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Re: Learn More About Online, Digital And Social Media Marketing Here. by MrPristine: 5:29pm On Jun 11, 2015
Konga.com is a Nigerian electronic commerce company founded in 2012 with headquarters in Yaba, Lagos. It offers a third-party online marketplace, as well as first-party direct retail spanning various categories including consumer electronics, fashion, home appliances, books, children's items, and personal care products.

Konga was founded in July 2012 by Sim Shagaya, with 20 staff.[2] Shortly after launching in 2012, Konga raised a $3.5 million seed round from Investment AB Kinnevik.[3] The site initially functioned as a Lagos-only online retailer focused on merchandise in the Baby, Beauty, and Personal Care categories, but broadened its scope to all of Nigeria in December 2012 and gradually expanded merchandise categories through 2012 and 2013.[4]

In early 2013, Konga raised a $10 million Series A round from Investment AB Kinnevik and Naspers. In Q2 2013, Konga beta-tested 'Konga Mall,' opening up the Konga platform to third-party retailers and moving away from a pure first-party online retail model.[5] In late 2013, Konga finalized a $25 million Series B round from previous investors, Investment AB Kinnevik and Naspers, the largest single round raised by a single African startup at the time.[6] On November 29, 2013, Konga.com crashed and remained offline for 45 minutes as a result of unprecedented traffic stemming from its Black Friday promotion.[7][8][9] Konga sold more during the first six hours of the promotion than it did in the prior month.[10]

Konga officially launched its third-party retail platform in the first half of 2014, rebranding it as 'Marketplace' from 'Konga Mall'; by the end of 2014, Konga's Marketplace featured 8,000 merchants, beating internal targets of 1,000 merchants eight-fold.[11] Konga received USD $3.5 million worth of orders during its 2014 Black Friday promotion, compared to USD $300,000 during the promotion in the previous year.[10] Konga reportedly grew 2014 revenue 450% from 2013.[12] In late 2014, Konga finalized a $40 million Series C round from Investment AB Kinnevik and Naspers, the largest single round raised by a single African startup to date.[13] Despite reports that Naspers acquired 50% of Konga in 2013,[14][15] publicly-traded Naspers disclosed that its stake in Konga after the October 2014 Series C investment was 40.22%.[16] Konga was reportedly valued at approximately $200 million as of the Series C.[17]

In January 2015, Konga was ranked as the most visited Nigerian website by Alexa Internet.[18] According to CEO Sim Shagaya, Konga "leads the field in Nigeria today [early 2015] in Gross Merchandise Value," a metric measuring the total value of merchandise sold through a particular marketplace.[19]


The marketing model of Konga is roughly the same as Jumia who happens to be their closest rivals, so kindly refer to to marketing procedure for Jumia above to learn how to take advantage of them to market your goods or services.
Re: Learn More About Online, Digital And Social Media Marketing Here. by MrPristine: 10:26am On Jun 15, 2015

Like Jumia and Konga, dealdey is also an online store but it has a little difference to it. As the name implies they are more into 'Deals' their main selling point being ridiculously low prices. If you are looking for a regular platform to make sales on for your business dealdey might not be ideal but if you just want to promote your business, create awareness for it and increase your customer base dealdey is were you want to me.

Their strategy is to offer products and services at ridiculously low prices for a limited time period(normally one week) and market it agressively through their established channels(e-mails, google adwords & facebook). According to dealdey insiders, they have over a million people on their mailing list so you can be rest assured that if dealdey agrees to promote you, you would definitely reach your target market if they have online presence.

Another thing that is worthy of note is that these popular online stores also spend a lot of money on internet marketing to sell the goods and services they offer on their platforms. In my opinion they are a case study on how to succeed in internet marketing because of their consistency, marketing budget, reliability, credibility and ease of doing business with them. A point to note is that building a good reputation for your self and credibility is very critical to success in internet marketing as most people are very careful as to who they deal with over the internet because of the high level of fraud in our society. So to succeed you must ensure you build a good reputation for your self.
Re: Learn More About Online, Digital And Social Media Marketing Here. by MrPristine: 4:06pm On Jun 15, 2015
Questions and queries are welcome smiley
Re: Learn More About Online, Digital And Social Media Marketing Here. by MrPristine: 5:11pm On Jun 15, 2015
Instagram is an online mobile photo-sharing, video-sharing and social networking service that enables its users to take pictures and videos, and share them on a variety of social networking platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter. It is another very good and rapidly growing platform with which you can use to advertise or promote your business. Instagram currently has about 350 million users and probably to highest growth rate in the social media scenery. For now instagram as a media does not currently offer small to medium-sized businesses the opportunity to advertise on their platform through their app however there are still a few ways you can use their platform to promote your business as detailed below:

1. Host an Instagram Giveaway
Hosting a giveaway, whether it’s a partnered or solo-branded giveaway, is a popular option for businesses that want invest some money into creating awareness for their brand on Instagram.
Instagram, at least when compared to Facebook, does not have very many promotion rules.
In fact, the only rules businesses have to abide by are to, 1.) acknowledge (in the giveaway post’s caption copy) that the business’s promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Instagram, and 2.) not inaccurately tag content or encourage users to inaccurately tag content.
This means businesses can get really creative with their Instagram giveaway concepts and rules.

Contests that tend to drive the most awareness are ones that require users to tag a friend in the post’s comment section to enter.
Contests that require entrants to post a photo or video on their personal Instagram profile that mentions and/or tags the business and/or their contest hashtag in their post’s caption copy usually get great exposure also.
If you need tips on how to host a photo contest on Instagram, look no further than Instagram’s blog. Here’s an article from them that shares some good tips. Social Media Examiner also has a good post on this topic.

2. Invite an Influencer to “Takeover” Your Brand’s Instagram Account
An Instagram account takeover is when a brand invites (and often compensates) a guest instagrammer to post on their account for a period of time, often for 1-3 days.
A guest instagrammer is usually someone who is popular, i.e. has a large Instagram following.
There are many benefits to having an Instagram takeover.
One of the most valuable benefits is having your business’s account introduced to a unique group of followers who likely have similar interests and tastes as the person you’ve invited to takeover your account. This often leads to an increase in followers, post likes and clicks on your bio’s URL.
When an Instagram takeover happens, the influencer will usually post on their own account letting their followers know that on they’re taking over a brand’s account.
Here’s an example post of when NYC-based fashion blogger Kat Tanita took over Amazon Fashion’s Instagram account a few months ago.

3. Pay Influencers to Post About Your Brand
In a post titled, “What Spending $57,000 on Instagram Taught Me,” Neil Patel describes how, in addition to hosting a series of big-prize giveaways, he paid models on Instagram to shoot themselves with his prizes and give away some of them on their profiles.
Neil discovered that every time a model posted about his Instagram account, roughly .2% of the model’s followers started following his account.
He liked this result so much that he started paying more models and lifestyle accounts to post about his account — this is how he got 143,000 plus followers.
Neil’s practice of paying influencers, i.e. accounts with massive followings, can work for your business too if you align yourself with the right type of accounts.
Meaning, if you have a health product, team up with fitness gurus on Instagram. Or if you’re a trendy agenda book company, team up with a female fashion and/or lifestyle blogger who shares your same aesthetic.

4. Include Instagram In Your Partnership Agreements
If your business is planning to partner with an influencer in either a small or large capacity — it could be to help you announce a new product or promote your giveaway — it’s advantageous to include posting stipulations in your contract with your partner(s).
For instance, both parties can agree on a number of brand-related Instagram posts within a specific period of time.
You can also specify in your contract that your influencer(s) must use specific calls to action and tag or mention your brand’s Instagram account in their posts’ caption copy.
In a FastCo.Design article, this topic of Instagram posting agreements is mentioned when explaining how Chiara Ferragni, a style blogger who now has more than 3 million Instagram followers, makes her money.
It’s stated that, “Brands will partner with Ferragni to host events, and pay her to post a certain number of Instagram photos promoting their goods.”
The beauty of Instagram is that it’s a creative platform. That said, if your business is looking to have an impact with its community, it’s important to follow the app’s lead and be creative. And not just with your posts, but in all respects of the platform, including advertising.

Re: Learn More About Online, Digital And Social Media Marketing Here. by MrPristine: 1:52pm On Jun 17, 2015

VConnect is primarily a local business search engine that provides information about various products, services and companies in Nigeria. VConnect claims to have spent over N150 million on business data gathering and optimization. Around 800,000 businesses are listed on its website. In addition to this however they like dealdey also offer deals. So if you are looking at doing a sales promotion at a discounted price Vconnect offers you a good platform to reach your intended customers as they are also one of the most visited websites in Nigeria.
Re: Learn More About Online, Digital And Social Media Marketing Here. by MrPristine: 5:00pm On Jun 18, 2015
Self development is key to success, take that step today.

Re: Learn More About Online, Digital And Social Media Marketing Here. by MrPristine: 1:24pm On Jun 19, 2015
Saw this writeup on another thread and decided to post it here as it is relevant to our discuss here. smiley

1 , 2 , 3 …. 10 who don’t want to be on Google’s top
ten?. Its your dream as such as mine, to rank for a
specific search term in Google top ten.

Infact ranking in top ten is your main reason of doing
SEO and implementing the so called 201 Google
webmaster rules.

Let’s analyse – when last was it you went to google hit a search phrase and hit the next?

Hardly right?

Every one is almost contented with the first page.
But trust me, every one is fighting for the front
page, and that’s one reasons every one would pay for the front page.

Well here is a few reasons there is hope for you , a buddy, who’s lunching , and is planning to rank the
first page within one year.

There is no ideal ranking, and ranking could change
( Even though Page Rank, is ideal for a certain amount of time) The Market Gets more competitive, and just any new blog could rank.

Before now, you could run a search tag on Email
Marketing software, and with no doubt, you would see aweber at the first line of the first page.

But sorry things changed come one, run the search
tag your self and tell me what you see.
That been said, here are 10 smart ways to dominate Google’s top 10 search result

1. Keyword Research

Doing keyword research keeps you focus, and
hopeful. Try run a keyword research on Lenovo
smartphone specification, and lenovo smartphone
specifications – did you notice the difference ?

Lenovo smartphone specification – 1,500 monthly
Lenovo smartphone specifcations – 20,000 monthly

Juts a “s” is what makes a difference.
Certainly you could be loosing 100% of your suppose ranking using the wrong keyword research.

2. Keyword Optimization
The one thing you get forgetting is that,
Your keyword should be in the first line, the url and the title of your article amd in the image.
Forget about the over keyword population density
bull poo, things works in a different perspective, so does this.

The Keyword descriptive tag is 157 words, been
natural, you could add , rankable keyword in
accordance to your post to get a rank. ( I mean Long tail keyword)

please note :- I didn’t make reference on short tail keyword like
smartphone, mobile phone , cell phone provider !!
Dull !! I said – Long tail keywords.

3. Learn from Google top ten result

Just take a time out, study the real market, how it
Maybe before posting an article about smartphone
say; samsung Galaxy s4, you make a google search on
the keyword – samsung Galaxy s4 .
First result – Image Gallery
Second – a Link to Video
Third – review
Forth – specification
Fifth – related report

Don’t you think its high time to bring something
new ?
Say an infographics.
Or perhaps a PDF downloadable file.

I tell you, you only get ranked when you a making a
difference, almost every one would go for samsung
galaxy s4 specification. But not for something unusual. Come on do the search up your self, and tell me if you see , any thing samsung galaxy s4 specification twice on the front page .

4. Search engine optimization.

Make your title short – 60 words is enough
Make your article lengthy 2k – 5k words
Add Images with alt tags,

Keyword in url,Meta description shouldn’t be more
than 156 words ( for mobile optimization) 160 for PC.

5. Use Google Plus

Google plus is one bonus way any could rank the front
page for every logged in users on google, by simply
sharing relevant articles on the social network
(google plus).

All you need do is register google plus, make shares
and always hash tag relevant keyword to meet up
with relevant search tags on google it self.

6. Try other Means
There is no strict science that says its inapplicable to do one thing in a million ways.

So trying others means like, creating a video
presentation in place of a written text isn't a bad ideal.

7. Don’t give reference to your Keen

“A servant can’t be more than his master”, so you
can’t be more than does you are giving reference to.

Make sure while writing you write if you really need to.

And not because you feel people would love this
update on my blog.

8. Spy the google top ten search result

Its simple – you could use the google keyword planner tool, and when asked for search type – choose landing page, insert any of the top ten search result url, to see a list of search tag they are currently ranking for.

9. Get specific url link from blogs in the Top

let’s assume you wanna rank for a search tag like
samsung galaxy s4
All you need is a url link from top sites already
ranking on that keyword to yours.
One way to do this is by commenting on related blog, but this time when asked for website.
Use a specific website url e.g shoutershub.com/
samsung-s4 as a linking channel.

10. Ping your site

No time to waste time - when you make your post, ping if on google for faster index in
the top 10 I recommend pingler.com as a better ping tool. To
get your content index easily and very fast.

Source :- www.shoutershub.com/rank-google-top-10/
Re: Learn More About Online, Digital And Social Media Marketing Here. by MrPristine: 4:33pm On Jul 10, 2015
One of the several advantages of online advertising is the that there are various ways you can evaluate the performance of your advert or the medium you are using or intend to use. Listed below toola with which you can use to to analyse your onlie media channels.

Alexa (http://www.alexa.com)
 Duration on site
 Site ranking
 Pageviews per visitors
 Bounce rate
 Audience Demographics
Whois (http://www.whois.net)
 Creation Date
 Updated Date
 Registrant/Domain Owner
 Registrant Details
Google Analytics (http://www.google.com/analytics)
 Visitors (Users)
 Visits (Sessions)
 Visit duration
 Pageviews
 Bounce rate
Facebook insights
*Number of visitors
*Direct feedback from interested persons
*Number of people reached
Twitter analytics
Re: Learn More About Online, Digital And Social Media Marketing Here. by PastorKun(m): 5:25pm On Jul 14, 2015
The Revolution has started and to be a part of this trillion dollar a year market you need to have the right tools. Luckily YOU are looking at them. Grab your seat and start creating your legacy TODAY

Re: Learn More About Online, Digital And Social Media Marketing Here. by MrPristine: 3:59pm On Aug 22, 2015
A business plan needs to be clear, crisp, concise, consistent, coherent, credible and convincing to achieve it's aim for using it t get backers to finance your business. Talk to Net Communications today and let's prepare that cutting edge business plan you need to promote your business. Call 08115051844 and talk to us.
Re: Learn More About Online, Digital And Social Media Marketing Here. by MrPristine: 1:17pm On Aug 25, 2015
Email Marketing

“Email Marketing is directly marketing a commercial message to a group of people using email.
In its broadest sense, every email sent to a potential or current customer could be considered
email marketing. It usually involves using email to send ads, request business, or solicit sales or
donations, and is meant to build loyalty, trust, or brand awareness. Email marketing can be
done to sale’s list, prospective customer or current customer database.” – Wikipedia
Email Marketing strikes many as old-fashioned. More fashionable venues like social media and
mobile marketing get all the attention, and some people will even try to tell you that email
marketing is dead. Unfortunately, reality does not agree. In fact, with a strong content
marketing approach, email is more powerful than ever. Many organization do not permit staff
to use social Media during office hours but this does not apply to email.
Re: Learn More About Online, Digital And Social Media Marketing Here. by MrPristine: 1:25pm On Aug 25, 2015
Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

SEO is the practice of improving and promoting a web site in order to increase the number of
visitors the site receives from search engines. There are many aspects to SEO, from the words
on your page to the way other sites link to you on the web. Sometimes SEO is simply a matter
of making sure your site is structured in a way that search engines understand.
SEO considers how search engines work, what people search for, the actual search terms or
keywords typed into search engines and which search engines are preferred by their targeted

Why does my website need SEO?
The majority of web traffic is driven by the major commercial search engines -
Google, Bing and Yahoo! Although social media and other types of traffic can generate visits to
your website, search engines are the primary method of navigation for most Internet users.
This is true whether your site provides content, services, products, information or just about
anything else.
Search engines are unique in that they provide targeted traffic - people looking for what you
offer. Search engines are the roadways that make this happen. If your site cannot be found by
search engines or your content cannot be put into their databases, you miss out on incredible
opportunities available to websites provided via search.

Can I do SEO for myself?
The world of SEO is complex, but most people can easily understand the basics. Even a small
amount of knowledge can make a big difference. For the most part, SEO education is free and
available on the web, including guides like this. Also one must have a good knowledge of HTML.
Depending on your time commitment, willingness to learn, and complexity of your website(s),
you may decide you need an expert to handle things for you. My advice is HIRE A CONSULTANT.
Re: Learn More About Online, Digital And Social Media Marketing Here. by MrPristine: 2:06pm On Aug 25, 2015
seun, lalasticlala would appreciate if this is posted on the front page, thanx.
Re: Learn More About Online, Digital And Social Media Marketing Here. by imschool: 1:04pm On Feb 12, 2021
As we have become more connected via the internet, various aspects of our lives have made their presence in the online world. No wonder as to why the concept of traditional marketing has shifted to a digital one. Thus, the scope of digital marketing has also multiplied itself a thousand times, which if learned via a quality digital marketing course, can lay the ground for a bright future or business growth.

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