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Your Motivational And Inspirational Page by Emmandus(m): 8:59am On Oct 06, 2014
It's a great day! And here is where I will do the little I can in sharing value. My aim and objective on this page is to help you get wealthier and healthier by sharing useful tips by God's grace. I also hope to learn more in this process..This is FREE and I hope you enjoy and share with friends.! i appreciate all feed backs.

Emmanuel Ayeni
Life Coach, Engineer and Entrepreneur
Re: Your Motivational And Inspirational Page by Emmandus(m): 9:25am On Oct 06, 2014

It's a great day! I Know it! I heard this one-liner, power sentence at a couple of seminars or speaking events, after which I adopted it and chose to use it as an opener for every of my speaking engagements because of how inspiring or motivating it can be.

I am a student of success and positive living, and I am well into an aspect of self help techniques and personal development. I believe our attitudes go well ahead to affect a large aspect of our lives. The common saying 'Attitude determines Altitude' is a well-based and true saying! This and more reasons I will give in this write-up are the reasons I have chosen to believe it's always a great,

1. It's a great day because we are alive. The fact that we are living souls today is good enough reason that today is a great day. No matter your situations, no matter the circumstances surrounding you being alive means you own the day, it's your day and because there is greatness in you, It can never be less than a great day! Step into it there is hope for you again today to become all you have ever dreamed of. It's a bright and wonderful day!

2. It's a Language of Gratitude. Recently I have read many things on gratitude. The last book I read by Brian Tracy has a strong section on gratitude, the best-selling author opined that one of the highest form of habit you can develop is having the attitude of gratitude. Whatever you do not appreciate will always depreciate, When you appreciate God for your day it can never go wrong.Never miss an opportunity to appreciate the gift of a wonderful day. It's a great day!

3. It's a Powerful Affirmation: Affirmations are powerful confessions or self talk. It's a way of speaking positively into your day. Words are seeds and the kinds of words you sow into your day affects your attitude and the returns on your efforts in the whole day.

4.It's the magical sentence of an optimist: Never mind if I called a simple sentence magical, but sincerely I have probably seen this sentence give people a boost of hope and positive outlook on any situation. I was recently a facilitator at a technical event and interestingly I had make my first slide the illustration of the sentence "IT'S A GREAT DAY!" It was an image of an enthusiastic lady against a white background. Funnily I hadn't gone midway into the whole presentation when the projector system provided started having some issues. We eventually used less of the slides and more of the magnetic board for the rest of the training and above all we had a great time. One underlining lesson we all learnt aside every other thing was that no matter what, It's still a great day.

5. It's a Recipe for a great life: I always believe our lives are measured in bundles of time. This is obviously shown in the fact that hours roll into days, which in turn roll into weeks; months and years in the long run. So the secret to living a great life is to start having a great day; And to have a great day create great moments throughout your day. Great moments; are a prerequisite to a great life.
Whatever you do and wherever you go, remember no matter what happens, It's always a great day!

See you in my next post.
Your billionaire friend,

source: http://www.emmanuelayeni.com/2014/05/its-great-day.html (c) Emmanuel Ayeni, 2014

EMMANUEL AYENI is an Engineer,Inspirational Writer,Speaker and Entrepreneur

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Re: Your Motivational And Inspirational Page by Emmandus(m): 1:34pm On Oct 12, 2014

By Emmanuel Ayeni

"Be not afraid of greatness; some are born great, some achieve greatness, and others have greatness thrust upon them." -William Shakespeare

The subject of greatness is an age-long one, which has been of much interest across different circles. Princeton University Word Net describes greatness as the property possessed by someone of outstanding importance or eminence.

Greatness should be the quest of every progressive mind, as the world does not celebrate mediocrity rather, it celebrates and rewards excellence. Our generation will not remember how many times we failed but the exact time we succeed in stepping into the hall of greatness.

The National Youth Service Corps (N.Y.S.C) scheme is a great one which allows Youths from the nooks and crannies of the federation to be brought together, regardless of cultural and ethnic differences. They are imparted with core values like tolerance and adaptation, patriotism, endurance, team spirit and unity, all of which are very instrumental to achieving personal greatness and above all, national development.

Interestingly, it has been psychologically proved that it takes twenty –one days to break or form a new habit. The three week period of orientation of corps members could not have been an accidental occurrence but rather a proper means to an end. On achieving greatness, William Shakespeare opines that ‘some men are born great, some achieve greatness; and some have greatness thrust upon them” The intended three –week orientation period, in other words the five-hundred and four hours ,establishes the fact that with unity we can all achieve greatness irrespective of our various fields of discipline, ethnicity or religious affiliation.

Conclusively, personal greatness is desirable, but the truest form of greatness is that which permeates our entire being and beyond, affecting positively our generation, our great nation and the world at large.

Long Live National Youth Service Corps

Long Live Nigeria!



(A 6, Platoon member)

This Piece was written and delivered by Emmanuel AYENI on 6th December, 2011, at the NYSC orientation camp Ise-Orun Emure LGA In Ekiti State, It was the last meditation for the camp and was received with great ovation. ©2011, Emmanuel Ayeni.

PS: The NYSC scheme is a mandatory one year scheme undertaken by all Nigerian Tertiary Institution Graduates more information at NYSC official site

source: http://www.emmanuelayeni.com/2012/04/rising-beyond-personal-greatness.html

EMMANUEL AYENI is an Engineer,Inspirational Writer,Speaker and Entrepreneur

Re: Your Motivational And Inspirational Page by Emmandus(m): 11:48am On Oct 18, 2014
1. The first key to manifesting anything mentally,socially,
physically,financially,relationship-wise or spiritually is first
rooted in abundance. The belief and faith that all that you
really need exists in the universe, and if it were not, it would
be created. So you cannot receive anything you do not believe
already exists.
2. Everything freely exist and is available to you on the
proportion of your own belief, you can only be limited by your
own ignorance, inactivity or doubt. Everything is available and
possible to the man who believes .
3. In the school of abundance, free doesn't connote cheap or
worthless. everything comes at a price and when it's free
someone really did pay for it. You don't pay God for oxygen,
yet it's an invaluable resource any one would pay billions for.
If access to oxygen were to be decided by wealth, the 90% of
people in the world's rat race would have little chance of
survival until they really manifest their own wealth.
4. That it is expensive, does not always connote scarcity. It
usually means that is a measure of value placed on it. In this
article i will refer to the analogy of the air so much. it exists
freely in nature and yet it could be expensive yet it isn't
scarce. Oxygen exists freely in nature,yet it could be a high bill
to have someone supported on oxygen bill's monthly for at
least a whole year. It freely exist yet it is invaluable, to the
person on life-support,it's worth much more in value and it is
now at a commercial cost.
5. The existence of abundance isn't an avenue for laziness. It
doesn't mean you will do nothing. It rather means for every
effort you increase the chances of attaining the desired
results. Even though the air exists freely with oxygen in
unlimited supply, you have to breathe it in, you will play an
active part in the respiration process.
6. Abundance only comes to those who have been qualified in
the good use and management of what was already supplied.
The reward for a successful work is more responsibility. If you
put what was already supplied to good use, more will be
given to you.
7. Abundance is a state of the mind. one man sees a cup as
half filled another sees it as half empty. The mind is the door-
way to a life of abundance. It is out of the abundance of the
heart that a man speaks. Abundant thought life is a
requirement for the abundant life.

See you in my next post.

Your billionaire friend,

Emmanuel Ayeni

source: www.emmanuelayeni.com/2014/10/7-lessons-in-abundance.html?m=1 © Emmanuel Ayeni, 2014

EMMANUEL AYENI is an Engineer,Inspirational
Writer,Speaker and Entrepreneur
Re: Your Motivational And Inspirational Page by Emmandus(m): 9:20pm On Oct 21, 2014

Have you ever felt you were at the cross roads, have you ever felt things were closing up on you too fast? When you think you have come to your wit’s end.

When you feel you are at a tight corner and It appears you have gotten to the end of the rope…that is when you must remember you need not throw in the trowel. Do all you can, but Never, ever, Give Up!

Why will you, and why should you ever think of giving up?
When there is nobody to praise you, all you can do for yourself is brace up. Do not give in, when you think all is lost, because life is not a relay race. Instead, it is a marathon race and it will never be over until it is, over.

Why should you waste away brooding when you can wait and do some grooming? Perhaps, your time to shine is just some seconds away.

Just like the treasure miner, never stop hitting at the rocks you might just be some inches away from the raw gold.

Did I hear you say the sky is your limit?

No, not when you refuse to give up, for the sky is meant to be your starting point, it is the play ground of champions, the very place where Eagles soar. You are the ‘You’ that makes you who you are! So why do you think you are not important or when was the last time you met your exact duplicate?

Why are you limited to what you see only because you don’t use your imagination? There is more to you than meets the eyes ~you are a king.
Why should you be bothered by what they think you are, when they’ve got no hold on the manuals of your life? |It’s high time you stopped wondering what you are not and start awakening to what you really are~ a giant, a god or goddess, hero(ine), Yes! That is what the Book says you are. You are the eighth wonder of the world; a city set upon a hill you can never be hidden!

The creator has made for you the paint, your mind is the canvass and here is the brush for you to use...Paint carefully my dear it’s a legend of Greatness!

Go and achieve greatness!

Your billionaire friend,

Emmanuel Ayeni

source: http://www.emmanuelayeni.com/2012/09/do-not-ever-give-up.html © Emmanuel Ayeni, 2014

EMMANUEL AYENI is an Engineer,Inspirational
Writer,Speaker and Entrepreneur

Re: Your Motivational And Inspirational Page by Emmandus(m): 10:16pm On Nov 09, 2014
51 Ways Ordinary People Reached World-Class
By Robin Sharma
(#1 bestselling author of The Leader Who Had No Title)

Hope you’re in hot pursuit of excellence on this gift of a day (you’ll only get this day once in your entire lifetime so I encourage you to use it well).
The reality is the great achievers + game-changers just did DIFFERENT (and seemingly strange) things.
So in my ongoing devotion to help you create a life you adore and reach rare-air success, I’ve distilled the unusual things the best performers do into this quick list. Read it now:
1. Know what you want. Clarity is power. And vague goals promote vague results.
2. Remember that every problem has a solution. Maybe you just can’t see it. Yet.
3. In this Age of Dramatic Distraction, the performer who focuses the best wins the most.
4. Before someone will help you, you need to help them.
5. Become the most passionate person you know. It’ll be contagious.
6. Know more about your craft/the work you do than anyone who has ever done the work you do…in the history of the world.
7. Join The 5 am Club. Your most valuable hours are 5am-8 am. They have the least interruptions.
8. Devote yourself to learning something new about your field of mastery every day. Success belongs to the relentless learners. Because as you know more, you can achieve more.
9. Remember that when you transform your fitness, you’ll transform your business.
10. Don’t check your mobile when you’re meeting with another person. It’s rude. And rude people don’t reach world-class.
11. Every time you do what scares you, you take back the power that you gave to the thing that scared you. And so you become more powerful.
12. A problem is only a problem if you make the choice to see it as a problem.
13. Stop being a victim. Your business and personal life was made by you. No one else is responsible. To make it better, make better choices. And new decisions.
14. You can lead without a title. Don’t wait to get a position to stand for excellence, peak quality and over delivery on every expectation.
15. Find your own style. Be an original. Every superstar differentiated themselves from The Herd. And marched to their own drumbeat.
16. Understand that when you play small with your success, you betray your potential. And the birthright you were born under.
17. Eat less food and you’ll get more done.
18. As you become more successful, stay really really hungry. Nothing fails like success. Because when you’re successful, it’s easy to stop out learning+ out Over Delivering +out thinking and out executing everyone around you. (Success is Beautiful. And dangerous).
19. If you’re not over prepared, you’re under prepared.
20. The only level of great manners to play at is “Exceedingly Polite”. In our world, this alone will make you a standout. And differentiate you in your marketplace.
21. Remember that the moment you think you’re a Master, you lose your Mastery. And the minute you think you know everything, you know nothing.
22. To double your results, double your level of execution.
23. Invest in your personal and professional development. All superstars do.
24. Get this year’s best Targets of Opportunity down onto a 1 Page Plan. Then review it every morning while the rest of the world sleeps.
25. You don’t get lucky. You create lucky.
26. When you push through a difficult project, you don’t get to the other side. You reach The Next Level.
27. Smile. And remember to inform your face.
28. Spend time in solitude every day. Your best ideas live there.
29. Debrief on how you lived out your day every night in a journal. This will not only record your personal history, it will make you uber-clear on what you’re doing right and what needs to be improved.
30. If you’re not being criticized a lot, you’re not doing very much. Ridicule is the price of ambition.
31. Develop a monomaniacal focus on just a few things. The secret to productivity is simplicity.
32. To get the results very few people have, be strong enough to do what very few people are willing to do.
33. Rest. Recover. It’ll make you stronger.
34. Buy a smaller TV and build a larger library.
35. Remember that the bigger the goal, the stronger a person you must become to achieve that goal. So goal-achieving is a superb practice for character-building.
36. Food fuels your body. Learning feeds your mind.
37. Don’t ask for respect. Earn it.
38. Finish what you start. And always end strong.
39. Breathe.
40. In business, don’t play to survive. Play to win.
41. Protect your good name. It’s your best asset.
42. Remember that words have power. Use the language of leadership versus the vocabulary of a victim.
43. Give more than you take. The marketplace rewards generosity.
44. Know that if it’s not messy, you’re not making progress.
45. Be a hero to a kid.
46. In business, aim for iconic. Go for legendary. Make history by how awesome you are at what you do.
47. Please don’t confuse activity with productivity. Many many people are simply busy being busy.
48. Your doubts are liars. Your fears are traitors. Stop buying the goods they are attempting to sell you.
49. The best anti-aging remedy in the world is working really hard.
50. World-Class performers have no plan B. Failure just isn’t an option.
51. You have the power to change the world–one brave act and one person at a time. Please use it.

The Lessons are from Robin Sharma.

And i shared it recently at my blog www.emmanuelayeni.com
Your billionaire friend,

Emmanuel Ayeni

EMMANUEL AYENI is an Engineer,Inspirational
Writer,Speaker and Entrepreneur

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Re: Your Motivational And Inspirational Page by Emmandus(m): 1:11pm On Nov 15, 2014
it's a great day. I will appreciate if the great people mentioned here help review this motivational thread and assist with creative ideas that will make this thread far-reaching and bless more lives.

Victoriousvic, joecutie,

KiddaBlingzz , joe17 , kceemart( f ), Optimall (f ), Just4yhu (f ),
tryke (f ), Tbrak, Bhummieluv ( f ), AdeoyeMayowa (f ),
stuff46 ( m ), lamisexy( f ), Missuuu (f ), Candis009 (f ),
Bobbybube(m ), samcidon ( m ), Gorgeousolasco (f ), sebak
(f ), Ezibless( f ), Ashbal (f ), fhunn, grocery (f ), pinkkyjenny (f ),
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(m ), Wininiel (f ), teeghurl (f ), JigsawKillah (m ), Asito (m ),
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SammyHoe (m ), Harrychocoberry( m ), toykathy , Joebeck
(f ), Euphrosyne(m ), Hauneg (f ), Oyizzti ( f )
Re: Your Motivational And Inspirational Page by Nobody: 11:00pm On Nov 15, 2014

Keep the spirit..

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Re: Your Motivational And Inspirational Page by kentochi(m): 9:59am On Nov 16, 2014
wow! This is wonderful following

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Re: Your Motivational And Inspirational Page by Nobody: 10:40pm On Nov 16, 2014
The Simple Act Of Gratitude

Gratification can be viewed from various angles. It may be seen as an act of acceptability of good will rendered. It may be seen as a reason for appreciations. It may even be tagged as a deliberate act to show concern for positive gestures.

Gratitude, is an act that can bring brightness to our life when we least expect it. Gratitude is a stance that can be taken, on whether or not we deserve to be treated right. The right kind of gratitude allows for people to soar high in life.

What many do not know is that, when someone does something to you and reciprocate in the same vein. It is a memory that can affect many other things in your relationship with that person. If Tayo gave you a sheet of paper when you needed a pen. Should/ would you still say 'thank you'? Or in your mind it would be more of, "talo Toro pen lowo e?" (who asked him for a pen). undecided

The ideal thing is to appreciate the gesture first before the decline. I have come across a lot of people who do not think appreciating an act, regardless of its need at that moment, is worth it. "I didn't ask for help, so why should I say thank you to him!"

My dearest, the day you need that help from him, be ready to be turned down. undecided

Many lack the simple courtesy of saying 'I'm sorry!', 'excuse me.', and 'thank you.'
To many of us, we don't think it matters. It's a busy world and no one cares, not when they are also in a hurry themselves. But trust me, it's those little things that counts. cool

I was called for an interview once. In the taxi park, I stepped on a man's foot but was too much in a hurry to pause and apologize. In my mind, it was like, "didnt he see me coming? Why didn't he stand well? It's a busy place na, serves him right!" undecided

Alas, he was the PA of the chairman of the company I applied to. Out of the 13 persons there, they all came after me by the way, I was called in last. No one needed to tell me why it was so. I didn't fret or anything. I waited patently for my turn and when I was done, I called him and apologized. I forgot about the company until 3 weeks later when I was called that I had been selected for the job. "You came highly recommended!" they said, who I sabi? grin

Our business can move forward or fail if we don't know how to utilize our ability to use words gratitude as at when due. No one wants to do business with a man that doesn't appreciate things done. Patronage alone is enough reason to be grateful for. Even if the person doesn't do business with you, the mere... "Mister Smith is a gracious man that appreciates his clients." is a statement that can win you more paying clients, even if it came from the mouth of an irregular customer.

Let's be grateful for acts done. Sincere expression of appreciation opens doors when you least expect it. Try it, you have got nothing to loose.

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Re: Your Motivational And Inspirational Page by Emmandus(m): 5:09am On Nov 17, 2014
@ kentochi @Kizmarty and all thanks for making this thread tick!

@iyabodeh THANK YOU for sharing this great piece on Gratitude. I enjoyed and I am inspired by every bit of it. Indeed Gratitude is the true essence of life, we live more deliberately when we choose to be grateful for EVERYTHING! For this reason I will share here my thoughts when i did a 30days of gratitude on my blog.

The most powerful words in life are: I AM GRATEFUL, THANK YOU, I AM SORRY and I LOVE YOU!


Emmanuel Ayeni
House of Emmandus

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Re: Your Motivational And Inspirational Page by Emmandus(m): 6:17am On Nov 17, 2014

"There is a spirit in man and the inspiration of the Almighty gives them understanding"*


What is creativity? Creativity, I will simply say is the ability to create or produce something new; it’s that which a man possesses which makes him engage in activity that produces new dimension of awareness or reality. Creativity is the result of Inspiration or a higher consciousness of being. This article will take a brief look at how creative thoughts or ideas are formed or obtained.

(a)Thoughts: Your thought stream is a principal pathway to creative ideas. The human mind is the seat of thoughts, and countless thoughts pass thought the human mind every second. The mind is a very potent tool and when trained well to engage actively in creative ideas can generate useful and creative ideas. Great thoughts are products of great thinking; great inventors have been known to have personal thinking rooms.

(b)Dreams: The subject of dreams is of much controversy in different circles yet it is a common avenue through which great ideas have been known to have sprung from. I will not go into theories or works of psychologists like Sigmund Freud here.

In 1861 August Kekule woke from his sleep, and he came up with the structure of the Benzene Molecule the way he had seen it in his dream like a snake eating its tail. As much as dream is a pathway to creative ideas, it is not a must to stay asleep for hours to receive creative ideas.

A Pharaoh in Egypt saw in his dreams an imminent famine and this guided his decision to put in place the first grain storage system the world has ever known through the help of a Jewish youth who interpreted the dreams who was instantly promoted to the post of the Prime Minister of the then world power

(c)Silence: Most creative thoughts are brewed in silent moments. Listening to the voice of silence can reveal it to you. Being quiet in your heart can pave way for the next creative ideas it is clearly obvious that we perform less under much noise and confusion neither can we seem to fathom out any useful idea when we are troubled within us. Calmness and tranquility within us put us in a very good stead for conceiving more refined ideas.

(d)Meditation: Meditating or pondering on an issue can be another pathway to birthing a more useful idea, your subconscious mind could process and relate productive thoughts at this particular time as you reflect on an issue. As you spend more time pondering on a particular subject, you begin to see it from a new perspective and you are open to more ideas on the same issue.

(e)Ambience: [/b]The environment you find yourself affects how you come to terms with your creativity. Have you ever wondered why multinationals and other big organizations take into cognizance their environment? They know how it affects their productivity and how it also makes it easy for their employees to be more creative. Spending time to create a more aesthetic environment around you will go a long way to affect how receptive you are to new ideas.

[b](f) Self awareness:
Discovery always precedes recovery; constantly evaluating yourself makes you more aware of happenings around you as they relate to you. You consciously and regularly discover who you are. Your eyes are opened to your strengths and your weaknesses. And you gain new insights to how you can come up with the best ideas in the same situation.

(g)The Spirit of God: This is the most important source or pathway of creativity. In actual fact all the other pathways are subject to this. This Spirit is the main drive behind the creation of the Universe itself, and He is the one that triggers the creative nature within us. When we are in touch with Him He takes us to the unusual frequency where creativity resides. Access to Him activates the other pathways of creativity.

Keep achieving Greatness!

Emmanuel Ayeni

source: http://www.emmanuelayeni.com/2012/06/pathways-to-creativity.html © Emmanuel Ayeni, 2012

EMMANUEL AYENI is an Engineer,Inspirational,Writer,Speaker and Entrepreneur


Re: Your Motivational And Inspirational Page by goodygirl1(f): 2:11pm On Nov 18, 2014
Great job u are doing....really nice piece...following like kilidee!* cheesy

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Re: Your Motivational And Inspirational Page by Bobbybube(m): 7:47pm On Nov 23, 2014
@ emmandus...your write up is,in a word Great. I respect your views about life and its baggage.
More grease to your elbows

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Re: Your Motivational And Inspirational Page by Emmandus(m): 9:38pm On Dec 18, 2014
@ Bobbybube @goodygirl Thanks for the kind words and for following.
Re: Your Motivational And Inspirational Page by Emmandus(m): 11:05pm On Dec 18, 2014

Be true to the game, because the game will be true to you. If you try to shortcut the game, then the game will shortcut you. If you put forth the effort, good things will be bestowed upon you. That's truly about the game, and in some ways that's about life too.
Michael Jordan


The idea for this article came when I set out one morning, trying to jog out to a Volunteer service group I am part of. I remembered how long it really was that I have been able to jog regularly as I should. So I thought how needful it is to stay in the game.

Two weeks ago, I woke up with a resolve to stick back to my exercise routine and do a minimum of 30- 50 push ups each morning, as i usually do before I stopped.

I wasn't really putting into perspective what that was going to do to me at first (Well, I am not trying to lose any weight here.. smiley ), but I knew it was good and Boy! I did feel great after 50 push ups... Talking about staying back in the game!
Often times, like I did, we set goals in different areas of life, perhaps it could be a daily routine of writing e.g my present 30-day writing challenge, or saving and budgeting regularly, it could be in the area of relationship, eating habits or even spirituality, and when we lose or fail to keep track, we cry, or blame ourselves and feel bad.
What follows after this is that we give-up, drop dead on the tracks and do nothing again about our goals because we failed once. This shouldn't be. Never -ever give up.

The vital thing isn't how often you fail in reaching your set goals, quitting may be easier in the short term, but it doesn't get you anywhere, staying in the ring till you win is it! Spring up! Stay up and stay right in the game of reaching out for God's best for you.

Today we are going to stay back in the game! The game of continuously churning out our best results, daily becoming our best self. No matter how far down we have been beaten, we are going to acknowledge GOD's Spirit WITH US and IN US, we will jerk back to life, see the rays of light and Stay back in the game of life until we win!
You are configured for Greatness!

You will win!
Emmanuel Ayeni
Your billionaire friend!

source:[url] http://www.emmanuelayeni.com/2014/02/stay-back-in-game.html[/url] © Emmanuel Ayeni, 2014

EMMANUEL AYENI is an Engineer,Inspirational,Writer,Speaker and Entrepreneur
Re: Your Motivational And Inspirational Page by Emmandus(m): 7:41pm On Jun 06, 2015
It's been a while; I hope you enjoy the piece I shared about fule scarcity days ago.

Well Nigeria will be great but it's going first to turning point and at turning point dy/dx =0 (Maths, at turning point the rate of change tends to zero)
Gtb closing early, classic FM, beats and some other stations ran out of diesel, MTN gradually dwindling on diesel reserves
Other networks might follow suit but I think Globacom might come in last because the Rich man has got some oil...
We have had so many fuel issues as far as I can remember in the 90s, but more recently we can remember occupy Nigeria, is this 'occupy Aso Rock?'
Well I know right now is this is fast affecting everything like a chain reaction... Even transport fares are ballooning at all bus stops. According to Aljazeera, airlines are struck also by this #Fuelscarcity aerocontractor cancelled 80% of its test (sorry I meant to say flights) and Kenya airline and a couple others had to divert some flights from Nigeria.
Well what Nigerians can do at this time is Believe, pray and also act.
Do not panic.Stay informed, tune in to some radio stations that can run for some hours and as PHCN isn't left out go on solar if you can or have the facility
Stock up on enough foodstuffs and of course try as much to have some cash handy if you still can, Food or cash is king right now. Most banks will start closing early from today.
You can also save up data on multiple provider SIM cards if you can. Imagine! Just yesterday, I heard a couple tell some one they travelled early to Ibadan from Lagos to buy fuel. (Ibadan is in Oyo state in Nigeria, about 2hours drive from Lagos). Schools might go on some breaks if this lingers.
I don't have any information at the moment,as to any negotiations going on to salvage the situation or where to buy fuel at the moment. But you can share any info with us all in the comments section or also follow discussions on Twitter via #FuelScarcity. or at my blog www.emmanuelayeni.com

I still believe in the greatness of Nigeria.

Emmanuel Ayeni,
Lifecoach, Engineer and Entrepreneur
BBM: 531FC704

source: http://www.emmanuelayeni.com/2015/05/fuel-scarcity-what-to-do.html
Re: Your Motivational And Inspirational Page by Emmandus(m): 10:51pm On Nov 27, 2015

"When you reach an obstacle, turn it into an opportunity. You have the choice. You can overcome and be a winner, or you can allow it to overcome you and be a loser. The choice is yours and yours alone. Refuse to throw in the towel. Go that extra mile that failures refuse to travel. It is far better to be exhausted from success than to be rested from failure." --Mary Kay Ash

Your dreams are the pictures of the future. Your Dream is the ticket to the great life you have always imagined. It is the map for the realization of the master plan. It is the blueprint for the execution of the grand design.
Almost everyone has a dream; but not everyone has got a goal.A goal is usually a dream with a time line.
When you have a dream, it is very important you stay true to the dream, because many times, a lot of forces militate against the achievement of your set goal. Winds, Oceans, Strong winds and Rivers...Through it at all we need to be tough and strong until we reach the finish line. You need to be bold and fight hard at everything that would try to stop you from achieving your dreams.
Stand up and Make it happen, you dreams are God's gifts to you and you owe your world all it takes to make it happen!
If you stay True to Your Dreams and Never ever give up, your wildest dreams will come to pass.

Be inspired!

Emmanuel AYENI

(Your Billionaire-coach)

Life coach,Engineer and Entrepreneur
Twitter: @emmandus
Facebook: www.facebook.com/billionairelifecoach

Whatsapp: 07033875827
YouTube: www.youtube.com/emmandus
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/emmanuel-ayeni

Re: Your Motivational And Inspirational Page by Emmandus(m): 9:19pm On Nov 28, 2015
30 days of Gratitude:

Day 1 0f 30


“A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you.”
― Elbert Hubbard

Today I thank God for my friends....I take time to appreciate my wonderful friends. You are the best!
Looking back, my life has been blessed by wonderful friends who helped me grow and learn every step of the way.
I have had friends who challenged me to give my best, do more and become more.

I love meeting people every time and so I never stop making new friends. A mentor once shared that friendship is one of the relationships in which you have a choice of choosing who boards your (friend- )ship.

The advent of the internet and social media, makes it even easier to make more friends across the boundary of language, culture, race or
geographical location.

Friends are like sunshine!

Friends are like wings that help you fly...

Friends are worth more than diamonds in prices... Thank God for friends..

One day understanding the value of friendship and meeting new people, I decided to do an estimate on how to make a million new friends!

Imagine meeting 3 new friends everyday and in one year, I would have made 1095 new friends! and imagine even the progression
when I now decide to meet their friends, I even make more friends and the progression goes on.

The social media has also afforded me more ways to connect with my old and new friends...What a wonderful feeling when I discover I can have all my thousands of friends on Facebook, twitter, Slide share, Google-plus, Blogger, etc. all in my pocket via my mobile device!

However, as much as I love to make more new friends, I will never stop to appreciate and cherish all my wonderful old friends...
you are God's wonderful gift to me and I am so grateful to God for you.

To my great friends!

Your Billion-Dollar friend
Emmanuel Ayeni
Life-coach,Engineer and Entrepreneur

(c)August 2014, Emmanuel Ayeni
source: http://www.emmanuelayeni.com/2014/09/30-days-of-gratitude-thank-god-for.html

Re: Your Motivational And Inspirational Page by Emmandus(m): 11:35am On Dec 26, 2015
The Spirit of Christmas.
I have always wondered on what could be so special in a month. Why is December special? Is it because it is my month of birth, (I was born on the 29th day of December, exactly 4 days after Christmas in the early hours on one beautiful Monday morning) then, it would have just been a special month for only me. Is it because of the weather? There is something peculiar about December other than its weather which makes it different from every other month.

What is the secret of December, what makes it different and why is it in my opinion the best of all months? This became clearer to me recently.

Christmas, the anniversary of the birth of the greatest man who ever walked the earth-Jesus of Nazareth is celebrated every December,this is an indication to what makes December great. So what is the real secret..
The real reason behind the Spirit of December is the Spirit of Christmas, and the spirit of Christmas is the Nature of God. It is in God's nature to give. The joy, fun and felicitation in December and at Christmas is tied to one single phenomenon-Giving!
Giving is living and living is giving. There seems to be no such time that people give more to themselves around the world than in December and at Christmas. No matter people's faith, they tend to give more around this time. People give of their time, goodwill, financial resources and time more in December and as a result there is a joy which transcends into the atmosphere at this period.

Against backdrops of conflicting historical source of Christmas, this season remains peculiar and a wonderful time to give and reach out to other people around us and the world at large.

Do have a wonderful celebrations of the season and a promising new year!

I celebrate your greatness!

Emmanuel AYENI

(Your Billionaire-coach)

Life coach,Engineer and Entrepreneur
Twitter: @emmandus
Facebook: www.facebook.com/billionairelifecoach

Whatsapp: 07033875827

source: [url] http://www.emmanuelayeni.com/2015/12/the-spirit-of-christmas.html [/url] © Emmanuel Ayeni, 2015

EMMANUEL AYENI is an Engineer,Inspirational,Writer,Speaker and Entrepreneur

Re: Your Motivational And Inspirational Page by Emmandus(m): 9:02am On Jan 14, 2016
MOVIE REVIEW: THE STRATEGIES http://www.emmanuelayeni.com/2016/01/movie-review-strategies.html

I have not seen a complete movie for some weeks now, while I have not been to the cinema in a while , I have also been paying less attention to the TV and I have only seen shot videos and documentaries this might be a pointer to current and future trend in the media..If video will be responsible for 60-80% of data usage say by 2020 according to most popular Telecomms vendor forecast, then, I figure most of these will be from short videos.

I recently bought a copy of The Strategies,a Christian film by MountZion, Faith Ministries I just finished watching the video and thought to share a brief review with you.
The Strategies( Well, as an Idea and innovations guy, I have been interested in Strategy topics these days...and above all Execution), is a movie about ministry and our walk with God. It placed side by side two men of God who set out in ministry at same time but with different focus and different values and this shaped differently their eventual achievements, walk and work with the Lord. I believe every believer (of course nonbeliever too)especially every minister of the gospel needs to watch this video as there are lots of lessons to learn from the movie written by Gloria Bamiloye and Directed by Mike Bamiloye a production of Mount Zion Film productions Nigeria.
Mountzion is one of the leading Gospel drama outfits in Nigeria and Africa others that I know of are POGEM, GACEM(which I am a a part), and many other great ones..

Key Lessons from this movie:
1. Follow the Master...Keep your eyes on Jesus, the master who called you into the ministry not on some other Ministers or Godfathers.
2.Beware where you go for counsels through that, many have entered into different schemes or societies unwittingly .
3. God has a plan..if ....read the rest at the link. MOVIE REVIEW: THE STRATEGIES http://www.emmanuelayeni.com/2016/01/movie-review-strategies.html
Re: Your Motivational And Inspirational Page by Emmandus(m): 7:50am On Mar 12, 2016

Interrogate Your Friends
Everyone is a Well of Information. Draw from it. Drop your bucket regularly into that well. Schedule an appointment this week with your 3 most successful friends. Bring your list of most important questions and get the answers you need. The Master Key to a Successful Life is...Questions. Questions host answers on the earth. Never pursue answers. Labor hard to ask the right questions.
“A wise man will hear, and will increase learning; and a man of understanding shall attain unto wise counsels,” (Proverbs 1:5).
Reference :‪#‎DrMikeMurdock‬
Be Motivated and Inspired!
Emmanuel Ayeni
Life coach,Engineer and Entrepreneur
BBpin: 5C365BD8
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source: http://www.emmanuelayeni.com/2016/03/interrogate-your-friends.html
Re: Your Motivational And Inspirational Page by Emmandus(m): 11:57am On May 10, 2016

Never Doubt The Word of God

 The world’s Greatest Miracle happened 2000 years ago. God gave His Son Jesus to die on the cross for our sins. God’s mercy and forgiveness are proof that He cares. His love should make it easier for you to expect your miracle today.

“For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life,” (John 3:16).

Reference :‪#‎DrMikeMurdock‬

*To Receive this daily motivation tips for FREE on your mobile Buzz me (WhatsApp +2347033875827)

BBpin: 5C365BD8

PS: I am starting, a new WhatsApp group, millionaire mastermind to positively influence, inspire and empower people on their journey to greatness. This edition is currently FREE of any charge, get in now, as limited spaces are available. This is just for 20 high value people, if you are interested please send a WhatsApp message to +2347033875827

Be Motivated and Inspired!

Emmanuel Ayeni
Life coach,Engineer and Entrepreneur


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Re: Your Motivational And Inspirational Page by Emmandus(m): 3:10am On May 21, 2016
Greatness is a concept of a state of superiority affecting a person or object. Greatness can also be referred to individuals who possess a natural ability to be better than all others. The concept carries the implication that the particular person or object, when compared to others of a similar type, has clear advantage over others. As a descriptive term it is most often applied to a person or their work, and may be qualified or unqualified. An example of an expression of the concept in a qualified sense would be "Stalin was one of the greatest wartime leaders". In the unqualified sense it might be stated "Stalin achieved greatness within his own lifetime", thus implying that "greatness" is a definite and identifiable quality. Application of the terms "great" and "greatness" is dependent on the perspective and subjective judgements of those who apply them.
Whereas in some cases the perceived "greatness" of a person, place or object might be agreed upon by many, this is not necessarily the case, and the perception of "greatness" may be both fiercely contested and highly individual. -Source: Wikipedia

Achieve Greatness!

Emmanuel Ayeni

Emmanuel Ayeni is a Personal Development Consultant, An Engineer, Inspirational Speaker, Writer and Entrepreneur
He can be booked for speaking engagements here 07033875827
Re: Your Motivational And Inspirational Page by Emmandus(m): 11:47am On Sep 01, 2016

Accept The Seed That God Sowed.
 God had a Son. Like a Seed, He planted His Son. The place was Calvary. Jesus is the Seed within you that reproduces the nature of God. Accept Him now as Saviour...Lord...King of your life. The Credibility of Jesus Is Established Through Immediate Changes His Presence Creates.

“For ye know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that, though He was rich, yet for your sakes He became poor, that ye through His poverty might be rich,” (2 Corinthians 8:9).

Reference :‪#‎DrMikeMurdock‬

Please let's grow together. Join me on a personal development journey if you like to get free information on this please subscribe here www./risetogreatness

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Be Motivated and Inspired!

Emmanuel Ayeni
Life coach,Engineer and Entrepreneur

Re: Your Motivational And Inspirational Page by Emmandus(m): 8:14pm On Dec 21, 2016

Dad it's not your birthday today but I celebrate you... #memoirs #MemoirsofEmmanuelAyeni

(Don't worry.. i will give you a glimpse of my story here, I am not afraid to be vulnerable or share my story...these days i will share even more..it helps us all writers,speakers and everyone connect from the heart and reach the core of our being)
On this same date- 20th December 2013 (Nine days to my birthday), I had a taste of what it meant leaving the rented apartment to live in my father's newly completed house..
what's the big deal you might ask?
I have watched us live in different rented apartments when we went on the call of duty to Osun state at creation of state ( may we all become and raise real leaders that will restore the glory of our different states).We went from 'face me - I face/slap- you' to nice flats, we met different people from dramatic neighbors and landlords to amazing landlords (like 'Baba Iwaju ile'- an embodiment of godliness, fatherhood and man of great humor) and neighbors, people who even became family till date..
So when we moved with my wonderful siblings on this date I could not forget it but rather be grateful for even the little or big things of life ...
I celebrate God's greatness in you my father . Dad we are all proud of you and God bless you.
- Emmanuel Ayeni

Lifecoach, Author, Engineer, Inspirational Speaker, and Entrepreneur
Twitter: @emmandus
Facebook: www.facebook.com/billionairelifecoach
Whatsapp: 07033875827
BBpin: 5C365BD8
YouTube: www.youtube.com/emmandus
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/emmanuel-ayeni

Re: Your Motivational And Inspirational Page by Emmandus(m): 3:03pm On Jan 12, 2017
You are a child of the Universe,you are powerful and not vulnerable
The Universe beckons at you every now and then but will you heed the silent whispers?

What you seek is seeking you
The answers are not far-fetched, they are deep within you
Only you hold the keys that unlock the treasures buried within

Your destiny daily stares at you, do you see it?
Emmanuel AYENI
Re: Your Motivational And Inspirational Page by Emmandus(m): 11:30am On Jan 16, 2017
Exploring Greatness|Personal Development|Organizational Growth|Skill Acquisition|Total Empowerment|Success|Spirituality| Books|Motivations|Inspirational Writings| and lots more..

Monday, January 16, 2017
Greatness is the highest point of exhibition of Excellence. It is the highest peak of performance and Success. This is where your Success becomes infectiously contagious all because you succeed effortlessly and you do so with Panache.
Creating a culture of greatness requires that you do 3 quick things amongst others...

Create a compelling and definite goal fuelled by a Burning Desire.
You must desire the object of your goal with every part of your being and be ready to go after it. This is the point of clarity which also helps your focus, by being very clear on what is at stakes, you can devote all your energy to it. The next thing is look at your goals and decide the people who are instrumental to the realization of the goals.

The reason why winners win, losers lose, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer is all in the ground work of their habits. You must first become before you can do things that ensure you have certain results. Once you have mastered the principles of habits, then you can uninstall unhealthy habits and create the ones that help you succeed effortlessly.

2b. CREATE RITUALS AND ROUTINES: A renowned speaker pointed that nothing dominates your life if it does not happen daily. Every day consciously do the things that matter to the fulfillment of your great goals. Your daily routines are great indicators to your habits and who you are becoming everyday. Who are you becoming?

Nothing can stop the power of Faith. The power of belief is so strong it's like bending all the rays of sunshine into burning off all obstacles. Believe in God. God or as some say the Universe is abundant with great energy and possibilities. Believe in yourself, you are an expression of God's unlimited abilities on the earth. If you believe you will move all mountains, and nothing shall be impossible to you! You are unstoppable.

I am committed to your Greatness

Emmanuel Ayeni
Life coach, Engineer and Entrepreneur

Life coach, Engineer Author, Inspirational Speaker, Writer and Entrepreneur
Twitter: @emmandus
Facebook: www.facebook.com/billionairelifecoach
Whatsapp: 07033875827
BBpin: 5C365BD8
YouTube: www.youtube.com/emmandus
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/emmanuel-ayeni


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Lifecoach, Engineer and Entrepreneur

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Re: Your Motivational And Inspirational Page by Emmandus(m): 11:26am On Feb 13, 2017
The Club Opens this Monday!...
Over the last 3 years,each year I set a goal to read about 100 books.
However, I usually end up doing between 40 and 50 in a year.

This year, I have raised the bar to 260 books, loooks like a tall dream but at this, I will do nothing less than the neighborhood of 150 quality books at year end with this current pace.
Readers are Leaders. You cannot give what you don't have. I know having an accountability team will help my goal and 100 of other's too.
I am setting up a Dream Team to help ourselves grow and read more with a book club on Whatsapp...It will be for readers and book lovers, we will appraise our progress each week. And we will share lots of book reviews, strategies and tools that will help us read, comprehend and apply more.
I personally will share 2 book reviews every week...If this sounds interesting to you buzz me on 07033875827
Or join the Book Club on WhatsApp...https:///KyYpr1tyjhQFEphVoCdbzR
It's Free no strings attached just for book lovers.
See you in Club!
#BookClub #Books #ReadingChallenge #ReadersAreLeaders
Re: Your Motivational And Inspirational Page by Emmandus(m): 4:35am On Jul 16, 2017
Who is A Millionaire?
A millionaire is anyone who has a networth of 1,000,000 or in liquid cash.

A millionaire is anyone whose business( product or service) has moved volumes or created turnover of over a million dollars or naira or whatever your currency is in your country.

A millionaire understands how systems work and how to make them work to his advantage.

In this series I will share freely how to take your business products or services to the million mark if you however want the distilled form you can sign up for my one day money mastery class on WhatsApp.

Having defined above what or who a millionaire is,
Its time to look at some of the skills that make a millionaire..

Note: it takes more than winning a million or been dashed a million naira/ dollars to become a millionaire, I am sure you know those who had millions in the past but are no where there anymore .
Therefore here some skills or concept that make a millionaire.
A millionaire :

1. A millionaire has developed a millionaire Mindset
2. A millionaire has mastered the Alchemy of Opportunity
3. Knows how to use leverage of Money: Other People's Money. OPM
4. Knows how to use Other People's Time. OPT
5.Knows how to use other People's Effort/ Energy OPE
6. Knows how to use other People's Ideas. OPI
7. Knows how to Create, Manage and Multiply Money
8 has mastered himself/herself and Money
9. Knows how to create and use systems to create money
10. Understands the way and power of Multiple Streams of Income.
11. Has 7 streams of income using the 5 channels
12. Is already on his way to financial freedom
13.Knows how to sell himself, business and products
14. Understands and has nastered mass -selling.
15. Knows when and how to give back.
16. Mastered people and leadership skills
17. Has mastered the art of successful networking with the right and relevant sets if people.
18. Has become a money magnet.
19. Understands the Alchemy of Ideas,Success and the Law of Attraction
20. Can create other millionaires

I will take you by the hand, teach and show you each of these and how to apply it immediately to your life, organization,business and even teams .

By Gods grace, I will share on this areas in the coming days.

To your financial freedom,

Emmanuel Ayeni ( Author of Bright Ideas)

Life coach,Inspirational Speaker and Entrepreneur


I have discovered a model for raising a million in 100 days or less!

Join my one day Money Mastery Class on WhatsApp now for #2000

Call 07033875827 now to sign up.

Emmanuel Ayeni is the Author of Bright Ideas a

Life coach,Inspirational Speaker and Entrepreneur
He is a Personal and Business Development Consultant

Re: Your Motivational And Inspirational Page by Emmandus(m): 10:58am On Jul 24, 2017
“You were born with potential.

You were born with goodness and trust. You were born with ideals and dreams. You were born with greatness.
You were born with wings.
You are not meant for crawling, so don't.

You have wings.

Learn to use them and fly.”

― Jalaluddin Rumi, Philosopher

Nothing works until you work it out...

We must all grow the seeds of greatness placed by God in us.

Your world needs you!

It is time to serve your world.


Emmanuel Ayeni.

My Money Mastery early bird offer...
Have you registered for my 3-Day Intensive MoneyMastery Class coming up on 4th to 6th of August, 2017...?

In this online class on WhatsApp and a closed Facebook group, I will share:

Powerful life changing principles and techniques that will increase your financial intelligence, change your finances, end your money worries and many deep truths about Money Mastery.

This class will accelerate and revolutionize your life no matter where you currently are on your journey to financial freedom.

=>>>>Now here is the catch!

This class will normally go for #10,000 but here I am doing something spectacular here...

I have opened it up to you and 55 participants at my last Millionaire Maker WhatsApp class during the weekend for a measly fee of #1700, half of what it takes to buy yourself a pepperoni pizza...

Hey!.. I am not crazy... I just want to help as many people end their money worries and take charge of their life and finances.

Now.... This #1700 offer is not going to be available for ever... .

Today... by midnight I will raise the price to #3700 till it goes back on to normal price of #10,000....

The truth is nothing will change about your money situation until you change your conversation about money...

Are you ready, to take your finances to the next level today?

PS.. If you are interested in the early bird offer, kindly comment YES and I will have the information sent to instantly.

PSS. Remember to stay connected to my inspirational feeds and updates from me daily by liking my Facebook page: https://m.facebook.com/billionairelifecoach/


Emmanuel Ayeni

Re: Your Motivational And Inspirational Page by Emmandus(m): 12:57pm On Dec 04, 2017

Life presents us with amazing opportunities to LIVE, LOVE, LEARN and LAUGH;

To Live fully is to live with purpose and intentionality.It is being fully aware and staying in the moments.

To Love is a more powerful form of living, the very first form of love is self-love, then the next form is our love for others. This finds expression through what we give and share in life. God is Love.

To Learn is the essence of living, this is what brings more quality to life, when we raise our learning we raise our earnings. Learning is the vehicle for positive growth.

Laugh!!! Never miss every opportunity to laugh, living consciously requires staying in the moment, maintaining full presence while enjoying every moment. Laugh at yourself, laugh with loved ones and celebrate every moment.

Your ability to recognise and key into each of these opportunities is paramount to your intentional existence and full growth



Keep Rising to Greatness,

Emmanuel Ayeni



PS. I love helping people. Get access to empowering and inspiring content daily.

Join my FREE WhatsAppGroup #RiseToGreatness here https:///9q4u45nuuW05lWtI1tm7Mj

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