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Comments By Pope Benedict XVI Annoy Muslims by dom(m): 12:14am On Sep 16, 2006
What Do You Make Of The Pope's Recent Utterances?

His holiness Pope Benedict XVI is being villified in some quarters for saying that religion should not be spread via violence. What do you think?

Remarks by Pope Benedict XVI in a speech in Germany have provoked outrage in the Muslim world and led to demands that the pontiff apologise for "insulting" Islam.
Re: Comments By Pope Benedict XVI Annoy Muslims by Nobody: 1:51am On Sep 16, 2006
Let those who spread their religion by violence first look do an internal check first before jumping at the pope. He has not said anything that others are not already aware of!
Re: Comments By Pope Benedict XVI Annoy Muslims by olabowale(m): 2:50am On Sep 16, 2006
@Tom; thanks for starting this thread. Now about the pope, he has no fault. The pope has a golde foot in his mouth. If the pope were to be honest, he would have ststed the response of the Persian who argued with the Emperor.

God is wonderful. He destroyed the empire of the evil Emperor. Today, it is an islamic state of turkey.

Now, what did Muhammad (AS) brought. First Muhammad was an iconoclast. The destoyed all icons in the sense that before his movement, the people were of the believe of Multiple gods. The Arabs were worshipping one god per day.  The christians are in their triun concept. However brought the Universal concept of the Oneness of God. This concept, not only that it is true, but it appeal to the sense of reasoning in all Human beings.

In so doing, what Muhammad (AS) stated that God Almighty revealed to him was collected into a separate Book known as Qur'an. This is separated and different from what Muhammad (AS) said or did or permitted.

Muhammad encouraged education so much that he declared that one is to seek knowledge even if one were to travel to China. this was from a man in the desert of Arabia. As a result of this, Muslims under the Instruction of muhammad gain notoriarity and educated the whole world and indeed Europe for a long time.

As per the unity of god, it became acceptable that god is one and universal. Further there was a system developed in worship to include regiments of prayers and other responsibilities. part of this responsibilities include voluntary and compulsary charities.

The annual hajj and seasonal Umrah is pre United nations' citizens of the world's gatherings. In this meeting in Makka and madina, the Muslims close ranks, whereby there were no barriers as regarding to wealth, family positions, educations, age and other artificial classifications, inclusing sex.

Women are given same roles as regards to their responsibilities to God. Women were no more looked upon as  properties, instead they became property owners. some of them become wealthier than their husbands whereof they were given charity to these men.

Under muhammad and his followers Europe under the civilizations of the moors of north african blacks, from their posts in Andallusia and other locations in Spain, europe was cultured, civilized and educated for over 7 centuaries.

All branches of science, like both branches of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geology, Geophysics, Medicine, and others. The concept of Zero in math and other mathematical  concepts, including the numbers are also from Islam.

No one should forget the University of Timbuktu in mali. This University educated Europe even as far as Rome, the seat of papacy. Timbuktu excelled in all fields of education. Today, the treasure remaining in this repository is around a million, waiting for africa and proper fundings to put it in its proper place within the worlds of academics.

University of Al azhar in Cairo Egypt was formed based on Islamic academics. This university gave birth in its curriculums, matriculations and convocations, rituals even as to the gowns and caps/tassels, it is this University that all others around the world, to include Harvard, MIT, Cambrige, Oxford and other models there essence upon.

If Muhammad (AS) were to be available, all the Osu caste system in Igbo land of my beloved Nigeria will have been eradicated by the practising of Brotherly love and equality among all human being. Unfortunately, in all the centuaries that Christianity, espectially catholic brand of it has embedded itself in this group of nigerians, it has not been able to eliminate this classification known as caste system.

In time, when islam begins to make real inroad in that tribe, the people living then will see an elimination of this evil practise.

What did Muhammad bring; love, mercy and a way to truly ask for the forgiveness of god in true worship.

i will wait for others to put in their opinion before I respond further about the man known as Muhammad (AS).

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Re: Comments By Pope Benedict XVI Annoy Muslims by olabowale(m): 12:27pm On Sep 16, 2006
Here is an open letter to His Excellency Olusegun Obasanjo, President of Nigeria.

Dear Mr. President,

The nigerian citizens outside Nigeria, are very worried about their family members in the North. These nNgerians are not Muslims and are mostly from the Eastern part of Nigeria. I am not an Hausa nor an Igbo and yes, I am a Muslim. I do not live in Nigeria and my family are not in danger of being killed in any ethnic or religious mayhem.

However, I hear and read how my brothers and sisters from Igboland are so nervous, expecting the worse from their Nigerian counterpart from the North. They are justified to feel this way, since past experiences are all too vivid.

Mr. President, as a man whose responsibility is to protect the citizens of Nigeria, from enemies from outside its border, and injustices and unfair treatment from one Nigerian on another, I hereby request from you, that you use the power of your office and more importantly, for the sake of God, the Almighty to protect the lives and properties of all Nigerians.

This is a very critical moment in the lives of our beloved Nigerians, specifically the Easterners in the North. They have the rights to live where ever they feel in any part of nigeria. Nigeria cannot continue to catch cold, every time Europe or America sneeze.

If the Pope or even a Nigerian journalist says or writes something that is unpleasant about Prophet Muhammad (AS), that is not enough or any reason to start any unrest and fight which unfortunately lives are lost.

The muslims must know that Muhammad (AS), if were to be alive in this instance, he would not order his followers to riot or take up arms. infact, he might just ignore such an evil attack against him, altogether.

We must follow the example of Muhammad (AS), in the way he forgave in wholesale amnesty of the people of Makka, upon his traumphant return to his beloved birth place. We must also take from his follower, Ali Abitalib, who in battle let his enemy lived, even when he had a chance to kill him.

The muslims must look into the pages of Al Qur'an and see that Allah, the Almighty says that if you take a soul, it is if you have killed the whole of mankind. If you preserve a soul, it as if you have preserved the whole of mankind.

All human beings are but from one parent, a source. We all carry the lineage of Adam (AS). All Nigerians are but from the same nation. Yes, our religions may be different and so are our tongues, but we are interdependent on each other, a nation of people, a country known as Nigeria.

A Muslim is defined in hadith of prophet Muhammad (AS) as a person whose neighbor is safe in his hand and tongue. A Muslim is a person who tries not to transgress and trample on the right of others.

Life is very precious and no one has the right to take any life unjustly.

A society prospers when its citizenry cooperate with one another. It does not progress when its citizenry does divide against one another.

I do hope that cool heads will prevail and all will be well with every citizens of Nigeria. We must enjoin the good and forbit the evil We should engage in dialogue and not in mayhem. You catch more fles with honey than vinegar. There is no good in creating for yourselves, however, you have a supporter in friendship acquired through conduct.

I thank you and ask God the Almighty to guide you to righteousness and right governance.

Very truly,

H. O. Oye.

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Re: Comments By Pope Benedict XVI Annoy Muslims by dearzi(f): 12:30pm On Sep 16, 2006

Please, there's nothing new we want to know about Mohammed! we've read, seen, heard most of it, if not all of it.

People would refer to the violent nature of the church at one point in time, but that was then, and this is now! the concept of Christianity has no violence at all, we don't preach any form of Jihad, nothing.

Mohammed brought a way of mercy and true forgiveness? true worship?? you're joking right? what is true worship? please educate me on that. If by reciting some arabic words 5 times a day it becomes true worship, then God is really not out to have a relationship with us, He is simply seeking morons. Now, this is not to say muslims are morons, before you guys will come and declare Jihad on me, abeg i no fit fight! the God i know seeks to have a relationship with man, He seeks to know what you're truly thinking and feeling. He's not interested in your recitals, He's interested in who you are and what makes you tick. That's the God i know, and that's why i won't buy the story of true worship.

Ehm! what civilization did Mohmammed bring o? i don't think Islam understands the concept of love at all, please, don't come and give us doctrine here. Mohammed is not here, but his followers are! why can't they practise what he was about or believed? they can't because it wasn't who he was. "The fruit never falls far from the tree."
Re: Comments By Pope Benedict XVI Annoy Muslims by Aggressa(m): 1:06pm On Sep 16, 2006
It really amaze me the universality of the "Atiku-approach" to issues among muslims. This approach is that of 'not-addressing-issues-but-drag-others-into-it' concept. Rather than address the question of what muhammed brought into the world, you started making inference to christianity which obviously like others before you, you know little or nothing about.
The Pontiff did NOT say anything wrong or new and unfortunately he was even trying to call for better interfaith understanding in his speech. His reference to the 14th century emperor was to show how perception of Islam as a violent religion has been from long ago. However, in the uni-directional and tunnel-thinking nature of the islamic world, this is another opportunity to start killing and looting and burning effigies. Cant you see the foolishness and irony in the issue: anybody that attempts to raise an intellectual debate now risk being killed by muslims. What you are saying is this: Islam is not a violent religion, but we will kill you if you talk about our prophet, what an irony! The Pope has nothing to apologise for, muslims need to wake up and stop terrorism rather embark on fruitless demostrations which only will further confirm what the whole world knows already.
Re: Comments By Pope Benedict XVI Annoy Muslims by dearzi(f): 1:21pm On Sep 16, 2006
I hear you o! and support sef.

Just for the Pope's statement, several churches have been burnt already--don't these acts just prove the Pope right? he didn't say anything to warrant the kind of hate coming his way, or the burning of innocent churches! people have said worse, hmmmm now i wonder whether they're still alive!

I don't see anything wrong with what the Pope said, it's not like the man was lieing!
Re: Comments By Pope Benedict XVI Annoy Muslims by olabowale(m): 1:56pm On Sep 16, 2006
@dearzi; As you said, you do not know anything about Islam. But I know a little about christianity; I was born by a former Christian. She became a Muslim now in her old age. I was married to a christian woman. I am now in marital relationship with former christian. An Ibo lawyer. She is young to and beautifu. The issue is that you have stated that the recitation of Arabic word,five times a day is not enough. My question to you is this; Is God craterium the same as man. Do you have an agreement with God whereby He told you that islam is not an acceptable religion.

To be a Muslim is to declare the article of faith that One God is to be worshipped and nothing else to be associated with Him. Muhammad is His true and last messenger. This is known as Iman and partof Iman is even as little as picking up stone from the path of man and avoid hurting any of God's creations.

I have listened to alot of blggers on this site who had said very bad words of falacies about the beloved of 25% of worlds population. I do not advocate violence, therefore, I talk back and try to educate these individuals. If you do not tell people that they are wrong, where does it stop. I disagree with alot of Muslims' behaviours. However, I do not dismiss the ancient evil deeds of the christians as you just did. Afterall, your pope quoted the ancient Emperor.

That emperor, his empire is now Islamic. However the response of the muslim scholar who was involved in the colloqiumwas not spoken by the pope. So you see that the pope was trying to prove a point. i do not expect better from him. Afterall, the Jews of America are still indicating him to be a nazi youth group member. You my dera sister, simply forgot the atrocities of ancient christians in the several crusades and Spanish inquisitions and even what we have presently from christian dominated countries.

In the recent history of the world, the two world wars were the handiwork of most christians.  The unrest in the middle east is from the injustices of the christian nations.
However, since these nations are the mighty and powerful, then you only expect the view point to be slanted as such.

The Muslims do not make things any better. However, if you wanna know what Muhammad (AS) brought, you only have to look at the system that he developed. Worship of One God. The indivisibility of God. The first constitution was written in Madina. The highway sytem was developed in Iraq, while Europe was still in its slumbe. If Muhammad (AS) were to be alive now, the Osu caste system that still remains among the Igbo people wil definately vanish. Reason is that Islam preaches one brotherhood. Islam brought Arabs who were shunned for a long time by every passing civilization to the forfront of world stage in all departments of study.

Muhammad forgave his enemies when he became powerful enough to annihilate them. They were expecting him to annihilate them because of their evil deeds, yet he forgave them. He brought a system where women become property owners, instead of being properties. The Spanish enlightenment that the followers of Muhammad brought benefitted Europe and the rest of the world, till this day. Muhammad (AS) followers were the group Coptic Christians of Egypt called to defend them against the oppressions of the Vatican Rome. This was how Islam really entered Egypt. The concept of Zero, Arithmetics, Geometry, arabic numerals and many aspects of medicine and sciences and others including Banking and finance were brought to mankind. Even the relationship of Trustee and trustor and checks are all Islamic.

Just because you do not know does not mean it does not exist.
Re: Comments By Pope Benedict XVI Annoy Muslims by kenshin(m): 1:59pm On Sep 16, 2006
Interestingly enough, <They> will soon begin burning churches in the north again over the Pope's statements.
Re: Comments By Pope Benedict XVI Annoy Muslims by olabowale(m): 2:17pm On Sep 16, 2006
@Havila; Are not Muslims in the south, among the Yorubas?. Yes there are. We all feel very closely to Muhammad (AS) as any Muslims. There are Muslims amongst the Ibos this days. Islam is definately coming to the east. Islam is neither a religion of ethnicity nor bounded by boundary.

There are hausas in Ghana and you do not have the same chaotic reaction as you do in Nigeria. It is my humble opinion that all of this is based on lack of knowledge. Just because a person is identified by a label, he/she may really not know what it means to be a bearer of that label. I have to come to America to even understand what Islam is. Yet I have always been Muslim.

As for me and all the Muslims of nigerian origin that i have spoken with in America, some of them are Hausas and in between, no one yet supports any evil to be visited on any body in Nigeria or any where around the world. My interest is preservation of life. I do not destroy, I build. This is not because i am a Yoruba, it is because I am trying to practice Islam of Muhammad (AS).

You do not upset a person, just because you know the right button to push. You have to restrict yourself until you will have to voice your opinion. My opinion is to talk about what Muhammad brought. Afterall, he and Jesus (AS) who presided him are brothers in faith. Jesus was never a Jew or a christian in faith. He was a man who worshipped god and did not associate anything with GOD>
Re: Comments By Pope Benedict XVI Annoy Muslims by dearzi(f): 2:34pm On Sep 16, 2006

With all due respect, i was a muslim, so I KNOW what i'm talking about. I still have a Quaran, that i still read, not in hopes of discovering some truths, but in understanding what motivates the religion. Your mum and wife converted--that's really their business, but a part of me isn't convinced that they changed out of a conviction that the religion is "the way," but hey! to each his own.
God's criteria isn't the same as man's--true. BUT, what i know, from RELATIONSHIP with God, that He seeks beyond our lip recitals, but the contents of our heart. When a man hears from God, as of a relationship, he won't jump up and do things like burn stuff. The God i KNOW isn't into that sort of thing.

What are you talking, they've started already!
Re: Comments By Pope Benedict XVI Annoy Muslims by olabowale(m): 3:04pm On Sep 16, 2006
@Dearzl: I hear you. Unfortunately, you did not hear me. Rather you have shown that you understand the HEART of God. So it will be very easy for you to understand my mother's.

My dear sister, you are not correct. It is also your business to convert to any religion that you wish, from Islam. God knows your true nature. I am not able to do that. I guess your fate and my as well as all mankind is in the HAND of God. The Muslims who go good or evil, the christians or others who do good or evil will find their rewards with God. The first thing that a person should do is to find the true worship of God Almighty. The doing of good and the forbidding of evil will be understood in a gradual sense. It is a process.

I abhor the killing of any perso. I also disagree with anybody burning or destroying any house of worship. i had made salah in churches before. i have entered some as well for other reasons, as in celebrations of weddings and birth.

Islam does not agree with any person doing evil Afterall, there is a verse of the Qur'an that encourages one to enjoin goodness and forbid evil deeds.
Re: Comments By Pope Benedict XVI Annoy Muslims by TayoD(m): 3:20pm On Sep 16, 2006
Islam does not agree with any person doing evil Afterall, there is a verse of the Qur'an that encourages one to enjoin goodness and forbid evil deeds.
How about other verses that encourage the killing of infidels? What about several hadiths? What about the life of Mohammed who led Jihad by example? How do you balance all these?

Consistency should be the watch word as we saw in Jesus. he was peaceful at all times whether provoked or not. Even to the point of death, he was blessing and not Jihading. That is the true example we need to follow. But since you are all bound to follow Mohammed's example, we can only expect you to be peaceful or violent when you consider it politically, socially and personally beneficial.
Re: Comments By Pope Benedict XVI Annoy Muslims by Grizzly(m): 3:25pm On Sep 16, 2006
The point is, the Supreme pontiffs comments were to me, UNNECCESARY, PROVOCATIVE AND ILLTIMED

Judging from the fact that he was due to visit turkey in november as plans to strenghten ties between the two religions. In view of the fact that political and religious tensions are rife, and known the volatile nature of the islamists, i think it was unwarranted. absolutely unwarranted!  angry
Re: Comments By Pope Benedict XVI Annoy Muslims by Rottweiler(m): 3:29pm On Sep 16, 2006
I truly wonder where some moslems get their own teachings from. There seems to be so much confusion within the muslim world than anywhere else. Look at the way moslems kill fellow moslems in Iraq etc. Just because one is Shiitte and another is sunni. I wonder where exist the oneness.

The religion should purge itself of those so-called illiterate islamic leaders whose words have come to be considered godly. They are destroying the religion and its followers!
Re: Comments By Pope Benedict XVI Annoy Muslims by ThoniaSlim(f): 3:37pm On Sep 16, 2006
well they can go and soak for all i care afterall they say all sort of rash things about christians and we don't raise dust but just because the Pope said  a simple truth they are complaining  angry
Re: Comments By Pope Benedict XVI Annoy Muslims by remyjims(m): 3:39pm On Sep 16, 2006
It is rather unfortunate that people most people have their mind closed. As a result they only see what they want to see and if that is the case then they need not argue at all.
Religion they say is the opium of the masses but at the same time if you are religious or a devotee of any reliogion you also need to be rationale.
I don't know exactly what the pope's statement is but I know that Islam is against violence or what else do you say of a religion that is against violence to women,children etc even before any international organisation start talking of a resolution to protect them. But you need not talk much when you have people who claim to know all about a person, religion or matter.
But all and sundry should know that no group of people have the monopoly of violence! Even the Jews then under the Romans have terrorists in their midst.why? It was their only way of fighting back, Let us look to history and with an open mind and lets think before we talk/write not after.
Re: Comments By Pope Benedict XVI Annoy Muslims by Grizzly(m): 3:40pm On Sep 16, 2006
Thoniaslim, its not a simple dust!!!!
ITs one hell of a blizzard,!!
you dont go about saying such things, no u dont.  cool
Re: Comments By Pope Benedict XVI Annoy Muslims by Aggressa(m): 3:41pm On Sep 16, 2006
My dear, you mail has confirmed my thoughts, you are one absolutely ignorant individual-with all due respect. Let us look at this excerpt from one of your posts:

[center]You do not upset a person, just because you know the right button to push. You have to restrict yourself until you will have to voice your opinion. My opinion is to talk about what Muhammad brought. Afterall, he and Jesus (AS) who presided him are brothers in faith. Jesus was never a Jew or a Christian in faith. He was a man who worshiped god and did not associate anything with GOD>[/center]

Jesus was born in Bethlehem and referred to as Jesus of Nazareth because he grew up there. He is a seed of David which is one of His titles in fulfilling the prophesies of Prophet Isaiah. While Jesus is God, he is also a Jew by earthly nationality who came with a two fold ministry: first to fulfill the irrevocable covenant of God with Israel and Jews, and secondly as a light to the gentiles, that is us. Yes he worshiped God the father but he also said "I and my father are one" (read Matthew chapter 4 to 9) God is one being but 3 in nature, the father, the son and the holy spirit ("Let us make man in our image"-does it sound familiar?) Additionally, Jesus and Mohamed were and will never be 'brothers' in 'faith'. Christianity is NOT a faith or religion, it is a Kingdom i.e God's own kingdom on earth and Christians are citizens and ambassadors of this kingdom which God came to establish on earth to have dominion through Jesus Christ. The followers of Jesus were identified as Christians first in Antioch following the baptism of holy spirit after the resurrection and ascension of Jesus. Our 'faith' is in God Almighty through Jesus Christ our lord and Saviour. We know the God we serve, He is the God of Abraham, the God Isaac and the God of Jacob, the Holy One of Israel. He is also omnipotent(all powerful), omnipresent(everywhere NOT only in east that you face to pray to your allah) and Omniscience (all knowning God) who knows the thoughts and intent of everymind.
This is the reason why I said whenever there is discussion, just discuss the issues around your 'religion' rather than draw inferences about Christianity. This is the same pattern by almost all muslims. Read through your post, rather than address issues, you are talking about Jesus Christ, and Christian nations, violence blah blah blah. Nobody is talking about comparing religion or faith of Islam and faith in Christ (aka Christianity), the issue is 'violence and islam appear to be synonymous-debate. Assume that is an essay question, I doubt if you'll pass with what you've written. As we are talking churches are being burnt etc. I am not talking about you as an individual, but for the purpose of intellectual debate let us focus on the group or religion of Islam. Dont talk about Christianity or Jesus Christ, just focus on Muhammad and Islam, simple.

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Re: Comments By Pope Benedict XVI Annoy Muslims by dearzi(f): 3:48pm On Sep 16, 2006
We're talking about muslims here! what "comments" don't annoy muslims! as long you mention islam and you're not a muslim--you must have blasphemed against the religion, so therefore it is time to burn churches!

I will pray that the Pope doesn't go to Turkey, before they roast him, or get a suicide bomber to finish him off, or even a sniper--do they even have snipers or only suicide bombers ?

Personally, i don't see anything wrong with the Pope's statement! he wasn't lieing was he? if he was so wrong about them, they won't have reacted in the way they've reacted so far! see them protesting, little girls all covered up, carrying placades! very sad to just watch. sad
Re: Comments By Pope Benedict XVI Annoy Muslims by Grizzly(m): 3:53pm On Sep 16, 2006
I hope i am not blaspheming,
but permit me to say i do not like pope
Re: Comments By Pope Benedict XVI Annoy Muslims by olabowale(m): 4:11pm On Sep 16, 2006
@Havila: People are Jews in one or two ways; By religion or by ethnicity. By religion, it means they worship in a jewish tradition. No prophet of God worshipped this way. So jesus was not a Jew by religion.
By ethnicity, you will notice that the children of Israel are of 12 tribes. One of them is the tribe of judah. Moses and his brother Aaron are not from the tribe of judah, but are from the tribe of the high priest.

In the diaspora of the children of Israel, it has been reported that the bloodline that Jesus (AS) came from by his mother's lineage since he has no father, went to Syria. Hence the father of Mariam had an arab name. His name i will tell you in my future writing. As a matter of fact, some celebrity in America, in this year gave her son the same name. I view of these two reason above, you will find that Jesus (AS) was not a Jew.

If you ever went to the ceremonial gathering of the Children of Israel, you will find that they will have this high priest tribe amongst them before they will believe that they are now tribally complete.
From this tribe, you have most of the rabbanic class. There names are Cohn, Cohen, etc. I have been to their saders and i have rabbis and other reformed and others among them. From the children of Israel. you have from the time of Muhammad (AS) became muslims. I also have personal friend who are now Muslims, but you will consider them to be jewish, but really not from the tribe of Judah, but anyway Children of Israel.

You must know that if you call an Ijebu man an Egba, even though both of them are Yorubas, you will definately be wrong. Since Jesus was not a christian, and not a Jew by religion and even by ethnicity, but his mother was from the bloodline of Israel any way. You do no consider the Reubenites, Benjaminite, etc from the children of Israel Jews, which is really the name of the Children of Israel from the fatherhood of Judah.

In the future maybe you will learn something about true religion.
Re: Comments By Pope Benedict XVI Annoy Muslims by tianshie(m): 4:21pm On Sep 16, 2006
You're probably a hopeless agnostic teetering towards eternity in a gazillion degrees of heat.no one on this forum cares who you hate as long as you do it privately.Get it?

The pope's statement might be indelicate but is it a reason for supposed sane persons to begin to burn churches?.It looks to me like moslems are always looking for a pretense to cause mayhem. Many blasphemous things are said and written about christianity everyday yet christians do not take up arms because they look to a role model-Jesus who was a man of peace.Ask buddhists. A crazy old islamic scholar in South Africa wrote an inciteful book about christians and the resurrection,In this book he ridiculed Jesus and christians,I think the frigging pondlife's name is Ahmed whatever.Think what would have happened had a christian written a book attacking islam.

On which of the nine planets do you live?
Re: Comments By Pope Benedict XVI Annoy Muslims by Hugoboi(m): 4:30pm On Sep 16, 2006
@ tianshie

U dont have to get mad @ sumone for airing his/her views.That I think is the height of being childish and what does 'gazillion' mean?

Sayin u dont like the pope does not make u a demon.Afterall the pope is human just like the rest of us.He is still capable of doin things which we all can do.

@ all
I think Islam is a very intolerant religion.It is sectarianism encompassing and full of hate, This is a religion full of misguided dogmas formulated from the very pit of hell
Re: Comments By Pope Benedict XVI Annoy Muslims by OldGlory1(m): 4:30pm On Sep 16, 2006
Muslims need to take a fcuken chill pill. They whine about everything, then go and justify beheading and suicide bombers in the Koran. What a Fcuken Joke. The religion is very rife with Hate and revenge. They should go and sleep in any gutter they might find. Stone age MoFo's.
Re: Comments By Pope Benedict XVI Annoy Muslims by Grizzly(m): 4:31pm On Sep 16, 2006
@ tianshe, thanx man honestly,
i learnt some words i didnt know.  wink

I didnt say i hate the pope man,
i said i dont like Pope Benedict XVI,
thts my opinion man,

I'm as vile as they come, and i'd just as replied ur vituperations,
but on a rethink, i thought otherwise. no need to fill this thread with curses.
Catch ya man.  grin
Re: Comments By Pope Benedict XVI Annoy Muslims by Hugoboi(m): 4:35pm On Sep 16, 2006
They should go and sleep in any gutter they might find. Stone age MoFo's.

fo shizzle!! man
Re: Comments By Pope Benedict XVI Annoy Muslims by 2old4that(m): 4:39pm On Sep 16, 2006
i wonder why they always think they're the ones whose religion is so right and perfect.  Now the pope has made a comment that is not new to most of us, yet it is just a matter of time before reprisal attack is lunched on human lives and properties in Nigeria as if Prophet Mohammed is from Nigeria. Its high-time every facet of government try and curtail the excessive activities of this religion fanatics. Afterall they are not the only ones practising Islam; how come Saudis is not as radical as they are in Nigeria.

Their fanatism is too much. Ah!
Re: Comments By Pope Benedict XVI Annoy Muslims by Aggressa(m): 5:09pm On Sep 16, 2006
Really, Islam is a religion in fast decline. It use to be the fastest growing religion until Sept 11 2001. What happened then? the veil was removed and the truth revealed. However, the reason for the decline is not just the violence that characterise the religion but I believe it is due to what is glaringly displayed in your mail. Muslims spend a lot of time searching and researching what is not lost. You are more interested in the history of Jesus and Christianity than in having a deeper understanding of God and how to operate your religion in an increasingly modernising world. No wonder the rise of fundermentalism among the ranks of muslims. Fundermentalism is the result of resistance of a religion to modernisation. Almost all groups denoted as terrorist organisation by the UN are islamic groups thus fulfiling the word of God in the Bible i.e Ishmael (progenitor of the arabs and thus islamic religion worldwide) will be a wild man, and that his hand will be against the rest of the world and the hand of the rest of the world will be against him. This is clearly the case in the world we are living now. An anonymous survey conducted among muslims here in the UK revealed that more than 25% of muslims actually supported the suicied bombers who killed on 7/7 (UK's 9/11) and also in support of matrydom. So what did mohammed bring into the world, if not hatred, violence etc. I believe this will also be the case if such a curvey were to be conducted in the US, Nigeria or whereever.
Re: Comments By Pope Benedict XVI Annoy Muslims by charlo(m): 5:38pm On Sep 16, 2006
It is so clear now that one of the surest way to commit siucide is to go out and say anthing about islam. God is LOVE and not HATE
Re: Comments By Pope Benedict XVI Annoy Muslims by olabowale(m): 6:37pm On Sep 16, 2006
@Tienshei: I live on the planet earth that you probably live. Unless you do not live on this planet. Your question is not clearly defined.

@Havila: Jesus was not a christian. That is a fact. it is the people who followed him (AS) that were called christians, first by some disbelievers. So therefore, christianity was coined up by disbelieving folks. I know enough about christianity. I took Bible knowledge as a subject in high school, because i went to Christian High school. My roommate in the university was a reverend and leads in NYC.

Your problem is that i spoke about Christianity. It is because I have some real knowledge about it. So do converts to Islam. This morning, a white man just became Muslim. I saw him with my own eyes. There are still many more on the way. I am not against christianity, its just that i do not want to be one.

If this is too harsh for you to swallow, i cannot help you. Just because I said jesus was not a christian does not mean I am immersing myself in the research of that religion. There are somethings that are common knowledge, I cannot repress it just to satisfy you. I have not lied in whatever I have said. However you do not have to agree with me. To each its own. My concern, presently is that peace and and calmness prevail in Nigeria, seeing that a whole lot of Nigerians are expressing concerns about their people, their country.

@carlos; Please tell me if God will punish anybody in the day of Judgement. You will quickly find out that God is just, but there will be people who will be sent to Hellfire. the reason will be because of wrong belief and worship, primarily and therefore bad/evil deeds.
Re: Comments By Pope Benedict XVI Annoy Muslims by Afam(m): 6:41pm On Sep 16, 2006
Late Pope John Paul spent 25 years building bridges across religions, the present Pope has spent about a year and is already causing bad blood and disaffection between religions.

If there was nothing wrong in the Pope's comments, the Vatican would not be trying to explain that the Pope meant no harm.

We are bound to respect people regardless of their religious beliefs. Questioning the very fabric of a religion is insulting and unnecessary.

Unfortunately, many have taken sides based on religion and not the exact comments.

Even the statement quoted by the Pope was made by an emperor that was spreading christianity.

We must move from the position of questioning the reactions of a people when provoked or insulted to a position of mutual respect for one another.

Those who brag about wars or encourage hatred should leave discussion forums and head for the war zones to make their points.

I have muslim friends that pray with me and join in sharing the Grace, some even join in the Lord's prayer. Ordinary there are no problems between religions, politicians or spiritual leaders unfortunately manipulate many into fighting one another even when they hide under heavy security.

Mutual respect is key, enough of the hate game.

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