons in his cupboard. Jane needs to Sit up and take a good decision before things get out of hand.
more updates pls!
Re: My Husband......... by SPDAZZY(f): 12:45pm On May 11, 2016
Thanks flakky. Jacob warris dis na
Re: My Husband......... by emerald18(f): 4:11pm On May 11, 2016
feed us more...

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