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Last Gang Standing 2: Killers and Fallen Kings.(Crime). by ironkurtain(m): 3:10am On Mar 04, 2019
Hello fellow nairalanders, i'm very sorry for my long absence. This is due to family matters and work schedules.

Some of you commented on my post, complaining about the few action stories in the literature section and the many romantic tales that was overflowing the place.

Anyway i cant promise you guys the level of actions seen in the Bloodline series but i will try my best to keep you guys entertained. And pls be aware that i'm trying to write a story that connects with the first story that was written by Meneski and other fellow writer. I'm finding it quite difficult to be in line with the original plot. But i will try my best.

I hope you enjoy yourself.

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Re: Last Gang Standing 2: Killers and Fallen Kings.(Crime). by ironkurtain(m): 3:12am On Mar 04, 2019

Contact the author at damien0224@gmail.com or Whatsapp: 82-1039360456.

Criticism and grammar or spelling corrections are highly welcomed.

This work contains alot of explicit language and highly graphic contents......readers discretion is advised

The first part of this story can be read here - https://www.nairaland.com/3854102/last-gang-standing-crime
Re: Last Gang Standing 2: Killers and Fallen Kings.(Crime). by ironkurtain(m): 3:35am On Mar 04, 2019


The hotel maid made her way through the fairly lit hotel corridor, lazily push a laundry cart that was filled with wet towels and making her way towards the elevator at the other end. She paused to look at her wristwatch and hissed at the the time. It was past twelve mid-night, only four hours into her twelve hours nightshift. Her face was already showing signs of fatigue. She sighed and lazily continued on her journey towards the elevator to go check the vacated rooms on the next floor. One of the towels hanging loosely dropped on the floor as she passed one of the hotel room door. She stopped, lowered her chubby body with a grunt and a low rhythmic sound of a bed rocking back and forth coupled with a female moans of pleasure hit her ear as she bent down to pick up the fallen dirty laundry. She tossed the towel on the pile in the cart and continued towards elevator, paying no attention to the sound that she was well acquainted to after many years of work in the hotel.

"Stop", Anton said breathlessly. But his voice was drowned by the bed-frame protests. The woman on top of him was too busy sexing him hard with her eyes closed and moans of ecstacy escaping her mouth.

"Hey.....i said stop!", Anton said again, this time a bit louder with a commanding voice.

Abigail heard him and it prompted her to do so. She opened her eyes and gave her client a brief stare, her sweaty chest and bossom raising and falling in quick succession as she was trying to catch her breath. "What's the matter honey?", she asked breathlessly. Anton was staring at the hotel room door and did so with a suspicious look on his face. "What's the matter?", Abigail asked again and glanced at the door.

Anton sighed and turned his eyes at Abigail. "Nothing", he said.

"Then why stop?", Abigail asked softly, pushing back her long hair with a look on her face demanding an explanation for his sudden loss of interest in the steamiest sex she has ever had with him....or any other client.

"Just tired", Anton sighed.

"Tired?" Then Abigail moved her hand inbetween her legs and moved her hips as she gentle pulled out his manhood to checked on it. "The big boy doesnt look tired to me", she noted as she caressed the rock solid organ wrapped in a condom.

"Yeah, the big boy never gets tired", Anton muttered. "But i am".

"Okay.....then let me give you a massage while you gather your strength", Abigail suggested and rested her hands on Anton shoulders to proceed.

"That would be nice, but our time is already up", Anton jerked his head at the digital clock on the bedside table.

Abigail glanced at the clock. "So?", she chuckled and looked at Anton.

"So.... it's time for you to leave cos we will be going beyond the time limit", Anton said with a surprised look on his face. Until now Abigail had always presented herself as a business minded call-girl, and a time watcher with restrictions when dealing with a client.

"Yeah i'm quite aware", Abigail murmured and lowered her trunk till she was lying on top of Anton with her head on his chest. "But i'm suppose to be the one worried, not you", she said softly.

"And i aint gonna pay for any extra time", Anton warned his regular call girl whom he had paid for two hours of sexual service.

Abigail smiled weakly with her eyes closed as she listened to Anton's heartbeats. "I'm not complaining", she said.

"Not complaining?", Anton snorted and Abigail nodded. "I dont think you are in the position to do so, especially when your manager is outside, waiting and expecting you to be out in any minute", he reminded her.

"Oh don't worry about him, he can wait", Abigail said calmly and Anton snorted again. "And we haven't finish", she continued.

"We?". Anton furrowed his brows. He was getting a little bit apprehensive, not because of the money he might pay for Abigail staying longer even though money wasnt the problem at all. But it's because of Abigail's sudden new attitude. "What are you talking about, there is no 'we' here and i don't wanna finish cos i having a loss of interest", he stated. Abigail lifted her head off Anton's chest and looked at him with confusion written on her face. "Even if there's a 'We', that relationship has already expired minutes ago", Anton continued with indifference.

"Meaning what?", Abigail asked intently.

"Meaning that i want you to get dressed and get out", Anton said with some anger in his voice. Abigail's questions was beginning irritate him.
Re: Last Gang Standing 2: Killers and Fallen Kings.(Crime). by ironkurtain(m): 3:44am On Mar 04, 2019
Abigail gazed at Anton for a while and slowly got off him. Anton got hold of her hips as she did so and pushed her to the side, almost like a shove. Then he got out of the bed and reached for the pack of cigarette on the bedside table. Abigail stared at Anton as he lit one for himself and then for a while he took several drags, standing naked infront of her and thoughtfully glancing around the plush hotel room.

Abigail remained as Anton had left her on the bed, studying the thoughful look on his handsome face and admiring his six feet tall and close to ninety kilograms toned muscular physique. He looked well younger than thirty-five years; his actual age. For a while she feasted her eyes on the nude body of her "Boyfriend material", standing before her. Then she noticed that his manhood was still wrapped in a condom as she was drooling over the thoughts of his adonis belt thrusting hard against her waist.

"Want one?", Anton offered the cigarette to Abigail when he noticed her gaze.

Abigail hesitated a bit and then got out of the bed. She stood close to Anton with her eyes fixed on him and he held up the half-empty packet infront of her. Abigail quietly took a stick from the half empty pack and held it inbetween her lips with her gaze still fixed at Anton as he fired up the tobacco.

"Thanks", Abigail muttered quietly after the cigarette started burning.

Anton nodded and said, "you're welcomed". He dropped the packet on the table and both of them dropped their weights on the edge of the bed, he being the first to do so.

After a few drags and slowly exhaling the cigarette smoke in silence, Abigail decided to check on her client. "So what's up with you today", she asked without looking at Anton.

"No.....i suppose to be the one asking that question", Anton replied and reach for the ashtray on the table.

"What's up with me?",


Abigail thought for a few seconds. "Well i don't see anything else that i had done except render the service that you paid for", she said and looked at Anton.

"Yeah i know", Anton agreed. He placed the ashtray inbetween them after stubbing out his cigarette. "But you forgot to mention you suddenly deciding not to be time conscious as you had always been, and not to also mention going at it like you are the one paying for the service", he continued and reached for the cigarette pack and lighter.

Abigail smiled. "Oh is that the problem? But aren't you suppose to be.....cool with it like any other man. It's not like i'm trying to have your balls cut off", she said

"Well i thought you already know that i'm not like any other men", Anton sighed.

"Yeah...that's why i'm surprised". Abigail paused abit with her eyes on the cigarette she was holding and then gazed at Anton. "Or is it about being in control?", she asked. "Me going hard kinda made you feel that you are not in control and start losing interest?", she asked with a smirk.

Anton lit himself another cigarette and left the question unanswered.

"Anyway, i understand you men", Abigail continued and took a long drag from her cigarette. "Everything is usually, if not always, a game of power, especially the rich men and their unending need to always be the one in control and incharge. Well you have to know that all i wanted to do is have some fun", she explained and exhaled the smoke out of her lungs.

"And....what about the time limit that we are still greatly exceeding while i'm being made to listen to some gender bullshit?", Anton asked.

"Like i said, i just want to have fun", Abigail insisted. "Fun with you", she added.

Anton smiled at what she said and inched closer to Abigail. "I didnt pay for you to have fun my dear", he began quietly. "Especially if that fun of yours is gonna affect my mine....or even get me in trouble with your manager who, you and i know very well, is more of 'the guy that solves problem' than a manager".

Abigail chuckled with a surprised look on her face. "So are you saying that you are scared of my manager and what he might do?", she asked.

"All am saying is, i just dont want to be drawn into the consequences of this unexplainable drama that is going on here", Anton replied with some seriousness in his tone of voice. "And if you still wish for my bookings to continue then you better make my own fun your priority, not yours", he warned.

Abigail blew the last cloud of cigarette smoke and stubbed her cigarette in the ashtray. She sighed and glanced around the room as if contemplating on what next to do. And then rested her eyes on Anton's manhood. She smirked and looked at him.

"Atleast let me take the rubber off before you kick me out", she sneered and pointed at his waist.

"Knock yourself out", Anton muttered nonchalantly and then laid on his back as he smoked the cigarette.
Re: Last Gang Standing 2: Killers and Fallen Kings.(Crime). by ironkurtain(m): 3:51am On Mar 04, 2019

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Re: Last Gang Standing 2: Killers and Fallen Kings.(Crime). by ironkurtain(m): 3:59am On Mar 04, 2019
Abigail reached for the box of tissue on the side table and eased closer to Anton. She gently wrapped her fingers around his manhood and gave Anton a quick glance as he waited for her to take off the rubber. "Are you sure you dont wanna go one more time?", she asked.

"Nope", Anton muttered and took a drag from his cigarette.


Anton sighed heavily and gave Abigail a deadpan look. "I thought i made myself clear earlier, so why the question?", he demanded with some anger in his tone of voice.

"Because.....", Abigail began coolly as she gently laid beside Anton with her fingers still wrapped around his manhood that was surprisingly still erect. "Because i've been thinking of doing something, something that i had sworn never to do", she muttered into Anton ear.

"Which is?"

Abigail gazed at Anton. "To be f@cked hard".

"Hm, okay", Anton murmured with less concern.

"Without protection".

Anton's hand that was holding the tobacco stopped midway to his mouth when he heard those words. Something was definitely wrong with Abigail, he thought. And hoped that losing her mind wasn't one of it. But what she just said got his attention, and also got him aroused with her hand on his organ.

"And...i want someone who will be really hard and thorough with it.....", Abigail continued with almost a whisper and teased his ear with her tongue to which Anton responded with sharp exhales of breath. "....like he intends to get me pregnant". She teased the ear more and his heartbeat quickened. "That's what i had in mind when i came here", Then she stopped teasing him and slowly pulled away. "But since you are having a loss of interest.....", Abigail continued and worked on Anton's manhood with both hands; expertly taking off the condom with one pull. "....or probably because you are not man enough to do it, then i think i would have to go look for another man", she continued coldly with intent.

Then Abigail gave Anton a brief stare and moved to get out of the bed. Anton immediately got hold of her wrist with a strong grip, stopping her as she did so. Abigail looked at the hand holding her wrist and then gave Anton a steady unblinking stare, the cold look on her face steadily turning into a mischievous smile. Anton sat up and made a move to pull her body closer to his. But Abigail put her hands forward and pushed her palms against his chest, stopping him short. And gave him a shove that landed him back to his former position, lying on his back. Then Abigail reached for the cigarette that Anton was still holding while he stared at her intently and quite surprised by her display of strength.

Abigail took a long drag from the cigarette and got hold of Anton's manhood, exhaled the smoke and got on top on him like a jockey eager to ride a new horse. And then she placed the palm of the other hand on his chest gave him another mischievous smile.

One moment Anton's manhood was feeling the cool air from the hotel room air conditioner after the release from the discomfort of being wrapped in a condom for too long. The next moment, it was hit by a warm and intense sensation as Abigail slided it inside her, bare-back.

Just like Abigail, this was a relationship minefield Anton had sworn to never thread, but the extreme raw pleasure that came with it as she expertly grinded her hips hard against his, made him throw all caution to the wind.

After several minutes of Abigail's loud moans and the bed rocking violently, the sex session came to an end with Abigail on her back and Anton on top, grinding harder till he came. She wrapped her arms around his waist with a tight hold till he left his ej@culation, to the last drop, inside her. Then she let go and Anton rolled over and laid beside her.

Then for a while, the both of them laid still on the bed in silence. Anton was staring at ceiling, his face was written with an expression that showed he has alot on his mind; confusion and probably some regret for what he had done.

Then Abigail said something. Anton didn't hear it quite well. He slowly turned his head to look at her. "Please can you hand me the tissue", Abigail repeated what she said and motioned at box of tissue on the bedside table. Anton lazily reached for it and handed it to Abigail. She murmured a barely audible "Thank you", with a seductive smile and gave Anton a peck.

Anton said nothing and remained unmoved.

"That's what i'm talking about honey", Abigail muttered with satisfaction in her voice after she was done cleaning herself up. Then she carelessly tossed the tissue to the floor and laid next to Anton. "Was it good", she asked intently and ran the back of her hand across her forehead covered with beads of sweat.

"Moments ago", Anton replied with a mutter and still staring ahead. "And we weren't suppose to do that", he added with some concern in his tone of voice.

"We weren't suppose to do what?", Abigail asked with her hand still caressing the scanty hair on his chest.

Anton scoffed, and then got hold of the hand teasing his chest as he turned to Abigail "Alright now, i want you to tell me what's up with you today?", he demand with a hard fixed gaze at her. "Tell me what the hell is going on".

"What....the hell is going on?", Abigail repeated the question and threw a quick glance at the hand that has a strong grip around her wrist.

"Yeah", Anton said.

"We just had sex, that's what is going on", Abigail chuckled.

"With no protection".

"So what?"

"What do you mean by so what?, it's unsafe".

Abigail sighed. She freed her wrist from Anton's hold and slowly sat up. "Well I only told you what i wanted to do, i didnt force you to do it", she said nonchalantly. "You had a choice and you made it clear by using this same hand to drag me back to bed". Then Abigail paused, took a deep breath and gently exhaled. "And you dont have to worry honey, you won't catch any disease from me, i'm in good health", she continued quietly after calming herself. "Infact i had a thorough medical test last week, everything came out very clean and you are the only client i have met so far", she assured with a serious look on her face.

"And what about me?, arent you worried that i might be.....", Anton began.

"Well, are you?", Abigail interrupted.

Anton sighed and left the question unanswered. He heaved a deep sigh, pulled the blanket over his body and closed his eyes as he turned his face away from Abigail.

Abigail laid down next to him and placed both hands on her tummy. "Even if you do, it doesnt matter anyway, especially to me", Abigail then continued with a thoughtful look on her face and staring ahead. "Afterall i allowed it....and you are the one paying the money".

"Look....", Anton began and opened his eyes. "I dont mean to be dramatic, but today you seem kind of weird, i mean, off the chart weird", he noted. "We have know each other for quite sometime now and everything had always been on a mutual bases, until today. So it will really help alot if you tell me what is really going on so that i can understand what i'm dealing it".
Re: Last Gang Standing 2: Killers and Fallen Kings.(Crime). by ironkurtain(m): 4:12am On Mar 04, 2019
Even after saying those words, Anton was wondering why he even wanted to start a conversation instead of telling the woman to get dressed and get out; throw her out of his hotel room. Afterall she's just a call-girl and he had paid well for her service; an exorbitant high class escort service. Besides, he was very tired, a bit confused and needed to sleep because it was late and way past his bedtime, not to talk of the long busy day he will be having tomorrow.

Abigail remained mute and maintained her gaze at the hotel ceiling for a while. And then she said, "I just decided to....loosen up".

"You just decided to loosen up?", Anton asked, puzzled by her response.

Abigail nodded and remained silent with her eyes still fixed at the ceiling with a distant gaze.

"Okay then", Anton muttered after waiting to hear something else and getting none. "And how many customers heard this same words?", he snorted.

Abigail turned her head and eyed Anton. "I know i just did something crazy with you, but dont think that i'm stupid", she said to him with some anger in her voice.

Anton glanced at the digital clock and saw they had spent forty minutes more than the time they were supposed to spend together. He looked at Abigail and seeing that she wasn't in anyway making a move to leave, he quietly got out of bed reached for his boxer that laid rumpled on the rug beside the bed.

"So why did you do it", he asked as he put on his underwear.

"Huh?", Abigail muttered still staring ahead with a distant gaze in her eyes.

"I mean, why did you decide to loosen up?", Anton asked again and scanned the other contents on the bedside table; his gold wristwatch, his expensive looking wallet, Abigail's necklace and their cellphones.

Abigail let out a deep sigh and shut her eyes. "I got tired", she replied and then opened them.



Anton's eyes moved from the table to the woman lying beside him. "Tired of what?, the job", he asked.

"Tired of everything", Abigail corrected.

"I see", Anton muttered and glanced at the pack of cigarettes. He was having the urge to have one. "Hitting some life roadblocks lately?", he asked and sat on the bed, deciding not to smoke.

Abigail pursed her lips and sighed again. "Have you ever being faced with some kind of a bad situation", she began quietly.

"We all have our bad situation", Anton said.

"I'm talking about the kind of bad situation that, no matter what you do or.....wherever you go, it's always right there infront of you and there seems to be nothing you can do about it", She continued and looked at Anton; he was less concerned and only nodded with pursed lips.

"Then after making the decision to right the situation, you only find out, after years of trying hard, that there is nothing you can do to change it, even after giving up everything in doing so. Not only that, you also find out that not only were your efforts in vain but it has left you with nowhere to go and no one to turn to". Then Abigail sighed. "Probably the reason why some people take the suicide route", she said lowly.

"So what are you saying, that you are on some kind of a suicide mission?", Anton asked without looking at her.

"No....i know better than that", Abigail replied.

"Okay", Anton nodded. But he was still less concerned. He impatiently glanced at the clock again, wondering when she will leave so that he can go to sleep. "Anyway i understand how it is when one is in an unfortunate situation, but you have to know that this is not the time or place to talk about one's problems", he said nonchalantly. "Cos i'm not interested".

"Yeah, you are not paying to listen to life problems", Abigail muttered. "Just like the rest, only care about the luxuries and the perverted indulgences that your money can buy", she scoffed. "And you said that you are not like the other men. You are all the same; ruthless rich men".

Anton chuckled. "So is this what it's all about?", he asked. "All these things that you were doing is just a way of seeing if i can help you with whatever catastrophic situation that you are having",

Abigail scoffed and looked away.

"Anyway, First of all, i do have my own problems too and so does every other person including those in the position to be able to easily pay for expensive things", Anton continued. "Infact most rich folks out there do have problems that will definitely make yours seem like child's play. Believe me i know that very well".

Abigail said nothing.

"Secondly, some of them, like me, use this luxuries...or your so called perverted services as a way of catching some fun and not to end up going crazy. And none of them would want to be reminded of their own problems, especially when they are trying to have some fun, including you my dear", Anton continued.

"Well atleast they could still listen and perhaps get to know the person better. It helps alot", Abigail said.

"Oh really?", Anton snorted. He turned and faced Abigail. "So how many of your clients have you gotten to know better without them paying for the time it took you to do so?", he asked.

"None.....because most of them were busy trying to f@ck as many times as they could before their time runs out", Abigail replied with sarcasm in her voice.

"How many of your day-offs have you spent with a client who seems to be in need of someone to talk to?", Anton asked Abigail again.

"I don't have any day-offs", Abigail countered coldly.

Anton pursed his lips and glanced around the room. "No one is having it that easy, life is unfair to everybody", he then said. "So you just have to deal with the cards you are been dealt with and always bear in mind that the world owes you nothing".

Then Anton heaved a sigh, shifted his weight a bit and stared at the door to the bathroom. Abigail's payment was there, well tucked in a white envelope he had left on the bathroom ceramic sink table. That was how payments for the service are being made, only to be left in an envelope in the bathroom and never to be handed directly to the service provider. He didn't know why the agency wants it to be done so and neither did he bothered to know why.

Anton sighed again. "So how much are we talking about", he said and reached for his cellphone.

"What?". Abigail looked at him.

"Tell me how much that is involved in this situation of yours", Anton said as he unlocked his phone. "Sorry i dont have enough cash here so i will have to make a transfer to your account, i hope you have your bank account number with you". Then he looked at Abigail, waiting for her give him the numbers so as to decide on the amount of dent he would have to put in the current balance in his bank account. To be done as a favour from him.

Abigail stared at him as he waited; the look on her face was deadpan. She did so for a short while and quietly got out of bed. She picked one of the two white bathroom robes that was hanged on the hotel room wooden hanger stand and slipped into it. Then she glanced at Anton and headed towards the bathroom.

Anton's eyes followed her, still waiting with his cellphone in his hand till she entered the bathroom and the door closed quietly. He stared at the door thoughtfully as the sound of Abigail's urination and toilet flushing, broke the silence in the room.

"Well then", he murmured to himself and blew his cheeks with a shrug. He replaced his phone back to its former position and slide into the bed with the thought of leaving Abigail to decide on what she wants to do with herself.

As he was tucking himself in the blanket, Abigail's cellphone vibrated an incoming call. And so was Abigail stepping out of the bathroom.
Re: Last Gang Standing 2: Killers and Fallen Kings.(Crime). by ironkurtain(m): 4:18am On Mar 04, 2019
"You phone is ringing", Anton told the woman and jerked his head at her phone. He wanted to ask if it was her manager, but decided against it.

Abigail dried her wet hands on her robe and paced towards the table. She picked up the phone and looked at the number of the incoming call. And answered the call. Anton watched as she spoke into the phone mouthpiece in low tones. He checked for any change in her mood and took note of her expressions. And saw nothing that was of concern after seeing how calm Abigail was till she finished the phone chat.

"The chauffeur i guess", Anton said

"Yep", Abigail murmured. She paused for a while with a thoughtful look on her face and then left the phone on the table. She quietly tied the bathrobe belt that were hanging loosely tied around her waist and remained still with a distant gaze, like someone trying to figure out a hard puzzle.

"Aren't you suppose to be dressing up?", Anton asked after taking another glance at clock on the table. Abigail had stayed almost an hour past their agreed time. "Your....chauffeur had probably waited a little bit too long. And i dont think you would wanna put someone like that in a bad mood",

Abigail said nothing; didnt even look at Anton. She remained still and waited until a gentle knock made her head towards the door. Anton immediately covered his body with the down blanket and turned his attention at the door. Abigail went to the door and opened it. She left it ajar and spoke to person that knocked. Anton heard the deep voice and knew it was a man. He craned his neck and caught a glimpse of a huge man wearing a dark suit. Then the man peered in and took a quick look inside the hotel room, at Anton and made some gestures and pointed at his wristwatch with a frown on his face as he and Abigail spoke in low tones. Then the big man remained still and nodded several times after Abigail said something to him, patting his barrel chest as she did so. Then he looked in the room and gave Anton one more hard look that seemed like a dreadful warning before leaving.

"So?", Anton began coolly after Abigail closed the door.

"So?", Abigail repeated and walked across the room. She stood infront of him. She gave him a smile, undid the bathrobe and let the garment slide off her body to the floor. Anton furrowed his eyebrow as he stared at the nude woman. "I'm all yours....for the whole night honey. Abigail added. Still smiling, she climbed into the bed and said, "You better make it a night you never forget", and tucked herself inside the blanket.

With a puzzled look on his face Anton stared at the woman in bed with him waiting for him to have her. He did so for a while and grunted as he looked away and grabbed a pillow for his head. He had had enough of the drama and the sex, and was done talking. Now he really wants to sleep.

"Aren't you gonna......", Abigail began as Anton sighed and rested his head on his pillow.

"Nope, i have a long day tomorrow my dear", he interrupted with indifference and dimmed the lights in the room with a touch on one of the switches near the bed. "We can talk about your problem tomorrow", he added and shut his eyes.

"You dont wanna go one more time.....".

"I just wanna get some sleep, that's all, and it will help alot if you just remain silent".

In the darkness that had taken over the room, Abigail stared at the silhouette of her client lying next to her and nodded. She pulled the other pillow and rested her head. And stared into the dark before her. After several minutes of being like that with a thoughtful gaze, she looked at Anton and muttered an inaudible goodnight to him. Anton didnt respond. Sleep was finally catching up with him and didnt get to know that Abigail was staring at him, doing so for most of the night. And also didn't know that she did so with tears streaming down her beautiful face as he slept peacefully and snored audibly; something she already knew she wont be having.....again.

Seven hours later Anton woke up. He stretched his arms far apart and they felt the empty and cold space on both sides of the bed. He gently sat up and reached for the light button. The sudden flood of light made him squint his eye till they got used to it.

Then Anton yawned and glanced around the room and at the bedside table. Abigail had gone, he found out after he noticed the absence of her cloths and possessions. She must have left several hours ago from the coldness of the side of the bed she had laid last night.

Thinking about everything that happened last night as he got out of bed, Anton paused for a few seconds with a suspicious look on his face. Then he immediately checked himself and his valuables and possessions for any nasty surprise the call-girl might have left. He found none after seeing that all his belongings were intact. Some of them seems to have been neatly placed where he wont have any problem finding; Abigail must have done that and even left his clothes neatly folded.

Heaving a sigh, he got hold of his cellphone and lazily headed towards the bathroom to empty his full bladder.

Anton whistled a tune that was drowned by the sound of his pissing and looked at his image in the mirror beside him. He admired his good features like he had seen the opposite sex do. He gave himself a wink, smirked at what he just did and gave his manhood a brief shake after he had relieved himself. Then he remembered that he didn't wash last night, and also remembered that he had also gone inside Abigail, uncovered. Anton sniffed his hand and got a faint whiff of rubber and strawberry; the scent of the condom he had used last night. He waved off the gross feeling of what he just did and reached for the toothbrush and paste. And then he saw it.

Anton frozed as he stared at the surprise Abigail left for him. It wasn't a nasty one and it came as a white envelope lying on the white ceramic table of the bathroom sink; Abigail's payment that he had left in the bathroom. It remained as he had left it last night, still untouched.

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Re: Last Gang Standing 2: Killers and Fallen Kings.(Crime). by meneski(m): 6:01am On Mar 04, 2019
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The buzz of the intercom on Anton's desk interrupted him in his thoughts. Sitting in a reclined position on the swivelling chair with his elbows on its arm and his fingers steepled, Anton stared at the intercomm on the polished mahogany desk in his plush office. It was his secretary, a mousy looking woman who was an ex veteran in the military. She was probably calling to inform him of a visitor or to give him an update about his schedule for the day.

Anton stared at the intercomm as it continued buzzing and decided to answer it. The leather of chair crinkled as he moved from his reclined position to do so.

Yeah?", he began after pushing a button.

"Sir, Mr Johnson is here to see you", the secretary voiced.

"Dude let me in before i break the damn door!", a man's voice then came out from the speaker, and it sounded non-threatening.

Anton smile. He already knew who it was; Mr Jim Johnson, his best friend and "battle buddy" throughout his years in the military. Their friendship began right from the day they were fresh recruits, both of them had gone to several tours together and also got discharged with honours on the same day. Jim now heads a big private security firm while he manages a conglomerate company; one of the several companies owned by his family.

"Send him in", Anton said to his secretary and reclined in his seat with a smile on his face.

Seconds later the door opened and a jovial looking man stepped into the office. He's of average built and tough looking with a little bit of an extra weight on his belly. He wore a blue plaid long sleeve shirt neatly tucked in a black plain trouser. He was several months younger that Anton by age but the wrinkle on his forehead made him look older.

"Jimboy!", Anton boomed as Jim made himself comfortable on the opposite seat. "What the devil brings you to my place....or have you made it a habit of coming to my office whenever you are bored in yours", he asked his friend and steepled his fingers.

"You missed the part of being here to drink some of those expensive liquor", Jim joked and jerked his head at the wine cabinet in the office as he made himself comfortable on the opposite seat.

Anton smiled and got to his feet. "Ha, it's like you are not busy these days", he said as he went over to the wine cabinet and took out a bottle with two glasses. "Or is business going through a bad run?".

"Well....", Jim began as he accepted a glass. "I guess the families and married folks all seems to be in good times cos no one is hiring to spy on their spouses or to catch the blackmailers", he chuckled. "Most shows and concerts are scheduled for the last month of the year so the celebrities and their companies are not employing as of now. And crime rate is at its all time low", he sighed.

"Hm....i see", Anton muttered as he uncorked the liquor bottle. He did so with a thoughtful look on his face.

"So what's up with you big man?", Jim asked when he noticed the look on Anton's face.

"Nothing interesting happening on this side either", Anton muttered. "Same old same old my friend".

"Okay.....and what's up with you", Jim asked again.

"What do you mean?", Anton replied with a question, giving Jim a quick glance as he filled the glasses.

"Yesterday's party is what i'm talking about, bird brain!". You were with the boys, and then suddenly disappeared without any warning", Jim said

"I thought i gave you a heads up on what i will be doing after the party", Anton said and took a sip from his glass.

"After the party, that's what you said. Not half way", Jim stated. "It's like that hooker must have promised you an unforgettable night that's worth abandoning your buddies", he continued and took a sip from his half filled glass. He gave Anton a mischievous look. "And it's sure looks like she really made it quite memorable one", he chuckled.

Anton smiled weakly at what Jim said. And it was the reason for his thoughtfulness. To no end, he had spent most of the day thinking about everything that had happened between him and Abigail last night. He had also been trying to figure out the reason for her sudden change in attitude. And his discovery in the hotel room; the money that Abigail left in the bathroom. It was giving him alot of concern.

"She is a call-girl", Anton then said with a sigh and tried to brighten up the look on his face.

"Call-girl,..hooker,..LovePeddler or whatever sh!t label in the dictionary or google, they are all the same my friend", Jim said and sipped his shot again. "As long as they accept cash to render service....bedroom service".

"Let's just call her a call-girl", Anton insisted. He emptied his glass with one gulp and refilled it again. "It makes things abit easy", he murmured and left the bottle infront of Jim.

"Whatever man", Jim snorted. Then he reached for the bottle. "Anyway, it's like something must have gone kind of awry with your...call-girl", he said and refilled his own glass.

Anton dropped his weight on his seat and stared at Jim. "What do you mean?", he asked.

"Well, you seemed quite lost when i stepped into your office".

"No i wasn't".


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Jim smiled. "Sometimes you forget that not only am i your friend, but i'm also in the elite special force", he noted and looked at Anton.

"Ex special force", Anton corrected.

"And most of my life had been spent trying to figure out what the enemy is thinking and their next move", Jim continued. "And from what i saw the moment i stepped into this office, my friend wasn't thinking about how a call-girl bang his brains out last night".

Anton chuckled and rested his glass on the table. Jim was right, as always. But he wanted to play it down.

"So i wanna know what's Really up with you", Jim demanded.

Anton sighed. "Well it's just one of those....unusual things", he said.

"Unusual things huh?". Jim leaned forward, one of his big arms resting on the table with a fixed gaze at Anton. "And what the hell is more unusual for a guy in your position to be paying for sex?", Jim snorted with a funny look on his face.

"I have my reasons, and you already know that".

"The reasons, i do know. But understanding them, i don't".

"Like i said, i have my reasons".

"Okay then....but what about the unusual thing?, can you tell me about it?".

Anton sighed again and remained silent with a thoughtful gaze for a short while. "Is it normal for a working girl to give back the money paid to her even after rendering the service?", he then asked and looked at Jim.

Jim gave Anton a short inquisitive stared and chuckled. "It's like you are the one that gave her an unforgettable night, not the other way round", he said and laughed.

"Dude i am serious.....i wanna know", Anton demanded.

"Hmm....lets see", Jim began and stared at his glass. "Is she a freelancer?", he asked.

Anton shook his head.

"A street-walker?",

"Aww come on man, i thought told you before that she works for a V.I.P class escort agency".

"Then it's not normal my friend". Jim shook his head. "It's almost impossible for that to happen, unless you happened to rob her and vanished long before her p!mp got to know what went down", Jim said.

"Impossible?, then can you explain why she left the envelope containing her payment in the hotel room that we spent the night together", Anton demanded.

"Ho! hold on buddy!, did you spend the whole night together with her?", Jim asked with wide eyes. But he saw that Anton was only interested in the answer to the question he just asked. "Well....maybe in your drunken stupor you might have double paid her", he snorted. "And she somehow decided to be nice to her regular client by not taking both payments which, to me, is also hardly possible, like a one in a million chance".

"Now you are speaking in a different language my friend cos i totally dont understand what you talking about", Anton sighed. "And i wasn't even drunk last night", he reminded the man.

"It's quite possible if the girl we are talking about is a freelancer or a street-walker...or even some jobless club hopping slut trying to make her rent money. Those ones work on their own terms and work for nobody. But for a girl working for an agency.....a top V.I.P agency as you said, that, my friend, is a different case", Jim stated.

"So what are you trying to say?", Anton asked with furrowed brows.

"This is a hard hustler, working for a harder hustling crew....and they only have one aim, to take every goddamn penny they can get their hands on", Jim said. "And these kind of people dont play around with their money my friend", he continued.

"So what do you make of this situation?", Anton asked.

"I dont know man", Jim sighed with an unconcern tone of voice.

"Maybe she forgot to take the payment", Anton muttered thoughtfully.

"Ha! There is a greater chance for her to forget to wrap your wang with condom than to forget her money", Jim chuckled.

Anton got reminded of something else; he had sex with Abigail without protection. He sighed and pursed his lips with a thoughtful look on his face. The situation now seemed to be getting more complicated to him.

"Maybe the girl has developed some kind of a dementia", Jim continued and poured himself another shot. "You know,....the chick might have taken one too many blows to the face.....from all the deep thro@ting", he laughed.

Anton let out a snort. But he didn't like those last words that Jim uttered and didn't even know why. "I don't think so", he muttered. "Maybe she intentionally left the money there", he said after thinking about Abigail's decision to spend the night with him.

"If so, then she is clearly wishing for some serious trouble", Jim said. "Unless she intends to pay her p!mp from her own pocket. If not, then they gonna fry her ass real good".

"Are you sure of that?", Anton asked with a concern tone of voice.

"Those kind of people dont play around with their money, i thought i already told you that", Jim said to Anton, staring at him with a serious look on his face.

Anton sighed. For a short while he bit his lips and stared at the stationery infront of him thoughtfully. Then from the corner of his eyes he noticed that Jim was staring at him, his silence was probably making his friend to get more concerned about him.

"I'm going out for lunch". Anton then took a quick glance at his wristwatch and got to his feet. "Care to join me?", he asked Jim.

"You very well know that i hate free meal", Jim said and emptied his glass with one quick gulp. "So i am buying", he continued and got up. Then he paused and stared at the glass he was holding, and then at liquor bottle infront of him. "I hope you didnt buy this booze with that escort money?", he asked and pointed at the bottle

"No i bought it with my own money", Anton said and grabbed his suit jacket.

"So what happened to the escort money?", Jim asked and looked at Anton.

"The escort money is safe and untouched. I have been spending my own money and will continue to spend my own money, so no cause for alarm", Anton said and gave his friend a slap on the shoulder

"Ha!....spending Dad's money you mean", Jim gestured around the posh office as both men headed towards the door. "By the way, how is the General doing?", he asked.

"Still being a hard ass", Anton shrugged. "And still blaming our relationship for being the reason for my failure to continue the family's tradition of having a long illustrious military career".

"Are you guys still not in good terms?".

"Me still being in this office proves that".

Jim sighed. "After all these years?.....and you even being the person that singlehandedly brought this company out of the brink of collapse to a very profitable one", he asked.

"He is a hard ass my friend and will always be a hard ass", Anton muttered.

"But i gotta say that his ruthlessness seems to have really shape you into a man with alot of high quality skills", Jim smiled.

"What do you mean by that?", Anton asked with a confused look on his face.

"Dude i'm still wondering how you are pulling off those paid sexcapades without him getting to know about it", Jim chuckled.

Anton snorted. "Seriously, f@ck you....and may it be unpleasantly sideways", he said under his breath.

Jim laughed as they stepped out of the office. Anton informed his secretary where he was going and she gave him some reminders about his schedules for the day. He changed a few, gave his orders and both friends walked out of the office, continuing their chatters with lots of banters thrown at each other. They walked through the corridor and headed towards the elevator that would take them out of the building. Anton pressed the elevator button and listened to his friend's yarns with smiles and some laughters. But something still remained in his mind, something he thinks he has to do and urgently. To find Abigail and give her her payment as soon as possible. Yet he still dont understand why he wanted to do it, or even why he's so concerned about some call-girl and the harm that might possibly come upon her.



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The metal chair gave a low creak when Ben dropped his bulky body that was covered in white overalls. His meaty hairy hand was holding a small palm sized mirror partly covered with a white powder and a currency note neatly folded into a thin roll. With care, he slowly placed the glass next to a surgery tray lying on the table in front of him as he hummed in low tone and wiped off the beads of sweat on his forehead with the back of his hand. The other hand produced a small plastic laminated card from one of the pockets of the overall and started dividing the white powder on the mirror into several thin lines. Then he picked up the rolled money and bent over the glass bringing his face very close to the glass with one hand holding the roll he stuck inside his nostril and the forefinger of the other hand closing the other nostril. With sharp inhales, he quickly vacuumed three lines of the white powder through his nose and slowly reclined with his eyes closed, raising the big head on his shoulder till he was facing the dusty low hanging and aging fluorescent tube above him. Then his lips let out a long exhale and parted into a smile as the cocaine unleashed its effects in his system.

A sound from one of the the three doors in the poorly illuminated chamber-like room caught his attention. It was a supressed feminine moan. He ignored it, bent over the glass and cleaned up the remaining lines with sharp inhales. As he enjoyed the drug effects, the moan got louder, and so was the sound of metal rocking hard.

"Dont kill her goddamnit!", he barked and gazed at one doors of the two inner rooms. "And hurry your ass up cos i got other places to be!", he cursed.

The rocking sound continued for a short while and stopped. Ben waited for a few seconds and then reached for the surgery tray with a scoff. He made notes of the tool and surgery equipments in the tray and picked up some of them to closely check the edge of their blades.

Then one of the doors, the one to the room, swung open with some noise. And a man walked inside. He looked much more better in looks and in shape than Ben and wore a black jean with a blue sports jacket. The man stared at Ben, looked at the table and then back at Ben, regarding the big man with a distasteful look on his face.

"What the f@ck! man", the man began and gestured with both palms turned out. "What the hell are you doing?", he demanded.

Ben turned his head and looked over his shoulder to the man standing behind him. He did so with an unpleasant smile in his face; one of the many effects of the drugs. The look angered the man even more and left him fuming.

"Your man is still in there taking his cut", Ben jerked his massive head at one of the doors infront of him, the one on the left. "Do you want me to start working while he is still...working?", he asked and laughed disturbingly.

The man looked at the door with a sigh. "Tony!", he barked angrily. Almost immediately the door opened and the bright light from the inner room illuminated the chamber. Tony walked out with both hands adjusting his trouser belt and beaming with a smile of satisfaction. He stood before the man that almost screamed his name and straightened his shirt with less care for the look of anger in the man's eyes.

"Hey What's up Tom", Tony began coolly and glanced at the man that stood quite taller than him, from head to toe. Tony was of average height and stoutly built. "Didnt mean to keep you waiting fella", he continued and looked at Ben who laughed again.

"Hey motherfucker! you know the boss hates waiting on his demands", he barked. "And if he finds out that he was made to do so because of your f@cking orgy, he gonna have our asses".

"Hey man, i was just trying to do me", Tony said with a smile. "Can't a man have some goddamn time to relief some stress in this f@cking depressing meat place?", he asked.

"Oh yeah?, and should it have to be with this one...and at this time?", the man asked. "What about the other one?". The man fumed and pointed at the other door on the right.

"Not yet time".


"Cant blame the man for having a fetish", Ben chuckled. "He enjoy playing with the prey before the killing", he laughed.

"Shut your f@cking mouth and get your fat ass to work", the man barked at Ben.

"Her own time will come", Tony said. Then he looked into the room he just walked out of. And stared at the girl lying on what looked like a surgery table. She was very young, probably in her teens and was bound to the table, naked with both arms and legs spread apart. Her mouth was stuffed with a piece of rag that reduced her screams to a low muffle when Tony was raping her. And it will keep her muffled when Ben goes inside the room to do his own job.

Tony stared at the girl as she sobbed uncontrollably and gave her a wink when she turned her tears covered face at them.

"Let's get out of here", the man said to Tony with a sigh "And you make sure that everything is ready before i come back or else it gonna be your fat ass lying on that table", he warned Ben. Then he noisily opened the exit door and walked out, leaving it open. Tony looked at Ben who only smiled at what the man had said and turned his attention to the tray on the table. Then Tony gave his victim one last look before walking out of the room.

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Tony stepped out of the mid-sized single storey farmhouse and closed the front door. He made some adjustments to the collar of his brown coat and the cuffs of its sleeves. He made a casual scrutiny of the fenced compound and at the small barn storage building that was some metres away from the main building.

Seeing nothing out of the ordinary, Tony tucked his hands in the pockets of his coat and started moving. He glanced and walked past a parked white van that belonged to Ben and headed towards a black Bmw sedan parked outside the farmhouse entance gate. He opened the front passenger door, dropped his weight on the seat and shut the door. He adjusted his weight and glanced at Tom who was drumming his fingers on the steering wheel and waiting with a scowl on his face.

"So where are we going?", Tony asked, ignoring the look on his partner's face.

"The boss got another pick up job for us ", Tom replied and reached for the car ignition button.

"Another one again?", Tony asked and fastened his seatbelt.

"No...a client, coming from overseas", Tom replied and brought life to the car engine. "He will be arriving in two days. And the boss said that this is of utmost priority, so no fu@king around my friend", he warned as he rode the car through the gravel road, heading towards the highway.

Tony smirked as he watched the scenery that they passedby. "Some good friend i guess", he said and looked at Tom.

"I think it has to do with the other pick up that we made earlier", Tom said and worked the steering wheel. "And this client's presence in this country is extremely discreet".

"Why the secrecy?", Tony asked.

Tom sighed. "Let's just say that this person is an individual, who's badly wanted by some people", he replied. "And these people are some organizations.....internationally connected mafias and some governments", he continued.

Tony stared at Tom.

"So you can see that the gravity of the situation in our hands is a major one", Tom continued as the car entered the highway. "We are dealing with a heavy figure my friend....so like i said earlier, no f@cking around", he warned and glanced at Tony with a hard look on his face.

"So what do we do?", Tony asked.

"We gotta get our logistics right to the last detail", Tom replied. "And also make sure that there wont be any f@ck-ups cos if this individual comes into this country and decides to cut the deal cos he doesnt feel comfortable with our arrangements, the boss gonna fry our asses. If the government get to find out about our dealings with this individual, their boys gonna come running and they gonna fry our asses. And if these organizations i'm talking about gets to find out that this individual is in this country, then they gonna send their own boys to come get him and.....".

"And they gonna fry our asses to get the individual, yeah i get the picture".

"Good. So we have to be sure that everything is six thousand percent well in place, triple check....or quadruple check every plan we intend to execute".

Tony nodded and turned his sight back at the road. Then they drove in silence for several minutes.

"You are one sick bastard, do you know that?", Tom began as they approached the city after making their way through the outskirt of the town.

Tony smiled. He already knew what Tom was talking about.

"What kind of guy gets off f@cking helpless kids?", Tom continued. "Do you know what they do to guys like you in jail when they find out what you have been up to?, he asked and looked at Tony. "They leave you dead with your balls cut off. But before that, the jail monsters gonna hard f@ck your ass till you have d!cks for a tongue".

Tony smirked. "Well everyone have their own taste", he said.

"But yours is a whole different thing. And it's sick man, and never rubs anyone right. Anyone. Even the most dreaded psychopathic criminal would want to seriously hunt your ass", Tom said with his eyes on the traffic ahead.

"And what about you?", Tony asked.

"We are only co-workers, but me not ending you right here right now doesn't mean that i approve of your behaviour", Tom said. "But be sure to be miles away from all the females that i know".

"I will remember that", Tony smiled.

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way to go man! following.
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interesting please go on
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interesting please go on

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I stopped mid-way in the first part but since the boss is here I am following till the end

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Anton stole an impatient glance at his wristwatch and paced around room, looking abit confused. He was fully dressed in the clothes he had being wearing throughout the day; a black three piece suit with an aviator dark shade glasses. He was feeling uncomfortably warm in his clothes even the room was being by the air conditioner, but he opted to remain in them as he waited.

After a while of pacing around and brief sits on the edge of the bed, Anton stood beside the window and slightly pushed the curtain aside. He watched the activities going on below from the window of the room on the tenth floor of the hotel building. He monitored some of the movements around the building, especially the cars that drove into the parking lot to make a pick up or dropping off a passenger; he attention was mostly focused on the females and those coming in.

For several minutes Anton stood at the window, watching and waiting. Another glance at his wristwatch informed him that it was almost half past six in the evening. It's been two hours since he arrived in the hotel room.The neon lights were now beginning to light up the buildings and city as day gave way to night.

Two hours had gone since he booked for his regular provider from the same and only escort service company he always patronized. Anton had never been made to wait that long until now. And if he did so for just half that time, he would have gotten a call from the manager of the provider, who would be profusely expressing their apologies and trying to get to his location as fast as they could. But none of that has happened. It was quite an unusual situation and it kept him on high alert; his years in the military and his acquaintance with dangers made it to come as a near-natural instinct to him

As the minutes was beginning to turn to an hour, he saw a black van drive into the area and made a stop in the parking lot. Seconds later the door slide open and a woman wearing a bright sleeveless yellow sun dress with red patterns, stepped out of the vehicle. The wide brim hat she also wore made Anton unable to make out her face. He watched as the woman headed towards the building in quick strides and disappear into the lobby. Then Anton gazed at the van for any other passenger, no other person go out as he watched the car.

Few minutes later Anton was interrupted by three gentle knock on the door. He immediately went to the bed and sat on the edge of its mattress. He dug his hand inside his suit jacket as he waited and his fingers felt the envelope of money in the inner pocket; Abigails payment that she had left in the hotel. Another three gentle knock, then Anton decided that it was time to act.

"Yeah...come in", he answered, loud enough for the person behind the door to hear.

The door opened quietly and the woman in the sun dress stepped inside the room. "Good evening sir", she began with a superficial smile.

"Good evening my dear, please do come in", Anton replied and got to his feet, smiling back at the woman who was quite pretty and seemed to be in her early twenties. But she wasn't Abigail, whom he had booked and had been waiting for. Something was definitely not right and it further raised his level of alertness. But he left his feelings well masked with his casual behavior.

The woman walked inside the room after gently closing the door. Anton gave her a hug and she responded positively to the gesture.

"Please do have a seat", Anton said to the woman and went over to the door as she did so. He slightly opened the door and peered into the lobby, cautiously checking the place that was empty and quiet. Then he closed the door and looked at the woman that was seated and staring at him intently.

"I'm sorry young lady....", Anton began as he came over and stood infront of her. "....but i'm very sure that i booked for number thirteen", he said and gave the woman a steady look.

"Excuse me?", the lady furrowed her brows with confusion written on her face".

"You dont look like the person i saw in the picture in number thirteen", Anton stated.

"Sir i am number thirteen", the woman said quietly with confidence in her voice and looking more confused.

Anton thought for a short while and muttered an, excuse me, to the woman as he took out his smart phone and tapped the internet icon on the screen of his device. He had just realized that he didn't check the escort agency website when he made the booking. He only did that once and it was on the day he started using the service and first met Abigail; that was months ago. Anton steadily scrolled through the pictures of scantily dressed women in different erotic postures with information about their body type and age. He reached number thirteen and saw it was the picture of the woman in his room. He gave the her a short glance and nodded.

"Sorry", he apologized with a faint smile. "I must have waited too long as to forget your face. Your donation is available", he continued and pointed at the bathroom. The woman nodded, she got up and went into the bathroom taking her handbag with her.

Then Anton went through the website again, quickly this time, scrolling through the pictures as fast as he could and taking notes of the faces till he came to the last one. There are forty-nine pictures, one short of the number he had counted before. Abigail's picture and profile wasn't in the list or anywhere in the website and he suspected that it must have been replaced by that of the woman in the room with him; her picture use to be last on the list, which he knew because he remembered his thoughts about the picture the last time he saw it.
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The sound of the toilet being flushed made him to slip he phone back into his pocket with one quick movement. The woman came out of the bathroom with the handbag probably containing the payment of the service. She gave him a brief look of content and head straight to the bed.

"Shall we begin?", the woman asked sweetly as she left the handbag on the bedside table and took off her hat.

"Yes", Anton replied. "Actually i just want us to talk", he added.

This prompted the woman to pause in her movement to unzip her dress.

"Please do sit down", Anton politely beckoned at her. The lady hesitated abit and then sat next to him with a nervous look on her face. Anton looked at the woman's face that was heavily covered with make-ups. "What's your name he asked her",

"Shannon", the woman replied.

"Okay....Shannon", Anton muttered the name with a nod, knowing that it was a made-up name. "How long have you worked for this agency?", he asked.

The woman stared at Anton suspiciously and said, "Four...or maybe five months i guess".

"Okay", Anton nodded. He saw that the woman was getting more suspious and he understood. No one pays the amount of money that she has in her handbag just to have a talk. "First of all, i dont want you to be alarmed by this situation we are now having", he began and the woman got abit tensed. "I just want to get some help in finding a girl who happens to be a relative of mine and other people that are close to her, including myself, have been trying to contact her".

The woman relaxed abit on hearing what he just said and nodded.

"I was told that she works for this same agency but all my efforts in trying to get to her through them has yielded nothing", Anton continued. "Maybe they dont want to share her information for some discreet reason which i fully understand, or maybe she doesnt want us to do so because of the nature of her, you know, this job. But my aunt who happens to be her mother, really wants to know the fate of her daughter and the poor woman's health really depends on it".

A look of pity showed on the woman's face and Anton knew that the garbage that he was feeding her was producing the desired effect.

"Before she left, she had a bitter quarrel with her mother, you know these family misunderstandings that usually get out of hand. So since then no one have heard from her. Her mother's health is failing and she wants to see or know that her daughter is okay before the inevitable happens". Then Anton paused and looked at the woman, making a sad face and trying to portray the image of a powerless man in desperate need of help. "And i'm trying to fulfill my aunt's wish, no matter how much it will cost me and i dont mind paying you more for anything that will help me", he concluded.

"I only know a few working girls", the woman began. "What's the girl's name?", she asked.

"Abigail", Anton replied. "But that's her assumed name", he added.

The woman murmured the name a few times with a thoughtful look on her face and then shook her head. "I'm sorry sir, i dont know her", she said with some regret in her voice.

Anton sighed with a downcast gaze. All for nothing, he thought to himself.

"But....i can tell you someone who might know her", the woman said. Anton looked at her, it definitely got his attention. "Infact she knows every working girl even those that had worked for the agency", she continued.

"Is she also a working girl?", Anton asked trying not to rush into asking the woman on how to contact the person she was talking about.

"Kind of,.....but not really the kind of work that we do", the woman replied. Then the woman reached for her handbag and took out a pen and pocket diary. She opened a blank page in the diary and scribbled on it, paused for a short while and scribbled again. Then she tore out the page that she had written on and handed the piece of paper to Anton.

"Oh thank you very much", Anton said. He took a quick look at what the woman had written; his eye saw a name and an address, and then thanked her again.

Then the woman stared at Anton intently. He got the message, and said, "You are free to go now, i'm sorry i'm not into this kind of activity. You can keep the money too".

The woman took a glanced at her wristwatch. "You know that we suppose to be together for two hours", she noted.

"I know". Anton also glanced at his wristwatch and saw they had been together for only fifteen minutes. "I'm sure that there is still time for you to make a call and tell them that your client wants another girl. Then you get to keep the money", he said.

A mischievous smile formed in the woman's lips. She immediately grabbed her handbag and got up. She said a quick goodbye to Anton and hurriedly headed towards the door as she rummaged inside her bag for her cellphone. Anton could hear her making the call as she exited the room and the quick click clack sound of the her shoe heels fading down the corridor.
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"Hard hustler", Anton muttered the words that Jim had used to describe the call-girls and smirked. He slipped the paper containing the information that the woman had given him and got up. Then he went to the window and slightly pushed the curtain aside, and stared at the black van that brought the woman till she came out of the hotel build. As she made her way towards the van, the driver's door of the vehicle opened and a big man got out.

Anton saw the individual and remembered the man. He was the same man that he had seen talking to Abigail last night. Anton watched closely as the big man stood beside the vehicle, looking in the woman's direction as she approached. Then he turned his big body and stared at the hotel building, looking at the windows at the top floor as the woman stood infront of him and said something to him with some hand gestures. The man nodded a few times and then proceed to open the door of the van for the girl to get in. He slided it shut when she got inside and then paused to give the windows on the top floor another brief look before reaching for the driver's door handle.

Anton watched while being well hidden behind the curtain till the van disappeared in the street traffic. Then a call came to his cellphone. He checked the number and saw that it was the escort agency.

He pressed the answer button.

"Hello?", he began and listened. "Yes i rejected her because she wasn't my type", then he listened again. "I will sure do call again but now i don't think i will be needing a companion.....okay thanks....and good day to you too".

Anton ended the call and slipped his phone back into his pocket. Then he push his hands inside his pockets and stared ahead, wondering what to do next as his fingers touched the paper in his pocket. On a second thought he wondered why he was even doing all these; he being in the hotel room and letting a call-girl walk away with a substantial amount of money for an information that might turn out to be useless. Maybe he had been in the office for too long that he wanted some thrill, or maybe he made a bad judgement that resulted to him doing something stupid.

Anton then took out the piece of paper in his pocket to have a look at it again. The name written on it was, "Olivia", and the address of some part of town unknown to him. Again he stared ahead with a thoughtful look on his face. The woman might have written a fake name and address so as to collect some easy money, he thought. Most women like her are hardened hustlers that will probably do anything for money and not to be trusted at all. Or it could be a well organized set-up, targeting unsuspecting fellows with alot of money. And the address being the place where her people will inflict the damages. Even if the info was legit, this new adventure of his could take him to strange places and probably get him in a mix with strange and possibly dangerous people.

With all these in mind, a sensible man would definitely steer clear of this situation and mind his own business to avoid those troubles. But Anton has something else in mind that he intends to do as he headed towards the door. And it has something to do with the name and address on the piece of paper in his pocket.

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Anton brought his white Mecerdes C class to a halt beside the street walk. He had been driving around, looking for the address the woman gave him. It took him more than thirty minutes of driving around town to locate the place. And he found the place to be a neighborhood of low class.

Anton remained in his car with the engine still running and surveyed the vicinity that was a poorly planned residential area with some old buildings and several run-down apartments. The light from the streetlights was insufficient, the darkspots were many and in places that are unsafe to be alone at night. Not many people were hanging around and most of them are of young age. Some of them looked somewhat shady by looks and the way they dressed. And they were in small groups, talking among themselves or smoking near the dark spots of some of the buildings. The white Mecerdes that drove into the area seems to have gotten their attentions that was now directed towards it.

For a while, Anton monitored the activities going on in the area that he eyes could see, taking notes of some of the individuals especially the young ones that were steadily gazing at his vehicle. He killed the engine and got of the car. Tucking both hands inside his pants side pockets, he took a quick glance around and then started walking. He used the address signs and block number of the buildings as pointers in the search for his destination, going through some dark spots and passed some of the young men. Some of them stopped what they were doing to look at him. His clean attire made him very visible and out of place. And it attracted a few stares; some were suspicious. But he continued on his way and casual in his search until he found the place.

It was a four storey building apartment and like some of the buildings in the area, it was old and abit dilapidated. He took out the piece of paper in his pocket and saw that the apartment he was looking for was on the second floor. Then he made a short glance around the surrounding. He looked behind him to see if he was being followed. A few people were watching him keenly but none seem to be following. Seeing no activity of concern, he headed towards the door to the building stairway that was poorly lit.

Anton reached second floor and entered a long corridor with numbered doors on both sides. Just like the stairs it was poorly lit and the carpet on the floor was heavily stained. Anton quietly made his way through the place, checking the number on every door he passed, his ears listening for any sound. He stop infront of the door with number 202; It was the number written on the paper. Anton exhaled, took quick glances at both ends of the corridor and knocked on the door. And waited.

But no sound.

Anton waited a few seconds and knocked again, abit louder this time. After a few more seconds of waiting, he heard a movement. Then feet movements.

"Yes?", a female voice answered and asked who it was. And then the sound of the door being unlocked followed. The door slowly opened and a sleepy, starved looking woman with an unkempt hair stood before him.

The woman regarded Anton with an unfriendly look that immediately changed on seeing his attire.

"Yes?", the woman began with a weak voice.

"Olivia?", Anton asked.

The woman sighed and scratched her left arm. "Not around", she replied and leaned her thin body on the door post.

Anton looked beyond the woman and his eyes caught the untidiness of the room. The smell of stale cigarette smoke and spoilt food was also coming out of the place.

"Where is she?", he asked and endured the odour that was killing him.

"Who are you?", the woman replied the question with hers.

"A friend".

"She has many friends....so which one are you?".

Anton pursed his lips and ran his eyes from the woman's head to toe. He could tell that she was in her mid twenties even though her frail looking body and plain face made her look older. She wore an aging sleeveless night gown that's totally faded of its original colour. She scratched her left arm again and Anton noticed some red spots nears her wrist and forearm; needle track marks of a drug user.

"Are you one of them?", the woman then asked, her body moving uncomfortably on the door frame.

Anton cocked his head to the side. "Excuse me?", he asked and narrowed his eyes.

The woman heaved an impatient sigh and said, "Look, Olivia is not around....but i can take care of you". Then she invited him to come inside the room with a gesture.
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Anton got the message. He smirked and gave the woman another look from head to toe. Her face showed her displeasure to that gesture. Then he reached inside his suit jacket and pulled out his wallet. The woman stared at it with alot of interested as Anton dipped his fingers inside it.

"If Olivia comes back, i want you to give her this", Anton said and took out a card. "Tell her to call me as soon as possible". He held the card infront of the woman. She hesitated with disappointment written on her face and slowly extended her thin arm to accept it. "Make sure she gets it cos it is very important", Anton continued after she took it from his hand.

The woman said nothing with the card loosely held inbetween her fingers and staring at Anton. Then Anton dipped his fingers inside his wallet again and took out three currency notes. He felt that his message might not be delivered and decided to give the messenger a stimulus package. And it seemed to be working when the disappointment in the woman's face speedily faded on seeing the money.

"Make sure you do that", he said, holding up the money with a hard look on his eyes before handing it the woman who almost snatched the money from his hand.

The woman crumpled the notes inside her palm as she tightly wrapped her fingers over it. "What's your name?", she asked as Anton turned to leave.

"Sam", Anton lied.

"You can come in and wait for Olivia...perhaps..have some good time", the woman invited.

Anton smirked. "No, i'm good and also in a hurry. Maybe next time", he said and started walking away. He heard the woman bid him goodbye as he left. He didn't respond.


Anton slided into the driver's and shut the door. He stared at the apartment he just came out from, and around the neighborhood. Asking himself what he was doing there and wondering why he even came in the first place, he brought life to the car engine and started driving. He drove out of the neighborhood and started heading home.

As Anton drove to his new destination at a steady speed, thoughts of what Abigail said to him came to his mind. For a while he pondered at it, trying to understand what she meant. Perhaps it's just nothing, he thought to himself. Maybe she was done with that line of work and wanted to say goodbye by doing what she did; allowing him, her regular client to have her with no protection and leaving that money. The thought about the raw sex they had, slightly aroused him. He waved it off with a smirked and replaced it with thoughts of work and tomorrow's schedule.

Then his cellophone vibrated and incoming call. He reached for the device in his pocket and saw an unrecognized number on its screen. He stared at the number for a short while as the phone kept vibrating. He decided to answer the call.

"Hello?", he said.

"Sam?!", a female voice frantically rasped out of the phone earpiece.

"Who's this?".


"Who's Katie?".

"Th...the woman you just met!.....Olivia's friend!".

Anton immediately decelerated the car and brought it to a halt beside the road. "What's the matter...is it about Olivia?", he immediately asked.

"Yes!.....i'm sorry sir....there is no one else i can call....Olivia is...".

"Dont worry i'm on way", Anton cut in and ended the call. He immediately made a wild U-turn and started heading back to where he came from as fast as he could.
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Anton brought the Benz to a halt at the same spot he had done earlier. Katie, the woman, was standing where he had told her to wait when he was on his way back to the neighborhood. She looked abit terrified, nervously pacing back and forth, and scratching the arm with the needle spots. And she had also put on a different cloth that made her look better, though her hair still remained unkempt. She saw the Benz and hurriedly came over after seeing who was behind the wheels.

"What's the matter?", Anton asked as Katie quickly slided into the front passenger seat and slammed the door. "What happened to Olivia?", he demanded.

"Her boyfriend!", Katie began breathlessly.

"What about him?", Anton asked, hoping that it wasn't some wild goose chase.

"He came with another guy....probably his friend and both of them took Olivia away!", Katie said frantically.

Anton gazed at the woman, checking to see if she was under the influence of what she might had been injecting in her arm. "But you told me that she wasn't in the house", he then said.

"She came back a few minutes after you left!", Katie put in and scratched her arm. "As i...i was telling her about you, her boyfriend came in", she continued.


"They had an argument....he slapped her around and then said he was gonna hurt her bad if she didn't follow him and his friend!".

"What's his reason for this behaviour?".

Katie paused for a short while with a nervous look on her face and then said, "He said Olivia stole something from him".

"Stole something from him", Anton muttered thoughtfully.

"Yes!", Katie said frantically.

"Did she really steal from him", Anton asked.

Katie said nothing with the nervous look still on her face.

"Well you better answer my question if you want me to help you", Anton said seriously. "Did she steal from her boyfriend?", he asked again.

Katie nodded.

"What?", Anton demanded.

Katie scratched her arm again and remained silent with a downcast gaze.

Anton glanced at her arm. "Is it drugs?", he asked suspiciously.

Katie remained mute for a few seconds and nodded.

Anton looked away and heaved a sigh. He had just realized that dealing with a thieving drug addict was part of the mission of finding Abigail. It doesn't sound good at all. And so it changed his decision in finding Abigail after a brief consideration.

"We have to go help her!", Katie said hysterically and drawing Anton's attention back to her.

"We have to go to the police immediately", Anton suggested. "I will drive to the nearest.....".

"No!". Katie grabbed Anton's arm; her grip was quite painful. "I can't go to the police!".

"Why?", Anton asked surprisingly.

"Please!....i can't go!", Katie insisted.

Anton stared ahead thoughtfully and then looked at Katie. "Do you know where her boyfriend took her to?", he then asked.

Katie shook her head. "But i know where he lives", she said.

"Well....that's a good start", Anton murmured and brought life to the engine.


Anton studied the houses in the middle class neighborhood that Katie had directed him to. All the homes are a single storey house and well spaced with a front yard lawn. It was past 9 pm and the streets was empty.

"Over there". Katie pointed at a particular house and Anton guided the car to the place.

As they approached, they saw several car, about four, parked on the street infront of the house. They could hear the loud music that was being played inside the house. Definitely some kind of party was going on inside.

They reach and Anton parked the Benz away from the other cars. He paused briefly and looked at Katie; she looked tense and shaking abit with alot of concern written on her face as she stared at the house. Probably thinking about her friend Olivia, and her fate in the hands of those men that took her away.

"What's Olivia's boyfriend name?", he asked and unbuckled his seatbelt.

"AJ", Katie replied.

Anton opened the car door and gave the car compartment box a short look before getting out. Katie also got out and followed behind him as both of them crossed the lawn, heading toward the door. The music was getting louder. As they walked, Anton paused in his steps. He made a quick scan on the scanty lawn of the front while Katie wondered what he was doing. Then he saw what he was searching for, impressions on the ground caused by the heels of a female footwear. There was only one set of prints and it showed signs of struggles.

Anton adjusted his jacket and went over to the front door. Katie cautiously followed. Anton banged at the door and waited. And banged again when no one seems to be answering. On the second knock the door swung open and a tall man stood before Anton, holding a bottle of beer that was half empty. A look in the man's eyes showed that he was slightly drunk and high on weed. A cloud of smoke preceded him after he opened the door and the one in the house was astonishing.

"What?", the man began with a hoarse voice and belched out beer smell.

Anton looked ahead of the man and saw some other men, drinking and talking loud among themselves. They were six in number; the man standing before them made it seven. The music in the house played at an ear-splitting volume.

"I wanna see AJ", Anton said.


"I said i wanna see AJ".

The man stared at Anton from head to toe, gave Katie a short look and then said, "This is an only friends party".

"I know", Anton agreed. "That's why i wanna see AJ", he insisted.

The man gave Anton another look, took a sip from his bottle and then stepped back into the house, closing the door after him. Anton sighed at the smell of marijuana that lingered in the air. He looked at Katie who still looked nervous. She looked back at Anton and he gave her a reassuring smile.

Minutes later the door swung open and the tall man reappeared with another man. He was nearly as tall as Anton with a clean shaved head and an unfriendly look in his face. The man saw Katie and gave her a recognizing chuckle. Katie inched a little bit behind Anton on seeing the man. Anton felt her shaking hand when she got hold of his upper arm.

"You wanna see me?", the man asked and looked at Anton.

"AJ right?", Anton asked.

"You are looking at him", AJ replied.

"This woman told me that her friend was brought here against her will. And i was also told that the reason for this to happen is because she took something from you", Anton stated.

"You are right about that", AJ gave Anton a disturbing smile.

"Okay, so am just gonna make it quick". Anton reached for his wallet. "I dont have much time and wouldn't want to keep you out long cos you guys seems to be having a party", he said and peeled out five currency notes from the wallet. "Am gonna pay for what she stole, you release her and everybody go back to their business". Anton held the money infront of AJ. "I'm sure this is more than enough".

AJ gave Anton a short stare, looked at the money and accepted it with a smile. He counted it and smiled again.

"Come back tomorrow", AJ said, he stuffed the money in his back pocket and turned to enter the house.

"Tomorrow?", Anton asked.

"By noon. She will be ready for pick-up by that time", AJ replied. The tall man beside him laughed.

Anton stepped closer to AJ who then turned and faced him with a condescending smile. "But the deal was to leave with her right now", Anton said coolly.

"I never said that", AJ mentioned. The tall man stepped closer, glared at Anton and tightened his grip on the bottle of his beer.

Anton gave the tall man a casual glance. "What you are saying is unacceptable cos i just paid you", he said and looked at AJ. "More than enough", he added.

"Oh yeah", AJ began mockingly and got hold of the beer the tall guy was holding. "Then accept this", he said and started pouring the beer on Anton suit. Katie got more tensed. But Anton remained calm and stared at AJ as he did so till the content in the bottle was emptied on his suit jacket.

Then Anton moved his eyes to the side of his suit jacket that was drenched with beer. "And this is a very expensive suit", he said and looked at AJ

"Okay", AJ sneered. "Why dont you go wash the suit. When it's done dry, you put it on and come pick up the chick tomorrow", he said, poking a finger on Anton's chest. Then he motioned at the tall guy and both of them entered the house and slammed the door shut.
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Anton remained still and stared at the door, feeling disrespected as the loud music and laughters of the men in the house filled his ears. Then he examined his stained suit and turned around.

"Maybe if...if you pay him more money.....", Katie began as Anton headed back to his car. But he wasn't listening. "Sam!", she called out.

"Are u coming or not?", Anton stopped and asked impatiently.

Katie was confused, but she followed him and both of them entered the car. "What are we gonna do?", she asked Anton as he fastened his seatbelt. She didnt get a reply.

Anton brought life to the car engine and started driving with an expressionless look on his face. Katie stared at him as he drove, eagerly waiting for an answer or atleast to say something or tell her where they are heading to. Getting none at all, she sighed with a downcast gaze.

"I cant go to the police", Katie murmured sadly. To her it seems to be the only place for them to go and probably where Anton was heading to. But that's the last place she would want to go, her reason being that she's a fugitive of the law because of a crime that she had committed, though it wasnt a serious one.

"Sam, i can't go to the police", Katie murmured again.

"Who said we are going to the police?", Anton said and it attracted Katie's stare. He was now glancing around the street as he drove.

Anton remembered seeing a hardware shop near a gas station on their way to AJ's house. He finally caught sight of the shop; it was on the other side of the road and still open. Making a wild U-turn that made the Mercedes benz tires to screech out loud, Anton drove straight to the place and brought the car to a halt infront of the shop. Then he quickly unbuckled his seatbelt, got out of the car and with quick strides he entered the hardware shop.

Wondering what Anton was up to, Katie got out of the car. She stared at the shop and read its sign. And then entered the place too.

The middle aged shopkeeper was getting ready to close shop when Anton walked in. The man beamed a welcoming smile at him and went over to the counter to see what the customer wanted.

"Good evening sir how can i help you", the shopkeeper asked when Anton stood infront of him.

Anton nodded at the shop keeper and made a quick glance around the shop, checking the tools in stock. "I would like to pick up a few things", he then said.

"Okay sir". The shopkeeper took out a pen and note from his pocket. "What do you want?".

Katie stepped inside the shop and stood beside Anton. She looked at the shopkeeper who smiled on seeing her. She ignored the man and glanced around the hardware place. Then she looked at Anton, still wondering why he came to the place and what it has to do with helping her friend.

"I want a fourteen inches steelhead crack-hammer", Anton began. "I prefer the one made by Buster Tools company".

"We got that one sir", the shopkeeper nodded and wrote it down.

"One gallon size can of acetone", Anton continued. "And one six inches slot head screwdriver",

The shopkeeper wrote everything down and looked at Anton. "Anything else?", he asked. Anton shook his head. "Okay", he said and left.

Minutes later the man reappeared, carrying Anton's order in both hands. He quietly left it on the counter table and reached for the calculator beside him. Anton looked at the hardwares and picked up the hammer. Katie watched as he examined the hammer's shiny steel head and ran his fingers on it rubber coated handle. She was now having a creeping sense of dread, seeing the hammer in Anton's hand and thinking about what Aj did to him.

"Helping the lady with some repairs i guess", the shop keeper smiled and glanced at Katie as Anton inspected the hammer.

Anton shook his head. "Just going somewhere to do a GWB", he sighed and left the hammer on the counter.

"GWB?, hm.....never heard of that", the shopkeeper said with less concern as he punched the calculator buttons. Then he told Anton the cost and reached for a plastic bag when Anton took out his wallet. "There you go", he said and handed the bag to Anton.

"Thanks, and you keep the change", Anton said with a weak smile after paying the man.

The shopkeeper counted the money, smiled and bid them farewell as Anton and Katie left the place.

Anton parked the vehicle at a spot that was away from the building that was still raging with a loud house party. He killed the engine and got out of the car. Katie paused for a few seconds and also got out as Anton was unbuttoning his suit jacket. She stood beside him and stared as he took out a pack of cigarette from one of his pocket. Anton lit one for himself. He held the pack infront of Katie, she took one with a shaky hand and he light the tobacco for her. Then both of them smoked in silence with Anton steadily gazing at the house with no expression in his face and taking glances at his wristwatch.

"What do you wanna do", Katie asked intently and looked at Anton.

"To smoke this cigarette", Anton replied. Then he pointed at A.J's house. "And let them enjoy the weed and get their fill of liquid courage", he continued.

"And then what?", Katie asked, she didnt really understand what Anton was saying but with the hammer and screwdriver in the car, she was sensing trouble.

Anton flicked the half smoked cigarette to the ground. "You will soon know", he replied to Katie and proceeded to take off his suit jacket. He undid his tie and opened the car back door. He carefully folded the clothes and laid it beside the plastic bag. Then he unbuttoned and folded the sleeves of his shirt and grabbed both the hammer and the screwdriver

"Wait!" Katie began, tossing the cigarette away and walking up to Anton. She had realized that a physical confrontation was about to happen. "Do you intend to take on all those guys?",  she asked with fear in her eyes as Anton tucked the screwdriver in his waist belt. "There are many of them!", she protested.

"Well", Anton slammed the door and looked in the direction of the house. "Let's just hope that they have the stamina for the showdown".  Anton muttered. "You wait here and dont go anyway", he ordered Katie and started heading towards the house with a determined look on his face. He heard Katie call out his fake name and told him to be careful.

Anton couldn't remember the last time he was disrespected, but the one he took from that punk and "less than a human" woman beater by the name Aj, really got into him. And it made his anger to over-ride his countless civil ways of settling disputes. Even the tall one that had the nerve to come to his face like the big badass he probably always think he is, Anton thought with a smirk as he approached the door. The fool was second on his list and he intends to really really hang a serious one on that bastard.

Anton reached the entrance to the house. At the same time the door opened and two men stepped out of the house. The tall man that had earlier stepped out was one of them. Both men were high. But they were well aware enough to see the cold faced stranger infront of them, carrying a hammer.

Before any of them could understand the situation, Anton wickedly swung the hammer, hitting the tall guy on the side of his face and knocked him to the ground. The other man tried to react but Anton was all over him, bashing the man up with the hammer and violent blows from his fist. And left him incapacitated on the ground. Then Anton turned to the tall man who was shaking off the concussion he had recieved and getting up for an attack. Anton went at the man with both his fist and the hammer.....and also with the screwdriver tucked in waist belt. He did well in fulfilling his intentions and left the tall man lying unconscious, severely beaten with fractures in alot places and bleeding quite profusely from stab wounds caused by the screwdriver; Anton made sure to hit some nerves.

Seeing that both men were rendered incapacitated, Anton stepped into the house and kicked the door shut. This attracted the attention of the other men in the house, including AJ. They all stopped what they were doing and stared at Anton as he stepped into the loud party that was going on in the living-room, brandishing a hammer.

"So are you gonna let her leave with me now or what?", Anton mouthed out at AJ with a cold look.

The men didn't clearly hear what he said because of the loud music. But seeing the look in his eyes with the hammer he was holding, they knew that the man meant business. And then they immediately acted, thinking they had the advantage because of the numerical difference with the alcohol and marijuana in their system greatly inflating that sense of courage. They all grabbed what was within their reach and went on the attack.

Anton put his long years of special force deadly combat training into use as five angry men who were under the influences rushed at him. He too got in the midst of them to do damages. And the house party turned into a violent rough house.

Dodging a blow from the bottle swung at him by the first man he encountered, Anton stunned the man with a left hook punch. Then he ducked down and knocked the second man off his feet with a hammer blow to the his leg. The hammer got redirected to the first man's face and its steel head broke his jaw. Another face took a violent blow from the hammer, another man dropped after suffering a brutal fracture and terrible bruises. The next man that came after him, lost a few teeth, had his thick lips severely busted and suffered a broken shoulder blade .

The men threw everything they had at Anton; fists, some furnitures, bottles, the bottle crate, even two ceramic ashtrays flew past his head. And like a stubborn fly dancing around countless angry swats of a fly catcher, Anton dodged the blows and also dealt his. A few blows hit him. Some had to be taken so as to defend himself from a deadly one. But his replies did greater damages as he struck them hard and mercilessly.

One man made a desperate move and managed to get his arms tightly wrapped around Anton. Another saw it as an opportunity and grabbed a broken bottle and wildly came forward. With a lightening judo flip, Anton threw the man holding him forward and sent guy plowing into his incoming partner who ended up stabbing his back with the broken bottle. Both of them end up rolling on the floor, the one with the fresh stab wound crying in pain. Anton dazed another man, picked up the hammer he had somehow dropped and went at the men on the floor. And gave them the business, violently, using the hammer to break bones and cut tendons. Then he went at the last man standing between him and AJ.

AJ who had been standing back throughout the fight was waiting with the intention of attacking when Anton gets worn out. But it didn't seem to be happening at all. Anton was still fighting with the same level of ferocity that had already left four men lying on the floor, bleeding with limbs broken and face bloodily battered.

When the man dropped after taking a quick brutal beating, Anton went at his prime target, AJ, who was now making the same mistake like others. Anton skillfully dodged the punches he threw and then let the poor bastard be on the receiving end of involuntary accidents caused by voluntary military muscles.

Powerful hooks hit AJ across the face and gave him a heavyweight boxing type of concussion. A hard kick to his side hit him with the power of a fast moving car and broke some ribs. Six hard and fast punches to his guts knocked all the air out of him, coupled with a knee kick that set-off an agonizing fire of never-experienced kind of pain in him. AJ was now losing consciousness, but he well felt the power of the right over-hand punch to his face that pushed some teeth into his mouth.

The melee end with AJ lying in a heap and Anton breathing hard as he stared at his last victim. Picking up the hammer, he proceeded to the loud playing stereo player and ended the noise in the house by leaving it in pieces. Then Anton controlled his breath as he looked around the house and at the human wreckage that his blizzard had left. Finding a crumpled pack of cigarettes on the floor, he lit one for himself, got hold of the pain dealing hammer and went over to where AJ was lying. He stood over the him, watching the badly beaten man regain consciousness as he smoked his victory cigarette.

AJ groaned painfully and moved. It prompted Anton to toss the cigarette away and bend over him.

"Where is she?", Anton asked coldly.

AJ gave no reply. He was in so much pain to even know that a question was being asked. Anton didnt care, he grabbed the man's right hand, forcefully spread his fingers on the hard floor and brought down the hammer head on his thumb. AJ bellowed a loud agonizing scream. Anton then roughly grabbed and faced him upwards, and placed the hammer on his crotch.

"If i ask the question the second time, this house gonna be a reminder of how you lost your balls", Anton warned. "Answer me!", he barked at the hurting man.

"In the room....on the left", AJ moaned and whined in pain.

Then Anton searched his pockets. He took out a car key from one pocket and the money he had earlier given AJ from another.

"You wont be needing this", Anton waved the money at him. He straightened up and left, taking the car keys with him.

Anton kicked open the door to the room and saw the young woman lying in the bed. She was fully dressed in a mini skirt and cleavage baring sleeveless blouse. Lying on the table beside the bed was an empty syringe; she had been injected with a drug. Anton gently lifted her head and checked her pulse. Then he gave her a few light slaps on the face. The woman responded with a weak moan. She turned her head, gave Anton a look with weak eyes, smiled faintly with inaudible murmur and dropped her head. Anton then positioned himself well to lift her out of bed.

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Re: Last Gang Standing 2: Killers and Fallen Kings.(Crime). by ironkurtain(m): 7:28pm On Mar 04, 2019
Katie was in the car when she saw Anton step out of the house, carrying Olivia in his arms. She immediately jumped out to rush towards them. Anton told her to open the car back door. That, she did and Anton gently laid Olivia in the back seat, ensuring that the young woman was comfortably placed. He shut the door and immediately went back into the house. Seconds later he reappeared, holding the hammer and the screwdriver.

Katie stared with some fear in her eyes as Anton opened the car trunk and tossed them inside it. She sighted the bloodstains on his shirt and got more afraid.

"What did you do to them?", she asked.

"Settled a disagreement", Anton replied coldly and got hold of the Acetone can.

"And what's that for?", Katie pointed at the can.

Anton took out Aj's car key and pressed a button. One of the four cars parked near the house beamed its headlamps and unlocked with a sound. "It's for that car", Anton replied and went over to the car.

Katie watched as he opened the car door And furrowed her brows when he ripped open the cover of the Acetone can and doused inside of the car with the liquid in the can. When he was done, Anton lit up a piece of paper he saw in the car and threw the flame inside the car.

A gasped of breath escaped Katie's mouth when the car interior caught fire. Anton came over to where she was standing, lit himself another cigarette and smoked while he watched the car burn. Katie stared at Anton for a while with her mouth open. Then she glanced at Aj's house and looked back at Anton. She now wondering who was more crazy between the man that took her friend into the house and the man that brought her out.

Anton finished smoking and went over to the drivers side of the car. Katie also moved, done very quickly, and sat next to Anton as he shut the door and brought life to the car engine. He hit the gear and gas pedal and put the car in motion.

As Mercedes benz drove off, Katie looked over her shoulder and stared through the car back-screen. She watched as the fire burning Aj's car started raging wildly. Then she checked on Olivia, her friend and looked at Anton who worked the woodgrain steering wheel with an unfazed look on his face.

"What is GWB?", Katie asked him.

Go in, Waste them, Bounce out. That's what it meant. But Katie didn't get to know it because Anton left her question unanswered.

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Re: Last Gang Standing 2: Killers and Fallen Kings.(Crime). by sleemoon(m): 9:04pm On Mar 04, 2019
Donteanz erock247 jaesharp Damibiz cyber5 cyberrex bigbauer taofeek968 Sleemoon hadampson sanyababa creeza emzyme hormobolanle boffinjay queenitee deji24 slimsky cygemeks dap come over guys

Thanks for the mention

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Re: Last Gang Standing 2: Killers and Fallen Kings.(Crime). by Sliss(m): 10:29pm On Mar 04, 2019
Okay I'm enjoying this nice work bro
Re: Last Gang Standing 2: Killers and Fallen Kings.(Crime). by donteanz(m): 5:59am On Mar 06, 2019

Thanks for the mention
I don waka come meneski

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