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Lost Of Virginity; An Early Mistake by Kelvin3028(m): 2:48am On Apr 26, 2015
Okay, here is something I have been working on in the last 6 years, I started writing this since 2009 and after so many deleting, re-editing, incorporating of new ideas and all the likes, I can finally boldly say that its now close to perfection (though still not perfect) so don't hesitate to pass your correction any time...
Note: I have always been so fascinated with the English life, the way they speak and all the likes, that is why I wrote this basically in foreign tone... I know that I also stand to gain from it if this work gains recognition in UK... Enough of all this talks, here is the prologue.

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Re: Lost Of Virginity; An Early Mistake by Brymo: 6:50am On Apr 26, 2015
we pray it's a blockbuster.
Re: Lost Of Virginity; An Early Mistake by Queening: 1:31pm On Apr 26, 2015
Ride on op
Re: Lost Of Virginity; An Early Mistake by Nobody: 3:07pm On Apr 26, 2015
Re: Lost Of Virginity; An Early Mistake by Missmossy(f): 5:10pm On Apr 26, 2015
Following grin
Re: Lost Of Virginity; An Early Mistake by stonecoldcafe: 5:27pm On Apr 26, 2015
Deleting, re-editing? Why not look at your title again. Anticipating this one though...

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Re: Lost Of Virginity; An Early Mistake by D9ty7(m): 8:29pm On Apr 26, 2015
In the last six years you have been editing, deleting and re-editing the body of your story, but hey! You failed to look at the head.
The title should be; Loss of Virginity; an early mistake and not Lost of Virginity; and early mistake.
Take no offence with my manner of approach.

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Re: Lost Of Virginity; An Early Mistake by Kelvin3028(m): 12:03am On Apr 28, 2015
I walked out of the bathroom and began
to slowly make my way down the narrow
hallway. My hands were tucked deep into
the pockets of my little pink pajama
pants in an attempt to keep my fingers
warm. The night air was chilly and as I
silently made my way back to my
bedroom I couldn't sway my mind away
from the thought of sliding back under
the warmth of my plush blanket. I was
only sporting a tiny little black tank top
and already I was starting to feel the
goose bumps rising up on my arms.
The house was silent. The only noises
were the sounds of the wind howling
fiercely outside the window and my
older brother's epic snoring echoing
down the hallway. My parents were away
for the weekend, gone on some major
golf tournament, which left the house to
me and my brother. Not that it was much
of a surprise, being left unsupervised
was the norm as my parents were hardly
ever home. If they weren't away for golf
then it was business or another vacation,
either way they were really only home a
few days a month.
Before they departed, they had left
implicit instructions that we were not
allowed to have any friends over.
Naturally, my brother decided to rebel
against my parent's authority and invite
his utterly hot friend over for the night. I
honestly didn't mind the eye candy and
my parents would be none the wiser.
Also, it didn't hurt that the guy was
unbelievably sexy and one of the most
popular guys at our school, Crowns High.
I couldn't help but stare at him with
quiet reverence and awe every time I
saw him, even though he barely even
acknowledged my existence.
As I reached my bedroom door I turned
the knob and walked into my warm and
cozy bedroom. My heart skipped a beat
and my breath was caught in my chest as
I realized there was someone sitting on
my bed. It took me a moment to realize
who it was as relief washed over me. It
was only Adams, my brother's friend.
He was wearing a pair of black and red
plaid pajama pants with a tight white
muscle shirt. I could see every perfectly
chiseled muscle through the thin fabric
of his shirt, which instantly caused me to
breathe in sharply. His tousled brown
hair was about an inch long and stood up
on all ends, indicating he had probably
been tossing and turning in bed for
Then suddenly the relief transformed
itself into mild confusion. I mean, sure, I
was relieved that it was Adams in my
bedroom and not some creepy stranger
danger crawling in through the window,
but I thought to myself, 'what was Adams
Brown doing in my bedroom?'
"A-Adams?" I stuttered as I took a few
more brave steps into my bedroom. "W-
what are you doing in here?"
And there it was, my very first words
ever spoken to this demi-god, Adams
Brown. Although Adams had been my
brother's friend for years I had never
exchanged any sort of verbal dialogue
with him before. Hell, I'd never really
spoken to any of the student body at
Crowns High.
"I couldn't sleep," he finally replied.
I frowned, my eyebrows raised in
confusion. "So you decided you come
into my bedroom?"
"Well, I wanted to come see you," he
answered quietly as he stood up and
began to walk toward me.
Instantly, I felt my heart begin to beat
more rapidly and my palms begin to get
"M-me?" I asked, still completely dazed
and somewhat confused. I mean why
would he want to see me? Adams was
two years older than me and completely
out of my league. "But why me?" He took
one last step that brought him only
inches away from me. "I can't get you out
of my mind, Jane," he whispered near
my ear. His hand reached toward me as
his fingers traced along the outline of my
face. The second his rough skin brushed
against my cheek a shiverof of desire ran
down my spine.
I stood there completely stunned
speechless as I continued to just stare
into his deep brown eyes. My heart
continued to thump until it was racing at
an abnormal and unhealthy rate. I
wondered if it was possible to have a
heart attack at my age.

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Re: Lost Of Virginity; An Early Mistake by Kelvin3028(m): 12:05am On Apr 28, 2015
Re: Lost Of Virginity; An Early Mistake by Kelvin3028(m): 12:26am On Apr 28, 2015
"Jane" he began to speak in this whispery
deep voice. He placed both his hands
onto my hips before pulling me closer to
him. "I can't explain the way you make
me feel."
"I-I...uh, b-but you...I'm not, uh." I
stuttered, not being able to even
remotely turn any of my words into a
coherent sentence.
"Shhhh," he whispered. "Don't say
He pulled me even closer to him as he
lowered his head and lifted my chin.
Before I even had a chance to
comprehend what was happening, he
pressed his lips gently against mine. At
first my eyes grew completely wide. This
was nothing compared to what I had
imagined my first kiss would be like.
Somehow it seemed far better now that
it was actually happening!
Merely a second later the shock of him
kissing me had subsided and my lips
instantly began to move in unison with
his. He gently glided his hands under my
bottom and picked me up as my legs
wrapped around his pelvis. He pulled me
into a tighter embrace, our lips stuck
together like magnets to metal.
Adams began to walk us toward my bed
as I felt his tongue slowly invade its way
into my mouth. He began to draw circles
on my tongue with his. He tasted sweet
and tangy. Instantaneously, my whole
body began to melt as the hunger to
continue overpowered any sensible
thoughts I might have had
of stopping. I eagerly wrapped my arms
around his
neck and pulled him in closer as I
deepened the kiss. I
felt him grinning against my mouth and
he emitted a
small giggle as he gently laid me down
on my bed.
Slowly, he began to move on top of me
while pressing
his body harder against mine.
He rested one hand on the bed to hold
up as his other hand went under my tank
top and
slowly began to massage my breasts. His
cold hand
touching my warm breasts brought a
delighted shiver
down my spine as I arched my back and
loudly against his mouth.
Adams then broke the kiss and brushed
his lips
against my chin before going down my
neck and
toward my collar bone, leaving a line of
tingles in its
place. We both began to breath heavier
as our cravings
for each other grew stronger.
He brought both of his hands down to
bottom of my shirt. Panicked, I quickly
forced my arms
down toward his wrist and was about to
stop him. But
his lips then found my neck, which
caused my arms to
grow slack. I sucked in my breath
enjoying the
sensations of his lips against my skin and
before I
knew it, he had slid my shirt right off of
I watched him as he sat up and pulled his
shirt off. My hands seemed to have a
mind of their own
as they reached up and rubbed his bare


Re: Lost Of Virginity; An Early Mistake by pretydiva(f): 5:32pm On Apr 28, 2015
Following..buh don't u fink it's rather 2 sudden 4 all dis. I mean dey ve never really had d tym 2 talk one on one


Re: Lost Of Virginity; An Early Mistake by Brymo: 9:31pm On Apr 28, 2015
Following..buh don't u fink it's rather 2 sudden 4 all dis. I mean dey ve never really had d tym 2 talk one on one
things worse than this happens evryday. The world is runnig out of IDeas.


Re: Lost Of Virginity; An Early Mistake by Brymo: 9:33pm On Apr 28, 2015
Following..buh don't u fink it's rather 2 sudden 4 all dis. I mean dey ve never really had d tym 2 talk one on one
things worse than this happens evryday. The world is runnig out of IDeas. A gal would go down for anytin. Fantasies all wind up in her brain. I'm sure u do read all these diaries in NL.


Re: Lost Of Virginity; An Early Mistake by Kelvin3028(m): 8:54pm On Apr 29, 2015
CONTINUATION.... Slowly, my hands began to work their way down to his eight- pack. He came back down toward me, his mouth finding its way back to my breasts before slowly making his way down my stomach stopping at my navel and moving lower still. Every time his soft lips touched my skin a feeling of erotic pleasure would soar through my body. I could feel him begin to pull down my pajama bottoms, but paid no attention to it. I was so lost in the feelings and sensations of his lips against my skin. Suddenly, I could feel the cold breeze against my bare legs as I glanced down and noticed both of us were lying on my bed completely naked. For the second time since we started this alternate reality, a jolt of fear pierced through my body. I felt like a wanton woman losing control and not wanting it to stop. I only had thoughts of Adams and his warm, wet mouth and soft lips on my body and this primal aching need. He must have noticed my sudden change of mood because he came closer to me and brushed my hair out of my face. "Are you okay?" He whispered. His breathing was loud and uneven. His eyes shone with sexual energy as he looked deep into mine. "I-I've never done this before," I replied with a whisper. I looked back at him and my pupils began to dilate from desire. My heart continued to thump even more rapidly inside my chest. One question continued to circulate through my mind, what was I doing? It felt as if someone had possessed my body and I no longer held any control over my limbs. The unimaginable feelings Adams was awakening inside me had completely taken control, leaving me vulnerable to each touch. Adams continued to look at me while his breathing grew even more ragged. He pressed his lips gently against mine instantly causing my body to grow weaker. His mouth then found its way to my neck as instant tingles shot through my body. "You have nothing to be afraid of." Adams then moved on top of me, placing his body between my legs. My heart was racing a million miles an hour out of excitement, fear, and pleasure. I had never had sex before. Well, truthfully I've never even come close, probably because I was only sixteen and never had an actual boyfriend. I wanted to tell him to stop, that I wasn't ready and that this wasn't the way I wanted my first time to be. Every time I would open my mouth trying to protest, trying to tell him no, I couldn't. The only sound that left my lips was a loud muffled moan of sheer and utter pleasure. I knew there was no stopping him, no matter how much I wanted him to stop-I couldn't manage to get myself to say anything. My body was in complete disagreement with my mind. The pleasure principle overruled the logic of my mind. I opened my eyes, finally realizing that Adams was watching me with concern masking his face. "Do you want me to stop?" He asked. My mind was screaming YES ! but when I looked up at Adams this sudden need for acceptance pierced through me. Adams was very well known at my high school while I was nobody. I was just some loner-girl who didn't have even one friend. And as I laid there on my bed with Adams Brown lying on top of me, actually wanting me, actually acknowledging my existence I couldn't seem to say no to him. It should have been so easy. After all it was just one small word, three letters, and one syllable. All I had to say was 'Yes, yes I want you to stop!' . But I couldn't do it. My sudden need for his acceptance, for his approval overpowered my own morals and integrity. I finally closed my eyes and softly shook my head. "No," I said softly. "Don't stop."


Re: Lost Of Virginity; An Early Mistake by Kelvin3028(m): 8:58pm On Apr 29, 2015
Following..buh don't u fink it's rather 2 sudden 4 all dis. I mean dey ve never really had d tym 2 talk one on one
Thanks for ur comment, the thing is, the whole story is all about what happened here in chapter one...so its not really too early.
Re: Lost Of Virginity; An Early Mistake by Brymo: 11:22am On Apr 30, 2015
mo grease brother
Re: Lost Of Virginity; An Early Mistake by Kelvin3028(m): 5:05pm On May 01, 2015
Chapter 2 to come next when I get a comment of approval for me to continue
Re: Lost Of Virginity; An Early Mistake by Nobody: 9:56pm On May 01, 2015
Kelvin3028 Have you tried Wikinut yet? Write about whatever you like and get paid royalties - http://www.wikinut.com/in/ujjgfg/
Re: Lost Of Virginity; An Early Mistake by Galaxdiva(f): 11:59am On May 07, 2015
Mehn... I jst tried to picture d scenerio... Lol... Dat awkward moment wen NO is d right word to say and it seems all ur energy has failed u... I knw d feeling... It takes God's grace to overcome... Mehn,love ur style of writing tho.... Continue!.... I guess av seen D9ty7 here,although,he only gave corrections...
Kelv,oya update!


Re: Lost Of Virginity; An Early Mistake by Galaxdiva(f): 12:04pm On May 07, 2015
Since d story centres on what happened in chapter1,gues d story name shud be "Mistakes of my first time........

Anyway,apart frm nt correcting d mistake in d title,i tink d story is not bad....


Re: Lost Of Virginity; An Early Mistake by Calmdove(f): 9:19pm On May 09, 2015
Chapter 2 to come next when I get a comment of approval for me to continue
approved! Continue...
Re: Lost Of Virginity; An Early Mistake by Galaxdiva(f): 4:27pm On May 30, 2015
Kelvin3028,we don approve d story naa,come n update
Re: Lost Of Virginity; An Early Mistake by Kelvin3028(m): 6:32pm On Jun 02, 2015


The next morning, I had woken up to the
morning breeze hitting my naked body.

began to force
my eyes open as I soon came to realize I was lying on
my bed completely naked. The sun was
brightly through my bedroom window,
which forced me
to squint. Instantly an image of Adams
flashed through
my mind.

I hurriedly glanced at the other side of
my bed,
only to find that the spot he had fallen
asleep in was
now cold and empty. His clothes that
were once
strewn on the floor were now gone,
erasing all
physical evidence that he was in my
bedroom last

For a second I thought that maybe last
had just been a figment of my overactive

I stood up to my feet and pain shot
through my body. A
tenderness which began at my...down
stairs area,
confirming that I did indeed lose my
virginity last

I reached down and picked up my
bottoms off the floor and quickly pulled
them on.

I then
reached for my black tank top that was
lying on my
bed and pulled it on over my head. I
knew that my
memory of last night couldn’t have been
a dream. But
the mystery regarding Adams'
disappearance forced
me to abandon the comfort of my bed.

My first thought was that he would be
downstairs in the kitchen, possibly
getting some
breakfast or grabbing a cup of coffee.
Following the
only explain able possibility there was, I left my
bedroom and headed toward the stairs.

Once I reached
the bottom stair, I continued to walk
through the foyer
and into the kitchen. Relief washed over
me when I noticed the refrigerator was open and
that there was a
tall figure standing on the other side of
the door.
All I could see was their brown hair.
Relief and excitement had taken full
reign over
my body.

Though, it disappeared just as
quickly as the
door closed revealing my brother, Trent.

In his hands
was a jug of orange juice, a plate with
pancakes, a
bowl of cereal and a bacon and egg
sandwich. My
brother was one of those lucky people
with a
metabolism that would allow him to
constantly eat and
not gain a pound. I hated him for it!
"Where's Adams?" I asked, walking over
to him
and grabbing the orange juice. He tried
to grab it
back, almost dropping all of his food in
the process.

Finally, he decided it was probably best
to put his arm
full of food down first.
"He went home," Richard said casually as
placed all his food down on the kitchen
table. "Why?"
He questioned me.
I could feel panic begin to set in as I took
lid off the orange juice and began to
chug it right out
of the jug.
It took a couple of seconds before I could
my voice. "I don't know, just didn't see
him this morning," I lied. My stomach
began to twist and turn
causing a sharp pain to emerge deep
inside my gut. I
had to concentrate hard on not allowing
the tears in my eyes to fall.
All I could think about was how he used
How he came to my bedroom, had sex
with me and left me alone. How he took
my virginity from me like it was
nothing important. He didn't even have
the decency to wait until I woke up
before he left. No, he didn’t do
any of these things, instead he crept
away in the
middle of the night or whenever he left,
like I was
some one night stand. Like I was some
slut he picked
up at a party!
"Yah, he seemed to be in some kind of
this morning," Trent said, interrupting
my thoughts. I
looked up at him just as he started
inhaling his food.
"Orange juice," he mumbled between
mouthfuls while
pointing to the jug.
I passed it over to him while watching in
disgust as he then took a couple of swigs
out of the
jug. I couldn’t help but think about the
amount of food
that was probably being spat back into
the juice jug.
"Yah, he looked like he saw a ghost or
something. He looked pretty freaked out
this morning."
Trent finally managed to say once he
swallowed his
"Oh," I barely whispered out. I felt like
had just ripped my heart out and was
now stomping
on it, jumping up and down.
But honestly, what did I expect? Adams
was one of the most popular guys at my
school. Every girl wants him, has had
him, has been used by him or will
never have him. I'm only in grade ten, a
He’s a senior and not just any senior, but
a very popular one. Obviously, he
realized the mistake he had
made and had no choice but to run away.
I was definitely not the prettiest girl in
school or even the
prettiest in my grade. I was nothing, a no
I was Richard's annoying little sister and
was all I'd ever be. It was stupid and
naive of me to
think anything was going to happen
between me and
Adams. But, even so, the fact that I had
given up my
virginity so easily forced me to run to my
bedroom, fall
on my bed and bawl my eyes out in
disappointment and shame.



Re: Lost Of Virginity; An Early Mistake by Kelvin3028(m): 6:48pm On Jun 02, 2015
NOTE: am so sorry I have been off for so long, I thought no one was reading but when I saw the 'wait', am motivated to continue... Pls beware that This book is on copyright.



The rest of my weekend had been
extremely boring
and mainly full of reading and re-reading
books that I
had taken out from the library. When I
wasn't reading, I
was generally stalking my brother around
the house. I
would eaves drop on his conversations
over the phone
and spy on him hanging out with his
friends outside.
On more than one occasion I had asked
him where
Adams was and what he was up to.
Apparently, Richard hadn't heard from
him since
he fled our house on Saturday morning.
It was now the
beginning of a new week, Monday,
meaning I had to go
to school today and also that I had to see
My heart was racing as I got ready for
pulling on a pair of black skinny jeans
and a big pink
sweater with snoopy on it. I reached for
my Batman
backpack and headed down stairs.
"Hurry up, Jane!" My brother called from
front door, "Or I'm leaving without you
and you'll have to walk!"
I ran down the stairs and followed
Richard through the door and toward his
bright red '72 Chevy
pick-up. Sure his truck was old, a classic,
but it was
completely rebuilt from its engine to its
body. It probably looked better today
than it did in 1972.
I jumped into the passenger seat as
Richard jumped into the driver's seat
before starting up the
engine. He drove down the road and
headed toward Kevin's house. He pulled
over to the side of the street
and parked. I scooted over into the
middle of the truck as Kevin jumped in
beside me.
"Hey Dude!" He called over to Richard,
"You missed a pretty sweet party this
weekend. Rebecca went swimming
"Hey Kev," Richard laughed, "Yah,
Michael was telling me about it, heard
there was quite a bit of sluts there."
"Oh dude, you don't even know!" Kevin
while slapping his knee in excitement.
I just sat there staring out the window as
my brother began to drive. This was my
life, always surrounded by people talking
about their oh-so exciting weekends,
whilst mine is always the exact
Kevin continued, "Jessica and Tiffany
were all
over Adams again, I mean stripping for
him, making-out with each other and lap
At the mention of Adams' name my head
snapped up and I looked toward Kevin,
my heart racing like crazy. Adams came
to my house Friday night, took
my virginity and then went out partying?!
I had this feeling that he, most likely, did
stuff with all those swanky girls and
completely forgot about me! I could
feel a knot begin to form inside my
"Did...Adams do anything with them?" I
asked with a shaky voice.
Kevin turned to look at me as his eyes
grew wide with shock. "Holy crap, she
talks?!" The blond-haired boy teased. He
reached over and rubbed the top
of my head like I was a fluffy little lap
dog, "Hey Richard's little sister, barely
even noticed you there!"
It was so annoying how they never paid
attention to my existence. I mean Kevin
knew my
name, he had known me for ten years
and still he
referred to me as 'Richard's Little Sister'
'I mean, just because you are good
looking, play
sports and have the girls falling all over
you does not
give you permission to be such a stuck up
prick!' I
thought angrily to myself while wishing I
was actually
brave enough to say that to him.
Unfortunately though, that was just how
all my
brother's friends were. They were the
popular kids-a part of the in-crowd and I
was a ghost. I had no label;
not a jock or a cheerleader, not a geek or
an emo, not a punk or a bad-ass. I was
nothing, a label-less loner
who walked around with no group to fit
"No actually," he finally answered my
question before turning his attention
back to Richard, "Which is weird. Tiffany
and Jessica were pretty much begging
for him to notice them and yet, he
denied them. He's been acting pretty
weird lately."
"You've noticed that too?" Richard asked,
"He stayed at my place Friday night and
then ran off in the morning without even
so much as a 'see ya later' . He
walked right passed me and just took
"Well, whatever his problem is, he had
better get his head out of his ass before
the game against the Whiskers this
"No doubt." Richard agreed.
I reached for my batman backpack and
hugged it tightly against my chest. Even
though I knew nothing was going to
happen between Adams and me
and even though I knew he was a
dumbass, it was rather comforting
knowing that he didn't do anything
with Jessica and Tiffany. Who, I might
add, are the
most popular girls at my school.
"Batman and Snoopy? What are you
Kevin teased me while pointing toward
my backpack and then at my sweater.
"Hey dude, leave my sis alone." Richard
butted in.
"I was only teasing her." Kevin smirked.
"Well don't." My brother's face was
completely serious, in overprotective
mode as we pulled up to the
school and parked in our usual spot.
"Sorry man."
"Don't say sorry to me, say it to my little
Although my brother and I come from
totally different worlds at school and
hang with completely
different crowds (and by that I mean he
actually hung
out with a crowd) Richard has always
made it his job to watch over and protect
me. That was probably one of
the main reasons why all of the popular
people paid
no attention to me. I wasn't cool enough
to hang out with them, though; they also
couldn't tease or bully
me because of my brother. So, instead,
they choose to ignore me altogether.
"Sorry, Richard's little sister." He said.
I simply rolled my eyes and jumped out
of the truck after him.
"Whatever." I muttered rudely. ' Talk
about the worst apology ever !' I thought
to myself. I waved
good-bye to my brother and then headed
up toward
the school.
The bell rang, indicating it was now lunch
time. I slowly began to pick up my books
from my
desk. I was eager to get out of history
class because,
honestly, history was by far the most
boring class
there was. But, what I hated more than
History was
lunch time.
"Don't forget to read through pages
five to thirty tonight. Also, I'd like
everyone's papers
on the Great Depression on my desk by
tomorrow morning!" Mr. Colney called
out to everyone as they
scurried out of class. I lingered back, not
in any hurry
to get to the library. I was almost a
hundred percent sure that everyone at
Crowns High, except me, looked
forward to lunch time.
Lunch was the time of day I hated the
most because I sat alone and read for
the entire hour. Every day, lunch time
reminded me of what a complete loner
I was.
I walked down the hallway and headed
the library. I still had to take back the
four books I had
taken out for the weekend.
I was about ten feet away from the
library when a door
suddenly opened up in my face. A hand
reached out
from the darkened room and grabbed
onto my arm. I
felt my body being pulled through the
doorway against
my will. I didn't have a chance to even
think about
what was happening and once the door
everything went black. Someone had
pulled me into
what I figured was the janitor's closet.
The lights were
off and I couldn't manage to see who the
was. Fear was beginning to work its way
through my
body as my heart began to pound loudly
inside my
"H-He-Hello...?" I stuttered, speaking
into the



Re: Lost Of Virginity; An Early Mistake by lovelygurl(f): 9:42pm On Jun 02, 2015
I love this story! Pls don't stop, I love it! More ink to ur pen cheesy
Re: Lost Of Virginity; An Early Mistake by Opracus(f): 1:25pm On Jun 03, 2015
Nice one,abeg cum nd update
Re: Lost Of Virginity; An Early Mistake by Kelvin3028(m): 7:24pm On Jun 03, 2015


My heart rate began to accelerate faster
with each silent second until suddenly,
with a blinding feeling, a light flickered
on. I looked around the room curious as
to where I was. There was a bucket and
mop in the corner, shelves full of
cleaning supplies and a huge variety of
different sized brooms. All these objects
combined only proved my suspicions
correct. I had, in fact, been pulled into
the janitor's closet.
' Well, now that I've figured out the
'where,' it's
time for the 'who' and the 'why?'' I
thought to myself
as I began to look around.
I turned my attention to the shadowy
form in the corner of the closet. I
reached behind me picking up the first
object my hands closed around just in
case this mystery person's plans were
unfriendly. The first thing my hands fell
upon was a bottle of Windex which I
decided to abandon because, honestly,
what was I going to do with Windex, clean
him to death?
The next thing my fingers wrapped
around was a duster in which I actually
decided to keep because it had a good-
sized wooden handle.
l "Who are you?" I demanded trying to
keep my voice even while attempting to
sound intimidating, however, failing
horribly. I watched as the shadowy figure
started walking toward me. I tightened
my grip on the duster,preparing to swing
mightily, but then the light shined down
on him, revealing who he was.
I felt my hands open up as the duster fell
to the ground; I stared at Adams in
disbelief. I heard the duster hit the floor
and yet it sounded miles away, far off in
the distance. All my fear then
disappeared and was replaced by a state
of shock. I stood there unable to move,
completely bewildered as to why he was
here or, more importantly, why he had
pulled me into the closet?
"Look...Jane, I need to apologise." He
spoke softly as he took another step
toward me with his hand held out.
The thought of him leaving me alone
Saturday morning finally snapped me out
of my startled daze.
Not to mention the fact that he had
never even attempted to call me all
weekend and how he left me hanging
with no explanation.
I raised my right hand and slapped him
as hard as I could across the face:
Three times in quick succession while
tears of rage and humiliation blinded
I watched in satisfaction as his eyes
bulged out of their sockets before he
used his left hand to rub the red welts on
his cheek.
"I guess I deserved that..." he replied.
Using my left hand this time, I raised it
and with every ounce of strength I could
summon, I smacked him hard on the
other cheek. I watched as his head
turned to the side from the force of my
I know I may have gone to crazy-town , I
mean it's not like we were dating or had
any commitment towards each other,
much less a relationship. Either way, any
guy who is rude enough to take a girl's
virginity and then skulk off into the night
while she's sleeping, deserves what he
gets, if not more.
I looked up at him, both his cheeks had
welts and the muscles in his jaw
pulsated. It almost looked as if he had
been stuck outside in the middle of
hammatan for an entire day.
"Why did you leave me like that?" I asked
angrily, "How could you do that to me?!"
My voice grew louder and angrier by the
He lowered his head in shame, staring at
the ground before he began to speak;
"I'm sorry Jane..."
He began, "It's just, I've...Well, I've never
slept with anyone before."
"That is such a lie! You've slept with lots
of girls!" I was so furious that he had the
nerve to stand there and lie straight to
my face.
"No, Jane I haven't." He repeated, "Sure
I've had sex with a few girls but I've
never actually slept in a bed with them.
When I woke up in the morning with my
arms around you...I freaked, I got scared
and ran away. I didn't know what else to
"Oh yah? And you didn't even have the
decency to call me?"
"I figured you didn't want to talk to me,"
He finally lifted his head and looked into
my eyes, "I couldn't get you out of my
head all weekend...I just had to see you
He reached up with his hand as he placed
his fingers under my chin in an attempt
to lift my head up.
The second his fingers touched my skin,
tingles shot through my body as my
breathing began to quicken. I stared back
hard, trying to read his eyes and see
through his lies, yet all of his body
language screamed sincerity and
He took another step closer to me and I
could feel his breath against my face. His
hand left my chin as both of his arms
wrapped around my waist. My stomach
began to flip around as I felt my body
heating up.
I watched his face inch closer to mine
until I felt his lips lightly brush against
my own, tentatively, as if asking
permission. It was as if some sex-crazed-
nymphomaniac had then taken over my
body. I wrapped my arms hastily around
his neck and forced his body hard against
mine as our kiss began to deepen. I felt
his arms tighten around my waist until
both our bodies were intertwined leaving
no space in between.
His hands began to roam up every inch
of my body which left no place
untouched. In that same moment I
buried my fingers under his shirt and
tugged on the back of his head. My body
was vibrating in the satisfaction of his
touch; never had I imagined something
that could feel so indefinably pleasing.
Finally, I pulled my arms back as I rested
them on his chest and, with all my
strength; I pushed him away forcefully,
nearly causing him to tumble over. He
caught his balance just in time to look up
at me as I reached down to the bottom
of my sweater and pulled it up over my
head. His eyes narrowed before
lightening up in excitement. He then
pulled off his shirt and revealed his
perfect rippling eight-pack.
He quickly came back to me as he began
ripping off my shirt and then my bra;
leaving both of our torsos completely
naked. He began to feel up my body
again, only this time, with his lips. An
unbearable sensation exploded through
my body as my patience seemed to be
holding on by barely a thread. I couldn't
handle the pre-intimacy for even one more
second as the ineffable memory of last
time continued to flash across my mind.
I was just in the process of unbuttoning
his jeans when he froze.
"What-are-you-" I tried to speak between
gasps but his hand covered my mouth
quickly forcing me into silence.
That's when I heard the keys jingling on
the other side of the door. I pushed
Adams out of the way as I reached to the
floor in attempt to grab my clothes.
Adams did the same as we both
continued banging into each other and
the shelves; knocking over brooms and
mops and spilling bottles of cleaning
supplies. All in an attempt to quickly put
our clothes back on.
"Who's in there?!" I heard an old,
scratchy voice yell through the door. The
sound of a dead bolt clicking open
reached my ears the same second I
pulled my sweater on and fell to my
bottom with a crash.
The door swung open exposing Mr.
Clinton the school janitor. He was tall
and bony and probably in his sixties. He
had a shag of white hair with a long
matching beard and kind of resembled a
really skinny Santa Claus.
He looked at Adams who was standing by
the shelves fully dressed with a little
smirk on his face.
Then, he turned his glance down to me
(who was sitting in a pool of spilled
cleaners, hair in a tangled mess on my
head and my sweater inside out!).
"Oh you kids!" Mr Clinton said, shooing
us out of the closet. "You crazy kids, with
all your hormones going nutty inside
you. You're always running around
finding little hiding spots to smooch
together." His voice was scratchy as if
he'd been smoking all his life.
I got up off the floor, instantly realizing
my butt was soaked from the cleaners
that had been knocked over.
We managed to walk out of the closet
with some dignity, both of us holding in
our laughter.
"This is my closet, if you want to
go...go...smooching each other, then go
find some other place." He continued to
talk, "Out, Out!"
The second me and Adams were out of
the closet we began to run down the
deserted hallways.
Everyone was either still in the cafeteria
or outside basking in the sun. I could
hear Mr. Clinton mumbling something
about kids these days and sex before
Once Adams and I were out of Mr.
Clinton's sight leaned against the wall and
began erupting in laughter. I slid down
the locker behind me and fell to the
floor as he did the same.
"grin-did You-" Adams tried speaking
between his laughter. "Did you s-see Mr.
Clinton's fa-face!"
My laughter rose higher as the image of
Mr. Clinton's expression ran through my
mind. He looked completely shocked and
even a bit disgusted.
"Yah-" I tried talking this time. I was
laughing so hard that I had to put my
hand on Adams' shoulder to try and keep
myself balanced. "Look a-at my bu-butt!"
I laughed, "I fe-fell in the pu-puddle!"
Adams' laugh then roared louder, "and
m-my swe-sweater is on inside ou-out!"
"Ewww!" A girl's voice interrupted our
I looked up and saw Tabitha glaring down
at us with Tiffany on her left side and on
her right was Jessica. The trio of Malibu
Barbies stared at me in disgust. Their
faces scrunched up, marring their
features and their perfectly applied
Tabitha continued speaking, "Adams,
what are you doing?"
Adams jumped up to his feet as his face
flushed red. It was almost as if he was
embarrassed to be seen with me.
I felt my heart sink.
"Nothing!" he said while not even
glancing my way, "Wow, its class time
already. I should probably go!" Without
so much as a peek over at me, he ran
down the hall and left me sitting there
all by myself.
The moment Adams had disappeared
around a corner, Tabitha crouched down
closer to me and began to speak again
with so much venom in her voice; "Look
girl, I don't care if you're Richard's little
sister or not, Adams is mine so you'd
better stay away from him!"
"He's not yours!" Both Tiffany and Jessica
in unison.
"Excuse me!" Tabitha said turning her
attention to them, "Did you not see the
way he completely ignored you two at the party?
Give it up already!"
With that, she tossed her mane in the air
began to walk down the hallway. Tiffany
and Jessica
stood there for a second, staring blankly
at the wall,
before turning around and running after
That left me sitting on the floor soaking
feeling completely embarrassed and
ashamed by my
stupidity and, once again, alone.


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Re: Lost Of Virginity; An Early Mistake by Kelvin3028(m): 7:28pm On Jun 03, 2015
Thank you all for ur comments... Opracus, lovelygurl et al...
Re: Lost Of Virginity; An Early Mistake by zeisha(f): 8:00pm On Jun 03, 2015
Beautiful work Kelvin...
More grease to your elbow..

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Re: Lost Of Virginity; An Early Mistake by Calmdove(f): 8:04pm On Jun 03, 2015
Wow! Tnks 4 updating after a long time

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Re: Lost Of Virginity; An Early Mistake by lovelygurl(f): 8:35pm On Jun 03, 2015
I could only imagine d old man's face, lol! grin

Don't give up Kelvin, d more u update d more readers nd coments u get

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