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Re: Bloodline.......part One[ The Family]. by ninja4life(m): 3:24pm On May 17, 2015
Nice update.keep it flowing
Re: Bloodline.......part One[ The Family]. by ironkurtain(m): 12:37pm On May 18, 2015

Barry took out a bottle of Hennessey and a couple of glasses from the liquor cabinet and went over to spacious living-room, heading towards the man sitting on the sofa with his long legs crossed. The man looked the same age as Barry and almost same built though Barry looked abit bigger. But the man was not as good looking because he was bald. He wore a dark grey suit with a white shirt inside and a deep blue tie. His eyes looked friendly and he also wore an eyeglass.

Barry poured a generous shot in one of the glasses and handed it to him and poured one for himself as he sat down. Both of them continued their discussions with some laughters and a few friendly arguments.

Then Eric descended quickly from the stairs leading to the bedrooms clutching a few textbooks. He decreased his pace when he saw Barry and the man. He didn't know who the man is and neither did he expect to see Barry still in the house.

"Good morning dad......", he began as both men turned their faces to him. Then he looked at the man and said to him, "Good morning sir".

"Good morning my son......", Barry began with a smile. Then he looked at the books Eric was holding and also saw that he was dressed up. "Son......are you going somewhere?", he asked.

"Yes dad......to the library", Eric replied and glanced at the man in suit. He noticed the strange look in the man's face. "Arent you going to the office today?", he asked Barry.

"No.......am feeling abit under the weather so i decided to take the day off", Barry replied with a smile. "Anyway my friend Williams came to see me......he came back from the states just yesterday.....and he also wants to check up on you. He heard what happened", he added and looked at the man. "You can see Alex is doing great". Barry said to the man.

"Oh.......i hope you enjoyed your trip Mr Williams", Eric said to the man, trying to be cautious not to give himself away because he didn't know who he is nor did Nina say anything about him.

"Mr Williams?.....", Williams chuckled and looked at Barry. "So you no longer call me uncle Williams?", he asked Eric as both men laughed.

Eric smiled at what Williams just said but had one word in his mind. 'Damnation'.

"Oh come on...Willy, boys do grow up you know.....", Barry said. ".....he is now a big boy so no more uncle this or that".

"Ahh.....i see, anyway i hope you are okay now but if you in anyway don't feel well, you let me know so i can do some check ups on your health", William said to Eric.

'A doctor', Eric thought to himself as he stared at Williams and nodded.

"By the way.....why are you not in school?", Williams asked.

"He got suspended......for singlehandedly beating up four boys in his school......Willy can you believe that?,......four boys....and even saved a girl. I told you that my son had it in him", Barry said excitedly with pride in his voice.

"Really?", Williams furrowed his eyebrows. "How come?".

"And do you know the most interesting part?......", Barry continued. "......that boy who always bullied him in school was one of them and got the worst beating. I heard he was admitted to the hospital".

Williams said nothing. He held his glass of drink with his hands resting on his laps and stared at Eric.

"How is that even possible?", he asked and looked at Barry.

"I don't know.....but i guess he was saving it for his final year in school so that he can unleash hell and graduate as a famous student", Barry said with much excitement. "You know how we did it during our school days".

"So....what about the boy in the hospital?", William asked, still staring at Eric. "What if his parents sue you?".

"Sue me?........", Barry scoffed. ".....Well they better don't try it because am gonna make their life miserable for them". Then he looked at Eric. "Son.....when will you be back because i want to go get you a drivers licence......i know someone who will help fast track it for us".

"Alex also knows how to drive?", Williams looked at Barry surprisingly.

"He is very good......i think he must have learned it secretly so that he can surprise us all", Barry said and looked at Eric with a grin.

Eric can now see the suspicions in Williams face and decided that he better be on his way before his suspicions are confirmed.

"Oh......", he pretend to check the time in his wristwatch. "I have to go now.......my friend is probably waiting for me".

"Tell Jim to drive you to the library".

"Okay.....oh one more thing dad,....can we employ one more driver for the family?', Eric asked. "I know someone who is very good in driving".

"Why do you say that?".

"Well.....i think we are making Jim to overwork himself with constant driving to and fro. Besides it's high time you stop driving yourself to work everyday".

"Well i enjoy driving myself around though". Barry noted.

"Of course......but it could be one of the causes of you being under the weather.......you know..... driving through the horrible rush hour traffic and at the same time thinking of how to move the family company forward. Won't it be better if you relax and do the thinking while being driven in the car?", Eric stated. "And alot of men in your position are being driven around. So i don't understand why you prefer to do the driving yourself".

Barry thought for a while and smiled.

"I think he is right.......isn't he?", he asked and looked at Williams.

"Williams said nothing, still staring at Eric.

"So who is this person that you know?,...do you know him very well?", Barry asked Eric.

"Yes dad......he is a taxi driver and a very good one......and extremely loyal", Eric replied.

"Okay.....why dont you bring this fellow for an interview".

"Okay dad", Eric said with a smile. Then he went over to Barry and gave him a hug. Eric wanted to put up a show for Williams because of his suspicions.

"Take care of yourself today", he whispered to Barry and left.

Barry stared at the door as it closed and smiled happily. Then he poured himself another shot and glanced at Williams glass.

"Drink up willy....", he boomed happily and swallowed the shot. "Alex is now becoming the son l have always dreamed of", he said and poured himself another shot.

"Barry, are you sure that boy is Alex.....your son?", Williams asked quietly with some concern in his voice.

"Of course".

"I don't think so.......that boy is not Alex".

Barry heard those words and almost choked on his drink. Then he looked al Williams amusingly and glanced at his glass.

"Are you drunk already?......what do you mean by that?", he asked Williams. "I hope you saw the same person that i saw minutes ago".

"Am telling you......that boy might not be Alex".

"Do you even know what you are talking about?, are there two or three Alex in this world?".

"I don't think so but......",

"Then what makes you think that he is not Alex?", Barry interrupted.

"Barry,......don't be blinded by all these sudden feats", Williams began with a sigh. "I mean, how did he even get the strength and heart to take out four boys and even put then in a hospital?......remember that i spent alot of time with Alex to know why he was so timid and his disturbing lack of confidence......why did i find it hard?,.......because he could barely communicate with me or even with anybody. But now see how confident he is, even making suggestions on how to things should be done. Can someone build that kind of confidence in just two weeks?", he asked.

Barry stared ahead thoughtfully.

"Besides you heard him call me Mr Williams......Alex never called me Mr Williams, even if he was talking to someone else about me", Williams continued. "Not to talk of how he seemed not to recognize me".

Barry thought for a while and shook his head with a smirk.

"So what are you saying?......that someone had a plastic surgery to look like Alex, changed his voice to sound like Alex, learned everything about this family and replaced Alex?", he asked. "Does that even sound possible to you because to me it is impossible in all the realms of humanity",

"I know but we have to take a closer look......put four boys in a hospital and he being unscathed?......aw come on Barry......what is he?, a trained hitman?.......i have seen the boy who bullied Alex constantly and he was quite big and scary...... the entire boys in that school were scared of him. Yet you believed that Alex took him out. Him and four other boys......the Alex that i know multiplied by four can't possibly do that".

"And like i told you, he must have had it in him but didn't know", Barry put in irritatedly. "He beating those boys is not impossible for him because i know he can do it!".

Then he got up and paced around the living-room while Williams sipped his drink and stared at his friend.

"Confident, hardworking, tough and intelligent", Barry muttered and then looked at Williams. "Just like her".

Williams heard it and stared at Barry with his mouth open. He looked down and sighed. Then he got up and went over to Barry and placed his hand on Barry's shoulder.

"Are you still thinking about her after all these years?", Williams asked almost in a whisper.

Barry sighed and nodded. And said, "Ever since he ran away and came back, he had been displaying all those qualities. One time i almost told him the whole truth about everything".

"Barry, you know you can't do that......you might destroy your own family if you do so".

"But for how long will i keep the secret?......the longer i hide it the more the damage it will cause if they eventually find out".

"You have to let them know for sure......but to me this is not the right time.....besides how do you know that Alex is even her child?", Williams whispered and looked around the living-room carefully. "She never told you that she was pregnant. She just told you that she wanted to break up and vanished, only to call you about nine months later to tell you to go to some motherless babies home to adopt a certain baby".

"My friend do the maths......", Barry said to Williams. "She disappeared........and called me nine months later.....that means she was pregnant and didn't tell me and called me nine months later after having the baby.......sometimes i wonder if you studied to be a medical doctor or native doctor", he said sarcastically.

"Two other women claimed to be pregnant with your child after she left you and they also vanished", Williams said quietly. "Maybe she got to know one of them and decided to call you. Remember she was the one that called Agnes and convinced her not to divorce you. So dont you think that she might have convinced one of those women to give up their baby for you to adopt. Especially for the fact that you and Agnes were in desperate need of a child. Alex's blood test showed that you are his father but we can't tell who his mother is because we have neither of those women blood samples".

Then Williams pat Barry on his back as Barry stared down thoughtfully.

"It's high time you just forget about her and move on pal.....", Williams said quietly. "If she really loved you, she wouldn't have left you for no good reason. Even after telling her how willing you were to dump Agnes for her.

Then Barry went behind the counter of the mini-bar and took out another bottle from the cabinet. He poured a shot for himself and another for Williams who sat on one of the stools there. Both men raised their cup to the secret known to only both of them and sipped. Then Williams thought for a while and looked at Barry.

"Why don't we check him again", he said.

"What do you mean", Barry asked.

"I mean why don't we check your son again......i keep having this feeling that something is not right".


"Let's him undergo another blood test".


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Re: Bloodline.......part One[ The Family]. by STARSHYNE(f): 1:25pm On May 18, 2015
Wow!!!!Started from 0.....now here I love this,its really captivating

I love Eric grin
Re: Bloodline.......part One[ The Family]. by ironkurtain(m): 5:33am On May 19, 2015
Been very very busy lately......i hope you all bear with me pls......updates will be coming soon.....have a nice day.
Re: Bloodline.......part One[ The Family]. by nellyme(f): 6:41am On May 19, 2015
Ghen ghen....dey go catch am soon We dey wait patiently oga ironkurtain....kudos
Re: Bloodline.......part One[ The Family]. by ironkurtain(m): 4:56am On May 20, 2015
"Mr Tommy?.......Mr Tommy?....", one of the two young female receptionists behind the desk called out as she glanced at the clipboard she held and looked at the visitors waiting patiently for their turn to see the medical doctor in his office.

"Am here", Eric raised his hand as he answered the fake name he had written down in the name space of the form he had earlier filled. Now his is going to get the treatment for the 'Unending Massive Headache' he also wrote in the ailment space.

"Oh, Mr Tommy......you can go and see the doctor now", the plain looking girl said and gave Eric a bright smile.

Eric got up and straightened his white short sleeved t shirt and followed the receptionist to the corridor leading to the doctor's office. As he followed her, she stole a glance at Eric and smiled again. He did the same and noticed that she was putting a little more twist to her hips. But he wasnt impressed at all. When they came to the door of the doctor's office, the nurse knocked twice and opened the door. Eric followed her into the office as she entered and went over to the doctor to hand him the clipboard she had with her.

"Good morning doctor", Eric greeted.

"Good morning to......", the doctor began as he looked up and stop midway when he saw Eric's face; too surprised to utter another word or say anything.

Eric smiled and sat on the chair opposite the man. The man still looked the same as he was the first time Eric set his eye on him. That time being the day he woke up in that same hospital to take the impersonation instructions from Nina. And sitting on the swivel chair behind the desk made the small mousy man look even smaller.

"Thanks....you can go back now", the doctor dismissed the nurse without looking at her after collecting the clipboard.

The man waited until the door was closed. "What are you doing here?", he then asked Eric.

"What am i doing here?......", Eric began with a chuckle. "This question is kind of odd because there is a sign outside this building that has 'hospital' written on it. And the nameplate on your desk has......", Eric looked at the the nameplate infront of him. ".......it has 'Doctor Dick. P' written on it", the name made Eric to furrow his eyebrows. 'Dick. P as in Dick Power?.......Dick pounder??', he thought to himself. The last one made him purse his lips.

"So what?.........", the doctor demanded.

"Can't i go to a hospital to get a treatment or did Nina give you the instruction not to allow me come here?", Eric asked.

"Treatment for what?.......", the doctor asked and looked at the paper on the clipboard. ".......Unending massive headache?.......what does that suppose mean?....Mr Tommy??", he blurted out.

"The kind of headache that makes it feel like there is an anvil bouncing around inside your skull each time you shake your head".

"I thought i told you that my work with you was done.......and if you are having a massive headache, you should go to the drug store and get some pills......so you better get out of my office or else......",

"Or else what?,...... you call the security to have me thrown out?", Eric asked coldly.

"Yes!", the man barked and reached for the phone on his desk.

"Before or after i beat you to death with that phone handle?".

The doctor paused with his hand over the handle of the phone on his desk and stared at Eric in silence.

Eric sighed. "Look I'm not here to have any argument with you or cause any problem. Am just here to ask you something", he said quietly. "I came here to ask you about that woman call Nina, since you and her had some kind of dealings. Sir......i need your help".

The doctor slowly retrieved his hand from the phone and reclined in his seat.

"The day before yesterday, i called my mother but her line was disconnected", Eric continued as he gazed at the files stacked on one side of doctor's desk. "Yesterday i called her workplace and they told me that no one have heard or seen her after she was given a month leave......i made more inquires to know why she was given a month leave. Her co workers told me that they themselves were surprised by the hospital management move to do that because it was unlike them to suddenly give a worker a month leave for no reason. So i suspected it was Nina's doing".

Then Eric looked at the man. "That's why am here.......i want to see if you can give me some informations......any kind of informations about that woman so that i can take care of her, should anything happen to my mother", he said.

The doctor laughed and looked away. Then he shook his head and stared at Eric.

"Son......this is my advice to you.....", he began. "I know how hot headed you young men can be but whatever that woman is making you to do, you better do it and even ask her if there is more to be done......if you are dreaming of crossing that woman then you better say some prayers and stop sleeping".

"What does that suppose to mean?", Eric asked surprisingly.

"You know what i mean".

"Am sorry i dont really know".

"By the way how did a young man like you get into a mess with a woman like that?", the doctor asked, gazing intently at Eric.

"I have nothing to do with that woman.....i don't even know her", Eric replied. "Two months ago me and my mother met her in Metro-city and she seemed so nice and very kind. Then last week i came to this city for some job......only to wake up in this hospital and me being told to do something or else my mother go to jail for something she did a longtime ago".

"She is blackmailing you?", the doctor asked.

"Yeah....she is blackmailing me and my mother......and i am only doing what she told me to do because i don't want my mother to go to jail for whatever it is she had done", Eric sighed. "I know all this sound kind of crazy".

"Yeah it does sound kind of crazy......", the doctor said thoughtfully. "....Because blackmailing is not Nina's kind of thing".

"What do you mean?", Eric was confused.

"She never uses blackmail as a tool to get things done.......as far as i know.....it's either you do it or she will cause you great pain or end your life in the worst way........and she is very very good at it", the doctor said. "This blackmail thing is new and unlike her".

What the doctor just said baffled Eric. He had always seen Nina as a cheap blackmailer who probably had some connections here and there. Not some kind of a bringer of pain and death which he kind of believed because of the fear he saw in the doctor's eye when he talked about Nina. But he had seen her and the way she carried herself. And she doesn't in anyway look like what the doctor said she was. Well, looks can be deceiving and she might truly be some kind of a "lucifer's daughter".

"Then why is she blackmailing me and my mother instead of threatening to bring pain and death if we don't do her biddings?", Eric asked. "Why would she threaten to report my mother to the authorities when she knows very well that the fear of death will make anyone do anything?".

"Son.....i don't know, but my advice is you better do whatever it is that she wants because Nina blackmailing you to do something means that she is in a very very good terms with you and your mother whom you shouldn't worry about either".

"Why shouldn't i worry about my mother?".

"Because if Nina wants something to happen to your mother, she will make you watch while it happens before she take your own life......", the doctor said, pointing his index finger at Eric "........maybe your mother is somewhere else or maybe Nina had given her the order to cut off any kind of communication with you".

Then Eric remembered what Nina said about making sure that he cannot contact his mother when she was giving out her instructions.

"So you are telling me that the woman is very bad", Eric asked.

"No......am telling you that the woman is a freaking monster and never to be messed with", the doctor replied.

Then silence settled between the both of them. The doctor stared at the paper on the clipboard on his desk even though his mind was somewhere else while Eric stared at the files on the table and thinking to himself.

"I think i get it", Eric then said with a faint smile.

"Get what?", the doctor asked.

"This thing that Nina wants me to do for this so called client........it's not about the client", Eric murmured. "He is not a client or perhaps there is no client........it's about her.... Alex doesn't know what is going on......or he is probably dead. I mean.....why won't he be glad to come back to a house that was a nightmare to him to see everybody respecting him?........or go back to the school where he would be hailed as the guy who put the terror of the school in his place?".

"Terror of school?,........what are you talk about?", the doctor asked; he was confused.

Then Eric got up and smiled at the doctor.

"Sir.....thank you for the info", he said to the man and headed towards the door.

"What info?.......son, please don't do anything foolish if you want to live long", the doctor said with a nervous tone of voice.

"Who said i want to live long?", Eric said as he reached for the door handle. "At some point i might get bored and blow my brains out".

"Whatever you do please just don't mention my



Re: Bloodline.......part One[ The Family]. by nellyme(f): 5:03am On May 20, 2015
Nice update
Re: Bloodline.......part One[ The Family]. by ironkurtain(m): 5:15am On May 20, 2015
@nellyme.....thanks am sorry for being too slow.....we are really busy these days.....so i find it quite difficult writing. Even when i go home, i literally pass out before i could pick up a pen
Re: Bloodline.......part One[ The Family]. by nellyme(f): 5:18am On May 20, 2015
Just take ur tym and get ur rest as well...it aint easy racking ur brain off wat to write and also official duties...we r patiently waiting ... Cheers!!! Good morning
Re: Bloodline.......part One[ The Family]. by ironkurtain(m): 5:26am On May 20, 2015
Thanks.....@nellyme and good morning to you too.....wishing you a good day today.

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Re: Bloodline.......part One[ The Family]. by Onemansquad(m): 9:58am On May 20, 2015
It has started guys. 9am don reach and voting has started and as agreed, Adeh39 and Aipete2 must make it to the finals. They are in the semi- final already, and only your vote could make the progress to the final. Just type: I vote aipete2, adeh39 Cc: Nljega Your votes count. These two ladies are users of this section, let the crown return to the literature section... Voting thread: http:// www.nairaland.com/2324981/miss-nairaland- contest-2015-final/2
Re: Bloodline.......part One[ The Family]. by ironkurtain(m): 1:48pm On May 21, 2015
8 pm........later in the evening at the banquet hall in the third floor of a five star hotel. The guests in their fashionable clothings and expensive jewelries held their champagne glasses. Some mingled around with other guests while some discussed inbetween laughters, hand gestures and smiles. A live jazz band made the atmosphere of the party lively and also entertained the guests with a slow and smooth jazz music.

"You know.......i always admired your beauty ever since i set my eyes on you......", A burly looking man in his fifties wearing a black three piece suit, said to Nina as he looked at her from head to toe; admiring her and her close-fitted purple dress showing her body figure with the sleeves gently wrapped around her elbow. The dress was tight around her waist and it's bottom draped around her ankles. Some male guests standing behind her stole a few glances at her with their eyes rolling from her body down to her waist.

Nina heard what he said and her thin lips parted into a smile as she raised her champagne glass to her lips.

"Oh really?.......", she began and took a sip from her glass. "General, are you flattering me?", she asked the man.

"If you consider it to be so........but i still don't know why a beautiful woman like you prefer to be single. Not even a boyfriend.........or a lover", the man gave her a mischevous smile.

"Maybe am not interested in having one......or maybe am yet to meet the man who can sweep me off my feet", Nina said with a wink.

"Not even a man like me?", the man asked.

"I would have considered you but you have a wife and a few girlfriends here and there.......and i don't like competing".

"Well i can still get rid of them if you say the word".

"General......i don't want to put you in that situation.....it could be bad for business".

Then the man took her hand gently and they walked.

"If you and i had tied the knot, with your connection to the family and the power that i wield in this country, you and i would have made a good couple", the man said to her. ".......we would have done alot of big things in this country".

"Really?.....that sounds really interesting", Nina nodded.

"Especially now that I'm in the process of achieving my political ambition", then the man looked her in the face. "Why don't you join me", he said.

Nina gently looked away with a faint smile. Then she saw the big man coming towards them. He handed Nina a cellphone and whispered into her ear. She nodded several time and looked at the burly man.

"General am sorry i have to take this call.......i will see you in a few minutes", she said to him and headed towards the ladies restroom.

"I hope you have gotten rid of that girl.......", Nina said to the phone mouthpiece as she stood close to the pearl white ceramic hand sink and gazed at herself in the mirror.

"Nope.....i told you last time that it's not gonna happen", it was Eric's voice.

"You think this is a joke.....huh?", Nina asked. "You think am playing with you?........well playing time is over".

"Well play time was over when i called my mother only to find out that her phone was disconnected.....by the way, what did you do to make her boss to give her a month paid leave?", Eric asked.

"I told you not to ever contact your mother until the job is done and you still went ahead and disobeyed my instructions", Nina asked. "So you want me to make the call and have her arrested and prosecuted.....is that what you want boy?", she asked again.

Well......that is not going to happen because i know you won't do it as far as am concerned".

"What do you mean by that?",

"You know very well what i mean.......anyway i didn't call to listen to your instruction, rather i called to give you some instructions because the rules of engagement have changed and you better listen carefully".

Nina laughed. "You are joking right?, tell me that this is a big joke", she said.

"No, this is not a joke so you better listen if you don't want this job to get more complicated than ever......", Eric stated. "I know you are the one responsible for making my mother to disconnect her phone.....so you have to contact her and give her this number to call me.......i give you until tomorrow and she better don't call me with a complain of being threatened".

"And if i don't do it?", Nina asked with an irritated tone of voice.

"Then you better start finding a suitable explanations for Alex when things start happening.......like his face being on the news for one thing or the other he didn't know about", Eric said. "You know it will be bad for him and really really bad for you".

"Are you.......threatening me?".

"Threat?, no one is being threatened here......it's just my leverage.....just like you said to me the last time we met. So you can either do what i said, which is relatively easy or ignore it and keep enjoying your bingo night".

"Do you know how easy i eliminate brats like you?, boy don't let me show you the really bad side of me", Nina warned.

"You think brats like me really give a rat's ass what happens to them?........if you want your job done well then you better do what i said".

The line clicked before Nina could say any other thing. She stared at the cell phone for a few seconds and then laughed. Another woman walked into the restroom and saw her staring at the phone and laughing. She stared at Nina like she was crazy.

"Can i help you?", Nina then asked her with out looking.

"Are you okay?", the woman asked

"Yes am okay", Nina replied.

"Are you sure?, i hope there is nothing......."

"I hope you mind your damn business and take your piss", Nina said to her and gave her a stern look.

The woman quietly left the restroom as Nina dialled her cellphone.


Esther poured what was left in the bottle into the her glass and left the bottle on the floor carelessly.

"Careful with that bottle honey", the man sitting on the sofa said as he put down his own glass of drink. "Unless you want to be the nurse pulling out pieces of glass from my skin".

She smiled and went over to he was sitting; staggering abit. She was quite drunk and tried very hard to control her steps. Placing her glass on the table beside the sofa, she sat heavily next to him.

"What is wrong with you today?", he asked as he put his arm around her shoulder. "I have never seen you drink like this, is there anything wrong?",

"David why are you asking?........", Esther asked and rested her head on his shoulder; her voice abit slurry. "You ask alot of questions.....you all ask alot of questions.....and am tired of answering alot of questions".

"You have been here for the past three days, i hope everything is okay?", David asked.

"Why.......do you want me to leave?".

"No.......not in a million years dear. Am just worried because there seem to be something bothering you and am also worried about Eric......i hope he is okay because you havent said anything about him.......neither have you called since you came here".

"Eric is old enough to take care of himself now Dave, don't worry", Esther said and placed her hand on his own. Squeezing it gently and looking at his face.

"Dont you miss him?, you always told me how much you cared about him and that he was all you got in this world?", David said, staring at her.

"Yeah......", Esther began with a sad look on her face. "Just like others that i had cared for and they all got taken away from me.....", the sad look on her face then turn into a distant gaze. "......everytime i put so much energy and work and.......love to something or somebody, one way or the other it get taken away from me".

Then she looked at david. "Tell me......why do bad things happen to good people?", she asked.

"Well.....", David sighed and rubbed her shoulder gently. "In this world it's like there is a constant war between good and evil and alot of good people get caught up in it".

"Then evil had certainly declared war upon me i guess".

"Why do you say that?".

"Take a look at me David.....", Esther began deeply. "All i ever wanted is to love and be loved, have a family, be a happy mother.....but everytime am so close in achieving it or think i have achieved it, it all get taken away from me......or only find out am being used".

Then Esther looked at David with tears rolling down her cheek

"Don't i deserve to have that........or am i cursed?", she asked with a sob.

David held her tight and wiped her tears

"No you are not cursed and you deserve every good thing this life can give to us", he said. "And we have each other".

"That's why am scared.......scared of you being taken away from me"

"Don't worry honey, am not going anywhere.....that, i promise you".

Then a phone rang. It was coming from her handbag lying on the living-room center table. Both of them stared at the bag as the phone inside it keep ringing.

"That phone have never ringed since you came here", David noted as he keep staring at the bag. Then he looked at Esther. "You don't have to answer it", he said to her.

"Nope....i have to....", Esther began as she got up and tried to maintain her balance. "Whenever that phone rings it means it is important", she said as she reached for the phone inside the handbag.

"Hellooo.....", Esther said with a slurry voice.

"Hello.....Esther?", it was Nina's voice.

Esther looked at David and whispered, "the devil".

"Yeah this is Esther.....how are you doing and how is he doing?", she asked Nina.

"That's why i called you.......are you drunk?".

"Am not drunk.......do i sound drunk to you?......maybe your phone is faulty, it happens sometimes".

"Whatever.......anyway i want you to call Eric your son......you have to talk to him because he is going way out of line in our deal", Nina stated. "You have to tell him that he has to stick to the instruction given to him".

"You want me to call Eric and tell him to stick to your instructions?", Esther asked. "What is the matter woman?........are you finding it hard to control him?.......is he giving you headaches?......it's like the hospitals over there are being overwhelmed by the people he is bashing up left and right or is he now leaving dead bodies in the hallway just like i feared he will do someday".

"I don't know what you are talking about woman, if you don't want to lose your son then you better do what i said", Nina said impatiently.

"And who told you am worried about losing him?", Esther asked.

Nina remained silent.

"The day you brought that file to me was the day that i accepted that i had already lost him. How i got him is clearly written in that file.......i had lost someone so dearest to me and i moved on......so i can also do the same if i lose Eric".

"Oh.....so you don't care whatever happens to your own son?", Nina asked.

"You asked the question, you answer it yourself".


"Why?........", Esther began with a chuckle. "Woman let me tell you something that nobody knows.......after i lost my fiance in a terrible fire, i held a baby.....the baby responsible for him getting roasted in that inferno.....the baby that was responsible for him dying a very painful and agonizing death......have you ever seen a man with third degree burn in over 90 percent of his body?, anyway, as i looked at the baby, all i could think of was the best possible way to take it's life......but before my fiance died, he said i should take care of the baby.....so i decided to fulfill his wish. The baby grew up to be a handsome kid and soon i became so fond of him and liked him alot. Five years later i found out some thing terrible about him. He had a mental problem. Mental psychosis was what the doctors said it was. How did i find out?...... dead cats around our house, neighbours complaining about their pet dogs missing. And each time he got back home with bloody hands without any explanation of what really happened or how he got bloods on his hands. So one day i bought a lovely pet dog for him. Then i return from work one day to see him beating the dog to death......i was shocked but what scared me most was the look in his eyes while he did it. It haunted me for days and i even locked myself in my own room at night. Anybody in their right sense would have taken him to a mental institution and left him there to rot. But i never gave up on him. I made him undergo treatment after treatment, therapy after therapy, money spent by the boat-loads......until i fixed him abit. Since then i had always lived my life trying to prevent anything bad from happened to him because i know that one day it's going to happen.........maybe that time has come and am done trying".

Nina remained silent.

"So why don't you tell Eric that his mother doesn't want to call him", Esther continued. "And i want you to show him that file you have with you.......he will understand when he sees it......so please don't you ever call me again".

Then Esther threw the phone at the wall and it destroyed on impact. David stared at her with his mouth open.

Nina heard the crashing sound and the line clicked. She heaved a sigh and looked at the big man standing beside her.

"There is something i want you to do in Metro-city".


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Wow Eric don grow wings for we're Nina dey o
Esther come join kwa
Abeg make Nina no vex eliminate both of them....
Oga ironkurtain I dey greet ooooo keep up d good work.

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Thanks......@nellyme.....i greet you pass. I hope your day is good
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Its good and ur?

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Ohhhhh my goodness! Is lyk dis chapter should neva end again. Wel done kudos

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4 pm. After two uneventful days.

The 2008 model white coloured Mercedes Benz E-350 sedan grinded to a halt near a two storey gated mansion. The driver of the car glanced at the big gate and the high wall that made every activities going on in the masion unknown. Then the driver exhaled with a bright smile, glancing around the interior of the car and feeling the wood-grained steering wheel of the car. His face was like that of a little kid who just received his favourite toy as a Christmas present.

"God.......I've always wanted to drive this car.......", he murmured as he looked at the smooth dashboard and it's buttons. "........this car is just too sleek with powerful horses under it's hood".

Then the driver looked at the boy sitting at the backseat through the rearview mirror. He seemed lost in thoughts as he stared out of the car window.

"Alex my boy......", the driver called out.

The boy heard the name and looked at the driver.

"We are here.........that house is 105 dash 15", the driver said and pointed at the high walled mansion.

"Oh......', Eric began and glanced at the gate. He didn't know they have arrived at his destination. "I hope you like this new job sir", he then said to the driver as he pulled out his phone from his black jean pocket.

"Boy.......i just can't thank you enough. This is far much more better than that shitty taxi job", the driver said happily. "And the pay is just too good".

"It's okay sir......just do your job and do it well.....that's all the family want from you".

"Okay.....and please one thing. No need to call me sir, you can call me Rogers.......i now work for your family so you are also my boss too".

"Okay Mr Rogers.......", Eric said with a faint smile as he opened the door. "I will go home with a taxi or call you to come pick me up".

"I got you.......take care of yourself", the man smiled.

Eric closed the door and the car zoomed away. Then he dialled a number. After four rings, Lisa picked up call.

"Why do you even want me to be here?", Eric asked as he and Lisa head straight to the building. The security man was closing the gate behind them.

"I want to introduce you to some of my close friends", Lisa replied with a smile as they locked hands.

Yesterday night Lisa had called Eric, telling him that she thought it was a good idea to introduce him to some of her close friends. After some inquiries about the friends she was talking about, Eric found out the friends were members of the fraternity she belonged. The fraternity the boy he almost roughed up at her birthday told him about. The fraternity of happening guys. Eric had flatly refused to go. After much pleading by Lisa that almost resulted into a misunderstanding, Eric agreed to attend one of the weekend meetings. Not because she succeeded in persuading him, but out of curiosity. Besides he needed to get his mind into something else after waiting for his mother's call and getting worried about her.

"Alex....am sure you gonna like these people", Lisa said to Eric who was following behind as they ascended the stairs leading to the living-room of the house.

Eric said nothing. Lisa noticed how unusually quiet he was and looked at him.

"Alex!.....", she then called out.

Eric looked at her and said, "yeah......what is it?".

"Is there something wrong?......you seem lost, are you okay?", she asked again.

"Am fine.......", Eric began indifferently. "Just some home issue bothering me", he lied.

Lisa shrugged and lead him into the living-room. There are quite a number of people in the spacious place. Most of them are young; in their teens to be precise and all look like they are from wealthy families. Everybody were chattering with a cup or a bottle in their hands and alot of intermingling between both sexes.

"Welcome to our group meeting", Lisa said with a smile and then she looked at Eric. He was going through his cellphone. It made Lisa to feel unhappy.

Some of the boys saw Eric and gave him a curious stare while the girls whispered among themselves with giggles and looked at him with admiration. One even waved at Eric when Lisa was not looking. Eric ignored the gesture and studied the activities going on before him with an expressionless look on his face.

Then one boy stepped out from the group and approached the both of them with a smile. He was well built and wore expensive designer cloths with a gold chain and a gold wristwatch. His hair was braided and had somewhat a cold look in his eyes. Probably twenty years of age.

"Hello Lisa......how are you doing?", he began and looked at Eric. "....is this the guy you told me about?", he asked.

"Yes.......", Lisa replied with a smile and then looked at Eric. "Alex, i want you to meet Angel.....he is the leader of our group", Lisa said.

"Alex......good to meet you at last", Angel said to Eric with a smile that made Eric feel uncomfortable. "Lisa told me alot about you so i asked her to bring you here", he extended his hand for a handshake.

"Good to meet you too", Eric said but didn't shake his hand. "So.......", Eric looked around. "So these are the members of the so called happening people fraternity?", he asked.

Angel smirked and looked at Lisa who stared at Eric curiously, wondering what he meant by "happening people fraternity".

"Anyway am sorry about that little encounter you had with one of my boys", Angel apologized non-committally. "Sometimes we frown at our members hanging around some certain kind of people.....people way below our level", he said and glanced at Eric from head to toe.

"Levels huh?.......that's interesting", Eric said without looking at him. "So did my levels in anyway convince you guys to see me?", he asked.

"Well....you have to be grateful to Lisa because she is the one who made it possible for you to attend this meeting".

"Grateful?, what makes you think that i even want to be here hanging around with you guys?".

"Alex......", Lisa began slowly but Angel gestured at her to stop.

"You might not want to be here but as time goes by, you will like being with us", Angel said. "Alot of guys and mostly girls want to hang with us.......but few are chosen".

Eric pursed his lips and nodded. Then he saw the boy he met at Lisa's place. The boy saw him and whispered to two other boys. One of the other boys regarded Eric with contempt while the other sized him up with a smirk.

"So what do you guys do in this group?", Eric asked as he stared at the three boys staring back at him.

"Alot of things......", Angel began and glanced at Lisa. "The guys and girls get together and have fun.......all kinds of fun......parties......or group things".

"Group things?......", Eric murmured and looked at Lisa. "What kind of group things?", he asked her.

"Get together as a group and have discussions,..... share interests", Lisa replied. She had a look of disappointment in her face as she stared at Eric.

"And is it kind of educational?", Eric asked. "Do you guys learn new things or share knowledges that educate the naive ones amongst your group?".

"I believe that one is done in school", Angel replied and looked at Lisa. "Why don't you and your friend make yourselves comfortable. There are refreshments on the table over there", he said to her. "I will talk to you later", he concluded and left.

"What is the matter with you?", Lisa asked Eric.

"What do you mean?".

"You sounded so impolite to Angel.....he is a very nice person. Why be so indifferent to him?".

Then one of Lisa's female friend came over.

"Hey Lisa how are you doing?", she began with a smile. Then she looked at Eric and said "hi".

"Hi Tracy........i just came now, how are you doing?, where are the others?", Lisa asked the girl.

"Come......they are in the dining", the girl said and took hold of Lisa's hand.

Lisa looked at Eric and then at the girl. "Okay let's go", she said and followed her to the dining.

Eric stared at them as they left and sighed. Then he went over to the table that had cups filled with fruit punch and bottles of beer. He took a bottle and opened it with his teeth even though there was bottle opener on the table. After taking a drink, he glanced at a few faces and watched the activities going on around him. Some members gave him a curious glance while a few nodded and said "hi" to him. Eric did the same to them and continue looking around while drinking his beer.

Then the three boys who were staring at him came over and stood next to him. Eric saw their movement but he ignored them.

"Hey Steve, how many guys do you think we have here?", one of boys asked the other. He said it loud enough so that Eric could hear him.

"I don't know.....maybe ten or more", the other boy replied and and looked at Eric. "More than enough to put some sense in any disrespectful person......especially if they are alone in here".

"So that means the said person need to show some respect or suffer the consequences......like having his head busted open", the third boy put in.

Eric smiled and drank his beer. 'Thugs wannabes', he thought to himself. That's why he feels no remorse for that kind of individuals whenever his pounding their face in.

"I really like that mulatto chick called Lisa", the boy said again. "Dude those ass can give you serious wet dream......you should have seen it when she wore a tight mini-skirt on her birthday......i felt like grabbing her and giving it to her there and then".

Eric still ignored them.

"Well if I'm there while you are doing it, i will definitely join you bro........you know.......hold her down while you do your thing and take over when you are done. Anyway she is a member here......who knows......one of us might get lucky and take a dip into that space".

The three boys laughed while Eric keep drinking his beer; still unmoved by their taunts.

"Hey i remember you", the boy then said to Eric after seeing that he was neither giving them any attention nor showing any sign of anger toward them. "Aren't you the guy who disrespected me at Lisa's place?", he asked.

Eric still ignored him. Then the boy stood infront of him while the other two flanked him.

"What was it that you said to me last time?", the boy asked.

Eric said nothing.

"What is the matter?, did a cat get hold of your tongue?, are you not brave again?".

Eric looked away and raised the bottle to his lips to drink.

"What is it gonna be you f@cking bastard?", the boy bawled, knocking the beer out of Eric's hand and grabbing his shirt. "What is it gonna be now!!".

The boy's bawl and the sound of a beer bottle falling on the floor attracted the attention of everyone in the living-room and they stared as the boy keep getting rough with Eric who did nothing.

"Hey Desmond!, that's enough!", it was Angel and standing beside him was Lisa and her friends. "Don't do that again". Then Angel looked at Lisa. "I think you have to leave with your friend.......and i think we might reconsider your request for joining the inner circle.......we don't need people hanging out with trouble makers".

Then Lisa went over to Eric. "Let's go", she fumed at him and headed towards the door.



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"Alex......seriously, do you have to act like that?.....infront of my friends?", Lisa asked irritatedly as both of them stepped out of the mansion, heading towards the gate.

"Aw come on Lisa........those people are not your friends. They are not the kind of people to be made friends with", Eric replied as he followed her behind.

"And why do you say that?!".

" you might not see it now but with time you will know what i mean.......especially that guy called angel".

"What is it about Angel that seem to make you not to like him", Lisa then stopped and looked at Eric. "You have only gotten to know him for like thirty minutes and you just don't like him at all......what is the matter?, is it jealousy?", she asked.

"Aw come on.......you know me better than that Lisa", Eric said with a chuckle.

"Then why do you have to be jerk towards him?, not to talk of the unruly behaviour with other members".

"Lisa, that guy is nothing but a scavenger and some kind of a green snake in a green grass. Didn't you hear what he said?, i know that everyone want to be in a place where fun things happen but 'all kinds of fun' could mean anything......'Group things'.......Lisa seriously?,......that 'group things' just don't sound right. I have a bad feeling about this people. I don't know how long you have known them but a group that regard other people not in their level as lower human being?......is that really the kind of people you want to hangout with?".

"I think you misunderstood what Angel meant", Lisa muttered.

"Maybe......but i met one of his so called boys during you birthday party and do you know what he said to me?, that alot of guys are coming to you because they heard that you are........never mind", Eric shook his head. "This people want you to join for a reason and i feel it is not a good one".

"Well.....then whatever it is i can still learn how to live with it.....just as i had always done".

"What does that suppose to mean?", Eric asked.

"Everybody that i have ever met always had a reason to be with me", Lisa sighed and looked down. "And i just don't understand why........no one seem to take me as a normal person they can interact with or even see past this", she said and gestured at her body and face with her hands. "It's either am something for them to show off, coming to me out of curiosity or because they think there is something special in hanging out with me", then she looked at Eric. "Even you Alex".

"What?........what do you mean?", Eric asked.

"All those times Greg did what he did to you why didn't you put him in his place long ago?", Lisa asked, staring at him. "Why the sudden change in attitude after you met me?.........sometimes i even feel that what happened in the school gym was something you set up just to impress me".

Eric smirked and shook his head.

"Lisa, i have done alot things that i'm not proud of", he began quietly. "But the willingness to undergo a near death experience just to impress a girl i have known for just a few days is not one of them and am sure Greg will agree with me".

"Then tell me because i want to know!".

"Tell you what?......because am not sure what's going on here?".

"Who you are?"

"I thought you already know who i am?".

"I thought i knew. But after doing alot of thinking, i found out i don't know much about you. Even what i heard everybody in our class say about you is totally different from what i have seen so far".

Then Lisa looked down and said, "Am sorry if i sound confusing, but the thing is am in a dilemma here. You heard what Angel said to me. Now i have to choose between you and them", she pointed at the mansion. "I know them very well and what they are about, and some of my best friends are there too. But i don't really know much about you even though i like you so much.....maybe it's love.......and i don't even know what you have in mind for me".

"And do you know what they have in mind for you?", Eric asked and jerked his head at the the mansion.

"How i feel about them is not the same as how i feel about you", Lisa replied. "And if they hurt me, it will be nothing compared to how i will feel if you hurt me after i have decided to choose you over them. That's why i really want to know the truth about everything......about you and your reasons for this relationship".

"Lisa, the reason why am with you is because i like you.....we like each other alot and you know that very well.......there is no curiosity or showing off, none of that", Eric began. "Secondly, you can't just know everything at once and there are somethings that are best not known at all. If you wake up and find out about something, then you deal with it accordingly, that's all. Knowing everything at once could be bad......dangerous sometimes.

"Well i still want to know", Lisa put in.

Eric sighed. "You want to know?", he asked.

"Yeah.....i want to know", Lisa replied. "Everything"

Then Eric dipped his hand into his pocket and took out a picture and handed it to Lisa. She glanced at the picture and looked at him.

"So?......what does this suppose to mean", she asked.

"The truth", Eric said and pointed at the picture. "That is Alex.....i am Eric",

"Eric?.....", Lisa sniggered. "What are you even talking about?",

"My name is Eric Uzo and i live in Metro-city with my mother. That guy in that picture is Alex Philips, the son of the Philips family", Eric stated.

Lisa stared at him as she held the picture in her hand.

"I got into some kind of a situation that i wouldn't want to tell you about and ended up in the Philips family house", he continued. "Alex is hiding somewhere or possibly still missing or even worse. So i was told by this strange woman to replace him......like impersonating Alex. That explains why Alex seem to change after going missing. Everything you have seen so far, the fighting, the boldness........everything, is not done by Alex because the person is not Alex........i am not Alex".

Lisa stared at him and then burst into a fit of laughter. Eric stared at her and he wasn't surprised. What he just said to her definitely sounds crazy. And him telling her all these things which happens to be the truth with all the words going around in school about him having mental problem will certainly have her convinced that she had being dealing with a deranged person.

"Alex........", she then began with a sigh. "You could have just told me that you are done with me, that you are no longer interested in me.......that you want to break up with me because you are too scared to answer my question".

"Lisa that is the truth i know it sounds crazy.....by the way why are u talking about breaking up?, we are not in a relationship.....we are just friends......right?", Eric asked, really confused and doing more damage.

Lisa shook her head and looked away.

"The funny thing is most guys lie to get into a relationship or to end it which is normal as human beings. I always thought you were different from most guys but you have taken it to a whole new level. And of all the rubbish lies in this world, it is the one only found at the bottom of the barrels of lies that you can come up with", then she looked at Eric. "Alex, i may have thrown myself at you so easily but am not a five year old kid. It will hurt me if you dont want me anymore but it will hurt more if you also think am less than a fool", tears welled up in Lisa's eyes as she stared at Eric.

"Lisa.......am telling you the truth....it sounds crazy for sure but that's the truth", Eric said with regret in his voice. "Even the woman told me to never meet you again but i refused even though i heard she's a dangerous woman.......i could be putting you in danger too", more damages.

Lisa stared at Eric for a while and sighed.

"Alex.......you can leave now", she then said and wiped tears rolling down her cheek. "You should just go........and never ever talk to me again".

Then she started heading back to the mansion in quick paces.

"Lisa wait!.....", Eric said to her and she stopped and looked over her shoulder.

"What?.....", Lisa asked him with a unhappy look on her face.

"I know that I'm the last person you want to see now but you have to listen to me", Eric said. "........those people in that house are not good people, especially that guy called Angel......there is more to that 'having all kinds of fun' and 'group things'........you need to stay away from them".

"Well......maybe that's what i need now......", Lisa said to him. "Maybe i need Angel to help me get alot of things out of my mind......and i will do just like you said, if i wake up to find out about something, then i will deal with it accordingly, that's all".

Then she entered the mansion while Eric stared at her.

Eric stepped out of the compound as the gateman closed the gate behind him and looked around. Then he pulled out his phone from his pocket to make a phone call. Suddenly a black van raced towards him and screeched to a halt beside him as he frozed and stared at it. Then the door slide open and Nina stepped out. She pointed a gun at him and pulled the trigger.



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Mzkismet abeg we're u go hide Show face biko...
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@nellyme...hahahahahaha blood of goat? This one is new to me ooo if they feed Eric the blood of goat will he survive??......anyway happy sunday to you my sister....how is your weekend?

Lolzzz I shouldn't shout d name of d Lord in vain nah so I used d blood of goat...hahahahahaha.
Ma weekend is cool...hope urs is good as well...take care.
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Eric woke up and felt weak, quite weak but not very weak and his head felt several sizes bigger with a throbbing headache. His body was in a sitting position. He knew because of the slight pain he felt in the back of his neck due to the strain caused by his head bending forward. But he couldn't move his arms and legs; like they had been tied to something. Then he slowly opened his eyes but it was dark, he couldn't see anything. He closed his eyes and opened again and still can't see anything. Then he heard a sound and recognized it. The click clack of a female high heels and something being dropped; perhaps on a table.

"Eric...Eric...Eric....", the female voice sang and then started humming in cheery tune.

"Woman, you can see that I'm awake so please take off this blindfold.....atleast let me see what is going on", Eric said.

After a few seconds, the female voice said, "Take off the blindfold.

The black cloth covering Eric's head was taken off and he saw himself in an empty room well lit with a fluorescent light. He looked at the big man in black suit as he dropped the black cloth used For covering his head and went towards the door and manned it. Then he looked to his side and saw Nina standing near a table facing away from him with an open suitcase on the table. He couldn't see it's contents but he could see the hammer and electric drill machine beside it with a pair of rubber gloves. The drill machine power cord was connected to an extension power cord that ran across the room to a power socket on the wall.

Nina looked over her shoulder and smiled at him.

"Nice to meet you again handsome. Did you sleep well?", she asked.

"Am getting really tired of you shooting me up with tranquilizers......and at least put me in bed like you did last time than have me tied up in a chair", Eric said and glanced at the tapes used in tying both his hands and legs.

Then Nina went over to him and hummed the tune as she stared at him.

"Hm.......", she inspected his face gently and smiled when she was done. Then she bend over him and placed her hands on his thighs.

"What are you doing?", he asked her casually.

Nina continue humming as she felt his legs and thighs.

"Hm.....that's good......you have strong muscles in the right places", she then said.

"So does that mean that I'm qualified for whatever it is you about to do to me?", Eric asked intently.

Nina said nothing and went back to the table. She slipped her hands into the rubber gloves and felt the texture. Then she picked up the electric drill machine that had a drilling bit mounted on it and pushed the button. The drill switched on with a whirring sound that filled the whole room. Nina stared at the drilling bit that was spinning too fast and looked at Eric. Her eyes moved from his face down to his knees and she smiled with a wink.

"So.....what the hell is going on here?", Eric asked but Nina said nothing. Then he looked at the big man standing near the door. "Excuse me big guy, can you tell me what is going on because am not sure if this is some kind of a performance or if i am about to be brutally murdered".

The man remained silent.

"Hey big guy.......i know you are not deaf...."

"Not only are you stubborn but you talk too much", Nina said as she switch off the drill machine and placed it on the table after taking out the knife with serrated blade.

"He is not complaining", Eric murmured.

"Yeah....he doesn't complain....he never complains and follows instructions to the last full stop. Unlike you boy".

"Maybe it is because he still pisses himself out of fear even though he is oversized".

"So you are not scared huh?, boy you should be scared ......really scared".

"Scared?........of what you are about to do?, psh!....", Eric smirked. "I'm more scared of dying slowly from one of those strange diseases than a butcher knife wielding woman whose favourite toy is a drilling machine".

"Anyway i gotta commend you on your bravery.....did you know that it was a tranquilizer i was pointing at you instead of a real gun", Nina asked.

"I didn't know that", Eric replied.

"Most guys i have pointed a gun at usually piss themselves and pass out even before the hammer hits the bullet".

"Atleast you have seen that i am not most guys".

Then Nina held both the knife and electric drill and glanced at both of them. As if she was wondering which one to use first.

"Woman am getting bored here.......why don't you just use both of them", Eric suggested. "Then you can drop the first one that seems to be boring".

Hahahahaha.......oh you are really funny", Nina said sarcastically. "So funny that am sure that man over there will like you alot", she said and pointed at the big man. "He might even take you to his house and let you sleep with his girlfriend".

"Oh really?........so where in 'gorilla city' does he and his girlfriend live?", Eric asked.

Nina dropped the knife on the table and came to him with the electric drill. She wasn't smiling again. She stared at Eric with a contemptuous look on her face and then looked at the big man at the door. She nodded at him and he left the room immediately. He came back about 20 seconds later, dragging a woman with him. Her hands were tied behind her. She was Esther, Eric mother.

Eric saw her and frozed as she protested the big man's grip on her arms. Then she saw Eric with Nina standing near him with the drill. Esther shrieked and tried to rush to Eric but the man's powerful grip rendered her immobile.

"Eric!......Eric!!.....let my son go!, you devilish woman!", Esther spat at Nina as she struggled to free herself from the man's grip.

"No woman.......i told you to call him but you refused....which meant that you cared less about him and your stupid and stubborn brat refused to follow my instruction, which meant that he didn't give a damn what happens to you", Nina stated. "So i will have to kill you both. But first i will make you watch while i torture him......but i will leave him conscious enough to watch me kill you before finishing him off".

Then Nina switched on the drill machine and brought the spinning drill bit close to his right knee cap.

"Nina please let my son go!", Esther screamed as Eric remained calm on the chair and stared at Nina.

Nina keep bringing it closer and closer.

"Nina......please let him go, i beg you!".

It fell on deaf ears as the drill was about to pierce through the skin of his knee.

"Nina please!!......he will do exactly whatever you say....please", Esther cried. "Eric will do whatever you want".

Nina heard it and paused. She switched the drill machine off and straightened up. Then she slapped Eric hard across his jaw. And slapped him again, this time harder and the sound of the hit echoed around the room.

"You heard what she said boy?, you are going to do whatever i say.....", Nina barked at him. "You are going to do whatever i want!!", she almost screamed.

Eric said nothing and just stared at her with blood trickling down from his nose. Then Nina dropped the drill machine and looked at Esther.

"She really loves you......so don't disappoint her again. I will be keeping her here with me until we are done", then she looked at Eric. "If you in anyway disobey me......even if tell you to eat by 6 pm and you eat a minute earlier or late, you will get your mother back piece by piece with the glue you will use to stick her back together......do you understand me?!", Nina barked again.

Eric stared at Nina and said nothing.

"Take her away", she ordered the big man.

"Please there is one thing i want to tell my son", Esther began as the big man was about take her out. "Eric......there is something i always wanted to say to you....but i never thought it will be in this situation".

Nina signalled to the man to stop.

"Eric i love you so much but........but am not your real mother.......i..... i stole you from the hospital, Ernest is not even your father...... that's the reason for her blackmailing me.....am sorry", Esther apologized tearfully.

Eric heard it and shook his head. "No......mom stop.......that's not true", he murmured. "You are lying".

"Son i have to tell you this incase anything happens to me........i want to make this confession to you and have your forgiveness......so even if i die, i will die a happy woman".

"No......it is a lie....you are lying mom.....tell me that you are lying". Eric breathing quickened abit.

Then Nina gestured at the big man to take Esther away.

"Aw what a bad day for you.....", Nina said softly as she gently caressed his head. "Atleast mommy still cared for you......hm?", then she bend over and kissed him on his cheek. "So if you want to see her again, you better do what i say", she whispered into his ears. "But if you want her to die, then you can go ahead and do whatever you like.....but in the end i will still kill you....boy".

Then she took the black cloth and covered his head.



Re: Bloodline.......part One[ The Family]. by nellyme(f): 5:58pm On May 24, 2015
Halleluya....Eric is alive...I feel Esther's pain as a mother
Nina is a witch...I hate her...she is tampering with love between a mother and child...even if Esther isn't his biological mother she still has a responsibility towards Eric...
Kudos....waiting for more...
Re: Bloodline.......part One[ The Family]. by JOSH002(m): 8:46pm On May 24, 2015
dis write up is really intrestin, waitin 4 more updates

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Re: Bloodline.......part One[ The Family]. by motawlahnee(f): 12:19pm On May 25, 2015
Hmmmmmnnnn... Getting more interesting

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