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The Corridor of Hell by ghostwritter(m): 2:14pm On Aug 27, 2014
From the stables of GHOST production, comes another suspense, scary and emotional piece from the writer
This fictitious work is a product of OMOTAYO TAOFIQ SULEMAN and you can contact me on osuleman11@gmail.com or osuleman11@yahoo.com
NOTE:Do not copy and paste this write-up in any other forum without permission otherwise......there is God o!!....
my pin 79CE6B47.


Re: The Corridor of Hell by Mhizdimplez(f): 8:49pm On Aug 27, 2014
u are doing a very good job......go ahead!
Re: The Corridor of Hell by ghostwritter(m): 9:58pm On Aug 27, 2014
Mhizdimplez: u are doing a very good job......go ahead!
waw!!...welcome ma, but shey na only u waka come?
Re: The Corridor of Hell by Mhizdimplez(f): 6:51am On Aug 28, 2014
waw!!...welcome ma, but shey na only u waka come?
lol......yes ke.
Re: The Corridor of Hell by Iolite(f): 8:10pm On Aug 28, 2014
Start nau. Av been patiently waiting mr Ghostwriter.
Re: The Corridor of Hell by ghostwritter(m): 1:24am On Aug 29, 2014
i've got the idea of the story line wrapped around my head but I don't know from whose perspective it should be better narrated....but anyhow shaaa....I will start sooner than u expect.
make una no vex.
I'm writing this straight from my head without editing so beware of grammatical and typo errors.

©copyright 2014.
Re: The Corridor of Hell by ghostwritter(m): 3:37pm On Aug 29, 2014

The hostel was so dark and quiet but once in a while you could hear the cracking sound of the bunks when it occupant rolls on it or the snoring coming from a corner of the room, everyone was fast asleep. The previous night had been ‘burn fire’ where almost everyone had a lot to drink, eat, smoke and had male corp members to keep them company for the previous night. Lamide kept rolling on her bed trying hard to sleep but she couldn’t, she wished she had bought a sleeping pill from ‘mammy-market’ but it was too late. The time was 2:15am and she still couldn’t sleep, she try covered her head with her blanket and closed her eyes tight hoping it will make her fall asleep. Suddenly, she heard people grumbling and crying quietly, the sound was coming from no particular direction within the room, she pulled off her blanket to see who it was but the noise stopped. She went back under her blanket but within few minutes the crying sound came alive again, this time it was louder. She waited for few minutes under my blanket hoping it would soon stop but didn’t instead it sounded louder, she slowly peeped from under the blanket hoping to see the person, but she saw no one. Instead, the room went totally quiet again. It all began to freak her out.

“Bekky, please wake up, I think I hear strange noise in this room” she asked her friend whom she had just woken up underneath her bunk

“What noise?” Bekky who had just been woken asked with a sleepy tone

“It seems as if people are crying”

“But I didn’t hear and I still can’t hear……maybe you are imagining things” she said after waiting few seconds for the noise to come up.

“But I……” she tried to convincing Bekky

“Babe abeg, I don tired….make I sleep before this camp soldiers kon wake us” she explained before falling back her head to sleep.

This time, Lamide lay under her blanket with a determination not to come out from it even if the whole hostel was on fire. After few minutes when she was gradually falling asleep, she was suddenly woken by that strange noise of people crying. Now she knew things were getting weird around the room and she could hear her own heart beat faster but he was determined not to be bothered. Gradually, the crying sound became louder and scarier, she couldn’t bear such a horrible noise no more and was determined to confront the person who tends to deprive her right to sleep. As she opened her blanket with fury, she saw the figure of three men staring directly into her eyes with no cloths on them, their faces and bodied were soaked with fresh blood like they had bath in it, they seem to be in pain and expressed it by crying. She creamed, shut her eyes, and covered her ears with her hands……..and fainted.


Lamide opened her pretty eyes to see she was back in her room at her father’s mansion; her head resting on her grandmother’s lap, she saw her mother and father sitting opposite her, her mother looked slightly worried while her father look so calm with his recommended glass on his face and a daily news paper in his hand.

Mr. and Mrs. Willaims are the power couples of their state; they are both multi-millionaires through their founded ‘Wimcco construction company’ which is one of the biggest construction company in the country. The couple had to drop all business related issues just to be with their precious daughter. Lamide began to tremble and scream as she remembered the last thing she had previously seen but her grandmother gently used her palm to rub her granddaughter’s head to comfort her.

“I saw the….i saw the…I saw…” Lamide tried to explain to anyone who cares to listen as gaps for breath.

“Calm down, Pele omo mi, take it easy with yourself…..I assure you that everything will be alright” grandmother spoke softly.

“I told you we shouldn’t have let her go for that NYSC camping, it was a bad idea in the first place but you strongly refused…..now the tabloids will have my poor little angel to feed on” Mrs. Williams angrily complained to her husband who looked so calm.

“What happened to her has got nothing to do with her camping, absolutely nothing” Mr. Willams explained

“Both of you should stop ranting like mice and let my granddaughter have her rest” Grandmother said.

Lamide seems confused and had to raise her head from her grandma’s laps to seat properly. She looked much traumatized and wanted to tell someone what she had seen earlier.

“Lamide, we are sorry for what happened to you in camp, it wouldn’t have caught you unaware if your parents had explained to you earlier…..but there is something you need to know about your linage. Most especially, from your paternal side which is also my linage” grandmother quietly explained.

“Maami….are you sure she will understand what you are about to tell her” Mr. Williams said

Lamide looked more confused as she looked into the eyes of her parents and her lovely grandmother who had always pampered her from the day she stepped into the world.

“Grandma, what is it you want to tell me……you are making me scared right now” Lamide said in a fearful tone.

“you are a member of the white witches……you serve as an intermediary between the dead and the living. In short, you have the ability to see and hear whatever is of the spirit world” Grandmother quietly explained.

Lamide who had listened with rapt attention and great disbelief to what was said, slowly fainted back to her grandmother’s laps.


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Re: The Corridor of Hell by Iolite(f): 10:29pm On Aug 29, 2014
Wow! Now u got me and I will follow this story till the end.
Re: The Corridor of Hell by ghostwritter(m): 10:08am On Aug 30, 2014


The family doctor who had been called upon to come check Lamide’s state of health confirmed that she is experiencing shock and recommends she should rest after giving her some drugs. Mr. and Mrs. Williams and grandma were instructed to give her time to fully recover before talking to her. Lamide was left alone in her room; she was fast asleep and drifted into dream land……dreamland……where she saw herself walking through an unfamiliar market in the middle of the night. In the market, she saw strange and scary things like a baby with one eye in the middle of the his head talking, a woman walking upside-down with her hands, fresh blood was sold in sachets, human body parts were sold like normal beef, snakes whispering clear words to one another, some large animals wearing human outfit, dead people with decayed body part walked across the market to purchase things. Lamide watched with disbelief, she was not sure of what she is seeing. She wondered why she had not been attacked by any of these creatures, as she was walking along, she saw a mad man selling what looks like a day old babies and foetus on a tray, and the babies still had their placentas intact. Lamide summoned courage to ask why the madman was selling the baby. The madman took his time to dance, sing, laugh and cry before answering her question.

“All these babies you see were all dumped here by their mothers” the madman answered

“But how could a mother come dumb her baby here?” Lamide asked in a confused manner

“Through abortion ooo!......through abortion!!.....through abortion ooooo!!!” the madman began to sing and dance as he replied.

“so you mean all these babies are product of abortion?”

“Yes….yes….yes, would you like to buy one from me, if your answer is yes then bring five stones”

“No sir, I am not here to buy anything, I just…….”

“If you are not here to buy these babies for your soup, then get out of here?……thief!!” the madman shouted.

Lamide ran away from his presence into another side of the market, she saw a headless man walking with his head in his hands with blood dripping all over it, the head was crying and shouting “I have just been beheaded by a ritualist for one of those rich men, I know the faces of my kidnappers and the man who beheaded me…..please I need justice, justice must be served and the perpetrators must be punished”. No one seems to care, every strange creature minded their own business, and it seems they are all familiar to helpless and sympathetic cry like that. The headless man stumbled pass her to no definite destination. Gradually, as darkness turned into daylight, every creature in sight started to vanish into thin air leaving her alone to stand in the middle of what seem to be a grave-yard all along.


Re: The Corridor of Hell by ghostwritter(m): 2:35pm On Sep 01, 2014
“……Grandma that was what I dreamt of, it all seem so weird and scary…..grandma, I am so scared” Lamide began to cry after narrating her nightmare to her grandmother.

“I am sorry all these seems to be happening to you, but you must now embrace it”

“But grandma, I don’t want it….its evil….pure evil!!” Lamide shouted angrily

“Not if you learn how to use it for the good of mankind”

“But what good can seeing dead people bring if not evil”

Grandmother smiled as she slowly stroke Lamide’s hair, she wasn’t sure if her granddaughter would be ready to face the task that nature had bestowed upon her. She inwardly sympathized with the latest witch of her linage that is still seeing her natural gift to be a curse, but she was determin to help the new witch find her path.

“Lamide, I want you to look into my eyes very closely and tell me what you see” Grandmother said with a commanding tone as she looked straight into her granddaughter’s eyes.

“I don’t understand….what do you mean?” Lamide was confuse

“Just focus your mind on my eyes and tell me what you see” Grandmother said as she tends to open her eyes wider than usual.

Lamide noticed how serious her grandmother was, she try focus on her grandma’s eye but all she saw was a tied looking eye-balls ready for natural retirement attached to some wrinkled flesh. But she knew she was meant to see something beyond the physical outlook, she looked further into two-eye balls that gradually turned snow-white all through with no trace of black. Like a scared cat, Lamide jumped off from beside grandmother towards the other edge of her bed, she couldn’t tell if that was actually what she saw or it was her imagination.

“Grandma, your eyes just turned……” she spoke in amazement as she was pointing towards grandmother’s eyes.

“….just turned white? What you saw was not my doing; it was you who saw the true nature of who I am”

“Does that mean you are a ghost?” she asked with a fear

“No, I am a witch just like you; I also belong to the sisterhood. Only one female of every generation within our linage has such gift. Your father’s cousin who had such gift died prematurely many years ago. I knew you were one of us from the first day I saw you……I remembered how you looked so cheeky and innocent at birth, I knew you would grow up to be a powerful and pretty looking girl”

“Does that mean you can also see dead people?” Lamide asked anxiously

“Not really, we all have various gifts. I for example have the gift to know what will happen few moments before it happens. I only use it to help whoever deserves it for the right reasons

“Grandma that’s amazing but unbelievable…….. So tell me what will happen next” Lamide requested in a doubtful tone as she looked at the only witch she had ever seen throughout her twenty-three years of living.

“Your mother will come in with four slices of bread, a cup of hot tea, with two of your prescribed drugs but she forgot one of the drugs inside her room” Grandma calmly predicted.

immediately, the door was gently kicked opened. Mrs. Williams entered with four slices of bread, a cup of hot tea, two of her prescribed drugs.
"my sweet little Angel, I had to create time to personally bring your breakfast to you. I will watch you eat and take your drugs before I leave for work.....ooops!!, one of your drug isn't here, I must have left it in my room" Mrs.Williams said as she she carefully dropped the tray of breakfast on the bedside table.
"O ma gad!!"....Lamide exclaimed as she gave her grandmother a surprising look.

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Re: The Corridor of Hell by Iolite(f): 3:25pm On Sep 01, 2014
This is getting more interesting. Keep it up.

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Re: The Corridor of Hell by TiffanyJ(f): 5:35pm On Sep 01, 2014
Following this story like kilode. Ride on sir

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Re: The Corridor of Hell by ghostwritter(m): 11:01pm On Sep 01, 2014
Soji walked into the glass-house building, he was marveled at the latest interior and state of earth design that was within the company. Even though he had walked in some big construction companies before, he couldn’t compare any of it with what he was presently looking at. Soji couldn’t contain his excitement any longer; he was smiling like an unripe corn as he walked towards two pretty looking ladies who seem to be the receptionists.

“Good afternoon Ma!” Soji greeted in a nervous tone

“Good afternoon Sir, you are welcome to Wimcco construction company and how may we help you?” one of them complimented.

Soji was taken aback; he never expected such a warm welcome from a pretty receptionist who works in such a big company as this.

“obviously, I am a new corps member and I have been posted here for my one year compulsory primary assignment”

“oooh!...I see, well I am sorry, we do not need any more corps member, we already have enough this year” the receptionist said politely

“But ma, it was stated here in my recommendation letter that……..” he scrambled through his NYSC trouser and brought out a letter.

“Sir I totally understand you but I had been instructed by the management not to…….” She explained calmly.

“Oh my God!!....na which kain yawa be dis one?” he grumble as he thought of the heavy sun he had to pass through under his complete NYSC outfit that looked so shabby and causes great heat to his body. He imagined how life would be so convenient for him at least for a year before he starts finding a permanent job, he was told by a friend of his in the orientation camp that “Wimcco is the biggest company that pays it youth corps member 180,000 naira as a monthly fee apart from the nicely furnished accommodations and some little complementary fees from big women”. Soji was determined get accepted into the company, he pleaded to the receptionist but she kept turning him down nicely.

Soji was more than disappointed, he wished he had the ability to compel people into his biding but that was a though and that even made him more angry. He walked out of the building looking like a wet rat as he carried his traveling bags and thought of going back to ‘Kubwa’ orientation camp to report.

As he steps out of the gate of the building and stood by the road-side waiting for a cab, he saw a black ‘Range Rover’ drive pass him into the compound of the company. After few seconds, one of Wimcco security-men called him.

“Kopa shun!!....Oga pikin dey call you”

“Who did say is calling me?”

“I just said the boss’s daughter is calling you, she just drove in and requested your presence in her office” he repeated in pure English and that really caught him off-guard. He wondered who this boss’s daughter is and why wishes to see him; He rushed back into the compound like a desperate beggar.

Soji was led by the security personnel into one of the numerous offices.

“Ma, the young man is here” the security officer turned back and closed the door behind me

Soji saw a familiar face staring at him, he try hard to remember where……

“Are you not Soji, the guy who won the macho-man competition in camp…..platoon eight I guess?”

“Oooh!!….and you are that pretty angel that won the miss bold and beautiful…..platoon two I guess?”


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Re: The Corridor of Hell by ghostwritter(m): 11:11pm On Sep 01, 2014
TiffanyJ: Following this story like kilode. Ride on sir
I was busy reading ur write-up 'the man to call her own' this afternoon,it was so cool. wish to meet u in person. keep it up.


Re: The Corridor of Hell by Iolite(f): 7:22am On Sep 02, 2014
See levels grin Oga pikin. The lesson behind this, is never look down or treat pple badly, cos u never can tell.
Re: The Corridor of Hell by allofme(f): 4:33pm On Sep 02, 2014
Great write-up u got here ghostwriter,pls go finish up the other story,don't abandon it,plssssssssss
Re: The Corridor of Hell by ghostwritter(m): 8:52pm On Sep 03, 2014
Lamide decided to go to the nearest eatery with her newly found colleague during her office break; she thought it would be a good idea to keep the discussion light and informal. Lamide made an order of chilled yogurt and a plate of fried-rice while Soji ordered for ‘anything solid’ with bottled water.

“you seem a bit taller than the last time I saw you on that stage” said Lamide as she was about to eat

“And you appear more beautiful than the last time I saw you on that stage” said Soji, and the two laughed. Even though Soji was disappointed at the cold, tasteless and poorly cooked poundo-yam, he had no choice than to muffle-up his anger and swallow his ‘anything solid’ into his empty stomach.

“So what University did you attend?” Soji asked after he had finish eating, he hope to break the awkward silence around them.

“Harvard business school Cambridge……and you?” she replied with her eyes fixed on Soji

“University of Ilorin”

“Here in Nigeria?”

“Of course! In kwara state here in Nigeria” he replied giving her a surprising look. “It seems you aren’t familiar to Nigeria universities?” he enquired.

“Sure, I spent most of my academic life abroad, I had to come back for my youth service…..people say it’s fun and adventurous”

“And I am sure you had fun in camp”

“Well….sought of, the camp wasn’t as bad as I thought but it was stressful and some of the camp officers were so cruel. Most of my properties were stolen in the first week; I had to call my mum to send……”

As Lamide kept talking, Soji couldn’t help but admire her beauty, she looked so fair and spotless like those ladies in ‘delta-soap’ billboards. He could see why she won the beauty competition in camp with a wide margin. Soji fantasized kissing those cute and red lips of her as she kept on narrating the ordeals she experience in camp.

“I might not have studied human psychology in school but I know that look on your face…… you like what you see and you wish to have a taste of it….admit it!” Lamide calmly whispered with a teasing look on her face.

“No!..No!!..Not at all, I was merely staring at your…your….I am sorry if I tend to stare” Soji apologized after seeing no reason to lie. For all it worth, Lamide was right, he was staring at her and he felt like having a taste of it. But he was surprise of how she could be so bold to say such words to him; he certainly respected her for her courage at least.

“Sorry if you feel uncomfortable with what I said but I get that sought of look thousand times from a lot of guys who end up telling me how beautiful I am and wish to have a taste of me” she said looking intensively into Soji’s eyes

“I understand, but I wasn’t imagining of having a taste of……” he tried to lie

“Shuuuuu!!....I wasn’t expecting you to admit it either” she placed a finger across Soji’s lips.

Both of them stared at one another in silence, Soji could fell his heart beating faster and his head making a funny noise while Lamide kept her cool, hoping that the handsome looking guy in front of her would do something silly to her lips……….suddenly, Lamide’s phone rang and it reactivated them to the moment.

“wow!!, I can’t belived its fourty-five minutes already, that must be from the office…..we need to be on our way” they both stood-up to leave after looking through her wrist-watch.



Re: The Corridor of Hell by onosj(f): 10:59pm On Sep 03, 2014
Following bumper 2 bumper
Re: The Corridor of Hell by ghostwritter(m): 5:22pm On Sep 04, 2014

Twenty-three years ago, Bankole had thought of himself to be a hopeless husband and irresponsible father. Its being three and half months now since he had being sacked from a construction company and since then he had been unable to get employed to any construction company. Bankole was only good at construction, he was a genius at erecting powerfull and wonderfull structures but he was sacked from his job due to a aligation that he was planning to lead his fellow co-workers on strike action.

Bankole was disappointed in himself, he couldn’t provide for his pregnant wife Rebecca and his only son Olajuwon who couldn’t go to school due to his inaffordability to pay school-fees, Rebecca who was expected to put to bed soon had nothing in place for the unborn child. She had almost sold all her belonging including her wedding gown and her only pair of outing shoe which she had promised to keep forever as a symbol of love and commitment to her husband but it was that same husband who had convinced her in selling it when he needed money to pay the house rent.

Bankole thought of how life could be so cruel to some people such as him and so favourable to some people such as chief Owonikoko who is extremely rich with a lot of wives, children, companies, friends and followers everywhere in the community, people say he is just a lucky man who is fortunate to have money come his way through anything he lay his hands on while few whispered that he is a ritualist who uses people’s blood for money.

One evening, Bankole was still in the beer-parlour thinking of a better way out of his financial problems, when he suddenly heard songs and chanting of praises from everyone within the room, he was surprise to see how one single man can command such respect from everyone in the community. As chief Owonikoko walked across every tabled filled with beer, he was received with respect and treated exactly like a mini god that he was, though he was a philanthropist, a business tycoon, an elder in church and holder of various chieftaincy title. In the beer-parlour, everyone struggled to have hand shake with him, he was obviously the man of the people and he was presently the man of the moment who alone stole the show. Chief Owonikoko who was in his early forties raised up his hands to signify ‘silence’ and immediately the room was dead silent. He proceeded to lash out his usual god-like speech.

“My people, I see you are all enjoy yoursef and I see the love you are all haf for me and that is why I am use dis oposunity to order two-two beer for all of you dis night……and also all your drink dat you haf drink before is upon my head!!!” he shouted in a very typical Yoruba intonation.

Every single creature in the room hailed and sang more praises of Chief Owonikoko who was then busy adjusting his big ‘agbada’ outfit. Bankole wondered how such an illiterate could be so influncial while an engineering graduate such as him is finding life so difficult. As he was grumbling to himself, Chief Owonikoko sat on the vacant seat next to him to gulp his ‘Big-stout’.

“Why you are not look happy……what is your problem?” Chief Owonikoko asked the trouled looking man next to him.

Bankole who was naturally an outspoken person poured out his entire financial problem starting from how he was sacked for by his former employers upon a just cause to how he now find it difficult to provide for his family. Chief Owonikoko was emotionally moved with what he heard and gave Bankole his business card and bundle of naira notes telling him to come see him in his office the following week. Bankole ended up joining fellow drinkers in praising Chief Owonikoko as he majestically walked out of the room.

Exactly one week later, Bankole visited chief Owonikoko in one of his building-block manufacturing company, the Chief promised to take him somewhere, they both drove towards a remote part of the community. After driving through forest, they dropped and had to continue with their foot into a thicker part of the forest.

“Chief, if I may ask……Where are exactly are we going?” Bakole looking skeptical at Chief Owonikoko

“Haf no fear, Shebi you want to be rich?.......Just follow me, we will soon get there” said the chief smiling.


Re: The Corridor of Hell by shakespen: 6:02pm On Sep 04, 2014
Hi guys, www.shakespen.com is a web platform that allows you write books, articles, songs(and upload an audio of the way it is sang) and lots more. ShakesPen does this in a social yet purposed manner. The website launches on october first wink ...yeah i know - independence. Registration is ongoing but you won't be able to login till the 1/10/2014. cool kiss
Re: The Corridor of Hell by ghostwritter(m): 11:41am On Sep 06, 2014
Finally, they sighted a hut in the midst of the forest; Bankole was persuaded to enter the hut by chief Owonikoko since going back while be of no good to him either. Inside the hut was an old man who seemed expectant of them, the room was filled with all kinds of natives and diabolic items including human skulls, blood stains on walls and charms which got Bankole really scared as he sat down on the mat beside chief Owonikoko.

“Old one, we greet you!” Chief Owonikoko looked calm as he greeted the old man

“My son Owonikoko, the gods greet you too” the old man reciprocated

“Old one, I am sure you already know why we are here” said chief Owonikoko

“Don’t be in a hurry Owonikoko, because I can see that your friend here hasn’t decided yet” the old said pointing to Bankole who looked lost.

“Sir, I want a good job. In fact, I want to be employed by one of the largest construction company in the country” Bankole spoke ignorantly.

“Ishe ko lowo!!…..Young man, in this life, hard work alone does not guaranty you success…..that is why I will make you are so rich to the extent whereby you will be the one to own that biggest construction company in this country if only you are willing to pay the price ” said the old man

“Price?, but sir I don’t have any money to pay you, you can ask chief Owonikoko he knows exactly how Bad my condition is!!” he explained with confusion and sincerity written all over his face.

“You are not to pay money……instead, you will haf to pay somtin dat is more faluable dan money” Chief Owonikoko explained to Bankole in his usual Yoruba intonation.

“….something that is more valuable than money!….. And what could be more valuable than money?” Bankole asked looking more confused.

“you must sacrifice someone very dear to you for a start……I would have asked you to sacrifice your mother but I see she is a white witch hereby making it impossible, I would have suggested you sacrifice your wife but I see she is pregnant making it an abomination, now the only option you have is your only son” the old man spoke swiftly looking into a big calabash filled with sand in front of him and acted like he could see and hear thing through it.

The old man’s words hit Bankole so hard that it caused him a sharp pain in his chest, it then dawn on him that chief Owonikoko had brought him to make a deal with the devil, he wondered why he never saw that coming.

Truly, Bankole had forever wished to own a construction company of his but he knew that would be very impossible going by his financial status and poor family background……but now he strongly doubt if he would do anything just to actualize his long time dream.



“Hmmm!!....Bankole .O. Williams, the Chief Executive Officer!….I wonder what he must have passed through before becoming what he is today” Soji said in wonderment as he walked pass a door reading the name tag on it.

“Of course Ya!, he alone had to work very hard to become who he is today and that is why I am very proud of him, he is such a sweet dad” Lamide said as she tried hurry back to her office after going on launch break with Soji.



Re: The Corridor of Hell by ghostwritter(m): 12:02pm On Sep 06, 2014
guys, I hope it's making sense so far?....let me have ur views so I know where to work upon before I go any further.
Re: The Corridor of Hell by Mczigx(m): 12:12pm On Sep 06, 2014
U're n point winkU're n point


Re: The Corridor of Hell by Flakkydagirl: 1:44pm On Sep 06, 2014
I'm in already......pweety cool updates and i'm loving D̶̲̥̅̊ɪ̣̝̇§˚˚˚° story....
Re: The Corridor of Hell by arabaribiti(m): 11:26pm On Sep 06, 2014
Since my wife is here whereelse will i be very nice update you will hit front page before the 4th page
Re: The Corridor of Hell by TiffanyJ(f): 5:57pm On Sep 07, 2014
I was busy reading ur write-up 'the man to call her own' this afternoon,it was so cool. wish to meet u in person. keep it up.
thanks sir. Wish to meet you in person too. You're good at what you do
Re: The Corridor of Hell by Nobody: 8:00pm On Sep 07, 2014
Good and exhiliarating one here! but come and finish The Day I Died ooooooooo
Re: The Corridor of Hell by TiffanyJ(f): 8:22pm On Sep 07, 2014
arabaribiti: Since my wife is here whereelse will i be very nice update you will hit front page before the 4th page
this my e-husband dy so? Welcome on board
Re: The Corridor of Hell by TiffanyJ(f): 8:33pm On Sep 07, 2014
You didn't tell us how Lamide got back home after she fainted in camp. Were her parents called? How long had she fainted?
Furthermore, the scene in which Soji met with Lamide wasn't explicit enough. What did they discuss? Did she offer him the job? Does she really have a say on who gets employed in the company?
Just my observation though, i dy follow you bumper to pumper because you are a good writer. Please come update

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Re: The Corridor of Hell by kanechimex(m): 8:49pm On Sep 07, 2014
you're taking "scary" to a whole new level@ O.p
Re: The Corridor of Hell by onismate: 2:21pm On Sep 13, 2014
ghostwritter: guys, I hope it's making sense so far?....let me have ur views so I know where to work upon before I go any further.
u are making sense. Please drop your émail address, i need to contact you.

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Re: The Corridor of Hell by ghostwritter(m): 4:49pm On Sep 15, 2014
It was on a Thursday morning, Lamide was on her way to the weekly Community Development Services(CDS). She drove slowly around Wuse Zone 4, she wasn’t yet farmiliar with the routes around the Federal Capital Territory. Her mother had insisted she go with a driver but she refused by saying “Mum, my mates all ganna see me as a spoilt child and I don’t want that, I wanna have a taste of the Nigeria hustle……and besides, I’ve gat the energy”. Now she regretted not going with Salisu the driver, she had forgotten the route Salisu had passed a week before when she first attend her CDS meeting. Lamide resisted the temptation of calling Salisu or her mum for direction, she was determined to find the way out all by herself even without asking passer-by.

After cruising around the metropolitan area of Abuja aimlessly with her orange-colored ‘Range Rover’ jeep for about fifteen minutes, she finally stopped and parked by the road-side to reconsider her options of calling Salisu for direction……as she was on the phone talking to Salisu, her eyes spotted a picture of a young man pasted on a wall. “Mr. Salisu, please I will call you back” she said and immediately pressed the red button on her ‘Blackberry’ phone. Lamide walked towards the poster on the wall to read the captions around the picture which reads: “Missing Person! Missing Person!!.....This is to inform the general public that the young man whose picture you see above had been declared missing, he was last seen by family members on 14th Feburary this year. His name is Micheal Okon and he is fair in….”

Lamide couldn’t belief what she had read, she knew that face on the wall, that was the young man whose head had been detached from his body in her dream about a week ago.


“Meji loyon! okan loko!! Meji loyon!!! Okan loko okan loko ahhh!!!!” everyone in the dance hall shouted along to the lyrics of a popular music played by the disk jockey. Besides, it was a valentine night party and Micheal Okon was also grooving-up the party fibes with his dance moves alongside a strange lady in front of him. The strange lady had earlier made a body language to Micheal from across the dance hall saying “Handsome, I came alone to this party and I don’t mind you coming home with me tonight” and Micheal replied with a communicative look saying “Babe, I am also alone tonight and it will be my pleasure to dig you up like a digger in your room after this party”.

As the party was at its climax, the strange lady whispered into Micheal’s ear “guy let’s go to my room, I am in the mood”. Micheal was surprise, he never expected to be so lucky with a pretty lady such as this. They both dashed out of the party hall amidst the crowds, smokes, heats, smells and noise into a quiet and isolated area. As they kept walking the long distance, Micheal noticed the far distance they had walked away from the party without even asking the name of the lady he had being following.

“Hey babe, I am sorry if it’s coming at a later hour but may I know your name”

“Sorry, you don’t need to know my name….it will do you no good” she replied as she kept smiling like a child to his face.

“Wow!, so you mean its just going to be a ‘one night stand’ sought of a thing?

“Yes, but it is between you and these guys behind you” she said pointing to two hefty-looking guys walking faster towards Micheal from behind. Before micheal could figure out what was happening, he was landed a heavy blow on his spinal cord which made paralyze and unconscious at the same time.

“What took you guys so long? For a second I almost taught you guys had forgotten the plan” the strange lady said with a harsh tone to one of the hefty looking men.

“Cynthia! Cynthia!!....abeg no vex, We no forget at all, we dey us eyes shadow two of una from dat long distance, we wan make sure sey we strike the boy with surprise move” he hailed the strange lady before explaining to her.

“I’ve brought what you asked for; a clean and healthy looking guy isn’t it? Now where is my balance? Cynthia asked as she stretched out a hand in request.

“Actually, boss had requested we give you something more than your money” Roger who is one of the hefty looking men said.

“And what is that if I may ask” Cynthia asked with delight all over her faces

“This” Roger brought out a pistol from his back pocket, pointed it towards Cynthia and pulled the trigger.

Cynthia fell flat on the ground with her fore-head already housing a 2centimiter long bullet.


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