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MY JOURNEY TO Eko(lagos). Part1 Episode 1 Story By Kelly9ice - Literature (2) - Nairaland

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A New Creation. (A Story By Donkross1 And Oyinprince) / My Journey To Eko(lagos) Part2 By Kelly9ice. / My First Love. (by Kelly9ice) (2) (3) (4)

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Re: MY JOURNEY TO Eko(lagos). Part1 Episode 1 Story By Kelly9ice by PHgirl(f): 5:28pm On Mar 15, 2015
*subscribing* Kelly9ice, finish the story, now. embarassed
Re: MY JOURNEY TO Eko(lagos). Part1 Episode 1 Story By Kelly9ice by Ayjos10(m): 1:02pm On Mar 16, 2015
wey dis guy nau...u want mak i burst ur head ni?
Re: MY JOURNEY TO Eko(lagos). Part1 Episode 1 Story By Kelly9ice by kelly9ice(m): 1:39am On Mar 18, 2015
My Journey to Eko(lag)
Episode 10

Highly explicit: raw words involved.

It's 3:00pm and I just arrived at the gate of 3 Alex close world bank owerri where the capon lives, nasco and sop were already inside wetin for me, I called them on the fone and told them I was outside. Minutes later the gate was open for me, it's a very portable cottage and very cossy house it has very attractive garden and bush bar outside. I admired the compound and wish I lived there. We got into the main house inside the parlour Mehn this house is beautiful, everywhere is clean and beautiful, I couldn't help but look around, nasco was the one that led me into the house while sop was seated watching TV, I was expecting to see Anita on arriving the parlour but neither anita nor d capon, none did I see only Sop and nasco, wia Anita come dey na, I quickly asked so eager,
Sop: my man relax, she dey upstair, capon dey collect him share 1st abi in no go chop 1st?
Nasco: manchy relax, u go Bleep today tire.

Me: oh Mehn my blood they hot as you dey see me so, I buy 3packest of durex condom come here + mali-blantashi the aboki man talk say the one of 100naira go fit carry me for the whole day yet I carry vex buy 500 own, I know say una go like use one one.
Sop: chie nedu my manchy, since wen I don know u, apart from all those indomie them wey u dey cook give us chop, na 2day u don do something wey sweet pass my favourite groundnut and pop corn, abg pass me d mali-blantashi joor, I get 2 packs of Carex already 4 ma wallet,

Nasco: chie una really wan kill dis girl oooo, sha she deserve am, as she get mind carry men dey play, na her toto go tell her today. Abg pass me the blantashi biko, mbiara nkem iche?

We were just discussing when the door upstairs open, it has to be the capon, by den I don take my own blantashi dey get hard on up and down, my dick come hard like stone, come heavy like say e go break,
The capon came down sweating like as if he fought with a ghost.

Capon: na you be chinedu the maga wey follow nyash go Eko go loose you bb?

Me: boss na me o, the tin. Wey I see for picture make me carry ma self go eko o.

Capon: oya na dat same nyash dey upstairs they wait u, go take ur revenge, abi u wan dull?

Me ke dull for where, as in don open mouth say go, I dey for the stairs already, sharp sharp I done enter the room, anita saw me and shouted the blood of JESUS,
Chinedu, oh my God, am finished, I tell am say she never finish, na wen I don match am finish she go know weda she finish abi she go remain, anita was already Unclad, the capon never told her anything or behaved anyhow to her, she was relaxed bfor I came in thinking the capon wanted to go get something downstairs, so she was not aware what she's going to pass through. She can already see my hard ons so she know wats gona happen next and she already Unclad underneath the blacket, I asked her anita why did u made me suffer, u know u weren't at lagos and u made me go dia and loose my fone and moni, all she could say was she's sorry, before she could finish saying she's sorry, she's got my dick to tell she's sorry, I was already Unclad and my huge dick was standing raving in anger and fury, by the kind heavy am feeling down dia, I was just wondering if that was my dick or did I borrow from somewhere else, I have not seen my dick as gigantic as it was that day.
I got to Anita, and told her we need to do dis easy so we both will enjoy it, she nodded I smiled and say e don happen:
I gentily removed the blanket, oh my God wat I saw gave me more hard on, Anitas shape and figure over the pics is just toy to the real figure, her waist is just like dat of Kim kardeshia, her nipples were just erect, she's feeling me already, her tummy was just flat and she's got straight legs, Anita is heavily endowed, he boobs are so elegant and wit pointed hard nipples, her lips are just like kpomo. Chie my dick was just getting larger, I gave her hand and she took my hands, I lifted her up and we began kissing while standing, my 2 hands was oh her Kim kardeshian kinda hips, (hips don't lie) we were kissing and I was massaging her soft elegant hips, she was mourning sometin while we were kissing, her nipples were all standing and was touching mine, I romanced her back and she increased her mourns a little, my hands now found her boobs, anita let out a resounding mourn, ouch!!! Oh baby work my body!!!, I was caressing her boobs and she found my dick, oh God Anitas hands are as soft as, she was giving me a hand job and I was loosing my breath, I now placed my mouth on one of her nipples while I was still folding the other Anita mourn yet the more, only her mourns can make a man go crazy, she was caressing my dick and it felt like heaven, we both were approaching cloud9 I was still sucking her nipples when she bent down and her lips covered my dick while I was standing, she sucked my dick with crazy patterns if not for the blantash I for CUM while she was sucking, she used her tongue and roll on the tips of my dick, she was rolling her tongue and I was feeling like am gonna go mad with excitement, Anita is a good blow jobber, she was on it and romancing my chest, she continued till I held he up, lifted her aboved the ground unto myself, I placed her on the wall close to d wardrobe she held the wardrobe and my tongue found her clitoris, she mourned so loud, ouch!!! Oh yeah, oh baby, u killing me honey, she was sounding like she was gona cry, and I increased the pace of my job, I focused on her clitoris and anita was wet all over, she was mourning sweet sound tracks to my ears and I was making her sing louder, I made sure CUM twice then I carried her to the bed. I quickly got to my wallet, brought out the durex condoms I bought, 6ix of them and before I could know it Anita collected it from me, tour it and rolled it on my anaconda
Anita was in cloud9 by den so We started with missionary style(mama and papa style) then she switched, she was ontop now and was ridding me so rough, and I was folding her boobs, she was riding and mourning, oh baby, oh baby, oh yeah, she was just singing melodies
I now switched and was on top, I raised on of her leg and insert my dick on her wet honey pot, I bleeped her on dat style as I was just going in and out so fast, Anita was just romancing my back, she's very sweet,
I changed to the other leg, raised it up, continued and she CUM again, I switched style and when for doggy style, she backed that thing up to me, just posed like nicki minaj on that anaconda video, I put in my dick and began bleeping her again, anita was very fit and she never got tired, we lasted for 3 long hours switching styles, if I get tired of pumping, she will get on top, after 3hrs I managed to CUM, yet my hard on was still intact, she removed the condom, start again with her Mouth Action, she sucked me for 30minuted and I CUM inside her mouth, she quickly used the restroom, she came out I ve aced another condom on my dick, she climbed again, I was lying down and she sat on my dick backing me. ANITA Is sweeter than orange. We continued on that style for the next 30minutes. Then I finally ejaculated, before I ejaculated I morned profusely, cuz am now exhausted. I finished and pulled out my condom, take the both inside the toilet and flushed them, and left the room, she called me and I turned to look at her, she said. "NEDU am so sorry" her words wanted to get to me but even if it got to me, I wount save her from SOP and nasco waiting down stairs.

To be continued.....

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Re: MY JOURNEY TO Eko(lagos). Part1 Episode 1 Story By Kelly9ice by kelly9ice(m): 1:45am On Mar 18, 2015
Episode 11
I got downstairs sop and nasco have been waiting for the
past four hours for me, it's 7:00pm and we are set to sleep
there, we are gona do tarry night without prayer on Anita, sop
got up, straight to the room, moments leta we heard struggles
and voice, she was screaming the name of the capon asking
him why he brought her there to be raped to death, we know
that sop can handle it so we ignored then, some minutes later
they both were calm, definitely have began there journey of
thousand miles nasco asked me what's up with the girl, I
began gisting him how sweet and good anita is on the bed,
nasco couldn't help the hard ons on him, he was busy carring
his standing dick up and down the sitting room, he can't wait
for much longer he want to tear Anitas kitty cat apart, the
capon came out from his room and asked us to go to the
kitchen and make ourselves foods as we will have lots of
bleeping to the that night. I rushed to the kitchen, trust ma
cooking na, I cooked better jollof rice mixed with Indian hemp,
( 5taps of igboo) the food was still on process we sop can out
3hrs late,
Now the time is 10:00pm. Nascos turn, Anita was already
weak, Sop really dealt with her, I only made love to her but
Sop raped her mercilessly, nasco went in and we did not hear
any noise, I served the food to Sop who obviously was
exhausted due to struggling with Anita, he ate the janga made
jollof rice, Mehn na another man power I prepare so ooo, he
ate and slept off, the capon was going next after nasco, me I
ate the rice and took to my fone now playing, DO me I do you
by psquare: singing along, if you do me I do you, man no go
vex, step on de dance floor, (me change am to step on the bed
floor) man no go vex touch me I touch u man no go vex, you
say, I say man no go vex. Mehn I was just feeling as am
preparing to go on my return match, nasco came out by
2:00am, then the capon was fast asleep, so I decided to take
up his turn.
I got to the room, anita was looking like a dead dog on th beg,
I wanted to mercy 4 her but then my dick began singing
( mercy say no, am not gona let you go) you know the rest
na,lolz, that's what my dick was singing, I pulled down my
boxers dive to the bed, no time for romance again I just went
down to business, Anita was just looking at me she couldn't
say a word, she was damn tired, I socket my anaarconda into
her port, started feeling Good all over again, Anita was just
releasing tears, but on that bed at that moment, there were no
mercy, she got tired obviously but I bleeped on, she was just
tired and wish to beg but obviously tired of begging cuz sop
and nasco with there capon are game men, u can only waste
you time begging such people for mercy, I rode on anita till
5:am, den I decide to leave, I Bleep her well well and my dick
got pissed off with the same old story( her kitty cat was hot
and even th out layer turn red) No food, no water just sex for
anita. After bleeping her till 5:00am, I went to the kitchen and
got her over size plate of food cuz she don't need to die there,
she ate the Indian hemp filled rice and water, moments late
she fell asleep, she slept till 7:00am in the morning, by then
both sop, nasco and their capon were just awake..... the
capon went in to anita and bleeped her till 11:am, and came
out asking who's next, all of us were obviously tired, as for
me, I wasn't tired to Bleep but tired of the now widen kitty cat,
we don Bleep her deeper.
So since nobody was ready to Bleep again, we allowed her rest
till 1:00 the capon sent me to go fetch her, I went and told her
to take her bath and get dressed, moment later she appeared
before the judgement seat of the capon, and the following
judgement arosed.
You invited 70 men to 70 different locations and got them
stranded, you never care to know what happen to them ever
after, you inflict pain on them and called them fools you made
them fall for you dirty tricks and you planned 30 more men to
go down, now nemesis have caught on you, and you have to
pay, now before I pronounce my judgement on you, tell me,
are you guilty or not guilty?
She did not talk, Sop gave her a thunder storm kinda slap,
guilty followed the slap outta her mouth,
The capon asked her again, Are you quilty or not guilty, she
answered with her voice shaking "Guilty" Good, the capoon
So now my judgement. Drop your hand bad, your jewelleries
and step outta my crib before I change my mind,
Anita couldn't believe her ears and said eehh, she got
another resounding slap. From Sop and her bag dropped and
her jewelleries down on the table the capon asked her to go
call the police army or navy, that he's got the house and ain't
running from his house, she quickly ran outta the compound.
I was asked to open the bag and I did, her phone, samsung
galaxy s3 with her small phone nokia asha 200, her make up
kit, tissue and pads, her 2nd cloth and pant. I was asked to
remove the sim from the galaxy and keep it replacement of
my lost bold5. The asha 200 was giving to sop and nasco to
sell and buy there wasted airtime calling her, then we were
asked to dispose the bag on our way out and the sims, we
thanked the capon for helping us avenge our bleeped up. Till
date I never heard from anita again.
She got what she deserved and I had no single regret bleeping
her upto 7 long hour and a samsung galaxy s3 to replace my
lost bb. This is the story of my journey to EKO(lag) part 1.
Watch out for PART2.
*********THE END***********


Re: MY JOURNEY TO Eko(lagos). Part1 Episode 1 Story By Kelly9ice by Psalmwise(m): 7:12am On Mar 18, 2015
Guy ur head dey dere...u no fit get any tregret ooo...,cos dere is still possibility of her doing it sef
Re: MY JOURNEY TO Eko(lagos). Part1 Episode 1 Story By Kelly9ice by Nobody: 9:54am On Mar 18, 2015
Guy u ar badder than d baddest. U nor gree pity dat gurl small, well na only am sign her own death warrant. Ur fellow brothers in crime them be baddies............
Waiting and salivating for part 2. And make sure say u mention me when dis nollywood won kick off or else........(u complete the statement)
Anyways u try e no easy to sit down con write den type for us to read. All Nland writers ona nor dey dull at all
Re: MY JOURNEY TO Eko(lagos). Part1 Episode 1 Story By Kelly9ice by ayogabriel(m): 11:19am On Mar 18, 2015
Its all good sha, una all try, but una get mind oo, I can't do that, mean the aspect of sleeping with her, where someone just finish doing. People are different sha. Poor anita. the truth is that people will continue to hurt us, we revenging on others shows how weak we are ADIEU anita, we part to meet no more. Chao @ OP
Re: MY JOURNEY TO Eko(lagos). Part1 Episode 1 Story By Kelly9ice by kelly9ice(m): 10:06am On Mar 19, 2015
thanks guys, the part 2 has just began. check it out in the main wall..... thanks for you comments,

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Re: MY JOURNEY TO Eko(lagos). Part1 Episode 1 Story By Kelly9ice by Nobody: 10:49am On Mar 19, 2015
thanks guys, the part 2 has just began. check it out in the main wall..... thanks for you comments,
Off i go...
*zooming quickly to venue to occupy front seat*
i dont want to miss out on this wonderful movie
Re: MY JOURNEY TO Eko(lagos). Part1 Episode 1 Story By Kelly9ice by princejenks(m): 8:28pm On Mar 19, 2015
Though I enjoyed the story but this is classic gang rape
Re: MY JOURNEY TO Eko(lagos). Part1 Episode 1 Story By Kelly9ice by kelly9ice(m): 12:13am On Mar 22, 2015
and what she did could be called what? maybe classic cruelty.
Re: MY JOURNEY TO Eko(lagos). Part1 Episode 1 Story By Kelly9ice by sheylarhh(m): 12:25pm On Mar 27, 2015
Where b d main wall?

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