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Bloodline.......part One[ The Family]. by ironkurtain(m): 3:02am On Apr 21, 2015

Eric woke up and stopped the alarm clock buzzing for over a minute. The bright sun ray was already halfway across his bedroom. Pushing the blue coloured down blanket aside, he yawned and stretched both arms as far as they could reach. Rubbing his eyes, he looked around the bed and bedside table for his cellphone. Then he paused. The house was unusually quiet, especially for a saturday morning. No whirring sound of the vaccum cleaner or other noises that was brought about by his mother unending saturday cleaning routine. The alarm buzzed at 10 am. Two hours ago his mother would have pulled the blanket off to wake and remind him that his room wont clean itself.

Thinking about the unusual situation, Eric casually got out of his bed and saw the phone lying on the floor. He must have dropped it while falling asleep the night before. Picking it up, he checked for missing calls and new text messages as he adjusted the collar of his pyjamas. He paused again and cocked his ears for any sound or movements. Except the muffled chatters of kids playing outside the six storey apartment, the house was dead silent. Wondering what his mother was upto, he headed towards the door of his bedroom.

"Mom!", he called out as he crossed the living-room, heading towards the dining.

No answer.

Eric opened the refrigerator and took out a half filled bottle of water. Closing the door, he noticed a yellow sticker on it as he raised the bottle to his lips.

"Gone to see someone i will be
back by afternoon. Make sure u
eat your breakfast"

It was his mother's hand writing and was hurriedly written.

Eric pursed his lips and swallowed the cold water. "Probably gone to see Dave", he thought with a smirk.

Mr David whom Eric calls Dave was a patient his mother met in the hospital where she worked as a nurse. A few dinner dates and unending phone chats later, a good chemistry had being developed between him and Eric's mother. Eric got to know what was going on when he noticed the greater amount of time his mother spent on wearing make-ups. And seeing her checking out some dresses infront of the mirror in her bedroom. Dresses Eric never knew his mother had. Some late nights he do caught her in the balcony of their apartment smiling and talking softly on her cellphone.

Eric took a few more gulps of the cold water and grimaced. He hated the taste in his mouth and needed to brush his teeth.


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Re: Bloodline.......part One[ The Family]. by ironkurtain(m): 7:25am On Apr 21, 2015
It's 2pm and the dojo was packed with practitioners of different ages and sizes. All of them were doing one form of training or the other since it was the dojo free training day.

The place was big but not that very big and located at the basement of the building. It had everything. Six punching bags hung on the left side. Four of them were heavy bags. Away from the punching bags and against the wall was a big four legged wooden frame that resembled a swing, but smaller. It hanged four heavy sandbags. Two were above around the chest level with a few inches of space between them and the other two were below and a few inches above the floor with similar space in between them. Next to the wooden frame is a rack of dumbells and barbells. The right wall was adorned with a large blue coloured logo that had "KYOKUSHIN-KAN KARATE" written on top of it and a japanese inscription on the side.

There was alot of energy in the place. Some practiced and perfected their 'katas' infront of the giant sized mirror facing the dojo. Others were either stretching, hard hitting the punching bags or conditioning their knuckles and shins with the "Makiwara" , a padded striking post firmly attached to the sandbag frame. The little kids contented themselves with running around and play wrestling on the padded floor

After completing the tenth round of a five minutes hard hitting of the heavy bag with both fist and leg combinations, Eric wiped the sweats dripping from his face with a towel. He was trying to control his breath and must have pushed himself too hard. Drinking some of the mineral water he had with him, Eric took a few seconds of rest before he proceeded to the "Makiwara" to condition his knuckles while he cooled off.

Taking the stance and making sure it was right, he began to rhythmically pound the first two knuckles of his fist on the wooden board, unclenching the fist as he withdrew and clenching before it hit the pad. The thumping sound from the blows kept getting louder and louder as he put more power to the punch, earning him a few stares mostly from the beginners.

"Dude.....is that how hard you can punch?",

Eric paused for a moment and continued. He recognized the voice.

"No wonder guys dont wanna fist fight with you because you might tickle them to death with those lady punches".

"Oh yeah?".......i hope you dont mind me tickling you on the neck right now", Eric began as he turned and faced Stanley, his best friend. "Where the hell are you coming from?", he asked.

"From the hospital"

"Hospital?.....so what is it this time?, herpes or something worse?"

"Ask your sister.......you should have told me she was a burning bedframe tester", Stanley feigned seriousness as he tried to suppress a smile.

"Let's just say i wanted to teach you a lesson", Eric said.

The two friends laughed and shook hands that was more like grabbing arms. Stanley was more built than Eric but not as tall. He was their high school wrestling champion and he now a member of the national wrestling team. He's 18, same age as Eric.

"So what's up with you yesterday?", Stanley asked as he glanced around the dojo.

"What do u mean?", Eric wasn't sure of what he was talking about.

Stanley looked at Eric surprisingly. "About Jerry's birthday. You promised to attend....only to call at the eleventh hour saying that you wont make it. And you kinda sound rather impatient on the phone", Stanley stated.

Eric remembered. He was with Janet. Actually he had made his plans for the occasion until Janet called. He didnt know how she got his number and was pretty sure that Liz didnt give it to her. She wanted to have dinner with him. According to her, it was a show of
appreciation for what he did for her last week. Eric had refused the offer and quite vehemently when she was so insisting. Until she told him she already booked a table at an upscale restaurant called the Valentino's. The restaurant was well famed in Metro-city and no one ever refuses an offer to have dinner there, especially on a friday evening because there are always the possibilities of meeting a celebrities and getting an autograph. It was said that tables there were booked in days advance, even weeks. Eric had wondered how Janet pulled it off till he learnt that the restaurant proprietress was her god mother.

"So why the change of heart?", Stanley asked Eric, interrupting him in his thoughts

"Home issues", Eric lied and picked up two 12kg dumbbells from the rack. "My mother needed my help in sorting out some stuffs.........work stuff".

"Ok", Stanley murmured thoughtfully as he watched his friend do the curling exercise.

"So how was it.........the birthday". Eric asked and pursed his lips as he curled up the dumbbells.

"It was okay. Lots of drinks, good food and alot of old friends from high school attended". Stanley replied

"What about Jerry?".

"Quite disappointed when he heard you won't be coming. He wanted to know why, so i told him you were on a date with your girlfriend". Stanley smiled.

Eric completed the tenth rep. He re-racked the weight and looked at Stanley.

"You knew that he wasn't happy because of my absence in his party". he began. "Then you told him i didn't make it because i chose to go on a date with a girlfriend?..........congratulation......you are a genius and a best friend indeed".

"Dude i know you were out seeing that girl.....dont tell me that you were at home helping your mother". Stanley said with a funny look.

"Which girl?". Eric wondered if he had seen him and Janet.

"The rich girl, the one whose mother is a fashion designer"

"You mean Liz?". Eric was relieved. "Dude she is just a friend and i wasnt with her that day", he sighed. "And she also has a boyfriend", he added.

"Really?..." . Stanley asked looking at Eric intently. "...because last time we were together, she had this thing in her eyes each time she stared at you. Like some kind of hunger".

"I know she doesnt eat people, so i dont know what you are talking about". Eric said and picked up his mineral water bottle.

"Aw come on man, an expression like that means something must have happened or perhaps.....something.....is going on between the two of you". Stanley said.

"Something like what?"

"Did you bang her?".

Eric ignored the question and picked up a 10kg barbell from the rack.

"You banged her, my God you banged that chick". Stanley's face lit up with excitement. "Dude you are ........you are really dangerous. How did you even pull that off?........knowing the kind of family she is from and her rather rude personality, you still got her on her back......infact you are......."

"I did not bang her or whatever rubbish you are talking about", Eric cut in. "And please can we talk about something else.

"Something like what?". Stanley asked. He wanted to hear more about Liz but could see that Eric wasn't interested.

"Like why you are here.....and the real reason for going to the hospital".

"Well.....". Stanley dug his hands into his jeans pockets. ".......am here to see my friend and know how he is doing. As for going to the hospital, i went there to receive my medical certificate".

"What is it for?"

"Training tour. The wrestling team will be going to the United states for a two weeks training tour".

"And you are among those selected?".


"Hm.......lucky you". Eric gave a faint smile. "So you will be going to the olympics i guess".

"No the coaches will use it to select those who will compete in the olympics for intensive training". Stanley said. "So if i make the list, you will be watching me on t.v" he said proudly.

"What about your dream career of being a psychologist?". Eric asked.

"It is still on the table. If i don't make the cut, i can still go back to school". Then stanley looked at Eric from head to toe. "Dude, why don't you go for the national karate team try-outs. Am sure you will make the team".

"Nope.......not interested"

"Why?......i saw the way you kicked ass in the last national karate tournament. They said you were the youngest competitor to ever reach the final".

"And i lost". Eric sighed.

"Lost to a guy who is almost a silver back gorilla". Stanley put in. "I thought the 'manimal' was going to pulverize you till i saw him trying to survive the blitz you were throwing at him.......i still dont know why the judges declared him the winner".

"Anyway am still not interested". Eric said, trying to concentrate on his 'karate curling' exercise. "Activities like that tend to attract alot of publicity, and i like it quiet. Besides the karate for the olympics is a different style.

"What's the difference?". Stanley asked

"It is the light contact style. Ours is the full contact. A knock down karate. We hit to knock down or knock out opponents and not to score points". Eric explained.

"Oh.........that explains why you were pounding the crap out of that wood". Stanley said and pointed at that wood. "By the way how long have you been practicing?, seven years?".

"Twelve years"

"Twelve??,....i thought you told me seven".

"That is for boxing"

"Boxing?......is there any other that you are training i also dont know of?".

"Judo and Krav maga........practiced both for ten years"

Stanley stared at Eric with his mouth open. Then managed to say "Boy.....i didn't know all that".

"There are alot of things about me that u dont know". Eric said inaudibly and continue curling the weights.

After almost an hour of training inbetween conversations with Stanley, Eric went to the locker room. He took off the sweat soaked training cloths and took a five minutes cold shower. When he was done, he put on his cloths and stuffed his training gear inside a black coloured adidas duffle bag. A few nods and goodbyes with 'Oss' to the other boys, Eric stepped out of the room and head towards the dojo exit door, where stanley stood waiting.

"Ready to roll?". Stanley asked

"Yeah........". Eric began as he checked his cellphone. ".......hm...what is this?". he saw a new text message in his phone. He checked and saw it was a bank alert. Some amount of money had being transferred to his account.

"What is it?". Stanley asked as he tried to sneak a peak at Eric's phone.

"These guys are really serious". Eric murmured thoughtfully as he stared at the amount of money he received.

"Which people?, what are you talking about?. Stanley asked impatiently.

"None of your business". Eric replied, putting his phone away when he saw how inquisitive stanley was. "You pay for the taxi rider". he then said to stanley

Stanley protested as both of them exited the building and headed towards the main street.

A "Makiwara" and how it is used for knuckle conditioning

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Re: Bloodline.......part One[ The Family]. by ironkurtain(m): 3:00pm On Apr 22, 2015

Esther Uzo was sitting at the dining table with a cup of coffee in front of her. She stared into space as she held the white ceramic cup of the drink that was getting colder. Eric isn't home yet and she hasn't called to know when he will be coming. And neither is she thinking of what to prepare for dinner. She just sat and seemed lost in thoughts.

She came back home almost three hours ago after meeting a regal looking woman who gave her name as Nina. Esther first met her during Eric's karate tournament which was about two months ago. Esther saw her congratulating him after his final contest and they exchanged pleasantries. Nina was so eager to have her number which she gave her because she seemed very nice, especially to Eric whom she constantly cheered up because he took the second position after losing the final contest. She promised to be in touch but never did until today.

Esther sighed and shift her weight on the seat, clasping the cup of coffee she is yet to drink with both hands. The creaking sound of the chair, as she moved her body is the only audible sound in the quiet apartment.

"Stick to the plan or risk losing him", was Nina's last words before she left her in the cafe they met.

Nina refused to give her the full details of whatever 'sick' plan she had made except saying that wanted Eric to do 'something' for her. What baffled her most, apart from Nina's phone call demanding to see her, was what she was told to do. She was asked to take a paid vacation. To be frank, she had longed for it for a long time. A dream vacation after years and years of hard work. And the money Nina had offered was good with assurances of no harm to Eric.

But Nina's refusal to give her the full details of the plan or the 'something' was the deal breaker even though she was yet to agree to it. Nothing is worth putting the safety of her son at risk. Not even an all expenses paid one month vacation to any place of her choice, her remaining mortgage paid in full and the equivalence of her six months salary deposited in her bank account.

Seeing that she wont 'play ball', Nina then brought out a file her chauffeur had been carrying in a brief case and placed it in front of her. Nina then apologized to her for reopening old wounds as she went through it. It contained documents about her past and other documents that could make her lose what she treasured most in her life. Her son.

Nina then got up and motioned the chauffuer to the car and told her that last sinister words before leaving.

Esther sighed again. She glanced at the clock on the wall and stood up, taking the coffee cup with her. She emptied it's content in the kitchen sink and left it there. Then she moved to the living room and sat heavily on the brown english sofa, resting her head on it's back cushion wirh her eyes closed. She remained like that for some seconds and then opened it. She stared at the at the medium sized family portrait hanging on the wall, away from the mounted flat panel t.v facing her. The picture that was recently taken, had her, with a dark background, seated with her legs crossed and her folded hands on her laps. Eric stood slightly to the right behind her with one hand on her shoulder. Both of them wore all black outfit and gave their best smile for the photoshoot.

Esther stared at the portrait and wondered how it would have looked like if some certain past events never happened. She wondered how many faces that would have being there if Ernest had listened to her. Maybe if she had tried harder to prevent him from playing hero, he would probably be in the picture with her in his arms and surrounded by the number of children they would have had. And Eric might not be here.

- FLASH! -

TIME : 10:50PM .........19 Years ago.

"Excuse me young lady"

The pretty looking nurse in her crisp white overall uniform pretend not to have heard the call as she stood in front of a storage cabinet filled with labelled vaccine and hospital bottles. She readjusted the white bonnet worn on her braided hair after she was done applying her red lipstick with a small hand mirror.

"Hello miss".

She slowly looked over her shoulder and saw the man leaning against the entry door post of the storage room. He is about 27, quite tall and handsome.

"Yes can i help u?", she asked

"Am looking for a beautiful nurse that works here. She stole my heart".

"Oh really?, and who is this nurse u are talking about.....whats her name?.

"I dont know", the man said as he walked towards her slowly. "All i know is her beauty radiates like the morning sunshine".

"Hm........really?, she began as she opened the cabinet to take a bottle. "Well i dont think i can help u if u dont know her name". she continued.

"Of course u can", the man whispered in her ear and gently wrapped his strong arms around her waist.

"Excuse me.......", the young lady protested playfully. "Do u think u can just hold me without my permission?"

"Yes i can and anytime"

"Then.......", she turned and faced him. "U better give me a kiss".

She put her arms around his neck and they kissed passionately for about half a minute. Then they looked into each other's eyes and smiled.

"What am i gonna do without u", the man said to her and pecked her on the cheek.

The nurse let go slowly and straightened the collar of the light blue scrubs the man wore and sighed with a worried look on her face.

"What is the matter?", he asked after seeing her facial expression.

"Ernest, aren't u overworking yourself?", she asked and took out two vials of morphine injection from the cabinet. "U have been working all day. Can't they get another surgeon to perform this surgery?, u really need some rest".

"Esther u know how it is with this occupation. Sometimes it could be crazy hectic. This is an emergency and the other surgeon is out of town", he said.

"So what is it this time?".

"A female patient, probably in her late teen.......", the surgeon began as he took one of the vials from the nurse hand and read it's label. ".......checked herself in last week, heavily pregnant and quite sick. She was diagnosed with fetal distress and had to undergo a caesarean section to give birth. She had twins. One was healthy while the other had complications here and there. And had to be placed in the intensive care unit", he handed the vial back to the nurse. "The condition of the baby in the I.C.U seems to be getting worse so the doctors decided that an emergency surgery had to be carried out".

"So will the baby make it after the surgery?", the nurse asked with indifference.

"That's the point. It has like 30 percent chance of survival".

"What about the mother?"

"Still in a coma. She is yet to see her babies. It wont be good for her to wake up and hear that one of them didn't make it", the surgeon sighed

"What about her relatives, husband or perhaps boyfriend", the nurse asked

"None have visited her".

- FLASH! -

TIME : 2:15 AM.

The surgeon walked into the coffee room wearily with a paper cup in his hand and sat heavily on one of the empty chairs. He was visibly exhausted as he placed the cup on the table in front of him and sighed. A few nurses and E.M.T workers on night duty were on separate tables and discussing among themselves in a low tone.

"How did it go?".

The surgeon looked over his shoulder and saw the nurse standing behind him and holding a file. He wondered how she got to the coffee room that fast.

"It went smoothly", he answered rather weakly with a faint smile. "That baby is one hell of a fighter. The complications was much more bigger than what was thought but it kept holding on to life".

"Aw.......the hospital have a new hero", the nurse said nonchalantly.

The surgeon didn't like her tone. "It's like u dont care what happens to the baby?", he asked.

"No its not that i don't care. Honey look at u. U know very well what alot of stress can do to the body".

Then she sat on the chair next to him and placed her hands over his.

"Honey u know our wedding is in two weeks time. Maybe it is the reason why i worry so much about u", she said with a concerned voice.


TIME : 4:23 AM

The nurse opened her eyes and saw herself looking at the hospital ceiling as the florescent lights flashed by. The surgeon was staring down at her and saying something as he and another man, probably an E.M.T worker pushed the stretcher trolley she was lying on. His mouth kept moving but the uncomfortable ringing sound in her ear made it impossible to hear what he was saying. The warm sensation on her forehead made her to reach out and touch. She did so and saw blood on her fingertips.

The ringing sound was now fading away and being replaced by the screams and sounds of chaos. The nurse tried to sit up but was prevented by the surgeon whose voice she can hear clearly now.

"Esther are u okay?", he asked. He was frantic with fear.

"What happened?", she asked as she looked at the blood on her fingers and also saw more on her white overall.

"I don't know.......some kind of explosion.......", the surgeon replied as he and the other man wheeled the stretcher to the next corridor leading to the exit door of the building. ".......the hospital is on fire. We have to get u the hell out of here!".

The nurse looked around and saw the place was in total chaos. The nurses were trying their best to control the crowd of patients from all the hospital wards. The elderly were being wheeled out or carried by the male E.M.T staffs.

"Please u take her out of here. There is something that i have to do", the surgeon told the other man who nodded and took control of the trolley.

Sensing what he was about to do, the nurse grabbed his scrubs that had gotten dirty. "Where are u going?", she demanded.

"I have to go get........", he began but the nurse cut him short by telling him not to go. But he managed to breakaway from her grip and forced his way through the incoming crowd. The nurse kept screaming his name as he disappeared.

- FLASH! -


Esther flinched on hearing the call and saw her son, Eric, standing near the refrigerator with a bottle of water in his hand

To be continued


Re: Bloodline.......part One[ The Family]. by ironkurtain(m): 6:04am On Apr 23, 2015

"Oh.....Eric", she began, pretending to be looking for something. "When did u come home?", she asked.

"I just did", Eric replied, curiously staring at his mother. "U seem lost in thoughts when i came in. I hope everything is ok".

"Everything is okay". Esther placed one of the sofa pillow on her laps and rest her elbows on it. She smiled at Eric on seeing that he wasn't convinced by her response.

Eric shrugged and drank some water directly from the bottle.

"I told u several times not to drink from the bottle. Use a cup Eric!", Esther said firmly.

"Mom, i don't see anything wrong with drinking from the bottle or any health issue", Eric protested as he put the bottle back inside the refrigerator.

"Of course there is. Premature aging"


"Do u want to have those deep wrinkles u see on old women's lips?".

Eric paused and licked his upper lip with the tip of his tongue. "I think u are being too dramatic", he said and rubbed it with his index finger.

"Anyway, this is my house so u have to abide by my rules", Esther stated.

"Ok boss mom", Eric teased with a smile and sat next to his mother. She felt his weight drop on the sofa and knew he might have gained some weight.

"So how was ur workout?", she asked as she removed a loose thread from his shirt.

"Hm.......", Eric began as he checked his android phone. "........free training day so nothing eventful", he said

"What about your master?, Mr Jason".

"Not yet back from his trip".

"When will he be back?".

Eric pursed his lips and shook his head. "I don't know, he didn't say", he replied, still busy with his phone.

"So how did it go with dave?, did u guys have fun?, he asked his mother.

"Dave?", Esther didn't know what her son meant.

"Yeah, u missed him so much that u just couldn't wait to wake me up and tell me that u were going out to see him", Eric said.

"Oh.......i wasn't meeting David", Esther said, almost laughing

"Who then"

"Nina......do u remember her?.

"Nina?", Eric murmured thoughtfully with a furrowed eyebrow. "Oh that woman we met during the competition".


"I see......and what was the reason for meeting her?"

"Nothing important", Esther sighed and looked away. "She just wanted to see because she had promised to do so", she lied.

"Hm. That woman is kind of weird though", Eric murmured, still busy with his phone.

"How?", Esther asked with a little bit of eagerness in her voice.

"Well.......after the competition, she had this strange look on her face.......i mean like.....someone who just found what she had been looking for", Eric said as he stopped what he was doing with a thoughtful look on his face. "And that hug she gave me. It was so tight that i began to wonder what was going on. People dont hug strangers like that. She got quite strong arms for a lady", he glance at his mother and continue what he was doing.

Esther said nothing. With her elbows on the pillow on her laps and her small hands folded under her chin, she stared at Eric thoughtfully. Eric didn't seem to notice because he was focused on the bright screen of his smart device. This went on for quite a while.

"Mom u are acting quite strange today", Eric said without looking at his mother. He knew she was gazing at him. "Did anything happen between u and this Nina?", he asked.

"There is nothing strange about me today and nothing happened between me and Nina", Esther replied, trying her best so sound positive.

"Well explain the blank stare u had when i stepped in the living room and u gazing at me like there is something wrong somewhere", Eric demanded and looked at his mother. Something is definitely wrong and he could sense it. And he disliked the fact that his mother is trying to convince him that everything is okay.

Leaning towards Eric, Esther took his phone from his hand and rest her head on his broad shoulder. "I was thinking about my son, or is there any problem for a mother to do that?", she asked. Then she looked at him. "Are u hungry?", she asked again, trying to change the topic.

"Starving", Eric replied.

"Let's go out and eat. Which restaurant is your favourite place?"

"Really?!.......mom u want us to have dinner at my favourite restaurant?", Eric's face lit up with a smile.

Esther nodded and smiling too. "Infact i want us to do something interesting today. After dinner we go to the pub", she added.

Eric's smile fades away

"Go to the pub?."


"And do what?".

"Do what people do in the pub and i can use a few glasses of martini". Esther had alot on her mind and wanted a little boost in her system to calm her nerves.

"Mom, alot of things do happen in the pub and half of them are not good", Eric reminded her

"I know and we will be doing the good half", his mother said.

"So u really want us to go to pub?"

"Yes......am i too old and wrinkly to go there with u?", Esther asked. "U don't want to go to the pub with your 'old woman'?".

"No i just want to hear u right", Eric replied. "And u can't be an old woman when most of my friends ask me if u were my sister".

Esther laughed at what Eric just said. But she wasn't surprised at all. Most of the people she had met still dont believe she is forty-three. Even David. At that age, she still have those beauty that defined her during her youth. Small frame with curves at the right places. Her behind still look firm like that of a girl in her early 20's and face that men describe as rare beauty with lips that every man would want to kiss if given the slightest chance.

"Okay then........", Eric began as he got up to go change his cloths. "I think am gonna have scotch and later on some hard stuff".

"No....no.....no", Esther protested, gesturing her index finger at him. "U may have reached the legal age limit to drink but u are having only light beer".

"We might decide to escalate things mom".

"No there is no escalations and please don't dress like a thug".


Re: Bloodline.......part One[ The Family]. by nellyme(f): 9:13am On Apr 23, 2015
Wow....wen is d next update pls? Interesting write up u got here

Re: Bloodline.......part One[ The Family]. by mzzkismet: 11:00am On Apr 23, 2015
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Re: Bloodline.......part One[ The Family]. by mzzkismet: 11:36am On Apr 23, 2015
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Re: Bloodline.......part One[ The Family]. by nellyme(f): 11:57am On Apr 23, 2015
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Re: Bloodline.......part One[ The Family]. by ironkurtain(m): 11:58am On Apr 23, 2015
Thanks for the comments......pls i hope u guys share ur views with me cos am just an aspiring writer.....so pls ur critics is appreciated........updates coming up soon.
Re: Bloodline.......part One[ The Family]. by nellyme(f): 12:05pm On Apr 23, 2015
Thanks for the comments......pls i hope u guys share ur views with me cos am just an aspiring writer.....so pls ur critics is appreciated........updates coming up soon.

To me you are good except the abbreviation you use sometimes...the storyline is superb, add suspense the more. Its a wonderful piece , more critics will come from amazing writers . U jst have to wait for it. Kudos
Re: Bloodline.......part One[ The Family]. by kosby001(m): 3:56pm On Apr 23, 2015
Wonderful write up. I love your sense of narration and choice of words. Like the previous commentator rightly pointed out, you don't use abbreviations for such write ups, it just as if you insulting the sensibility of your readers. So please mind that. Continue with the good work. We are following...but advice does coming in with akara and co to mind how.....*holds lips*
Re: Bloodline.......part One[ The Family]. by ironkurtain(m): 5:10pm On Apr 23, 2015


Alex made his way through the empty hallway with hands in his pockets. He wore a blank look on face as he silently walked on the shiny polished floor of the bright florescent lit place that had a long row of metal lockers on both sides. A janitor is at the far end working with a mop. In his brown overall khaki, the old man, probably in his 50's was too busy working the mop to and fro to notice the lone student approaching him.

It's about two hours ago the school closing bell rang. Apart from Alex, the last student left about thirty minutes ago. He knew that soon the janitors will be checking the entire classrooms after cleaning for the final inspections before locking up. But it didn't bother him. Neither did it bother him that the family chauffeur had left with his younger sisters and brother after waiting for him for almost an hour. He had told them to go without him after one of his sisters called and demanded angrily when he was going to 'bring his butt' to the waiting car.

The janitor paused to stretch his back and saw Alex. He stopped what he was doing and stared at him with a scowl. But that was all he could do because he didn't know which rich family the student is from, just like most of the other students. And his years of working in a school full of rude kids from wealthy families had taught him to always report anything unusual to the school authorities rather than trying to sort it out himself. Though he preferred to ignore them in most cases.

"Are you not going home?", he asked Alex with a grating voice as he glared at the good looking young man towering over him. The opposite of his own looks.

Alex didn't answer the question. He just ignored the bitter looking old man and head towards the exit door leading to the stairways silently.

"Rude kids", the janitor mutter, shaking his head as he continue with his floor mopping.

Alex gently closed the rooftop access door and looked around the rooftop cautiously. Seeing nothing but a wide empty space with a tar and gravel floor, he quietly went to the ledge of the building. The fairly bright sun was behind him. And he could feel the cool afternoon wind blowing against his face as he took off his school jacket and dropped it on the floor.

He stared down from the top of the four storey building and saw no activity going on below. Then he looked around. His position gave him a good view of the entire school compound with it's classrooms and other building block, the playing field with it's neatly trimmed grass turf and the school parking lot. Farther away from the hedges at the school main entrance gate is the main road with cars zooming by.

After several minutes of staring at the scenery before him with his hands resting on the waist-high ledge, Alex gently loosen his black and grey stripe neck tie that indicated he is a final year senior student in the school. Then he raised one foot on the ledge and with little effort, he heaved himself on top of the one foot wide barrier and stood on it. He looked down and saw that he is just a step away from certain death. A step away from ending it all. And getting away from his family, the school and classmates. Before he did that, he closed his eyes and counted down. Tears tickled down his cheek as he did so.

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Eric felt the chilly weather as he filed out from the bus with the other passengers. He wore only a plain white T-shirt with a singlet underneath and the seven hours smooth ride in the bus that was comfortably warm made him feel quite cold on stepping out of the bus. Earlier he had checked the weather conditions of his destination and brought a sweater and a jacket to keep himself warm. But he will have to get his bag from the trunk of the luxury bus in order to do so.

While bearing the weather and waiting with the other passengers for the bus conductor to open the bus trunk, Eric casually looked around the bus station and the activities going on in the place. There are quite alot of people and movements going on around the place. The large crescent shaped station building has a large 'EAST-HILL BUS STATION' sign overhead the entrance. Buses, both big and mini, arriving or preparing to go to their various destinations. Passengers, station workers, hawkers and some people of shady characters hanging around the place or struggling with their luggages.

Federal capital state, Eric thought to himself as he took a deep breath of the cool air. He had seen the welcome sign about thirty minutes ago when the bus was still on the freeway. Federal capital state is the nation's capital and it's Easthill city being the largest city in the country. The second largest being Metro city of South Delta, where Eric lived. There are more buildings and high rises compared to Metro city. The air smelt different, the people seem less friendly and the weather quite colder.

Soon the trunk was opened and all the passengers left carrying or dragging their bags and luggages with them. Eric slide his phone in his pocket and walked briskly Towards the taxi park after exiting the bus station building. He just finished making a phone call to a guy called Mr Benson who gave him the address and direction of the place they were to meet.

Eric still can't believe how it all went so fast. Two weeks ago he got an email from a movie production company wanting him to perform some stunts for their upcoming movie. They told him that they had reviewed some of the videos of his fights at the karate tournament and decided he was the right guy for the movie.

He had told them of his interest but lacked the funds for the expenses because he was told it will be a four day movie shoot. He let them know about his situation and the company immediately deposited thirty percent of the money he will be paid into his account and also informed him that even if the movie shoot didn't go as planned, they will forgo the money already paid to him. It was a considerable amount of money.

Not being sure of how his mother will react, he broke down the news of his new job to her. And got surprised by her attitude and response. She always had reservations on where ever he wanted to go or whatever he wanted to do. But this time she gave him the go ahead, telling him it was time for him to start exploring and knowing what is out there for him.

"Young man, where are you going?.

Eric saw the cheerful looking man in his mid forties standing near a clean taxi.

"Am going to this location", Eric responded and gave the taxi driver a piece of paper with an address scribbbled on it.

"Hm.......", the driver studied the address written on the paper with his glasses and then handed it back to Eric. "Okay.......what about your bag?", he asked and pointed at the duffle bag slung over Eric's shoulder. "Do you want it in the trunk?".

"No i will just keep it with me at the back seat", Eric replied.

"Okay then......hop in let's go".


Eric stared out of the window of the back seat as the taxi cruised smoothly through the busy street and making some brief stops at the traffic light. He observed some of the activities his eyes were able to capture and took note of some buildings and landmarks.

This was his third time coming to Easthill. The first time he was just five years old and ten years on his second. On both occasions he came with his mother to visit his father's grave for the fifth and tenth anniversary of his death. This time he is alone and the city is much more different from how he saw it eight years ago.

"You seem new to this city", the driver said to Eric after glancing at him several times through the rearview mirror.

"Oh me?, well......kind of", Eric replied.

"So which part of the country do you reside?".

"Metro city in South Delta"

"Hm.......Metro city. You are from the sunny city", the driver said with a smile. "Welcome to Easthill, the hustle city......you can see the people getting lost in the epidemic of the hustle", the man gestured outside the taxi.

"Definitely sir", Eric said and glanced at the bustling crowd.

The driver laughed as he worked the steering wheel and made a right turn.

"So what brings you here", he asked. "Visiting a relative, education or joining the army of young people trying to make something for themselves?".

"It is private sir", Eric answered and took out a pamphlet that has the map of the city from his back pocket.

"Okay", the driver murmured.

Then silence settled between them. Eric flipped the pages of the pamphlet as he studied the map and circled some points with the pen he had with him. Out of the corner of his eyes he could see the driver steady glances at him through the rearview mirror.

To be continued


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"I think i have seen you somewhere", the driver began as Eric was about to say something to him.

"Who?.....me?", Eric asked.

"Yeah i think i have..... but cannot remember where", the driver said thoughtfully. "On t.v or perhaps the newspaper".


"No i don't even know how to use that".

"Well unless if u are living next door to me in Metro city."

"I think missing person", the driver said thoughtfully again.

"Um.......sir, when are we going to arrive at my destination?, Eric asked impatiently.

"Almost there", the driver said and pointed at the next block ahead.

The taxi slowly grinds to a halt near a back street adjacent to the main street. The driver heaved a sigh and looked at Eric.

"That is Cole street", he said and pointed at the one-way back street that was just wide enough to park a car on one side. "Further down the street like a hundred metres from here, u will see the Hilton motel". Then he looked at the street. "Am sorry i cant drive u in there because it will be quite difficult turning the car around", he apologized.

Eric looked at the map he held, then to the street and back to the map. He scanned the buildings around the area and looked at the map again. "Are you sure this is the place?". He asked.

"Sure......there is only one Cole street that have a Hilton motel in this city", the driver answered.

Eric dipped his hand in his back pocket and pulled out his wallet.

"Thanks", the driver said with a smile and handed Eric his change. "Take care my boy, this city is full of surprises sometimes. So be on guard and watch your back"

"I will remember that sir", Eric said and got out of the car.

The driver waved and drove off. Eric slightly pull up the left sleeve of his sweater to check his wrist watch and saw it was 4 pm to the dot. With the duffle bag slung over his right shoulder, he started walking down the street. As he did so, he glanced around the seemingly seedy area that looked empty and quite dirty with filths lying here and there. He passed an overflowing large trash can surrounded with trash bags. Some were torn open with their contents spilled out.

Eric read the neon signs of the buildings that he passed by. Most were four or five floors with their signs indicating what they housed; Billiard rooms, internet cafe, bathhouse and a rundown bar.

One of the buildings is a motel and of low class. It wasn't the Hilton motel, near its front entrance stood a girl in her early twenties. She wore a short blouse and a mini-skirt that was very revealing. Her make up looked severe and also wore an unusually big circle shaped earrings that made Eric wonder if anyone have ever mistaken it for a bus handle. She was chewing and popping gum noisily as her fingers worked her cellphone with a scowl on her face. On seeing Eric as he passed her by, she paused in what she was doing and looked at him, regarded him suspiciously for a shortwhile with the scowl still on her face and then continued what she was doing.

Eric wasn't in anyway focused on her. But on the two guys who seem to be following him.

He had earlier walked past a mini convenience store and both men stepped out of the place and followed at a steady pace. He had sized up both men with a casual glance. One was abit chubby, bald shaved and average in height. The other was above average in height and below in weight. He had suspected their movement and his suspicions was confirmed when he increased his pace and they followed suit. And also did the same when he decreased it.

He wondered who they might be. Thieves?, muggers?, kidnappers?..........organ harvesters?. Eric smirked at the thoughts of having the wrong luck of being attacked and having his organs harvested. Even the thought of adding the word 'harvest' to organ made it feel like a very awkward situation that no man ever wishes to encounter.

Perhaps he was being too suspicious, Eric thought to himself. Maybe it was because he was new in town, walking in an almost empty seedy looking street with two seemingly shady characters behind him. Well, he was almost near the Hilton motel as he could see the building with the sign. So he will just get into the lobby and call Mr Benson.

As Eric approached the building, the driver door of a black Honda accord sedan parked near the motel opened and a smallish looking guy wearing a black leather jacket got out. He started walking towards Eric with his gaze fixed on him. He looked determined.

"Okay........something is about happen", Eric thought to himself. He was beginning to feel the adrenaline rush. But he remained calm and composed. And started making his calculations.

He had a pair of shoes, a few cloths and briefs in the duffle bag with some thick, hard cover books neatly packed at the bottom. Eric felt the weight of the bag with his shoulder and decided it was good enough.

The chubby guy behind him is at his left and his partner at the right. The bag on his right shoulder is exactly where he wants it to be.

As the guy in leather jacket got closer, he dipped his hand in the right pocket of his jacket. Then the two guys behind Eric increased their pace, almost running towards him. Eric calmly let his bag slide from his shoulder down to his arm. He could now hear their breath sound and tightened his grip on the bag strap



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@ nellyme.......thanks for the advise i will endeavour To make the changes. I really appreciate all the advices i have gotten so far.

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Eric wiped his blood stained knuckles on his sweater. He maintained his composure and controlled his breath as he looked around the street cautiously to see if there were any other assailants. Seeing nothing of concern, he glanced at the three men sprawled on the ground and then at the promiscuous looking girl he had earlier seen standing infront of the cheap motel that he had earlier walked past. The girl was standing several metres away from him and where his assailants were sprawled out. And the scowl she earlier had on her face, being replaced with a frightened look on her face after witnessing the violence that had just happened.

The girl stared at Eric with a alot of fear written on her face, as if expecting to be the next to go down like the three men lying on the ground. Eric saw the expression and gave her a reassuring weak smile that said nothing will happen to her as long as she wasn't one of his assailants. Then the girl tried to calm her nerves and slightly shaking hands as she looked at the men again. What she had seen was something she only saw in the movies. All she could remember was seeing fat guy and probably his friend going at duffle bag boy from behind with another guy in leather jacket coming from the opposite direction. Suddenly, with one movement, duffle bag boy swung his bag all the way to his back and clobbered fat guy's face with it. Then he dropped his bag and at the same time threw a right elbow strike to his back and hit fat guy's friend on the jaw. Grabbing the guy's shirt and it's collar with both hands, the boy hurled the guy over his shoulder like he was nothing with a judo flip and sent him crashing into leather jacket guy who got knocked down like a bowling pin.

Fat guy, who had quickly recovered from the stunning blow, charged at the duffle bag boy like a wild animal and got stopped by a front kick to his mid section followed by left and right hooks to the face and jaw that rocked his balance. Then a blow from a round house kick caught him squarely in his neck and fell him down like a chopped down tree. And made him hit his head on the paved ground and passed out.

Leather jacket guy and fat guy's friend regained their stand and attacked duffle bag boy, with leather jacket coming with his right hand raised in a stabbing position. He was holding a syringe in that hand. The boy went at him first. Blocking the right hand with his left and sending leather jacket guy sprawling on the ground again with a right hammer-fist punch to the face. Fat guy's friend managed to landed a couple of punches on duffle bag boy but the boy was unfazed. So he went for more and got taken care of, real good.

The sounds of fists meeting jaw and cheek bone sent cold shivers down the girls spine as she watched the boy unleash an unending barrages of ferocious punches at fat guy's friend, bashing him left and right. And had him laid out on the ground unconscious, bleeding from the mouth and nostrils with lumps on his face.

"Do you know this guys?", Eric asked her as he started checking the guys and searching their pockets.

The girl keep staring at him and said nothing. Too petrified to say anything.

He went over to the guy in leather jacket. He was the only one of the three men still moving. Eric picked up the syringe the man dropped when he was being slugged. He looked at it's needle and studied the yellow coloured liquid in it. Then he looked at the girl.

"Do you know them?", he asked her again.

The girl shook her head and said nothing. With the syringe in his hand, Eric stood over the guy on the ground and stared at him. The guy stared back at Eric with fear in his eyes, expecting terrible things to start happening. Then Eric bent over the guy with one knee on the ground and held the syringe in front of his face.

"What is this?", he asked.

The man said nothing and Eric took a swing at him, hitting him across the face and sending blood and saliva flying from his mouth.

"You see.......i have this condition that have to do with emotions.......", Eric said quietly as he searched the hurting man's pockets. ".......emotions associated with the fight or flight response to any event that seem to impact us negatively. But my condition made mine quite unique. The flight response is nonexistent. The fight response is best described as using a flamethrower to light a barbecue grill", Eric pulled out the man wallet and checked his i.d card. "Years of my personal therapy had made me able control it. But when i start getting impatient while trying to get some information in an event that seem to impact me negatively, it hits overdrive and becomes uncontrollable". Then he glared at the man. "So answer my question before something real bad happen to you", he continued.

"Its tran.....tranquilizer", the man murmured and passed out. Eric felt he might have hit him too hard.

Eric got up and glanced at the other two guys lying on the ground. The chubby guy seems to be moving. Eric ignored him and looked at the i.d he got from the man wallet. Then he stared at the black car parked near the motel. He did so thoughtfully and shift his gaze to the entrance of the building. He took out his phone and dial Mr Benson's number. Then he heard the sound of a phone ringing. It was coming from the inner pocket of the leather jacket the guy on the ground is wearing.


With his bag slung over his shoulder, Eric was heading towards the main street in a fast pace, almost running. He was sure that he will make it to the bus station on time to be able to get the ticket for the night bus back to Metro city.

He still couldn't believe what was going on. He had being set-up. But for whatever reason is what he is still trying to fathom. Was the movie production company some kind of a kidnap ring?, if so then why go through all the troubles to bring someone from hundreds of miles away just to kidnap the person when there is an unending supply of humanity available in this city. And alot with money. The words that the taxi driver said to him about watching his back and the city being full of surprises started coming back to him. Now his main objective is to get out of the city, this state and start his investigations inhis home state.

As he approached the intersection, a solid grey coloured 2009 model range rover sports parked at the junction ahead of him. Eric slowed down and approached cautiously. The rear passenger door opened and a lady in black suit and wearing dark sunglasses stepped out and shut the door as she is busy with her phone. She took a quick glance at Eric's direction and continue dialling her phone. Then she paused and looked in that direction again. She was staring at Eric as he got closer. She took off her glasses to get a better look and Eric recognized her face.

"Eric?,........what a surprise!", the lady began. Eric could hear the click clack sound of her black high heels as she came towards him. "What are you doing here?, when did u come to Easthill city?, she asked.

"Hi Mrs Nina........well.....i just came in town a few hours ago but i intend to leave now", Eric replied.

"Already leaving?........why?......and what is that u are holding in your hand?

For the first time Eric remembered that he was still holding the syringe and it made him feel awkward. He had wanted to dispose of it somewhere else because of the way the promiscuous looking girl had stared at it. She must have known what it is and he was afraid that she might use it on someone else or an unfortunate customer. But he was so caught up in his thoughts about what just happened to him that he forgot about it.

"I was attacked by some group of guys and they wanted to use this on me", Eric sighed.

"Do you know them?"

"No mam".

"Let me see that", Nina demanded.

Eric reluctantly handed it to her and she examined it.

"Did you call the police?, Nina asked without taking her eyes off it

"No mam".

"Can you show me where it happened?".

"Yeah it is close to a..........". Eric began and turned to point at the direction. Then he felt a sharp pricking sensation on his shoulder. It made him to turn around quickly and saw Nina holding the syringe that was now empty of it's content.

"What the hell......". was what Eric could say before the effects of the tranquilizer took over him and he collapsed on the ground.

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Wow...pls do continue. Awesome piece
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Next update will be coming on Saturday......nellyme and other fellow nairalanders pls do bear with me.........i have to attend a friend's birthday party.......i promise to make it worth your while........happy weekend to everybody.

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Next update will be coming on Saturday......nellyme and other fellow nairalanders pls do bear with me.........i have to attend a friend's birthday party.......i promise to make it worth your while........happy weekend to everybody.

Happy birthday to ur friend...many more years. Enjoy the party. We r waiting for u, dnt forget dat...tk kia.
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hmmmm coool, nice! when I first saw BLOODLINE, I remebered Sidney sheldon's. novel BLOODLINE. I bet Urs would be as interesting as his, if not better sef. welldone. cheesy
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Wonderful piece..... I give u gbosa.
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Eric opened his eyes slowly and found himself lying on a bed, partly covered with a blanket. The bed was quite comfortable and his cloths felt the same. His cloths can't feel that comfortable in bed, he thought and immediately raised the blanket and saw that he was wearing a hospital patient wear. He's in a hospital room.

"Did you sleep well?".

Eric looked at the direction the voice came from and saw Nina. She was sitting on a chair next to the bed he laid. There was also a tall hefty looking man in the room and standing near the door behind her as if guarding it. He wore a dark shades and looked scary with an expressionless look on his face.

Eric made an attempt to sit up but felt too weak to do so. And Nina prevented him by placing her hand on his shoulder.

"Eric relax........", Nina began, patting him on his shoulder. "You are still weak and need alot of rest".

"What is the meaning of this?", Eric asked. "What have you done to me?".

"Nothing...you already know what's in that syringe", Nina replied as she slided her hand away from his shoulder. "I underestimated you. Next time i won't deal with amateurs".

Eric thought for a while and looked at her. "You sent those guys?", he asked. "So all that movie production facade and wanting me to be a stuntman was just a ploy to have me kidnapped".

"Kidnapped?.........nobody is being kidnapped here".

"So what do you call this?", Eric demanded. "Besides how did i get into these?", he gestured at his hospital wear. "What happened to my cloths and my bag?, where is my phone?", he asked.

"Everything is safe", Nina assured. "When you will get them depends on the outcome of our discussions", she continued.

"Discussions?,.......discussions about what?"

"About why you were brought here and if you are willing to co-operate".

"What do you want from me?".

"I want you to do something.........some kind of job here in this city", Nina began and relaxed on her seat. "And i want you to.........."

"Okay i have heard. So can i get all my things", Eric interrupted her. "Please do hurry because i have a bus to catch",

"You don't want to hear what am about to say?", Nina asked.

"You said that you have some kind of a job you want me to do, right?. Well am not interested", Eric answered. "So whatever else you want to say is invalid", he said and then looked at Nina. "Can i have my things so that i can go back to Metro city",

"You want to go back to Metro city?", Nina asked

"Yeah..... and now".

"Okay then".

Then Nina opened her handbag and brought out a voice recorder.

"I know you love your mother alot", she began and placed it on the bed. "And she loves you alot too. Infact the last time i was with her, she told me that you were her everything", then she pressed the play button.

"Hello Eric......", Eric recognized the voice coming out from the speakers. It was that of Esther, his mother. "I hope you are okay. If you are hearing this, then you are with Mrs Nina. I know by now you hate her like i do but you have to listen to her and do exactly what she says. She has given me the assurance that nothing is going to happen to you. Anyway for my own sake and for that or yours, please do as she says. I love you son and i dont want to lose you. Take care my baby",

The recording ended and Eric stared at Nina. He was dumbfounded, with rage slowly building up inside him.

"What have you done to my mother?", he asked, trying to control his anger as he sat up.

"Nothing, she is okay", Nina answered. "If you go back to Metro city u will see her but i want you to hear this before you make that decision".

"All those things she said.......what does it mean?.......why would she say she doesnt want lose me", Eric demanded.

"Let's just say your mother did something a longtime ago. Something that could get her into trouble with the law if they.......well......somehow find out", Nina said with a smirk. "Having a bad record is not a good thing for a senior nurse, especially in this country. But that is the least of her worries. She might spend time in jail".

"So you are using it to blackmail her?".

"I won't call it blackmail. I will call it my leverage".

Then Nina put the voice recorder back inside her handbag and looked at Eric.

"So.......do u still want to go back to Metro city?", she asked intently

Eric said nothing. He remained silent. Thinking, perhaps weighing his options in a situation where there seems to be none. Nina on the other hand waited patiently, giving him enough time to think over what she had just said before he makes his decision. And hoped it won't be the initial one he had made because it will be a foolish decision.

"What do you want from me?", Eric finally asked. He had decided to play along. For now.

"Good.......", Nina began and dipped her hand inside the handbag. "..........before we begin i want you to look at these", she handed Eric some photographs.

Eric was reluctant to know what it was. But what he saw made him to hold them close to his face as he stared at the pictures. The face in the pictures was his. But he was not sure if he had ever taken such pictures.

"Where did you get these?", he asked curiously, holding the picture away from his face. "I have never had such picture taken........". Then he brought it close to his face again. "..........definitely because these are not my type of cloths.

"You are right", Nina said with a smile. "The person in those pictures is not you".

Eric was really puzzled. "Then who is this?", he asked

"Who he is, is not important but what we want you to do", Nina replied.

"And what is that?",

"This is what we want you to do......", Nina leaned closer with one elbow resting on the bed. "........someone or some people, infact a family will walk through that door. When they see you, they might smile, hug or even give u kisses. You know the family reunion kind of stuff. Or they might not. But they will think u are him". Nina pointed at the pictures


"So you have to be who they think you are. Answer the name they call you, eat the food they feed you, infact do everything this person is known to do, even if he gives his own sister a mouth to mouth kiss".

"Wait.......what?", Eric interrupted. "I hope he is not some kind of sick human being", he asked.

"Nina smiled at what Eric said and continue. "All am saying is you have to do everything he is being known to do. You have to live his own life".

"What makes you think i can be able to do all that?", Eric asked.

"Of course you can. And for the ones you can't do, you have to find a way to do it", Nina answered.

Then Eric looked at the pictures again. He just cant believe what he is seeing in front of him. He is staring at these pictures that has his own face in it and he is being told that it is not. How is that even possible and who the hell is this person?. Perhaps the person must have undergone a plastic surgery operation and ended up looking like him. That is the only possibility.

"So who is this person to you?", Eric asked Nina

"Just a client", she replied.

Nina dipped her hand inside the bag again and brought out a smart phone that isnt Eric's own.

"This is his phone and yours for now", she said and handed it to Eric. "There is a document and an image files in it. It is about the family. I want you to go through them, study the pictures, memorize the names and know who they are. There is also a list of the social networking sites he is using, his email addresses and their password".

Then Nina took the pictures and put them back inside her handbag.

"So in........", she looked at her gold wrist watch. "..........thirty minutes the family will be coming through that door, so i suggest you start getting ready".

"Wait.......you want me to do all these things you just said in thirty minutes?", Eric seem perplexed. "How is that even possible?".

"Of course it is possible", Nina said. "Especially for someone with an I.Q that is above 150". Eric heard that and gazed at Nina. "I have been doing my investigations for the past two months after i met you", she continue as she fold her arms and gazed back at him. "My findings really amazes me. But what i don't understand is why aren't you in one of those institutions for the highly intelligent people?. After two years of graduating from high school, you are yet to go to the university.

"Money of course", Eric said. "Why do you think i agreed to take an acting role for a movie that i just found out is fake".

"Haven't you heard of scholarships?".

"Was also thinking about that till you came with your bullshits".

"Anyway there is also a G.P.S software installed in that phone. It will help you in your navigation around the city. You can't be this person if you don't know your way around this city. Though you will be diagnosed of suffering a minor memory loss by the doctor as a precaution"

"Oh i also have a mental problem?........this just keep getting better", Eric murmured. "Anyway is there any other thing i need to know about this your client?", he asked.

"Like what?", Nina asked.

"Well.....like other things........confidential stuffs that you wouldn't want to talk about, especially in front of that king kong standing at the door", Eric said and point at the big man who frowned at what Eric called him.

"Everything is in that phone i gave you", Nina answered.

"And how long am i suppose to live this new life", he asked again.

"One month"

"One month?"

"Yeah one month", Nina said and zipped her handbag close. "And you cannot contact your mother or anybody you know in Metro city, especially your mother. Though i have made sure of that but don't in anyway try to get in contact with her till we are done", she warned sternly.

Then Nina straightened her suit jacket and fold her arms. She stared at Eric with a faint smile on her face with head tilted a bit to the side. She had the look of a mother watching her baby making it's first step.

"What now?", Eric asked after about ten seconds of being stared at by her.

Without saying a word, Nina got up and head towards the door. The big man opened the door for her and glanced at Eric as he followed her and left, closing the door.

Eric stared at the door and wondered what was that all about. He looked at his new present, the phone Nina gave him. It looked kind of new and was switched off. He relaxed on the bed and pressed the power button.

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Re: Bloodline.......part One[ The Family]. by mzzkismet: 10:06pm On Apr 25, 2015
thanks for the update
Re: Bloodline.......part One[ The Family]. by ironkurtain(m): 5:51am On Apr 26, 2015
The doctor switched on his medical penlight and performed a pupil gauge on Eric. After he was done, he put on the ear-tips of the stethoscope and listened to Eric's heart and lung sound. Nodding his head, the doctor glanced at the woman standing beside him.

"So how are you feeling now", the small statured mousy looking man asked Eric.

"I feel okay", he replied.

"Are you experiencing anything unusual like mild irritations or a frequent need to use the bathroom?", the doctor asked again.

"No sir........none of that", Eric said and looked at the woman beside the doctor. She's his new mother or the woman he will have to be calling 'mom'.

Her name is Agnes philips. A plus size woman with a hard and an unfriendly look on her face. Eric had earlier gone through the pictures in the phone and she look worse than she looked in her picture. When she walked into the room with two young girls who were her daughters, exactly 30 minutes after Nina and her big man had left, Eric had expected her to throw her arms around her "missing" son or perhaps ask frantic questions about his state of health; things that mothers usually do in such kind of a situation. But she didnt. She just stood and stared at him while the doctor told her how her son was found lying in some corner and brought to the hospital by a good Samaritan. Even her bodily expressions showed emotions of contempt. And all Eric could think of was how his day just keep getting better and better.

"So can we take him home now?", Agnes asked the doctor who had been saying something that she was very unwilling to listen to.

"Oh yes madam..........", he answered timidly. The timidness in his voice amused Eric. But he didn't show it. "But if he happens to start.........", the doctor continued.

"Don't worry our family doctor can handle that", Agnes rudely interrupted. "Alex......get whatever things u have here and meet us outside", she said to Eric without looking at him and gestured at both girls. The older one was about 17 years of age and too busy with her cell phone to even look at Eric while the younger one who looked 13, was staring at him without saying a word. Both of them followed their mother behind and they left the room.

"Alex........the dudes name is Alex", Eric thought as he slowly got out of the bed while staring at the door. "Where is my cloths", he asked and looked at the doctor.

The doctor who was busy going through a file and writing something in it said "I think it is inside there", and pointed at the wardrobe beside the bed.

Eric opened it and stared at what he saw in the wardrobe with a furrowed eyebrow.

"What the hell is this?", he asked.

"What do u mean?".

"Don't tell me am suppose to wear this".

The doctor craned his neck at the wardrobe and saw a white and brown school uniform with a brown jacket.

"Well........." he began as he continued going through the file. "They said it's yours.

"So am i suppose to be in school or what?"

"If that is what it means",

"Well it means one thing to me............horse crap".

"Now look here young man.........." , the doctor retorted irritatedly. ".......my work with you is done, so please put on your cloths and leave",

Eric smirked at the man's newly found courage and felt like strangling him with his stethoscope tubing. Perhaps start killing his way to the truth about this situation he is in. Starting from this hospital. But he decided against the idea and started taking off the hospital patient cloths.

"So how much did she pay you to put up that performance?", he asked as he put on the uniform and button up the white shirt. "Or is there any dirt she got on you?, perhaps threatened to send that gorilla to separate some limbs if you don't co-operate?", he keep asking intently.

The doctor ignored the questions and head towards the door. Eric watch him leave as he put on the jacket. It fits perfectly.

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Re: Bloodline.......part One[ The Family]. by ironkurtain(m): 10:11am On Apr 27, 2015

The 2007 black Mercedes Benz ML class swung into the car park as the gate-man pressed a button and the gate automatically slide shut. Agnes killed the engine and lazily unbuckled her seatbelt. Victoria, her 17 years old daughter who was sitting at the passenger seat beside her had already done hers and quickly got out of the SUV. Eric, who was at the back seat with suzanne, his other new sister, had enjoyed the smooth ride except for suzanne's constant glances he had to deal with.

Eric got out of the car slowly and closed the door as he beheld the breathtaking architectural design before him. He just stood and stared at the 3 storey mansion like a kid in Disneyland. Then he looked around the compound. Everything there, from the house and it's colourful and beautiful concrete paved floor to the fleets of cars he had just seen, speaks of opulence. The last time he saw something similar was when he went to Liz house on her birthday.

"What are you looking at?", Agnes barked at him. Will you get inside the house and take a shower!. Am sure you haven't had any for the past two weeks that you disappeared", she said angrily. Victoria sniggered at what her mother just said.

"Geez........woman take it easy", Eric muttered inaudibly, wondering what Alex might have done to warrant this insult.

Thinking about the cold reception the Philips gave him at the hospital, Eric was having the feeling that this Alex was some kind of a problem. Perhaps the black sheep of the family. And must have been very good at it because nobody seem to like him, even his own mother. Throughout the ride from the hospital to the house, she didnt utter a single word to him, not even a glance. Now, except for the pitiful stares he was getting from the three female workers in uniform who were probably the house helps, everyone else were giving him the cold shoulder. Especially the boy who just came out from the house.

He is Daniel. Alex younger brother or rather say Eric's new younger brother. He is 16 years old, quite tall for his age and had some facial resemblance of his mother Agnes. He was wearing a clean white "dogi" with a japanese inscription that Eric quickly recognized.

"Hi mom.....", Daniel greeted Agnes. He hugged her and eyed Eric strangely. Eric sensed sibling rivalry.

"Hi Danny, how was your lesson today?", Agnes asked with a smile and put her hand around his shoulder.

"How is he?........what did the doctor say is wrong with him?", he asked, jerking his head at Eric as both of them walk towards the house.

Eric could hear Agnes tell Daniel that the doctor said he is having some kind of a manageable mental illness to which Daniel laughed at.

"Oh my God!.......Alex!",

Eric saw a chubby and jolly looking woman approaching him.

"Probably the house cook", he thought as he gave her a weak smile.

"How are u doing?.......what happened?", she asked and place her thick hand on his shoulder. Then she looked at him from head to toe. "My God you lost some weight".

"Lost what?", Eric thought as he stared at her.

"Nancy, i hope there is something for him to eat", Agnes asked the woman.

"Yes madam", Nancy replied and looked at Eric. "I will also prepare your favourite", she said and lead him into the house.


Eric closed the door and look around the bedroom. It looked very clean and cozy. The room is quite bigger than his own in Metro-city and had more furnitures. All of them, from the bed to the reading table are all positioned at the right places. Not bad for someone Eric thought would probably have a bedroom that could be best described with a warning sign that says "Biohazard"

He sat on the double size bed and felt the soft mattress covered with a white bed sheet. He glanced at the wardrobe and looked at the bedside table with drawers. Alex wouldn't mind him poking around the room, Eric thought and shuffled to the side of the bed the table is at. Afterall he is living his life.

Eric opened the top drawer and saw a few things. Pens, pencils, paper clips, some coins and a few old magazines. He slided it close and opened the lower drawer. It contain a few paper scraps and some text books. He got out of the bed and opened the wardrobe. His eyes met alot of neatly hanged cloths and another compartment that has alot of shoes in it. Eric counted twelve pairs. Four sneakers, four loafers and four leather shoes. He ran his fingers through the cloths. Except for the suits, the rest weren't his style.

He went over to the reading table that also have a desktop computer with a flat screen monitor. He studied the neatly packed books in the bookshelf and read the titles of a few. Eric was tempted to switch on the computer, but decided that it was too early. Then he checked the drawers of the table and saw a laptop computer and a book that look like a diary. Placing the laptop on the table, he opened the diary and glance through the pages. His eyes caught a sentence

"........ just to keep the marriage from breaking up......"

Then the phone Nina gave him suddenly vibrated twice. Eric checked and saw it is a new text message notification.

"If you are alone, call this number now", it read.

Eric dialled the number below the text message and it rang about four.....five times before the call was answered.

"Hello", it was Nina's voice.

"So what now?", Eric asked

"Are you alone?", she asked.

"No am with the whole family listening", Eric replied sarcastically. "Don't you read your own message?", he asked.

"So how is it going with the family?".

"I'm in a complete hostile territory".

"What do you mean by that?".

"Well you should have given me more info about this your 'my look alike' client", Eric said quietly as he slightly opened the door of the room and peeped to check for any activity in the corridor. "What did he do that he had to run away from home only to be seen two weeks later by the mother who seem to wish that he was never found or even worse", he grunted and sighed as he laid on the bed, holding the diary. "Did he like.....impregnate his girlfriend and burn down her father's house?", he asked.

"Like i said before, who he is or whatever he did is not important to you. The important thing is you following my instructions", Nina sounded abit impatient.

"So what if they start asking questions about things i know nothing about?", Eric asked again. "Am sure you might want me to tell them to wait while i call you to know your instructions", Eric said.

"First of all no one is pregnant and no house got burnt down or whatever, so don't worry about being asked questions", Nina stated. "Secondly, if they ask questions, it will only be about what happened throughout the couple of weeks you left the house. You just tell them you cant remember. Have you forgotten that you have a minor memory loss?",

"Okay then", Eric murmured, seeing that Nina was unwilling to tell him anything about Alex.

"Anything else?", Nina asked.

"Yeah.....i think there is also a slight problem...or it could be nothing", Eric replied

"What is it?".

"Well,....i saw Daniel, the younger brother wearing a karate dogi and later found out from the cook that he started his new hobby about three weeks ago".

"So how is it a problem?".

"It's not him, but his karate teacher",

"What about him?".

"If you had came earlier during the National Karate tournament, am sure you would have seen me knocking man out cold". Eric could still remember that knock out he delivered with a round-house kick to the head and wondered if he had taken the human insanity that was going on that day too seriously. He literally made the guy's head to clap his shoulder and feared that he might end up watching t.v sideways for the rest of his life.

"How do you know that he is Daniel's karate teacher", Nina asked.

"Oh.....have you forgotten am the one with an I.Q that is above 150?", Eric answered. He could hear Nina's sigh. "Your......'i can't remember anything because of memory loss'....won't help if he happens to see me through one way or another. And i don't think he would easily forget the face of the person who sent him into oblivion", he continued.

"Just don't let him see you", Nina sighed again. "So are we done?", she asked Eric who sensed the impatience in her voice.

"I think that's all....for now", he replied. He seems to be enjoying himself.

"Okay then call me whenever something that is important comes up.......i mean something really really important?", Nina said and the line clicks before Eric could say anything.

Eric glanced at the phone and dropped it on the bed. Then he opened the diary and started reading the first entry.


Karate dogi


Re: Bloodline.......part One[ The Family]. by nellyme(f): 12:51pm On Apr 27, 2015
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Re: Bloodline.......part One[ The Family]. by ironkurtain(m): 1:23pm On Apr 27, 2015
I got you nellyme......how was your weekend?

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